Days Short Recap Monday, September 18, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan and Gabi talk about taking over DiMera Enterprises with Dimitri and Megan’s shares. She wondered if they should try to get the Von Leuschner money as well. He said that would be going too far. She said she didn’t like it, but she agreed with him. She said once she had control over DiMera, they wouldn’t need Dimitri’s money. He sent Dimitri a text. He asked Dimitri about his decision. Kristen was shocked that Gwen knew about Leo and Dimitri. Gwen told her how she figured it out. She said she brushed off their interactions at first but everything fell into place in Iceland. She said she eavesdropped on Kristen and Dimitri when she was supposed to be packing. She said she knows about the inheritance. Kristen told her Dimitri and Leo are in love. She suggested that they team up and take Dimitri and Leo down. Gwen agreed to do it. Leo yelled at Dimitri for cheating on him with Gwen. He told Dimitri about his visit with Gwen. Dimitri said she was lying. He said they haven’t slept together since they have been back. He said he loved Leo. Leo said he loved him too. Dimitri told him Gabi and Stefan knew about them and are blackmailing him.

Leo asked Dimitri what he was going to do about Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri said he was going to kill them. Leo thought he was joking, but realized he wasn’t. He tried to talk Dimitri out of killing them. Dimitri said it was something he had to do. He reminded Leo about who he is. He said Leo didn’t have to have any part of it. He said he would take care of everything, Brady and Alex asked Konstantin about his visit with Victor. Konstantin didn’t give them that much information. He said Victor mentioned looking for a letter. Brady said he remembered Kayla finding old letters from Victor’s childhood home. Konstantin took them to the house, but when they found the box, it was empty. Theresa was shocked to find Shane at the door. He was shocked to see her. He couldn’t believe she followed Brady. She said she was there to help. He was able to see through her. She ended up telling the truth. He told her to move on from Brady and find someone who would appreciate her. She said she hoped Brady would see her for who she was now. She told Shane about her plan to use Alex. He told her she shouldn’t do that. He said if Brady couldn’t see how wonderful she was, he didn’t deserve her. She saw the briefcase he was carrying. She said she would buy him a nice one. He said it was recovered from Victor’s plane. He said it had legal documents and personal papers. He told her to give it to Brady and Alex. She told him she would give them the briefcase. When Shane left, she opened the case and went through it.

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