GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron encourages Esme to show people that she isn’t the person that she used to be. Cameron also tells Esme she has to accept help because she can’t raise Ace on her own. Cameron’s friends and family gather at Kelly’s to give Cameron a going away party before he goes to Stanford.

Deputy Mayor Ashby is afraid Victor will kill her when he takes her to the pier so she tells him that Anna, Lucy, and Valentin are alive and he she also tells him the necklace is fake and Victor has one more thing she wants her to do. Deputy Mayor Ashby calls Anna and tells her that she is leaving town. Victor promised Deputy Mayor Ashby he will help her get out of town, but he kills her.

Lucy decides to leave the safe house again because nobody but her can be the host of the Nurses Ball. Elizabeth is worried about Epiphany, so she calls her cell phone and is surprised when a state Trooper answers the phone and tells Elizabeth she has bad news about her friend. Elizabeth listens to the State Trooper and starts to cry.

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