Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 10, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Phyllis apologizes to Summer for making her choose between her and being supportive of Kyle. Summer tells Phyllis she is going to Paris for a textile show and taking Harrison with her for a mini vacation. Phyllis wants to go to Paris with Summer and Harrison so she and Summer can begin to fix their relationship. Summer tells Phyllis she will think about the idea of letting her go with them to Paris.

Nate and Victoria interview Audra for the position of COO of Newman Media and Victoria likes Audra’s way of thinking but tells Nate she will leave the hiring decision up to him. Nate decides to hire Aura as his COO without knowing the reason why she left Chancellor-Winters.

Devon tells Abby that Audra was working with Tucker to help him take over Chancellor- Winters. Abby later talks to Ashley and Ashley tells her Tucker also wanted to take over Jabot. Ashley tells Abby that she needs to leave town for a while to get away from this mess with Diane and Tucker.

Devon talks to Jill via video call to tell her he wants to buy back Hamilton-Winters because the merger just isn’t working out. Devon also tells Jill that if he doesn’t sell the company back to him he will go to the press and tell them he doesn’t agree with the IPO. Jill tells Devon she will talk to Lily about it but she hopes he will reconsider, and change his mind.

Jeremy, wants Diane to, steal something for him to prove her loyalty to him and she has to do it tomorrow. Jack decides he will steal some jewelry from Victor and Nikki’s Chicago apartment and then give the jewelry to Diane so she can give it to Jeremy and prove that she is loyal to him.

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