Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

The Abbott’s celebrate Thanksgiving, since Jack doesn’t want to invite Devon and Tucker to the house for a drink, Ashley decides she will meet Devon and Tucker for a drink at the Athletic club.

Kyle tells Audra and Tucker that he has changed his mind again and wants to help them take over Jabot. Kyle plays Tucker a recording of Ashley telling him and Diane that she wants to fix his relationship with Devon so that Devon can persuade him not to take over Jabot. Kyle later tells his mother about his meeting with Aura and Tucker. Kyle tells Diane that he is going to save Jabot from Tucker.

Nikki figures out that vodka was in the IV Claire was putting on her. Nikki sees a bottle of vodka Claire left in her room. Nikki goes into the bathroom to pour out the bottle, but she only pours out half the bottle and drinks the rest of the bottle. Nikki cries as she lays in bed because she has ruined years of sobriety. Nikki wonders why Claire would do such a horrible thing to her. Claire returns to Genoa City and tells Victoria and Victor that Nikki had a seizure and Aunt Jordan took her to the hospital. Victor tells the jet pilot to get ready and then they head to get Nick. The pilot tells Victor the plane will be ready in thirty minutes. Victor talks to Claire’s Aunt Jordan and asks her to tell the doctors Nikki has MS. Aunt Jordan tells Victor the doctors figured that out and gave Nikki anti-seizure medication. Nick, Victoria, and Victor head to Oregon with Claire. Nikki is asleep upstairs in the room at the Blue Lake house when she hears someone knocking on the door downstairs and calling her name. Cole Howard opens the door downstairs and looks for Nikki. He says he got her text message about Victoria and wonders if Victoria is all right.

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