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Recap written by Angela

Portia tries to explain everything to Curtis. Curtis says he does not know the woman he just married. Trina tells him he doesn’t have to stay at the gallery with her. Spencer says he isn’t going anywhere. Ryan tells Ava and Felicia to choose who goes with him and who dies. Felicia tells him Mac will be there soon to stop him. Laura, Mac and Jordan figure out Ryan, Heather and Esme must be at Wyndemere. Austin is listening outside the door and Heather surprises him and stabs him with the hook as Esme screams.

Alexis wants to celebrate Gregory joining the Invader, but he says he has to say something first. Jordan and Laura try to talk Mac down so they can come up with a plan. Kevin arrives. Curtis questions if Portia trusts him. Trina is not worried about Esme, but Spencer is. Ava and Felica see Austin has been hooked and Esme passes out.

Ryan tells Heather to cover Ava and Felicia. She admits to being the Hook killer. Laura tells Kevin Esme is Ryan’s daughter. Gregory tells Alexis the university won’t let him take the job off. Trina tells Spencer that Taggert might not be her biological father. Curtis asks how Portia could plan a future family with him while keeping the secret.

Trina tells Spencer about the situation with Curtis and Taggert. Curtis asks Portia if she was ever going to tell him the truth. Alexis and Gregory try to figure out the connection between Ryan, Heather, and Esme. Laura suggests that the PCPD go in through the secret tunnel. Esme comes to and tries to escape but Ryan holds her at gunpoint. Felicia bashes Ryan over the head and Esme escapes out the patio door.

Alexis thinks Esme was involved with the Hook killings. Spencer says he will always be there for Trina. Portia admits she would have probably never told him the truth and tells him Jordan must have told Stella. Ryan gives Heather the gun and tells her to protect Ava but do whatever she wants to Felicia. He goes after Esme.

Curtis is surprised that Jordan knew and told Stella but not him. Spencer and Trina talk about their first meeting in the gallery. Alexis tells Gregory she knows that Esme and Ryan have a connection. Mac and Jordan prepare to move in on Spoon Island. Laura questions if Ryan actually knows who the Hook killer is. Heather tells Ava and Felicia they can leave but they think it’s a trick. Ava questions why they abducted Esme. Trina tells Spencer about her conversation with Taggert. He says she is the sweetest, smartest, bravest person that he knows.

Spencer and Trina share their first kiss. Curtis tells Portia he needs some air. She asks if he is coming back, he says he can’t answer that. Alexis shows up on the docks and tells them she knows who the Hook killer is. Heather tells Ava she should stay but Felicia encourages her to leave with her. Ryan finds Esme and she tells him the baby is coming.

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