Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 8, 2023

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Recap written by Terry

Malcolm surprised everyone by appearing at the tribute for Neil at the jazz lounge named in Neil’s honor. Devon, in a touching moment, announced he was changing his name to Devon Winters. (Perhaps Devon will also keep his mother’s name, Hamilton, to become Devon Hamilton Winters, reflecting the name of the business he and Neil started?)

Victor, who hired Neil fresh out of Harvard, paid tribute to him, noting that Neil was one of the few people Victor respected and trusted. Seeing Abby with Devon pleased Victor, who said he was proud to have Devon becoming one of the family.

Devon’s mother, Harmony, credited Tucker for arranging for her to attend the event. That scored points with Devon, but Ashley barely withheld her fury, seeing the woman Tucker cheated with while she and Tucker were married. Harmony said she was happy that Tucker and Ashley found their way back to each other other, but Ashley still seethed. Tucker, of course, was delighted.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Kyle welcomed home Diane, who was out of prison on bond and wearing an ankle monitor. Diane’s happiness was dampened when Jack told her Ashley had moved Tucker into the Abbott home. Summer was furious when she walked in to see Diane. Soon after, Summer received a text from Daniel, summoning her to Chancellor Park.

Daniel, who confided to Lily that his conscience troubled him about something, later told Summer that he could no longer keep the secret that Phyllis is alive. He hated himself because people were offering condolences and asking how he and Summer were doing, and there was this big fat lie hanging over his head. He told Summer that they needed to tell everybody that Phyllis is alive and bring her home. Summer appeared terrified and desperate. Meanwhile, Kyle is searching for his wife and might find her, overhearing the conversation.

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