Days Short Recap Monday, January 9, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex waited for Stephanie to come back to bed. He ignored Chad’s second call to Stephanie. Chad left a message for Stephanie to get to the hospital right away. Chad called again so Alex chose to ignore the call again. Stephanie joined Alex in bed. They kissed and then broke apart. Alex looked at Stephanie’s phone. She noticed and wanted to know what was wrong. He wanted to make sure she was ready to be with him. She was ready to be with him and they made out. Steve brought Kayla water. She was afraid they wouldn’t find the orchid in time. He wanted to keep faith that they would find it. He felt like the power of their love will get them through it. She wanted him to check on Roman and Kate. He didn’t want to leave, but he did what she wanted. John tended to Marlena. She wondered if Kristen was lying about the orchid being missing. John thought she might be telling the truth this time. She thought Orpheus might have taken the orchid. She wanted John to go to Statesville. She promised him that she would hold on until he got back. She said he gives her strength. Rex told Roman how much Kate loved him. He walked out of the room. Roman cried over Kate’s body. He wished they didn’t waste so much time apart. He apologized for not being able to protect her. He said he would love her forever. He started crying again. Rex went into the lobby and told Steve and Chad that Kate died. Steve hugged him and then he hugged Chad. Rex walked away to call his siblings. Steve told Chad he needed Stephanie there. Chad promised to find her.

Lucas saw Orpheus and told him that he tried to kill his mother, Marlena and Kayla. Orpheus taunted him until John showed up. John demanded the orchid from Orpheus. Orpheus tried to play dumb. John told Lucas that the women needed another dose of the orchid’s healing properties. Lucas went to check on his mother Orpheus was happy about the news. Lucas called Rex. Rex told him about what happened to their mother. Lucas went back to Orpheus and tried to choke him. John and the guard tried to pull Lucas off of him. John didn’t want to leave, but he had to get back to Marlena. Steve consoled Roman and went back to Kayla. She cried when she heard about Kate’s death. She wanted to see her kids. Roman walked in the room. Steve left to call Joey and Tripp. Kayla told Roman that she was sorry to hear about Kate. Roman was hopeful she would get better. He didn’t want to lose his wife and his sister. Chad left another message for Stephanie to get to the hospital. Alex and Stephanie finished making love when Chad came in the room. Chad looked away and apologized for interrupting. He told her what happened to Kayla and Kate. Stephanie rushed to the bathroom to get changed. Chad walked out the room. Alex looked at the phone and felt guilty. John went home and told Marlena that Kate didn’t make it. Kayla told Steve that she needed to sleep and to see Bo and her parents. He begged her not to leave them. He holds her hand as she tells him that she’s tired. She let him know that she would love him forever. He told her that he would love her forever. He started crying and put his head on her chest. Kayla flatlined as Stephanie walked in the room. Steve assured her that Kayla tried to hold on for her. Stephanie couldn’t believe she couldn’t say goodbye. Alex stood in the doorway. He told Chad that Stephanie was too late. Chad couldn’t believe her phone got turned off and didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother. Alex felt guilty about what he did.

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