GH Short Recap Thursday, September 7, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Gregory finally decides to tell Chase about his ALS diagnosis, but when he gets to Chase’s apartment, he finds Brook Lynn. Chase and Brook Lynn order dinner to be delivered and they invite Gregory to stay and have dinner with them.

Nina is worried because Alexis told her she and Sonny’s family could be in danger while he is under arrest. Carly agrees to let Nina know what Brick tells her about the business. Carly tells Nina that Brick told her everything is stable with the business right now.

Dante is upset with Sam because she didn’t tell him she helped Cody get into Fern Cliff. Dante tells Sam he supports her decision, but he doesn’t want her to keep things from him anymore. Felicia tells Mac to trust Cody and not go to Fern Cliff to help him because he could make things worse.

Dr. Montague tells Gladys that Sasha needs 24 hours to detox before he can release her from Fern Cliff. Gladys leaves to go tell Nina that Sasha will be home tomorrow. When Gladys leaves, Dr. Montague calls someone on the phone and asks the person to get him a drug that will make a person forget that they know someone. Cody persuades Sasha to leave Fern Cliff with him, but when they are about to leave Sasha’s room, Dr Montague comes into Sasha’s room and sees Cody with Sasha.

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