GH Short Recap Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Brick tells Sonny that Betty is in Mexico, so it looks like the fake flash drive worked and Mason’s boss took the bait.  Sonny tells Brick he has people in Mexico watching Betty. Sonny is even more determined to find out who Mason’s boss is because this Pikeman deal is getting dangerous.

Curtis comes home and feels overwhelmed by everything he has lost. Curtis tells Marshall he wants to sell the Savvoy.  Marshall tells Curtis that, if he changes his mind, he can run the club for him until he is ready to run the club again.

Curtis tells Portia he loves her, but he worries because he can’t make love to her.

Cyrus tells Drew he will find a way to repay him for saving his life.

Lucy and Maxie are shocked when Tracy arrives in court because she is the one who is suing them claiming that Lucy stole the idea for the Deceptor.

Gladys asks Nina for the money to get Sasha out of Fern Cliff because Dr. Montague won’t let Sasha out unless he gets his money.

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