Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 2, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Jack praises Adam’s work; Adam thanks him for the job. They talk about Sally, Diane and Phyllis, briefly. Jack and Diane put their plan into motion, with Summer and Kyle helping. They stage a scene with Jeremy to convince him that Diane is choosing to go back to Jeremy, and Jack washes his hands of her. Jeremy wants to put her to a loyalty test.

Chloe bring Sally a pregnancy test. Nick drops by while Sally is in the bathroom to see how she’s doing, so Chloe loudly lets Sally know that he’s there. Sally comes out and tells Nick she’s feeling but has a lot of work to catch up on. Sally stresses out about the test while Chloe tries to calm her down. They learn she’s pregnant. Sally goes into denial and asks to be left alone.

Phyllis drops by to see Kyle and Summer. She’s not to please to see Diane on her way out. Phyllis has come to terms with them firing her, but she’s livid that Diane didn’t really leave town and that they lied about it. Summer is very upset.

Sharon meets up with Tess and Mariah at Society. She reminisces about her wedding there to Rey. Nick drops by. Mariah and Tessa worry that they haven’t yet heard back from the birth mother, but then she texts them that she wants to meet, so they’re hopeful.

Nick visits Victor’s office, looking for Victoria. He apologizes for getting angry the other day but asks Victor to stay out of his personal life. Victor tells him that he’s his father and can’t stop caring about him. Nick tells Sharon and the others that they had a good talk for once.

Victor visits Adam to ask about Connor visiting him and Nick because Chelsea threatened to cut off their visits. Adam promises to speak to her but is a bit defensive about Chelsea. Victor worries that he might be getting back with her. Adam figures that Victor is not happy that Nick is dating Sally and now wishes that Adam were back with her instead of Nick, “The golden boy.” Victor wishes that neither of his sons were involved with her.

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