Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ talked to his contact at the hospital to get info about the shooter. He was upset when he got off the phone. Johnny walked in the room and wondered what was wrong. He let Johnny know that Ava escaped. They weren’t on the same page about Ava. They ended up talking Chanel. He let EJ know that he told her about his feelings, but Talia showed up. EJ gave him advice on how to handle his situation. Johnny wasn’t sure about his idea, but Chanel called him so he could come over. After Johnny left, EJ was determined to go after Ava. His contact told him that the shooter was awake and getting questioned by the police. Chanel talked to Paulina about her conflicted feelings about Talia and Johnny. Paulina wondered what Chanel told Johnny, but she said that Talia showed up before she could answer him. Paulina supported her, but she hoped that she would pick Johnny. Chanel wasn’t happy that he sprung that on her. She wasn’t sure if he was on the rebound from Wendy. Paulina thought she should take her time deciding, but she thought she dragged it out enough. Johnny was about to knock as Paulina was about to leave.

Chanel told Johnny that Talia had feelings for her. She told him that before he admitted how he felt she was looking forward to seeing what would happen in their relationship. He thought she was choosing Talia so he was about to leave, but she stopped him. She told him that she wanted to be with him. Ava and Harris were at a motel. He wanted to get them some food, but she didn’t think it was safe since EJ had hitman. Harris questioned if it was EJ and Ava was positive. Ava thought he wouldn’t stop at one attempt. She told him that Rafe hates her so he won’t believe that she shot the shooter in self-defense. She said they had to bring Susan home. Harris was about to get a burner phone and food. She thanked him for helping her. Ava saw Susan again, but she realized that she was having a psychic connection with her. When Harris returned she told him that Susan was stuck in the Big Smoke. Harris said that was a nickname for London. They decided to go there to look for her. Later, Rafe and an officer arrived at the motel. He warned the officer that Ava and Harris are armed so it’s okay to use deadly force. Rafe kicked the door down and was shocked by what he saw.

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