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Recap written by Eva

Maxie gets even more stressed out when a reporter tells her during an interview that one of the magic wands in the Magic Milo act dropped out of the show. Lucy is watching the news and since Maxie isn’t answering her calls she sneaks out of the safe house again to go save the Nurses Ball.

Spencer meets with his Uncle Victor who tells him that they need to get enough evidence against Esme so that DA Scorpio will reopen the case against her. Victor doesn’t tell Spencer that he plans to kill Esme to ensure that she doesn’t raise baby Ace.

Sonny tells Anna and Valentin to wait until he can find another safe house for them and not to leave town because Victor could find them sooner and he could kill them. Sonny assures Anna that Victor will pay for killing Luke and he will not have any influence over Spencer.

Ava tells Esme that she will be watching her and if her memory does return she will pay for everything she has done to her. Carly and Nina call a truce for Willow’s sake since Willow needs to be free of stress since her bone marrow transplant is tomorrow. Carly can tell that Nina is having a hard time dealing with the reality of Sonny’s business and she tells her that if she can’t handle Sonny’s business it means the end of their relationship.

Lucy suggests to Maxie that Mac replace the magic wand dancer that dropped out of the show. Maxie refuses to let her step-father be one of the magic wands and rushes Lucy out of the Metro Court before anyone can recognize her but Maxie is unaware that one of Victor’s men has followed Felicia to the Metro Court and has recognized Lucy. The man tells Victor that he saw Lucy at the Metro Court and she left in a fancy car from a car service.

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Days Transcript Friday, March 31, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


So if you ask me, I would say that he is more imp

welcome home. I have never been so happy to see this place, except you should be coming home to the balloons and banners and fireworks. No, no, no, no, no, no. There was no time for all that. I know, I know, I know. But still, it calls for a celebration. There’s gonna be one real soon. You know, doc, I just, I just wish the entire family could be here right now just to, to feel the relief that I feel and to share in this.

My God, this incredible miracle. I’m just so happy to be home. And it’s perfect. Except that. Except that except once, sweetie. Except that there was none of this.

You’re back.

I have you cuffed to the bed. At least I’m not, uh, trapped in a last cage. I just spoke to you, doctor, physician or shrink? Both actually. They’re still determining whether or not, whether or not I’m too dangerous to be set free.

Patch back already. Taylor us. Go around, leave you unsatisfied. Can’t hear you. I’m going to have to speak up. Whoa, that was not nice. You know why you’re in that cage, Megan. It’s not to keep people safe from you. It’s keep you safe from me, but apparently not from your ties. Some questions, I’m out of patience.

So unless you’re up for some enhanced interrogation techniques, you better quit stonewall and tell me where I can find my wife.

Come on. We’re here. This, this is what we want. That horrendous never ending journey for Not bad. Hey, not bad, Bo. I, I’m, I’m exhausted. I’m filthy. I’m, I’m completely clueless because if your refusal tell me what you have planned. So here you say, we’re here. Where the hell are we?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You are no longer a threat or a danger to anyone. You’ve been completely deprogrammed. Yeah, hopefully. But after all the terrible things I did, the ISA is not gonna take any chances then I can’t possibly think. You’re still under M’S control. You’re the one who told us where to find her. Still for them cutting me loose.

It’s a gamble. The safest move is to make me disappear. Oh, I’m not gonna let that

are you?

I can’t even believe this. The God you’re really here. What you must have gone through thinking you’d lost me. Oh sweetheart. The heartbreak was everybody was just so devastated, especially the kids.

Maybe it’s time to share the good news. Hmm.

I know I’m new to the whole PR thing, but, uh, I know a thing or two about rehabbing a public image, and I think, I think this is gonna be all run for Paulina. Yeah, totally. Sounds great. Yeah. Which part, part about the All Night Rave at Julie’s place, or the Naked Streakers with Price. Price Baby on their.

What? You didn’t know what I said, did you? Sorry. Um, what did I miss? No, I was just giving you my rundown for, uh, my, my strategy about how I think we could keep generating positive press for polling.

Something’s obviously on your mind now. What’s going on? Um, I’m just waiting for an update from my dad. You haven’t heard from him since he left? No. Which could just mean that he’s super focused, but I mean, he is trying to bring my mother’s killer to justice. You should call him. I have 20 times. He’s not picking up.

Okay. One 20 one’s always been a winner for me.

Did your sweetness ever tell you that you’re kind of sexy when you’re. I’m not here to play games. Where’s Kayla? I don’t know. And that’s the God’s honest truth. But you know who has her, who took her off that island of yours? Perhaps stop wasting my time and give me a name. Well, it’s not as if you’re going to find them a name.

Damn it. Fine. If you must know,

aren’t you gonna answer it? It’s important. They’ll call back, say what you’re about to say. Wow. It’s obviously important. Take it. I’ll be here when you get back.

Hey Stephanie, finally, you picked up Papa. I’ve been so worried about you. Are you okay? I’m fine. Thank God and Megan’s in ISA custody. I’m questioning her now. That’s great.

And I have, um, I have some other news. It’s about your mother. What is it? She’s alive, baby girl. Your mom is alive.

You still haven’t answered my question. Well, we had to get the supplies. Oh, you mean all this crap? That we had to drag from the rickety little boat to the broken down car that you, that you drove over on dirt roads through the better part of a day until we dead ended at a swamp, which we then had to wade through with snakes and everything until we got here and had to trek up this mountain.

Okay? Yes. It was a rough trip, but worth it. Worth it. Oh, you made me abandon my friend Marlena on that island to bring me to this crap shack. It’s much more than that. Oh really? Yeah. Oh really? Well, I’ll tell you, all I’ve seen here are, are goats and flies. So, you know, after everything that you’ve put me through, maybe you could do me the favor and tell me what you have planned.

I appreciate you putting up with this difficult trip and, okay. Right, right. I’ll let you know what my plan is. Oh, oh good. I’m listening. Okay. You are standing in the home of Victor Kakkis. This is where my father grew up, so you’re You got it. Welcome to,

You still there baby?

I can’t believe it. Mom’s really alive. Yes, she really is. But how can that be? Papa? Are you sure? I mean, did I hear you right? Yes. You heard me, right? Your mom is alive. Please let me talk to her. Put her on. I have to hear her voice. You will. Um, you will Real soon for, why not now? Why can’t I talk to her now?

Well, the thing is, I am not with her just yet. Sue, you’re actually not sure about this. No, no. I am sure she’s definitely alive. Marlena confirmed it. Marlena, she’s alive too. John took her back to Salem from that island. They were being held on. But before I could get to your mom, one of Megan’s people, Oh my God.

Now don’t you worry. I won’t rest until I find her and bring her home. Victor’s family lost everything in the depression, so when he was a child, didn’t have much. Most nights, he and his brother would go to bed hungry, but he didn’t feel sorry for himself. I think that that hunger motivated. He swore that someday he would get everything his heart desired when he fell asleep here in this home, he dreamt of everything that he would achieve.

When he got enough money together, he bought this place and left it exactly as it is. As a reminder of where he came from, why are we here? This is where my father began to make his dreams a reality. This is where it begins for me too, where what begins My father built an empire. I’m gonna build one too,

Andrew. So good to see you. Likewise. And thank you for letting Sierra and the other day to visit. It was such a, a really nice surprise. Oh, anything from my cousin and I came to let you know that the information Commander Michaels gave us checked out, but Megan Hathaway is now in our custody. Oh hell. Lu John and Steve, founder.

She’s not the only person they found.

Hey, hey. What are you doing here? John asked me to come over. Yeah, me too. He said he had news. I’m assuming it’s about the search for Megan hath. So I’m taking it that lead that he and Steve had didn’t pan out. Huh? Surprised. You care given how self-absorbed you’ve been lately, what is that supposed to mean?

You know exactly what it means. Sloan, again, Phil, you really need to get over it. God, that’s psycho trash Paulina’s office. You know what? I can’t even believe you’re defending her because she said she didn’t do it. You believe her? I do. Oh my God, you’re even more delusional than I thought. You know, after I got that skank civil suit thrown out, she went ballistic on Paul and Chanel in the middle of the square.

God, yes, because she was apparently very, She threatened them. Eric, she said she wasn’t done with them and didn’t need court to get her revenge. Obviously, ransacking, Paul’s office was just the first step in whatever diluted plan your little bed buddies got all cooked on. No, no, no. The cops questioned her and let her go.

Why? Because they didn’t have one trip. Once they, she did anything wrong? The hell’s going on here. Eric and I were just having a, A disagreement. Yeah. We’ll knock it off. I didn’t call you two over here to play referee. I’m sorry. Why did you call us over here? We found Megan Hathaway. She’s in ISA custody.

It’s great. Now she can pay for killing mom. No, actually she can’t. What? Why not? Because I’m alive.

Mom. My God, I don’t, I don’t understand. How is this even possible? Well, it’s a rather long story. I, I will catch you up sometime. But in a nutshell, Megan took my body from the hospital and had Ralph create a serum. I actually saved my life. It turns out that Megan is the one who took the orchid. I, I was on an island somewhere and John found me and brought me home.

What? What? Are you gonna stand there? Are you gonna give your mother a hug?

Ah, man.

Kayla and Marlena are alive. They’re, my God, they’re right. Where? Where, where are they? John brought Marlena back to Salem, but Kayla’s whereabouts, they’re still unknown. Apparently someone took her from the island who we don’t know. Megan refuses to tell us anything, but we are confident that we can find a way to make her talk.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information I have on your mom, but I will get some answers outta Megan. I promise. Please. You have to find her. I will. I’ll call you as soon as I know more. I love you, Papa. I love you so much. Be careful. Okay? I will. I love you too. Little sweetness.

Well, that took a while. I thought you might have forgotten about me and left. I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what I want to know. So while you were on your call, I did some thinking and I would like to make a deal. What kind of deal? As I said, I can’t tell you where Kayla is because I don’t know, but.

I can tell you who has her. After you give me what I want. This is the answer to all my questions. I’m just, I’m gonna follow in my father’s footsteps and build an empire. I’m a kk what I was born to do. Okay. Okay. Well, but listen to me. You need to listen to. This is all just crazy talk and, and you’re just saying these things because Megan brainwashed, stop, stop.

No, no, no. Listen, we need to go back to Salem and you need to get your head on straight so that you can think clearly. I have never been more clear about anything in my life. My slate has been wiped clean. I, I get to start over again. I get to go down the path I was destined to go down. Victor came from these humble beginnings, so I You already have your humble beginnings.

Oh, boa, come on. Our parents owned a junkyard. We lived above a fish market. That’s your story, Kayla. It was never mine. Victor had nothing. I have nothing. I’m going to build a life for myself like he did. What are you talking about? What do you mean you have nothing? You, you have a history of family, a home.

You’re right. This is my history, my family. This is where the Kakkis Empire was. The Keri is Empire is a crime syndicate through sheer force of will and determination. My father escaped from poverty and became a giant. How could you not admire that? Because after Victor escaped, A different force happened.

It became pure hate. What my father achieved is inspiring. I mean, he had everything. He had money, power, and most important, he had freedom and his heart was ice cold. Bo Victor is a vengeful, vicious, ruthless man. So if you ask me, I would say that he is more impoverished now, more than ever. Come on, Bo. Our family, our family may not have had much, but you know what?

We really had? We were so rich. We were rich in love. And, and, and I, and I think deep down, you know that, I mean, you’ve been away from us for a long time. You’ve been away from this love, but you know that that has the most valuable thing in life. And if you could just, if you could just clear all this confusion out of your head and see straight, you would know I’m right.

That you don’t belong here. That we need to go home and we need to go. We need to go. The people who love us.

Your mother’s alive. Chad, I feel like I’m dreamy. I’m not, am I? No, not, not, not that I know of. I wanna see her. I wanna, I wanna hold her in my arms and I wanna tell her. I wouldn’t tell her everything I never got to before and tell her how much I love her. Now you get to, which means to me, you get to tell her all of that.

Now you,

oh my God, I’m so happy. Oh no, he’s not even the word for it. There are no words.

Oh, Chad, I’m sorry you, sorry. It’s just you and your family suffered such a terrible loss. And now if, if I’m not dreaming my family, we’ve been given this miracle stop. No, don’t, don’t, don’t do that. Don’t you have no reason to apologize? What are you talking about? Look at me. Your mother is alive. That’s, that’s a, that’s amazing.

That’s incredible. What are you talking about? I’m so happy for you. Thank you so, Okay, so what? Megan, Megan Hathaway was keeping your, your mom captive on an island. What? And, and someone took her, my dad’s trying to find out who it was, but right now he doesn’t know much of anything. Okay. Look, all you need to know is your, your dad’s gonna bring your mom home, right?

And Chad, there’s more. Marlene is alive too. So what? John brought her back to Salem.

I can’t. I can’t, I don’t. I can’t even process any of this. Me neither. So Kate. Kate, is Kate alive?

I don’t think you’re in a position to make demands. Do you wanna find. I will find Kayla wonderful. Off you go.

All right, Megan, what is it that you want? Full immunity from everything dream on. Oh, come on. I know you have pull with Director Donovan. I know for a fact that you and John were given a pass from what you did in Hong Kong last summer. We only did that because you brainwashed us. Well, small detail. So are you going to speak to Shane or not?

Even if I did, I can tell you there’s no chance you’re getting immunity. Hmm. Okay, then I wanna go home. I just told you, you can’t go home. You can’t. I mean, I want to go back to Salem. If you can arrange for me to be at Statesville, forget it. I will serve my time, but I will not do. In a ISA Black site where I will cease to exist, I wanna be in a regular prison with a cellmate and a yard and a crappy little library, not in some clandestine torture chamber, which you won’t find on any map.

Make it happen. Because if they drop me into the abyss, I promise you, you will never see your beloved sweetness again.

You want Megan a talk? I’ll get her to talk. Uncle Steve’s interrogating her now, but you just said she hadn’t told him anything. Just Andrew. Five minutes. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Megan Hathaway hates my guts. She’d love to see me. Just seeing me would completely short circuit her. That’s true.

Hope gets under Megan’s skin like nobody else, and I’ll use that.

If you’re Uncle Bo alive, do you think he’d be asking permission to be eaten on that interrogation? No, he would not. He’d blow by anyone who tried to stop and he, Megan, and to get the answers he needs. Well, he’s not here to help bring your sister home, but I am Andrew. I have to do this bur you’re wrong.

Kay. My childhood wasn’t full of love. It was full of lies. What are you talking about? Mom knew that Sean wasn’t my father, and she let me grow up thinking I was a Brady. You are a Brady, all right. Like that, that rebel, that bad. The black sheep of the family, Kayla. There was a reason for all that tension and conflict, and that reason was kept from me.

You call my father a criminal. Tell me,

what do you call people who deny a child to be or even know who he really is? I’m not even gonna answer that because, because this isn’t real. It’s my reality, Kayla, and you know that I’m done being controlled by other people. I’m done with their lies. And their attempts to mold me into who they think I should be.

I decide who I’m gonna be, not Megan, not you, and your memories. I decide everything that came before this moment is in the rear view mirror. But what about all the people at home? What about, what about Sierra? What about Sean Douglass? What about them? They’re your family, both. No, this is my family. This is my history.

You could take your whitewashed Brady crap and sell it to wherever you want

in. You know what?

I’m done with this. If you wanna go parading around here, like. Young little Victor, you go, right?

Can’t let you do that. Why not?

Because I need you,

mom. Yeah. Yeah. There’s just no words. We’ve just missed you so much. Oh my. How? I’ve missed you. I just missed you. We’ve all been kind of lost without you. Wow. That’s nice to hear. I don’t think, I believe it’s true, but I was so lost without my family. Did anyone call Sammy? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I did. She’s over the moon and I left a message for, for Brady also.

Oh God. I can’t wait to tell Claire. Yeah. And will, I mean, the whole family’s gonna be walking on air. What about the two of you? What? What do you mean we’re I don’t mean that I’m alive. I mean that before I came. I heard some raised voices from the two of you. I’m sorry, mom, that was, uh, no. No. It doesn’t matter what it was.

I wanna tell you what is, I want you to know how painful it is when you love someone. As much as I love you both, and as much as you love each other. To hear you at each other’s throats like that. So I’d like you to find a way to make up to be at peace. Do you think you can do that for me?

I suppose that we could put our differences aside, at least for today. Sure. For your sake. Well, not the reconciliation I was hoping for, but I guess I’ll have to accept that.

You know, I was gonna, I was gonna make do some tea. She really wasn’t interested. Are you kids? Would you like something? And then what? Actually, I’d like to hear about this remote island. Mom said that she would tell us another time, what matters is that you’re here, you’re alive. God, mom,

sweet girl. Wait, does this mean that that Kayla. Yes it does. Yeah. There, but there were, uh, there were some complications, but, uh, but Steve’s, uh, trying to bring her home as we speak and, and cadence you like too.

It’s, Kate didn’t make it. Chad, I’m so sorry. I know how close you two were. What ha what, what happened? I don’t know. She, that doesn’t. Kate was, Kate was one of the toughest people. I I, I know. If she didn’t survive, Chad, it, it could be because she was trying to help my mom and Marlena. Maybe she sacrificed herself so that they could escape and make it back home.

Yeah. Yeah. Maybe

your mom’s gonna come home. Okay. She’s as tough as they come. You’re right about that. She will fight like hell to get back here. Yeah, she, whoever has her chance.

There’s no way I’m staying here. I am going home to my husband and my kids. Maybe you no longer care about the people in Salem, but I do.

I really do need your help. Oh. Oh, so what they gotta shoot me though, like you shot Kate. You know, I really don’t know what you expect me to do. Okay, I’ll show you

the orchid you already know about. Its life saving powers. Megan believes it can reverse the aging process. Ralph told me he was developing a serum that would turn back the clock. As you remember, he wanted to use it on me. Mm-hmm. But it’s still in the testing phase.

I also brought Ross’s notes. I don’t really see how I could help you.

Well, I need someone who. Brilliant. And who knows science and medicine, someone I can trust. So you are planning to build an empire on a flower. You keep talking about the importance of family. Um, who better than my sister to help me out with this? Okay, we are tired and hungry. I’ll fix us something to eat, then we’ll talk, eat, figure something out.

Oh, and. Don’t bother trying to leave. You won’t get too far.

Oh, that was quick.

Megan. Hello. Frowny face. I thought they put you out to pastor and I thought you were. So I guess we’re even,

Harris gave us your location, so I heard. Mm-hmm. So then you know that whatever hold you had on him is now gone. Harris is back to being the courageous, heroic. Good man. He was before he met you and you are falling for him, aren’t you?

Back in Montreal it was just cat and mouse. But you think. That now that it’s been deprogrammed, you can have something real.

I’m not here to discuss my personal life. No. I just wonder, are you sure that he’s the one for you? Are you really ready to give up on everyone? And give your heart to Michaels. What does that mean, Megan?

So Megan did this. She’s the one who shot Kate. Well, she insists she didn’t, you didn’t see it happen? No, I, I just heard the. Someone pulled that trigger. Most likely the person that has Kayla.

Okay. Super. Be ready in a, in a bit. Why don’t you take a look at Ralph’s notes now. That’s okay. Uh, come on. I know you’re curious.

What do you want me to know? What are you hinting at? Nothing. What do I know about Laos? For someone who doesn’t know a lot about it, you have a lot to say. I thought you were moving a little fast That. But life is short. If you really think that Michael’s is the one, go for it. Leave it or not. I am actually rooting for the two of you to make it.

Well, that was a smart move. Letting hope take a run at Megan as if she gave him any choice. I mean, if you want to head over there and see if she’s making any headway. Feel free, I’m not going anywhere. First of all, I wanna thank you, commander Michaels on behalf of the agency. The powers that be are fully aware that you volunteered to undergo a potentially fatal treatment in an effort to reverse what Ms.

Hathaway did to you. That act of valor not only led to her apprehension, but no doubt, save lives. We are all in your dead. Bye. Uh, I appreciate that, but I did it for myself first and foremost, so I want my life back. I don’t want my career, bud. I understand that’s probably not in the cards, so I’ve done some horrible things that I am gonna have to answer for, not necessarily.

The ISA is putting you through all of these tests to determine if the deprogramming was a success. In other words, if you’re back to being who you were before you fell under Megan’s influence, a highly respected officer who served his country with honor.

Okay? So if the test show, I’m no longer under Megan’s control, you just might walk outta here free. Man.

I meant what I said about you and Michaels. You don’t have any other prospects. When happiness shows up, we might as well grab it right.

All right, Shane signed off on your deal 20 years in Statesville. No possibility of parole provided. The information you give us leads us to the safe return of my wife.

Sign here.

What’s 20 years when you’ve been gone twice that long? Not long enough. If you ask me, I’m choosing to look on the bright side. Who knows? By the time I get out, someone may have used the orchid to create a fountain of youth and that we can all live our younger days. Perhaps next time and hope everything will turn out differently.

Now tell us who has Kayla.

So what do you think? Wow, it’s either genius or madness. Probably a little of both. Yeah. Well, I’m, I’m sure you can sort what’s useful from what’s not food. Are we ready soon?

This will be useful.

Come on, Steve. Pick up. You have five seconds to give us a name where the deal’s off. Relax, pat, you held up your end of the bargain and I’ll do the. I’ll tell you who he is.

Damn the call through.

You should check your phone again if you want. No, obsessing isn’t gonna make my father call me faster. He’ll be in touch when he has.

Maybe that’s him.

Unknown caller.

This is Stephanie Johnson. Stephanie, oh my god, mom.

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Y&R Transcript Friday, March 31, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jack: Take your lies and get the hell out of here, stark. Phyllis, the woman you claim to have married, was just taken out in an ambulance, and all you can seem to do is stand here and throw around accusations.

Jeremy: I’m not claiming anything, jack. I have a marriage license here, dated three days ago.

Michael: Excuse me. Looks like phyllis is mrs. Jeremy stark.

Jack: Wait, that’s — that’s ridiculous. Why would phyllis marry a known criminal? This is insane.

Jeremy: You want to know why she married me? You, diane, and many of the fine, upstanding citizens of genoa city has pushed phyllis to a new low. You pushed us to find each other.

Jack: Wow, you are a piece of work. You know that? You got a lot of nerve taking advantage of phyllis’ condition. What the hell is wrong with you?

Jeremy: You don’t like that I’m married to phyllis? Too bad. It’s your fault. All of you! Especially you.

Kyle: Hey, I have warned you. Don’t point your finger at my mother.

Nikki: Time for you to go, mr. Stark.

Jeremy: Phyllis was scared. She was seeking comfort and protection. And I was more than willing to provide it.

Jack: Protection from what?

Jeremy: From her.

Diane: How dare you imply that I had anything to do with phyllis’ collapse.

Jeremy: All I know is you wanted to cause my wife harm. Tonight, she threatened her with violence, and now she’s on her way to the hospital.

Chance: Those are some heavy accusations. Can you prove it?

Ashley: Marry you?

[ Laughs ]

Tucker: That’s not the reaction I was hoping for.

Ashley: You can’t be serious. Oh, come on.

Tucker: No, to me, it seems like the next natural step for us.

Ashley: Oh, of course! We went out on a date, and the natural next step would be to plan a wedding. Sure.

Tucker: Well, it wouldn’t have to be a fancy wedding. We could elope.

Ashley: Right. Yeah. No. See, I think what happened to you is that jack announced his engagement to diane, and it went to your — your brain. You’re temporarily insane. Thank you. But, no, I will not marry you.

[ Chuckles ] Great.

Amanda: Phyllis just collapsed. It just… it doesn’t make any sense.

Lily: I know. I know. Look, we’ll get an explanation, I’m sure. Daniel’s gonna give me an update from the hospital.

Amanda: The waiting… I think that is the part that I hate the most. Seconds feel like hours. You ask the nurse and then you ask the doctor and then you wait some more and… I know that this is not helping. I just… I have been through way too much of this with my family and —

Lily: I know. Hey, I get it. I do. I know when someone you love is sick or injured, you feel helpless, and it’s a horrible feeling. I know.

Amanda: Yeah, but it’s not just that. This news that phyllis is married to this stark man? I mean, how did I miss something so big in my best friend’s life? I didn’t know anything about it. She didn’t call me. She didn’t — nothing! And then — and then this?

Lily: I know. Look, we just have to be thankful that nate and elena were there before the paramedics arrived.

Amanda: Yeah, well, thank god for that.

Lily: All we can do is just pray and just wait to hear back from daniel.

Amanda: The waiting is…

Lily: I know.

Amanda: I really hate the waiting.

Lily: I know. I know.

Amanda: [ Breathes deeply ]

Devon: Hey.

Abby: You’re back. I just checked on dominic. He is sound asleep.

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: Mm-hmm. Mwah!

Devon: Not a care in the world for him.

Abby: Not a care in the world, right? It must be nice.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Well, I have been anxiously waiting to hear how everything went with amanda. I got to say, I was very relieved that chance did not show up at the gala tonight. I did not want another awkward interaction with him. Although, uh, nina sure let me have it. She had some choice words for me, which brought back this feeling of guilt, which… I’m not gonna talk about right now because I want to know how everything went after I left.

Devon: No, that’s okay. It’s — everything got out of control after you left.

Abby: I mean, amanda has every right to be upset, but there’s got to be a way for the two of you to make peace.

Devon: Oh, it had nothing to do with amanda. It was the rest of the gala.

Abby: Did something happen?

Devon: Yeah. Jack and diane announced that they’re engaged, and then phyllis collapsed.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Jeremy: It’s good that you finally showed up, detective.

Chance: Yeah, I was on a stakeout on the other side of town. Got a hot tip about a car theft, but it turned out to be a dud. It’s almost like somebody didn’t want me to be here tonight.

Jeremy: Well, I’m glad you’re here because we need some law and order after what happened.

Chance: Yeah, I’ve been brought up to speed on what happened. I’m gonna need statements from everybody. Now, stark, can you prove that diane wanted to harm phyllis?

Jeremy: All of the tension from the last few months, all of the verbal attacks and threats from diane towards phyllis.

Diane: What?

Jeremy: It all happened upstairs in phyllis’ suite. She told me after the fact, but I believe that kyle, summer, and jack witnessed the whole thing. Isn’t that right, jack? And I believe that you said something like, “I should do the world a favor and strangle her to death.” Did I get that right? Phyllis said diane said the exact thing to her. But don’t take my word for it. Ask these two because they were there the whole time.

Chance: Is that true? Did you threaten phyllis tonight? Hi, I’m karen.

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provided by…

Chance: Okay, diane, I am just trying to understand the events that led to phyllis collapsing. So, why don’t you fill me in on what you know about that? Of course we can take this down to the station, make it official if you’d like.

Jack: What exactly are you trying to imply?

Kyle: Yeah, I mean, how has phyllis’ clearly being unwell turned into something that diane’s under suspicion for? Some known criminal makes random accusations, and now you’re suddenly questioning my mother like she’s to blame? This is outrageous.

Chance: Under the circumstances, the questions are necessary. Now, when phyllis fell, did she lose consciousness? Or could you tell if she was intoxicated at all?

Nate: Uh, chance, that didn’t seem to be the case. I didn’t detect any signs of alcohol.

Elena: But her breathing was shallow, and her heart rate was faint.

Jeremy: She was a picture of health until that moment. No complaints. Which makes this so suspicious.

Chance: Hey, I’m handling this. Thank you. Diane, he is claiming that phyllis had reason to be fearful of you. So, I’m gonna ask you again, and please answer the question. Did you two have a physical altercation tonight? And did you threaten her life?

Diane: Oh, my god. Do you really think I did something to her? That’s insane.

Amanda: Any word from daniel?

Lily: Um… no, nothing.

[ Sighs ] So, I saw you chatting with devon earlier. How did that go? Was it difficult?

Amanda: Well, he apologized again for hurting me with abby. I’m sure you guessed that much. And then we just — we just started talking about business, how he’s dropping the lawsuit.

Lily: I know. I am so relieved.

Amanda: Be careful. I know devon may appear remorseful, like he’s willing to put all tensions aside, but never forget that he was willing to take down chancellor-winters. I would not be so quick to trust him.

Lily: Yeah, I know that you’re still hurting, but he is my brother.

Amanda: Yeah, no, you’re right. I can’t forget what he did to me. I can’t act like it didn’t happen. But I also can’t ignore how it affects his trustworthiness.

Lily: I understand. But what happened between you two is not the same as what happened between us.

Amanda: Isn’t it? I mean, someone is willing to rationalize their betrayals in one situation, and…

[ Scoffs ] That’s why they say never trust a man who cheats at golf. If you’ll cheat and lie about something as stupid as golf, you’ll lie about anything.

Lily: Well, good thing devon doesn’t play golf.

Amanda: That’s not my point.

Lily: No, I know. I get your point. I do. But devon also — he loves his family. Family is very important to him, okay? It was the whole reason behind our merger. It’s at the core of all of the issues that we even had.

Amanda: And look where that led.

Lily: Okay, look, I get it. But we are finally back on track. We are. And now that the lawsuit is over, maybe now we can start to rebuild our bond that we had, maybe even work together again. I mean, it’s the first time i feel hope for us.

Tucker: Oh, ashley, you know that I’m not gonna take no for an answer. Look how things have gone since I’ve been back.

Ashley: You mean when you landed your helicopter in my backyard? How did that turn out for you, by the way?

Tucker: Okay, but did I give up on my plans? No, I did not. I came right back with a sentimental gift from our past.

Ashley: Which I dumped in the trash immediately.

Tucker: And, again, I was undeterred.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: So, I came up with a brilliant idea for the romantic picnic in the park.

Ashley: In the dead of winter.

Tucker: Yes, but I fed you your favorite delicacies, along with some, um — you know, some flavorful intel on stark and diane.

Ashley: Oh. Oh, you’re right. That was beautifully incriminating and tied up in a nice, little bow. It was very romantic.

Tucker: I know. And then I offered to set you up with your own company, which I believe was quite an aphrodisiac for you because… I believe you remember what happened after that.

Ashley: Oh, I sure do. It led to me finding out that you lied to me about your true intentions regarding jabot, and I left the country.

Tucker: Yeah, that was a slight misstep, but a well-intentioned one, you have to admit. And then I gave up control of my company to you.

Ashley: I bought your debt for one goal only, and that was to own you completely.

Tucker: It’s so funny. I-I actually like the sound of that. So, what do you say? Let’s — let’s make the tie that binds us a matrimonial one.

Ashley: You just never stop.

Tucker: Now, I understand why you’re hesitant, so why don’t we take it in stages?

Ashley: What does that mean, stages?

Tucker: Well, for now, we could just consider it a — a game, a fun ploy, no actual commitment. But publicly, we would announce the engagement.

Ashley: Oh, I think I see where you’re going with this. So, you want to steal jack and diane’s thunder. They would hate that so much.

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: Hmm. My a1c stayed here, it needed to be here.

Chance: Alright, diane, here’s what I need you to do. I need you to explain to me exactly what happened and then leave it for me to judge the veracity of stark’s claim. You got it? So, once again, did you two have some sort of altercation where you threatened her life?

Diane: Phyllis lured me up to her room under false pretenses. She claimed that kyle was really sick and — and that he was asking for me. And supposedly he was laid out in her suite upstairs.

Chance: And you believed her?

Diane: Well, I texted kyle to verify, but he didn’t respond.

Kyle: I left my phone at the bar and didn’t realize till later. That’s why I missed her text.

Chance: So you went up to the room?

Diane: Yes, of course I did. I was concerned about my son. But then phyllis followed me in there and — and trapped me.

Chance: And there was a physical altercation?

Diane: Yes, but she provoked it. She — she came at me and then she pushed me down. And then she started unleashing all these horrendous accusations. I mean, she lost it. She said that I had wronged her in every possible way and that i had ruined her life and — look, this had been building for months, and I just — I couldn’t take it anymore, so I responded.

Chance: In what way?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Any negative comments that i might have made were done in the heat of the moment. I wasn’t seriously threatening her.

Chance: Alright, during your scuffle, did she hit her head?

Diane: No.

Chance: Any kind of injury?

Diane: No.

Jack: Detective, is this really necessary? We are not the criminals here.

Chance: Hold on, jack. There’s no need to be so defensive. I’m just sorting out the facts.

Jack: I am hardly being defensive. I just think our focus needs to be on phyllis and how she is doing.

Elena: Maybe we should call the hospital and see if there’s an update.

Jack: If there are any questions you have, I suggest you address them to stark. That is the big mystery tonight, how in a million years phyllis would marry a man like that. I’d like some answers. I’d like them now.

Tucker: You think jack hides the good scotch when he knows I’m gonna be around?

Ashley: How could he know that you were coming over? You don’t even know when you’re coming over. That makes no sense.

Tucker: Gee, lady, you got yourself a big brain.

Ashley: I do. Thank you. Nope.

Tucker: You like my idea, though, don’t you?

Ashley: Mm, well… I — I find it intriguing.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. It’s because you want to see the look on diane’s face when she finds out the news of our impending marriage.

Ashley: Mm, it would be gratifying on so many levels. It would be. I’ll think about it.

Tucker: Fair enough.

Ashley: But your work is far from done.

Tucker: Meaning?

Ashley: Meaning you have to get devon to buy mccall. As owner of your debt, I have a vested interest in this coming to fruition.

Tucker: Yeah. So you’ve said.

Ashley: Yes. And I also do not want the newmans to get their dirty, little hands on it.

Tucker: I’m working on it.

Jeremy: Why is my relationship with phyllis so hard for you to understand, jack? We’re kindred spirits, both on the outside, taking on all comers, giving as good as we get. A woman like that deserves respect and support. Seems like once upon a time you knew about that, but then you forgot.

Jack: Why aren’t you at the hospital with your wife right now?

Jeremy: There’s no other place I’d rather be right now, but I was under the impression i was being questioned by the police.

Chance: Well, there’s not an official investigation yet, so you are free to go. But I would recommend that you don’t leave town.

Kyle: Summer, what are you doing back here? How’s phyllis?

Jack: Is she okay? Has she already been released?

Summer: No, that’s what we came to tell you. The ambulance never arrived at the hospital.

Jack: What do you mean? What are you saying?

Summer: Memorial dispatch lost contact with the driver. We have no idea where our mom is.

Sometimes, the lows

of bipolar depression

Jack: I thought you were following the ambulance to the hospital.

Daniel: When we got out to my car, the ambulance was already gone. So, we went straight to the hospital.

Summer: And the ambulance wasn’t there. There was no sign of mom. She hadn’t been admitted or anything.

Kyle: None of this is making any sense.

Summer: I know, especially since the dispatcher has no idea what happened to their vehicle.

Kyle: Something is definitely wrong here.

Summer: Dad is at the hospital in case the ambulance does show up, but we didn’t feel like we could just sit there helpless.

Daniel: I don’t know what’s going on here, but if our mom is in danger, then we need your help. Can you find out where she is?

Summer: Chance, please. Something is seriously wrong. We need to know that she’s okay.

Danny: Son, is there anything I could do to help?

Daniel: If I could think of anything, I’d say yes. But it’s like summer said. We both just feel a little helpless right now.

Jack: Alright, stark. What the hell is going on?

Elena: The whole thing is strange. One minute she’s fine, then she’s slurring her words, and then she’s laid out on the floor.

Nate: Something caused a syncopal episode like that — loss of oxygen to the brain, sudden drop in a heart rate or blood pressure, something neurological.

Elena: You always think it’s neurological, but with those symptoms, it could be anything. It could be a heart attack, dehydration.

Nate: Stroke, tia. Seizure, even. She hasn’t had an accident or injury or a blow to the chest or head that we know of.

Elena: Yeah, I’m really interested to see her cat scan and mri results. Maybe I’ll call the hospital and see if there’s any updates.

Nate: Yeah. I’m sure her family would appreciate that.

Audra: Interesting, isn’t it?

Victoria: What’s that?

Audra: The two of them — I think I can finally see the spark they share. Well, I think I’m going to call it a night. Looks like my boss has his hands full.

Victoria: I will see you tomorrow morning at the office. I’m going to go check on nate.

Audra: Of course. And, by the way, I hope to have an exciting new, project to present to you soon.

Victoria: I look forward to hearing about it.

Amanda: Lily, I’m sorry. I know that there is still tension between you and your cousin, but I really need to go over and get an update.

Lily: No, of course. Please.

Amanda: Nate, elena, hey, I’m really sorry to interrupt. I was just wondering if there was any word on phyllis.

Elena: I actually just got off the phone with memorial. They said she hasn’t been brought in yet.

Amanda: The ambulance hasn’t arrived yet?

Abby: So, they took phyllis to memorial?

Devon: Yeah. They sure did. And it was lucky that nate and elena were there to help out until the paramedics got there.

Abby: Wait. Did phyllis make this big scene before or after my uncle jack’s engagement announcement?

Devon: I don’t know. I think it happened at the same time.

Abby: How do you not know?

Devon: Because I wasn’t there for jack’s announcement. I was still talking to amanda.

Abby: Uh-huh. Well, how did your conversation with amanda go?

Devon: We kept it civil for the most part, even though she has every reason to resent me.

Abby: To resent both of us.

Devon: Mostly just talked about business and lily and i figuring things out.

Abby: How did she feel about you dropping the suit against chancellor-winters?

Devon: Oh, she was skeptical about that because she doesn’t really trust me these days for some reason.

Abby: Um, maybe amanda’s onto something.

Devon: What do you mean?

Abby: Look, I love the idea of you dropping the suit, but are you sure this is really what you want? Or are you just doing it out of some sense of guilt and obligation to lily? Because it’s a huge reversal after fighting so hard to get your company back.

Devon: No, I know it is. I know it is. But something shifted in me tonight that took away all that guilt that I was feeling. And it’s because of you. Oh

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Ashley: I need more from you than “I’m working on it.”

Tucker: What would you have me do?

Ashley: More than you’ve done. If you’re already stymied by devon not buying mccall, then you’ve lost your killer instinct. And I don’t like that at all.

Tucker: I thought it was my killer instinct you want me to let go of.

Ashley: True. I would prefer a kinder, more gentle tucker.

Tucker: But only when it suits you.

Ashley: Exactly. And right now, I want devon to buy mccall, and I want you to make it happen. I mean, that’s the only way there’s going to be a future for us, even if it’s just a pretend future. A game, if you will.

Tucker: You know what, ashley? I realize you’re enjoying this power you have over me right now, but I know that you feel the chemistry between us. I know that you’d like to say, “oh, it’s just a game. It’s just a ploy.” But you know there’s something deeper. You feel there’s something deeper, but you’re so scared to admit it.

Ashley: What makes you so sure?

Tucker: Because you wouldn’t be all interested in me becoming a “better” man if it weren’t true.

Ashley: As long as I have the upper hand, you can think whatever you want. I mean, you know what they say. Whatever gets you through the night.

Abby: I helped ease your guilt?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Abby: I’m glad. But how?

Devon: Well, because you reminded me of what the most important thing on earth is.

Abby: Family.

Devon: Yes, exactly. And that was — that was the main reason for the chancellor-winters’ merger to begin with, you know? But lately, we’ve been using the whole family thing against each other and making accusations that we don’t care about our relationship as brother and sister or neil’s legacy.

Abby: You both knew that wasn’t true.

Devon: Yeah, I mean, sure, we both knew it deep down. But, you know, when you’re in the middle of everything, it’s easy to forget. I was trying to use my connection to neil to break away. But it was our shared connection to our dad that brought us back together. And it’s really all because of that amazing gesture that you helped present to us that made us realize that.

Abby: Well, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Devon: No, it couldn’t have. It really couldn’t have. A place like that that embodies neil’s love for jazz was such a special way to honor him and to give back to him. That’s what lily and I found common ground on and made me realize that maybe we can work things out together.

Abby: Wow. It sounds like you’re considering working with lily at chancellor-winters again. But what about your other family business? What about mccall?

Nikki: After all the work we put in to make this event perfect — first, jack’s misguided announcement and then phyllis’ bizarre rant. I have to say, at first I did think she was drunk.

Michael: That’s what most of us thought.

Danny: How can an ambulance just disappear?

Lauren: Look. Phyllis is queen of making a big scene. But tonight, something was terribly wrong.

Michael: Stark’s involvement makes the whole situation a glaring red flag. The gcpd is our best bet at this point. They can track down the ambulance, see what’s going on. I’m more concerned about why phyllis collapsed in the first place.

Leanna: Oh, wow. This could actually be the story I’ve been looking for.

Sharon: Not every crisis needs to become gossip fodder, leanna.

Leanna: Sharon, this is more than gossip. It’s news. This could be a huge story.

Sharon: I just hope that phyllis is alright.

Leanna: Oh, my gosh. Yes, of course. That’s what matters most. Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Tucker: Well, i guess I should get going. I don’t suppose you want to be up when jack and diane return.

Ashley: On the contrary, i plan on staying awake and giving them hell when they walk through that door.

Tucker: Well, I find that irresistibly sexy.

Ashley: I’m sure you do.

Tucker: I’d actually like to be ringside for it. I’d stick around and wait with you if you want.

Ashley: Might be a little fun to have an audience cheering me on, but I’d like some alone time before they get here.

Tucker: Well, good night. And I anxiously await your answer to my proposal. Well, good night.

Ashley: Night. What are you doing?

Tucker: Well, because you said we had a traditional date tonight, so I was hoping for a traditional goodbye.

Ashley: Oh. Okay.

Tucker: Thank you very much.

Devon: Yeah, I don’t really know what my role is going to be with either family company moving forward. I’m just happy that I didn’t ruin my relationship with lily.

Abby: And what about mccall?

Devon: I…I don’t know. I don’t know if… if it’s the right thing to start over with a new company like that or just to go back to chancellor-winters. I should probably sleep on it.

Abby: Well, your company means so much to you. Why wouldn’t you want to go back and lead it?

Devon: Just because, you know, I know there’s still a lot of differences between me and lily when it comes to business. And I know she’s pushed hard to get us to work side by side together, but I just don’t know if that’s the smartest thing to do. Maybe starting from scratch with mccall is the right way to go.

Abby: I understand how you feel and just know that no matter what you decide, I’m here to support you.

Devon: Well, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. And I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you. You made me see things clearly tonight, and I’ll never forget that.

Abby: Well, you did the hard part. You had to reconnect with lily and let go of your feelings of anger and hurt.

Devon: Yeah. I did let go of the anger, but you gave me something positive to replace it with. So, it all started with you.

Chance: Hey.

Sharon: Hey.

Chance: None of the patrols have seen the ambulance.

Sharon: You don’t suspect foul play, do you?

Chance: I don’t know. Maybe, considering that jack and diane have a history of taking things into their own hands, especially when it comes to stark. The animosity between them is dangerous.

Sharon: Hey, that’s phyllis’ mask. She must have dropped it. Why don’t I grab it for her?

Chance: No. Don’T. It could be evidence.

Jack: I am worried that stark is doing something to harm phyllis.

Diane: Do you think?

Jack: Would it be such a surprise? I’m still furious at her that she ever brought stark into town to begin with. The anguish she put you through is unforgivable. But I never wanted any harm to come to her.

Diane: Jack, I want you to know that that fight you overheard, it’s not who I am. I mean, I was just caught up in the heat of the moment, and I-I really, I was — I was pushed by an out-of-control, psychotic phyllis. But I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. You do believe me, don’t you?

Jack: Of course I do.

Tucker: A single malt, neat, if you will, and whatever the lady’s having.

Audra: What makes you think i want anything from you, tucker?

Tucker: I can always tell when you need a friend. So, we both bailed on the big gala, huh? I guess neither of us feels like we’re part of the fabric of this town’s society.

Audra: Don’t project your insecurities onto me. Look, I have a very coveted position at newman media. I’m doing just fine being accepted by the movers and shakers of genoa city.

Tucker: What a load of bull. From what I’ve observed, nate only has eyes for elena. Kind of puts you out in the cold, don’t it?

Audra: You know, for someone so observant, you sure miss a lot. I thought you were on a date with ashley. I don’t see her. Is she parking the car?

Tucker: Actually, things are progressing quite nicely on that front, thank you very much.

Audra: Hooray. Well, I also have a plan in the works for what I’m after. No matter what type of dog you have…

Devon: This is perfect. You know, it made me so happy to come home to you waiting for me.

Abby: I feel like I belong here.

Devon: That’s because you do. This is home. With our son asleep upstairs… it should be our home. Serious. Would you consider you and dom moving in here with me?

Tucker: What’s this plan of yours that you’ve got schemed? Maybe I can help.

Audra: No, thanks. I got it. But, you know, come to think of it, you can occasionally be resourceful. Maybe you can help.

Tucker: I’m always at your disposal, audra. You know that.

Audra: I need to track down a man named J.T. Hellstrom.

Victoria: Hi. Any word on phyllis?

Nate: I’m afraid not.

Victoria: You know, it was really nice seeing the two of you working together again. Nate, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you use your medical skills.

Elena: Well, nate is an amazing talent. I’ve always thought it was his true calling.

Victoria: Well, a person can have many callings, don’t you think?

Elena: Can they?

Victoria: Absolutely.

Elena: Hmm. Well, I really enjoyed working with nate as a team again. I think we have a very natural rhythm together.

Victoria: So I noticed. Nate is a great team player.

Elena: I completely agree. In fact, I’ve got some ideas about how to make that teamwork a bigger part of our lives again.

Summer: That was dad. He’s still at the hospital.

Nikki: Is phyllis there? Has he seen her?

Summer: No. There’s still no sign of her.

Daniel: Not only am I worried that she might be in danger, but she was in need of medical attention. You know, every minute that she’s not at the hospital, she’s not getting the care that she needs. Chance, what was that, that call? Was that about phyllis?

Chance: There was an accident on collins road. It’s involving one car, an ambulance. Now, that’s all the information that I have right now. We don’t know if it was phyllis’. But we should prepare for the worst.

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Tucker: J.T. Hellstrom? I’ll find him for you. It’s going to cost you, though.

Daniel: I don’t know what’s going on here, but my mother would never marry a lowlife like you — not of her own free will.

Lauren: How did this beautiful event turn into such a catastrophe?

Jeremy: Is phyllis okay? Look, I want answers. I have a right to know.

Summer: Chance, please. Tell us something, anything.

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GH Transcript Friday, March 31, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


– We never should have let eileen leave here without wearing a wire. – It’s not like we had a choice. She refused to go otherwise. I mean, all she had to do was drop off the counterfeit necklace and get out of there. – Well, she pushed her luck, and now she’s dead. – Assuming victor killed her. – Well, I don’t think the deputy mayor went swimming fully clothed for the hell of it. And the real question is, how much information did she give up before he killed her? – Maybe she told victor where we are, but she didn’t really know. – Either way, you cannot stay here. It is not safe. – We’ve got to get out of here. – You leave now, you’ll be signing your death warrant.

– We’re here live

at the metro court hotel,

where in just a matter

of a few hours,

the curtain will rise

on port charles’s benefit

of the year, the annual general hospital nurses’ ball.

And adding to the significance

of this year’s ball is the fact that general hospital will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Safe to say,

tonight is a can’t-miss event. – I’m missing the can’t-miss event.

– With us now is the co-chair

of the nurses’ ball planning

committee, maxie jones.

Maxie, what’s it like

being a part

of this spectacular event? – Hi, george. It’s been an honor helping plan tonight’s festivities. The nurses’ ball is known for philanthropy and entertainment. Our tribute to gh’s 60 years of caring for the community will be talked about for years to come. – So how has it been organizing this big event without the guidance of the late lucy coe, who was known, of course, as the force behind previous balls?

– Lucy is irreplaceable, and tonight is dedicated to her.

I believe she’s with us

in spirit, trusting me and my co-chair, bobbie spencer, to make her proud.

– Well, on that note,

there has been

some backstage buzz. What do you think miss coe would make of the talk that there’s been a hiccup with one of tonight’s acts? – What? Hiccup? What? What hiccup? – Thank you for meeting me. – Anything for you, my boy. So am I to understand from this that you are finally willing to do what needs to be done? – Well, I’m not willing to sit back and let esme call the shots. She was, um, less than cooperative when we took ace to the hospital. – Hospital? Is anything wrong with the baby? – According to the doctor, ace has colic. It’s nothing serious. – Oh. – Grandmother thinks that we should be patient, exercise caution, and gain esme’s trust. I’m done waiting. – I need to hear you say it. I need to hear you say the actual words. – Let’s move forward with your plan. Esme must be dealt with. – Esme. Hello. Miss jerome, I haven’t seen you since, um– – since the night your lovely parents held me hostage. – I was going to say since the night I went into labor, and gave birth to this guy. – What’s his name? – Ace. – He looks like his father– my husband. – Answer me, please! Will, answer me! – What’s happening? What the hell happened?

[Dramatic music]

– George, there are always hiccups for any live performance. And our performers and team members behind the scenes at the nurses’ ball are committed to executing tonight flawlessly and delivering a performance that’s worthy of its legendary reputation. – Ok. But have you found a replacement for the dancer who dropped out of the popular magic wands act? – Dex heller has agreed to step in, and he’s going to be great. – Oh, I’m sure. But maxie, I was referring to the latest vacancy, the one yet to be filled. – Who dropped out? I don’t even know who’s in! The nurses’ ball is toast. – I– I don’t know where you’re getting your backstage buzz. But I guarantee that tonight’s nurses’ ball will be the best yet. Thank you for your time. You look very nice. – Thank you.

[Phone ringing] – Maxie, pick up the phone. Pick up the phone. – Hi. You’ve reached maxie jones. Sorry, I can’t take your call. But if you leave me your name and number, I’ll get back to you. – Maxie, this is not what we said we’d do. This is not what we planned. You better answer the phone! – Willow felt weak, and i was asking her if she needed me to call an ambulance. – No, I’m fine, really. – What are you doing here? – I was dropping off a care package of deception products for willow, and I was putting it at the front door. And she asked me in. – To tell her that the bone marrow transplant’s a go. – Yeah, I heard it from my aunt liesl, but hearing it from you directly was really wonderful. – Willow is very generous. – Yeah, she is very generous. And she doesn’t need you jumping to the wrong conclusions about me. – I think I’m in a better position to know what willow needs than you. – I heard you divorced nikolas. – He was my husband when you conceived your child. – Look, I don’t regret having ace, but I am sorry about what happened. – And what about everything else you did? Setting fire to my car, leaving behind a hospital id belonging to my late daughter, framing trina robinson– do those things just happen? – If the allegations are true, then the old esme committed some truly awful acts. – Referring to yourself in the third person– how grandiose! – I am no longer that esme prince. Do you think it’s easy constantly apologizing for some person that I used to be? Maybe you know nothing about that. – We are all judged by our worst mistakes. It can feel impossible to overcome them. – Have you ever tried living with someone who constantly reminds you of all the wrong things you’ve done? Spencer thinks that he can’t forgive my past, and he thinks that I’m a liar, and that nikolas is some deadbeat runaway dad. – Spencer can only base his impressions on his experience. And his father is not here for him, or for your baby. I am truly sorry that nikolas isn’t here to help you raise your child. – I’m not. As far as I am concerned, he can stay gone. – The last time we met to discuss the esme dilemma, you were loathe to employ alternative tactics. What changed your mind? – Esme mentioned getting a job. And once she has a little bit of money saved up, she’s going to move out– maybe even move on. And I don’t know that we can stop her from leaving the country, but I’m pretty sure that she can legally leave the state. And I do not love the idea of my brother being 2,000 miles away from me. – You may not have a choice, not if esme manages to acquire a veneer of respectability. – Veneer or not, a judge might buy it, and look on esme favorably when deciding custody of her son. – Her son? – He’s my brother. – Hence, your willingness to try this, um, less than orthodox route. Listen, spencer, you– you shouldn’t hesitate for a second to prioritize the welfare of your baby brother. So should we talk about broad strokes? – Here? – Yeah. You have a problem? – I’m used to meeting you at the metro court. – Yes. Well, that’s not possible. – Why not? Why are we meeting here? – It’s too risky to make a move now. – It’s too risky to stay here. Victor’s already left the metro court. He could be on his way here. – Give me time to make arrangements for a new place. As soon as it’s safe, I’ll come get you. We only want to relocate once. – Anna and I know how to disappear, sonny. – But we have lucy with us! – And eileen definitely does not know the location of this place. – I– I don’t know, drew. I mean, we were not stupid about this. We took every precaution. She was blindfolded. They drove her different routes to get here. The phone was switched off. I mean, I don’t know what to say. – It’s not impossible that she picked up some information that she could give to victor to help him find our location. I mean, are we willing to risk our lives that we can find my father before he finds us? – It’s always great to see you, george. – You, too, maxie. Good luck tonight. – Thank you. – Ok. – And thanks for all the nurses’ ball support. – Congratulations. You really kept your cool with that reporter. – Yeah. Well, lucy always says, never let them see you sweat. – How did they even know there was another magic wands dropout? – Before I did? I don’t know! I wish I knew who was blabbing backstage. Who am I kidding? Of course, it’s amy driscoll. That girl is so sweet and has a killer voice, but she couldn’t be discreet to save her life. – Well, you have bigger problems, like finding a magic wand replacement.

[Phone rings] – Yeah, yeah, and maintaining my sanity. – Maxie, look. I know you sent my call right to voicemail, and that was not the deal we had. Ok? Never mind. Why do I even bother? Ok. Deep breath. And eat a gummy. Deep breath. And eat a gummy. Mmm. Ok. You’re overreacting. Mm-hmm. So bobby and maxie are going to be just fine, aren’t they? Mm-hmm. They know exactly what they’re doing, and the nurses’ ball is fine. It’s in good hands. It’s not. You are the only one that has the connections. You’re the one with the imagination. And they need you. Hey! Oh, hi. Listen, I need a car. And you can just put it on the deception cosmetics account. Mm-hmm. Right. Oh, no! You know what? You really don’t need an address. Just have the driver meet me at the corner of marigold and chestnut. Mm-hmm. Let them know I will be the striking woman in a fake fur coat. Right. And tell them to hurry, please. Ok. Ta!

– Ok. Well, you know about the transplant, and you’ve dropped off the care package. As you can see, willow is really weak. – It took me forever to settle amelia for her nap. – I’m sure it did. Maybe now you should rest. – I will when michael and wiley come back from the store. They’re getting us snacks for while we watch the nurses’ ball pre-show. – Ok. Why don’t you nap until then? I can show nina out, and I can wait for michael and wiley. – Isn’t that for willow to decide? – I have to make a couple of calls. Robert is going to know by now that eileen is dead, and he’ll come to his own conclusions. But felicia may not be aware. – Tell them to stay away. And after drew and I leave, no more visitors. – Sonny’s right. What’s most important now is not risking any more exposure. – Spring has sprung, spencer, in all its glory. Don’t you appreciate the fresh air? – Yeah. I should have brought my binoculars so that we could birdwatch. – Oh, come on, spencer! You must be relieved to finally leave the stultifying atmosphere of your grandmother’s apartment. – Victor cassadine, nature enthusiast– will wonders never cease? – You can mock. But I really appreciate this planet and all that it has to offer. Besides, it’s a lot more secure here than the metro court, particularly now that it’s teeming with guests for the nurses’ ball. – Yeah. Well, I still think that we probably could have met in your suite, but, um, what are the next steps in terms of getting my brother away from esme? – Well, we need to find damning evidence in all the dormant cases against esme, evidence compelling enough to force the district attorney to finally prosecute her. – Ok. What do you need from me? – Nothing. Just– just sit still. Leave it to me. If only your father trusted me, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess now, would we? – You’re not upset that nikolas is out of the picture? I mean, at the very least, he could have helped you out financially. – Oh, nikolas didn’t want to help. He actually tried getting me to sign away my rights to my son. – What? – Yeah. Nikolas came to spring ridge, all smiles and sweet words, and paperwork to legally strip me of my parental rights. Ace and I are better off without him. And as far as I can see, so are you. – You don’t know anything about my marriage to nikolas. I know that he slept with me while married to you. – Don’t you mean he slept with the old esme? – Touché. Look, I know that I sound insane trying to distance myself from, well, my– myself. But I have changed. And I intend to do what I can make up for the things that I’ve done. – I’m happy to hear it. So… how do you plan to make it up to me?

– How are preparations for the ball going? Are maxie and bobby losing their minds? – Well, they insist that everything is under control. But I just got a text from josslyn, and she says it’s unorganized chaos, which is no one’s fault, really, because even if lucy were still with us, she’d have a lot less time to prepare. I mean, the ball is usually the last week of june or the second week of september. – Yeah, olivia and I had to do a lot of juggling to clear the ballroom at such short notice. – I’m sure you did. – Oh, careful. Are you– are you all right? – Hey. Are you ok? – I’m fine. I’m fine. I just remembered I have to do a little prep for our showtime snacks. – I can do that. – Thanks, but it’s hardly anything. I will get a start, and michael and wiley will do the rest. Please. – If you need me, I’m here. – I will be sure to yell. – That breaks my heart to see her try to appear normal. – Yeah. I pray that the bone marrow transplant goes well and that it’s a success. Willow deserves all good things. – Wouldn’t it help to put aside our personal feelings towards each other, carly, and present a united front for willow? – Mom, what about the ginger, the one that works with mac, with the amazing arms? – Oh, yeah. He moved to las vegas two months ago to dance in an all-male revue.

[Phone ringing] – I should have been a career counselor.

[Phone ringing] – Oh, honey, I have to take this. Don’t worry. We’ll think of someone. – Ok. – Oh! – No, no.

[Screams] – Lucy! – Shush, shush. – Oh! What are you doing here? – What I was born to do. – Oh. – Eileen’s dead? – Yeah. So as you can imagine, we’re re-evaluating our safety measures. – But eileen couldn’t have told victor your location because she didn’t know it. We were extremely careful. She was– had a blindfold, and she had a bag over her head every single time we took her to the safe house. We even confiscated her devices. – I know! But we have to err on the side of caution. We have to assume that eileen told victor that we’re all working together. To that end, no one can come to the safe house for the next few days. – In case we’re being followed. – The case against esme will solve our problem, particularly as she’s basically friendless and without resources. You don’t look convinced. – When esme goes to prison, she can take my brother with her. – Only the first 18 months. Or would you rather wait until the boy’s too old to go with her to prison? But then you run the risk of her just suddenly deciding to take him with her to another state, or changing her name, and both of them disappearing. It’s still my first choice to take esme out of consideration altogether. – No. My friends need to see justice done in the form of a trial and a guilty verdict. – All right. All right, fine then. We just have to find good enough evidence before esme decides to leave town. – Fine. Let’s do that. – All right. But spencer, if our evidence is not enough to convince the da to re-arrest esme, then I’m going to go with my first instinct. Whatever happens to esme, baby cassadine will remain in the family fold. – I don’t understand what you mean. How can I make it up to you? – The change in you has to be genuine. – It is! – And permanent. – I– I can’t say that my memories will never come back. – That’s why you can’t be trusted. I do believe that you truly lost your memory. And I’m sorry for the ordeal that your monstrous parents put you through. I think you even care about your little baby. – But you still don’t trust me. – I’ll never forget what you did, esme. And I believe the old you, the one who delighted in inflicting pain on others, is still inside you. And I believe one day she will come back. I don’t wish on you, but the moment you remember who you really are, I will recognize it, and I will finish what you started.

– Hi. I feel like I’m interrupting. Am I interrupting something? – No, no, no. Esme and I have– have said all we need to say to each other. – Is that for me? – It sure is. Here, it’s some samples of the formula that we talked about, the probiotics. So yeah, give me a call if it’s not working, or if you have any other questions, just call. – Thank you, dr. Gatlin-holt, for treating my son after… everything that happened. – My pleasure. – I know you and spencer don’t believe me, but I have changed for good. All I want is what’s best for my baby. – What do you think? Do you believe that, that people can change? – Yeah, I do, for the worse. Look at us. – What do you mean? We’re covering up a crime. – Oh, that. – We’re colluding. Criminal, extortionist– – I know it’s frightening for you, ava. – –So he doesn’t turn us in. – You know, I have a confession for you, ava. I don’t always recycle.

[Laughs] – Oh, no. See, normally, I’d think that was funny, but nothing is normal right now, is it? We’re constantly lying, looking over our shoulders, and there’s no end in sight. I just lied through my teeth to the wife of the chief of detectives. – How? How did you get here? – The same way I got here the other night. I just climbed out the window, walked– I don’t know, about half a mile, then took a car. – Only cats have nine lives, lucy. Every time you escape the safe house, you increase your chance of getting caught. And you heard what anna said. If victor cassadine finds out, he’s not going to pretend to shoot you. He’s going to really shoot you. – Ok! But if you had just answered my text, answered my phone calls, taken an email from me, I wouldn’t have had to risk my life. – Why are you here? – Well, (whispering) I was watching the tv, and I saw you talking to that reporter. And I came up with the perfect solution to your magic wand conundrum. – Ladies. Ah. – Hi, sir. Um, how can I help you? – I, um– I have lunch plans with my niece, and the garden patio’s deserted. – Oh, the garden patio is closed today for a special event. But the metro court restaurant upstairs is open. And, oh, my mom. Mom! Hey, could you show this nice gentleman up to the metro court restaurant? – Oh, sure. I can do that. It’s on the top floor. – Thank you. – If you’ve never been up there before, you’re in for quite a treat. – Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! That was so close. What if felicia had seen me and known it was me? – Oh! Well, she would have notified anna that you had gone rogue again. But that is the least of our worries. All of the people coming to the nurses’ ball know who you are. You have to leave now! – Wait a minute. I am not leaving now, not until you hear me out. Listen. I do have the perfect suggestion for the magic wand. This is a man who’s used to coming to the rescue. Come on! – I have no intention of letting my feelings about you impact willow. – Again? – Didn’t you just suggest to play nice? – I promise to do better, if you will. – Uh, it must be disappointing for donna not to be able to spend nights at sonny’s right now. – Donna is fine. I just explained to her that her father is busy, and she won’t be visiting sonny for a little while. – It must be hard for a child to understand. – It’s life with sonny, nina– constant conflict and danger. You’re a long way from nixon falls, aren’t you? – As long as we are in possession of the necklace, victor is dead in the water. He’s got the decryption key, but nothing to use it on. – Which is only going to make him more desperate. If he wasn’t following laura, robert, and felicia before, he will be now. – We need to find victor before he finds us. – The man is not an island. I don’t get it. Somebody’s got to know where he is. Who is he close to in port charles? – His great nephew, right? Your nephew, sonny. – I will speak to spencer and see if he’s heard from victor. – Assuming spencer will cooperate. Victor cassadine is a master manipulator. Spencer’s young. He’s no match for my father. – Spencer’s made a lot of mistakes. He’s got a good head on his shoulders. He’ll do the right thing. – Esme is probably wondering where I am. I’m supposed to pick up her and ace from the hospital. – I’ll put our plan in motion. When I have an update, I’ll give you a time and location to meet. Watkins will supply you with a number to reach me. I’m– I’m going to dispose of my old phone. – You’re avoiding the metro court, setting new meeting locations. Now you’re changing phones? You’re really ramping up security, aren’t you? – Well, I can’t be too careful. – Thank you, uncle victor. I owe you one, and I won’t forget it. – Oh, I’m counting on that. – You didn’t tell him you’ll be leaving port charles. – Well, my intentions are always on a need to know. That’s more imperative now than ever. – And your nephew’s custody fight? – It’ll soon be irrelevant. My great nephew is giving himself all kinds of anguish over something that will never see the light of day. If he knew the truth of my real plan, then he’d never go along with it. If I have to keep lying to the lad, then so be it. I need spencer on board.

– wait just a second. You want me to ask mac to perform with the magic wands? – Mm-hmm. I can’t very well do it, can I? – Because you’re dead! – Mm-hmm. But think about it. Mac is such a well-respected, well-known member of the community. And to be perfectly honest, he is a fox, too. You know, I’ve often wondered what’s underneath those button downs he wears. – No, no, no, no, no. Stop, stop. Mac is my step dad. – He is a daddy, all right. – That is so inappropriate. – Ok. Why couldn’t you just text me your request instead of risking your life and coming down here to ask me in person? – I tried! (Whispering) listen to me. You– you could thank me instead of yelling at me. You could say, thank you, lucy, for saving the nurses’ ball. – Why can’t you stay away? Is this about your need to control? Or does it go deeper? And don’t hide behind some inappropriate remark or dumb excuse. – Ok. Look, I do realize– really realize how everybody sees me, including my current roommates, that I’m vapid, and silly, and selfish. You know what? The nurses’ ball, when I’m putting on that show, that’s the one time of year that everybody takes me seriously, despite all my business success. When I’m running that show, I feel like I have a purpose, like I’m fulfilled, like I’m needed, and I’m useful. You know, it’s magic. And it’s so incredible that every single person in port charles is somehow putting on the show, or performing in the show, or donating to our cause. It’s like that one moment we all come together. You know there is nothing– nothing else like it. – The nurses’ ball is very special, lucy. And that’s mostly due to you. – Thank you. – So mac? – What part of mac is my stepdad do you not understand? – What part do you not understand that the show must go on? – I know who would be a perfect fit. – Really? Ok. Who? – Is your car waiting for you? – Well, duh, yeah, of course. Who? – I’ll tell you– – who’s the substitute? – –On your way to your car. – Wait. Tell me. Just, maxie, who? – I’ll let you know when I find a new safe house. I’ll have my people come and get you. – Thank you, sonny. Thank you for everything. – You know, luke– luke spencer was my great friend. I loved him. I respected him. Victor is going to pay for his debt. We’ve got to stop him before he does any more damage to spencer. And I’m going to make sure of that. Ok. – I know who sonny is and what he does. – Intellectually, sure. But when you were so eager to have sonny all to yourself, did you stop and think about what you’d have to give up? – I’m not going to discuss my relationship with you. – You don’t have to. I can see it in your eyes. And eventually, sonny will, too. You bit off more than you can chew, and you are not the first. – I’m going to say goodbye to willow. I have to get back to the hotel and oversee preparations for tonight. – Look, I’m only going to say this because sonny is the father of my kids. And if you’re going to be with him, there’s something you need to know. Sonny needs to be with someone who knows the good, bad, and ugly about him and his business, who will stand beside him, no matter how dirty things get. Now, does he share his entire life with you? Or does he shelter you? – Sonny and I, we have an understanding that works for us. It’s not the same relationship you had with him, carly. And that’s what appeals to sonny. – You didn’t want mike to know his real identity when he was in nixon falls. And now that sonny’s back, you want to turn a blind eye to his business. Ignorance isn’t always bliss. And in this case, it looks like it’s the beginning of the end.

– So much for our united front. – Hey! – Hi. – Hi. – Snack preparation finished. Is everything ok? – Yeah. Yeah, it’s good. I was– I was telling carly that i have to get back to the hotel and get ready for the ball. You’re going to be ok? How are you feeling about tomorrow? – A little nervous. The nurses’ ball will be a nice distraction. Still, I can’t stop thinking about everything that could go wrong. What if the transplant doesn’t take? What if liesl’s bone marrow isn’t compatible with mine after all? – I would be feeling the same way if I were you. That doesn’t mean any of that is likely, though. – You’ve gone way too far to be disappointed. And if success is guaranteed by sheer will, carly and I have got you covered. – Absolutely. Tomorrow is a fresh start. – And you won’t be alone. – It’s all going wrong, valentin. – Every operation has its fair share of unknowables. – I enlisted another civilian as an asset, and it is too dangerous. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. – Listen. I don’t know, but I know you tried to steer lucy clear of this, and she wouldn’t go. Eileen ashby was on borrowed time the moment she started working for victor cassadine. You know that. In fact, I think we gave her her best chance of survival. She just had to follow instructions. She couldn’t do that. This isn’t your fault. – It is my fault. – Don’t do that. – No. – There’s only one person who’s going to pay for all of this. He’s my father. And he will. Somehow. – Oh my gosh! There you are! You– you’ve been gone forever. – Oh, not quite that long. Your mother’s a very impatient woman, ace. Did you get what you needed from the doctor? – Yes. Dr. Gatlin-holt was very helpful. But I mean, we’ve been waiting for a while. You said you’d be back. – Well, here I am. – Much later. – Yeah, I had to take care of something. – What is more important than your brother? – Nothing. Come on. Let’s go.

[Elevator bell chiming] – Tell me about this conversation you had with felicia. – She was asking what you were doing out on spoon island the night that esme and ryan and heather showed up. – Ok. – We need an explanation for your presence there, a good one, one that we can sell. – Any idea what that explanation might be? – Maybe. Do you own a tux? – Unforgivable, maxie! You shoved me in that car before you even told me who the replacement for magic wand was. I bet you don’t even know who your replacement is. The nurses’ ball is going to fail. – Why did I ever agree to plan the nurses’ ball? – Because you are the best event planner in new york state. And nobody handles a crisis better than you. We will find a suitable replacement for the magic wand act. – Oh! I had an idea for a replacement. And it’s better than the alternative. – Alternative? – Um, that’s a story for another day. Hopefully, it never comes to that. – Ok. – You have something for me? – I tailed felicia scorpio to the metro court. You’ll never guess who showed up in the lobby. – Do tell. – Lucy coe. She left here 20 minutes ago in a luxury sedan. Hire car, judging from the stickers. – Thank you. I’ll take it from here. So once again lucy coe proves herself invaluable. I’ve got them! Anna and valentin can hide no more.

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B&B Transcript Friday, March 31, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Bill: This is even more satisfying than I imagined it would be. This animal will never hurt anyone again.

Sheila: You’re liars. You manipulated–

Ridge: Will you please shut up! Bill came up with a plan to put you away forever.

Bill: No one will remember you, speak your name, and certainly no one will love you.

Sheila: My son will love me.

Bill: Enough! Cuff her, and gag her while you’re at it. Get her the hell outta here.

Dep. Chief baker: Back up. Call for back up. Surround the perimeter.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Sheila breathing shakily ]

Sheila: I thought you loved me.

Bill: You thought wrong. And the ring, by the way, it’s fake. As fake as the feelings I pretended to have for you.

[ Sheila hyperventilating ]

[ Door opens ]

Ridge: What did you do? What happened?

Deacon: Sheila, why is she on the ground?

Bill: Faking a heart attack.

Ridge: Get up!

Deacon: Sheila, hey. Hey.

Bill: You think this little performance is gonna keep you from going to jail?

Dep. Chief baker: All right, fellas, we got this.

[ Police radio chatters ]

Bill: All right, let’s go celebrate. Excuse me. her. See if she’s has any weapons.

Steffy: I think I’m having a- a little pain right here.

Finn: Yeah? How’s that? You know what? I think the– I think the other side–

Steffy: Oh, really? Okay.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. You have good instincts.

[ Laughs ]

Finn: Is that better?

Steffy: Much better. Gosh, dr. Finnegan, your lips have some magical properties.

Finn: Yeah. Well, I took an oath to act in my patient’s best interests and my wife’S.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ] Well, taking care of people runs in your family.

Finn: Well, thankfully I didn’t inherit any of my birth mother’s characteristics.

Steffy: You are the exact opposite of sheila.

Finn: Maybe there’ll come a time when we don’t have to worry about her anymore.

Steffy: That would be so nice.

Stephen: Hello, honey.

Donna: Daddy! Oh, what a treat. It’s so good to see you.

Eric: It’s been quite some time, stephen.

Stephen: Eric, it’s good to see you.

Eric: And you must be lucy.

Lucy: Oh, it’s so lovely to finally meet you.

Eric: Thank you. I’ve heard only wonderful things. Come in.

Donna: Oh, lu– lucy is the best. A wonderful addition to the family. Now we jus did ridge tell any of you why he wanted us to meet here?

Eric: No. No. He just sent me a text. He asked me to get everybody together and that’s what we’ve done.

Taylor: Hi. Yeah. I-I got the same text. Does anybody know what’s going on?

Brooke: I guess that means ridge is back in town.

Stephen: Well, it took him long enough, didn’t it? I mean, there’s no excuse for abandoning your family at a critical time like this. Not with sheila carter on the loose.

Bill: Sheila was totally fine on the alley until she realized I had her cornered. Then it was the heart attack show, clutching the chest. Falling to the ground, the whole bit.

Deacon: Yeah.

Ridge: Well, phony heart attack or not, she’s going down for murder one.

Bill: We finally got her.

[ Beer bottles clank ] We can move on with our lives.

Ridge: So I texted dad, told him to bring everyone over to the house. I want them to know what you did. What you went through to make sure this family doesn’t have to deal with sheila any longer. Why give your family just any eggs

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah.

Stephen: Typical ridge. He jumps ship when he doesn’t get his way.

Taylor: Well, relationships. Sure. Look, he’s been out there doing some much needed soul searching. That’s gonna take some time.

Donna: Yeah, but I don’t think he meant this long.

Eric: I’m sure ridge has his reasons.

Lucy: Maybe the extra time was necessary to unravel all the old patterns I’ve been hearing so much about.

Stephen: Yeah. Well, honey, that could take years. Decades maybe.

Brooke: Dad, it’s not like ridge has been completely mia. He has been calling in to the office from time to time.

Taylor: He has. Yes. He’s been checking in. I’ve heard from him a few times. So has brooke.

Stephen: He’s not here, taylor. He’s not protecting his family. He’s moping somewhere licking his wounds.

Katie: Eric. Oh.

Eric: Hey, carter. Come in.

Carter: Yeah, we got your text.

Katie: Yeah. Apparently, everyone did. Dad, hi.

Carter: Ridge wanted to see everybody?

Eric: Yeah.

Taylor: Yeah. And we don’t know why. We are just as confused as you are.

Katie: Where is he?

Ridge: It’s time they found out I was in los angeles this whole time, working alongside the two of you.

Bill: Yeah. Sure. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Deacon: Yeah. You wanna check my underwear too, bill?

Bill: If I thought you ever washed them, maybe.

Ridge: We’re not sure when this started, but we know there’s something going on between you and sheila.

Bill: You got two choices. Keep making pizzas or go to jail. I would go with cooperating with the authorities and helping us bring sheila to justice.

Deacon: All right. What do I have to do?

Ridge: You came through for us. Still don’t get all the details between you and sheila. I mean, that’s–

Bill: Yeah. Don’t– don’t– don’t need the details. I have enough of my own horrible visuals, don’t need–

Ridge: All right. But obviously, somewhere along the way he fell for her. Can’t understand why, but you did.

Bill: You gotta have regrets. No? Well, whatever. You helped us bring her down so we will keep your little romance between the three of us.

Ridge: That’s fair. We’re not gonna tell brooke or hope.

Deacon: Thank you. I appreciate that. I- I don’t wanna lose my daughter. That’s why I did this.

Bill: You should have thought of that before. Stuck to massaging the pizza dough instead of that lunatic.

Paramedic 1: Where do you want her?

Nurse tina: Get her in e3. Thank you. I’ll get [Indistinct] Ready. Oh, dr. Finnegan, the patient is right in here.

Li: What have we got?

Paramedic 1: Hypertensive and unconscious female. Ecg confirmed heart attack. A hundred milligrams of gt administered.

Li: Vitals.

Paramedic 2: Ep 190/120. Pulse ox 85. Abnormal sinus rhythm.

Li: How long has she been– sheila? Sheila carter?

Katie: Well, this is suspenseful.

Carter: You gotta love ridge for keeping us waiting.

Katie: Yeah.

Donna: Any updates?

Eric: No. No.

Katie: I just don’t understand why he wants us to meet here. I mean, I could get why he would wanna talk to brooke and taylor. He certainly owes you both an explanation, but why… me, carter, donna, dad, lucy.

Stephen: Yeah. Well, he knows he’s in the dog house with me already.

Brooke: Dad’s not so happy with ridge these days.

Katie: Really? I, um… didn’t pick up on that.

Stephen: Well, can you blame me? He treats my daughter’s heart like it’s a chew toy.

Brooke: Okay. Dad, I appreciate your concern. I do. But let’s just let ridge explain.

[ Door opens ]

Stephen: Oh, well. Speak of the devil.

Brooke: Ridge.

Taylor: Hi.

Ridge: Hi. Hi, everyone. Um… I missed you guys. Missed you both.

Taylor: Okay. Everybody missed you too. What– what is going on?

Brooke: Yeah. Why are you here?

Taylor: Come on, ridge. Why– why did you call us all here? Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Deacon: I imagine you’re pretty eager to get over to eric’S.

Bill: Yes, I am. Ridge wanted to… shut it up first. I just want to let everybody know what was going on. I put them through so much. The lies.

Deacon: No, credit where credit’s due. You absolutely deserve a victory lap. I mean, what you and ridge did, you– you put your whole lives on hold for this sting.

Bill: Without ridge’s dedication and his vigilance, sheila never would’ve been taken to custody.

Deacon: Well, no doubt. But I mean, spencer, your sacrifice, you pissed off everyone in your life to protect them from sheila.

Bill: Oh, with the outcome, it was worth it.

Deacon: Well, get ready. Katie, brooke, they’re all gonna hail you as a hero. Hell, the whole damn town will probably throw you a ticker tape parade.

Bill: I don’t give a damn about any of that. I’m– I’m just glad everyone is safe and I was able to rid our lives of sheila.

Deacon: She ain’t getting out of this one.

Bill: I despise that bitch. I wish she had a real heart attack.

Finn: Okay, well, kiss the kids goodnight. And make sure you–

Nurse tina: Dr. Finnegan? Your mother is with a patient who suffered a heart attack. Apparently, she knows her.

Finn: And she knows my mom? What’s the patient’s name?

Nurse tina: Sheila carter.

Taylor: So, what is going on, ridge? Why– why did you call us all here?

Brooke: We encouraged you to stay away, but not for this long.

Taylor: The kids needed you. We needed you.

Brooke: So gathering all of us here has to do with us?

Ridge: It has everything to do with you. Our kids, their kids, our families. I’m looking at you guys. I– I missed you both. I really did.

Brooke: Well, then why did you stay away so long?

Stephen: Yeah. Enough of this selfishness. I mean, really. You should have trusted brooke. You should have trusted your marriage. But instead, you gave up on her and you ran to taylor like you always do. But then you left her too like you always do. You left at your own wedding. What kind of a man does that?

Eric: All right, stephen, come on. That it enough. That’s enough.

Ridge: Dad, it’s all right. No, get it out.

Stephen: Meanwhile, and the whole time that you were out gallivanting around, sheila carter has been on the loose, thanks to bill spencer. But now you come back. Oh, hallelujah. You show up and you summon us here. Well, I hope you have a damn good reason.

Ridge: I do.

Stephen: No. No. There’s no good reason for leaving your family. For barely talking to them. You should have spent a lot of time here, doing everything in your power to watch over them.

Ridge: Well, you know what? I agree with you. And I thought that’s what I was doing.

Donna: How can you say that when you were thousands of miles away? The girls have been looking over their shoulders.

Katie: Hiring extra security.

Brooke: Waiting for sheila to make her next move.

Taylor: While you were off doing whatever it is you were doing.

Katie: Yeah. It might be nice, you know, to not have to run into sheila wherever you go.

Taylor: You know what? It just… it feels like you– like you just kinda checked out. Like you don’t care.

Ridge: Huh?

Brooke: We’ve had to put up with sheila ever since bill went to the dark side.

Taylor: Yeah. Sheila is a danger to all of us because of bill.

[ Door opens ]

Eric: Oh no, bill. No, no. You’re– you’re not welcome in this house. You don’t come here. Go home to sheila.

Ridge: Please, dad. Dad… I invited him here because there’s something I wanna say to everyone. Four delicious pieces of chocolate.

Eric: Bill, you have to go.

Brooke: Go, bill. Now.

Taylor: Why are you just standing there? Leave. We don’t want you here. The lengths that you’ve gone to to keep sheila out of prison is sickening.

Katie: We don’t understand why you would put all of us at risk for her, for that monster.

Eric: You understand better than anyone the– the potential for danger here.

Brooke: God forbid it could be one of the children.

Donna: Whoa, whoa. Don’t you tell me that sheila’s outside right now.

Eric: Oh, she’s not welcome in this house either. She’s given this family more trouble for the last years. You know that.

Taylor: Yeah, he does know that, right? Yeah. You know that, but you still choose to trust her.

Katie: We just wanna know what’s going on with you.

Carter: What explanation could there be for you to think it’s okay to be here?

Ridge: Well, if you just give us a moment.

Taylor: Us?

Stephen: There’s nothing anybody can say here to justify–

Ridge: What– what– what is– what is with you? What– I– do you need to eat? Are you hungry? I’m– I’m trying to explain something. It may sound unbelievable, but it– it’s true.

Brooke: Okay. What is it, ridge? What are you talking about?

Ridge: All of us, we– we can take a big sigh of relief because… of what bill has done.

Brooke: What?

Stephen: What bill has done?

Taylor: What bill has done? Bill is with sheila. He’s in love with her. He is the reason that we’re all in danger.

Bill: All right. All right. I understand you all hate me. I have alienated everyone because sheila has wreaked havoc on each and every one of your lives, one way or another. But she won’t any longer.

Brooke: Oh, god. We have heard this promise before. You promising to keep sheila out of our lives.

Ridge: Yes. And she is.

Katie: How can you say that?

Ridge: Because it’s true. Sheila is out of our lives because of bill.

Steffy: Sheila suffered a heart attack?

Nurse tina: Yes. She’s in critical condition.

Finn: What room?

Nurse tina: E3.

Finn: Okay. Hey, come on.

Steffy: Okay.

[ Monitor beeps ]

Sheila: What– what–

what is this?

What have you done?

Li: You need to leave, now.

Sheila: Finn’s alive.

My son is alive.

Li: Yes.

I’ve been caring for him

as a mother should.

Unlike you,

shooting him

and leaving him for dead.

His real mother stepped in

and saved him.

I saved him.

[ Door opens ]

Finn: Nurse tina has told us sheila had a heart attack. Wait, her vitals. Wait, she’s in bad shape.

[ Flatline beeps ] Wait, mother, she’s your patient. Why aren’t you doing anything?

Li: After everything sheila did to you and steffy, shot you both, left for dead.

Finn: What are you saying? Mother?

Li: Let her die. Let sheila carter die.

Nurse tina: I’m here. Ready to clear, dr. Finnegan? Dr. Finnegan.

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Days Update Friday, March 31, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

John brings Marlena home. Marlena says she’s never been so happy to see the place. John wishes she had balloons and fireworks. Marlena understands there was no time for all that. John assures that there will be a celebration soon. John wishes the entire family could be there to share his relief and this incredible miracle. Marlena repeats that she’s just so happy to be home. Marlena calls it perfect as she kisses John.

At the ISA Facility in Frederick, Maryland. Harris remains handcuffed to his hospital bed. Hope enters his room and informs him that his doctors are still determining whether or not he’s too dangerous to be set free.

Steve goes back to Megan, who is in ISA custody, and talks to her through the glass. Steve tells her to quit stonewalling and tell him where he can find his wife.

Bo brings Kayla to a cabin. Kayla complains that she’s exhausted and filthy as she questions Bo’s plan and where the hell they are.

Hope assures that Harris is not a threat or a danger to anyone as he’s been completely deprogrammed. Harris states that after all the terrible things he did, the ISA is not going to take any chances. Hope argues that they can’t possibly think he’s still under Megan’s control since he is the one who told them where to find her. Harris understands it’s still a gamble for them, so the safest move is to make him disappear. Hope says she won’t let that happen as Andrew enters the room. Hope asks if he’s going to let that happen.

John tells Marlena that he can’t believe that she’s really here. Marlena talks about what he must have gone through, thinking that he lost her. John says everybody was just so devastated, especially their kids. Marlena suggests it’s time to share the good news.

Chad and Stephanie sit together in the town square. Chad talks about their PR to successfully rehab Paulina’s image but Stephanie is distracted and looking through her phone. Chad jokes with her about not hearing him as she apologizes and asks what she missed. Chad says he was just going over the strategy for Paulina but says something is obviously on her mind and asks what’s wrong. Stephanie says she’s just waiting for an update from her dad as she hasn’t heard from him since he left which could just mean he’s super focused on trying to bring her mother’s killer to justice. Chad suggests calling him. Stephanie says she has 20 times but he’s not picking up. Chad suggests trying one more time.

Megan tells Steve that she honestly doesn’t know where Kayla is. Steve asks who took her off the island and tells her to stop wasting his time. Megan argues that he’s not going to find them. Steve demands a name. Megan says fine if he must know but Steve’s phone rings. Megan questions him not answering it and says it must be important. Steve then exits to answer the call from Stephanie. Stephanie tells him that she’s been so worried about him and asks if he’s okay. Steve says he’s fine and Megan is in ISA custody, so he’s questioning her now. Steve adds that he has some other news about her mother. Stephanie asks what it is. Steve then reveals to her that her mom is alive.

Kayla tells Bo that he still hasn’t answered her question as they bring bags of supplies inside. Kayla complains about the boat ride, ending up at a swamp, and then trekking up this mountain. Bo acknowledges that it was a rough trip but says it was worth it. Kayla argues that he made her abandon Marlena on the island and calls this a crap shack. Bo says it’s much more than that. Kayla asks what he has planned. Bo appreciates her putting up with the difficult trip, so he will let her know what his plan is. Bo then informs Kayla that she is standing in the home of Victor Kiriakis as this is where he grew up. Bo then reveals that they are in Greece.

Steve asks if Stephanie is still there. Stephanie is in shock and says she can’t believe that Kayla is really alive. Steve confirms that she is. Stephanie asks how that can be and if he’s sure. Steve repeats that her mom is alive. Stephanie asks to talk to her so she can hear her voice. Steve says she will real soon. Stephanie asks why not now. Steve explains that he’s not with her just yet. Stephanie asks if he’s not sure then. Steve assures that Kayla is definitely alive as Marlena confirmed it. Steve reveals that Marlena is alive too and John took her back to Salem from the island they were held on. Steve adds that before he could get to Kayla, one of Megan’s people took her but he assures he will not rest until he finds her and brings her home.

Bo tells Kayla that Victor’s family lost everything in the Depression, so when he was a child, he didn’t have much but that motivated him and he swore to one day get everything he desired. Bo talks about Victor dreaming of everything he would achieve and then when he got enough money, he bought this place and left it exactly as is as a reminder of where he came from. Kayla questions why they are here. Bo responds that this is where his father began to make his dreams reality, so this is where it begins for him too. Bo declares that his father built an empire, so he’s going to build one too.

Hope tells Andrew that it’s good to see him and thanks him for letting Ciara in the other day. Andrew reveals that the information that Harris gave them checked out and Megan is now in custody. Hope is excited that John and Steve found her. Andrew adds that Megan is not the only person they found.

Eric goes to John and Marlena’s and greets Belle. Belle asks what he’s doing here. Eric says that John asked him to come over. Belle assumes it’s about the search for Megan Hathaway. Eric wonders if the lead that John and Steve had didn’t pan out. Belle is surprised he cares, given how self-absorbed he’s been lately. Eric tells her to get over Sloan. Belle argues that Sloan trashed Paulina’s office and she can’t believe Eric is defending her. Eric says that Sloan said she didn’t do it and he believes her. Belle calls him delusional and brings up that after she got the civil suit thrown out, Sloan went ballistic on Chanel and Paulina in the middle of the town square. Eric argues that was because Sloan was very upset. Belle points out that Sloan threatened them and said she didn’t need court to get her revenge. Belle calls trashing Paulina’s office her first step in whatever plan she has. Eric points out that the cops questioned her and let her go because they had no evidence that she did anything wrong. John interrupts and asks what the hell is going on here. Belle says they were just having a disagreement. John tells them to knock it off. Eric asks why he called them over. John announces that they found Megan Hathaway and she’s in ISA custody. Eric says that’s great so now she can pay for killing their mom but John says actually, she can’t. Belle questions why not. Marlena then enters the room and announces that it’s because she’s alive. Eric and Belle are shocked. Belle says she doesn’t understand as Eric asks how it’s even possible. Marlena calls it a long story, but in a nutshell, Megan took her body from the hospital and had Dr. Rolf create a serum that saved her life. John states that Megan is the one who took the orchid. Marlena says she was on an island somewhere until John found her and brought her home. Marlena asks if they are going to stand there or give her mother a hug. Belle and Eric then hug Marlena, calling it incredible and a miracle.

Andrew informs Hope that Kayla and Marlena are alive. Hope excitedly hugs him and asks if they are alright and where they are. Andrew reveals that John took Marlena back to Salem but Kayla’s whereabouts are still unknown as apparently someone took her from the island, but they don’t know who since Megan refused to tell them anything but they are confident in finding a way to make her talk.

Steve tells Stephanie that’s all the information he has on Kayla but promises to get answers out of Megan. Stephanie tells Steve that he has to find her. Steve assures that he will and he will call her when he knows more. Stephanie says she loves him so much and tells him to be careful. Steve says he loves her too as they hang up. Steve goes back in to face Megan, who notes his call took awhile so she thought maybe he left. Steve says he’s not going anywhere until she tells him what he wants to know. Megan responds that she wants to make a deal. Megan says she can’t tell him where Kayla is because she doesn’t know, but she can tell him who has her after he gives her what she wants.

Bo tells Kayla that he’s going to follow in his father’s footsteps because he’s a Kiriakis and it’s what he was born to do. Kayla argues that this is all crazy talk from Megan brainwashing him. Kayla says they need to go back to Salem so he can get his head on straight. Bo argues that he’s never seen things more clear as he’s been wiped clean and gets to start over again. Bo says he gets to go down the path he was destined to go down. Bo adds that Victor came from humble beginnings, so he will too. Kayla argues that he already did when they grew up but Bo says that was her story, not his. Bo declares that he’s going to make himself from nothing like Victor did. Kayla argues that he has a history, family, and a home. Bo says this is his history and home. Kayla argues that the Kiriakis empire was a crime syndicate. Bo talks about Victor escaping poverty and becoming a giant, asking how you cannot admire that. Kayla talks about it becoming pure hate after Victor escaped. Bo talks about Victor having everything; money, power, and freedom. Kayla points out that Victor’s heart was ice cold and he’s a vengeful, vicious, ruthless man. Kayla thinks Victor is more impoverished now than ever. Kayla argues that their family may not have had much but they were rich in love and she thinks deep down he knows that. Kayla says Bo has been away for a long time but he knows that love is the most valuable thing in life. Kayla adds that if Bo could clear the confusion out of his head, he would know that she’s right and that they need to go home to the people that love them.

Stephanie informs Chad that her mother is alive, which shocks him. Stephanie says she feels like she’s dreaming. Stephanie wants to see Kayla and hold her to tell her everything that she never got to. Chad encourages that she gets to tell her all of that now as he hugs her. Stephanie says she’s so happy and she has no words for it. Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry since he and his family suffered a terrible loss while her family has been given this miracle. Chad assures she has no reason to apologize and exclaims that it’s amazing and incredible that her mother is alive, so he’s so happy for her. Stephanie thanks him. Chad asks if Megan was keeping Kayla captive on an island and then someone took her. Stephanie confirms that Steve is trying to find out who but he doesn’t know much of anything. Chad encourages that Steve is going to bring Kayla home. Stephanie adds that there is more and reveals that Marlena is alive too and that John brought her back to Salem. Chad is shocked and says he can’t even process any of this. Chad then asks if Kate is alive too.

Steve tells Megan that she’s not in a position to make demands. Megan asks if he wants to find Kayla. Steve assures that he will find Kayla. Megan says off he goes then. Steve stops and asks what she wants. Megan wants full immunity from everything. Steve tells her to dream on. Megan argues that he has pull with Shane and that he and John were given a pass for what they did in Hong Kong last summer. Megan asks if he will speak to Shane or not. Steve says even if he did, there’s no chance she gets immunity. Megan says she wants to go home then and she means back to Salem. Megan asks him to arrange for her to be in Statesville, then she will serve her time but she will not do it in an ISA black site where she will cease to exist. Megan wants to be in a regular prison with a cellmate, yard, and library not in a torture chamber that isn’t on a map. Megan tells Steve to make it happen because if they drop her in to the abyss, she promises that he will never see Kayla again.

Hope tells Andrew that she’ll get Megan to talk. Andrew says that Steve is interrogating her now. Hope points out that he hasn’t gotten any answers so she asks for five minutes with her. Andrew doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Hope argues that Megan can’t stand her and wants her dead, so just seeing her would make her short circuit. Harris agrees that Hope gets under Megan’s skin like nobody else. Hope says she will use that. Hope asks Andrew if his uncle Bo would be asking permission to be in on this interrogation and says he would blow by anyone to get the answers he needs. Hope says Bo isn’t here to help bring his sister home, but she is, so she has to do this for Bo.

Bo tells Kayla that she’s wrong as his childhood wasn’t full of love, but full of lies. Kayla asks what he’s talking about. Bo talks about his mom letting him grow up thinking he was a Brady despite knowing Shawn was not his father. Bo says he was the rebel and black sheep of the family. Bo says Kayla calls Victor a criminal but questions what she calls people who denies a child to be or even know who he really is. Kayla says this isn’t real. Bo calls it his reality and she knows that. Bo declares that he’s done being controlled by other people and their attempts to mold him in to what they want him to be. Bo adds that he decides who he will be, not Megan or Kayla and her memories. Bo argues that everything that came before this is in the rear view mirror. Kayla asks about all the people at home and his kids. Bo says this is his family and history, not her white washed Brady crap. Kayla declares that she’s done with this if he wants to go parading around like young Victor, he can go ahead. Kayla tries to leave but Bo stops her and says he can’t let her do that because he needs her.

Belle cries that there’s no words and says they’ve all just missed Marlena so much. Marlena feels the same while Eric adds that they’ve all been kind of lost without her. Marlena says that’s nice to hear but she doesn’t believe it’s true. Marlena says she was lost without her family. Belle asks if anyone told Sami. John confirms he left her a message and one for Brady as well. Belle can’t wait to tell Claire. Eric says Will too and the whole family will be walking on air. Marlena asks what about them. Belle says they are ecstatic. Marlena brings up that before she came in, she heard their raised voices. Eric apologizes. Marlena wants them to know how painful it is to hear them at each others’ throats, so she’d like them to find a way to make up and be at peace. Marlena asks if they can do that for her. Belle supposes they can put their differences aside, at least for today. Eric agrees for Marlena’s sake. Marlena says it’s not the reconciliation she was hoping for but guesses she has to accept that. John offers them tea. Eric wants to hear about this island. Belle notes that Marlena said she would tell them another time and what matters is that she’s here and alive as she hugs her. Belle asks if this means Kayla is alive too. Marlena confirms it does. John says there were complications but Steve is trying to bring her home as they speak. Eric asks if Kate is alive too.

Chad asks Stephanie if Kate didn’t make it. Stephanie says she’s so sorry as she knows how close they were. Chad questions what happened. Stephanie says she doesn’t know. Chad argues that Kate is one the toughest people he knows. Stephanie suggests maybe Kate was trying to help Kayla and Marlena and sacrificed herself so that they could escape and make it back home. Chad tells Stephanie that her mom is going to come home. Stephanie agrees that she will fight like hell to get back here and whoever has her doesn’t stand a chance.

Kayla tells Bo that there is no way she’s staying here as she is going home to her husband and her kids. Kayla says Bo might no longer care about the people in Salem, but she does. Bo says he really does need her help. Kayla asks if he’s going to shoot her like he shot Kate. Kayla doesn’t know what he expects her to do. Bo says he will show her and reveals the Orchid. Bo says she already knows about it’s life saving powers but Megan believes it can reverse the aging process. Kayla recalls Dr. Rolf talking about developing a serum to turn back the clock. Bo says it’s still in the testing phase. Bo reveals that he also brought Dr. Rolf’s notes. Kayla doesn’t see how she can help him. Bo explains that he needs someone brilliant, who knows science and medicine, that he can trust. Kayla questions him planning to build an empire on a flower. Bo says she keeps talking about the importance of family, so he asks who better than his sister to help him out with this. Bo acknowledges that they are tired and hungry so he’ll fix something to eat and then they will talk, eat, and figure something out. Bo warns Kayla not to bother trying to leave because she won’t get too far.

Hope confronts Megan. They comment on thinking the other was dead. Hope informs her that Harris gave them her location and whatever hold she had on him is now gone, so now Harris is back to being the courageous and heroic good man he was before meeting her. Megan guesses Hope is falling for Harris. Megan asks if she thinks she can have something real now. Hope says she’s not here to discuss her personal life. Megan questions if she’s sure that Harris is the one for her and if she’s really ready to give up on everyone else to give her heart to Harris. Hope questions what that means.

Belle questions if Megan shot Kate. John says she insists that she didn’t. Eric asks if they didn’t see it happen. Marlena confirms they just heard the gunshot. Belle remarks that someone pulled that trigger. Marlena says it’s most likely the person that has Kayla.

Bo tells Kayla that soup will be ready in a bit and suggests she take a look at Dr. Rolf’s notes. Kayla says that’s okay. Bo argues that he knows she’s curious, so Kayla then takes a look.

Hope asks what Megan wants her to know and what she’s hinting at. Megan claims it’s nothing and she just thought she was moving a little fast. Megan states that life is short, so if she really thinks Harris is the one, she should go for it. Megan remarks that she is actually rooting for them to make it.

Harris tells Andrew that it was a smart move to let Hope take a run at Megan. Andrew jokes that he had no choice. Harris tells him to feel free to check in on Hope because he’s not going anywhere. Andrew thanks Harris on behalf of the agency since they are aware that he went through a potentially fatal treatment in order to undo what Megan did to him. Andrew notes that his act of valor no doubt saved lives, so they are all in his debt. Harris says he appreciates that but assures he did it for himself first because he wants his life back. Harris adds that he wants his career back but he understands if that’s not in the cards because of the terrible things he’s done that he has to answer for. Andrew says not necessarily and explains that the ISA is putting him through all of these tests to determine if the deprogramming was a success and if he is who he was before Megan’s influence, a highly respected officer who served his country with honor. Andrew adds that if the tests show that Harris is no longer under Megan’s control, he might just walk out a free man.

Megan tells Hope that she meant what she said and that Hope doesn’t have any other prospects, so when happiness shows up, she might as well grab it. Steve returns and informs Megan that Shane signed off on her deal for 20 years in Statesville with no chance of parole, if the information she gives them leads to the safe return of Kayla. Steve hands her the papers to sign. Megan asks what’s 20 years when she’s been gone twice as long. Steve feels it’s not long enough. Megan chooses to look on the bright side and says by the time she gets out, someone may have used the orchid to create a fountain of youth so they can all relive their younger days. Megan remarks that perhaps next time, things will turn out differently. After signing the papers, Steve demands that Megan tell them who has Kayla.

Bo asks Kayla what he thinks of Dr. Rolf’s notes. Kayla calls genius and madness. Bo is sure that she can sort out what’s useful and what’s not. Bo repeats that food will be ready soon as he goes back to the kitchen. Kayla then searches Bo’s bag and finds a cell phone. Kayla calls Steve.

Steve warns Megan that she has five seconds to give them a name or the deal is off. Megan tells him to relax and agrees to hold up her end of the bargain and tell him who it is.

Kayla complains that her call to Steve did not go through.

Chad tells Stephanie that she can check her phone again if she wants. Stephanie decides obsessing won’t make him call any faster and that he will call when he has news. Stephanie then gets a call but it’s an unknown caller. She answers and is surprised that it’s Kayla.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Deacon: You want me to run away with you?

Sheila: Yes, I do, but we’re gonna have to leave soon. Okay, we’re gonna have to head north and we can’t take your car. We’re gonna need to get new identities.

Deacon: New identities? Slow down. I– I can’t just leave here.

Sheila: Yes, you can. You can. You don’t want to lose me from your life, do you? Not with the connection that we have.

Deacon: Listen to me. You know how I feel about you, but come on, I mean, you were here earlier gushing about your future with bill, showing off that rock. I mean, what am I supposed to think?

Sheila: No, but he– he betrayed me, okay? He was– he was using me. I thought we were going to get married and– and have a life together. You know, I… I always felt it was too good to be true and it was.

Bill: Stop blaming everyone else for what you’ve done! Now everyone knows. Everyone knows exactly how criminal and murderous you are. You confessed. First degree murder. No one comes back from that. You are going to prison for the rest of your life. You will never, never be a free woman again.

Sheila: No! That bastard was playing me this whole time.

Ridge: I can’t believe she’s getting away.

Bill: She won’T. We know she’s going to sharpe’S.

Ridge: We have it! We have her confession. We have everything we need to put sheila away. The only thing we don’t have is sheila! So bill, do me a favor. Go to deacon’s and find her!

Finn: Steffy.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Someone could–

Steffy: No one’s gonna see us. I made sure no one was here.

Finn: Well, I’m not complaining. It’s just that when you texted me that you had a surprise for me, I thought you meant when I got home.

Steffy: We’re still gonna have fun when we get home, but I thought I could just stop by and give you another kiss.

Finn: Well, I’m glad you drove over here and made it happen with me.

Steffy: Who else was I gonna make it happen with? Like another hot doctor?

Finn: Hm?

Steffy: Well.

Finn: Well, lucky me ’cause I’m always a big fan of your surprises.

Chen: Bill, wait for lapd. They’re the closest units.

Ridge: Don’t do anything until they make contact with them, okay?

Bill: This is it, boys. Sheila’s run straight to deacon’s, a place she won’t be able to hide.

Sheila: Bill told me everything when I confronted him. He said how it was a setup from the start, how ridge was a part of it, the fbi, they’ve been listening to everything.

Deacon: How the hell did the feds get involved? And you came here?

Sheila: Where else was I gonna go?

Deacon: Sheila, are they following you?

Sheila: Yes. That’s why we need to go. I’ve got a [Indistinct]. Please. Please, come with me. Help me escape. Deacon, please. My celebrity colorist?

Steffy: Well, I hope the rest of your night is filled with good surprises and not a single bad one.

Finn: Oh, like a visit from a certain biological parent, you mean.

Steffy: She does like to pop in unexpectedly.

Finn: I think I have successfully conveyed how unwelcome sheila is here or at home or anywhere near us.

Steffy: But sheila doesn’t listen to warning. She does her own thing. We can’t act like she’s not a threat.

Finn: Well, thanks to bill.

Steffy: Like, it blows my mind. I don’t even understand what he’s thinking.

Finn: That’s the problem. He’s not.

Steffy: You’re right. He isn’t thinking. The only thing he’s thinking about is sheila and her feelings. But this isn’t bill. Not bill at all. I’m really just hoping that bill just snaps out of it and somehow, some way, he comes to his senses and he just puts an end to sheila.

Chen: Okay, ridge.  Let’s do this.

Ridge: Bill, we’ll meet you there.

Bill: After all I’ve done, what I put into this, can’t wait to see it in person. Sheila taken into custody.

Sheila: Come with me and we– we can start fresh together and we’ll figure it out as we go along the way.

Deacon: You gotta give me a minute here to process this.

Sheila: We don’t have a minute.

Deacon: Sheila, what– what about my restaurant? What about my daughter? I can’t just leave. My future’s in L.A.

Sheila: And it can be again, eventually.

Deacon: You’re not hearing me.

Sheila: I want you to come with me. You’re the one person that I’ve been able to count on. You gave me a safe place to stay when I needed it. Nobody else would have done that. They would have slammed the door in my face and called the police, but you didn’t do that, deacon. You didn’t turn me in. Why?

Deacon: You know why, sheila.

Sheila: It’s because you love me. And I love you. I got caught up with bill, thinking that he was my ticket to freedom, that we were going to have a life together, but I swear, I swear, I never fell for him the way that I feel for you. You know– you know that that is true. The moments that we’ve shared, we risked everything to be together. Oh, baby, I’m never gonna find another man like you. Someone who understands me completely and I know that you feel the same way. You’ve already said it. You never met a woman like me.

Deacon: You got that right. And you’re not wrong about my feelings for you, sheila. You’re not, but I just– I just– I don’t wanna lose what we have. I don’t wanna lose you.

Sheila: Then don’T. Come with me.

Deacon: Listen to me. Maybe, just maybe, there’s another way. Just, let me think for a second. Okay. Just hear me out on this. What if… what if you just turned yourself in?

Sheila: What?

Deacon: Sheila, I got this gut feeling that if you keep running, eventually something really bad is gonna happen.

Sheila: You are… you are so, so sweet and so kind. I need you. I want to be with you, so please come with me. Please, but we’ve got to go. We’ve got to go now. We’ve got to go this instant.

Deacon: Sheila, please, baby, I’m begging you, just turn yourself in. Show them that you’re remorseful.

Sheila: Oh, yeah and what? I’m gonna get a slap on the wrist? This is murder one in addition to everything else. If I want a chance, if I want my freedom, I need to leave. I need to leave now and never come back. Please, don’t– don’t tell me I’m gonna do that on my own. Hey, we’ve got– we’ve got so much ahead of us. So much living to do, so why don’t we just do it together? Please. Say that you’ll join me for as long as you’re able. Maybe even a lifetime. Yes, yes. Thank you. Thank you. We gotta go. We gotta go.

Finn: I hate to say it, but my break’s almost over.

Steffy: But you don’t hate it. Dr. Finnegan loves his work. That is something I admire and respect about you. So devoted to your patients.

Finn: I can’t help it. It’s what attracted me to medicine in the first place. It’s to help people, heal them, save lives.

Steffy: Yeah, totally. It’s similar to what I do in the fashion industry.

Finn: Well, putting on a forrester gown, that makes people feel good. Like royalty even. No, I just– I just think it’s a different version of helping someone. You know, and we both had great role models growing up, inspiring us into our future careers. You know, you had your dad to look up to and I had my mom.

Steffy: A great role model. Obviously not talking about sheila carter.

Deacon: I don’t know where you think you can go.

Sheila: We. You mean we, right?

Deacon: Listen, I’ve got a really bad feeling about this. Please turn yourself in.

Sheila: No. Never. I am– I am never going back to prison.

Bill: Oh, I think you are.

Deacon: I’m sorry.

Sheila: Was– was any of this even real?

Deacon: Yeah. But I– I–

Sheila: No, it’s okay. I… I understand.

Ridge: Nice work, deacon.

Bill: You bought us just enough time.

Baker: I’ve been waiting to say this for years. Sheila carter, you’re under arrest for murder.

Baker: Lance day’s death, one of my first cases to be unsolved. Finally, after all these years, I get a chance to put you away.

Ridge: I think what he’s saying is thank you for confessing, sheila.

Bill: Finally going down for lance day, maybe dr. Jay garvin, not to mention your countless attempted murders.

Baker: You’re gonna spend the rest of your life behind bars, sheila. We got it from here.

Sheila: It’s okay. I will never forget everything that you did for me.

Bill: This is even more satisfying than I imagined it would be. After all the risks, all the planning, all the sacrifices getting here, knowing this animal will never hurt anyone again.

Sheila: No. You are the animals. You’re liars. You manipulated–

Ridge: Would you please shut up! You shot your own son. Didn’t call anyone to help him. You just turned around and shot my daughter. You left them both in the alley to die. Did you really think I was gonna just let that go? Really? Bill came up with a plan to put you away forever. Keep our families safe.

Bill: Now, we can look in your demon eyes and know that you’ll be spending the rest of your life in prison. Nowhere near our families, nowhere near our grandchildren, never free again. No one will remember you, speak your name, and certainly, no one will love you.

Sheila: My son will love me. Finn is my flesh!

Ridge: You don’t really think that just because you guys share dna, that that boy is gonna–

Sheila: This is because of steffy! None of this would’ve happened if it weren’t for her.

Ridge: Mention my daughter one more time.

Sheila: Okay, I will. Because you know exactly how she treated me. None of this would’ve happened if she could’ve even shown an ounce of kindness.

Deacon: Damn it, sheila. Stop, just stop. Please. You’re just making it worse. I’m sorry it had to end this way.

Sheila: It is not going to end this way.

Bill: Enough! Cuff her! Gag her while you’re at it! Get her the hell out of here!

Baker: Oh! Backup! Requesting backup!

[ Officers shouting ]

Finn: Try not to think about sheila, okay? I am gonna keep you safe from her. You and the kids. Look, you can count on it.

[ Sheila panting ]

[ Sirens blaring ]

[ Gunshot ]

Sheila: No! No! No!

[ Sirens blaring ] Ow!

[ Sheila grunting ]

Your reputation as a scheming, lying son of a bitch doesn’t even come close to what you are.

[ Bill chuckling ]

I thought you loved me.

Bill: You thought wrong. It would take one sick, twisted loser to love someone like you. How have you lived your whole life and not figured that out yet? Well, maybe it’ll finally sink in when you’re all alone in a 6×8 cell staring at a wall. And the ring, by the way, is fake. As fake as the feelings I pretended to have for you.

[ Sheila grunting ]

Sheila: You weren’t the only one pretending.

[ Bill chuckling ]

[ Sheila chuckling ] It might be the end of us, but it is not the end of me.

[ Both chuckling ]

[ Sheila groaning ]

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Days Short Recap Thursday, March 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin wondered why Alex was working from home. Alex showed him his eye. He said Maggie told him to work from home until it got better. Justin wondered if it had to do with him going behind Maggie’s back. Justin said that was a bad idea. Alex told him about the fight he had with Xander over Gwen. Justin talked about the kind of person Gwen was. Alex defended her. He said they were using each other. Justin told him he should get over Stephanie with someone else. Alex said he wouldn’t fall in love again. He said sex worked best when it was casual. Justin said he should make it clear to Gwen that she was a relief player. He said Alex shouldn’t make her a scorned woman. Maggie talked to Xander about his fight with Alex. Xander said the fight was over Gwen. He said he was worried that Alex would hurt Gwen. She said punches were usually thrown out of jealously. He said he was a little jealous but he didn’t have a right to since he still had feelings for Sarah. He asked if she heard from Sarah. She said Sarah loved her job and has moved on. She told him to do the same thing. Chloe went to the pub and saw Brady looking at his tablet. She thought he was reading what she said about Rachel. He said Leo printed a story about Victor going senile. She told him Leo asked her about their relationship. He said there was no mention of their relationship in the paper. Brady said he made Kristen write a note to Rachel telling her to accept his relationship with Chloe. He said they could be together. He said they should hang out with each other.

Rachel went to see Kristen. Rachel pulled out the letter she wrote. She wanted to know what the letter was about. Chloe ran into Xander. She asked if he knew why her comments about Rachel weren’t in the paper. He said he cut Leo’s column. He said he saw upset she as about it. He said he was being petty. Chloe thanked him for his help. She said she didn’t think she and Brady would survive. Kristen tried to explain the letter to Rachel, but Brady showed up. He said he had to track her down after the school called. He wanted to know if Kristen put Rachel up to it. Kristen said Rachel was there because of the letter he made her write. She told Rachel that she wanted Brady to be happy. She said if it meant being with Chloe then it was okay. A guard came to get Kristen. She told Rachel not to do this stunt again. Brady said Rachel scared him. He said he would take her back to school and then they would spend time with Chloe. She promised, but she crossed her fingers behind her back. Alex went to see Gwen. He told her he wasn’t looking for a relationship. She said she was happy with a sexual relationship. Chloe hugged Xander. Leo found out Xander cut his column. He saw Xander and Chloe together. He took a picture of them hugging.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe brought Sloan to the police station for questioning. Nicole was happy to see her being interrogated. Trask arrived and demanded to know what was going on there. Sloan let her know that Rafe and Jada were accusing her of a crime she didn’t commit. Trask went with Rafe to the squad room and he told her what happened to Paulina’s office. Trask told him that Sloan is a pain so he better have an iron clad case against her. She can’t look as if she’s attacking her because she’s an enemy. EJ gave Li him a card for a room at the Salem Inn. He said that he would find Stefan there. Stefan stopped kissing Gabi. He felt like EJ and Nicole set them up. Gabi couldn’t believe she didn’t see through Nicole’s actions. She thought they could still enjoy the room. She wondered what would happen next. Stefan had an idea. After Trask left, Rafe interrogated Sloan about Paulina’s office. she said she was home alone and there was no evidence against her. Rafe and Jada let her go, but they warned her to stay away from Paulina. She warned them about harassing her and walked out.

Eric left a message for Justin when he noticed Nicole. Nicole thought it was funny how he called a lawyer for his criminal girlfriend. Eric reminded her that her criminal record was as long as EJ’s. Nicole talked about how his morals changed. He reminded her about the things he’s lost. EJ walked in the room. EJ and Eric talked a little before Eric left. Nicole and EJ celebrated the idea of Li finding Stefan and Gabi together. Li went to the hotel room and saw Stefan with a dark-haired woman. Her back was to him, but he told him to get away from his wife. Stefan got up to get dressed. Li demanded that Gabi looked at him. Melinda Trask rolled over and asked Li if he was happy now. Melinda put on her robe. Li wanted to know what was going on there. Stefan and Melinda told him that he was the one breaking into hotel rooms. Stefan said he was moving on since he couldn’t have Gabi. Li walked out of the room. Stefan appreciated Melinda’s help. Li went home and was surprised to see Gabi there. He asked her about her dinner with Nicole. She said that Nicole set her up to get caught with Stefan, but she wasn’t going to mess up her chance to run DiMera.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, March 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Abby is surprised when Devon wants her and Dominic to move in with him.

Ashley turns down Tucker’s marriage proposal and tells him that she wants him to persuade Devon to buy McCall Unlimited because she doesn’t want Newman Enterprises to buy the company.

Jeremy shows everyone his marriage license and Michael looks at the marriage license and says that it’s legitimate.

Chance arrives to question everyone. Diane has to tell Chance about her argument with Phyllis. Chance tells everyone that they can go home but not leave town. Leanne Love is determined to get to the bottom of the story to put it up on her website.

Daniel and Summer return to the Gala. Summer and Daniel ask Chance to find Phyllis because the ambulance never arrived at the hospital. Chance makes some calls and tells everyone that there was a report of a car accident involving an ambulance.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, March 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Cameron says goodbye to his family after they surprise him with a special breakfast. Cameron considers not leaving because his family needs him but Elizabeth tells him it is time for him to pursue his dream. Cameron promises Jake and Aiden that he will come back home as often as possible. Cameron also tells his brothers that if they need him all they have to do is call him.

Josslyn tells Trina that she is dating someone, but she can’t tell her who the person is right now, but Trina figures out that the person is Dex.

Selina Wu gives Sonny a box of things that belonged to the man who tried to shoot him. Selina tells Sonny she was unable to find out the name of the man who shot at him but hopefully his things will give him a clue to the identity of the man.

Dex finds Deputy Mayor Ashby’s body in the harbor and Sonny calls the police. Jordan and Laura, arrive and Laura asks Sonny to go tell Valentin that Deputy Mayor Ashby is dead.

Drew is also at the safe house talking to Anna and Valentin. When Sonny arrives, everyone figures out Victor killed Deputy Mayor Ashby after she told him their plan to put him in jail.

Spencer and Esme take Ace to the doctor and Austin tells Esme and Spencer that the baby has colic and with medication to get rid of his gas he will be fine.

Spencer meets with his Uncle Victor because something needs to be done about Esme.

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Days Transcript Thursday, March 30, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Why aren’t you at the office? Good morning to you too. Good morning. And I repeat, why aren’t you at work? Aunt Maggie banished me from the office.

She thinks this would be a distraction at client meetings. So she told me to stay home until it healed. Oh, right. So it’s a image issue and it has nothing to do with the fact that you went behind her back to Victor. Okay. So you do know about that. Haven’t you been on this family long enough to know that that is a stupid thing to.

Although I sugar coated and it was also,

what’s the word I’m looking for? A really crappy thing to do.

What’s this? I begged you some lemon bars. What did I do to deserve it? Oh, I wanted to thank you for the profile of me that you ran. In the spectator, you mean the glowing profile. I didn’t recognize that woman. But I did impress some of our investors. I just printed the truth that you’re a brilliant picture on the family business and an idiot couldn’t see that.

And yes, that was a digger. Alex, speaking of Alex, I understand that you’re responsible for his black eye, and we did have a little disagreement. Mm-hmm. I wanna know what the disagreement was about.

For God’s sake. Ah. Oh, what’s going on? What happened? You overslept. I woke you. Ah. That is a lousy reason. Who’s having a dream? Harry Styles was spitting on me. It’s just getting to the good part. What? You are demented. You should watch what you say to me. This is the first time in ages I’ve been able to sleep in my own bed.

You owe me. You know what? You are right. I’m sorry. Oh, you don’t have to apologize. If it were me, I’d be hitting Alex Kiya as 24 7 2. Which does beg the question. Why were you flying solo last night?

Oh, Rachel. Sweet, sweet little girl. You have no idea how much I miss you. Damira, you’ve got a visitor. I wasn’t expecting anyone, neither were we.

Hi Molly.

I am off the hook. Leo got his merchandise. Now I’m saved from that gossip call. Ah, Chloe. I’m afraid no one is safe from the lady. What is that supposed to mean? I just turned in this new column. Chloe Lane. Brady Black’s daughter is a deranged monster like her mother. Oh my God, that double crossing. Snake Brady.

Hey. Hey. Is that the Spectator? Yeah. Yeah. I was just reading the latest, uh, column from, uh, lady Whistleblower. I can’t believe Leo. Would print this crap. Brady, I am so sorry. Please don’t hate me. I can explain.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Oh, oh. I,

I just can’t believe that you’re here. Daddy said he was gonna bring you here, but I didn’t know it was gonna be so soon. Where’s your daddy? He’s not here.

Does he know that you are? No, he doesn’t.


I am so sorry. Why, why Leo’s the one spreading these rumors about my grandfather. I mean, he, he said, he said, uh, yeah, he’s going senile you, you, you had nothing to do with this. Was that all that he wrote? Uh, uh, no, there’s something else about Alex being in a fistfight and, uh, Stephan Damara and Melinda Trask, uh, being spotted together outside the Salem in, oh, can I, can I see it?

Yeah. Are you expecting something else or no? Uh, ah, then what, Chloe, why did you say, Brady? Please, please don’t, don’t hate me. Well, I ran into Leo yesterday and he asked why you and I weren’t together and I didn’t give him any details or anything, but then he said he was gonna write about it. Okay. That looks like he changed his mind.

Yeah, I guess so.

So what’s the deal? Why didn’t Alex sleep over last night? I told you I was busy working. Plus, it’s not like we’re a couple or anything. And still you don’t wanna lose momentum. What do you mean by momentum? Well, I assume you took my advice and started using Alex to makeand. Jealous. Golly. If the plan works, maybe Zander will even ask me to the hop scoff, if you must.

But the plan is already working. I heard he and Alex got into a fight. He was defending, my honor, I don’t know how it started, but it ended with Xander giving Alex one hell of a black eye.

If you want that bruise to go away quickly, you need to keep it iced. There you go. You know that from experience. Yes. I’m patching you up over the years. Ah, well I do have that kind of face, guys wanna punch it, but I punch. Does Xander look as bad as you do that? Come on, the guy had an unfair advantage.

Think about it. How long has that Neanderthal been like a, a professional muscle and yet somehow I suspect that this fight was personal? I guess so. Alex, that was my discreet way of asking you. What were you two fighting about? He doesn’t like it. That I’m sleeping with Gwen. You are sleeping with Gwen wrist check.

Yep. Voluntarily. She’s a beautiful woman dad, and she’s smart in that accent. Are you kidding me? Come on. Maybe Zander wasn’t mad at you, Alex. Maybe he was just trying to knock some scents into that thick skull of yours.

I, uh, I thought I was alone. Um, obviously. Uh, so, uh, what are you, what are you doing here? Why, why aren’t you at work? I had some, uh, use it or lose it vacation days, so I decided to take today off. Sorry, I interrupted your, Underwear dance party. Yeah. Uh, there’s some very interesting moves there. Yes, I know.

I’m a, I’m a pretty terrible dancer. Allie and Chanel both tried to teach me, but, uh, I still suck. I don’t know. You were a pretty good slow dancer in Hong Kong.

Anyone can do that. But anyway, I should probably clean this mess up. Oh yeah. I’ll, I’ll help. Yeah. I’m sorry, I was gonna grab the broom. Yeah, I was gonna get the dust pan.

I guess I’ll get the door instead. That’s probably a good idea. Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, sorry I didn’t call first. I hope I’m not interrupting anything.

Alex is sleeping with Gwen. Good heavens. Has he forgotten what she did to Sarah and let alone to Abigail, to Laura, to Jennifer, to Jack, to all the children. Maggie, I don’t think Alex was looking for a soulmate, you know? Right. What is it about her that make men so stupid? Oh, okay. Sorry. It’s fine, Maggie. I, I know how you feel about her and God knows she brought it on herself.

But look how, how you think this song, you’ll think this is stupid as well, but I just, I know Alex is gonna hurt her. Gwen’s not as tough as she likes to. Oh, so you looking out for the little lady? Oh, Xander. Men don’t punch other men to make a difference in the world. Men punch men because they’re jealous.

Okay. Yes, Alex and Zander, they got into a fight, but it’s not because Zander was jealous. He was just being a wanker about me sleeping with. Being a wanka because your ex is sleeping with somebody else defines jealousy and don’t tell Leo Stark, AKA Mattie who knows all and sees all that you are not screwing Alex to screw with Sander.

You like getting under his skin. Okay, maybe a little bit, but are not proud of it. You should be screwing with people is your best event. I shouldn’t have woken you. I should have just put a pillow over your. Would you need me? I’m the only one who can explain you to you. I don’t need you to explain me to me.

I am fully aware that I still have feelings for Sandra, but they’re not strong enough to play second fiddle to that sainted. Sarah Horton the healer. As long as he still thinks that the sun rises and sets out of a skinny ass, I, I don’t want him back. Of course you don’t, but he made you feel like dirt. So turn about his fair.

There’s nothing wrong with making him suffer a little. And like I said, you’re so good at it. So from what I understand, I, uh, I owe you an apology for what? I went to see Kristen yesterday and she told me that she called you. Yeah, she did. What did she say about it? She said that she had made some digs about you and your breakup with s Stephan, Chloe.

I’m sorry about that. You shouldn’t have to deal with that. No, it’s okay. I really shouldn’t let her get under my skin like that. Yeah, she, she, she does everything she possibly can to make your life miserable. I hate that, but I may have found a way to neutralize. At least swear Rachel’s concerned. And what’s that?

I made Kristen write a letter to Rachel saying that she needed to accept our relationship. And how in God’s name did you manage that? I played a little dirty, but Kristen wrote the letter and I gave it to Rachel last night. And how did she react? She didn’t say much, but you and I both know Kristen has some serious sway with Rachel.

Sweetheart, you used daddy’s phone and took an Uber here by yourself. Honey, that’s dangerous. But it wasn’t mommy. The driver was really nice. Okay. Okay. Uh, So you got here. How did you get in to see me? Didn’t the guards like stop you? They tried, but then I fake cried.

You told them that you had to see your mommy, huh? Yeah. They really are my daughter.

Why did you go to all this? Hmm. I mean, is is something wrong? Nothing.

Is this?

Hey, trip. How’s it hanging? Uh, good, thanks. Um, excuse me, I’m gonna go dress. Oh, don’t bother on Mike. Count.

I can tell you have questions. Um, yeah. Yeah. Like, um, does Tripp usually like to parade around the apartment in his underwear? He was home alone. Hmm. He was pretty startled when he saw me, and that’s why there’s cereal all over the floor. Got it. Now I have a question for you. What are you doing here? Uh, well I called you at the office, but they said you took the day off, so I thought maybe we could hang out.

That is, if you’re willing to forgive me.

Look, I know Gwen has done some messed up things. Aiding and abetting. A kidnapper is a little more than messed up. She didn’t aid and a bet, she just kept her mouth. How about sending Abigail and Sarah to the bin? What’s that? A lapse in judgment.

I don’t mean to shock you right now, dad. I really don’t. But it’s not Gwen’s character that I’m interested in. We’re using each other. Oh, is that what you young kids call it these days? I mean, she’s helping me get over Stephanie. I’m helping her get over Xander and full the life of me. I can’t understand why she’s hung up on the guy.

I mean, it’s a total douche bag. I’m not no jealous. Right. And punching Gwen’s new Paramore is just a what? A fit of peak. Fine. Maybe I’m just a little bit jealous. I don’t have any right to be, not since I told Gwen that I’m, you told Gwen what? I’m not over Sarah. Oh, I think about Sarah all the time. Maggie, have you, have you heard from you?

She loves her new job at the hospital and her and Rex, they’re, they’re dating there. Sander. Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. Well, without getting into details, she’s, she’s moved on. She has new life in Chicago. She’s not looking back. I don’t think you should look back either. Surely there must be someone out there for you.

Well, I do know there’s great looking redhead, but unfortunately she’s married

to a man that you don’t wanna mess.

I know it hurt to lose Sarah, but you need to follow her lead. You need to move on. You need to let Gwen move on. Hopefully Antarctica.

That’s funny. What is, when I run a story about Chloe calling Brady’s daughter a deranged monster, I expect more than one comment, and it’s about a split infinitive, whatever the hell that is. Wait a minute, not now. All the stuff about Chloe was completely cut from my column. Did you forget to put it in? Of course not.

It was my late story. What the hell happened?

You really think it’ll work, Kristen? Writing? Rachel that letter? I really do. I don’t think it’s gonna be that long before you and Rachel the best of friends,

and maybe you and I could finally just be together again. I have missed you so damn much I’ve missed you. Then let’s get started on this. I’ll, I’ll pick Rachel up from school and then. The three of us, we will hang out. We’ll have a great time and be fun. Please say yes. Okay? Yes, I am game if you, terrific.

All right, I have to go do some work, but um, we’ll call you later.


Sweetheart, this letter, I wrote it myself, so you’re really okay with daddy. Being with Chloe,

fucking withhold much more than just, uh, dry from here. What is that supposed to mean? You know exactly what it means. All right. I want you to think of this as just a simple of what you could lose. You are gonna write a letter to Rachel telling her that you no longer harbor any animosity towards Chloe, and that you are fine with Daddy and Chloe being together.

Okay? If you don’t, you are not gonna see Rachel ever. Honey, it’s, it’s complicated. You know what? You are a big girl now, and I think you deserve to know the truth.

Look, I know I really screwed up okay. When I swiped trip’s hospital card, but I tried to make things right. Oh, I know you did.

So does that mean you’re willing to give me another. Chance,

you know it’s hard to stay mad at you when you gimme that set. Good. I’ve been practicing that thing all morning. Oh, please. You’ve had that look down pat since you were four years old. Ah, I still have to practice every day. I don’t wanna get complacent.

So do you have a mind for it today? Well, I thought we could stream some won car y movies. And then orders some moose. You poor? No. Oh, no, no, no. I I, I didn’t choose him cuz he is Chinese. I, I, I chose him because he, he’s a great filmmaker. Okay. He is. Yeah. Thought we could start with, uh, in the mood for love.

Real start.

Hey, trip. You wanna join us for a movie? Uh, no, no, thank you. I’m, I’m gonna go for front, but have fun. We,

I can see how it could be hard to get over Stephanie. You could say that nice, good-hearted, grounded woman like Stephanie. Here he comes. I just wonder, wouldn’t it be perhaps more effective to try and get over her with someone who’s vaguely like her and not an unhinged sociopath? Am I messing things up?

Dad? It’s really hard to tell what you. I’m just thinking out loud. Okay, well, let me think out loud. Say I do meet somebody vaguely like Stephanie, I might fall in love again. That can’t happen because falling in love sucks. And yet there are so many songs that disagree with you. Oh, there’s so much sentimental propaganda.

Sex works best when it’s. How about that song? Okay, well maybe someday when you grow up you’ll think differently about it. How about we continue this conversation then? You know, I don’t mean to pry. Nah, you never do. But does Gwen know that she is, uh, only a relief player? I wouldn’t put it that way, but I assume she.

Well, I would feel a whole lot better if you nailed that down because when it comes to a woman scorned, Gwen could give the, uh, Bors gals a run for their money.

Thanks for checking, Linda. Well, did you find out what happened to my story? Was there some kind of mix up? No, it was cut on purpose. Who the hell did that?

Sander. Hey, I’m glad I ran into you. It’s not something I hear too often. Usually people see me and then turn and run the other way. Can hurt my feelings ly. Well. Have you ever tried not being an obnoxious jerk? Well, this is a concern, isn’t it? Uh, I, I’m sorry, but you did abandon me in Mexico with a psychotic drug, Lord, so it’s kind of hard not to hold a grudge.

Fair enough. But, uh, begs a question. Why are you glad to see me? I wanted to ask you about Leo’s column. When I saw Brady this morning, I thought for sure he’d wanna kill me after what I’d said about Rachel. But that didn’t end up in the story. Do you know what happened to it? I cut it. Zander. Why would Zander cut my column?

I dunno. Linda said that Zander just told her to take a cut from your draft, but it was the best part. Not to mention, it totally undermines all the work I did to double cross. Chloe. What do you mean? I asked her to get me free clothes from basic black’s latest men’s line, and then I said I wouldn’t print it.

I got one of everything in a medium. But I was gonna print it anyway. Now Chloe’s gonna think I held up my end of the bargain. Think about what that is gonna do to my reputation. Oh my darling, Massie cakes. You could donate a win to the hospital and everyone will still think you are vile, reprehensible, and completely untrustworthy.

Oh, I’m just trying to make me feel better. Mm. But Xander took all the fun out of it. Where are you going? I’m going to give that sneak a piece of my mind. Careful, there’s not much of that left.

Anyway, I should probably clean this mess up. I’ll help. I was gonna get the broom. I was the,

I am sorry. I’m not

right. Love monster. The granola not gonna happen though.

Okay. That. Was amazing. I mean the love of lighting, the angles, it was perfect. And the way that Maggie Chung and Tony Leon shared that fleeting glance of the Noodle Shop so romantic, would you say that it, um, has you in the mood for love? Yes. A sure I am not. No, I am. I am. I am suave. Okay. I am sophisticated.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Don’t, I’m sophistication. No, don’t get offended. I like that about you. The dorkiness. I mean, the way you can make me laugh even with a very fairy lame joke. Yeah. Yeah. And I like how you can somehow manage to compliment me and insult me. Okay. All at the same time. Let me put it this way. I’m really glad you came over today.

Yeah, me too,

Rachel. Honey, as you know, your daddy and I have things. We just don’t agree about it. Rachel, Isabella Black. What are you doing here? I can’t see. Mommy, you young lady is supposed to be in school. Your principal called me and told me you weren’t in class. I had used my cell to track you down here. How did you get here?

She used your phone to call an Uber? No, she stole my phone. Did you put her up to this? Did you? Oh my God, I don’t did. You certainly did. I have no idea. She was coming and you were so shocked that she showed up here that you didn’t think of calling me and letting me know that she hadn’t been kidnapped her.

She’s not in some ditch somewhere. I was going to call you. She was so upset and I just, I needed to comfort her. I wish she so upset. Well, she wanted to know if what I wrote in this letter was true, that I was okay with you and Chloe being. Mm-hmm. And what did you say to her? Well, when you burst in here, I was just about to tell her that I meant everything I wrote.

Hey, listen to me, sweetheart. I just want your daddy to be happy, and if that means being with Chloe. So

you killed Leo’s story. Oh, I’m sure you would’ve preferred I just killed Leo, period, but I’m not that guy anymore. Well, how, how did you make that happen? The perks of being the publishers. I get to decide what is and is not fit to print. And Leo’s story about you bat mouthing a little girl. It wasn’t fit in my.

Well, don’t get me wrong, I am beyond grateful. But isn’t that exactly the kind of story that the spectator wants, right, bud? So how upset you were Chloe just didn’t seem right. So what? You did it out of the kindness of your heart. I, I say, uh, just didn’t want to give Kristen any armor after what she did to Sarah, and that little twb Leo could use a reminder that I’m in charge.

So mostly I did it to be petting.

Well, whatever your motive was. Thank you. Truly, things have been so complicated for me and Brady. I’m not sure that if Leo would’ve printed that story, if we would’ve survived it.

Hey, Alex. Oh, hey, you. Sorry I, I wasn’t expecting you. No, it’s okay. I just wanted to come by and just clear some things up. About what? Just everything between us. I see it as a fun, no strings attached kind of thing. I’m not exactly looking for a relationship.

Me neither. I am very, very happy with meaningless sex. Great. Mm-hmm. Okay, then well, um, I guess I’ll take off. I’m, I’m sorry to bother you. Hang on. I mean, you, you’ve come all the way over here, haven’t you? Is that it? I mean, are you sure you don’t want to engage in more of that meaningless sex

right now?

Hey, how was your run? It’s good. How was, uh, how was the movie? Oh, great. Awesome. Great, awesome. I’m gonna go hop in the shower.

I feel like I almost got compliment merits. Hey. How long do you think he’s gonna be in the shower? Not long enough. I think we should probably get back to the movie. Right. Okay. Uh, great. Um, more unrequited love.

So you wanted to see me? Yes. I um, was talking with Alex this morning and he called me. The two of you are having some issues, so he sent you two smooth things over. No, he doesn’t know I’m here. This is a solo mission. I just want you to know that Alex knows that he messed up and that he really wants this arrangement to work.

I wanted to work too. Justin. I just don’t know for sure whether Alex is ever gonna accept the fact that I’m in charge. I think if you just give him a chance, he will eventually find a way to prove himself to you.

Working from home. Hmm. Definitely has its benefits. Mm-hmm. Hell of a lot better than a coffee break. You’re not going back to the office. No. Auntie Maggie still doesn’t want me there. Not until this eye heels up.

I’m so sorry about that. It’s not your fault. Besides, I already told you Auntie Maggie, I’m already on her bad side, so going evicted the way I did, just made it a hell of a lot worse since she’s running Titan. I just have to find a way to get more good graces

Tamira, it’s time for your shift in the laundry room. All right. Hey. Oh, I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see you, sweetheart. Look at me. You have to promise me that you’re not gonna come here again by. Fine, whatever. Damira. I’m coming. Okay, sweetheart, I love you.

Come here.

I’m gonna double down on what your mama has said. You, you scared me today. Okay? I, I, I don’t ever want you to pull a stunt like this again. Okay. Sorry, daddy. All right. Now look, I’m gonna take you back to school and afterwards I’m gonna spend a little time with Chloe. Okay? Daddy, honey. You heard what mommy said.

She’s fine with daddy and Chloe being together, and she also wants you to give her a chance. So I want you to promise me and you’ll try fine, I promise. Thank you. Let’s get outta here.

So have I made up for the whole, leaving you in the clutches of a psychotic drug, Lord thing? Uh, no. But I am sincerely grateful for what you did. Thank you.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, March 30, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Summer: Oh, my god.

Phyllis: Congratulations to the abbotts.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations. Bravo. Bravo.

Summer: Oh, my god.

Lauren: Bravo to the happy couple.

Michael: Congratulations.

[ Applause ]

Phyllis: Yeah, but bravo would sort of mean that it’s a performance of some kind, and this is quite — quite a show.

[ Chuckles ]

Nick: What do you say we go and get that cheeseburger now?

Sally: Yeah. Best idea ever.

Nick: Yeah.

Sharon: Are you worried about the baby?

Adam: Um… yes, I-I am, sharon. I’m really sorry. Will you excuse me?

Sharon: Yeah. Please, go. Go.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Daniel: Mom, you need to stop this.

Summer: Please.

Phyllis: Why? Why do I need to stop? I’m embarrassing you? Is that what I’m doing?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, a little. So why don’t we go, you and me right now? Come on, let’s —

Phyllis: Why? Why? Why? ‘Cause I’m telling the truth? Is that why? Because that woman has convinced everyone in town that she’s a changed woman?

Jack: Listen to your children. Go. Now.

Phyllis: I will go when i am good and ready! When I am good and ready, I will leave this room! But not until then! Does everybody have a problem with the truth? You have a problem with that? You don’t, right? You know what I’m talking about. I have lost everything. I have lost my entire life, my children, everything because of that woman. And I am telling you, that woman is as dangerous today as she was the day she faked her death, and I am the only one, apparently, who sees this.

[ Sniffles ]

Amanda: Please, don’t let me keep you. I would hate to ruin your date. That is what this is, right, a date? I’m sorry. What is it that you said to me when I found you practically naked on top of devon? That it was spontaneous? No, no. You said it was a moment of confusion. Well, look at you. Doesn’t look like anyone’s confused now, huh? Word of advice. He’s a cheater.

Devon: Amanda, wait a second.

Amanda: Why? So you can tell me that you guys are living together, shacking up, playing house? No.

Devon: No, no. I don’t want to have an argument with you right here.

Amanda: Agreed. So if you’ll excuse me.

Devon: Can you just wait a second, please? I would like to have a peaceful conversation with you. Can you give me that?

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: Jack. [ Chuckles ] No — no one’s happy for you. Seriously. I mean, it’s an embarrassment. They’re laughing at you, actually.

Jack: This is an evening of celebration. Your tirades are not welcome here, phyllis.

Phyllis: You must be loving it. You loving it? I mean, you should. Yeah, because you hit the jackpot, didn’t you, baby? Marrying into the abbott family.

Danny: Hey, phyllis. Phyllis, hey, hey. Hey, let’s step outside and get some fresh air, huh? Cool yourself down. What do you say?

Phyllis: You know me. Right? You know me?

Danny: Of course, yeah.

Phyllis: Okay. I mean, you know that I have changed, right? You know I have changed, right?

Danny: I know.

Phyllis: And I have done horrible things, horrible things in my past, but I’ve changed, and you know that, right?

Danny: Yeah.

Phyllis: I’ve hurt a lot of people in this room, but you know I’d sacrifice anything for my children. You know. And I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this, but I have to. I have to. I have no choice. Because of you. Because of you. That’s why I am doing this. Because of you. Because she’ll try to take me down. Oh, I’m — I’m fine.

Summer: Mom.

Phyllis: I’m okay.

[ Breathes heavily ] I’m fine.

Summer: You’re not fine.

Diane: You’re obviously drunk, so why don’t you just go home and sleep it off? Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

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provided by…

Amanda: I have nothing more to say to you.

Devon: Well, you had an awful lot to say earlier, and then you just left, and we didn’t get a chance to actually talk.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

Abby: I know that you have zero reason to listen to me.

Amanda: That’s right.

Abby: But maybe if you could just listen to devon, maybe it would bring you both some —

Amanda: Some closure? No, I got all the closure that I needed when I found you two together.

Abby: I was going to say healing for both of you.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Amanda, it would mean a lot.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] Fine. You have three minutes.

Devon: Thank you.

Abby: Okay, I’m going to give you some privacy.

Devon: Sure. Kiss dominic for me.

Abby: Yeah.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

Devon: Why don’t we go inside and we can sit at the bar and I’ll order you a chardonnay if you’d like.

Amanda: Remembering my favorite drink doesn’t score you any points.

Abby: I’m so sorry.

Amanda: Help the lady find her shirt, devon. Did you rip it off and throw it over there by the stairs? Or did she peel it off teasingly?

Devon: Please don’t do that.

Abby: I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. I am so sorry for the pain that I caused you. Look, I understand that a betrayal is a betrayal and it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t intentional and we never meant for this to happen. It was just — it came out of emotion, and I — we don’t even know where it came from.

Amanda: Okay, you can stop. I don’t need to hear this. I really don’t care.

Abby: I doubt that.

Amanda: Well, it’s true. But you’re right. “Not caring” — it didn’t happen overnight. It took time. I replayed that day over and over, you scrambling to find your shirt, devon stammering to explain. I was hurt, I was angry, but i could not — i did not let it dictate my life. I have too much to focus on. My job, my family. My mom needs my love and support back home. So, I have so much going on that I don’t have time to worry about you and devon ever again.

Ashley: This is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Jack’s idiocy was on full display. This announcement that he’s engaged to diane. Ugh! Do you know — you know what he did? He knew that I wouldn’t make a scene in front of half of genoa city. But you know what else is making me crazy?

Tucker: No, but I have a feeling —

Ashley: Traci. Traci. I watched her face when jack was making that announcement, and she knew. She knew, tucker, and she didn’t tell me. Am I the only one in my family that hasn’t lost their mind? Am I the only one that sees diane for who she really is? She has played jack perfectly. You realize that, right? Because she’s gotten everything she wanted.

[ Sighs ]

Danny: Hey, come on. Why don’t —

Phyllis: I’m good. I’m good. I am not dru– hey, trust me. I am not drunk.

Jack: You’ve made your scene, phyllis. Go home.

Phyllis: Okay, I just have this to say. One more thing. Diane, I tried to apologize to you.

Diane: That’s a lie.

Phyllis: No, I tried to apologize to you, and you know it. I brought you into a room to apologize and clean the slate, and you attacked me. She attacked me. She attacked me, by the by. Yeah, that happened. [ Sighs ] But it doesn’t matter, mrs. Soon-to-be jack abbott, right? You’ve just taken my entire life, that’s all.

Jack: You blew up your own life, phyllis. Blame the choices you made, not diane.

Phyllis: I really just cannot believe you’re still protecting her. You are so blind, jack. You are —

Summer: Mom, please, just stop.

Phyllis: Baby girl, I’m fine. Seriously.

Daniel: It’s okay. Why don’t we just get out of here, you and me?

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Daniel: Come on.

Phyllis: Just give me one second, okay? I’m really getting to the good part, okay? Give me one second. Alright, baby? Seriously. I’d like to toast the happy couple. Anybody have a drink for me?

Jack: Phyllis, phyllis, no more. We’ve had enough of your hatred.

Phyllis: No, it’s about love. Honestly, it’s just about love, that’s all. I want to toast your happiness together. See, I’m just trying to protect you and my entire family right now.

Jack: Yes, with lies and viciousness, yes.

Phyllis: Right, right, lies and viciousness. Sure. I don’t understand this still. I don’t understand. This woman abandoned your son and made him believe that she was dead. That’s what she did.

[ Voice breaking ] I would sacrifice everything for my children. Everything. I would lay down my life for my children. But I’m the bad guy? And she still gets a free pass, and everybody just accepts her. She will hurt you. She will. And she will hurt everybody else in this room. But you know, don’t you? You… you know that I see you. You know. Right from the start, there was nothing… different about you. I know… I know you’re capable.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa.

Summer: Mom.

Daniel: Got her. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Nate: I could dance with you all night long.

Elena: Oh, careful. I might hold you to that.

Nate: Mm. Don’t look now, but this is definitely a night for surprises.

Devon: Thank you.

Elena: Hm. Devon and amanda.

Nate: Actually talking. Yet another sign devon is trying to make peace.

Amanda: Thank you for the drink, but we really don’t need to do this. I don’t want to see you grovel.

Devon: I take it you haven’t talked to lily?

Amanda: No. Why?

Devon: Because I dropped the lawsuit.

Amanda: What?

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: So is that why jill waltzed into the arbitration and demanded a recess?

Devon: Yes.

Amanda: Huh.

Devon: She changed her mind about the ipo.

Amanda: And you just dropped your lawsuit? Just like that? You were so angry, it was so personal, and, poof, just like that, it’s all over?

Devon: Did you hear that tonight they renamed the lounge the neil winters jazz lounge?

Amanda: That’s very nice. I’m sure that you and lily were very moved.

Devon: Yeah, we were. And it was very nice. The whole thing put everything into perspective for me, and it made me focus on what neil would actually want if he was here, and it certainly isn’t his kids going at each other. And lily felt the same way.

Amanda: Oh, so you and lily are —

Devon: We’re fine, yeah. We talked, and we forgave each other. And I wish it didn’t take me as long as it did to get to a place where I could forgive her and ask for forgiveness myself.

Amanda: Well, I’m glad. I am. No, really. I’m happy for you and lily.

Devon: Thank you.

Amanda: So I guess you’re going back to chancellor-winters?

Devon: I don’t know about that yet. I’m just happy to have my sister back.

Amanda: Well, good for you.

Devon: I feel like this whole last year has been a journey of me making regrettable decisions and hurting people that I care about, and I know I can’t fix that, but I’m trying to move forward. I’m trying to learn and be a better man because of it.

Amanda: Well, I am really glad that ripping my heart out was just — it was just a part of your journey to finding yourself.

Devon: I never intended to do that to you, amanda. Listen, I haven’t forgiven myself for what I did to you, and I don’t expect you to forgive me. I just want you to know how profoundly sorry I am for what I did.

Amanda: I’ll heal, devon. Don’t worry.

Daniel: Easy, easy. Someone give me something for her head.

Kyle: Yeah, got it.

Summer: God, I knew that there was something wrong with her.

Diane: What is she up to now?

Gina: Oh, for god’s sake. She’s faking it. It’s just phyllis going big.

Christine: I’m not so sure.

Victor: Something is way off. I’m going to call some people. Okay? Keep me informed.

Nikki: Alright.

Summer: Mom, can you wake up? Can you hear me?

Daniel: Can I get an ambulance to the gcac, please?

Sharon: We need to keep her airway clear.

Kyle: Hey, phyllis, can you hear me? Can you open your eyes?

Summer: We need a doctor. Is there a doctor here? Mom, please wake up.

Daniel: Hey, mom. Mom.

Kyle: Phyllis — hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Summer: Oh, my god.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay.

Lily: Well, this is a surprise. You two are being civil.

Amanda: Yeah, devon told me that he dropped his lawsuit and that the two of you have resolved your issues, right?

Lily: Yes, we have. Very grateful to have my brother back. So was the lawsuit the only thing that you two were discussing?

Amanda: No. Devon was telling me all about his journey to finding himself. But, you know, I think what he said made a lot of sense. The only way to move on is to get past the anger and the hurt. So to moving on.

Devon: Yeah. The good news for you is, now that the lawsuits off the table, you can go back home to your mom and family.

Amanda: Yeah. Well, I actually feel like I have family here, too.

Victoria: Oh, there you are. Nate, we need a doctor.

Nate: What is it?

Victoria: There’s an emergency. You have to come.

Elena: Why? What happened?

Victoria: Phyllis collapsed.

Devon: Collapsed?

Summer: She’s tried so many times to make things right between us, and I’ve just — I’ve shut her down every time. How could I do that to her?

Daniel: Hey, mom knows you love her.

Summer: Does she?

Victoria: Excuse me.

Amanda: Oh, my god.

Elena: What happened?

Nikki: She was having a tantrum, and she just passed out.

Daniel: She started talking, she started stumbling around, and then she collapsed.

Nate: Has she been drinking?

Summer: No, I don’t think so.

Nate: I don’t smell any alcohol.

Daniel: The emts are on their way. They should be here any minute.

Elena: They need to hurry. I can barely feel her pulse.


macular degeneration

Sally: I am so excited for this burger. Although, I have to admit, I do feel a little guilty eating a burger beat cheeseburger at crimson lights, but it is absolutely not going to stop me.

Nick: Don’t worry about that. I got a pretty solid in with the owner of this joint.

Sally: Ooh, yes. Extra hot sauce.

Nick: You put hot sauce on your french fries?

Sally: Uh, yeah. If there’s something that you should know about me, it’s that I love my hot sauce.

Nick: So weird. Alright, well, let me try one.

Sally: No, unh-unh. You had a chance to get your own. You said you didn’t want any.

Nick: Well, how about little credit, then, for getting you out of the gala before things went south?

Sally: Fine. Maybe one.

Nick: Just one.

Ashley: Mamie had a wonderful time. Isn’t that nice? She’s very tired, though.

Tucker: You seem a little tired yourself.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tucker: Try that. Cheers.

Ashley: Yeah, cheers. It’s not going to help, but thanks. You’ve been quiet all night long.

Tucker: When did I get an opportunity to speak at that place? It’s just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah from everyone. So how about jack and diane, huh? They sure seem happy.

Ashley: It’s faux happiness because it’s based on a lie.

Tucker: Diane was just radiant.

Ashley: She wasn’t radiant, tucker. She was smug because she thinks she won.

Tucker: Or maybe the two of them have found true love.

Ashley: I liked you a lot better when you weren’t talking, actually.

Tucker: No, but, seriously, she seems to have changed. Really.

Ashley: Are you trying — listen.

Tucker: No, but if so, who are we to doubt her, to judge?

Ashley: Do you want to annoy me right now? Because you know better than anybody what she’s capable of, so —

Tucker: Yeah, and I know what love is capable of.

Ashley: Oh, I know, because of the time you spent in the ashram —

Tucker: No, because of you. And because I’m selfish.

Ashley: Well, that part I completely agree with you.

Tucker: I saw the way they looked at each other when jack was giving that speech. It was there. It was there — forgiveness. And I selfishly want to believe that forgiveness is possible because that’s what I want from you. And I figure if jack and diane can find a second chance, then maybe we can, too.

Nate: Breaths are shallow.

Elena: Pulse is thready.

Nate: Pupils are reactive.

Audra: Nate’s a man of many talents.

Victoria: Thank god.

Elena: Does your mother have any allergies?

Daniel: No.

Nate: Is she on any medications?

Summer: Not that I know of.

Elena: Did anything specific happen to prompt this? Did anything unusual happen tonight before she collapsed?

Kyle: She was upset about my dad’s engagement announcement. She went off on them, just ranting, and then passed out.

Summer: Can you tell what’s wrong with her?

Daniel: Why isn’t she waking up?

Elena: Unfortunately, her loss of consciousness can be a sign of a number of things. I’m sorry we don’t have any better answers for you yet.

Nate: The only thing we know is that we need to get your mother to the hospital, stat. Her vitals are deteriorating.

Elena: Here they are.

Danny: This doesn’t make any sense. I mean, phyllis is so strong and healthy, right?

Lauren: Well, you know, she was in a coma a few years ago. That couldn’t have lasting effects, could it?

Nikki: Whatever this is, let’s pray she pulls out of it.

Michael: If anyone’s a fighter, phyllis is. (Geri) I smoked and I have copd.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Sally: I hope you’re not just going to stand there lurking.

Adam: [ Exhales sharply ] I’m not lurking.

Sally: You’re totally lurking.

Adam: Okay, look, I — i just have to know. Are — are you and the baby okay?

Sally: We’re fine.

Nick: That’s why you’re here?

Adam: At the gala, I saw you put your hand on your stomach and then leave pretty quickly, so I was worried that something was wrong, but now I know. Cheeseburgers. You were just hungry.

Sally: Okay, well, if you followed us here, then you saw us go through the drive-through, so you didn’t put it together then?

Adam: Well, I thought you might have just been faint, maybe some low blood sugar, and if that’s all it was, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.

Nick: That’s why you followed us?

Adam: And now you make me sound like a stalker. But I would rather chalk it up to being an overprotective father-to-be.

Sally: Well, I guess i appreciate the honesty.

Nick: Yeah, honesty’s good.

Adam: Well… I’m genuinely relieved everything is okay with you and the baby. Pretend I was never here.

Sally: Or you could join us.

Adam: Are you sure?

Sally: No. Mnh-mnh. No, but I just want to find a way for things to be normal, and this is our new normal. And to make it all about me, I really don’t have the greatest tolerance for stress right now. It gives me heartburn. Like, for real. So I would just really like to, you know, figure this out in a way that doesn’t include stalking or family feuds.

Summer: Has there been any changes?

Nate: I’m sorry, there hasn’t, but your mom’s stable for now, okay?

Elena: We’ll know more after we run some tests.

Daniel: Okay, I’m going to follow the ambulance to the hospital. Do you want to ride with me?

Summer: Yeah, I — I should do that, right, instead of, um, driving myself?

Daniel: Yeah.

Kyle: Hey, go to the hospital with your brother, sweetheart. I’ll check in with harrison and the nanny and meet you there.

Summer: Okay. Thanks.

Kyle: She’s going to be okay.

Lily: Hey, I’m really sorry.

Daniel: I mean, I was such a jerk to her. You know, she came up, she tells me how much she loves me and how proud she is of me, and I just blow her off? And now — now look at this.

Lily: No, no, don’t do that, okay? You will get a chance to tell her how much you love her. She’s way too fierce to let this get her down, okay? She’ll be fine.

Danny: Lily’s right. Your mother is way tougher than whatever this is.

Lily: Hey, it’s okay. Come here.

Traci: Sweetie, we are here for you — whatever you need, okay? I’ll be praying for your mom. Come on, sweetie. Okay.

Leanna: Any idea what led to this circus? That spectacular collapse?

Victoria: Leanna.

Leanna: Yeah?

Victoria: Go to hell.

Diane: [ Sighs ] How is this happening? Oh, my god.

Jack: What?

Diane: Phyllis has my ring. How did she get it?

[ Laughter ]

Jack: Ooh, yeah.

Lauren: [ Laughing ] Oh, honey!

Jack: Of course. It was stark who bumped into me. He’s the one who picked my pocket.

Diane: Why? Do you think he left?

Jack: And miss the show? Not a chance. But to what end? I don’t know.

Diane: You know what? This isn’t making sense. Why would he take my ring and give it to phyllis?

Jack: Anything can happen with those two.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Jack: There he is.

Jeremy: Nikki, how beautiful you look tonight.

Nikki: What are you doing here? You were distinctly not invited.

Jeremy: Call me a plus-one. My god. Phyllis. What the hell happened here? And now please welcome ana montoya.

Nick: Yeah, I agree. We need to make this situation work. Boundaries, et cetera. I thought we were doing a pretty good job until a certain someone started tailing us through the burger beat parking lot.

[ Alert sounds ]

Sally: What is it?

Nick: I don’t know. Summer needs me. I got to go. Um… you good?

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, I’m — I’m fine. Go take care of your family.

Nick: You’ll make sure she gets home okay?

Adam: Um, of course.

Nick: Thanks.

[ Smooches ]

Adam: Did you have fun at the big event?

Sally: Yeah, till things got weird. You?

Adam: Uh, it was alright.

Sally: And sharon was alright with you taking off to stalk us?

Adam: [ Exhales sharply ] She understood. Did you want to head out?

Sally: I have waited way too long for this burger, and I’m not going to wait another second, so if you have someplace to be, I can get myself home.

Adam: I don’t have anyplace to be. So I will stay.

Sally: Okay, but don’t expect any fries.

Ashley: Second chance? I don’t even like you sometimes.

Tucker: You like me sometimes. Sometimes you more than like me. So there’s hope.

Ashley: Honestly, I preferred you when you weren’t talking. Could you go back to that?

Tucker: It’s too late.

[ Taps ] I want a second chance with you, ashley. Alright maybe a — by now, a 22nd chance. But, look, if diane and jack can do it, we can do it.

Ashley: Completely different situation.

Tucker: No, not at all. Look what diane did when she came — granted, she didn’t land a helicopter on your back lawn…

Ashley: Thank god.

Tucker: But when she came back, she owned up to her sins, she apologized for any pain she’s caused anyone, and, in her own way, she has tried to redeem herself, as have I. So same.

Ashley: It’s not the same.

Tucker: Yes, it is.

Ashley: It’s not the same. It’s completely different because jack is so befuddled by what he thinks is love that he doesn’t see diane for who she is. See, I see you. I know exactly who you are.

Tucker: And you love me.

Ashley: Listen.

Tucker: [ Laughs ]

Ashley: Just stop it. I need to focus on jack and making sure he doesn’t make the worst mistake of his life, because I’ll be damned if diane jenkins ever becomes a member of the abbott family.

Jeremy: How is she?

Nate: Phyllis is stable, but that’s about all I can tell you.

Jeremy: Well, she was perfectly fine. How did this happen?

Diane: Oh, come on. What is he doing?

Jack: Something tells me we’re going to find out, and it’s not going to be good.

Nate: We don’t have any answers at the moment, but we should know more after we run some tests.

Jeremy: [ Scoffs ] That’s great. Nobody knows anything. Well, come on, guys. Let’s — let’s get her to the hospital. Hey. Listen. You’re going to be okay. You hear me, my love? I want to be with you every step of the way.

Emt carson: Hey, I’m sorry, sir. You can’t ride with us. But you can meet us there.

Daniel: What the hell is that — “my love”?

Summer: I don’t know what he’s doing, but he needs to get away from her.

Kyle: Yeah, it makes no sense.

Leanna: Who’s the handsome new face in town?

Victoria: You don’t want to know.

Leanna: Oh, but I do.

Jeremy: Hey. You’re going to be just fine, okay? I’ll see you soon, my love.

Emt carson: Let’s go.

Kyle: Okay, you just keep me posted.

Summer: I will.

Lily: Hey, call me when you know something, okay?

Daniel: Yeah.

Lily: Alright.

Jeremy: Hm. You people. You happy?

Kyle: Hey, where do you get off crashing this party, pretending you care about phyllis? You know damn well you’re not wanted here.

Jack: What the hell are you up to, stark? What are you doing here?

Jeremy: I get answers first. How did phyllis end up in an ambulance?

Jack: I don’t see where that’s any of your business.

Jeremy: Oh, it is my business. So somebody better start talking.

Kyle: Hey, get out of here. And stay away from the hospital. Summer is worried sick about her mother. She doesn’t need you there.

Jeremy: Nothing is going to stop me from going to the hospital.

Kyle: Mm-hmm?

Jeremy: Once I get my answers, I will be right by my wife’s side.

Traci: [ Gasps ] What? My a1c stayed here, it needed to be here.

Ashley: You know, I’ve been telling jack since diane first came back to town that she is still a threat, she hasn’t changed, and she keeps on lying. Somehow she manages to take those lies and she turns him around and she uses them to her advantage. And not just that. Every time I have an argument with jack about it, it just pushes him closer to her, you know, ’cause he can’t help but play the hero to this walking nightmare.

Tucker: Mm. You really got your work cut out for you. I have a thought, though.

Ashley: Please tell me. I’m desperate.

Tucker: Well, it’s not going to stop their marriage, but —

Ashley: Well, then, what’s the point?

Tucker: Well, hear me out. So, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction —

Ashley: Oh, my god. Excuse me?

Tucker: You love it when i talk science.

Ashley: I don’t love it when you talk — you have no idea what you’re talking about, tucker.

Tucker: Alright, now, so let’s talk the facts, then. So you hate diane. You think she’s a threat to jack?

Ashley: Well, at the very least, she’s going to break his heart — the very least.

Tucker: She’s a threat to the abbott clan.

Ashley: She’s going to blow our family apart, yeah.

Tucker: Right. Kind of like how jack feels about me.

Ashley: Times 10. Is there a point to your story?

Tucker: Yes, so you have told jack about your concerns, about the facts, your truths over and over and over again, ad nauseam, right?

Ashley: Right, he refuses to listen to me, so —

Tucker: Right, then stop talking and do something. You know? Act. Shake him up. Kind of punch him between the eyes.

Ashley: Okay, and what do you have in mind?

Tucker: Marry me.

Sally: [ Exhales sharply ] That was the greatest burger of all time.

[ Chuckles ]

Adam: You still like hot sauce with your fries?

Sally: Ooh, the hotter, the better.

Adam: You, um… you… you got A…

Sally: Here? Oh, here?

Adam: Yeah.

Sally: Oh.

Adam: Sorry.

Sally: No. Is it good?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Sally: [ Clears throat ] So, um… this…

Adam: What?

Sally: The awkwardness. We really need to work on it. We’re going to be in each other’s lives for…ever now, so I’m going to say it again. We really need to figure this out. Okay?

Jack: Your wife? What the hell are you talking about?

Diane: You expect us to believe that phyllis is mrs. Stark?

Jeremy: Mrs. Stark was just wheeled out of here tonight on a gurney.

Jack: You and phyllis? That is absurd.

Jeremy: We got married three days ago.

Kyle: There’s no way phyllis would marry you.

Jeremy: Oh, and you know that because you’ve been so close lately.

Amanda: Phyllis is married, and she never said a word?

Danny: Who the hell are you?

Jeremy: The only person in this room that gives a damn about phyllis.

Lauren: So you just want us to accept that phyllis just suddenly got married? To you?

Jeremy: My wife and I were going to announce our marriage here tonight, but, unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

Jack: Okay, what kind of game are you playing?

Jeremy: No game, jack. I’m just a happily married man.

Traci: Okay, so phyllis makes this giant change in her life, and she doesn’t tell her family or any of her friends?

Jeremy: What family?

[ Chuckles ] What friends? You all shut her out. You all made it very clear that you didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

Nikki: So you swooped in and took advantage of her?

Jeremy: Hardly. I was in a bad place, too. Was alone. I just got out of prison. I understood what phyllis felt.

Leanna: Prison? Huh.

Jack: Okay, this is ridiculous. You and phyllis? There was no wedding.

Jeremy: I don’t care what you believe, jack. Phyllis and I connected, so we decided to make it official.

Michael: So phyllis married you, someone she barely knew?

Jeremy: Yeah, she was afraid, vulnerable, she wanted protection, and I wanted to be that for her.

Jack: Protection from what?

Jeremy: From her.

Jack: From diane?

Jeremy: Phyllis was very afraid, and she had reason to be. So we’re all here, diane. Tell us, what did you do to phyllis?

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GH Transcript Thursday, March 30, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


security sweep is complete. We’re all clear, boss. – Thank you. I need competent people around me during these times. – Hopefully we’ll find who’s targeting you soon. – Oh, I’m going to find them. No one’s going to interfere with the pikeman deal. – Think she’ll deliver? – [Sighs] – Haven’t you told your people? I always bring the goods.

[Dramatic music] – [Breathing heavily] – Ok, cool. Let’s go again. – [Sighs] We’ve done this, like, five times already. We got this. – Practice can’t hurt. – Ugh. Unless I pass out from dehydration. – [Scoffs] Ok. Five minutes. – Thank you. – Don’t call me back until it’s done. What– what are you two doing in here? – We’re, uh, practicing our performance. – The show is tonight, and you two still need to practice? Oh. Ok, this nurses’ ball is going to hell in a handbasket. – You guys have been such a big help. – We’ll finish, aunt elizabeth.

[Doorbell rings] We’ll make it gucci. – [Laughs] That means– – no, I know what that means. – Ok. – Hi. Come in. – Hey. Sorry I’m late. There was kind of a lot of traffic, and I– – no, no, no. You’re right on time. – Oh, good. Oh, how are you doing, sweetheart? – Cam’s coming. – Ok. Come here. – Hey, did I just hear the doorbell?

[Together] Surprise! – Oh, my goodness. Hey! Oh, thank you. What’s going on? I thought we were just having breakfast, the four of us. – You didn’t think we’d let you leave for california without a proper sendoff from your family, did you? – Wow. I feel like the luckiest guy right now.

[Laughter] – I called ahead and said that I’d be coming in with my son. – I’ll need his name and date of birth to check you in. Who’s his pediatrician? – Um, we don’t have a regular one yet. I gave birth outside the hospital. Is dr. Portia robinson around? – Uh, dr. Robinson is not available. But um, just fill these out while we get you set up. – Please, my son is sick. He needs to be seen right away. – Thank you. Hounding the nurse is not going to do ace any favors. – I don’t care. Ace needs medical attention. And I will fight for him no matter what. – It’s not going to do any good to pick a fight with the wrong person, esme. The best way to get him treatment is to fill out these forms. – What– what are you even doing here? I didn’t want you here. So if you’re not on my side, you can leave now. – This isn’t about you or sides, esme. This is about ace. And I’m not leaving you alone with my baby brother.

[Tense music]

[Gun clicks] – Something I should know? – What? Oh, I’m just making sure I’m prepped. This situation is deteriorating. – You know, something happened to make eileen bolt. Now victor’s after her. He’ll more than likely find her. – She can’t outrun victor. She knows too much– enough to bring this whole thing crashing down.

[Knock at door]

[Tense music]


[Dramatic music]

– Did you guys know there’s a 10% chance of rain tonight? Water stains silk. Rain deflates hair. And what if the ground gets slippery? One slip or fall could end up all over social media. Five or six are a catastrophe. – 10% is not much. – And the llama has the nerve to be running late. Now you two are telling me that you’re also not ready? – Maxie. Maxie, me and trina are doing just fine, ok? We were just doing some run-throughs and adding on some finishing touches. – Yeah, we’re beyond ready. – Ok. Ok, that’s great. Um, but you’ll need to leave when the wands get here. It’s a closed set. – Got it. – We’re out. – No! I said silk bow ties! – [Laughs] – And I thought you were intense. – Yeah. After that, I promise to relax. – So a six-minute break? – Ok, fine. The nurses’ ball is about having fun after all. – And that’s my plan. I’m all about fun tonight. – Mm. With spencer? – You wouldn’t happen to remember ace’s weight when he was born, would you? – Yes. And I remember his length and his apgar score from when they checked him out when we first got to the hospital.

[Sighs] Ace is sick, and if filling out this stupid form will get him seen, that’s all I care about. Oh. Hey, if you want to make yourself useful, why don’t you fill out this part where they, uh, ask about payment. I don’t think we have insurance.

[Baby whimpering] It’s ok, sweetie. – Grandmother doesn’t seem to think that it’s anything serious. – Mommy knows that something’s not right. – How long do you think that you’re going to be able to keep up this angelic mother act, esme? – Would you get over yourself? I am sick of trying to prove to you that I am not the person I used to be. I need to be a good mother to ace. He is what matters, not you. – Well, it seems that you’ve lost your memory but not your personality, esme. You’re not going to be able to hide behind ace forever. – I can’t believe that you guys went all out for this. Thank you. Aiden, are those banana chocolate chip muffins? – My best batch yet. – Wow. – I know how much you like them. – I made the toast. – Fantastic! I love toast. – That’s all that daddy would let me make. – Well, you can move on to things that involve a flame when you’re a little older. – I can teach her some easy dishes now. – Yeah? – I’d love that. – You’d better take him up on it, because I’ve had your dad’s spaghetti. – Hey. – This is so very cool of everyone. I don’t even know what to say. – Uh, how about let’s eat? – Oh, ok. I see where jake’s priorities are. You just keep him well-fed, you know. He’ll forget that I’m even gone. – I think jake’s right, and we should eat all this delicious food while it’s still warm. – I’ll get the orange juice.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Sighs] – Hey. Anything you need? – I don’t want to bring down the mood. Been an intense few days. – I get it. I’m here, whatever you need. – Just t he strength to saygoodbye to my firstborn.

[Tense music]

– How are you holding up? – Uh, I’m ok. I’m hanging in there. A lot has come to light, hasn’t it? – Yeah. How do you feel about all of it? – You know, I wasn’t entirely surprised that esme turned out to be ryan and heather’s daughter. You know, the girl is just as twisted as they are. But finding out that ryan was colluding with her to destroy my life, that– that shook me up a bit. – Fortunately, we don’t ever have to deal with ryan again. – Ah, thanks to your husband. That esme, though– she has yet to pay. – Felicia sent me. – Why? Where is she? – Maxie needed her help, so she told me how to get here. I was not followed. I took every precaution. – What’s happened? – Victor disappeared.

– Were you able to learn anything about the contractor who tried to kill me? – As I suspected, no one in my organization frequents the highsider, nor did anybody recognize the gunman. However, I sent li to make inquiries with the staff at the highsider. He had a very interesting conversation with the bartender. – Did you get an id on the shooter or not, selina?

– I feel like there’s no need to compare them, you know? They’re both so different. – Yeah, I– – …almost iconic. – It is iconic. I’ll grant you that, I’ll grant you that. – I knew this was going to be hard, but it just got real all of a sudden. – I wish there was something i could say that would magically make you feel better. But this is hard sending your kids out into the world. And cam’s your first, and that is a very particular kind of pain. – I’m so happy for him and proud. But I already feel like a part of me is missing, and he’s not even gone yet. – Yeah, I know, but that’s the sad part. But remember, there’s– there’s wonderment and joy in watching your– your children forge their own paths, become adults, live full lives. It’s all a blessing, trust me. And you will always be his mother. – You got a little something on your shirt there. Oh, oh! I had to get you one last time before I left. – Yeah. You didn’t get me. – Good job, sweetie. You gained two pounds and grew almost an inch. That’s good, right? – Right on target. The doctor will be in shortly. – Thank you. – Mm-hmm. – Nurse seems to think that he’s ok. Better than ok. – Yeah. Um, look, spencer. I know, um, we both have our reasons for not trusting each other, but it’s all in the past. – Is it? – Can it be? I mean, ace is my present and my future, and whether I like it or not, you’re his brother. We need to get along for his sake. – Everything that you’ve done to me, to my friends– it’s not exactly something that I can easily forgive, esme. – Well, can you try? I mean, I’d hate to see you miss out on knowing ace because of it. – Is that a threat? – What? No. It’s just not good for ace if we’re fighting all of the time. And the longer you keep seeing me as my old self, the more damage it’s going to do to him. – I guess I don’t see it like that. – Sorry to keep you waiting. I know you. – I know you too. You’re the man that my mother tried to kill the night my son was born. – Spencer and I will see each other at the ball, but we’re not going together. – What’s going on with you guys? I mean, last time I heard, you kissed. Did something happen? – No, no. I mean, we’re fine. We’re definitely more than friends. It’s just complicated. – Yeah. Well, that’s spencer. It’s complicated. – No, it’s not just him, ok?

[Scoffs] I feel like we’re some kind of cosmic joke. Just when I thought, oh, finally, like, we’re going to finally– both of our lives blew up. The night we kissed, I’d just found out that my mother lied to me about my father. Then ryan chamberlain and heather webber showed up on spoon island, nearly killing ava. Then esme had her baby. Now esme and her baby are living with spencer in his grandmother’s apartment. – Because of the baby. – And I totally understand that spencer wants to be close to his baby brother. But it’s just– it just feels weird that he and esme and the baby are living together, like some pseudo family.

[Sighs] I really want to be with spencer. But now it just feels like I should take it slow. – Slow sounds like the right idea. – It doesn’t feel that way.

[Sighs] But what about you? – Me? – I mean, it’s been months since you broke up with cam, and now he’s leaving for california. Are you ready to get back out there? – The bartender recognized the gunman. – Did you get a name? – Unfortunately, no. The bartender said the gunman came in only once and paid in cash. But he recalled that the man was staying at a nearby hotel, so I sent my men to search the establishment. The shooter’s belongings were relegated to storage when he didn’t return. We were able to acquire them. – I appreciate that. – I hope this restores your faith in me. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. – Looks like we found the guy. Now we have to find out who hired him. – When did victor disappear? – Within the last 24 hours. Look, ever since robert searched victor’s hotel room, we’ve had the metro court under surveillance. He has not returned. I even decided to search his room myself in case that somehow he slipped by us. – How did you go about doing that? – I asked olivia for access. – What, no. – You involved olivia in this? – Come on. – Time was my main concern, valentin, ok? And I knew olivia wasn’t going to ask any questions. It doesn’t matter anyway, because she said victor checked out. Although I can tell you he did not do it personally. – This can only mean one thing. – Victor’s onto us.

– Has it been months? It feels more like minutes. – Ah. Uh-uh. No, no, no, no, no. No fair. You do not get to grill me on my love life and give me nothing back. – Trina, I switched to pre-med, ok? I’ve been swamped with classes. I have no time for dating. – Are you sure it’s a time thing? Look, ok. Breakups are hard, but you can’t let it paralyze you. You got to put yourself back out there. Hey, you know nolan. – Water polo nolan? What about him? – Yeah, he’s in my renaissance art class. We’re pretty cool. Maybe I can set you two up or something. – Thanks, but no. – Joss, he’s one of the hottest guys on campus. You can’t even just, like, have coffee with him? – Trina, what would we even talk about? – You’re jocks. You can, I don’t know, swap stories of the thrill of victory or something. – Ok, ok. We need to get back to rehearsing– – joss, we know these steps cold. We do not need the practice. Are you not interested in nolan because you’re already seeing someone? – Scott is still stuck at court. – Oh, that’s too bad. I know he wanted to be here. – He did say that he was due a visit to the west coast soon, so… – and he means it, too. You are very important to him. – I feel very grateful having you and scott as my grandparents. – And I know that I speak for both of us when I say it’s been a privilege for us to watch you grow into the fine young man that you have become. – I owe a lot of it to you. – [Gasps] – It’s true. I mean, you– you have always supported me, even when things were great or terrible. – [Laughs] – Thank you, grandmother. – I love you so much. My heart is just bursting with pride right now. Really. I can’t wait to see what you do next. It’s going to be great. – I love you, grandmother. – I love you too, sweetheart. – Ava, are you planning on making esme pay? – Oh, no. No, no. Don’t worry about that. I will leave it to the authorities. Although I was not happy to hear that your brother-in-law is not going to prosecute her. – Well, timing is everything. – Mm-hmm. What about all those months that she terrorized me, that she made me fear for my daughter’s life? She destroyed my marriage. I’m not trying to excuse nikolas’s actions, but we were building a life together before she showed up. And to find out that she manipulated the entire situation– she’s just as rotten as her father, may he rot in hell. Now all I have left is that big old empty, drafty castle. – Well, you’re not completely alone. – You know, I have avery. But not all the time, you know? I share custody. – Well, what about austin? – What– what about him? – Well, he was there the night that ryan and heather made their appearance. And wasn’t he also there when dante and the police officers were searching for nikolas? – You told me that nikolas was dead. – He was. – Did you take a pulse? – No, I just took my chances. Of course I checked his pulse. – Ok, so–

[Clears throat] One time in medical school, they told me that a dead body doesn’t just up and walk away. – I was in shock, right? I mean, I’m sure I was in shock. But I can tell you one thing for certain. Nikolas’s heart was not beating. I’m sure of it. – Then, ava, where the hell is he? – Austin seems to be with you a lot. – You have to believe me; I didn’t even know that that woman was my mother. Please don’t hold her actions against my son. Ace is innocent. – Ace? That’s his name? Oh, that’s great. I love that. – [Scoffs] – You’re not mad? – No. Why would I be mad? I certainly wouldn’t be mad at you or at ace. So I’m dr. Gatlin-holt. – I– I’m esme prince. – Nice to meet you under better circumstances. Mr. Cassadine. – Spencer’s fine. We actually saw each other not long ago in passing. – Right, nice to see you. So what’s, uh– what’s going on with baby ace? – Um, I noticed that he’s been much fussier than usual, crying even when he’s not hungry and doesn’t need a changing. I kept track of the episodes, but I also noticed that he’s been flushing. I have some pictures if– if you need. – Wow. I wish all my first-time moms were this organized. – You want me to examine the contents? – No. Take it back to the office to, uh– we’ll look through it there. I’m going to have frank bring the car around. – Boss, there’s a body in the water. – What? – Victor suspects laura and robert are working together. I know that because she told me the other day he accused her of making a move against him. – Ok. Well, victor will already realize that the necklace is fake. He’ll assume that robert knew, gave it to eileen to hand off to him. – Would eileen give you up? – If victor pressured her? In a heartbeat. – I mean, god. She was just supposed to go in and deliver the necklace and then get out. But instead, she decided to take it on herself to make a play for the decryption key. And then something happened. Something spooked her enough for her to get out of town. – No, eileen ashby is definitely gone, but she did not leave on her own.

[Tense music]

– You’re seeing someone, aren’t you? Don’t lie. – I don’t want to lie to you.

[Sighs] Yes, I am. – Joss, that’s great. But, um, how long has this been going on? – Um, a few months. – Ooh. So not long after you broke up with cam. – No. – Is that why you didn’t tell me? You felt like I was going to judge you for it? – No. – Because I never– you told me last fall that you were starting to feel distance between you and cam, and things just weren’t working out. So I mean, that’s– that’s fair. – I just don’t want you in the middle. Cam is your friend too, and spencer definitely felt a way about me breaking up with him. – Ok, yeah. That’s– that’s on spencer, though. Of course I felt bad for cam. He was hurting, and I– I think he’s such a great guy. But things worked out. Cam is going to play soccer at stanford. He’s starting this major new phase in his life. And even if he wasn’t, you’re my girl, joss. You know I want the best for you. I want the best for both of you. – Thank you. – So who is it? Someone I know? – No, not really. – Do you have a picture? – Trina, I’m really sorry. I can’t tell you who it is right now. – Why not? – Because there could be really serious consequences if it became public knowledge. – Thanks for coming, and bringing violet. – Just try keeping her away. She loves her cousins. I’m really glad they can still be a part of each other’s lives. – It’s the connections you make that matter the most. That’s what epiphany used to say. – What you said about her at the memorial yesterday, it was really beautiful. – Yeah, I hope it’s what she would have wanted. And as devastated as I am, one burden has been lifted. – Hmm? – I found out that she did write a letter to the ethics committee and intended to deliver it herself. – I knew she stuck by you. – I was so afraid that I had disappointed her. It really weighed on me thinking that I’d let down my mentor, my friend. I’m just incredibly grateful that wasn’t the case. – Cam. We got you something. – Oh yeah? – Jake, now. – I did the drawing. Aiden and violet pasted on the cutouts. – So you can take us with you to california. Do you like it? – I’m not sure like is the word to use here. I love it. Come here. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. – What is it? Just– just tell me what’s wrong. – Uh, nothing’s wrong at all. Ace is a totally healthy baby. – Oh my god. – What we have here is what we call a classic case of colic. – I’ve read about that. But is ace in pain, or– – well, he’s got gas, so probably more uncomfortable than in pain. And he’s just crying because he doesn’t know how to tell you, because he can’t talk yet. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to send you home with a list of soothing techniques and some samples of some formula that might be easier on his stomach. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. We’re going to start him on a probiotic, you know, if the change in diet doesn’t help him immediately. – And the probiotic is safe for infants? – Oh yeah, absolutely. Ace is fine. Whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it. You’re doing a great job, mom. I’ll be back. – Did you hear that, sweetie? You’re gonna be ok. – Yeah, we’re going to get you fixed up, buddy. – Austin and I have something significant in common. After all, nothing forges a bond like being victims of the same lunatic. – Mm-hmm, I know.

[Chuckles] I hope that both you and austin have some peace of mind now that heather’s been locked up. – I will have peace once esme is dealt with. I really have to run. It’s been a pleasure. – Will I see you at the nurses’ ball later? – Oh. Oh, I wouldn’t miss it. Something big always happens at the nurses’ ball. – Oh, yeah. – I went to eileen’s apartment after victor went missing. I wanted to question her since she may have been the last person to see him. There were– there were no signs whatsoever that she had made any preparations to run with or without victor. – Quick escapes don’t leave a lot of time to collect belongings. – Pet owners never leave their dog without making some provisions. – I didn’t know she had a dog. – She had a very hungry, very thirsty dog that was barking even before i walked up to the door. This dog had not been cared for in some time. I took him to the q’S. The dog’s doing fine. The point is, is, she loved him. He was well-groomed. He had beds and treats and the whole thing, toys. There’s no way that she would abandon him willingly. – No. She’s not cold-blooded. You’re right. Eileen left under duress. Something really bad happened after she hung up that phone.

[Radio chatter] – Imagine my surprise when I heard you were the one who reported this. – Can you imagine how surprised I was when I came across her? – Talk to me, sonny. How are you involved in this? – I was just– I was taking a walk. I saw someone in the water. And I went to check it out, and it was the deputy mayor. – So you were casually taking a stroll alone on the docks– – yeah. – –And a body just happened to wash up right by you? That is some timing. – Ok, I told you everything that happened. If you want to take it any further, I’m going to have to call diane, and then it’s going to be a waste of everybody’s time. I don’t think you want to do that. – I came as soon as I heard. Is it true? Is that eileen? – I’m sorry, mayor collins.

[Phone rings] Commissioner ashford. – Ohh. Oh, eileen.

[Gasping] Do you know what happened? – No. But my guess is victor cassadine. – The coroner’s en route to take the body. – I’ll have to prepare a statement for the press. I have to deal with this. If it’s victor, then anna, valentin, and lucy are all in danger. They have to be warned. – I’ll check it out. Take care, ok? – [Sobbing]

– You have to trust me. I promise I’ll tell you when I can. But right now, the stakes are just too high.

– What’s your problem? – My problem? Um, I don’t like him. – Are you five? – And I also don’t like the way that you defend him. – I’d defend anyone this way. You can’t just roll up and start yelling at sonny’s employees. – That’s interesting. Are you telling me that you would be this defensive, this upset over just another one of sonny’s goons? – It sounds so serious. – Look. One day, hopefully very soon, I won’t have to keep this from you. But until then, will you just please forget about it? – [Sighs] Ok. But only if you promise that if you’re ever in trouble you’ll come to me. – I promise. – Josslyn, trina. – I’m going to take off. – You’re going to leave us here? – Yeah, I have something to do. Uh, you still have to stay here, though, and wait for the doctor to get back. – You’re our ride. – Yeah, I’m not going to be long. – [Sighs] Whatever. I can’t count on anyone except for myself. – What’s that supposed to mean? – I can’t keep relying on you and laura. I need to handle things for myself. I’m going to look for a job. – Oh. Doing what? You’ve never worked a day in your life. – I’ll figure it out. I had an internship, right? – That you orchestrated so that you could spend some time scheming with your deranged father, that’s correct. – When I was a person I don’t even remember. I mean, I’m a mom now. I need to be able to provide for my son on my own. – The idea of you being a working single mother is ludicrous to me. I just offered to pay for ace’s medical bills. Face it, you have no idea what to do now that you are out of prison. – Which was all your doing. Cameron told me how you all orchestrated my release. I’m sure this is just part of your plan to take ace away from me, but it’s backfired. I will never give up my son. – Esme, I– – just go. – Good luck in california, cam. You’re a good man. – Thank you for being here, finn, and for everything you’ve done for this family. Can I ask you one last favor? – Name it. – My mom will need her friends when I’m gone. – You can count on me. – Some extra muffins for the road. – Thank you. – Bye. – Bye. – Tell the guys, too. – I will. I’ll see you, peanut. – You ok? You ready? Bye. – Bye. – Are they gone? – Yeah. She just said goodbye to you guys. – Oh. So uh, how often do you think you’ll be back to visit? I was thinking of turning your room into an art studio. – Oh, you just can’t wait for me to leave, huh? I’ll visit as much as I can. – Well, I’ll miss you. Even though I was sometimes a pain, you always stood up for me. – You’re a great big brother, cam. And just so you know, I’ll do my best to pick up where you left off. I’m going to be there for aiden and mom. – Guys, I– I’m going to be gone, but not for good. Look, I’m still your brother, all right? If you need anything, you just call me, ok? – I know. It just won’t be the same. – Come on, guys.

[Sighs] I love you guys so much. – Love you too. – Love you, cam. – Victor and eileen both disappear on the same night they meet. That’s not a coincidence. – All right. Well, best-case scenario is that she figured out a way to escape, and she got out of there and ran as fast as she could. – Or victor found out that eileen was compromised, which is more likely. – Then she would have told him everything she knows, in which case, victor will know we’re alive and lucy. – And that the real necklace still exists. – Mm-hmm. Um, puts everyone at risk– robert, laura, felicia. He’ll figure out that we were all working together to stop him. – Eileen never knew about me and carly. And did she know how to find this place? – No. No. That is at least something in our favor.

[Knock at door] – Anna, it’s me. It’s good to see you. – Hi. What are you doing here? – Uh, laura got caught up in an emergency. Eileen ashby’s dead.

[Tense music]

– Sorry to interrupt. I was told to come here for rehearsal. – Oh. Are you the new magic wand? – I am. Maxie talked me into it. – Oh. Go, maxie. – You guys are performing, right? – Yeah, we’ve been rehearsing all morning. – There you are. Wardrobe needs you for a final fitting. Come on. – [Laughs] What? – No one I know, huh? – It’s a great picture. Really captures the four of you. – Mom, I can’t leave. – Yes, you can. – Aiden and jake, they still need me. You still need me. – What I need is to know that you’re pursuing your dreams. – Are you sure? – Cameron, it’s been you and me since the very beginning. You’ve been my rock, and jake and aiden’s too. You’ve always stepped up for us, and now it’s time to step up for yourself. – It just– it feels so selfish just leaving. – My love, you have such a big heart, and you are so loving. And it has been the greatest gift of my life having you as my son. You’ve given so much of yourself to me and your brothers, and now it’s your turn. So go out there, live your best life, and we’ll be here cheering you on. – I love you, mom. – I love you. – I wonder how much longer it will take dr. Gatlin-holt to get back to us, huh? What do you say we take a quick trip to the vending machines? Yeah? Sound good?


[Indistinct chatter]

[Bell dings]

[Dramatic music]

– What really happened here? – [Sighs] We won’t know until we get the me’s official report. – You know something. Did she drown? – The me will check for water in her lungs. – But? – The coroner said she had multiple broken bones, including her spine. He suspects eileen died from a fall. Do you have any reason to believe eileen would take her own life? – No. Eileen was all about survival. – Jordan gave laura the information. Laura wanted me to come here and warn you. – You have to assume you’re blown. – Victor got eileen to give up the info, then he disposed of her. – He’ll come after us now.

[Tense music]

– Thank you for meeting me. – Anything for you, my boy. Am I to understand from this that you are finally willing to do what needs to be done?

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Days Update Thursday, March 30, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Alex works from home at the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin walks in and questions why he’s not at the office. Alex informs him that Maggie banned him from the office, because she thinks his black eye would be a distraction to clients. Justin questions it being an image issue and not because he went behind Maggie’s back to Victor. Justin asks if Alex hasn’t been in the family long enough to know that was really stupid thing to do. Justin adds that it was also a really crappy thing to do.

At the Titan office, Maggie gives Xander some lemon bars to thank him for the profile on her that he ran for the Spectator. Maggie mentions that it impressed some of their investors. Xander says he just printed the truth. Maggie brings up Xander being responsible for Alex’s black eye. Xander confirms they had a bit of a disagreement. Maggie wants to know what it was about.

Gwen wakes Leo up in their room at the Salem Inn. Leo complains about finally being able to sleep in his own bed because of her. Gwen apologizes but Leo says if he was her, he’d be with Alex 24/7 too. Leo then asks why Gwen was solo last night.

Kristen sits in prison with Rachel’s drawing and talks about how much she misses her. The guard announces that Kristen has a visitor which turns out to be Rachel, surprising Kristen.

Chloe goes to the Brady Pub and sees Brady reading his tablet. Chloe begins to panic as she thinks back to Leo posting his gossip column about her calling Rachel a deranged monster like her mother. Chloe approaches Brady and asks if he’s reading the Spectator. Brady confirms he was just reading the latest gossip column and he can’t believe Leo would print this crap. Chloe apologizes as she asks Brady not to hate her and says she can explain.

Kristen hugs Rachel and says she can’t believe she’s there as she didn’t know it would be so soon. Kristen asks where Brady is but Rachel says he’s not there and reveals that he doesn’t know she is here.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s so sorry. Brady questions why since Leo is the one spreading rumors about Victor, saying that he’s going senile, so Chloe had nothing to do with this. Chloe asks if that’s all Leo wrote. Brady notes that there is something about Alex being in a fist fight and Stefan being spotted with Melinda. Chloe asks to see it so Brady shows her and asks if she was expecting something else. Chloe says no, so Brady questions why she told him not to hate her. Chloe explains that she ran in to Leo yesterday and he asked why they weren’t together and she didn’t give him any details, but then he said he was going to write about it. Brady guesses that Leo changed his mind.

Leo asks Gwen why Alex didn’t sleep over last night. Gwen says she was busy working and it’s not like they are a couple. Leo argues that they don’t want to lose momentum as he assumed Gwen was using Alex to make Xander jealous. Leo mentions hearing Alex and Xander fighting over her and ending with Xander giving Alex a hell of a black eye.

Justin gives Alex an ice bag to put on his black eye. Justin asks if Xander looks as bad. Alex argues that Xander had an unfair advantage. Justin suspects this fight was personal. Alex guesses it was. Justin questions what they were fighting about. Alex explains that Xander doesn’t like that he’s sleeping with Gwen. Justin questions Alex sleeping with Gwen voluntarily. Alex argues that Gwen is a beautiful and smart woman. Justin jokes that maybe Xander wasn’t mad at him, but trying to knock some sense in to his thick skull.

Tripp has his headphones in and his shirt off as he dances around the apartment while making a bowl of cereal. Wendy comes in and sees him. Wendy then taps him on the shoulder and startles him, causing him to spill his cereal. Tripp tells her that he thought he was alone and asks why she isn’t at work. Wendy explains that she had vacation days to use so she took the day off. Wendy jokes about interrupting his underwear dance party. Tripp acknowledges that he’s a terrible dancer and says that Allie and Chanel both tried to teach him but he still sucks. Wendy brings up that he was a pretty good slow dancer in Hong Kong. Tripp says anyone can do that. They decide they will clean up the mess but they end up getting close with one another until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Wendy answers the door and it’s Johnny, who says he’s sorry he didn’t call first. Johnny then sees Tripp shirtless inside and says he hopes he’s not interrupting anything.

Xander informs Maggie that Alex is sleeping with Gwen which shocks her. Maggie questions if Alex has forgotten what Gwen did to Sarah, Abigail, Laura, Jennifer, Jack, and all the children. Xander doesn’t think Alex was looking for a soulmate. Maggie asks what it is about Gwen that makes men so stupid. Xander knows how Maggie feels about Gwen but worries that Alex is going to hurt her. Maggie mocks the idea of Xander looking out for her. Maggie argues that men punch other men because they are jealous.

Gwen admits to Leo that Alex and Xander got in to a fight but not because Xander was jealous, but because he was being a wanker about her sleeping with Alex. Leo argues that is the definition of jealousy. Leo believes Gwen is screwing Alex to screw with Xander because she likes getting under his skin. Gwen admits that maybe a little true but she’s not proud of it. Leo encourages that screwing with people is her best event. Gwen is fully aware that she still has feelings for Xander but not enough to play second fiddle to Sarah, so she doesn’t want him back. Leo says there’s nothing wrong with making him suffer a little and she’s so good at it.

Brady apologizes to Chloe because he went to see Kristen yesterday and she said she called Chloe and made digs about her breakup with Stefan. Brady says she shouldn’t have to deal with that. Chloe says she shouldn’t let Kristen get under her skin like that. Brady hates that Kristen does everything she can to make her life miserable, but he may have found a way to neutralize her. Brady reveals that he made Kristen write a letter to Rachel, saying that she needed to accept their relationship. Chloe questions how he managed that. Brady admits he played a little dirty but Kristen wrote the letter and he gave it to Rachel last night. Chloe asks how Rachel reacted. Brady says that Rachel didn’t say much, but they both know Kristen has serious sway with Rachel.

Kristen questions Rachel using Brady’s phone to take an uber by herself and warns that it’s dangerous. Rachel assures that the driver was really nice. Kristen questions how she got in without the guards stopping her. Rachel explains that they tried but she faked crying. Kristen asks why she went to all this trouble and if something is wrong. Rachel presents the letter Kristen wrote and questions what it is about.

Tripp goes to get dressed while Johnny says he doesn’t have to on his account. Wendy guesses he has questions. Johnny asks if he Tripp usually parades around the apartment in his underwear. Wendy explains that Tripp thought he was alone and was startled when he saw her. Wendy then asks what Johnny is doing here. Johnny says he called her office but they said she took the day off, so he thought they could hang out if she is willing to forgive him.

Alex tells Justin that he knows Gwen has done some messed up things. Justin says it’s a little more than messed up and brings up what she did to Abigail and Sarah. Alex doesn’t mean to shock him but says it’s not Gwen’s character that he’s interested in and says they are using each other. Alex explains that Gwen is helping him get over Stephanie and he’s helping her get over Xander. Alex adds that he can’t understand why Gwen is hung up on Xander because he’s a total douchebag.

Xander tells Maggie that he’s not jealous then admits that maybe he is a little bit. Xander adds that he has no right to be jealous since he told Gwen that he’s not over Sarah. Xander complains that he thinks about Sarah all the time and asks if Maggie has heard from her. Maggie confirms that she loves her new job at the hospital. Xander asks if Sarah and Rex are dating now then says he doesn’t mean to pry. Maggie tells Xander that Sarah is enjoying her new life in Chicago and not looking back, so she doesn’t think he should look back either. Maggie says there must be someone out there for Xander. Maggie knows it hurt to lose Sarah but says he needs to follow her lead, move on, and let Gwen move on.

Leo opens his laptop and says he expected more than one comment after running a story about Chloe calling Brady’s daughter a deranged monster. Leo then looks it over and finds that everything about Chloe was completely cut from his column. Gwen asks if he forgot to put it in. Leo says of course not and that it was his lead story, so he questions what the hell happened.

Chloe asks if Brady really thinks Kristen’s letter to Rachel will work. Brady doesn’t think it will be long before Chloe and Rachel are best friends and maybe they can finally just be together again. Brady says he’s missed her so damn much. Chloe admits she has missed him. Brady suggests they get started on this and he’ll pick Rachel up from school, then they can hang out which Chloe agrees with. Brady says he has to go do some work but he will call her later. Brady kisses Chloe goodbye and then exits the Pub.

Kristen tells Rachel that she wrote the letter herself. Rachel asks if she’s really okay with Brady being with Chloe then. Kristen thinks back to Brady ordering her to write the letter or else she would never see Rachel again. Kristen then tells Rachel that it’s complicated, but she’s a big girl now so she deserves to know the truth.

Johnny tells Wendy that he knows he really screwed up by swiping Tripp’s hospital card but he tried to make things right which she acknowledges. Johnny asks if that means she’s willing to give him a second chance. Wendy jokes about it being hard to say no to him when he acts sad. Wendy asks what he had in mind for today. Johnny suggests streaming movies and starting with “In the Mood for Love”. Tripp comes out of his room, so Wendy invites him to join their movie marathon. Tripp declines and says he’s going for a run and tells them to have fun. Tripp then exits as Johnny and Wendy sit together to watch movies.

Justin tells Alex that he could see it being hard to get over a woman like Stephanie, but he wonders if it would be more effective to try and get over her with someone who is vaguely like her instead of an unhinged psychopath. Alex asks if he’s messing things up. Justin says he’s just thinking out loud. Alex says if he met someone vaguely like Stephanie, he might fall in love again and that can’t happen because falling in love sucks. Justin points out that many songs disagree. Alex insists that sex works best when it’s casual. Justin says maybe someday, he’ll grow up and think differently about it. Justin asks Alex if Gwen knows that she’s only a relief player. Alex wouldn’t put it that way but assumes she does. Justin says he’d feel better if he nails that down and warns him about Gwen being a woman scorned. Justin then exits.

Gwen finishes a call with the Spectator office about Leo’s column. Leo asks if there was some sort of mix up but Gwen reveals that it was cut on purpose so Leo questions who the hell did that.

Chloe leaves the Brady Pub and runs in to Xander. Chloe says she’s glad she ran in to him. Xander jokes that he doesn’t hear that often since usually people see him and run the other way which hurts his feelings. Chloe asks if he’s tried not being an obnoxious jerk. Xander says this took a turn. Chloe apologizes but brings up that he did abandon her in Mexico with a psychotic drug lord so it’s hard to forget the grudge. Xander says that begs the question of why she’s glad to see him. Chloe wanted to ask about Leo’s column with what she said about Rachel since she thought Brady would want to kill her, but that didn’t end up in the story, so she asks if he knows what happened to it. Xander reveals that he cut it.

Gwen informs Leo that it was Xander. Leo questions why Xander would cut the best part of his column and complains that it undermines all the work he did to double cross Chloe. Gwen asks what he means. Leo explains that he asked Chloe to get him free clothes from Basic Black’s men’s line and said he wouldn’t print it but then he was going to anyway and now Chloe is going to think he held up his end of the bargain. Leo complains that Xander took all the fun out of it, so he’s going to give him a piece of his mind and storms out.

Tripp finishes his run in the park and stops on the bench. Tripp thinks back to earlier and imagines kissing Wendy. Tripp tells himself it’s not going to happen and pours water on his head.

Johnny and Wendy talk about the movie they are watching. Johnny asks if it has her in the mood for love which she laughs at. Wendy tells him that she’s really glad he came over as they kiss.

Kristen tells Rachel that she and Brady have things they don’t agree on. Brady arrives and questions what Rachel is doing here when she’s supposed to be in school. Rachel says she came to see her mom. Brady complains that her principal called to tell him that she wasn’t in school and he had to use his phone to track her down. Brady questions how she got here. Kristen informs him that Rachel used his phone to call an uber. Brady argues that Rachel stole his phone and asks if Kristen put her up to it. Kristen assures that she didn’t and had no idea that she was coming. Brady questions Kristen not calling him to let him know that she hadn’t been kidnapped. Kristen insists that she was going to call him but Rachel was so upset that she needed to comfort her. Brady asks why she was so upset. Kristen responds that Rachel wanted to know if what she wrote in the letter was true and if she is okay with Brady and Chloe being together. Brady asks what she said to her. Kristen claims that before Brady burst in, she was about to tell Rachel that she meant every word she wrote. Kristen tells Rachel that she just wants Brady to be happy and if that means being with Chloe, so be it.

Chloe questions Xander killing Leo’s story and asks how he made that happen. Xander calls it a perk of being a publisher and says it wasn’t a fit in his opinion. Chloe says she’s beyond grateful but asks if that’s not exactly the type of story that the Spectator wants. Xander admits he saw how upset Chloe was and it didn’t seem right. Chloe asks if he did it out of the goodness of his heart. Xander adds that he didn’t want to give Kristen any armor after what she did to Sarah and that Leo could use a reminder that he’s in charge. Xander admits he mostly did it to be petty. Chloe thanks him because things have been so complicated for her and Brady that she’s not sure they would have survived Leo printing that story.

Alex goes to Gwen’s room. Gwen notices his black eye and says she wasn’t expecting him. Alex says he just wanted to come by and clear some things up about everything between them. Alex explains that he sees it as a fun, no strings kind of thing and he’s not exactly looking for a relationship. Gwen says she’s not either and she’s very happy with meaningless sex. Alex says that’s great then and guesses he’ll take off. Gwen points out that he came all the way over and asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to engage in more of that meaningless sex right now. Gwen says there’s no time like the present as they start kissing.

Johnny and Wendy kiss on the couch until Tripp comes home. Wendy asks how his run was. Tripp says it was good and asks about the movie. Johnny says it was great. Tripp then heads to the shower. Wendy jokes that she feels like she almost got caught by her parents. Johnny asks how long Tripp will be in the shower. Wendy says not long enough and suggests getting back to the movie which they do.

Justin goes to see Maggie at Titan. Justin mentions that Alex told him they were having some issues. Maggie asks if Alex sent him to smooth things over. Justin says that Alex doesn’t know he’s here and that this is a solo mission. Justin assures Maggie that Alex knows he messed up and he wants this arrangement to work. Maggie says she wants it to work too but she doesn’t know if Alex will ever accept the fact that she’s in charge. Justin encourages her to give Alex a chance to prove himself to her.

Alex and Gwen lay in bed after having sex. Alex comments that working from home definitely has it’s benefits. Gwen asks about him not going back to the office. Alex explains that Maggie doesn’t want him there until his eye heals up. Gwen says she’s so sorry about that. Alex says it’s not her fault and adds that he’s already on Maggie’s bad side since going to Victor made it worse. Alex adds that he just has to find a way to get in Maggie’s good graces.

The prison guard calls Kristen for her shift in the laundry room. Kristen hugs Rachel and tells her how wonderful it was to see her. Kristen makes Rachel promise not to come again by herself. Kristen tells her that she loves her and then exits. Brady tells Rachel that she scared him today and he doesn’t want her to ever pull a stunt like this again. Rachel apologizes to him. Brady says he’s going to take her back to school and then afterwards, they will hang out with Chloe. Rachel complains but Brady reminds her that Kristen said she’s fine with it and wants her to give Chloe a chance. Brady makes Rachel promise to try and then they leave the prison but Rachel had her fingers crossed behind her back.

Xander asks Chloe if he’s made up for the whole leaving her in the clutches of a psychotic drug lord thing. Chloe says no, but she is sincerely grateful for what he did. Chloe then hugs Xander as Leo walks up and sees them. Leo then takes photos of Chloe and Xander hugging.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Sloan really trashed your office. Trashed would be an understatement. Looks like a bomb went off. I, I thought this nightmare was finally over. How are we supposed to ever feel safe? Look, it’s gonna be okay, but if Sloan is coming after us, she’ll be sorry. Ms. Stang has messed with our family for the last time.

Well, do you think the police are gonna bust her? She better hope they take care of her trifling behind, because if they don’t misbelief, I will. Well, what has happened with you ra? This doesn’t concern you, Eric. Well then what does it concern as the commissioner said, we’ll fill you in when we get to the station.

Yeah. Like hell, you will. I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what you’re bringing me in for. All right. You wanna do this here? Fine. You’ve been accused by Paulina Price of breaking into our office and trashing the place seriously. Vandalism guys, do I not look serious? Do you look pretty serious to me, boss?

Yeah. Thank you. Mm-hmm. . So you’re gonna come quietly, or are we gonna have to arrest you here and here? Boyfriend’s restaurant.

You can’t be totally shocked that your wife is being unfaithful. Gabriela is hardly the poster child for virtue. Why are you so sure Gabby and Ste are together? Because it’s the truth. We, your wife is making a cock hold of you. Do you have proof? Gabby lied about her business Dinner with Nicole.

How’s this for proof the Sailor Man? Go to room three 12 right now. You’ll find your wife in my brother’s bed.

What’s wrong? Something doesn’t feel right. What I thought you wanted this as much as I do. Well, Gabby, there’s nothing I want more in this world. Then why are you hesitating? What think it’s not gonna, as it as you remember it. Oh, no. Hell no. I have no doubt in my mind after all this time, it is going to be better than ever.

What is the problem we’re about to make love for the first time in over four years, EJ and Nicole made this happen for us. Why are we gonna, why are we gonna ruin this opportunity?

I’m sorry, Gabby. We can’t. Why the hell not? Because we’re being set up.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Okay, so what do you mean we’re being set up? I mean, EJ and Nicole didn’t do this out of the goodness of their own heart. They did this because it’s part of a plan. Stephen, how do you know that? Honestly, I’ve been suspicious ever since they pitched this whole secret Renez group. I had my doubts too, but I asked Nicole when she swore that her and EJ were just doing this to.

And you don’t find that odd. At this whole time, EJ has done everything in his power to keep us apart. Now all of a sudden he does a 180 and joins team Stabby. That’s right. I said it. Okay. Yes, it does sound a little odd now that I think about it. So, okay. Five, what’s, what’s your theory? My theory is that son of a bitch wants your husband to catch us together.

Well, what are you waiting for? You hold in your hand the literal key to catching Gabby and reclaiming your shares.

Gabby’s my wife in name only. Her heart and soul belongs to Stephan and as we speak, her body does as well. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? I’m just trying to be a friend. Come. Where is your dignity? You think it’s dignified of me to go storming over there and catch her in the app? If you don’t catch us, she’s going to walk away from your marriage with Stephan and a considerable block of Damira shares, I don’t think even you would allow that to happen.

I knew you would come to your senses. Come on.

This is outrageous. Paul used her wealth and position to cover up Chanel murdering my mother and now I’m the one being brought in for questioning. One has nothing to do with the other. Yeah. Yet I’m being accused based on what Paulina price’s word. We’re not accusing you of anything that you are bringing her in for Question.

We’d like Ms. Peterson to answer a few questions on the record. You’re the one choosing to do this the hard way. Fine. Let’s just get this over with and listen, I’m gonna go down with you. No, no, no. Don’t worry about it. This is not my first rodeo. I can handle it myself. And once this farce is over, I’ll text you, okay?

Okay, ej, we’re all set. Stephan are exactly where they’re supposed to be. She didn’t trust me at first, but then in the end, she wanted her alone time with Stephan, so she was thrilled for the help. Let me know how it goes with Lee.

The court went across the street. I said I would be willingly. You don’t need a strong army. Oh my goodness. , are you arresting her? Seattle, Nicole. Oh, gotta love it when a lawyer needs a lawyer. So what are you bringing her in for? Impersonating a decent human being. Uh, please don’t interfere unless you’d like to be arrested for pending of police investigation.

Oh, don’t let me stand in your way. Good luck, Sloane. You know, I was wondering, will they let you keep those cheap hair extensions on the inside? Oh, go to hell. Love you too.

Gosh, I just keep getting better and better. Mama, the last thing I want is for you to get into any more trouble because of Sloan Peterson. Sloan is the one who started all this accusing you of murder. She tried to ruin our lies because she couldn’t face the truth. Okay, well just let the police deal with Sloan.

Okay? Well, sometimes if you want, you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. Look, Chanel is right Ms. Price. My sister and Commissioner Hernandez will make sure that woman pays for what she did to your office. You don’t, you don’t know that. What, mom, are you okay? I’m, I need to sit down here. Come sit down honey.

Honey. Because my breath, what’s going on? You can look. So love this price. Ooh, C. Don’t feel so good either. What is it you think I’m having heart attack?

I’m calling an ambulance. My phone, what the hell is my phone? Her property is Ms. Price. Can you please tell me the symptoms you’re experiencing right now?

Check my, he. Oh my God, mama, we, we need to get her to the hospital. No, just hold on a second. Do you have any jaw tightening? Arm pain? Okay. What about your stomach and your back? Any pressure in your chest? Oh, my chest is tight. No, no pain. What is going on? I wanna try something real quick. Close your eyes please.

That helps. Just a heart attack. Just trust me. Okay. Take a deep breath and through your nose, through your mouth. What are you doing? Please this price. You got this again? There you go. Deep breath in. Deep cleansing. Breath out. There you go. Deep breath in. Deep, deep breath out. You too. Chanel. What? Just try it.

All right. There you go. How are you Feeling? Better? Yeah. Oh, I feel much better. Mm-hmm. . Talia. Tell me what’s going on. I don’t think your mama was having a heart attack. Well then what is it? Have you ever suffered a panic attack before? I never panicked. I’m cool under pressure. Well, a panic attack is different.

It’s a very real medical condition with real serious symptoms. I never had one before. How do you know about about this? Tall Is a doctor Mama like a doctor? Doctor, like a real md? Yes, ma’am. Well, I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I. Why the hell did you quit medicine to work in a bakery? Oh, woo.

Hey Justin, it’s Eric. Hey, I’m, when you get this, can you call me back as soon as you can? I have a friend who needs a good attorney.

You have something to say?

I just think it’s romantic that you’re hiring a lawyer for your gal pal. I I was just wondering how does the former St. Eric feel about sleeping with a criminal? She’s not a criminal, she didn’t do it. Do what exactly. I mean, Your ex and my ex haul your current s new bed buddy down to the station. For the record, it’s none of your.

And if I did have a problem sleeping with criminals, I never would’ve shared my bed with you. You have a rap sheet just as long as your boyfriend ejs. Okay, ej. We’re all set. Gabby and Stephan are exactly where they’re supposed to be. She didn’t trust me at first, but then in the end she wanted her alone time with Stephan, so she was thrilled for the help.

Let me know how it goes with Lee.

Dear Stephan, I hope you enjoy your time with that duplicitous snake. It won’t be long before Gabriela’s husband arrives to catch him in the act.

If Lee bust in here catches us in the act that will make you forfeit your claim to his Demari shares, then EJ won’t have to worry about you and I teaming up to take back the. You don’t think you’re being paranoid when it comes to my brother? I wouldn’t put anything past him, especially working with Nicole.

I heard she was quite the schemer back in the day. I can’t believe I You believe I didn’t see through her. She was pretending to be my friend, but I guess I just wanted to be with you so badly that I made the dumb decision to believe it was real. Okay. No, no, no. Gabby, this, you and I, this is what’s real call and EJ are not our friends.

Can’t believe people would do something like this playing with our lives. You know what they’re gonna pay. They will. They will. I’m. There’s nothing I wanted more than to spend tonight with you on this bed. Um, maybe we can, we can have a quick eating house. So nothing, huh? As much as I hate to say. No, we can’t risk if there’s too much at stake.

You’re right. But we will find a way to be together, I promise. Okay, so now what we order some room service, place something on Peacock and wait for a lead to charge in. No. No. I got a better idea.

Okay. A latte for you and a nice calming chemical tea for you, . Oh, thank you. Call me Paul. Lena, you saved my life. I can ditch the formality. I didn’t exactly save your life, but, okay. You got it Paul. So how are you feeling? Oh, better. You have an excellent bedside manner, doctor and I, I hope didn’t, you know I’ll be to mind my praying about your career switch.

Oh no. It’s okay. I mean, it is a pretty radical change, jumping from medicine, working at a bakery and a substantial pay cut. Yeah, and that too, a lot of people would think it’s crazy. I don’t know. I need a change. Oh, your parents must be thrilled, mama. No, not everybody has a mother’s understanding is you do Chanel

No, she’s right. Let’s just say it was definitely, um, an adjustment period. My mother liked to say my daughter, the doctor who wouldn’t . No, it’s, but at the end of the day, she wanted to see me happy and are. I am mostly, mm-hmm. . Well, I’m just glad that you remembered all those skills you learned in med school when it came time to stop that damn panic attack.

Well, I’m happy to help, but I still want you to follow up with your primary care physician, okay? Mm-hmm.

And if you aren’t seeking a therapist, I highly suggest it seems like you’re under a lot of stress lately. Oh, I have been. All my anxieties will melt away when Sloan Peterson is behind boss. For the last time, I had nothing to do. Remodeling a Paul’s tacky office. Would someone mind telling me what’s going on?

And here, Linda, thank God Cagney and Lacy here have been trying to railroad me for a crime that I didn’t commit. What you just asking her a few questions? Commissioner a word? Yeah.

Carry on. Detective. I’ll be right back.

You mind telling me why you’re questioning a prominent defense attorney in my police station? Prominent, first of all, it’s the Peoples police station, and second, she’s a suspect in. Which crime would that be? Well, someone broke into Paulina Price’s office and ransacked the place. What makes you suspect Ms.

Peterson? Come on, animosity with Mrs. Price is well documented. What’s the problem? Sloan Peterson has been a constant thorn in my side. If you send me this case to prosecute, it better be ironclad. I can’t appear to be using my office to go after a professional riv. Of course not. You would never do that.

Damn da.

I have somewhere to be. Don’t blow it this time, commissioner. Okay.

Finally. Trask told you to let me go, didn’t she? I don’t take orders from the DA, Ms. Peterson. Maybe not, but she’s gonna be the one who has to try the flimsy case. She managed to build against me in court. I already humiliated her once. I doubt she wants to go through that again. That’s what you’re all about, huh?

Winning or losing. What else is there? Well, it’s just really interesting to me that so far you’re zero for. When going after Pauline and Chanel? Good point, detective. That’s right. Both the criminal and civil cases were thrown out. I must have upset you son. That would make me want to even the score.

I’m curious. This is this whole bad cop, bad cop thing. Usually work out for you guys. That’s from where I’m sitting. It’s just so boring.

Now I see why Salem’s so full of criminals running around this with you two idiots in charge. Where were you last night? Home. Can you verify that? Because it’s not, that doesn’t count an alibi. Were you alone, Ms. Peterson? Can someone vouch for the fact that you were home at the time that Pauling, his office was broken into?

Listen, you’re gearing up for round two. Save it. I don’t have the time to the energy. I know this may surprise you, but I don’t relish in fighting with you either, especially since you’ve gotten so good with hitting below the belt. Yeah. There’s only so much one can take before he starts fighting back.

Says the guy who literally preached about turning the other cheek, that guy lost his calling. He lost his baby. He lost his mom, his aunt, his stepmom, and the woman he loved. And when once someone’s faced with that over and over again, I say he doesn’t have another cheek to turn.

Am I interrupting something?

Please, Gabby, don’t be in this room.

What the hell are you doing with my wife? What the hell, Lee? Save your outrage for the next loser. Whose wife you try to steal. Sorry there buddy, but uh, just shut up. I know you’re under there. Gabby, at least have the decency to come out and face me. All right, fine. Happy now. Whoops.

I am. I don’t understand. Oh, we should never explained it to you. You see when a boy bee likes a girl bird thing. Okay, what the hell’s going on here? Lee, you’re the one who burst into this room. You tell me. Yeah. How did you get in here anyway? Do the people of. No, you’re sleeping with a member of the Demer crime family.

sorry. We’re a crime family. Now what I do off the clock is my business, and you are the last person who should be casting stones, considering you used the family’s mad scientist, a Brainwasher man, and keep him away from his wife. She’s talking about me. Mm-hmm. , by the way, Lee, you still haven’t explained why you walked in here screaming about.

Why did you think your wife would be in here? You’re the one responsible for keeping us apart. Remember? Yeah. I’m still wondering how you got a copy of the room key. Maybe that’s something I should look into once I’m back on the clock. That’s a good idea. Until then if like, excuse me, I’d like to go back to enjoying my evening.

Why are you just standing there gaping at us? It’s kind of creepy. I wasn’t even aware you knew each other. Oh, I’ve had my eye on this one for quite some time. We bumped into each other and sparks flu. Hmm. A woman has needs. And I’m a sucker for a powerful man since you’ve made it next to impossible for me and Gabby to reunite you.

And I might as well move on with her. Yeah. You gonna throw him out or? Shall I? That won’t be necessary. I’ll go.

You’re welcome.

We don’t have all night Ms. Peterson. Is there anyone who can confirm your alibi or not? I was at home. . In other words, no, I’m sorry that I don’t have a witness whenever I’m in my apartment. But then again, it really doesn’t seem like you guys have evidence, fingerprints. I maybe some d n of course not because I wasn’t there.

I didn’t vandalize Paulina Price’s office. Just like you didn’t vandalize sweet bits a few months ago. You know? Are we done here? You guys have no grounds to hold me on and absolutely no proof of me committing any crime.

All right, you’re free to go. Thank you for this colossal waste of my time and the taxpayer’s money. Yeah. Well, one more thing before you go. What if you are harassing Pauline and her daughter? It ends. You’re on our radar. Your radar. Yeah. We’re watching you. Every move. Give you so much as cut. Paulina Orch, elephant traffic.

Your ass will be back here. Mm-hmm. . And next time we press charges, Hmm. Well you better hope that there’s not a next time because this is blatant harassment. And if you continue to use the Salem Police Department to bully me on behalf of your boss, mayor Carver, then I will make it my life’s mission to make sure that the two of you can’t even work security at the Salem Mall.

And all my experience, once you start having panic attacks, they don’t normally go all the way on their own child. Please, I’ve survived an abusive partner. Give me up my firstborn daughter, losing my husband, and any kind of trauma that you can name, I don’t get through this, mama. You don’t have to act tough.

I am tough now that I know what this is. I’ll deal with it. There’s no shame in getting a little help. I’m fine. Look, I’ve seen it way too many times. Okay. Black women stressed and anxious suffering in silence cuz they think they have to be strong all the time. Don’t worry, I will make sure that mama follows up even if I have to make the appointment and drive her there myself.

Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, let’s not forget who the mom is around here.

Is there a reason why the two of you keep showing up in my family’s restaurant, Eric, is that any way to treat paying customers, especially in this, I don’t care. What would dear Sweet Mob Brady say about that? She would say that sometimes the money. isn’t worth it. Sometimes the customers aren’t worth the trouble.

As delightful as this has been, I have somewhere I need to be. You’re not even going to take our order. I’m still looking forward to a robust bowl of your famous Goul. Oh, . Sorry. Shout. I’ll be sure to send over one of my servers. By the way, leave a nice tip.

I don’t think he’s sending over a so, huh uh, right. Yeah. Soap. Oh, what did Agnes, nothing important. So, so did you hear from Lee? Not yet, but I think the poor fellow is somewhere licking his wounds after finding Stephan on top of Gabriela poor underneath . By either way, now that Lee is reclaiming his shares from Gabby.

She’ll never be a threat to my reign.

What’s the matter? You seem surprised to see me.

Are you okay? It looked like you’ve seen a ghost. You do remember? I live here too. Yeah. I, um, I just wasn’t expecting to see you. Why not? I, um, I figured you’d, uh, still be out with Nicole. How is the business dinner? Oh, you’re not gonna believe this. Try me. Nicole had no intention of discussing potential fashion partnerships.

Then why’d she invite you out? Get this the whole thing with a setup.

Come on. All right. If dress is on her way, you think you can twist her? No, but she hates EJ as much as anybody else besides, I think she has a little bit of a crush on me. Oh, great. EJ thinks he’s got one over on us. It’s time for UJ to know he’s playing checkers and we’ve been playing chess. All right.

Well, good luck. Who needs luck when I have you. I love you, Stephan. I love you too. Okay. This will happen again soon. I just, I don’t wanna be here when me s

Thank you again for doing this. Oh, it was actually kind of fun. I dabbled in a little theater when I was in college. Mostly one acts, but they kept casting me as the villain. Go figure. Well, I mean, once being in a courtroom, but one big performance. Right? And he really brought down the house tonight. Oh.

Anything to cause harm to ej. God deserves to suffer after he helped your psycho sister Kristin of a justice. My family really does make your life more d. I don’t know how you stand them. Your brother pretending to want to help you and Gabby be together only to set you up . That’s how we Dara’s role. My God knows Gabby’s not my favorite person in the world, but.

That’s just vi indeed. But thanks to you, EJ was the big loser tonight. Just wish I could be there when he realizes we got the better of him.

Oh, I’d much prefer a bottle of vco, but any Putin stone. Elvis, just make the toast to Stefan and Gabriela. May their I prudent reunion solidify my hold on mirror for generations to come.

Oh. Well, well thanks for nothing, commissioner. Glad to see my tax dollars is going right in the toilet. Oh, what happened? And Jayla let Sloan walk right out of the police station. No charges nothing. That woman is free to terrorize our family with no consequences. Okay, mama, calm down. You’re eating all worked up again.

Damn right. I’m getting worked up. Okay, but you don’t wanna have another panic attack. Look, Chanel is right in this price. Paulina, remember to breathe. Yes, yes, yes. I’m breathing. I’m breathing.

Uh, where are you? Um, I’m gonna go grab a few things in my office. It will, I’ll drive you. No, no, that’s okay. I’ve got a driver. Are you sure? Yes, yes. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m okay. Tyler. Thanks again. Thank you for all of your help. Of course. You ladies, you, you have a nice, nice,

you get my message. Are you okay? What happened at the. A complete waste of my time is what happened at the station. Once I pointed out that they had no evidence tying me to the break in the Paul’s, they had to let me go believe you that you didn’t do it. No. I still think that Rafe and your delightful ex believe I’m guilty.

Are you? Am I what? Guilty. Did you do it?

Nicole took me out to Tri Act all friendly with me. She even said she’s sneaking me into the Salem. In the Salem in, yeah, for a secret. Ron David with Stephan. What’d you say? Well, I refused, of course. I told her I’m married to you. You know, from what I’m getting. Nicole’s working with ej, you know, they were hoping that I would take the bait, catch me cheating, and then wrap me out to you.

I see as if I would risk losing all your dememer shares for some role in the hay. You weren’t. A deal’s a deal. I am your committed and faithful wife, at least until the end of our agreed upon term. Listen, I’ve had a really long day. I’m gonna have to bet you in the morning.

Oh, as fun as this was, I better get going. Tell your girlfriend she owes me one. We both do. I am well aware and I intend on calling in my marker. The second, the two of You’re in control of Dira, what are you looking for? I don’t know. Um, seat on the corporate board. Sizable donation to the foundation I set up in my daughter’s honor.

Whatever you want is yours. Oh, be careful what you promised, Stephan. You know I wasn’t lying to Lee when I said. I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time. Mm-hmm. , , , flattering as that is my heart and all my other body parts. belong to Gabby. Well, I hope she knows how lucky she is. I’m the lucky one. Well, I also know that she’s kind of a train wreck when it comes to relationships.

So if things don’t work out between the two of you, oof, you know where to find me.

I’m curious about something, right? When Lee burst through the door, I mean, Stephan had to know that we set him up, not assume, okay, so he’s not gonna be very happy with either one of us, but you’re his brother. He’ll get over it. And I’m willing to sacrifice our brotherly bond to make sure Gabby never gets her grubby little fingers on anything else of mine.

So are you going to tell me why Eric had his niggers in the twist earlier? Ah, well, no surprise. Turns out his girlfriend Sloan is as crooked as her clients. Yeah. Wow. Mm-hmm.

you think I trashed Pauline’s office? I’m not saying you did it with your own hands. You could have hired somebody to do your work. You’re unbelievable. I’m not judging you, but when I think about those responsible for taking away my mother, there’s. Telling you how much I want them to suffer in every way.

Fine. You need me to say it. I’ll say it. I didn’t trash Paulina’s office. I didn’t pay someone to trash Paulina’s office. I’m innocent.



You should go on home. I will. I’m just looking through the evidence from Paulina Price’s file. Anything we missed? No. I really wanted to get something to nail that SMUGs Sloan Peterson. Yeah, I hear you should have heard Pauline’s voice on the phone when I told her that we had to release Sloan. We’ll get her next time.

Bus. Yeah. Yeah. If he plans for tonight. Oh yeah. Exciting. I was thinking of heading home, you know, mashables loose and then dine in on some leftover pizza with a side of general SO’S chicken. Oh, a coincidence. I was gonna do the same while dining on a frozen lasagna with a side of frosted pop tar. E Frosted.

Oh, look at you fancy pants. , , Damaris, and Kiki ain’t got nothing on you? Nope.

Uh, good night. Yeah, Janet,

thanks for being so good with my mom earlier. She doesn’t like listening, does she? Not really her thing. But you did gain her trust and mine. If you weren’t there, I might’ve had a panic attack myself. . I’m just glad she’s okay. Yeah. You worried about her? Yeah, I, she, she puts on this brave front, but I can tell that this message Sloan is really starting to get to.

I just, I dunno how much more she can take.

Oh, what a damn mess. Only an animal would do something like this. Oh, oh, what is this? This wasn’t here before. Somebody must have got in the office after the police left.

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Willow, do you realize you’re only two days out from your procedure? I tried to tell her to stay home and rest. Later. Right now, this is exactly where I need to be. (Sighing) oh, I’m so glad to see you. Come in. Oh, come here! Hi, grandma! I’m officially cleared to donate my bone marrow to willow. That is such good news, such good news! God knows that we could use them, especially a day like today. You going to the memorial? Really? I couldn’t stand that people who’d openly wished britta ill attended her service. Aunt liesl, you are many, many things, but hypocrite is not one of them. Epiphany and I did nothing but butt heads. I’m not happy she’s gone, but I’m glad she died honorably. Just like britt. We should all be so lucky.

[Sighs] Boss. Want some company?

How are you doing, marshall? It doesn’t make sense that she’s gone. Well, unfortunately, pop, a lot of things in life just don’t make sense. You know, hanging out with epiphany was often the highlight of my work shift.

[Laughter] Yeah, I’m sure it was. We laughed so much when I was helping her prep for the mcats. I mean, I’m surprised we got anything done. But she pulled through, didn’t she? With your encouragement, marshall. You’re not just a nurse. You are epiphany johnson. You’ve been up to the crack of dawn studying for these mcats, girl, you got this. Thank you for the encouragement. Hey, I’m just stating facts. What if I don’t pass? So what? A valiant effort is not a failure. Far from it. It’s brave. Epiphany, it’s courageous. And it makes me so very proud of you. Right before epiphany took her mcats, she was scared. And she said that this was all my fault. And she was right. If it wasn’t for me, epiphany would still be here. I just want to see how you’re holding up. What do you think, does this look right here? Because I could put it over there. I think it’s perfect. The fact that you pulled this all together on such short notice-it’s impressive, to say the least. It’s not like you really had a choice. Epiphany had it in her will that I would get to organize her celebration. Still bossing around from the afterlife, I see. Yeah.

[Chuckles] Although that was before everything had to come out about what I had done. She must have been so disappointed in me. I just wish she could have focused on being at johns hopkins and her future and not-hey. Hey, epiphany was driving home. And there was an accident on the side of the road, and she jumped in to help, just like you’d expect her to. Yeah. Yeah, she was being the epiphany we all knew and loved. I just wish I could have made it right with her. I had a feeling I’d find you here. Back when we were sort of, almost, kind of dating, you’d always wallow in here when you’re sad. I’ve earned a right to a little wallowing. Don’t you think? Epiphany was my friend. This vital presence, and now, she’s just gone. (Voiceover) now, I also understand that she’s not the only patient that you snapped at lately. You snap at people all the time. Well, that’s different. Why? Because I said so. Now, I want an explanation. Is there something going on with you? Ok, I may have been down in the dumps ever since things went so spectacularly south with brad. You can do better. I’m sorry for bringing that stuff to work. Wait. What’d you say? I said, you can do better. No, she’s not. No one’s ever really gone, as long as you hold onto her. In here.

[Cries] Look at this place-caring for the people of port charles for 60 years. Can you believe it? These walls-they’ve seen everything. Yeah. And I’m afraid today is going to be a hard one. General hospital’s lost one of its best. I couldn’t agree more. But here we are. We’re still standing. [Chuckles] Sometimes barely. Still something to be grateful for. And we have to keep going until we can’t anymore. I believe epiphany would want that. Diane! Hello, laura. Hi, robert. I didn’t think I’d be seeing you today. Well, epiphany asked me to be the executor of her will. I just have one final thing to do before the memorial. Yeah. A grind never stops, does it? (Laughing) no. I actually can’t stay very long either. I have to fill in for the deputy mayor while she’s indisposed. Is there any update on her whereabouts? Uh, well, I acquired some assistance the other night and diane helped me. Did I ever.

[Chuckles] Oh, yeah, she can be trusted. She’s a friend. High praise. Right. Well, I’d better get inside. I’ll see you in there. I look forward to it. Well.

[Laughs] You seem a little happier than you were before. Does this have something to do with diane? Hmm? Well.

What are you talking about? Hmm? What’s your fault? I pushed epiphany to go into med school. That’s a good thing, pop. If she hadn’t taken mcats, if she hadn’t gotten into johns hopkins, she wouldn’t have been on the road the other night, and she wouldn’t have seen that accident. And she’d still be here with us. No. No, no. Marshall, you reignited her dream, and she attained her dream. She got to prove to herself that all those people were wrong all those years ago who said that she couldn’t do it, and she did it! She actually did it! Think about how amazing that is and how many people really get to have that kind of satisfaction. Before epiphany passed, any semblance of self-doubt, of regret, that she had been carrying around for decades-that lifted off of her. And I’m gonna tell you right now, that’s a gift. And if I know epiphany, I know in my heart that she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

[Sobbing] It’s good to see you, milo. You, too, boss. I wish it was under different circumstances. Man, uh, epiphany was one of a kind. I’m so lucky I got to have her in my life. You know what? Epiphany was lucky, too. (Voiceover) you think I’m trying to change you? Aren’t you? Not even close. I took you the protein shack because it’s where I like to go. It never occurred to me to try anywhere else. But if I made you feel that you’re not good enough for me, I am so sorry. It’s just the opposite. I worry all the time if I’m good enough for you. And as for the way you look, you are beautiful inside and out, epiphany. That’s why I asked you out. I wouldn’t change a thing. You ok? (Crying) yeah. I’m just grateful for all the memories. What about you, boss? How’s everything going? You mean the business? You know, things are a little dicey. I’m happy to step in again if you need more help, you know, more hands on deck, just for old time’s sake. I appreciate that, but you’re one of the rare ones that got out-and lived. Let’s keep it that way. Dr. Obrecht, just the person I was looking for. May I help you? Indeed. As the executor for epiphany johnson’s will, I’ve been given a specific set of instructions for you. They are time-sensitive and must be completed today. By me? Yes. But nurse johnson and I despised one another. Well, be that as it may, epiphany johnson apparently felt you were the only one to be trusted with this job. Aunt liesl, what does it say? Epiphany was important to me. I understand that, willow. It’s just-without her support, I may never have gone into nursing. I’m considering applying to the nursing program. I’d still be able to work with kids, and maybe some of my experience as a teacher would translate. Hmm, well, the world always needs more good nurses. But you have to go back to school start from scratch. Oh, I know that. I didn’t think there would be any shortcuts. I’m just kind of at a crossroads. I’ll tell you what. If you still want to talk about it, you know where to find me. I don’t think I ever told her how much I appreciated that. I just want to attend the service and light a candle for my friend. And then, I will head straight back home. Promise. Can I count on you to help me do this? Oh, my gosh. You can count on us for anything. Always. We’re with you all the way. How come you’re here? I just want to see you before heading to epiphany’s memorial. Oh, gosh! Mom and dad really wanted to come, but sadly, they couldn’t get away from work. Of course not. Doctors, they’re always so busy trying to save people’s lives, right? Right. Anyways, I decided just because they kind of fly out didn’t mean that I couldn’T. So this young lady booked herself a flight. Of course she did. Wow. I can’t believe you’re sitting here right in front of me. Happy surprise? Oh, it’s the absolute happiest. Oh, come here.

Diane! Oh, my gosh. How long has it been? Too dang long. Come here. How’s max? He’s doing good. And how are you? Pretty sad today. I’m so sorry about epiphany. Thank you, diane. It’s nice to see you. I know I said this when we spoke, but I’m really, really sorry for your loss. I know that you and epiphany had a very special relationship. It really hit home how precious life can be and how it can be gone like that. That’s why we have to be careful. It’s funny, because when I think of life like that, the impermanence of it all, it makes me want to stay close to the people that I love. I know we can’t spend a lot of time together until things settle down, sonny, but if you want company to the memorial, I would love to go with you. I’d like that very much. I think the readings are a mistake. If I cut them, then it leaves more room for people to speak. Hey, elizabeth, this whole service, this celebration, whatever you want to call it, it’s beautiful. But it needs to be perfect. Perfect. I need to make it up to her. I just wish I knew what she was thinking at the end. Maybe I can help with that. Were you a friend of hers? More like she was my guardian angel. Your dear friend epiphany died saving my life.

Grandpa? [Stammering] My little girl! I don’t mean to intrude. I just read about epiphany’s memorial service, and I just-I don’t even know what I was hoping to find. I just jumped in my car, and here I am. You were with her when she passed? We’ve been trying to piece together all the details. It was late. I was driving home after a double shift. I’m a nurse as well. The roads were a mess and visibility was even worse. And I didn’t even see the downed power line before i was practically on it. And I swerved to get out of the way, and then I crashed into a utility pole. It was so much smoke and fire. I was terrified. I can imagine. I managed to get out of the car, but I was in so much pain, and it was so much blood and-then I saw the headlights. Epiphany? She pulled over and she just ran to me. She was barking orders at 911 the entire way. That sounds about right. Epiphany knew that if she moved me, I would bleed out, so she just-she put pressure on my wounds, and she just-she just talked to me in that soothing voice that she had. And she said to me, she said, I promise you I will not leave your side until the paramedics are here. And she didn’T. If it wasn’t for your friend-I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. So I asked my colleagues at the hospital what happened, and they said that she collapsed at the site. They said she had some problem. There was so much smoke, that she had some kind of complications or-she had a pre-existing heart condition. And she didn’t even think twice about risking her own life to save a stranger? That was her. Epiphany was a true healer. Epiphany was a hero. Sorry for your loss. We all lost her, sonny. So did you. Oh, this is milo giambetti. It’s nice to meet you, mr. Ashford. I’ve heard great things. Epiphany spoke very highly of you. Thank you. Thank you for saying that. Sonny, you should head to the chapel. Milo, he said? Yeah. What a nice young man. How did he know epiphany? That’s epiphany’s ex-boyfriend. Yeah. She was full of surprises. Wow. Thank you for sharing with us. It means everything. And we’re-we’re very, very glad that you’re all right. Only because of epiphany. It’s comforting, knowing she left this world doing what she loved. Well, it looks to be about that time. All right. You’ll stay for the service, right? Oh, no, I should probably get going. I just-I just wanted epiphany’s loved ones to know what a brave and wonderful person she truly was. We already knew that. Look, please, stay. You drove all this way. Epiphany would want you here. You sure? Positive. Ok, I’ll stay. Who was that? Just one of the countless people who owe their life to epiphany.

thank you all for being here. How do you sum up the life of a person who has touched so many people in so many different ways? People fall into different categories. He’s the heart of the hospital. She’s the brains of the operation. The soul, the glue, the entertainer, the comforter-but not epiphany. No, ’cause she was all of those things wrapped up into one magnificent human being. She was firm and tender. She was a pragmatist, a dreamer. She was a taskmaster. And yet, she told her nurses to take as many mental health days as necessary. There’s a whole host of contradictions that, for some reason, never really seemed to conflict with each other. Fitting that today is just another one of those contradictions. It’s a celebration of her life while our hearts collectively break, mourning a woman who was a mentor, a best friend, someone we all considered family. So what are your plans for tonight? Well, franco has this session and-I didn’t ask you what franco’s plans were. I asked you what your plans were. What are you, the bride-to-be, going to be doing on the night before her wedding? Well, I was going to treat myself to a bubble bath and watch the last two episodes-oh, wrong, wrong, wrong. You’re going out with me for a drink. I’m going to miss her. But I am also flooded with gratitude, because who’s luckier than us to have known and loved and been loved by epiphany? No one’s luckier. Epiphany had a gift for connecting people, for telling them the truth, even when the truth was scary. When I first became a nurse, I was afraid of caring for terminal patients. I didn’t know how to be with them. Tiffany showed me by example. She got me to push past my fear, so I could help those who need me. She was generous with her time, her spirit, and our wisdom. I had my credentials when I got here, but it was epiphany who taught me how to be a nurse. I didn’t know epiphany as long as a lot of people in this room. But the impact that she had on my life-it was indescribable. We were work colleagues. We got along great. She got along great with everyone. But there was a time when she risked everything to protect my daughter and her father. And I think that that speaks to her character. We became great friends after that. And eventually-eventually, she-she became a part of my family. My father once told me, it’s the people who show up at your darkest moments-those are your real friends. God knows I’ve been through some dark moments. You know how much I hate being in this chair, right? Now, it’s time to take it to the next level. I’ll be the judge of that. Just watch. Hold my hand. You stubborn son of a bitch! Look at you! Look at you! If that’s the measure of true friendship, then epiphany was my best friend. It’s hard to imagine general hospital without epiphany. She’s certainly been here for as long as I can remember. It won’t be the same without her. Epiphany was a truthteller. If she liked someone, then they were worth having them in your life, but if she didn’t, it was probably best to avoid them. But epiphany allowed for growth. I think that was one of her best qualities in my opinion, because she believed people could change. They could get stronger, wiser, just better. And that’s a good thing, because i was one of those people. Epiphany ran to my rescue so many times-a lot of people’s rescue.

ladies and gentlemen-gentlemen, before we all rush away, one last piece of business. When I agreed to be epiphany’s executor for her will, she gave me a small but very specific set of instructions for today, but chief among them being that I escort you all to the roof. So please, will you all follow me? You coming? Yeah, I’ll be up in a minute. I have a note for all of us from epiphany. I have to imagine some nice things were said about me today, and tears were probably shed, which I can appreciate, of course. But you know that’s not how I lived my life, even in the darkest of times. I held on to the joy whenever I could, so be sad if you need to be. Safe travels, my worthy adversary. But I would much rather go out with a bang.

[Explosions] No way! Oh, my god. Leave it to epiphany. It’s beautiful. Go out with a bang, you did. Um, boss? Yeah? Correct me if I’m wrong, but these fireworks are-highly illegal, yes. I couldn’t hear that. The fireworks were so loud.

[Laughter] Monica? Am I disturbing the memorial? No, no, no. It just ended. Are you all right? Ugh, I’m fine. I’m just terribly disappointed I couldn’t be at epiphany’s memorial. If I hadn’t been the keynote speaker, I would have backed out. Well, epiphany of all people would appreciate you keeping your commitment. I imagine she would, which brings me to why I’m calling. Diane miller paid me a visit just before I left, and she dropped off a sealed letter that was written by epiphany a few days ago-one she intended to hand-deliver to the review board on your behalf. So she did write a letter of support? I just finished reading it, and i had to share it with you. “Elizabeth baldwin is an extremely talented and dedicated nurse. And watching her grow from a rookie to the leader amongst her peers has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. Her commitment to healing knows no bounds. And part of that commitment requires making snap judgments in the moment, assessing tricky situations, and deciding in real time how best to handle them. I believe that’s what elizabeth was doing when she made the choice to treat esme prince while in captivity. Was that choice the right one? Ultimately, no, as is often the case with snap decisions like that. But the thing that separates the good healers from the great ones is accountability. Elizabeth didn’t run from her responsibility. She ran towards it, which makes her the best of us. In fact, it had always been my intention to recommend she be named head nurse when I depart for medical school this fall. I stand by that recommendation now more than ever. Elizabeth has always made me proud, and she’ll make general hospital proud, too.” Elizabeth? Are you still there? Yeah, I’m still here. Well, that’s quite a recommendation, if you ask me. And who am I to deny epiphany’s last wish? Wait, are you saying that-I plan to present the idea to the board at the end of the month. Having another hardy-slash-march from the 10th floor sounds right, don’t you think? Thank you, monica. Thank you. Don’t thank me. Thank epiphany. You take care, elizabeth. Thank you, epiphany. For everything. I love you. You’re not alone you’re not alone anymore you’re not alone you’re not alone anymore I know you think there’s no way out like you’ve been living in the dark but you don’t have to feel alone I know you’re reaching up for the sky and you keep searching for that but you don’t have to search anymore we’ll be the hands to hold you up we’ll be the eyes to help you see we are here we are now we are one you are the strength inside our hearts you are the reason we believe we are here we are now we are one you know who I am? My patient.

[Laughs] Magic milo, you disappoint me. Gotta leave something to the imagination.

[Chuckles] Oh, I’ll be imagining. Are you asking me out on a date? Are we going to sing karaoke on that date? No. I have a boyfriend. Good ones do. And he’s not too hard on the eyes either. Don’t you mess with the nurse’s ball. You wouldn’T. Wouldn’t I? Did I or did I not assign you to bedpan duty? Yeah, but-but what? No running. Jason was someone I respected. He respected you, too. I never doubted that.

[Laughter] I’d go a long way to protect the people that I love, and you, my sweet, are on that list. We are here, we are now we are one you are the strength inside our hearts you are the reason we believe we are here we are now we are one you’re not alone you’re not alone anymore you’re not alone you’re not alone anymore

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Diane: I should do the world a favor and strangle you to death!

Jack: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! What is going on?!

Kyle: Hey! Hey!

Phyllis: Oh, my god!

[ Breathing heavily ] What do you think’s going on here? She’s trying to kill me! You saw it. You saw her trying to kill me. Oh, this is unbelievable.

[ Breathing heavily ] Unbelievable. You — you stay away from me. You hear me?

[ Coughing ]

Chelsea: You really picked the right girl to go to the gala with. I know how to live it up.

Billy: Seems like a perfect night to me.

Chelsea: Overdressed, sipping earl grey at the coffee house?

Billy: The only thing that would make this night better would be if I was in my slippers ’cause I’m ready to ditch the tux.

Chelsea: But you look so good in that tux. Don’t let it go to waste. Honestly, go back to the party. All your friends, all your family are there.

Billy: I see those people all the time. Too much, actually. This is exactly where I want to be.

[ Soft jazz music playing ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Daniel: You know, I’m glad things have finally taken a turn for the better between you and devon.

Lily: Yeah, me too. And thank you for being so supportive through the lawsuit. I know it was a lot.

[ Chuckles ]

Daniel: That’s what friends are for.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] And I promise I will share all of the details of what happened. I just — I really want to enjoy this moment right now.

Daniel: I’m all for that.

Lily: I don’t know. I finally feel like everything is not falling apart anymore. You know? I finally feel…like, hopeful.

Summer: It’s just you and me right now. Tell me what was really going on in there.

Phyllis: Isn’t that clear? Diane was trying to kill me. It’s not obvious to you?!

Summer: I’m just trying to understand what led up to that. Like, why have you been acting so weird tonight? One minute you’re giving me this speech about how proud you are of me…

Phyllis: What? That’s weird to you, that I’m proud of my daughter?

Summer: Well, the next thing I know, you’re in some secret hotel room fighting with diane. I — I’m just trying to figure out why the two of you were in there to begin with.

Phyllis: I have worked so hard.

[ Laughs ] I’ve worked so hard. Oh, god. I’m working so hard to convince everybody who diane really is and no one’s believed me and I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost my children. I’ve lost my job. I’ve lost everything. I-I — I’m tired. I’m so tired.

Summer: Okay.

Phyllis: Oh, my god.

Summer: That doesn’t explain why you were in there with her.

Phyllis: I wanted to work things out with her. Oh, summer, I wanted to work things out with her. I saw her walking upstairs. I wanted to pull her in to a suite so we could talk. And look at you, looking at me with suspicion. That breaks my heart. But I have wanted to work things out with diane because I saw how crazy it’s gotten. I wanted to clean the slate with her, that’s all.

Summer: So, what went wrong?

Phyllis: I don’t know. It was her. She has this power, this false power now, you know, that she’s living at the abbott mansion and she’s close to my daughter and she’s the one who can’t stand that I know who she really is.

She’s the one who has hatred with me!

Summer: Mom, stop! (Terrie) if you’re a smoker.

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provided by…

Summer: I can’t listen to this again. It is the same story over and over. It’s like you think if you tell it enough times that it’ll become true, but — I want to believe you. I wish that I could.

Phyllis: You never will. You’ll never believe me.

Summer: Mom, wait.

Phyllis: No. You stay away from me. Okay?

Jack: Are you alright? At least physically?

Diane: I-I-I think so.

Jack: What the hell did we just walk in on?

Diane: Phyllis tricked me into coming up here. She said that kyle was — was really sick a-and that he was asking for me and then when i got in here, she just kind of attacked me in some sort of fit of rage.

Kyle: What would make phyllis go off like that?

Diane: I mean, who knows? She’s psychotic. My mere presence sets her off.

Jack: Okay, whatever happened, it was clearly traumatic, and we have to deal with this situation. First of all, I don’t think we should announce our engagement tonight.

Diane: No. No, phyllis is not going to take this from me. She is not going to ruin tonight. Jack — jack, I’m — I’m fine. I’m — I’m better than fine. I’m — I’m fantastic. So, just, um — just let me fix myself up and then I’ll meet you downstairs and we can announce our love to the world. Okay?

Audra: Excuse me. Oh. Uh, excuse me? Okay. Uh, hello? Hi. Um, could I — okay.

[ Cellphone vibrating ] Um… hmm.

[ Soft jazz music playing ]

Abby: You alright?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah. I am.

Abby: What’s going on? Are you having second thoughts about dropping the lawsuit?

Devon: No. No, not at all. It was the right thing to do. I’m just overwhelmed by this whole night, really. In a good way.

Abby: I understand.

Devon: Yeah. I was thinking about taking off, though, and heading home.

Abby: Oh. Well, I’ll go with you.

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: I know you like parties like this.

Abby: Yeah, but I would rather be with you.

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: And besides, I want to hear what brought on this truce between you and lily — if you want to talk about it.

Kyle: That was…

Jack: I know. I know.

Kyle: Look, phyllis is always the one stirring up trouble, but mom was out for blood.

Jack: Yeah, that’s why i wanted to call it a night. What we just saw is a version of diane I thought was long gone. It’s unsettling.

Kyle: Look, are you having second thoughts about the engagement?

Jack: I don’t know what i think. Look, I love your mother. I want to spend the rest of my life with her, but I worry this is all going too quickly and the stress is too much for her.

Kyle: Yeah, she was definitely enraged. Look, on the other hand, if phyllis used my son as some kind of ploy to get me alone, I would flip, too, especially if i thought harrison was sick or in trouble. Look, mom was rushing to that suite because she was worried about me. Her adrenaline was pumping, and phyllis ambushed her. That’s enough to send anyone over the edge.

Jack: Right. Migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy

Devon: Just seeing this jazz club being dedicated to neil is what changed everything for me. And you did that. You have no idea how much it meant to me and lily. It’s what’s reunited us more than anything else. So, thank you.

Abby: Well, it was a very tough secret to keep, but knowing that it brought you and lily together…

Devon: It means everything.

You mean everything.

Nick: So, how are you feeling?

Sally: Uh, fine. Yep. Great.

Nick: Yeah?

Sally: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Because you are clutching that mask like it’s some kind of shield.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Any chance the shield will fend off these questions?

Nick: Nah. No way. Talk to me.

Sharon: Here you go.

Adam: [ Clears throat ]

Sharon: I haven’t had this much fun in a while.

Adam: Yeah, it’s a great party.

Sharon: Yeah?

Adam: No.

Sharon: You know, you’re gonna to have to get used to looking at nick and sally. But it can’t be that bad. You’re holding a glass of champagne in your hand and you have a very pretty date — moi.

[ Both chuckle ]

Adam: I know. Thank you for coming, sharon. You know, I’m grateful that you accepted. I’m lucky to know you. I-I — to have you in my life for as long as I have, even when I have made some decisions that make me a difficult man to know.

Sharon: What is going on in that mind of yours now?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Uh, what you’re hearing is the sound of crashing of waves and waves of regret.

Sharon: For what?

Adam: For being a jackass for most of my life. For putting myself in a position where people that I care about can’t stand me. Except you. For some reason, you still put up with me. Why?

Diane: Okay, I’ve pulled myself together and I’m ready to enjoy the rest of the evening with my favorite fellas. So, let’s get this train back on the tracks.

[ Sighs ] Look, I — I know that that was ugly upstairs, and I do apologize, but I am just — I’m ready to move forward.

[ Sighs ] I see you’re not.

Kyle: I’m relieved you and phyllis walked away unscathed, but we still aren’t really clear what led to the fight

Diane: Kyle, I texted you to see if you were okay before i went up there. And then the fact that you didn’t answer made me think that what phyllis had said was actually true.

Kyle: What? You texted me?

Diane: Yes.

Kyle: I didn’t get a text.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: What?

Kyle: I lost my phone. Again.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Audra: Uh, sorry for the interruption. Hi. Um… yeah, so, uh, you know, I — you know, I — I was wondering if you know who this phone belongs to because it keeps ringing and the bartender is too swamped to try and find its owner.

Ashley: Audra charles, right? Ashley abbott. But then I’m sure you already know that. This is kind of fun. Isn’t it, tucker? I finally get to meet your co-conspirator.

Audra: [ Chuckles ] I do indeed know quite a bit about you.

Ashley: I’m sure you do. And still, that’s not even half of it.

Tucker: Uh, I don’t know whose phone that is. Do you, ashley?

Audra: Fair enough. I will continue my rounds as a good samaritan.

Ashley: Actually, that is my nephew kyle’s phone.

Audra: Oh, great. Yeah. Thanks. Um, I will get it to him. I’ve actually been looking for a reason to make kyle abbott’s acquaintance.

Ashley: Huh. Bye. Gee, I don’t know why, tucker, but I just — I just don’t trust her.

Traci: Oh, you look fabulous!

Michael: Ah!

Lauren: Okay, my turn!

Gina: You do, too, sweetheart.

Lauren: My turn, my turn, my turn! Oh, I’m so glad you came for this. And had I known, I would have — hi, darling — I would have had you cater the entire event.

Gina: Can you believe it? I’ve been here 30 seconds and she wants to put me to work already.

Lauren: Of course.

[ Laughs ]

And that’s because the last time I was in los angeles, I ate at your restaurant.

[ Gasps ] The food was to die for.

Gina: Okay, well, then that settles it. The next reunion is gonna be at my place out west.

Lauren: Yes.

Michael: Ooh!

Lauren: Yes, yes! [ Laughs ]

Gina: I’m just glad that we both could be here for this.

Danny: Yeah. Whenever the opportunity to get the old band back together comes a-knockin’, guess what. I answer the door!

Leanna: Did genoa city’s homegrown rock star just hint at a reunion tour?

Michael: Oh. Leanna. Is eavesdropping what counts for journalism these days?

Leanna: Well, keeping my ear to the ground is definitely part of it. Care to comment on the rumors?

Danny: Uh…I would not.

Leanna: You know, I-I hate to bring this conversation to a screeching halt, but could somebody tell me what’s going on between my nephew and lily winters? I can see the sparks from here.

Daniel: You know, you were never gonna lose everything. At least, not me.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] You have no idea how comforting it is to know that you always have my back.

Daniel: You always have mine. You helped bring me back from one of the darkest points in my life.

Lily: Well, I am thankful that we’ve been able to be there for each other.

Daniel: You know, you are one of the strongest and most vibrant people I have ever known. I don’t think I ever want to live a life in which you’re not a part of it. My advice, in this one very specific case

Danny: Hi, bud.

[ Laughs ]

Daniel: Dad. Hey!

Danny: Hey.

Daniel: Hey!

Lily: Hi.

Danny: Hi.

Lily: Welcome home.

Danny: Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

Daniel: Are you cutting in?

Danny: Oh, uh, well, kind of. Can I borrow my son for a second?

Lily: Uh, yes, of course. I will get some champagne.

Daniel: Thank you.

Sharon: I put up with you because it’s easier now that there are no lingering feelings and no expectations or disappointments. We’re just free to enjoy our friendship with one another. Having a child with someone is, um, a lot different. It’s very, very complicated. You end up having to rely on each other in a lot of different ways, and I know you ran into some difficulties in co-parenting with chelsea.

Adam: Yeah. Especially recently. I mean, before her incident.

Sharon: But you overcame those difficulties because of your mutual love for connor, and I think that that will extend to your respect and care for each other.

Adam: It, uh — it did. It does for chelsea, but that doesn’t mean the same thing’s gonna happen with me and sally.

Sally: Well, once your baby’s born, I think your connection will get stronger because you have your child’s best interests at heart. You’ll share that in common. At least, that’s what’s happened in my experience.

Adam: Well, I hope you are right. But I’m not sure that anything’s gonna change for sally.

Sally: Okay, so, I almost feel like a part of genoa city, but then I’m here like this.

Nick: Yeah. Gorgeous. I get it. It is quite a burden.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] No, the baby bump. I feel like everyone is staring, and I can’t have a drink. And to be completely honest with you, I am absolutely starving.

Nick: Then let’s get out of here, go grab a cheeseburger.

Sally: Okay, you’ve never been hotter.

[ Both laugh ] But I don’t think there’s any way we can sneak out of here without anyone noticing, so i will stick it out a little bit longer. But just so you know, I am gonna be thinking about that cheeseburger the whole time.

Audra: Excuse me? Uh, kyle abbott? I found this on the bar. Your aunt told me it was yours.

Kyle: I just realized I had lost it. Thank you…?

Audra: Audra charles.

Kyle: Nice to meet you.

Audra: Likewise.

Summer: Hi. What’s going on here?

Kyle: Uh, this is audra. She found my phone.

Summer: Yeah, I know who she is. You’re the woman who emotionally destroyed my brother.

Audra: [ Stammers ] Noah and I, um… it was a complicated situation.

Summer: Thanks for the phone.

Kyle: Uh… [ Sighs ] I did get your text.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: I’m sorry I doubted you.

Diane: Tensions were high. I — I understand.

Jack: I owe you an apology, too. You walked right into phyllis’s lion’s den thinking you were protecting kyle. And I let my fear lead me to doubt your intentions. And I’m — I’m sorry. And it won’t happen again.

Daniel: It’s okay.

Jack: If you can find it in yourself to forgive me, I’d like to announce our engagement tonight.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] No forgiveness necessary.

Jack: Excuse me, everyone. Could I have your attention, please? Could you all find your way to the lounge? I have some fun news I want to share with you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Jack: I can’t find the ring.

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] Compliments on your little scuffle with diane. From what I heard, it was a masterful performance.

[ Door closes ]

Phyllis: Did you hold up your end of the bargain?

Jeremy: You know, growing up in the streets of cleveland, you learn a lot of tricks. And pickpocketing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Phyllis: You’re an artful dodger, right?

Jeremy: Whew. It is a beauty, isn’t it? Huh.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is beautiful.

[ Scoffs ] It’s stunning.

Jeremy: You okay?

Phyllis: Yeah. I’m fine.

Jeremy: Good. Now comes the hardest but most important part. Are you ready?

Phyllis: Yeah. I’m ready. There’s no turning back now. Hey, man. You could save hundreds

“The young and the restless”

will continue.


Jack: We’ll be right there.

Diane: You can’t find the ring?

Jack: I put it in this pocket. It’s not there anymore.

Diane: Well, it must have fallen out. Maybe we can retrace your steps.

Traci: Hey! So, is this it, the big announcement?

Jack: Gina romalotti.

Gina: Ohh!

Jack: So good to see you!

Gina: As handsome and as debonair as ever.

Diane: Mm. Well, unfortunately for women everywhere, he’s officially about to be off the market.

Gina: Oh, so, this is that kind of an announcement? Oh, I see. Well, you’re finally gonna finish what you started all those years ago at gina’s place.

[ Both laugh ]

Diane: You know, we had so many amazing moments there, it’s really fitting that you’re here to share it with us.

Gina: Well, I’m — I’m honored.

Jack: You know, the plan was to make the announcement, but I —

Traci: No, no, no, no, no! No “buts,” no “buts.” I’m just so proud of you for — for accepting growth and change and finding love again. And you have come so far. In a world that mostly favors darkness, the two of you have found a ray of sunshine in each other.

Gina: Love wins. And let nothing stand in its way. You understand?

Traci: [ Laughs ] Come on. Let’s get on with it.

[ Chuckles ]

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Yeah, why are we worried about a ring? It’ll show up. If it doesn’t, I’ll get you another one.

Diane: Well, I’m sure it was really expensive.

Jack: The ring is a symbol. What we have is what matters. I just promised the whole town a big announcement. I’d like to come through for them.

Diane: Gosh, I love you.

Jack: Oh, good.

Diane: [ Laughs ]

Jack: ‘Cause I love you.

Diane: Aww.

Jack: Come on.

Diane: Let’s do it.

Chelsea: I’m still trying to figure out my impulses, you know, both good and bad, how I react to things. It takes me a minute to even know how I’m feeling.

Billy: You know, I could tell that you were struggling. I just didn’t know exactly what was going on in your head.

Chelsea: Yeah, you and me both.

[ Sighs ] You know, it’s not like it’s all mental, either. It becomes physical. Like, in that room, I could feel my cheeks burning and my — my shoulders got really tense.

[ Sighs ] I just saw a lot of voices and i saw a lot of faces and I didn’t know who to look at or who to listen to. And then it all becomes very ungrounding. I go into fight-or-flight mode. Not like I would physically fight, you know? I’m just saying, I…

[ Breathes deeply ] Tonight, flight won.

Billy: I get it. Look, at least we know now that this is a thing for you. And we can be prepared for it the next time. You know, the positive is we don’t go to a gala every day of our lives. So, there’s that.

Chelsea: Isn’t it a requirement of living in genoa city?

Billy: From now on, you got a get-out-of-gala free card.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Look, chels, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. And if there is something that you want to do and the fear and the anxiety starts to rise, well, then we acknowledge it and we figure it out together.

Chelsea: You are not the man I knew even five years ago.

Billy: I hope that’s a good thing.

Chelsea: It’s a good thing.

Billy: Well, you’re not the woman I met all those years ago, either.

Chelsea: That’s definitely a good thing.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] I’m really glad that we get the chance to get to know each other all over again, as the people we are now.

Daniel: What? What is that look on your face? You know what? Never mind. I-I already know. I’ve seen it before.

Danny: Look, I am worried about what’s going on with you and lily, okay?

Daniel: Well, I love you, dad, but I didn’t ask for your advice.

Danny: Well, unfortunately, it’s part of my fatherly duty to give it.

Daniel: [ Chuckles ]

Danny: Look, you told both your mother and me that you were going through a rough patch. Ending things with heather was hard. And I know you and lily have been close for a long time. It’s sometimes easy to find comfort in a reliable place. But let me tell you something. The fallout isn’t worth the aftermath.

Daniel: Says the rock star.

Danny: Exactly.

Daniel: Well, this is different.

Danny: Look, I’m just telling you — why don’t you put all your energy into yourself? You know, your goals, your dreams, the video game, the music we’re working on together. And if things are meant to go deeper with lily, you’ll have this foundation based on friendship, alright? But first, you’ve got to work on your own foundation. Do you understand? Hi, I’m jill and I’ve lost 56 pounds on golo.

Daniel: Listen, I appreciate your input when it comes to lily. I know it’s coming from the right place, but when it comes to my personal life, I got to make my own decisions.

Danny: Fair enough. I’ve said my piece. I will butt out now. Hey, what do I know anyway? I’m just, you know, your old man, right?

Daniel: Well, thank you. Thank you for butting out. It’d be a shame if I had to avoid both my parents.

Danny: I know that phyllis can be overbearing at times.

Gina: Now, that’s an understatement.

Daniel: Oh, my god. Hi! Hi.

Gina: You see, he’s realized that the best way to handle phyllis is with total avoidance. He is so wise, daniel.

Danny: Okay, one last piece of advice from the wisest of the romalottis — that would be me.

Gina: Oh, yeah.

Daniel: Okay.

Danny: Life is too short for grudges, especially against people we love and people who love us back. You understand?

Daniel: I spoke with her earlier. She did seem different.

Danny: I’m sure she’s feeling pretty lost right now, being on the outs with both you and summer. I just really hope you can find a way to get past this because at some point you’re gonna have to accept her for the way she is, the same way that you want to be accepted.

Daniel: Okay, I will talk to her. I will sit down, and we will figure this all out, just not tonight. But soon, okay?

Danny: That’s all I ask.

Gina: Okay, now that we’re done with this conversation, how about me? I want to talk about daniel…

Daniel: You want to talk —

Gina: …And lucy.

Daniel: Oh!

Gina: And I want some photographs.

Daniel: Oh, well, we’ve got photographs.

Gina: Let me see.

Daniel: I mean, photographs? You came to the right place for photographs.

Gina: It’s about time.

Daniel: Yeah.

Devon: Are you sure you don’t want to stick around for jack’s announcement?

Abby: No, no, that’s okay. I’m sure I’ll hear about it soon. I am related to pretty much everyone in that room, and word travels fast around here.

Amanda: It certainly does.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Victor: What the hell is this all about?

Nikki: Oh, who knows. Looks like diane is trying to play the part of the first lady.

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Thank you all for giving me a couple of minutes of your time. First, I want you to join me in thanking my sister, traci abbott, nikki newman, lauren fenmore-baldwin, and michael baldwin for putting together this spectacular event.

[ Cheers and applause ] Who says the people of this town can’t work together, especially when it’s to create such a wonderful moment, a celebration of the place we all call home? Genoa city is where my parents chose to live their lives, where I have lived my entire life, where I raised my son kyle. And I could not be happier that kyle and his beautiful wife, summer, have chosen to raise their son, harrison, here as well. It is my dearest hope that my grandson will learn to cherish family and community, as generations of abbotts have before him.

[ Applause ] Now, let me be clear. Just as with all families, with all communities, it hasn’t always been simple. It hasn’t always been easy. We have definitely had our ups and downs, both as collaborators and competitors, as friend and foe. But make no mistake. The people of genoa city have more in common than they don’T. We all share the same blood. We all manage wisconsin winters.

[ Laughter ] We all have the same distinctly midwest value for hard work and kindness. We share a humanity, same loves and losses, the same heartache and hope. And we choose to live in this town together. And I am forever grateful for that.

[ Applause ] The people of genoa city know that in this town, you can grow, you can change, you can transform despite your mistakes, your flaws, your foibles. We all know we have the opportunity to live our very best lives. Every day I see the very best in the woman standing next to me. I know some of you don’t see what I do, but perhaps everyone is not meant to. But I know from the life I have lived, happiness can be elusive. When you find it, grab it and don’t let go. That is what I have done. That is what we have done. We have chosen happiness. We have chosen love. And we have chosen this evening to share our great news with you because we know, perhaps better than most, there’s nothing this town loves more than gossip.

[ Laughter ] So we are happy to provide it. Consider it a party favor. I am in love with diane jenkins. I have asked her to marry me.

[ Crowd gasping ] And she said yes.

[ Applause ] Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Chelsea: Well, I think i turned into a pumpkin an hour ago. I’m gonna head upstairs. Here you go.

Billy: Thank you. Well…sweet dreams.

Chelsea: Good night.

Billy: Chels, one more thing, just in case. Did I forget to tell you that you look beautiful?

Chelsea: I think you did.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] You look beautiful.

Chelsea: [ Breathes deeply ] Wow. It was even better the second time.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Nick: You okay?

Sally: Yeah. It’s just, seeing someone so certain. That’s real love.

Victor: Just amazing, you know? To watch jack abbott commit one mistake after the other. It won’t be long because he and diane jenkins will blow up in some spectacular fashion. I promise you.

Nikki: Well, apparently i spent months putting this event together as an opportunity for them to steal the show.

Victor: Ohh. Well, and kind of funny, i think it is.

Nikki: Yeah. Ha ha.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Ashley: I think I’m gonna be sick to my stomach.

Tucker: Well, let’s get the hell out of here then.

Ashley: Oh, my god. You’re so right. Let’s go.

Tucker: Yeah.

Phyllis: Whoo! Yes! Yes!

[ Chuckles ] Let’s hear it for love! Whoo! Come on! Come on! Come on! Love! It’s me! Hi! Hey!

[ Sighs ] Well, let’s hear it for the future mr. And mrs. Jack abbott. Come on!

[ Applause ]

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Bill: You confessed. First degree murder. No one comes back from that. You are going to prison for the rest of your life. You will never, never be a free woman again.

Sheila: No!

Ridge: No.

Bill: Sheila!

Ridge: She’s just fell off the balcony.

Chen: Agent Venice, subject down. Repeat, subject down.

Ridge: You have eyes on her? What just happened?

Sheila: Bill proposed. He wants to marry me. God, is this– is this really happening? Is this just too good to be true?

Hope: Hello, hello, hello.

Deacon: Hey.

Hope: Got time to spend with your favorite daughter?

Deacon: What, are you kidding me? It’s what I live for. Get over here. Hi.

[ Hope sighing ]

Hope: Are you okay?

Deacon: Yeah. Why? What’s up?

Hope: I don’t know. I just feel like there’s maybe something more going on with you, Dad. Are you going to tell me what that is?

Hope: If something’s wrong, I’d like to know. Maybe I could help.

Deacon: What makes you think something’s wrong?

Hope: Well, Dad, come on. You’ve been pretty distracted and intense lately. I sometimes catch you brooding in that corner while you think no one’s watching.

Deacon: You know, running a restaurant’s a lot. I’m still learning. I’m making mistakes along the way. Just takes up a lot of real estate in the old brain.

Hope: Yeah?

Deacon: Yeah. I don’t want you worrying about me. I’ll get my sea legs, you know, feel in control of things soon enough.

Deacon: I don’t want my daughter worrying about me. Come on, what about you? You have got to be thrilled that Douglas is finally moving back home.

Hope: Well, yes, I am over the moon because it felt like a piece of my heart was missing the entire time he was gone. Makes me very worried about what I’m actually going to be like when they grow up and move out of the house.

Deacon: Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that for a while.

Hope: I know. He was only gone at Steffy’s for a few weeks and it feels like he came back three inches taller. Like, I feel like I missed so much.

Deacon: I know the feeling. My unsolicited advice, don’t dwell on the past. Look, your boy’s home right now. It’s kind of like martial arts. Just focus on what’s right in front of you. You know, that way you don’t miss anything else.

Hope: Oh, look at you. So wise and knowledgeable.

Deacon: Well, listen, you know, it was bound to happen sooner or later along this journey, right? Kicking and screaming most of the time, but still. I am kind of curious though. I mean, was there something specific that happened that– that led Douglas to want to come back home finally?

Hope: Yeah, actually. It was seeing Thomas and me getting along. Working well together and Douglas is a very perceptive young man and he picked up on that tension between Thomas and me regarding his custody and that’s why he chose to go live with Steffy instead of either of us. But we are in a good place now.

Deacon: And you think that’ll hold?

Hope: Yes, we function well when we’re working together and right now, we have a very full plate.

Deacon: Look, hey, I said it before. All right, I mean, I’m no angel. I think we both know that, I don’t want to come across as a hypocrite, but I’m your dad. I gotta ask, I mean, are you sure that Darth Thomas will keep himself from going to the dark side again and becoming completely obsessed with you like he did more than once?

Hope: Dad, he is in a better place now.

Deacon: You really believe that, huh?

Hope: Yes, because for once he’s actually backing it up with action instead of just words. And besides, I have made my position very, very clear. One backslide and he’s out of there and you know, whatever happens to my line happens. Dad, I am going to need you to trust me.

Deacon: I do trust you. I do trust you. All right, but I’m your dad. All right. It’s my job. I’m always gonna worry about you, but I want you to remember something, all right? You are Hope Freaking Logan and half of you is a Sharpe. You created this brand. If the worst should happen, you could build it again and you could do it without Thomas, so I need you to promise me something.

Hope: What’s that?

Deacon: The first sign of any inappropriate behavior by Thomas, you kick his ass to the curb. That way, I won’t have to.

Hope: Dad, I already promised Liam the same thing, so I have no problem promising that to you.

Deacon: Good, so what does everyone’s favorite vegan have to say about you and Thomas working together?

Hope: Well, he’s not thrilled to say the least.

Deacon: But, you know, I can understand that. But, you know, Hope, you’re– you’re an adult. You’re a grown woman. You know, you make your own decisions and choices. I mean, and all we can do is support you and, you know, hope they work out.

Hope: Thank you, dad. I– I appreciate that.

Deacon: I just hope that you working with Thomas doesn’t cause problems for your marriage.

Hope: Liam and I won’t let it. Nothing is more important than our family. And as for Hope For The Future, do I want it to succeed? You bet. I’ve spent too many years of my life pouring everything that I have into it.

Deacon: All right, then I guess all we can do is wish you all the luck in the world.

Hope: Thank you, Dad.

Deacon: Just be careful with that guy. All right. Look, I know– I know you trust him, but I ain’t there. Not even close.

Hope: Dad, you don’t need to worry about Thomas. Besides, not when we have someone like Sheila Carter still on the loose.

Bill: Where’s the phone? Where’s the phone? Where’s the phone?

[ Phone ringing ]

Ridge: Hey, what happened? Is she dead?

Bill: I thought she might be. I ran down to the lawn, she was gone.

Ridge: She’s gone?

Bill: Gone. She took the car, she’s gone. I’m gonna call you back.

Bill: I love you, Sheila. I’ve never seen anything like you. I don’t want you to get away. I want to give you everything you deserve.

Sheila: They were just lies. All lies. I’ve been so stupid.

Bill: Open up, you need to share with me. Tell each other everything, everything, everything.

Sheila: No!

Hope: I mean, I still can’t even believe that Bill and Sheila are together. That Bill is blackmailing Steffy and Finn, bribing a judge just so Sheila can be out of prison.

Deacon: Bill is full of surprises. You gotta give him that.

Hope: Yeah, well, you know, I see her sometimes. Sheila waltzing around Beverly Hills as if she’s entitled to some normal life. I mean, think about it, Dad. I mean, what if that isn’t even enough for her? What if she wants more? What if she wants that family? What if she goes after Steffy and Finn again? Tries something with Hayes?

Deacon: Honey, I think we have to just take the Sheila situation one step at a time.

Hope: Dad, there shouldn’t even be a Sheila situation. She should be behind bars, not living the high life with dollar Bill, having him protect her.

Deacon: You know, sweetheart, life is funny. It eventually works itself out.

Hope: What do you mean?

Deacon: I don’t think we have to worry about Sheila any longer.

Hope: Okay, uh, how can you even say that?

Chen: Thank you, Chief Baker. We will.

Ridge: How the hell did this happen?

Chen: Local authorities on full alert. Have description of vehicle and subject. I want updates on the fives.

Ridge: Right, Bill’s on the road too. We had her! We had a confession and once again, Sheila’s gone.

Sheila: A Dr. Jay Garvin, he was a therapist that was treating me and he threatened me. Let go of me.

Jay: No, get a hold of–

Sheila: Let go!

[ Jay screaming ]

Sheila: He fell over the balcony and he died.

Bill: Fell. Let a jury decide.

Sheila: There was Lance Day, and he threatened me too.

Bill: What happened?

Sheila: I found out he was deathly allergic to bees. I tried to talk sense into him. He gave me no choice though. I sent bees…

Lance: Ow.

Sheila: …Into his bedroom when he was sleeping and he was stung over

Lance: Let me out of here!

Sheila: And over…

Lance: Please help me! Help me!

Sheila: …And over again.

Lance: I can’t breathe.

Sheila: And uh, I made sure he couldn’t get out of that room.

Lance: Call 9-1-1.

Sheila: And he– he pleaded with me for help.

Lance: Help me. Help me please.

Sheila: I just watched him gasp for air.

Bill: So, this Lance, you intentionally killed him?

Sheila: Yes. Bill, I’m a murderer.

Bill: Say it again.

Sheila: You lied to me. You told me you loved me.

Bill: Oh, yeah. Falling in love with a psycho was number one on my bucket list. It was a set up from the beginning. A sting to get you to confess, to pour your black heart out to the only man who truly understood you. You confessed, Sheila. Murder one. You’re going to prison for the rest of your life and you will never hurt my family or anyone else ever again. Yes, this whole house is bugged. There are cameras, recording devices everywhere. Why don’t you give your best smile and wave to Ridge and Agent Chen from the FBI. It was all an act with the FBI watching and listening to every word you said, building their case around you, just waiting for you to open up. Don’t even think about running. The authorities are on their way. They’re gonna cuff you and drag your ass out of here and lock you away for the rest of your miserable life!

Sheila: Oh, no. You are wrong, Bill. I am never gonna see the inside of a prison again, you bastard.

Hope: How can you say that Sheila is no longer a threat? I mean, Dad, as long as Sheila is breathing air, she’s a danger to the people around her, especially the ones that she claims to love.

Deacon: I think–

[ Phone chiming ]

Deacon: Hang on. Honey, I’m gonna have to cut this short. Something came up, I… hey, Hope. I love you and I’m so proud of you. I just hope that I always give you reason to be proud of me too. Come here.

Hope: Well, I love you too, Dad.

Bill: Got something for me?

Ridge: No. Feds, LAPD, they’re canvassing the area. What about you?

Bill: Still working against that head start? We both know where she’s going. She won’t get away. Not this time.

Deacon: What’s wrong?

Sheila: Everything. I can’t believe I fell for it. This whole time, it’s been a lie.

Deacon: What are you talking about? What happened?

Sheila: I went back to Bill’s and I accepted his proposal. And here, I thought that I was gonna be starting this wonderful new future and life as– as Mrs. Bill Spencer.

Deacon: That was the plan.

Sheila: I know. He– he said that I needed to open up to him. That there were secrets that I had, things in my past that I was ashamed of and he wanted openness and honesty. What a joke that was.

Deacon: Wait a second, did– did you tell him something that you shouldn’t have? Is that what this is about?

Sheila: Yes. Things that I’m not proud of, but I had no choice. I had to survive.

Deacon: Survive how?

Sheila: There was a Dr. Jay Garvin and– and a kid named Lance Day.

Deacon: Okay, okay. What about ’em?

Sheila: Garvin and I, we were in an argument and he died. He fell over a balcony. I swear. I swear that was an accident.

Deacon: Okay. What about the other guy? Sheila, what are you telling me? What, you meant to kill him?

Sheila: I had to.

Deacon: And you said that Spencer? You– you confessed to murder?

Sheila: I know, I know. It was stupid, but we– we just got engaged and I– I really, I wanted to be honest and– and open with him and have him love me anyways. Is there something really so wrong with that?

Deacon: No, no, of course not. How did he react?

Sheila: He left the room. It was really odd. I just– he’s been acting so strange lately and– and it was like a alarm went off for me and finally, I went looking for him and then there he was, he was– he was on the phone telling them that they– they got me.

Deacon: Who’s they?

Sheila: Ridge.

Deacon: Forrester?

Sheila: Yes, and the feds.

Deacon: The feds?

Sheila: This whole thing has been a setup. He has been playing me this whole time. He had cameras everywhere, rooms bugged. Everything that I said and I did, they were monitoring me. Bill never loved me. He never wanted to be with me. Oh, no, he made it perfectly clear that he hates me. He wants to see me spend the rest of my life in prison. Please, you’ve got to help me. Deacon, I want you to come with me, okay? We can escape, we can be together. Just say yes. Will you just say– say that you’re gonna run away with me? Please? I love you, you know that.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

This is a special episode dedicated to saying farewell to Epiphany Johnson whose portrayer Sonya Eddy died suddenly in December due to complications from surgery.

A woman arrives at the hospital chapel and tells Elizabeth and Finn that she is a nurse who was driving home from work and she hit a light pole which made her car catch fire. The woman explains that she was able to get out of the car and that is when she saw Epiphany. The nurse helped treat her injuries and stayed with her until the ambulance arrived. The woman explains that when she awakened at the hospital, she was told by the staff that Epiphany collapsed at the accident and died due to smoke inhalation affecting her pre-existing heart condition.

Epiphany’s friends gather at the hospital chapel for a celebration of her life. Anna’s grand-daughter Emma Drake returns to go to the memorial service and stops by the safe house to see Anna and explains to Anna that since her parents Noah and Robin couldn’t come to the service, she would come and attend the memorial service.

Everyone gathered at the hospital chapel shares memories of Epiphany, and the audience sees clips of Epiphany in scenes with each friend who is sharing a memory.

Diane, who is the executor of Epiphany’s will, tells Liesl that Epiphany wanted her to do something special for her memorial service. Once the memorial service was finished, Diane asks everyone to head over to the roof. Diane reads a note from Epiphany telling one to cry if they must but she would much rather go out with a bang. Liesl lights the fuse that starts the beautiful fireworks show.

Elizabeth gets a a call from Monica who was unable to be at the service because she was the keynote speaker at a medical conference. Monica tells Elizabeth that Diane brought her the letter Epiphany wrote for the ethics committee. In the letter Epiphany wrote that Elizabeth was a great nurse who cares deeply for people who need help and sometimes that can lead to making the wrong choice for the right reason. Epiphany continues her letter by saying that Elizabeth always takes responsibility for her actions and that is why she was going to recommend her for the head nurse position before she left for medical school at John’s Hopkins in the fall.

Monica tells Elizabeth that she intends to honor Epiphany’s last wish and recommend to the board that she be made head nurse. The audience hears Epiphany singing the song You’re Not Alone Anymore as the audience sees clips of her before the show ends with a picture of her and a moment of silence.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, March 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

The Bicentennial Gala continues, Devon apologizes to Amanda for hurting her and she tells him not to worry because she will heal from the pain he caused her.

Ashley and Tucker are at the Abbott mansion where she is livid that Jack is marrying Diane and she tells Tucker she will make sure Diane will never become part of the Abbott family.

Phyllis is at the GCAC Lounge telling everyone that Diane hasn’t changed and she is the only one who can see the real Diane. Phyllis tells everyone that Diane stole her life because now everyone thinks she is a bad person because she doesn’t think Diane has changed at all. Phyllis gets so worked up that she gets dizzy and passes out. Nate and Elena tend to her until the paramedics arrive, and Elena tells Daniel and Summer that Phyllis is stable but tests need to be done to determine what is wrong with her. Diane notices that Phyllis has the ring Jack gave her in her hand. Jack remembers that Jeremy bumped into him and he must have taken the ring out of his pocket. Diane wonders why Jeremy would steal the ring and give it to Phyllis. Jeremy enters the lounge before Phyllis is taken to the hospital. Jeremy gives Phyllis a kiss on the forehead and tells her he will be with her soon at the hospital. Jeremy tells everyone he and Phyllis got married three days ago because Phyllis wanted protection because she thought Diane was going to do something to her. Jeremy asks Diane what she did to his wife. Tucker tells Ashley that she should shake things up and .marry him.

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Days Update Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chanel questions Paulina about Sloan trashing her office and says she thought this nightmare was finally over. Chanel asks how they are ever supposed to be safe with Sloan continuing to come after them. Chanel asks if the police are going to take care of Sloan. Paulina responds that they better because if they don’t, she will.

Eric asks Rafe what has happened. Rafe says it doesn’t concern him. Sloan asks what it does concern. Jada says they will fill her in at the station. Sloan refuses to go anywhere unless they tell her what they are bringing her in for. Rafe informs Sloan that she has been accused by Paulina of breaking her in to her office and trashing the place. Sloan laughs off the idea of vandalism. Rafe asks if Sloan will come quietly or if they will have to arrest her here in her boyfriend’s restaurant.

EJ tells Li that he can’t be totally shocked that his wife is being unfaithful. Li asks why he’s so sure that Gabi and Stefan are together. EJ calls it the truth that Gabi is making a cuckold of him. Li asks if EJ has proof that Gabi lied about her business dinner with Nicole. EJ hands Li a keycard to the Salem Inn and instructs him to go to room 312 where he will find his wife in his brother’s bed.

Gabi and Stefan kiss in the room at the Salem Inn until Stefan stops and says something doesn’t feel right. Gabi thought he wanted this as much as she does. Stefan assures that he does so Gabi questions him hesitating and what the problem is. Gabi says they are about to make love for the first time in four years and points out that EJ and Nicole made this happen for them so she questions wasting this opportunity. Gabi kisses Stefan again until Stefan stops and says they can’t because they are being set up. Gabi questions what he means. Stefan explains that EJ and Nicole didn’t do this out of the goodness of their heart, but as part of a plan. Gabi asks how he knows that. Stefan says he’s been suspicious ever since they came up with the idea. Gabi admits she was too but Nicole swore that they were just doing this to help them. Stefan questions her not finding it odd that EJ has done everything in his power to keep them apart, but now suddenly does a 180. Gabi admits it does sound odd now that she thinks about it. Stefan believes that EJ wants Li to catch them together.

EJ questions what Li is waiting for when he holds the literal key to catching Gabi and reclaiming his shares. Li responds that Gabi is his wife. EJ says that’s in name only while her heart and soul belongs to Stefan, and as they speak, her body does as well. Li questions if EJ is enjoying this. EJ claims he’s just trying to be a friend and asks where his dignity is. Li questions if it would be dignified to go catch Gabi in the act. EJ warns that if he doesn’t, Gabi will walk away from his marriage with Stefan and a considerable block of DiMera shares. EJ doesn’t think even Li would allow that to happen. Li takes the key card so EJ says he knew he would come to his senses.

Sloan calls this outrageous that Paulina used her wealth and position to cover up Chanel murdering her mother and now she’s being brought in for questioning. Rafe points out that one has nothing to do with the other. Sloan questions being accused based on Paulina’s word. Rafe says they aren’t accusing her of anything yet. Eric asks about them bringing her in for questioning. Jada says they just want to ask her a few questions on the record and not do it the hard way. Eric offers to go with Sloan but she says she can handle it herself. Sloan tells Eric that she will text him when this farce is over as she kisses him.

Nicole walks past the Brady Pub and calls EJ, leaving him a message that everything is set up and Stefan and Gabi are where they are supposed to be. Nicole notes that Gabi didn’t trust her at first but in the end it all worked out. Nicole says to let her know how it goes with Li and hangs up. Jada and Rafe then walk out of the Pub with Sloan. Nicole excitedly asks if they are arresting her. Rafe tells Nicole to stay out of it. Nicole comments that you got to love it when a lawyer needs a lawyer. Nicole questions what Sloan is being brought in for. Jada threatens Nicole about getting in the way of a police investigation. Nicole says she won’t get in the way and mocks Sloan’s hair extensions. Sloan tells Nicole to go to Hell as Jada escorts Sloan away and Rafe follows. Nicole remarks that this night just keeps getting better and better.

Chanel argues that the last thing she wants is for Paulina to get in any more trouble because of Sloan. Paulina complains that Sloan started all this by accusing Chanel of murder and trying to ruin their lives because she couldn’t face the truth. Chanel tells Paulina to just let the police deal with Sloan. Paulina says that sometimes you have to take things in to your own hands. Talia agrees with Chanel and assures that her sister Jada and Rafe will take care of Sloan. Paulina argues that she doesn’t know that. Paulina then starts having chest pains and says she needs to sit down. Chanel begins to worry as Talia notes that she doesn’t look so well. Chanel questions what is happening. Paulina responds that she thinks she’s having a heart attack. Chanel says she’s calling an ambulance but can’t find her phone. Talia checks Paulina’s pulse and notes it’s elevating. Talia asks Paulina about her symptoms. Paulina mentions having trouble breathing. Chanel worries that they need to get her to the hospital. Talia tells her to hold on. Talia asks Paulina more about her symptoms while Chanel questions what is going on. Talia wants to try something and has Paulina close her eyes and breathe. Chanel questions what she’s doing while Talia assures that she’s got this. Talia tells Chanel to try it too. Paulina admits she feels much better. Chanel asks Talia what’s going on. Talia doesn’t think Paulina was having a heart attack and suggests it was a panic attack. Paulina says she’s never had one before and questions how Talia knows about this. Chanel reveals that Talia is a doctor which she confirms. Paulina is surprised and asks why the hell Talia quit medicine to work at a bakery.

Eric calls Justin and leaves a message to call him back as soon as he can as he has a friend who needs a good attorney. Eric hangs up as Nicole enters the Pub. Eric questions if she has something to say. Nicole remarks that it’s romantic that he’s hiring a lawyer for his gal pal. Nicole asks how Eric feels about sleeping with a criminal. Eric argues that she’s not a criminal and didn’t do it. Nicole asks what it is and why their exes hauled his new bed buddy down to the station. Eric tells Nicole that it’s none of her business and remarks that if he had a problem sleeping with a criminal, he never would’ve shared his bed with Nicole because she has a rap sheet just as long as her boyfriend EJ’s.

EJ listens to Nicole’s voicemail after leaving the apartment. EJ remarks that he hopes Stefan enjoys his time with Gabi because it won’t be long before her husband arrives to catch them in the act.

Stefan tells Gabi that if Li busts in and catches them in the act, then Gabi will forfeit her DiMera shares and EJ won’t have to worry about them teaming up to take back the company. Gabi asks if he’s not being paranoid. Stefan says he wouldn’t put anything past EJ and mentions Nicole being quite a schemer back in the day. Gabi can’t believe she didn’t see through Nicole pretending to be her friend and guesses she just wanted to believe so bad that this was real. Stefan assures that they are real but Nicole and EJ are not their friends. Gabi can’t believe they would play with their lives like this and says they are going to pay. Stefan says he’s sorry as there’s nothing he wanted more than to spend the night with her in bed. Gabi suggests maybe they can have a quickie since something is better than nothing. Stefan hates to say no but says they can’t risk it because there’s too much at stake. Gabi agrees. Stefan promises they will find a way to be together. Gabi asks what they do now. Stefan responds that he has an idea.

Talia brings a latte for Chanel and a calming tea for Paulina. Paulina credits Talia for saving her life and admits she’s feeling better. Paulina hopes she doesn’t mind her prying about her career change. Talia admits it’s a radical change to jump from medicine to a bakery. Paulina calls it a substantial pay cut as well. Talia knows a lot of people would think it’s crazy but says she needed a change. Paulina wonders how her parents felt. Talia admits there was an adjustment period since her mother loved calling her a doctor but in the end, she wanted to see her happy. Paulina asks if she is happy. Talia says she mostly is. Paulina is glad that she remembered all her skills when it came to stopping her panic attack. Talia is happy to help but still wants her to follow up with her physician. Talia suggests a therapist as well since it seems she’s under a lot of stress lately. Paulina states that all her anxiety will melt away when Sloan is behind bars.

Rafe and Jada bring Sloan to the interrogation room where she denies having anything to do with the remodeling of Paulina’s tacky office. Melinda Trask walks in and questions what is going on in here. Sloan complains that Rafe and Jada are trying to railroad her for a crime she didn’t commit. Rafe states that they are just asking her a few questions. Melinda asks for a word with Rafe and exits the room. Rafe tells Jada to carry on and he’ll be right back as he exits. Melinda asks Rafe why he’s questioning a prominent defense attorney in her police station. Rafe informs her that she is a suspect in a crime because someone broke in to Paulina’s office and ransacked the place. Melinda asks what makes him suspect Sloan. Rafe points out that her animosity with Paulina is well documented. Rafe questions what the problem is. Melinda explains that Sloan has been a thorn in her side so if he sends this case to prosecute, it better be iron clad because she can’t be accused of using her office to go after a professional rival. Melinda gets a text and says she has somewhere to be. Melinda warns Rafe to not blow it this time as she then exits the station. Rafe goes back in to the interrogation room. Sloan guesses that Melinda told him to let her go. Rafe says he doesn’t take orders from the district attorney. Sloan points out that Melinda will be the one to try the flimsy case against her in court and she already humiliated her once, so she doubts that Melinda wants to go through that again. Jada asks if Sloan is all about winning or losing. Sloan asks what else is there. Jada calls it interesting that Sloan is 0 for 2 in going after Paulina and Chanel. Rafe points out that both her criminal and civil cases were thrown out, so that must have upset Sloan. Jada notes that would make her want to even the score. Sloan asks if their bad cop routine really works out for them and calls it boring. Sloan mocks that this is why criminals are running around Salem because they are in charge. Rafe asks where Sloan was last night. Sloan says she was home. Jada asks if she can verify that, because if not, it doesn’t count as an alibi. Rafe questions if Sloan was alone or if someone can vouch for the fact that she was home at the time Paulina’s office was broken in to.

Eric tells Nicole to save it as he doesn’t have the time or energy. Nicole says she doesn’t relish fighting with him, especially since he’s gotten so good at hitting below the belt. Eric responds that there’s only so much one can take before fighting back. Nicole argues that Eric used to preach turning the other cheek. Eric says that guy lost his calling, his baby, his mom, his aunt, his stepmom, and the woman he loved. Eric says after facing all that, there’s no cheek left to turn. EJ then enters the Pub and asks if he’s interrupting something.

Li goes to the Salem Inn, hoping that Gabi is not in the room. Li then enters Room 312 and finds Stefan in bed with who he believes is Gabi. Li screams at Stefan about being with another man’s wife and expresses his outrage at Gabi to come out and face him, but Li is shocked when it’s revealed to be Melinda that was in bed with Stefan! Li says he doesn’t understand while Stefan points out that he’s the one who burst in the room. Melinda asks how Li got in anyway. Li questions if the people of Salem know that Melinda is sleeping with a member of the DiMera crime family. Stefan laughs at that while Melinda says what she does off the clock is her business and he is the last person to be casting stones, since he used the DiMera’s mad scientist to brainwash a man away from his wife. Stefan adds that Li still hasn’t explained why he walked in screaming at Gabi and questions why he thought his wife would be in here. Stefan reminds Li that he’s responsible for keeping them apart. Melinda still wonders how Li got a copy of the room key and suggests looking in to that when she’s back on the clock. Melinda tells Li that until then, she’d like to get back to enjoying her evening. They question Li just standing there. Li remarks that he didn’t even know they knew each other. Melinda claims she’s had her eye on Stefan for quite some time, then they bumped in to each other and sparks flew. Melinda says a woman has needs and she’s a sucker for a powerful man. Stefan tells Li that he’s made it impossible for he and Gabi to reunite, so he figured he might as well move on. Melinda threatens to throw Li out, so he agrees to leave and then exits the room. Melinda tells Stefan that he’s welcome.

Rafe tells Sloan that they don’t have all night and questions if anyone can confirm her alibi or not. Sloan states that she was at home alone. Jada points out there’s no alibi. Sloan is sorry that she doesn’t have a witness to being in her apartment but points out that they don’t have any evidence. Sloan says there’s no fingerprints or DNA because she wasn’t there and didn’t vandalize Paulina’s office. Jada brings up Sloan vandalizing the bakery before. Sloan argues that they have no proof of her committing any crime so Rafe agrees that she’s free to go. Sloan thanks them for wasting her time. Rafe warns Sloan that if she is harassing Paulina and Chanel, it ends now as she is on their radar and they will be watching her every move. Jada adds that if Sloan even cuts off Paulina or Chanel in traffic, she will be back here. Rafe says next time, they’ll press charges. Sloan calls this harassment so they better hope there’s not a next time. Sloan warns that if they continue to use the station to harass her on behalf of Abe, then she will make it her life’s mission to make sure they can’t even work security at the Salem mall. Sloan then exits the room.

Talia tells Paulina that in her experience, once panic attacks start, they don’t usually go away on their own. Paulina talks about going through an abusive husband, giving up her first child, and any other trauma, so she can get through this. Chanel tells Paulina that she doesn’t have to act tough. Paulina assures that she’ll deal with it and she’s fine. Talia encourages her not to think she has to be strong all the time. Chanel says she will make sure that Paulina follows up even if she has to make the appointment and drive her, herself.

Eric questions if there’s a reason why EJ and Nicole keep showing up in his family’s restaurant. EJ asks if that’s any way to treat paying customers. Eric doesn’t care as sometimes the customers aren’t worth the trouble. Eric then gets a text from Sloan that she’s out and tells him to come over. Eric then says he has somewhere to be. EJ questions him not taking their order and sarcastically claims he came for clam chowder. Eric says he’ll send over one of his servers and tells them to leave a nice tip as he storms out of the Pub. EJ doesn’t think he’s sending over a server and asks Nicole what he missed. Nicole calls it nothing important and asks if he heard from Li. EJ says not yet but he thinks he’s licking his wounds after finding Stefan on top of Gabi. EJ adds that now that Li is reclaiming his shares from Gabi, she will never be a threat to his reign at DiMera again.

Li returns home to find Gabi watching TV. Gabi asks him what’s the matter as he seems surprised to see her. Gabi asks if he’s okay as he looks like he’s seen a ghost. Li says he just wasn’t expecting to see her and figured she’d still be out with Nicole. Li asks about her business dinner. Gabi says that Nicole had no intention of discussing potential fashion partnerships and that the whole thing was a setup.

Stefan thinks back to sneaking Gabi out of the room and telling her about the plan with Melinda. Stefan thanks Melinda again for doing this. Melinda calls it kind of fun and says it reminded her of being in theater in school. Melinda says anything to help bring down EJ as he deserves to suffer after helping Kristen evade justice. Stefan acknowledges that his family really does make her life more difficult. Melinda doesn’t know how he stands them. Melinda talks about his brother pretending to want to help him and Gabi be together, only to set him up. Stefan jokes that’s how the DiMeras roll. Melinda notes that Gabi is not her favorite person in the world but that’s just vile. Stefan agrees and says thanks to her, EJ was the big loser tonight. Stefan wishes he could be there when EJ realizes they got the better of him.

EJ and Nicole have dinner at the Pub. EJ toasts to Stefan and Gabi’s reunion solidifying his hold on DiMera for generations to come.

Paulina finishes a call with Rafe, angrily thanking him for nothing. Chanel asks what happened. Paulina informs her that Rafe and Jada let Sloan walk right out of the police station with no charges, so she’s free to terrorize them. Chanel urges her to stay calm so she doesn’t have another panic attack. Talia agrees and reminds Paulina to breathe. Paulina says she’s going to grab a few things in her office. Chanel offers to drive her but Paulina insists that she’s fine and has a driver. Paulina thanks Talia for all her help and tells them to have a nice evening as she walks away.

Eric goes to Sloan’s apartment and asks if she’s okay and what happened at the station. Sloan calls it a complete waste of her time and that she pointed out that they had no evidence, so they had to let her go. Eric asks if they believe she didn’t do it. Sloan thinks they still believe she’s guilty. Eric then asks if she is guilty of doing it.

Gabi informs Li that Nicole took her out, tried to act all friendly, and even said she would sneak her in to the Salem Inn for a secret rendezvous with Stefan. Gabi claims that she refused and said she was married to Li. Gabi adds that she believes Nicole is working with EJ and hoping that she would take the bait, so they could catch her cheating and rat her out to Li. Gabi claims she would not risk all his DiMera shares for some roll in the hay. Li questions if she wasn’t tempted. Gabi claims that she is his committed and faithful wife until the end of their agreed term. Gabi decides she is heading to bed and says she’ll see him in the morning.

Melinda tells Stefan that she better get going and adds that Gabi owes her one. Stefan says they both do. Melinda adds that she intends on calling it in the second they are in control of DiMera. Stefan asks what she’s looking for. Melinda suggests a seat on the board or a sizable donation to her fund in her daughter’s honor. Stefan tells her that whatever she wants is hers. Melinda warns him to be careful what he offers and jokes that she wasn’t lying when she said she had her eye on him for some time. Stefan calls that flattering but says he belongs to Gabi. Melinda hopes she knows how lucky she is. Stefan feels he’s the lucky one. Melinda brings up that Gabi is kind of a trainwreck at relationships, so if things don’t work out for them, he knows where to find her. Melinda then exits the room.

Nicole tells EJ that when Li bursts in, Stefan has to know that they set him up, so he won’t be happy with them but EJ is his brother. EJ argues that he’ll get over it and he’s willing to sacrifice their brotherly bond to make sure Gabi never gets her fingers on anything else of his. EJ asks if Nicole is going to tell him why Eric had his knickers in a twist earlier. Nicole responds that it’s no surprise but it turns out Sloan is as crooked as her clients.

Sloan questions Eric thinking she trashed Paulina’s office. Eric argues that he’s not saying she did it with her own hands but she could’ve hired someone to do it. Sloan calls him unbelievable. Eric says he’s not judging her but when he thinks about those responsible for taking away his mother, there’s no telling how much he wants them to suffer. Sloan assures Eric that she didn’t trash Paulina’s office, she didn’t pay someone to do it, and she’s innocent. Eric says he believes her and hugs her.

Jada goes over papers at her desk. Rafe suggests she go on home. Jada says she will but she was going over papers from Paulina’s file. Jada really wanted to find something to nail Sloan. Rafe says she should’ve heard Paulina on the phone when he told her they had to release Sloan. Jada encourages that they will get her next time. Rafe asks if Jada has big plans tonight. Jada jokes about going home and having leftover pizza and chicken. Rafe jokes about doing the same but with pop tarts. They say goodnight to each other as Jada then leaves the station.

Chanel thanks Talia for being so good with her mom earlier. Talia acknowledges that Paulina doesn’t like listening. Chanel says she did gain their trust. Talia is just glad Paulina is okay and notes Chanel worrying about her. Chanel says she can tell this mess with Sloan is really starting to get to Paulina, so she doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Paulina goes to her office and complains about the mess, saying only an animal would do something like this. Paulina finds an envelope that wasn’t there before. Paulina opens the envelope to find a paper with pasted on letters saying “This Isn’t Over Bitch”

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Days Short Recaps Monday, March 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman talked to Eric about Hope and Harris. He told Eric that Harris was being deprogrammed. He also talked to him about scattering Kate’s ashes in Ireland. He said that Austin, Carrie and Billie were going. Lucas wanted to go, but he knew Roman didn’t want to wait for him to get out of prison to scatter her ashes. Roman didn’t think he would have the same miracle that Anna had with Tony. Eric wanted to be there with Roman, but he needed him to watch the pub. Ciara walked into the ISA facility and saw Hope kissing Harris. Ciara was upset when she saw it. She let Hope know that Bo would be rolling in his grave if he saw her kissing a man who tried to kill her. Harris got in the conversation and agreed with Ciara. Hope reminded her that she believed Ben deserved a second chance so Harris did too. Ciara backed down after she told her that. Hope asked her about the baby. Ciara told her that she was pregnant. Hope was excited about the news. She promised to be there for her for this baby. Ciara hoped that she would be this time. Bo left Megan passed out on the floor. He walked out the room and ran into Kayla. She was excited that he was alive. Megan started stirring while they had their reunion. They talked about overpowering their captors. Bo wanted to leave, but she told him they couldn’t leave without Marlena. John found Marlena in the pod. He tried to open it, but he couldn’t do it. He pressed a button and the alarm went off. The alarm opened the pod and Marlena was asleep. Rolf walked in the room and tried to leave. John demanded that he wake Marlena up.

Rolf injected Marlena. He let John know that she was going to make it. John ran to Marlena and they embraced each other. Rolf snuck out of the room while John helped Marlena out of the pod. He noticed the other pods in the room. Marlena told him about Kayla and Kate being there too. She told him that Kayla was alive, but she wasn’t sure what happened to Kate. Bo tried to leave, but Kayla said they couldn’t leave without Marlena. He didn’t want to risk Megan catching them. Kayla refused to leave Marlena there. She mentioned Kate and he admitted that he shot her. She couldn’t believe his attitude about shooting her. She thought Megan brainwashed him. She wanted Marlena to help him, but he didn’t need any help. He said he didn’t need anyone. She asked him about Hope, but he said it was over between them. Kayla reminded him that their love would never die just like her love for Steve. She told him that he had to fight his way back to his family no matter what. She tried to use his love for his family to get him to change his mind. It didn’t work out the way she hoped. He pointed his gun at her. She couldn’t believe that he would try to shoot her the way he shot Kate. Megan got up from the floor. Steve found her and pulled his gun on her. She told him that Kayla was alive. He didn’t believe her. She was willing to take him to see her. He followed her to the other lab. He was shocked to see Marlena. Steve and Marlena hugged each other. She told him that Kayla was alive. He grabbed Megan and yelled at her about Kayla. He left to find her. John and Marlena enjoyed their reunion. Megan explained that she was trying to heal her broken heart. She didn’t plan on hurting anyone. Marlena reminded her that she killed Kate. She said she wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger. John wanted to know who did it. She refused to tell him. Steve just missed Kayla, but he was determined to find her. Bo and Kayla were at the docks. Kayla told him that she wanted to go back, but he thought she would change her mind once she found out where they were going. He led her to the boat. His duffle bag was next to orchids and other flowers.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina went to the police station to talk to Rafe and Jada. Paulina wanted to know why Sloan wasn’t arrested. Rafe and Jada didn’t know what they were talking about. Paulina told them what was going on with Sloan. She told them that Sloan trashed her office. She said Shawn kept the report too secret. She said she was afraid for Chanel. Rafe and Jada let her know that they didn’t have enough evidence to arrest Sloan. They said they could bring her in for questioning. Sloan went to the pub and told Eric that she was upset about her case against Paulina being thrown out. She was also upset that he wouldn’t start his art gallery at Sweet Bits. He said he couldn’t believe she was worried about him after what she was going through. She said he was important to her. She said he was the only thing to kept her from obsessing over Paulina and Chanel. They looked online for potential art galleries. They found two places. She invited him to go back to her place. Rafe and Jada showed up to bring Sloan in for questioning. When Gabi came home, Li wanted to praise her for the successful meeting. He said she was on her way to building a second fashion empire. She asked what he was up to. He said he hoped this changed the way she felt about him. He said he wanted to watch her show her talent to the world.

Nicole told EJ that she anonymously booked a room at the Salem Inn for Stefan and Gabi. EJ said he would make sure Stefan and Gabi showed up. He said Li needed to catch them in the act. Stefan showed up. EJ and Nicole told him about the room they booked for him and Gabi. Stefan said the room was public. They said everything was handled discreetly. After EJ and Nicole convinced Stefan to meet Gabi, he told them to make the arrangements. When Nicole left, Stefan said he was excited about meeting with Gabi after all this time. He was worried Gabi wouldn’t trust Nicole and that would ruin everything. He said he wanted to give Gabi a heads up. EJ gave him a burner phone so he could talk to her. Nicole went to see Gabi. She told Gabi that she heard about her meeting. She offered Gabi a job at Basic Black. Nicole asked her to get a drink so they could talk. Gabi and Li were suspicious of her. Gabi got a text that told her to listen to Nicole. Gabi agreed to hear her out. Li tried to stop her but it didn’t do any good. Nicole sent EJ a text to say the plan worked. He told Stefan that the plan worked. EJ said a car was ready for him. Stefan wanted to make a toast first. He told EJ that the champagne wasn’t drugged. He thanked EJ for making this happen. EJ told him good luck. When Stefan left, EJ said his luck ran out. When Nicole and Gabi went to the Salem Inn, Nicole told Gabi that she and EJ helping her and Stefan for altruistic reasons. EJ went to see Li. EJ told him Stefan and Gabi were together now. He asked if Li was going to do anything about it. Stefan met with Gabi at the Inn. They couldn’t believe they were alone. They kissed each other.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

The bicentennial gala continues and Danny and Gina Romalotti arrive to join the celebration.

Diane apologizes to Kyle and Jack for the scene with Phyllis and she explains that Phyllis told her Kyle was sick to get her up to that room. Diane tells Kyle she sent him a text message and when he didn’t respond to the text message, she got worried and went up to the room. Kyle tells Diane he lost his phone again. Aura finds Kyle’s phone and returns it to him and Kyle sees that Diane did send him a message.

Jack and Diane decide to announce their engagement even though Jack can’t find the engagement ring which was in his pocket. Jeremy tells Phyllis that he stole the ring from Jack’s pocket. Jeremy tells Phyllis that now its time for the hardest and most important part of their plan.

Billy and Chelsea kiss after they talk and have a cup of coffee at Crimson Lights.

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