B&B Short Recap Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ridge gives Donna a hard time, briefly, for not telling him about Eric dying. She was following Eric’s wishes.

At home, Finn and Steffy discuss Deacon and Sheila until the kids rush in and throw themselves at their parents, along with their baby-sitter, Bodie. He tells them he’s glad they’re back, and then he leaves. Finn orders dinner, which they all love. Steffy is surprised that Kelly heard from Liam already. Finn assures Steffy that he’s never going to have any contact with Sheila again. They put the kids to bed and then have a romantic evening that ends up in bed.

Bill and Liam meet up at L.A.’s only restaurant, Il Giardino. Liam is upset that Steffy and the kids are back (and in danger from Sheila). Bill knows that Liam loves Steffy and wants her back. They talk about the situation with Sheila, Finn and Steffy.

Ridge, Brooke and Donna are in the doctor’s office. Ridge is impatient to find answers about Eric’s condition. Dr. Colby assures them that they’ve done everything they can do for Eric.

In his office, Eric is on the phone with someone about how he beat Ridge in the fashion challenge. He congratulates RJ for them beating Ridge. RJ tells him with a sad smile that Ridge really loves him. Later, Eric thanks Ridge for finding his stapler.

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