Days Short Recap Monday, December 11, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric questioned Sloan about the lawyer saying the adoption didn’t go through. Leo tried to convince Nicole that her baby was alive. Lucas confronted Dimitri for kidnapping Kate. Melinda and Paulina got in an argument. Paulina reminded Melinda that she didn’t have a job. Melinda said she had a job as an adoption attorney. She said she found a baby for Sloan and Eric to adopt. Paulina said she was happy for Eric but felt sorry for the baby for having Sloan as a mother. While Nicole and Leo were talking, she was upset. EJ showed up while they were talking. Leo said he was trying to tell them something but they told him to leave. EJ tried to comfort Nicole but she wanted to take a walk. Leo snuck back in the mansion through a secret entrance. EJ was upset when he saw Leo. He threatened to call the police on Leo. Leo tried to stop him by telling him his baby was alive. EJ punched him and said he didn’t want to hear his lies. Eric asked Sloan why the attorney would say the adoption didn’t go through when they had their son. Sloan said she hasn’t been completely honest with him about the adoption. She said the first baby fell through because the mother found out about her history. Sloan said Melinda was able to find another baby, but she didn’t want to say anything until she was positive it would work out. She said she felt guilty that she was the reason why the first adoption didn’t go through.

Eric understood Sloan’s explanation. He said the first mother was wrong about her. Later on, Sloan wanted to see Melinda. She told Melinda about the call from the adoption attorney and that Dimitri was blackmailing her with the truth. Sloan said he would stay quiet because she did what he wanted, but she was still concerned. Melinda thought to use a contact she had in the DOJ to get Dimitri transferred to a different prison where he would be in solitary confinement. When Sloan started to feel better, Leo showed up. He told her she needed to let him in. Lucas continued berating Dimitri for kidnapping his mother. Dimitri told him Kate was rescued and never injured. Lucas said he wished he was there to see him get arrested. Dimitri said he wasn’t caught. He said he turned himself in. Lucas asked why he would have done that. Dimitri said he did it for love. Lucas ripped into Dimitri for causing Nicole’s baby to die. Dimitri said he didn’t know what he was talking about. Kate showed up while they were arguing. Dimitri left so they could talk. Kate told Lucas not to get in trouble. Lucas said he has become good friends with the warden. Eric took Jude to the park. Nicole saw them together. Eric was about to leave when she told him he didn’t have to. She said she accepted that the baby wasn’t hers because the DNA test was conclusive. They sat on a bench and talked. She told him EJ suggested they have another baby. Eric said he didn’t think it was a bad idea. She said she couldn’t risk losing another child. While they were talking, EJ showed up. Eric took the baby and left. EJ comforted Nicole.

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