Y&R Short Recap Friday, January 6, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chance and Sharon have dinner together and decide to have dinner together again next week because they enjoyed the Ethiopian take-out food and good conversation.

Kyle and Summer argue because Summer thinks Diane’s plan to trap Jeremy won’t work and that will put everyone they love in danger. Kyle is also scared because all of this mess with Diane is coming between him and Summer. Kyle doesn’t think Summer and Harrison should go away but agrees to think about the idea.

Billy and Lily go to their first couples counseling session and, although it was hard, Billy wants to do anything to save his relationship with Lily. Lily thinks that the therapy session showed they have no common ground and she breaks up with Billy.

Sally continues to think about what she should do about her pregnancy and Nick comes to visit her. Nick and Sally have sex again and Nick goes to take a shower while Sally unpacks the take-out food Nick brought for dinner.

Jeremy wants Diane to commit a crime to prove her loyalty to him. Diane talks to Jack later and tells him what Jeremy wants her to do. Diane thinks she should steal something from Nikki to prove her loyalty to Jeremy.

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