GH Short Recap Thursday, April 6, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

The Nurses Ball continues with a performance by singer/songwriter Danielle Ponder that brings down the house.

Cody almost tells Sasha about Gladys’s gambling problem but Gladys interrupts and when Cody leaves, Gladys tells Sasha she shouldn’t trust Cody.

Blaze and Chase perform a song written by Brook Lynn and, after the song, Brook Lynn sees Linc touching Blaze and congratulating Blaze and screams for Linc to get away from her. Brook Lynn takes the microphone and tells everyone that Linc sexually harassed her when she was a singer and then held the rights to her songs hostage until she signed, a non-disclosure agreement to get back the rights to her songs. Brook Lynn tells everyone thar she is breaking the agreement because she doesn’t want another woman to be Linc’s victim. Linc tells everyone Brook Lynn is lying but Blaze says that Linc also harassed her. Dante arrests Linc for creating a public disturbance.

Liesel, Georgie, and James do a magic act with Liesl as Bertie and James assistant. George and James put Liesl in the magic box and made her disappear but when they say the magic words for her to return and open the curtain of the magic box the box is still empty and nobody can find Liesl.

Victor’s body guard tells Spencer to be ready when Victor calls and do exactly what Victor tells him to do. Victor’s men surround the safe house, so Anna and Valentin tell Lucy to go out the bedroom window and she promises to get help for them. Victor demands that Valentin give him the necklace or he will have his bodyguard break Anna’s neck. Anna tells Valentin not to do it but he gives Victor the necklace and then Victor fires a shot.

Sonny tells Bobbie he wants to give money to start a scholarship for nursing students in memory of Epiphany.

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