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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe showed Jada the article about them in the Salem Spectator. He thought Sloan leaked the story. He said he couldn’t wait to throw the book at her. He said he might add an obstruction of justice charge. Jada said only if Sloan was the one who set up Chanel and Paulina. He asked if she still suspected her sister. Colin showed Talia the article about Jada. Talia said she felt bad that the tainted biscuits led to the article. He said she only drugged the biscuits because of what Chanel did to his family. He said she was righting a wrong. He said he loved her for it. He said it was time to turn up the heat on Chanel. Chanel told Paulina that the board of health shut down Sweet Bits. Paulina said it was temporary until the investigation proved Sloan drugged the biscuits. She said she wasn’t going to let Chanel give up on her dream. Paulina reminded her that her stepfather was the mayor. Chanel called Talia and told her she didn’t have to come in to work. Alex went to see Gwen. He told her they had to stop sleeping with each other. He said Marlena made him realize that he was using her to keep from facing his feelings. He said it wasn’t cool. She said she didn’t mind being used. He said she should because it wasn’t healthy for her either. He said they were both using sex as a distraction. She said she was heartbroken over Xander. She said he wasn’t over Stephanie. He said it had nothing to do with another woman. He said his life was a mess. He said he should look forward not back.

Chloe and Xander looked at an apartment. While they were looking at it, Brady showed up. He said he was there looking for a place for him and Rachel. Xander said he and Chloe should take the apartment. Brady wanted to know what was going on. She said she and Xander were just roommates. Brady couldn’t believe she would consider moving in with Xander. Brady tried to convince her not to do it. Xander told him to cut it out. They ended up arguing. Leo showed up while they were arguing. He said it felt like a story and started taking notes. Xander, Chloe and Brady told Leo why they were there. Leo insulted Rachel. Brady went after him. Xander stopped him. He told Leo he worked for him. He told Leo his work there was done. Rafe told Jada that Talia didn’t have a key to Paulina’s office. Paulina showed up to look for Abe. Jada said she missed him. She asked Paulina if anyone could get access to the keys the night her office was broken into. Paulina said her bag was left open the day Sloan confronted her in the Square. She said it was the day Chanel introduced her to her sister. Chanel showed up at the police station. She went to Rafe’s office to apologize for her biscuits sending him to the hospital. He appreciated her apology. She noticed a picture of Allie and Henry. She saw how happy Allie looked and how big Henry got. He said Allie was happy and meeting people. Chanel left his office. Talia told Colin that the bakery getting shut down should satisfy his need for revenge. He said he wouldn’t rest until Chanel felt the same pain she put him and Sloan through. He said it was time she knew what it felt like to have her heart broken. He said it was time for Talia to seduce Chanel and break her heart. She said she wasn’t gay or bisexual. She said she was only interested in him, but he was pimping her out. He said he wanted her. He said Chanel would fall in love. Talia said she didn’t think she could do it. He said this would cure his mood swings and depression because he would get justice for his mother. He said he knew she would pull this off for him.

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