GH Short Recap Thursday, December 21, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Michael gives Ned half his ELQ shares so he won’t tell Sonny and Willow Nina turned Drew and Carly into the SEC. Michael later tells Nina that he took care of Ned for Sonny and Willow’s sake.

Nina tells Sonny someone is threatening Ava. Sonny tells Ava to tell him everything, so Ava tells him about the anonymous notes and the gun someone left at her apartment. Sonny tells Ava to bring him the gun tomorrow so Brick can run a trace on the gun. Spinelli calls a truce with Cody for Maxie’s sake, but he makes it clear to Cody he will be watching him to make sure he doesn’t hurt Maxie or her family.

Felicia tells Maxie and Sasha that she can’t stop thinking about the DNA test Cody and Mac took because she thinks Cody is hiding something that has to do with the test.

Molly and TJ tell Kristina that it might take them six months to find an egg donor for the surrogacy. Kristina offers to be the egg donor as well as the surrogate for Molly and TJ.

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