GH Short Recap Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Mrs. Wu is upset when she discovers Cody has been throwing poker games.

Willow spends her first day home and tells Michael the doctor told her they can’t make love yet.

Brook Lynn finally tells Chase that Tracy has been forcing her to work at Deception because she didn’t want him to know she asked Tracy to get the
second meeting with the Civilian Review board.

Chase gives Brook Lynn a kiss before he goes to work and tells her they will talk later. Brook Lynn thinks she can quit working at Deception, but Tracy reminds her that Chase might have to arrest her for corporate espionage.

Felicia and Lucy meet Jackson Montgomery and Lucy distracts him while Felicia searches his office. Felicia can’t find anything so Lucy invites Jackson to dinner later so Felicia can search his office.

Martin asks Anna her opinion as to why Lucy has been distant from him lately. Anna tells Martin its because Lucy wants to marry him and he doesn’t want to marry her. Anna knows that the reason he doesn’t want to marry Lucy is because he would lose the alimony payments that his third ex wife pays him.

Sasha is acting strangely because she is taking the medication Dr. Montague prescribed to her along with her anti-depressant and that can cause weird side effects.

Sasha goes to visit Willow and Michael to give Willow some clothes and Chase arrives shortly after Sasha to arrest Sasha for stealing clothes from Logan’s department store.

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