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Recap written by Terry

Victor lays down the law. After he realizes that he’s given them too much power, freedom and reign over his companies, Victor says it’s time for his adult offspring to fall in line. Victor calls a family meeting and informs them they will do he wants from now on. He calls the shots, he reiterates.

Victor told Nick he will work with Adam on the company formerly called McCall Unlimited. Adam renames the company to a term that means scorched earth. Nick, not happy with his father’s directive, hesitantly agrees.

Victor tells his daughter everyone knows why she pushed Nickolas out of Newman. Victor says he sees potential in acting COO, Nate Hastings, but does not trust him after what Nate did to his own family. Victor is also suspicious of him after seeing Nate scheming with Audra, but Victoria is unaware of their alliance and goals.

Victoria and Nate spend some time at the Newman suite at the Athletic Club and Victoria gloats that once McCall is folded into Newman Enterprises, Adam will be subservient to her and Nate or he’s gone.

Victor directs Adam to reorganize and optimize the company he bought for him to run, and once McCall Unlimited is running well, it will be folded into Newman Enterprises. Adam objects, reminding his father of the prior agreement that Adam would independently run McCall. Victor states he does not care what agreements were made in the past, and if Adam doesn’t like it, Adam can walk out the door. Adam walks out the door. Victor vows that if Adam doesn’t fall in line, he is done with his youngest son.

After leaving his father’s office, Adam goes to Crimson lights, where he unknowingly interrupts Sharon’s first intimate encounter with Chance. Adam tells Sharon merging her newly obtained company with McCall is off. He informs Sharon that Victor pulled a fast one, and he wants nothing to do with his family, including his father. Adam suggests he could work with her to rebuild the company Cameron Kirsen left her.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker, slurring his words a bit, is enjoying a drink when he spots Audra and buys her a glass of wine. Audra happily tells Tucker her future looks promising. She receives a text from Kyle suggesting they meet for some romantic time. Tucker sees the text, scoffs and asks her if Kyle Abbott is what she considers a promising future. Audra countered that she sees potential in him and that she hired him to be her right hand man.

Tucker dismisses it, saying that Kyle is a spoiled rich kid who lucked his way into his high ranking position through no merit of his own. He wagers a trip to Vegas that Kyle will let Audra down. His bride-to-be, Ashley Abbott, was not around to hear that exchange.


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