GH Short Recap Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Maxie turns down a loan from Brook Lynn to get her out of her financial problems. Brook Lynn decides to tell Tracey that she wants to be trained by her to take over Tracy’s half of Deception in the future. Tracy is happy that Ned no longer believes he is Eddie Maine. Tracy tells Ned that he needs to stop Drew and Michael from taking over ELQ. Ned tells Nina that she needs to get him information about Drew and Michael’s plan to take over ELQ or he will tell Willow that she was the one who turned Drew and Carly to the SEC.

Liesl tells Scott she hopes he will find happiness, but they will never get back together. Scott asks Lucy to go with him to Florida to spend Christmas with Serena.

Mr. Brennan tells his henchman Hume to find the report Forsyth stole from Anna and deal with the person who has the report.

Dante finds a key to a bank safe deposit box inside the bus station locker. Dante goes to the bank and finds Anna’s report as well as a picture of a younger Mr. Brennan.

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