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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe was shocked to see Philip at her place. She thought he would be at Rex’s wedding. He said he was. She asked if Xander showed up at the pub. Philip said he did. Philip said he came over to check on her. He asked if she was okay. She said she wasn’t but she would be. She said she felt bad for telling Xander but he had a right to know the truth about the baby. She said she was sorry that he stopped the wedding. Philip said he didn’t stop the wedding. He said Rex and Sarah got married before Xander got there. She said she got off the phone with her mother and told her that she and Xander weren’t getting married. He asked her why she couldn’t still marry Xander. She said things changed. He said the baby complicated things, but they could still get married. She said it wasn’t going to happen. She told him about her conversation with Xander. He said he felt bad for her. He apologized for the pain she was feeling. She said deep down she knew he had unresolved feelings for Sarah. She said Philip understood that. He asked how much of his conversation with Rex did she hear. She said she heard him say he loved her. He said he never wanted her to know that because he didn’t want to come between her and Xander. He said he didn’t deserve to be happy after everything he did to her and Brady. She said she didn’t agree with him. She said he was mentally ill. He said he didn’t think she could ever love him again. She said her feelings for him came back when she saw him again. She said she couldn’t pretend her love for him didn’t exist. He asked if she still had feelings for him. He told her not to answer him. When she was ready to say something, he told her that wasn’t why he came there. She said she knew he changed. He said he should go. He said he would be there for her.

Xander asked Sarah how she could keep Victoria’s paternity from him. When she didn’t answer him, he said he was going to get his daughter. She stopped him from going after the baby. She told him to talk if he wanted to. She reminded him that they lied to Eric about Mackenzie. He said that was different. He said she wanted to do that so things wouldn’t be complicated but she did this out of spite. She said she didn’t. She said she did it so an innocent child wouldn’t grow up with a murderer as a father. He said he hated himself over what happened to Susan, but he wasn’t the one who killed her. He said Ava did. They talked about what happened. She said he got Susan killed. She said she couldn’t let her child grow up around that. He said she was trying to play God because she thought she was perfect. They got in an argument over him working for Ava and him teaming up with Gwen. He tried to defend himself, but she didn’t believe him or care about his reasons. He said he did what he had to do. She said she did the same thing. He asked if she thought Rex would be a better father than him. She said she did. He reminded her of the things Rex did to her. She said Rex has changed unlike him. She mentioned the other things he has done. She asked if he regretted what he has done. He said no matter what he has done, she didn’t have the right to keep his child from him. He asked if she knew that he wouldn’t hurt his daughter. Rex showed up before she could answer him. Xander told him to leave, but he wouldn’t do it. Xander said he couldn’t believe she chose Rex over him. She said it didn’t matter because they were married. Xander told them to enjoy their honeymoon while he got to know his daughter. Rex said that wasn’t going to happen. He said Xander didn’t have any claim on the baby. He said he and Sarah would fight him if he tried to get the baby. Xander said he was going to fight them. He said he was going to be a part of his child’s life. Rafe and Jada were outside of Harris and Ava’s hotel room. They talked about how helpful the clerk was. She said the clerk was impressed that they were working with Scotland Yard and the ISA. When they got the door open, it was empty. They searched the room. Jada found the fake passports. They thought Harris and Ava would come back for the passports. Rafe said they would be there when they did. He asked the clerk to call them when Harris and Ava came back. He called Tripp and told him Scotland Yard arrested Ava. Tripp asked if Rafe could do anything. Rafe said he couldn’t. Rafe said Ava and Harris running to London hurt their case. Tripp said they weren’t running. He said they were looking for Susan. He told Rafe that Ava got her memory back when Marlena hypnotized her. He said the visions led her to London. Rafe admitted that he lied about Ava getting arrested.

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