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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan told Eric they were getting tomorrow. He was happy about it, but he couldn’t help thinking about Nicole losing her baby. Sloan felt bad for Nicole and EJ, but she wanted to focus on their new lives together. EJ was trying to comfort Nicole when Stefan burst in the room. He demanded EJ drop the charges against Gabi. EJ wanted him to have some compassion for Nicole. Stefan wondered where EJ’s compassion for his wife was. He reminded EJ that his wife was rotting in prison because of him. Stefan finally calmed down and offered his condolences. Nicole wanted EJ to talk to Stefan outside because she wanted to be alone. Clyde called Ava. He let her know that killing Gil didn’t get her out of their arrangement. She told him that Gil tried to rape her. Clyde thought he was playing hard to get. He threatened Tripp and reminded her to get the key. Harris walked in the interrogation room while she was on the phone with Clyde. Clyde threatened Tripp again before she hung up. She lied about talking to a defense attorney who charged too much. He said she might not need an attorney if he could prove she killed Gil in self-defense. She appreciated what he was doing for her.

EJ and Stefan argued about Gabi in the park. Stefan offered to reinstate EJ as co-CEO. EJ wanted to be sole CEO. Stefan agreed to it if he could get Gabi back. He offered his shares to EJ. EJ got a message about Ava’s situation and rejected Stefan’s proposal. He said he was bored with the drama at the company. He wanted to put hardened criminals like Gabi and Ava in prison. Stefan told him that karma would get him. He said it already did because of what happened to his wife. Sloan apologized to Eric for sounding selfish about Nicole’s situation. Eric thought she was right. He didn’t want EJ and Nicole to ruin their happiness. She wanted to think of baby names. Eric wanted to name the baby Sam. She was surprised he wanted to name the baby after his sister. He thought she was the most loyal person he knew. Sloan remembered Sami and Nicole didn’t get along. She wanted to know why. He told her that Nicole stole her baby. Harris took Ava to get her statement. She looked at his keys on the desk. Tripp and Wendy walked in the station. He would have killed Gil himself if he knew what he did to his mother. Ava assured him that she was okay. She wanted him to stay out of it, but he refused to stay out until he was free. Stefan met Clyde at Statesville. Clyde wanted to work with Stefan, but he didn’t want to do it. He reminded Stefan about Gabi being in prison. Clyde could protect her if he helped him. He felt the DiMeras should be back in the drug business. Tripp talked to Belle about representing Ava. She refused to represent her, so he called Justin. Ava took Harris’ keys. Harris told her that she could go home.

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