Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina went to the police station to talk to Rafe and Jada. Paulina wanted to know why Sloan wasn’t arrested. Rafe and Jada didn’t know what they were talking about. Paulina told them what was going on with Sloan. She told them that Sloan trashed her office. She said Shawn kept the report too secret. She said she was afraid for Chanel. Rafe and Jada let her know that they didn’t have enough evidence to arrest Sloan. They said they could bring her in for questioning. Sloan went to the pub and told Eric that she was upset about her case against Paulina being thrown out. She was also upset that he wouldn’t start his art gallery at Sweet Bits. He said he couldn’t believe she was worried about him after what she was going through. She said he was important to her. She said he was the only thing to kept her from obsessing over Paulina and Chanel. They looked online for potential art galleries. They found two places. She invited him to go back to her place. Rafe and Jada showed up to bring Sloan in for questioning. When Gabi came home, Li wanted to praise her for the successful meeting. He said she was on her way to building a second fashion empire. She asked what he was up to. He said he hoped this changed the way she felt about him. He said he wanted to watch her show her talent to the world.

Nicole told EJ that she anonymously booked a room at the Salem Inn for Stefan and Gabi. EJ said he would make sure Stefan and Gabi showed up. He said Li needed to catch them in the act. Stefan showed up. EJ and Nicole told him about the room they booked for him and Gabi. Stefan said the room was public. They said everything was handled discreetly. After EJ and Nicole convinced Stefan to meet Gabi, he told them to make the arrangements. When Nicole left, Stefan said he was excited about meeting with Gabi after all this time. He was worried Gabi wouldn’t trust Nicole and that would ruin everything. He said he wanted to give Gabi a heads up. EJ gave him a burner phone so he could talk to her. Nicole went to see Gabi. She told Gabi that she heard about her meeting. She offered Gabi a job at Basic Black. Nicole asked her to get a drink so they could talk. Gabi and Li were suspicious of her. Gabi got a text that told her to listen to Nicole. Gabi agreed to hear her out. Li tried to stop her but it didn’t do any good. Nicole sent EJ a text to say the plan worked. He told Stefan that the plan worked. EJ said a car was ready for him. Stefan wanted to make a toast first. He told EJ that the champagne wasn’t drugged. He thanked EJ for making this happen. EJ told him good luck. When Stefan left, EJ said his luck ran out. When Nicole and Gabi went to the Salem Inn, Nicole told Gabi that she and EJ helping her and Stefan for altruistic reasons. EJ went to see Li. EJ told him Stefan and Gabi were together now. He asked if Li was going to do anything about it. Stefan met with Gabi at the Inn. They couldn’t believe they were alone. They kissed each other.

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