Days Short Recap Thursday, June 15, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Dimitri saw Kristen reading his interview. He said he was surprised his mother wasn’t there to hear about it. She told him to tell her about it. He said he enjoyed lunch with Gwen. He said she was able to relate to his life experiences. He said he made up those experiences to charm her. Kristen warned him not to tip his hand. She said Megan had plans for his inheritance. She said Megan was putting an army together. He said he knew that she had a plan. Megan told Li that EJ overheard their plan to get rid of Stefan. She said EJ doesn’t know he was involved and that he was tied up in the wine cellar. She said she wanted Li to focus on getting rid of Stefan. He asked her if she thought he was going to kill Stefan. She said she didn’t trust an amateur who couldn’t get it right the first time. She said they needed someone with ice in their veins. They needed someone trained and willing to kill. She said she knew the perfect person. Nicole went to Stefan’s room to look for EJ. She said they had an appointment with a specialist, but she hadn’t heard from him since last night. Stefan told her sabotaging him was more important than her baby. She said she knew the baby was too important to EJ to miss the appointment.

Harris told Kate he would take care of Megan for her. He said he wouldn’t kill Megan. He said he would exile her to a place she could never leave. Kate said he should get Dimitri too. He said getting rid of two people was going to be hard. He said he would do what she originally wanted. Li reminded Megan that Harris was deprogrammed. She said that didn’t mean she couldn’t re-program him to do her bidding. She wanted Li to get Dr. Rolf. Li said he would do it. Kristen told Dimitri that she was only sticking by his mother so she could get custody of Rachel. She said she needed an attorney to go against Belle. She said she wanted to go to Sloan to represent her, but she is dating Brady’s brother. She said she would charm her. She went to the cellar. When Megan went home, she ran into Stefan. He asked if she went over his and Gabi’s proposal. She thought about throwing the proposal in the fireplace. She said it sparked an interest. He said they would talk about it later and left. She said assuming he was still alive. Megan ran into Dimitri. She was happy that Gwen was interested in him. He said he was interested in her too. He asked her about the army she was putting together. She said whatever she did she had him in mind. She asked him where Kristen was. He said she was in the wine cellar. She went to the secret door when he left. Kristen found EJ tied to a chair. He told her about Megan’s plan for Stefan. She looked for something to cut the rope. Megan came in with a gun. Stefan ran into Li at the Town Square. Stefan thanked him for letting the divorce go smoothly. Li said he knew he and Gabi were getting married. He congratulated Stefan. When Stefan walked away, Li said it was too bad he wasn’t going to live long enough to marry her. Kristen was tied in a chair next to EJ. She said Megan was more sadistic than she thought. She said they might be Megan’s next targets after Stefan. EJ was afraid Nicole was going to push Megan to get to him first. Nicole was at the hospital waiting for EJ. She got a text saying EJ wasn’t coming. Megan came from the secret tunnel. Harris showed up to see her.

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