GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 2, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Scott awakens from the chloroform. He calls the WSB to tell them about Victor’s plan to release a deadly pathogen to kill 80% of the population. Robert tells Scott he just put the lives of the hostages in more danger. Valentin tells Victor that he can inject the pathogen into him to test if the antidote works but Victor must let the hostages go. Victor tells Valentin must give him the name of his accomplices before he gives him the antidote. But Valentin says he came alone.

Willow, once again, tries to persuade Michael to make peace with Sonny for the sake of his brother and sisters. Michael tells Willow about hiring Dex to help him bring down Sonny. Michael shows Willow the video Dex sent him that proves Sonny is moving illegal guns through Port Charles and once he gives the information to the Justice Department, Sonny will go to jail. Willow tells Michael that this will affect his brother and sisters. Willow passes out before she finishes talking to Michael.

Curtis finds Trina on the Haunted Star, and they both go rescue Spencer. Trina talks to the guards so Curtis can get into position. Curtis hits one of the guards and Spencer punches the guard holding him so he can help Curtis fight the guards. Curtis and Spencer are fighting the guards and one of the guns that belongs to one of the guards falls to the floor.

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