Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 16, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Society, Adam accuses Victor of colluding with Kyle to kick him out of Jabot. They have a heated argument. Victor accuses Adam of shutting his family out, while Adam knows that Victor just likes to control his children. Adam thinks Victor is a terrible father.

Diane and Stark have a drink. She is about to catch a plane to Chicago to implement her plan. He suggests going with her, but she finds excuses for him not to go. He also suggests going back to his room, but she puts him off.

Kyle and Summer discuss his earlier chat with Victor. Summer doesn’t approve of Victor wanting to manipulated Adam into returning to the fold. Later, Summer is worried again that Diane’s plan to get rid of Stark is putting them in danger. She’s also shocked when she recognizes the fancy necklace that Diane and Jack have, which belongs to her grandmother, Nikki. They assure her that they’re just borrowing it for their plan with Stark, but she’s very unhappy that they’re taking such risks, involving Kyle, keeping her in the dark, etc. Jack kisses Diane passionatlely.

Abby tries to cheer Devon up about all of the terrible things that have happened to him lately – especially Tucker messing up the IPO and letting him down again.

Daniel and Lily are at the coffeehouse, where they’ve been chatting. She’s wanted to get her mind off her business and personal problems, so Daniel was listening to her vent. Billy and Chelsea arrive, so things are awkward. Chelsea catches up briefly with Daniel. Billy is clearly not happy to see Daniel and Lily together. Later, Adam finds Billy drinking and wants to yell at him for playing the hero with Chelsea, but Billy gets in his face and yells at him to back off. Abby tells them to knock it off. Adam goes to visit Chelsea, who’s thinking about Billy.

Tucker goes to see Devon, who hears him out. He tries to explain that he just wanted to work with him and Ashley because he cares about them so much. Devon says that he goes about that all wrong through lying and manipulation. He tells Tucker that he really needs to get his act together and leave town. Tucker is glum.

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