Days Short Recap Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle and Kristen argued about what happened. Kristen told her that Rachel was with Brady, but she didn’t kidnap her. Belle didn’t believe her and refused to help her. Brady was surprised that Rachel called the police on him. He said he didn’t own a gun, but she reminded him that he put it in the lockbox. Jada looked in it and found the gun. She told him to get a babysitter because he had to go to the station. They arrived at the station, and she wanted answers. Belle walked into the station while they were talking. Belle warned Brady not to say anything. He told her that he called Rachel a liar and he felt guilty about it. He wanted to tell the truth. Belle tried to convince Jada that what happened occurred in the heat of the moment. He said Brady would never hurt Kristen. Melinda walked in and said they weren’t going to let it go that easily. She wanted Jada to book Brady. Melinda wanted a statement from Kristen. Jada left to go to the DiMera mansion. EJ and Stefan talked about Megan and what she planned to do. Stefan was surprised that EJ didn’t want to help Megan. They talked about her escaping. EJ thought they should turn their attention to Dimitri and go after him together.

Jada arrived at the mansion to talk to Kristen. Kristen thought she was there to arrest her for kidnapping. Jada informed her that Rachel told her what happened. She wanted a statement about what Brady did. Brady and Belle arrived at John and Marlena’s place. He wondered if he could go to prison. Belle said he could if Kristen pressed charges. Rachel was listening in the hallway. Li was on the phone when Gabi arrived. She shocked him by pulling out a gun. She let him know that she didn’t believe he wasn’t in on the plan to kill Stefan. She told him that she was going to kill him to keep Stefan safe. He didn’t think she would do it. She reminded him that she shot her first husband. She wasn’t afraid of prison if it will keep Stefan safe. He told her that he was moving on with his life. He said he hired a matchmaker. He wanted her to look at his computer. She looked and saw that he was telling the truth. She informed him that he needed to remember what would happen if he went after Stefan again. Kristen was having a drink when Dimitri walked in the room. She wondered if he was sneaking his girlfriend or boyfriend out of the mansion. He tried to cover, but she let him know that Rachel told her what she saw. She thought he was with Leo to keep him quiet about his inheritance. Dimitri went along with it. Kristen told him that she wanted a portion of his inheritance to keep quiet. Stefan and EJ walk in the room and told Dimitri they were throwing him out. He said he didn’t have anything to do with his mother’s plot. They didn’t care and still wanted him out. Kristen defended him and told them she would make things harder for them if they kick him out. Stefan back down, but EJ was upset. He stormed out the room.

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