Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea makes Billy realize that he has the same rush from this plan to defeat Tucker that he got when he was gambling. Billy thanks Chelsea for the reality check once they talk about what he wants for Christmas.

Jill tells Devon and Nate that Lily asked for a short leave of absence to help Mattie deal with the grief of losing her mentor and adviser in the fire.

Jack persuades Ashley to sell her half of her and Tucker’s company to Tucker so Jabot can tear Tucker’s company apart from the inside out. Tucker thinks that Kyle intends to give him false information about Jabot. Jill and Mamie argue because Mamie wants to help Chancellor-Winters fight Tucker but Jill thinks Mamie shouldn’t help because she doesn’t have any business experience. Ashley tells Tucker she will sell him her half of their company and she will be in touch with him about the price.

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