GH Short Recap Friday, March 17, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Lucy doesn’t want to stay in the safe house anymore because she wants to plan the Nurses Ball but Laura brings her a letter from Martin that calms her down a bit.

Nina talks to Phyllis and tells her she doesn’t know if she can accept the dangerous side of Sonny’s job. Sonny tells Carly about the shooting and tells her that he doesn’t want Avery or Donna coming to visit him until he figures out who is targeting him.

The doctor tells Victor that he agrees with Finn that his bedroom problem caused by the pathogen is irreversible, but he will write him a prescription for some pills that may help his problem. Deputy Mayor Ashby tells Victor that Robert has the necklace with the diamonds from the Ice princess in the PCPD evidence locker. Victor orders Deputy Mayor Ashby to steal the necklace and bring it to him.

Diane persuades Robert to drop the charges against Esme for the sake of baby Ace but tells him he can file the charges again if Esme’s memory should return. Josslyn worries when Dex shows admiration for Sonny when he tells her Sonny saved his life.

Victor is drinking at the Metro Court bar when Lucy appears at the Metro Court but Victor doesn’t see her because his back is turned.

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