Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo had a dream that Rafe and Jada found him and Dimitri. Dimitri comforted him, but he let him know they had to leave town soon. They talked about escape plans, and Dimitri wanted Megan’s help. Leo didn’t like the idea of getting her help. Dimitri explained their situation and, Leo finally agreed to look for Megan. They had to get their money together so they could look for her. They didn’t have enough money, but Leo remembered the petty cash he could get from the paper. The money was in his room at the Inn. Leo came up with the idea that they could dress up so they could blend in with the people in the town square. Kayla gave Rafe her statement about Dimitri. She wondered if he had any leads. Rafe let her know they didn’t have any leads, but they were getting close. She was embarrassed that Dimitri and Leo got the drop on her.

Someone knocked on the door and Ava answered it. A man named Gil Carter wanted to talk to her. He works for Clyde. She told him that she told Clyde she wouldn’t work for him. Gil reminded her that Tripp would be killed if she didn’t do it. She wondered if Gil was the one who attacked Tripp, he told her that he didn’t do it. Tripp came out while they were talking. Gil told him that he worked at a restaurant and wanted her to be the new manager. He was thrilled that she accepted the job. Ava and Gil were at the town square, and he tried to convince to get out of Clyde’s deal. She said her heart wasn’t in it so it wouldn’t work. He warned her that she didn’t have a choice. She tried to find a replacement for him.  Harris and Jada arrived and he wondered if Ava was okay.


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