GH Short Recap Friday, December 15, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Brooke Lynn tells Maxie she is coming back to work at Deception so she can give control of the company back to her because she doesn’t think Lucy should run the company. Lucy doesn’t want Brook Lynn back at the company but since Tracy wants Brook Lynn to work at the company Lucy has no choice in the matter.

Sasha gives Cody a picture of Monument Valley as a Christmas present since they will be doing a photo shoot there. Cody tells Sasha he ordered her present and it is guaranteed to be there before Christmas so she will have to wait. Cody once again tells Sasha he is fine waiting until she is ready to have a romantic relationship and if she just wants to be friends that is okay too.

Robert promises Diane that he will make her his priority over Anna and Holly should they need him. Robert and Diane decide to make their relationship exclusive after a great night together at Diane’s place.

Kristina tells Blaze she is going to be Molly and TJ’s surrogate and get her support.

Laura asks Sonny if he thinks that Cyrus killed Austin. Sonny tells Laura that Cyrus thought Austin was an asset to him since Austin got him out of jail. Sonny also thinks Cyrus wouldn’t risk going back to jail in order to kill Austin.

Donna goes Christmas shopping with her brother Michael and she wishes on a star that she could find her grandpa Mike’s cap to give to Sonny for Christmas. Donna finds Mike’s cap sitting on a bench and she happily tells Michael her wish came true. Donna gives the cap to Sonny and tells him she found the cap after she wished on a star.

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