Days Short Recap Monday, December 18, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ found Nicole in the tunnels with the baby. Nicole apologized to him. He reminded her that she accepted the fact the wasn’t theirs. Nicole told him that she saw the baby alone because Sloan left him there. She wanted to save him from a life with Sloan. EJ felt they should take the baby back to his parents. She didn’t want to take him back. Nicole wanted him to use his money to hide him. He reminded her about the pain of losing a child. They couldn’t keep Jude from his parents. EJ and Nicole decided to do the right thing and give Jude back to his parents. Harris told Eric and Sloan there was a lead about Jude. He received a tip about who took the baby. Sloan wanted to tell Eric something important, but they were interrupted. Harris explained that a witness saw someone in a hoodie push the stroller away. Rafe arrived and wondered how Nicole and the baby were missing at the same time and it is not connected. Eric remembered what happened when Sarah baby was kidnapped. The person wore a black hoodie. They couldn’t tell if the person was a man or a woman. He wondered if the person who took Jude was the same person who took Victoria. EJ and Nicole arrived at the station with the baby. They wanted to explain privately. Eric and Sloan left to tell Roman and Marlena the baby was found.

Chad went to see Stephanie. He apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion about Alex. She accepted his apology. Chad officially ended their relationship. He didn’t want to end things, but he realized he messed up. Chad knew Stephanie wanted a bigger commitment than he wanted to make. Stephanie agreed that it’s better for them to end their relationship. He knew it would be hard for the kids. Chad promised to earn her trust again. For now, it was better for them to go their separate ways. He wanted to resign, but she thought they could work together. Chad thought it would be too hard. He let her know that rehired Everett. Harris texted Stephanie so they could meet.  Rafe interrogated Nicole about what happened. She admitted that she took Jude. Nicole didn’t think Sloan deserved to be a mother. She saw Sloan leave Jude alone and thought it was the right thing to do to take him. Sloan and Eric walked in the interrogation room. Nicole admitted that she didn’t find the baby. She took him. Sloan got angry and Nicole apologized. She wanted Nicole to go to prison. Sloan wanted to call the state attorney, but EJ wouldn’t allow it. Eric wanted to go home. He wanted Sloan to show compassion and be thankful their son was returned. Eric felt like Nicole would get help and be healed. Rafe let Nicole know that he had to arrest her. He was about to read her rights when Sloan walked in the room. She told Rafe it wouldn’t be necessary. Harris and Stephanie met at the park. They discussed what happened when they got drunk. He told her they kissed each other, but nothing else happened. She was relieved that nothing else happened. He wanted to tell Ava the truth. She wanted him to leave her name out of it. Stephanie told him Ava used to be a mafia princess who tried to kill her mother. She didn’t want her to do anything to her. Harris believed she would understand once he explained what happened. Sloan said she told her to babysit Jude. Rafe understood what she was trying to do, but he felt like Nicole needed help. Nicole agreed to get help. EJ left to talk to Nicole. Sloan threatened Nicole. She told her to stay away from her baby.

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