GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Curtis has a long talk with his friend Devin whom he met while he was in rehab. Devin helps Curtis realize he needs to let his family into what his life is like now and he should tell them the truth.

Gregory helps Alexis decide to publish the story about Charlotte’s shooting but since Charlotte is a minor she won’t put her name in the story.

Sonny and Anna have a long talk and Anna tells Sonny the details of the shooting. Sonny tells Anna he knows how she feels, because when Dante first came to Port Charles, he shot him and he didn’t have any idea they were father and son.

Jordan tells Mac and Robert they may need to bring in an outside investigator to handle Anna’s case to make sure the police department isn’t accused of favoritism toward Anna.

Dante tells Sam red paint was in Charlotte’s backpack and it matched the red paint used to vandalize Anna’s house.

The doctor tells Valentin Charlotte is going to be okay.

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