GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

The Police Academy instructor tells Anna that Dex passed his written exam and he is sure he will pass the physical and the field test. The instructor advises Anna to pass on Dex’s application because Dex feels blind like he has to atone for working for Sonny. The instructor explains that people who feel they need to atone for something make careless mistakes and get hurt or hurt others because of their mistakes.

Alexis and Finn talk after an AA meeting and promise to be there to support each other through her disbarment appeal and dealing with Gregory’s illness.

Brook Lynn and Chase talk about how they will handle their money once they are married. Brook Lynn and Chase decide to put the interest from her trust fund into a savings account which will be used as a college fund for their kids or an emergency fund. Brook Lynn and Chase also decide to use the fund to donate to their favorite charities.

Laura talks to Cyrus and tells him that if he wants to press charges against Sonny for attacking him, she wont stop him from doing so.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


whoa I hope I’m not interrupting anything. No, no, no, no, no. God. I could use the break. You wouldn’t think that protecting a community would require so much paperwork. It’s been a while. Been in the room at the same time. Have you missed my chair-stacking abilities? No. Still — still not good. No. I just, uh, I haven’t seen you. Have you been hitting another meeting or… well, I can give you a whole lot of reasons why, but it all boils down to other things taking precedence. It happens. I know that people slack off from time to time, but if I continue to do it in this way for this long… I may risk everything. Dinner has arrived. Good. I did not feel like cooking tonight. Aww. I feel you, but I’m glad we could help. How are you? Great. And you? How’s your day? I’m fine. Finn not home? Not yet. The babysitter just left. What are we having for dinner? We are having turkey burgers, fries, and salad. And your dad better hurry up, or he’s gonna miss out. We’ll have fries — if it’s okay for me to use finn’s air fryer. Well, of course it is. Just be sure to tell him how much you love it. It’ll make his day. Got it.

[ Coughs ] Why don’t you guys go unload the stuff in the kitchen and get started? Help yourselves to whatever you need in there. Better show them where everything is. Good thinking.

[ Laughs ] Are you okay with a turkey burger? Uh, if you’re asking me if I’m gonna be able to hold it or will I fumble it all over myself from the table and…half the floor… your guess is as good as mine. I was asking you if you’re in the mood for it. Oh. Sorry. YH. Burger sounds great. Good. And for the record, whether you hold it, drop it, or wear it, it’s still gonna taste really good.

[ Both chuckle ] What’s going on with jake? Oh. Never mind. I think I know. The smells coming out of that kitchen are making me nuts. I cannot wait to dig into this very green… chicken. I was pretty free with the spinach. I went with our honeymoon theme — chicken florentine. Italy. You are so sweet for doing this. How’d I get so lucky? First you. Now this. Okay. I’ve made dinner before. It’s not that big of a deal. And I love you for doing this. And I love all the extra work that you did in the kitchen to make this happen. I love you for selling your truck, but I hate the fact that you don’t have it anymore.

Look. The truck was just A… silly guy thing. I had no idea you were so attached to it. Attached to you. You love that truck. No. I love you. Besides, it’s not like I need the truck to haul lumber or bales of hay or anything like that. Whatever you say. Brook lynn…did you have a picture in your mind of you standing in the truck bed, holding a “just married” sign, with tin cans hanging from the bumper? I do now, and I would’ve loved that. Though, at the moment, I would much rather lucy coe dangling from that bumper. Yeah. I, uh, saw what happened on “home & heart.” I’m sorry that video launch of deception’s new cream was so…problematic. If sasha hadn’t come when she did, we’d still be hearing about the trials and triumphs of lucy coe. Yeah. Sasha was pretty great. Because she’s gracious and — and charming, and she made it clear to the viewers that they should buy deception’s new cream. Lucy made it clear to the viewers that she needs therapy. Got a little better when scott got there. He at least mentioned the cream. The “home & heart” new product launch w-was supposed to be another step in deception’s financial rebound. Well, I’m on track to get a raise at the pcpd’s next fiscal year. You’re on track? You should just get it right now. No one’s better at their job than you are, and you work harder than almost anyone. Well, if I do get the raise… …I think that we should invest the money in some property, build a little forest getaway, and then maybe that truck will come in handy. You realize we don’t have to wait, right? We could buy five new trucks, five forest getaways. We could probably buy five forests. Brook lynn, do we need to have the money talk again? As in your family has all the money and I have a decent government salary. We probably should. But first I just need to take a couple bites of this gorgeous green chicken to fortify myself. I don’t know if gregory told you, but I am so sorry. I’m not gonna be able to make chase’s wedding. Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. Did you get a better offer? I got a different offer. Who? Diane has made it her mission to get my disbarment vacated. Well, that’s green news. It’s shocking news. I would not have thought after all this time. I mean, the chances of them wanting to review my disbarment is…I thought, highly improbable. Till it became not so improbable. It became real. I have a hearing with the appellate division of the new york state supreme court in manhattan the day after chase’s wedding. But I have to be there 24 hours in advance. I’m sure chase and brook lynn, they’ll be disappointed, but, um, they’ll be thrilled by the reason. Getting a hearing does indicate that the court feels there’s sufficient grounds to take a second look. Hey, if anybody deserves a second chance. I don’t know about that. Why would you say that? Because maybe I got the justice I deserved the first time, when the court smacked me down. I don’t know about the court smacking you down, but you’re doing a pretty good job of doing it yourself. I know I didn’t suborn perjury and I didn’t perjure myself, but I did lie to the medical board, and i was under oath. So when the disciplinary committee took action, I didn’t think it was appropriate to contest it. I get it. You needed to punish yourself. When we don’t think we’re worth saving, we don’t even try. I don’t think that either one of us was, uh, consciously trying to impede the pursuit of justice. Uh, I’m just saying that, well, I know I’m guilty of — of not seeing clearly what was right in front of me. I’m sorry. This has been weighing on me for a long time. I think you’re gonna have to be a bit more specific. I’m talking about my friendship with sonny. Sonny. Oh. Mm. Yeah. I-I know you two have a history. Yes. Yeah.

[ Chuckles softly ] Well, luke and sonny were friends. The club that luke owned was originally owned by sonny. Paradise lounge. Yeah. Such an ironic name in retrospect. To say that it was a disreputable place would be a compliment. I think eventually they just shut it down and then luke and sonny, uh, turned that space into luke’s blues club, and…they really bonded over that. They became very close, and since then, sonny has done a lot of things to help a lot of people that I love. He did for robin. He was there for my daughter in ways I-I couldn’t be. Yeah. He’s done a lot of good. He really has. Especially for the hospital. And the thing is… I really believed that, uh, we had a bond. I did too. He listened to me… throughout that whole… you know, when the — the double-agent thing came out. I considered him a friend,albeit an unconventional one. “Considered.” Past tense? An individual walked through this door into my office and told me flat out that sonny had ordered him to kill someone. Sonny ordered a hit. I guess — yeah.

[ Sighs ] Wow. I knew in theory what sonny did for a living, but, um, I guess I didn’t allow myself to think about what it meant in practice. He’s charming and generous… and has decent impulses, no question. But charm has no moral weight, and impulse is… it’s not character. I feel so ashamed now that… that it took me so long to wake up and — and see him for everything that he is. Laura, for a time, I felt like he and I, we shared this understanding of darkness that no one else shared. I mean, what — I didn’t allow myself to play out what that was, what that actually meant. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] Well, my friendship with sonny was never a secret. So I’m just here to say that if you ever felt inclined to go easy on sonny because of me, I’m telling you now, don’T.

I realize now that sonny has a very dark side, one that he can keep hidden from most people. But I got the chance to see what that side was capable of when I saw my brother lying in that hospital bed and I realized that sonny is a violent and dangerous time bomb that could go off whenever he decides that it’s necessary. Yeah. That sounds about right. And I know that cyrus has done the same and probably a lot worse. But you know what? Cyrus is not as skilled as sonny at not getting caught. Right. Well, he’s not a generous philanthropist that has woven himself into the very fabric of this city for the past few years. I know. I… but I am still struggling with knowing what he is capable of doing, that he could do what he did to my brother with just his bare hands. And in church. You know, I-I talked to cyrus, and he said that he would not testify against him and there were no other witnesses. And I knew that sonny would lie about whatever charges I filed against him. And as we’re learning, sonny is really good at lying. Yeah. Okay. I think, uh, I think I’ll be going. Okay. Thank you for coming in. Yeah. I appreciate it. Thank you. Uh, so if, uh, the opportunity presents itself for you to pursue this case… I will be ready. You can count on it. Thank you.

[ Door opens ] My wine guy had several choices to pair with tonight’s dinner, but I chose the pinot grigio because it’s italian. Like the chicken. And the woman I love. I love you too, and I love this wine. And I think I’ve had enough of it to, um… to have the money conversation. So, tracy and I talked. Hold on. Let me get a pen. Whoa, whoa. For what? So I can sign the prenup that tracy drew up and we can get back to the wine. Drink the wine. There is no prenup. It’s — it’s fine, okay? I’m fine with signing it. I thought about it, and — and I want you to feel safe. I do feel safe. I do too. Which is why I’m safe saying that nothing is ever going to happen to our marriage, which means that this prenup means nothing. So we will put it in a drawer, and we’ll pull it out in 50 years, and we’ll see how much my signature changed. We both know your signature changes depending on your mood. Remember when — when your team lost and you had to sign the pizza delivery guy’s receipt? The pen almost went through his hand.

[ Laughs ] There is no prenup. You got, um, another bottle, didn’t you? Okay. How about this? If for some reason our marriage falls apart, then I walk away with nothing more than I brought to the marriage. I appreciate the offer. Ah. But you’re not gonna take it. Because according to brook lynn’s teachings, you never take the first offer.

[ Laughs ] I couldn’t be prouder. Look. Our marriage isn’t gonna fail. I know it, and you know it. So the conversation we really need to be having isn’t about what happens if we split up. It’s about what happens when we don’T. I’m glad diane’s in your corner, ’cause it doesn’t sound like you are. I’m just being cautious. I do have a history with me. History’s in the past. It’s done. My apologies to you and mr. Faulkner. But the past is not dead. The past isn’t even in the past. It’s right here. And that side of me that is capable of doing horrible things or self-sabotaging may be in the back seat right now, but it’s always around there, lurking somewhere. You and I have talked about this, right? We’re wired the same way, and sometimes that makes us always focus on the negative things first, all right? And then the good things, they all come in, like, tenth place. But that doesn’t mean they’re to be ignored, all right? Some really wonderful things have come out of your past. My girls. Best thing that ever happened to me. Nothing even comes close. You know, I often refer to them as little roombas because they’re always wandering here and there and everywhere. But eventually they always get right back on track and come back to mom. See, you must have done a lot of things right to end up with three daughters as great as the ones you have. Mm. You know, other than my girls, I feel like the most good that I’ve ever done in the world has been through my legal career, because I’ve been able, in some very small way, to move the needle of justice forward. And I want to do that again. I want to feel good like that. Yes! Yes, and if the court case goes the way it should, you will. All right, so I just need to not get in my own way and stay sober. And you and I both know that if I lose this case, I will want to drink to console myself, and if I win it, I’m gonna want to celebrate. Yeah. Life doesn’t make it easy, does it? You know, molly is — is already worried about me. If I slip up again, my girls may be done with me. You’re — you’re not gonna let that happen. I’m here. I will be here tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. And if I’m not here and you’re here, you better call me out on it. Okay. Alexis, I’m watching my dad die slowly before my eyes. And after treating him poorly for most of his life, I have a few months to make up for it. So I’ll be there for you if you promise the same for me. Always, my friend. Mm! Thank you.

How’s it going in there?All good. It would be great, though, if aiden could make the cheese fries instead of regular ones. I’m all for it if it’s okay with your mom. You think I’d say no to cheese fries? Is your brother helping? He was, but now he’s on his phone. Okay. Uh, well, just yell if you guys need any — we got this. Okay.

[ Laughs ] It ‘s none of my business,but I’m guessing that the, uh, tension level has risen a few notches in your house since jake’s father came back in the picture. Yeah. Actually, I was — I was hoping to talk to you about this. I know there was a time when finn rejected you. And even though the situations are — are completely different, there is a form of that happening with jake. He doesn’t want to talk about jason. He — he doesn’t want to acknowledge his name. He’s so, so angry. And obviously you didn’t just up and leave your kid without any notice whatsoever. So I don’t know. Maybe you — maybe you don’t have any advice to offer. Sounds like jake’s not the only one who’s angry.

[ Chuckles softly ] No, he’s not. Believe me. But he is the one that’s most crippled by it. Sometimes I think that anger is just our way of punishing ourselves when the one we really want to hurt is someone we love and can’t let go of. I can’t tell you how much I loved finn’s mom. Watchi ng her die was the worstthing that ever happened to me. Worse than waking up now, each morning, to discover what else als has stolen from me. But then I met jackie. She was so young and vibrant, and she made me feel alive again. Maybe it — it was a rebound. But we loved each other, and I wanted be in love again so badly. It didn’t feel wrong to me. It didn’t feel like I was being unfaithful to the memory of my late wife. But that’s how finn saw it. It’s the way he had to see it. Otherwise, he would be being disloyal to his mother. And, oh, the anger that he channeled my way.

[ Chuckles softly ] But like anything that hot and intense, it had to eventually exhaust itself. And it did. And what remained is the loving father-son relationship that you see now. So maybe j ake just needs to lethis anger burn itself out so he can get to his own now. You know that anything you or your father need, I’ll be there. Thank you. I just want to let you know that I-I saw gregory recently and he didn’t look very good. I know. I know, and, uh, like you, I’m struggling to hang on to my sobriety while I reflect on my past. Alexis, I was not a good son. My dad did nothing but good, and I… I treated him very badly. You’ve changed. You’ve made amends. You’re not the same person anymore. Yeah. But he knows where I live. Now my dad, he’s turned inward, you know? He won’t let me go to any of his doctor’s appointments with him. He won’t let me see any of his test results. And all he does is give me these glowing reports about how well he’s doing, and all I have to do one look at him and I know he’s lying. Yeah. Well, you being a doctor and his son, he’s — he’s picked the wrong guy to try to bluff, huh? He’s holding himself together by sheer force of will so he can make it to chase’s wedding. It means a lot to him. It does. It’s good, right? Chase is the good son. I’m the one that… I’m the one that wronged my dad. And I turned it around in my head to make myself right. It takes a lot of time and energy to convince yourself that everyone else is the problem, not you.

[ Laughing ] Yeah, I know the syndrome. I know. I stay up at night. I think about all the time I lost with my family, the lost days that became lost years. I… I don’t sleep much anymore. Nobody can punish us like we can. My dad was devoted to my mom. He was there for her. When she died so young, I… I was just angry. I was angry at everyone. And so when he met jackie and she helped him move on and she made him happy, I found this way to… punish him for it. Sleeping with her before the wedding, before their wedding, I… what kind of son does that? My mother kept us away from the quartermaine money. I mean, she knew it was there, but she had a pretty good career as a music manager. The quartermaine money wasn’t always a gift. Was ned around? Yeah, enough. Pretty sure he paid child support. It’s not like I-I ever felt like I didn’t have two parents. And my grandparents, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, all the people who might have been cousins, they were always around. So that’s why the guest list at our wedding was so long.

[ Laughs ] And I only invited the ones that I like. Some of my relatives had a house. Some of them got one gifted to them in a will. But none of us were rich. We were comfortable in bensonhurst. My upbringing was probably a lot quieter than yours, but we were pretty middle class too. I want that kind of life for our kids — a life full of — of love that makes them feel safe. And look. I know there are gonna be bumps along the way. But they will be surrounded by family who will take them by the hand and help them. You don’t think there’ll be parts of the family that want to take their hand and put a bunch of money in it? Oh, there definitely will be. You know my family. That’s obviously gonna happen. But there’s two of us, and we can fend them off. And yeah, it’ll be a little tricky to have a normal life, especially in port charles. But it’s not impossible. If we’re together, nothing’s impossible. And there you go. You know, I think what granny was really after with that prenup, it wasn’t about protecting my trust or my inheritances from you. It was about protecting us from what the insanity of that kind of money can bring. I never thought I’d say this, but… I think tracy has the right idea.

That’s what I think, and I thinkthat tracy would agree. We’re young, we’re healthy, we have careers that we love, and between us, we’re comfortable. I’m with you so far. Okay. We take the interest from your trust fund and any other funds that you have and we put it into a savings account for our kids. You know, it’ll be for education and…shoes. Exactly what kind of shoes are you thinking? It — I — it sounds good. It’ll be a safety net — in case something comes up. Like a shoe emergency. Or a medical emergency. Or if we want to help out a loved one. And I’m sure there’s charities that we’d like to support. I like the sound of that. The only thing I care about our kids inheriting is the good stuff that we bring to their lives — honesty, compassion, a strong work ethic. You bring so much more than that. And, you know, granny told me that, um, no one would want to live off their spouse’s money, which was a very weird thing for her to say, considering all the guys in her life did just that. I never understood her taste in men. But I do understand where she’s coming from. I always want to feel like I can serve and protect this family. You see what I did there? Yeah, I did. And I think that I bring value to our marriage. I mean, I can sing. Yeah, you can. I can cook. I can attest to that. I can catch the bad guys. Some might even say that it’s your dollars against my collars. I will never say that. I ask you to meet, and then I keep you waiting. I’m so sorry. I’m always happy to wait for my sister. And I used the time to try to figure out the reason behind your unprecedented invitation. And what’d you come up with? Nothing.

[ Laughs ] I decided just to be grateful for the chance to spend some time with you. Well, good. I’m glad we’re doing this, then. Okay. You’re looking well. Oh, t-thank you. I-I’m feeling good. I’m getting stronger every day. I-I try to look at my time at G.H. As just an extended spa stay. You’re joking, uh, but what happened to you in that church was no joke, cyrus. And it’s in the past. Well, I’ve been thinking about it an awful lot lately. And if you chose not to press charges against sonny because of me and because of my friendship with him, then I want you to reconsider.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Brick tells Sonny that he carried out his job on John Cates but the two guys were stopped by a good Samaritan.

Brick asks Jordan out on a date, but he is interrupted by an urgent call.

Felicia tells Maxie not to let Spinelli slip away because she is scared they will break up again.

Trina tells Dex and Josslyn to figure out their relationship because life is too short to take love for granted.

Sonny and Ava decide that they like living together.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, April 16, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Objects clatter ] Yeah. Yeah. Given the kind of day I’ve had, that tracks.

[ Sighs ] Great. This is the perfect end to a whole lot of perfect days.

[ Screams ] That’s how I fel t when I watchedthe deception spot on home & heart today. Thank you. Felicia: After watching lucy’s performance, I would have bet any money that she would be the one facedown on the floor. Are you kidding me? Lucy only knows where the floor is because sometimes she drops a gummy on it. You know, the word “star” was used to describe lucy’s performance today. By who? Lucy, of course. She might breathe the same air, but she’s not one of us. You know, if you’re not comfortable with it, you should know that it’s not a legal requirement. I just need a minute to live with the idea. Okay. I’ve got protection on all of my accounts and credit cards, but now I need to just upload my entire tax return and send it to the city council. Yeah, I know. It… it makes you feel vulnerable, doesn’t it? Well, as former police chief, it makes me feel stupid. And at risk. Well, if you decide not to do it, I won’t think any less of you. As a matter of fact, I think ned quartermaine, who was the last mayor — I don’t think he sent his tax returns to the city council every year, or maybe even any year, as far as I can remember. Well, I can’t say I blame him. Ned didn’t see the need for transparency. But when I took over as mayor, I felt that city business should be. So I turned my tax returns over to the city council every year, and in return, they accused me of all kinds of things, but never of being a crook. Well, if it’s okay with you, I’ll scan the documents myself. I don’t want them floating around the office. Look, you do whatever you want to do here. There is one more thing that I’d like to discuss with you, and, uh, it’s a little bit more of a touchy subject. Touchier than sharing my finances with a bunch of strangers? It’s about my brother. Martin? Cyrus. Ah! You want a break? Unless you want to carry me the rest of the way. Why’d I let you talk me into this? Because you love me and you missed running with me. I do. But I also hate you a little.

[ Both laugh ] Can we walk? Of course. We can also call a car and go home and have some pizza. Oh. Listen, a few more runs, and you’ll have your mojo back. I don’t think it’s ever coming back, no matter what I do. Hey, don’t say that. Look, I haven’t been exactly where you are right now, but I know how heavy grief can be. And it can weigh you down. And when you move, you get stronger and it gives your brain a chance to reset. Yeah, it’s like you’re fighting for survival, right? Yeah, that’s part of it. I appreciate you, joss. I mean, sometimes I get in a rut, but you just reminded me a way to get out of it. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. And you’re the strongest person I know, and I just want you to be able to see it for yourself. You know? What can I say? I love you. I love you, too.

[ Both laugh ] And I miss running with you. And I miss living with you, and my dorm is so sad. We have to, uh, talk out here. Vip has taken over my office. Vip? Who’s more important than you? Avery. She’s doing her homework. Well, we can’t interrupt the acquisition of knowledge, that’s for sure. What do you got for me? A couple of my men met up with cates in the manner that we discussed. And the “meeting” was interrupted when a good samaritan drove up. So a good samaritan just happened to be driving around the waterfront? Yeah. But not before we finished the work we did on cates. Where was the work taking place? About a block away from your coffee warehouse.

[ Doorbell rings ] You must be isaac. Come on in.

[ Sighs ]

Mr. Chase. I apologize for keeping you waiting. I didn’t know you were. I thought dr. Kramer was keeping me waiting. Dr. Kramer was called to the er for an emergency consult, and he asked me if I could handle his late appointments, with your consent, of course. Well, I’m already here, so let’s do this. On the condition that you call me gregory and not mr. Chase. I can do that. Good. My appointments with dr. Kramer go almost exactly the same way every time. So this may be a nice change of pace. I’ll do my best.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Ah, it shouldn’t be hard. I know the drill. You’ll ask me, uh, have I had a fall since my last appointment? And if I did, how many times did I fall and how badly did I hurt myself? What were the circumstances just prior to the fall? Is there anything specific that may have triggered it? Oh, it wasn’t all that bad. Sasha slid in and saved the day, right? Yeah, sasha saved our sales, even dressed as stable hand, and scott ran interference with lucy, which earned him a distinguished service medal. Well, so why were you on the floor, facedown, yelling into a rug? I don’t know. I-I dropped some stuff, and when I got down on the floor to pick it up, I just sort of went with it. Oh, okay. I usually yell into a pillow. What’s going on? Uh, well, hmm, lately I just feel like there are maybe too many personalities around here. Oh, you must be talking about lucy, obviously, but is there a next runner-up? It’s really hard to rank them. But everyone’s tired of lucy. Tracy is tired of all of us. Sasha’s happy to pinch hit, but she’s tired of deception. And let’s face it, brook lynn is never tired of music management or planning her wedding, but deception is coming in a distant third on her priority list. So you’re taking care of the entire business yourself. You know, I can’t really blame brook lynn for being so focused on her wedding. I mean, chase’s dad is sick. Hey, the accountants say that deception is finally in the black. Although, you’d never be able to tell by looking at my checkbook. So while you’re taking care of everything at deception, who’s taking care of you? I do n’t know what cates wasdoing on the waterfront last night, but he paid the price for it. He turn up at gh? No. I did a discreet inquiry in the gh, mercy, and founders hospital, and there was no record of a cates being admitted. However, you know, my guys — I’m sure they roughed him up a little bit, but they didn’t break any bones. But the message was definitely sent. He’d have to be smart enough to get that, and john “jagger” cates is not smart at all. He has no loyalty. No guts. Do you know when his — when his brother, stone, was dying of aids, where was jagger? Nowhere to be found. You know why? ‘Cause he couldn’t handle it. So you stepped in? Yeah, I stepped in. I loved that kid, you know? And I’d do it again. And yet, cates doesn’t seem to be overflowing with gratitude. No, he just comes with hatred. There’s something wrong with the guy. There’s something missing. I can see that. But you know what? He’s not smart. But w-why is it hard for me to believe that he would think that I-I would be at the warehouse? Hm. I know why. Why? Jason. Still hard for me to believe jason is working with cates. Why? Jason came to my house and told me to my face that he is an fbi informant. The dots between cates and jason are not hard to connect. Sonny. I’m — I’m just saying! In my experience, sometimes you could connect the two wrong dots, and it could lead to presenting a very misleading picture. Which brings me to dex heller. Dex, I didn’t know that you were staying in town. It’s good to see you. Yeah, you too. So are you working, looking for a job? Dex actually applied to the pcpd. Oh. Wow. I wouldn’t have guessed that sonny and the pcpd would be in the same career path for anyone. Yeah, it’s — it’s a bit of a career curve ball. Yes. Pay is not great, but I want to see if I can make it happen. So is that why you’re taking a last workout before dinner? Can’t hurt. Okay, come on, guys. I know that you broke up, but I don’t know why. And by watching you two right now, I don’t think you know either.

You know, I have had my doubts about deception, but at least we’re still in business, and things are looking better every month. As far as taking care of myself goes, that is not going quite as well. Who are you, and what have you done with maxie? You used to never have trouble prioritizing self-care. You mean, I was selfish and self-absorbed. No, that is not what I mean. I think it’s good to put yourself first, but ever since you’ve been a mother, you have always put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. And as your mom, I have to say, it’s really starting to worry me. Mom, I’m tired, okay? I’m mad at everyone, and that is exhausting. Well, you know, they say it’s healthy to let go of your anger. Okay. Um, I am tired of being mad at lucy for being lucy. I’m tired of tracy and her general all-around impossibleness. I’m tired of being mad at you for the whole “spinelli faking a flood in his apartment so he could move in” thing. And I’m mad at spinelli for going along with that.

[ Chuckles nervously ] You — you have to let spinelli off the hook. I really played up the fact that I was your mom when I asked him. So he really, um… he didn’t have a choice. Okay. You’re not really helping with the whole being-less-mad-at-you thing. And I’m tired of spinelli being the one guy that I care about but I can’t let near me. What? Wait, you hear yourself? No, of course not. I’m doing more venting than listening. What you just said makes no sense. It’s completely illogical. Oh, oh, I’m illogical? Okay. Well, that’s on you, because you raised me to be polite and good with numbers. You did not raise me to be logical! Look, neither one of us is excited to talk about cyrus, but I would like to have your input. I am the wrong person to ask, laura. I can’t be objective. I know you and cyrus have history. I mean, you knew him before I knew that he and i shared a father. My goal was to put cyrus in prison for crimes I knew he committed. I compromised myself in doing that, and he retaliated in ways that almost destroyed me. I just — [Sighs] I can’t revisit that. Okay. Your feelings are completely justified. I have found myself more than once looking over the list of horrible crimes that he has committed and some of them he’s been convicted for. And most of which he hasn’T. Yeah, I know. And it sometimes takes everything in me not to roll my eyes when he shows up at my doorstep and he’s quoting scripture.

[ Scoffs ] I know there are some hardened criminals, though, who do undergo sort of a — A… a spiritual awakening. Mm. And it’s usually in between the time of their guilty verdict and their sentencing. I’m sorry. I know. I’m showing my bias. It’s okay. Most of those guys don’t end up sounding like cyrus. Yeah. Well, I’m not in a position to judge anyone. I falsified evidence to get cyrus convicted. I’m not proud of it, but I’m not ashamed of it, either. You think that I don’t understand your motives? Really? Please. Look, knowing what you do know, do you think there’s any justification at all for what sonny did to cyrus? In my deepest, darkest fantasy, I may have dreamt about vigilante justice, but it’s not something I would go through with. I want to trust the law. And that’s my dilemma. It’s not with cyrus. It’s with the man who nearly beat him to death with just his fists. It was, uh — it was great to see you, but I should get keep going. Gotta keep the heart rate up. Wait, what happened? The three of us used to be so close, and — and now we’re just standing here like we met at a party three years ago. We’ve changed. We’ve all changed. Yeah, we have changed. What happened to spencer completely derailed my life, but here we are, and we’re acting like we ain’t got nothing to say to each other? I think that we just need a little time. Have you learned nothing from what I’ve been through? You don’t get more time. This is all you have! This is it. Spencer is gone. But I have all this love for him here inside me. And my love for him didn’t disappear just because he did. You two used to be so in love with each other, it was annoying, and you’re still here. So figure it out. I will be right behind you. She’s been through too much. I think that she just needs her friends right now, and like it or not, we are those friends. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it. I think that we just need to figure out a way to be at the same place at the same time without making everybody wildly uncomfortable. I’m in. Whatever it takes. Dex heller is dead to me. He should be dead, period. Sonny, I’m the one who discovered dex and the big deposits he was receiving into his account while you were getting shot at in puerto rico and at the metro court. Yeah, so? I haven’t been able to trace the source of the money! And you know how good I am at finding out things. I know where the money came from! Michael. Michael? Corinthos. Why would your son be paying dex? To spy on me so he can get information and give it to the fbi. That makes no sense! I know it doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the way michael is. He’s like one of the other guys. I love my son. I took care of him. But he didn’t know whether to give me a little respect and — and loyalty or spy on me and take me down! I’m sorry, sonny. I’m so sorry. But I feel like I got — I got it wrong with dex. I put him in a position he didn’t entirely deserve. Everybody makes mistakes. My first mistake was trusting dex. But you gave me the heads up and told me something was off with him. Maybe now he’s wise enough to give you a wide berth. Well, he’s not gonna mess with me ’cause he’s smarter than jagger. Well, it’s getting late, so I’m gonna get out of here and leave you to your dinner. Yeah, ava’s gonna show up here pretty soon, you know. Not that that’s any of my business, but how are things going with you two? It’s nice to have A… a woman around. Yet another thing we have in common.

[ Laughs ]

[Cat meow] -Is she? Letting her imagination run wild even though she has allergies. Yeah. Sonny corinthos? Well, we both know he’s the one who nearly beat cyrus to death on new year’s eve. Yeah. And the more I think about that, the less I feel like a city official and the more I feel like sonny’s accomplice. Well, unless you’ve been doing some side work for sonny that I’m unaware of, I don’t know where you’re getting that from.

[ Sighs ] It’s because I tell myself that sonny and i are old friends. And cyrus, although he’s a blood relative, he has committed all of these horrible crimes, and i think he’s trying to straighten himself out, but I don’t really know. The only thing I know is that he’s going about it in the most irritating way possible. I lose patience with him. I’ve slammed the door in his face. Well, there’s a big difference between slamming a door and trying to kill someone. Yes. But my point is that if it were anyone but sonny who attacked cyrus, or who attacked anyone and put them in the hospital, I would want the police to pursue that case. I would want the assailant to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. So why would sonny be the exception? And — and no one, especially not the mayor, should ever look away from a crime because it was committed by someone they thought was their friend. Are you thinking about having sonny arrested? The one thing I truly know is that that’s not my call to make. But I do know whose call it is. I’m sorry. I had such a long day. It’s like a whole week was jammed into one single day. Don’t worry about. I thought you and avery would be starving by the time I got here. I already made her dinner. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Uh, a corinthos meatball special. Oh, wow. Lucky avery. And, you know, she told me about her day, that it was good. I put her in the — in the office.

[ Laughs ] She fell asleep on the couch. Well, thank you for doing all that. My pleasure. So, uh, why was your day long? I don’t think it’s something that you want to hear. Try me. Mm. No, I think it’s better if I don’t because some of it has to do with, uh, she who must not be named. Carly. The other one who mustn’t be named. What does nina want? You. Are you having any difficulties with your medication? Do you ever miss a dose? Oof, not on purpose.

[ Chuckles ] One of my pills is every six hours. Another one’s every eight hours. One of them’s on an empty stomach, one’s with food. Sometimes I just get frustrated and take them all at once. Not ideal. Yeah. That’s not counting the times that I can’t remember if I took them, so I take them again, or not at all. You might need a better system. Yeah. Well, my son finn is quite the taskmaster. Not only at home. Yeah. You’re not the first person to tell me that. Finn always seems to know what pills I’ve taken, when I took them, what meds are on deck. He’s probably the reason that I’m doing as well as I am. And people seem to think I am. What do you think? I try not to compare how I’m feeling today with how I was feeling a year ago. Wise man. Yeah. Not so much wise. It’s just older. But you’re — you’re young. You have kids? My partner and i have one on the way. We’re using a surrogate. Hang on. Alexis and i work together, and I think she said something about that. Um, your partner is… molly? Right. And her sister is your surrogate? Kristina. And if you work with alexis, I bet you heard a lot. I’m gonna try to keep alexis from scrubbing in during the birth.

[ Chuckles ] Well, good luck with that. Thank you. When’s the baby due? In august. Oh. Well, that’s just wonderful. What? Is there a problem? I did set out to raise a strong, capable, brilliant daughter, but I also raised you to be illogical so that you would have at least one flaw. Well, congratulations on a job well done. Let’s call it a day. What’s going on with spinelli? Okay, fine. I kissed spinelli the night we found out jason was back. Emotions were running high. Why am I just hearing about this now? Because it’s not logical for me to tell my mom about some crazy nerd I kissed unless I’m gonna follow it up with, “I think he’s the one.” Well, I don’t really see this as a problem and — and why I’m still on your grudge list. My matchmaking skills worked. Mom, you’re still on my list because I’ve broken spinelli’s heart so many times, I can’t do it to him again. And it doesn’t matter that james adores him or that georgie is crazy about her dad or that bailey lou lights up every time spinelli walks into a room. And it definitely doesn’t matter that I love spinelli and I probably will forever!

I’m a doctor, so I know that it’s important to, you know, have a proper amount of sleep, have a good nutrition, exercise moderately so that, you know, if you want to have a healthy baby, that’s the — that’s the best chance. Yeah. Absolutely. It’s all true. But, you know, men and women have been worrying about their unborn children for centuries, and in circumstances far more daunting than these. In fact, there was this famous union officer who fought ferociously in the civil war. Her disguise was so good that no one realized she was a woman until she went into labor on the battlefield, and she and her baby were just fine. Is that true? Is… I don’t remember where I read it, but, yes, it’s true. So you’re telling me that things could be worse. Kristina could be eating hardtack and giving birth during gettysburg? Eh, it’s an extreme example, I know. But my point is that long before you and I were walking the earth, babies were coming out just fine. And, of course, there are sad exceptions to everything. But worrying about them in advance isn’t gonna make them any more or less likely to happen. This is your moment. Live in it. So, what did you tell nina? Mm. Nothing. As a matter of principle, I don’t tell nina or anybody else anything about you? Well, she had to want, you know, something. Oh, she does. She wants you back. You know — you know what’s sad? You know, she — she can’t accept that the marriage is over and move on. I’m sorry it came up at all. Your marriage is between you and nina. Well, look, like I said, until she accepts that the marriage is over and she signs the divorce papers, she’s just gonna be hurting. I’m sorry that you had to go through that. Oh, it’s all right. I can sympathize with nina. Even though I know she has no one to blame for her situation but herself. Are you okay, joss? Yeah. I guess. Um, you know, it was a huge gift getting jason back, and my mom’s over the moon. She’s just been so much happier and lighter, and it kind of just energized the rest of us. You look great.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. I just went for a run, so I probably don’t smell great. I missed your smell. And your — your warmth. Your hair across my face.

[ Knocking ] Hey, hope I’m not disturbing you. The woman at the end of the hall told me I could find you here. These are for you. You remembered I like daffodils. I remember everything about you. And I’m hoping you remember I said I’d be back. I remember hearing something like that. Then I have just one more question. Can you come out and play?

Is this your way of sayingour conversation is over? Um, this is my way of saying I don’t need to see your whole “you poor girl” look in full-spectrum light. If you’re seeing that, then you’re reading me wrong. Come on. Let’s go to sit down. You know, I-I was remembering a time when I was in the exact same place that you were in. I was in love with someone, and after years of false starts and misfires, I finally realized he was the love of my life. Mac. Mac. When mac and I broke up, I didn’t think our relationship could be mended. And when it was mended, I-I was so afraid to let him in. I was so afraid that I would do something to screw it up for good. But then I listened to my heart and not my fear. And I’m so glad I did, because when mac and i were married for the last time, we both knew it was forever. Spinelli and I broke up once, and it nearly killed me. If I let him in again, how do I know nothing bad will happen? You don’T. You just need to have a little faith. I — [Chuckles] I survived a breakup with spinelli once. I don’t know if I could do it twice. Do you think that spinelli has the same worry that you do? Because I don’T. He has seen you at your worst and at your best and everything else in between, and he never turned away from you until you kicked him out and closed the door behind him. And after he was gone, were either one of you any happier? Do I need to put my glasses on, or can you tell me if it’s a boy or a girl? Oh, we — we told the ob/gyn that we didn’t want to know. So they carefully picked ultrasound pictures we can see. Secretly hoping for one or the other? I’m secretly hoping it’s a girl, but molly can never know that. And she never will.

[ Chuckles ] But I’m just hoping the baby’s healthy and it has all the necessary toes and fingers and that it doesn’t know who its surrogate was because she’s a little crazy and so is her family.

[ Laughs ] So, for your partner, you snatched up the one entirely sane member of the family. Sonny and kristina are — mm… passionate, both very passionate people. Molly is perfect, except for all these excuses she keeps making for kristina, and I think they’re going to keep rolling off my back the way they used to once the baby’s here. Well, I don’t envy you right now. All you can do is wait and worry. But it’ll pass, son. It’s about to be so wonderful. Trust me. I do. But aren’t you supposed to be the patient and I’m supposed to be the doctor? All right, in my last act as your physician, uh, let me just say eat all your vegetables, don’t drink to excess, and I’ll see you in a year for your next follow-up. Thank you. Not bad. Funny with enough sexy to pull it off. Oh, you haven’t seen my sexy yet. You’ll need to sign a release first.

[ Laughs ] Oh, okay. Well, the woman down the hall is a notary. Do I need to call her, or should I just take my chances? Oh, you’re not taking any chance on me. I’m a sure thing. Mm. So you’re saying you’re easy. For you, always.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. I need to finish scanning these before this conversation gets me in trouble with human resources. Oh. We are definitely taking a chance because we are definitely not safe or suitable for work.

[ Laughs ] Okay. A man who can make a human resources joke. Hey, well, look, once you finish that up, I can impress you some more. Maybe I could take you out to dinner someplace nice and quiet. And while you’re doing that, if I could find a sink around here someplace, I can put the flowers in some water for you. No need to do that. I am taking them home with me. Hm. I’ve just been scanning these tax returns for the city council all evening. I knew that’s what they were. I caught a look earlier. Excuse me. My tax returns are private. You don’t need to be looking at them. My apologies. Since you showed me yours, I’ll show you mine.

[ Chuckles ] I want to say something, and I-I just want you to let me say it, okay? Sure. I think I know why you’re doing this. When I found out that you were willing to kill for sonny, I came down on you really, really hard. And now I think you’re trying to prove to me, or yourself, that you’re not that guy. Okay. And, look, like if you were cleaning toilets at a middle school or rescuing puppies, I would respect that, and I would back you up 100%. But…[Sighs] But what? But not this, dex. You can’t become a cop. It puts you squarely in sonny’s sight. I am not going to go looking for sonny, badge or no badge. Dex, you know too much about his business. Eventually, he’s gonna want to get rid of you for that. So badge or no badge, it doesn’t matter. Sonny had a chance to get rid of me and he didn’T. Yes, because my mom stopped him. But he doesn’t listen to her anymore. And you know that sonny loses his mind a little bit every time he thinks someone betrayed him. I mean, look at what he did to you. He — he hung you from a meat hook and put you in a freezer the first time he thought you lied to him. Right, and you saved me. I haven’t forgotten. He’s not gonna let this go. And you know that. We might not be together anymore, but I don’t want anything bad to happen to you, ever. I have to go. Joss, wait.

It wasn’t fair of me to conspire with spinelli to fake an excuse for him to move in. Yeah. That was a rare but rather large swing and a miss for you, mom. It’s okay, though. Most of the time, you’re very wise. And it wouldn’t kill me to actually listen to you every once in a while. Oh, I didn’t expect to hear you say that. I didn’t expect to say it, but I’m tired. To be honest, I’m surrounded by a lot of wise people. Mac, you, brook lynn. I mean, even james has this really cute way of looking at life where he just cuts through the noise. Not me, though. I am the noise. Maxie. Mm-hmm. There are so many people that love you. I-I just wish you could be one of them. Oh, mom, most days, I am okay. Sometimes it’s rough, though. Yeah, but those are the days when you need to have somebody at home who loves you more than anything. Like an adorable, crazy nerd, for instance.

[ Both chuckle ] Before you go find trina, there’s some things I think you should know. Okay. I told commissioner devane I would testify against sonny. What? How? I didn’t have any hard evidence, so she said it would just be my word against sonny’S. Yeah. And anyone else that sonny got to lie for him. Right, right, but… she said it would all end up in the wash, and I would just end up with an even bigger target on my back. As if that’s possible. Well, so the commissioner suggested I become a cop because it would give me some level of protection. Now, I don’t know if it will or not, but once I started this process, I… I saw it as a second chance. Not to prove anything to you, but because it felt right to me. Well, that’s how it should be. I fought for my country, joss. And then I fought so that that man could make money by any means possible. Sonny saved my life, and he put his faith in me, and I thought I had found a home with him. But someone like that can never be home. Fighting for what is good and decent, protecting people from being victimized — that is the fight that I want. Even if you’re fighting for people like cyrus? I don’t get to pick and choose. I just, I wanted you to know where I was coming from when I applied to the academy. I appreciate you telling me. I think it’s best that any and all financial records you have remain a mystery to me. There’s nothing scary or bad in there. I’m just a consultant who’s very good at his job and very high in demand. I know. I’m familiar with one of your clients who has a frequent demand of your services. Sonny may be one of my clients, but I am not my clients any more than you’re the city’s infrastructure, which, by the way, could use some improvements. Thank you. I think.

[ Laughs ] Come on. Come on out with me. Even superheroes get hungry. That’s true. Come on.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hold on a second. Yeah. Agh! All right, I’m on — tell him I’m on the way. Fine. I will. Damn. You did say you were in demand. I was hoping you’d be the one doing the demanding. Well, next time you’re in town, let me know. Is that a demand? Not quite, but something like that. Then how can I refuse?

[ Chuckles ] What is wrong with you? I’m gonna say something I probably shouldn’T. Let’s hear it. Well, I know that we’re not together in a conventional sense. But, um, the truth is… …I really like living with you. Yeah. I like it, too.

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GH Transcript Monday, April 15, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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I mean, even if nina doesn’t tell sonny directly, she’s gonna make sure that he hears that I slept with john cates. But just to be clear, I did not. Copy that. That’s new. What? I just — I don’t ever remember you saying, “copy that” before. Anyway , I don’t know what I’m worried about. I mean, sonny already considers me a traitor, so why would he care who I slept with? Because he loves you? Yeah. I don’t think he does anymore. Good afternoon, ms. Jerome. Hi, madison. I think ms. Reeves is expecting me. Oh, unfortunately, she’s been called away to guest services. Oh, I don’t mind waiting.

[ Sniffs, exhales ]

[ Clears throat ] Hello. Is this applied analytical? Good. I’m — I’m hoping you can help me. I think that there has been a mistake with my husband’s medication. If — if your lab was to test his pills, would you be able to identify the prescription and the strength? I can’t ask his pharmacy. They’re online. Oh, well, that’s wonderful. Thank you so much. I’ll messenger them today. Lucy: Well, needless to say, I have every intention of returning as the mistress of ceremonies for the nurses’ ball this year… so, how we doing? I just feel like it… see for yourself. …Isn’t quite the same without me. Oh, well, I love the nurses’ ball. I watch every year. Oh, you do? Well, thank you. That’s very kind of you. You know, sometimes we do have very special guests. Oh, yes, yes, and the guests always look so fabulous. So, tell us, what role does deception play in all that gorgeous hair and makeup? Oh, uh, well, of course, deception is so very important. But, you know, I have to say it’s not quite as important as wardrobe. I mean, especially my wardrobe, because sometimes I have had as much as a dozen gown changes. Of course, like I mentioned, I was unable to host last year. It was the first time ever. But I was lucky because I was able to run things remotely. Not the same as being there… don’t worry. I called the cavalry. I hope you mean a literal regiment of soldiers that will thunder in on horseback to distract the viewers from this disaster. No, no. Only one soldier. But the best one for the job. Well, they better get here soon ’cause we’re going down fast. You know, I-I started deception. I mean, it was my little brain child back in the ’90s.

[ Sighs ] Come on in. Is there something I can get from my favorite in-law to be? Oh, thank you, lois. I-I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I was just hoping to get a quick word with brook lynn. Oh, oh, you just missed her. She’s off doing something with deception. Is this about the wedding? As a matter of fact, it is. Well, then, you have come to the right person. As the mother of the bride, it is my honor and my pleasure to make sure that this wedding comes off without a hitch.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] John: Am I interrupting? My god, what happened to you?

Now, I am sure that some of our viewers do remember that the ’90s were a very different time. You know what I remember most about the ’90s, lucy? No, haven, do — do tell. The hole in the ozone layer. The hole. T-the hole? Yes, yes, yes. It was an environmental crisis that affected everyone on earth, not just port charles. Ah, the ozone layer. Yes, and you know what layers were affected the most, lucy? Hmm? The epidermis and the dermis. Oh, I mean, I’m telling you, we could have used a face cream like the one you brought us today. We sure could have.

[ Laughs ] Well, tell us about it. But you know what? We didn’t have that. So I am just thinking that maybe subconsciously, that is exactly the idea that made me want to create deception. And you did. And now deception and home & heart would like to invite our home audience to enjoy deception’s new face cream at home. I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but thank god for haven. I don’t know how much more of the lucy chronicles I could take. Oh, don’t worry, the cavalry is here. Hey, maxie, I got here as quick as I could.

This is the cavalry? Shh! Scotty, this is what we need you to do. Get up on that stage and get lucy to talk about the product. Or just get her off the damn stage. I’ll take care of it. Lucy, I mean, come on, just a little dab just to show what it does. Oh! [ Laughs ] Oh, uh, no, haven. Thank you so much. You know, like I mentioned, this cream looks best, starts and works best, on completely washed skin. You do not put it over makeup. Oh, well, I’m sure we can get someone up here to get that makeup right off your face. On camera? Oh, yes, on camera. And your washed, un-made-up face will be in a nice, tight close-up. Well, haven, you know, that’ll only happen over one of our dead bodies. Yes — well, it’s a good thing I just showed up. Um, excuse me. This is a closed set. Oh, no. Actually, uh, it’s not a closed set to a dear, dear, uh, friend. Um, also, he happens to be the lawyer for deception. So, um, viewers out there, please welcome noted personal injury and defense attorney scott baldwin. Mm. Now, um, thank you for the warm welcome. About this face cream — oh, you know what I’m thinking? I-I just — memory lane. You know, 2013 nurses’ ball, we were on the stage at one point, and it takes me back to that nurses’ ball. Uh…[ Chuckles ] You know, um, actually, that was a time when 12 years went by and we did not have a nurses’ ball. And I knew I could not allow that unholy hiatus to go on one more year. Oh, well, it was worth a shot. Deception was nice while it lasted. Don’t give up yet. I’ve got one more hail mary. Cody, where are you? I’m ready for my ride! Oh, hi. Hi. Hi, tracy. You’re, uh, running a little late. Well, I hope that means my horse is saddled up and ready to go. Uh, actually — look, I wanted to tell you that I haven’t ridden in a while, so I want to just take him for a walk around the arena, just till I get my seat back. Yeah. O-okay, but, uh, so about the saddle… what about the saddle? I love that saddle. I rode that saddle for years! It’s a multi-generational saddle. But like you said, you haven’t used it for a while and there was a problem with the way that it was stored. That’s a dressage saddle. It was custom-made. If there is a problem with it, you are out on your hind end with no pillion to cushion you. I’m sure chase and brook lynn’s day will be hitchless, especially with you at the helm. Oh, well, you’re right, of course. But thank you for noticing. I just call it like I see it. Aw, well, sit down. Sit, sit, sit. So, come on, gregory. Tell me — what’s worrying you? Well, it’s a-a small thing, really. Do you need to change your, uh, entrée from chicken to fish? Is that it? Because, you know, there’s plenty of time. Oh, wait! Speaking of time, do you happen to have a copy of what you’re gonna be saying at the altar? I-it’s not because I need to approve anything at all. It’s just, I need to know how long it’s gonna take. Carly, how could sonny stop loving you? People fall out of love all the time, jason. You know that. Come on. Yes, but not you and sonny. Maybe you can’t live together. That’s happened before. But you still love each other. I tried! I mean, sonny was different after he came back from nixon falls. I mean, he was infatuated with nina. Yeah, he was different. And to sonny, nothing that happened could ever be nina’s fault. It was my fault. It was your fault. Hell, he thinks we went behind his back. He thought I was unfaithful to him. And when we got word that you had died, I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. But to sonny, he barely noticed you were gone.

Are you done threatening me, or is there more? It depends. I have to see my saddle.

[ Chuckles ] I thought you’d never ask. Sasha! Turns out sasha has a way with havana leather, no matter how old or water-damaged. I can’t believe that’s the same saddle. It’s a wonder what some balm in a sheepskin glove can do. Wow. I had no idea when you chose to leave deception that it would work out so well for me.

[ Chuckles ] You’re welcome, tracy. What are you waiting for? Put the saddle on the horse. Yes ma’am. I’ll be outside. Thank you. You just saved my hind end. Least I could do. It’s a nice hind end. By all appearances, I was the target of a mugging. What do you mean, “by all appearances”? I was attacked by two guys near the waterfront, came out of nowhere, laid me out, but didn’t get around to robbing me. Now, it could have been because the beating was interrupted, or — or it could have been orchestrated. Yeah. I’d bet my badge on it. I mean, for argument’s sake, you know the waterfront isn’t the safest part of town. Yeah, especially this area of the waterfront — a block from the corinthos coffee warehouse. Coincidence? That depends. What were you doing snooping around corinthos coffee? Sonny told me he was in love with nina, and then he tried to walk it back, telling me that they were leftover feelings from nixon falls or something like that. But I told him I wanted a separation, but sonny decided that we were gonna reconcile. More than that, he wanted to renew our wedding vows, and he gave me an ultimatum. If I didn’t show up, he’d know we were over. Did you show up? Yeah, I showed up. I was an hour late, and by then, sonny was in bed with nina. I literally walked in on them. I’m sorry, carly. It was awful. It was horrible. It was a big fight. Sonny blamed me.

[ Laughs ] And that’s when I stopped caring. That’s when I stopped caring what sonny thought and I stopped caring how sonny felt, and I asked him for a divorce. Well, I better get the lady of the manor mounted. Does she know she can’t fire you? Oh, yeah. Sure. But it doesn’t stop her from trying. Speaking of employment, this would be a great time for you to fill out those applications for all those jobs you don’t want. Do it. Or I could straighten up the tack room.

[ Cellphone vibrating ] I haven’t settled on a final draft of what I’m going to say. I’ve been rewriting myself for weeks now. I totally sympathize. I know that you want it all to be perfect. I’m just saying that when you do know what it is you’re gonna be saying, would you mind sending me a copy? I need to time out the ceremony so that I can let the kitchen at the metro court know when to start firing the food. I hadn’t realized. Oh, it’s crucial. Oh, it’s totally crucial. You have to have the food come out to the table when it’s hot, not when it’s overdone, definitely not when it’s been heated under those heating lamps, those contraptions — they need to be outlawed.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me for one second. Oh, ah! Ooh, it’s brook lynn. It’s brook lynn. Wait, hold on. Hi, honey. Oh, I’m sitting here with your future father-in-law. Ma, listen! I need you to do something for me. It’s an emergency. Would you excuse me for one moment, please?

Sasha! Hey! Brook lynn has been trying to reach you. Oh, sorry. Hey, where’s my phone? There is a deception disaster. Lucy is crashing and burning on home & heart. Lucy? Yeah, she decided to do the spot herself, which, as I said, it is a complete disaster.

[ Sighs ] Now, listen, I don’t watch h&h myself, but my ma does. And you know who else watches it? All of my ma’s friends, and they all know that deception is brook lynn’s company. So lucy’s failure is deception’s failure is brook lynn’s failure, and we can’t let that happen. So, come on. I need you to go. Well, I’ll have to get changed. No, no, no! There’s no time. I already snagged the fastest ride in the garage. Can you drive a stick? Doesn’t matter. I can drive one. Let’s go! Now, do you know what I do remember in particular about that year, is all the obstacles I had to overcome. I mean, I had to together all these good people together for such a good cause and raise so much money for those very good people. Now, just like our viewers at home. Mm. Hello, viewers.

[ Clears throat ] So, uh, lucy, why don’t we tell the viewers how this face cream can take a mug like this and turn it into a matinee idol? Oh, wow. You know, I am so delighted to see you and have you here, uh, with us. But, you know, it’s kind of rude to interrupt. So where was I? Oh, right, uh there was a ball. There were nurses. And the year was 2014. Oh, yes, and your dear, dear friend scott showed up right at the end and kissed you… in your underwear… again. Thank you. Uh, uh, thank you so much. That’s so kind of you, haven, to remember that. Oh, yes, yes. I — I never forget a nurses’ ball. And, viewers, isn’t she unforgettable? And doesn’t she look great? And you know what? You can look great, too.

[ Chuckles ] Ava, I am so sorry to keep you waiting. Hi. No, it’s no problem. Hey. I had some business to take care of anyway. What about you? You have a hotel emergency? Well, you know how it is. One guest crisis is a hotelier’s cold eggs. I-I’m not familiar with that expression. And I hope it never becomes one. Ms. Reeves, the venice proofs are on your desk. Revenue reports are flagged in your inbox. And cartullo confirmed. Thank you, madison. Your assistant — very diligent. In the 15 minutes I was waiting for you, she must have come in and out of here three times.

[ Chuckles ] I think she was checking up on you. I think she was. She might be overcompensating. For what? Well, I’ve had a few unexpected visitors lately. Drew has gotten into the habit of just barging in unannounced whenever he wants to. He feels like he is entitled to everything and has to wait for nothing. And when it comes to me — the woman who sent him to prison, where he almost died. Thank you for saying that.

[ Chuckles ] Well, somebody had to. Okay. Which brings me to why I wanted to see you. Oh, and here I thought you just missed me. Oh, yeah, I do. Of course I do. It’S… I need a progress report on my reconciliation with sonny. Well, I mean, sonny did offer me a huge settlement, right? But all I wanted was the house. I mean, I thought I could take care of myself with my half of the hotel. Yeah, diane told me how you lost it. Yeah. My big investment with aurora. I-I didn’t know it at the time, but it was 100% insider trading. But the only reason the sec even paid attention was because nina turned me and drew in. Yeah, diane told me that, too. Did she also tell you I could have saved myself and drew by flipping on sonny? No. I mean, there wasn’t a formal offer, but diane thinks the feds would have made a deal because I had evidence against sonny. Uh, what — what kind of evidence? Proof that sonny violated the national security act. How’d you get that? Michael.

How am i the bad guy here? I never said you were. Well, you just insinuated that I may have had it coming because I was in the vicinity of sonny’s coffee warehouse. No, I’m just suggesting the possibility that sonny’s guards handled you because you violated their security perimeter. I didn’t violate anything. I was a block away. I was jumped by professionals. You most likely were. Okay. Well, if you agree with me, why did you just — oh, john. A crime has been committed, and I’m just trying to rule out possibilities. I mean, it is part of a process called police work. Oh, really? Could you spell that out for me? Yeah, no, I’ll text you.

[ Sighs ] Do you want some water? Yes. So, what were you doing skulking around sonny’s coffee warehouse? I was tailing jason morgan’s lawyer, diane miller. Is she clean, do you think? Oh, I don’t know how many lawyers are clean?

[ Laughs ] Touché. But that being said, even though most of her clients are disreputable, the woman herself, she is — she is quite a professional. I mean, she’s a paragon of ethics, or at least skilled enough to make it appear so. Then what was she doing heading to corinthos coffee at that dangerous time of the night? Um, well, jason is part owner in the coffee company. Which makes it all the more likely that some alliance is brewing between jason and sonny corinthos. Michael and josslyn were devastated about everything that happened with sonny and nina, and so michael just decided that we were all better off if sonny was in prison. And you know michael — I-I mean, he’s like you. When he sets his mind on something, he just doesn’t stop. Okay. H-how did michael get evidence against sonny? He hired a professional, an ex-soldier named dex heller. And dex was able to record evidence of sonny receiving illegal weapons from a company called pikeman. Dex brought michael the footage, and michael gave it to me. What’d you do with it? I destroyed it. I mean, by then, michael’s feeling towards his father had changed, and michael realized that sonny going to prison would tear the whole family apart. So we came up with a new plan. Michael and I were paying dex to keep an eye on sonny and report back to us if sonny found himself in any kind of trouble. Okay. So you were paying this guy to spy on sonny? Yeah, well, I mean, it was for his own good. Well, I don’t think sonny would see it that way. He did not when he found out. Gregory, I didn’t know you were here.

[ Chuckles ] I was, uh, talking to lois. She excused herself, said she’d be back in a moment. But that was a while ago. Yeah, well, she operates in a different time zone. Why were you talking to lois in the first place, anyway? Uh, happenstance. I actually stopped by to talk to — to brook lynn. Oh, in the afternoon? She’s working. I suppose when you have your afternoons free, you forget that other people don’T. Uh, anyway, it — it’s not urgent. I can call her later. Or you can give me the message and I’ll pass it along. Very well. Um… I just wanted to let brook lynn know that I won’t be bringing a plus-one after all. Oh. What happened to alexis? Uh, something came up. She had to cancel. Hmm. Well… I don’t think that that’s much of a tragedy. Alexis and weddings don’t mix. Of course, I’m prejudiced ever since she went runaway bride and left ned at the altar. If you don’t like alexis, isn’t it a good thing that she didn’t marry your son? It’s not that she didn’t marry ned. It’s how she didn’t marry ned. But she had her… reasons then. And I suppose she has her reasons now. As a matter of fact, she does. Um, I-I-I shouldn’t say anything. Oh, pfft. Then you must. You have to promise not to — I won’t say a word! Alexis has to appear in manhattan the morning after the wedding. She’s hoping to get her disbarment overturned. Oh. Well, good for her. Do you mean that?

[ Laughs ] I’m sure

some part of me must. Anyway, that’s why she can’t make the wedding, which, uh, means that I’ll be going stag. A progress report, huh? Should that be single- or double-spaced for you?

[ Chuckles ] I’m sorry. Maybe I could e-mail it to you. Madison could flag it in your inbox. All right, all right. I apologize. You are not my assistant and you do not need to report to me. But you — you did say that you would act as my advocate. And I am. So, how do things stand? Sonny miss me? Yeah, you know, of course sonny misses you. Did he say that? No, he doesn’t have to. Whenever your name comes up, his mood gets dark and he might fix himself a drink. Sonny’s drinking again? Not to excess. He’s just gone back to having a glass of scotch or two in the evening. That’s so bad for him. It makes him so volatile. Yeah. Well, I don’t recommend lecturing him on the subject. I didn’t mean to interrupt you. So, um, you said that sonny doesn’t like hearing my name? Right. I mean, he asked me not to mention you at all unless it’s absolutely necessary. And that — that proves that he misses you, right? You are still under his skin, and that’s obvious. It’s progress, nina. I’m sure of it. Oh. Well, you’re a lot more sure than I am.

For the nurses’ ball for so many years of coeco hey. How hard did the iceberg hit, hey. How hard did the iceberg hit, and is the ship still afloat? See for yourself. I really think that all my years as president and ceo of coecoe cosmetics — haven: Doesn’t that look lovely? Oh, can we get a camera on this? And, actually, the fact that I was the center of gravity for the nurses’ ball for so many years really made be able to be the driving creative force to create deception. You need to get in there. It’s trending like crazy. In a good way? Well, haven, yes. Scott, yes. Deception, meh. Lucy — you don’t want to know, sales are still really low. I’m on it. So, lucy, how would you describe this?

[ Laughs ] On our deception website — that’s how. Hey, y-you know what, you viewers out there? I-I bet that you don’t remember that I not only wrote one tell-all book, I wrote two. And you probably all purchased a travel guide to port charles, but who out there — come on, you tell me — who remembers

lust for death? I remember

lust for death. Oh, look who it is, viewers — sasha corbin, the former face of deception. Hi, there. Now not really the face of anything. And by the way, what are you wearing? Oh, these are my work clothes now. I’m a stable hand, and i love it, but it’s a lot of hard work and it doesn’t really afford an opportunity to feel pretty. Oh. Oh, this is you

not pretty? Oh, my. Look at her. Isn’t she gorgeous? Oh, thank you, haven. That’s so sweet. And thank you, lucy. I-I’ve got it from her. Uh, no. No, you don’T. I’m not — I’m not quite done. I think — I think she’s got it. No, no, I’m not. I have so many more things to say. No, no, I think she can handle it. Oh, lucy, you know, it is always such an experience with you. Well, thank you, haven, but I’m not — why don’t you tell this to me off camera? I’m not finished. There are a few more things I just wanted to impart to the audience! So, sasha, if I may ask — your makeup? I’m not really wearing any. I hate you.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. But you know what? It does make it a lot easier for me to show you, and the audience at home, what deception’s new disruptor nourishing moisturizer can do. Oh, you take it away, honey.

[ Laughs ] The last thing sonny wants is anything to do with jason. Where are you getting that information? Sonny. He came here to my office trying to persuade me to file charges against jason. For what? For whatever part he played in the attack of the docks. Sonny conveniently forgot that jason is the reason his son is still alive. So you said that these attackers of yours — they were surprised. What happened? The two guys who jumped me ran off when carly spencer pulled up in her car. I don’t understand where all this skepticism is coming from. You trust me, don’t you? Of course I trust you. You’re my best friend. It’s just, if you can’t even mention my name to sonny, how do you even know that he is open to the idea of saving our relationship? Well, you’re still his wife, for one thing. Only because I haven’t signed a sheet of paper. Right. And is sonny pressuring you? You know how insistent he can be, how he hates loose ends. Is sonny standing over you with a pen, demanding you sign those divorce papers? No. No. Exactly. This is gonna take time, nina, and I know that it’s agonizing for you. That’s an understatement. But you have got to be patient. I can’t rush this. I have to wait for just the right moment when sonny realizes just how much he wants you back, and then I strike. Okay. So what, if any, difference do you think it would make if I, um… …sold my half of the hotel to jason morgan?

[ Scoffs ] Where’s this coming from? I had a little visit from diane miller, and she proposed the sale. I thought you liked owning the hotel. Yeah, I do. I do. I do. It’s just the… novelty has worn out. More fun running it as a prize you took from carly and not a day job.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. So do you think if I sold my half of the hotel to sonny’s best friend, that I would win some points? God, it was crazy. He was gonna kill dex. So I had to tell him everything. He was furious and betrayed. God, he just disowned michael the same way he’s disowned the two of us. And, I mean, I’m a traitor! You’re a traitor!

[ Laughs ] I mean, none of it matters? Nothing we’ve done, none of the sacrifices we made, they don’t count for anything? They count with me. Everything that you’ve been through, everything that you’ve done — sonny might not be grateful, carly, but I am.

I will pass along to brook lynn that you are no longer bringing a plus-one. Well, I hope it doesn’t mess up the seating too badly. I know how much care and planning is — gregory, stop. You are the father of the groom. You’re officiating the wedding. You will take your rightful place at the family table next to me. Well, thank you, tracy. I’d like that very much. Hey, really? What is sasha doing here? I mean, she’s not even with the company anymore. She’s not even spokesmodeling anymore. And why, pray tell, is she dressed like an escapee from mayberry? Um, thank you, lucy, for stepping in until reinforcements could get here. No, don’t do that. Don’t do that to me. Don’t handle me. Me? I’m not handling you. You were put in an impossible situation, and you handled it… the way only lucy coe would. Oh, gee. Thanks a lot. Since you put it that way —

[ Cellphone chiming ]

[ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh. I-I am blowing up. This phone is blowing up. I’m — I’m blowing up.

[ Laughs ] You are a superhero. Yeah, I know. I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t gotten sasha here. Well, I did, so you’ll never have to find that out, huh? You know, it’s a really nice set-up you’ve got here. I mean, I’m used to concert lighting, which is fabulous, of course. But this is elegant in its own way. Just like you. Oh! And I’m afraid that’s all we have time for today. Sasha, thank you. And it is great having you back. Thank you, haven. It was great being here. And we’re out. Oh, my god, sasha. You saved the show. Great. And I just want to say thank you. Yeah. Well, you know, my friends needed me. Yeah. Well, they are very lucky to have you. And if I may say so, for whatever it’s worth, I wish I had been kinder. Is that an apology? Well, you know, my attorneys have advised me not to apologize just in case you sue us. But, um, yes. I apologize. And I do hope you’ll come back. Socials look great. People have never loved sasha more. Ooh! Well, deception has had a rollercoaster of a day — all-time low to almost all-time high. We didn’t sell out, but I think we will by the time we leave the building. Not a bad day. Not bad at all. Aw! What?! I-I am trending. I am actually trending!

[ Gasps ] Oh! My public has never loved me more. I’ll adm it to you,not anyone else, that running a hotel is a lot more work than I wanted, and it’s not really work that I enjoy. So I’m pretty certain that jason is going to buy the hotel and turn around and give it to carly. And at the very least, that will annoy drew, and at the very best, humiliate him. Pay back for firing you. Among other things. And on top of all that, if I can sell the hotel to sonny’s best friend, it might earn me half a point with him. It’s worth doing. Sonny and jason were closer than brothers. So, from what I’ve seen, sonny would be deeply moved if you made a deal with him. Do you think so? Oh, I know so. Now, I have no idea what carly was doing there. I was too distracted by the beating to ask. She was probably going to visit jason. Well, it seems like he hasn’t had any trouble settling back into his old life. I’m sorry. I distinctly remember you asking him to do exactly that — to stay in port charles and wait for pikeman to take him out. Oh, there’s a term for that. I forget what it — oh, bait. You sound disapproving. No, I’m just — just a reminder of why jason originally came back to town. It was as half of a sniper team, and his partner had a handgun that fired armor-piercing rounds. So jason knows firsthand what pikeman is capable of. And every day he’s walking the streets, knowing that they’re coming for him. And when they do, it’s going to be a hell of a lot worse than being jumped by a couple of thugs. So I’m just saying, why didn’t you back off and give the man a little credit?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what’s wrong with sonny. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with sonny. Maybe this is who he is. Sonny doesn’t give a damn about anybody else. Why should we give a damn about him? Don’t tell me because of the kids, okay? Because I’m not gonna set a bad example for donna by letting sonny walk all over me. Good. You’re not gonna ask me to forgive him? That’s up to you. You’re gonna forgive him?

[ Sighs ] I mean, for now, but it’s possible sonny could push me too far. And hearing how he’s treated you, he’s getting pretty close.

[ Voice breaking ] I miss him. I miss him. I miss how he used to be. And I miss how we all were together, you know, and I miss the sonny I used to love, and I just wish there was a way we could reach him. We can’t force him to trust us or accept our help. All we can do is live our lives right now and just be there if he needs us. Or we could turn our backs on him and let him drown. You’d never do that. I won’t do that either. Okay. Thank you. Sometimes I just think about how it would have been so much better if I would have never loved sonny and I’d just — just stayed in love with you. I like us the way we are. I do, too.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Ms. Abbott:  I said wake up.

Ash:  Hey! You pulled me back in.

Ms. Abbott:  Because you’re interfering with my plan, and now I have to do damage control to get us back on track.

Ash:  Your plan is dangerous. It’s going to backfire. We’re supposed to protect Ashley,


Ash:  What do you mean? You’re going to pull tucker’s girlfriend into this mess?

Ms. Abbott:   Mm-hmm. My plan is genius, so you stay out of it. Or I just might have to make you disappear for good.

Ash:  You can’t do that. Ashley created me to protect her from you.

Ms. Abbott:   Mm. That’s so sweet. I’m the only one that’s looking out for her best interests.

Ash: You’re going too far, and I’m going to stop you.

Ms. Abbott:   I’m in control of this situation. I am stronger than you and even ashley. Just look at her. She’s so weak. She’s so vulnerable. Where would she be without me? When you have chronic kidney disease,


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Y&R Best Lines Monday, April 8, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ash: Geez, how many messages could one person leave? I love you, Trace, but you’re a pain in the butt. No. No. No. No. Oh. I’ve got to find Tucker and scare him off. It’s the only way to protect Ashley before she takes back control and does something stupid. Hi, hi. Uh, can I please get a ginger ale? Wait, um… I’m gonna have a martini.


Ashley: So gross! Why would anybody drink that?

Audra: Oh, just what I need.

Ash: Hey! Hi.

Audra: Excuse me?

Ash: I need to talk to Tucker. It’s really important.

Audra: Are you for real?

Ash: Yeah.

Audra: You know, you are unbelievable.

Ash: I just need to talk to Tucker, okay? I just– that’s all.

Audra: “That’s all?” Yeah, what’s it gonna take for you to finally get the message that Tucker is done with you? Utter and complete public humiliation? Because that can be easily arranged.

You’re the one that I want

Ash: No, I don’t want anybody to be humiliated.

Audra: Too bad you’re doing that all by yourself.

Ash: I’m not who you think I am.


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GH Short Recap Friday, April 12, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Tracy advises Brook Lynn not to buy Chase a truck to replace the one he sold to pay for their honeymoon. Tracy explains to Brook Lynn that buying Chase a truck would negate his beautiful gesture that he did for her.

Sasha struggles to find a new job but she doesn’t regret leaving Deception.

Jason asks Diane to buy Nina’s half of the Metro Court so he can return it to Carly. Diane explains that Carly has turned down offers to loan her the money from Michael, Olivia, and Sonny because she wants to buy back the hotel with her own money. Jason tells Diane he will handle Carly. She should just make Nina an offer for her half of the hotel. Nina tells Diane if she did want to sell her half of the hotel, Jason would have to pay nine percent above market value.

Alexis tells Gregory she can’t go with him to Brook Lynn’s wedding because that is the day of her disbarment appeal.

Lucy presents Deceptions a new moisturizer at Home & Heart Channel, but the presentation doesn’t go well because she only talks about herself.

Carly tells Jason she thinks Sonny had two guys beat up John Cates.

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GH Transcript Friday, April 12, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


I’ve missed you. And the invader is not the same without you. I miss it, too. I truly enjoyed the work.

[ Inhales sharply ] But in the words of a famous american poet, you got to know when to fold them. My best days aren’t ahead of me. I hope you don’t mind if I still call you every day with all my problems, especially when they’re ethically sticky. I’d be hurt if you didn’T. Anything in particular? Let’s just eat before I lose my appetite.

The invader gives me heartburn. Sorry to hear that. You know, there’s something else I-I wanted to say to you. I am so sorry, but I can’t be your extra one for the wedding. Why not? Because there’s a slight chance that I may be getting my law license back. I’ll take it you got my message about some of your bank accounts being unfrozen. I did. Fast work.

[ Chuckles ] I’m diane miller. Do I have enough money… to buy back carly’s half of the metro court? I don’t know what my mom was doing with agent cates, but… oh, it was all too clear what they were doing. Uh, carly was picking up room service for two, and agent cates was wearing nothing but a towel. Nina, things aren’t always as they appear. I’m sure carly wouldn’t cheat on drew. No, she wouldn’t be cheating, curtis. Carly and I broke up. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. My mother’s personal life is her business, not yours. Mm. I just think it’s a shame that she would hook up with a guy who’s a federal agent two minutes after she and drew broke up. You don’t tell your buddies, but I think your coat is the shiniest. You must get a lot of vitamin a, d, and e, huh? You again? Any luck with the job search?

[ Sighs ] Not really. I’ve applied for everything — receptionist positions, corporate communications, positions in insurance and public affairs, most of them in new york and connecticut. Yeah, I mean, I’d hate to see you move, but, uh, at least you’re getting nibbles, right? Yeah, but nothing that interests me. And I’m tired of being considered because these jobs are public facing and I fit the company’s image. Yeah, well, the receptionist ones are definitely out. I mean, you’re way too qualified for that. But any company would be lucky to have you. Well, not if they only care about my looks. Been there, done that. We — we need gels. It’s just not flattering, the light to the product — to — to the product. Um, you know, we need warmth. Excuse me. Hi. Could we perhaps get some lighting gels? We would really appreciate it. Well, I need to get the producer’s permit. No, jennifer, it’s okay. Just do it. Hello, ladies. Are you ready for another blockbuster segment? Oh, absolutely. All set. Oh, well, no sasha I hear. Unfortunately not. Uh, well, I don’t know this blaze, but my granddaughters are very excited. I’ve been ordered to get an autograph. So is she here yet? Well, um, we’ve decided to streamline the duties of the face, so blaze will not be the spokesmodel today. Ah. Then who is doing the selling today? Who else? Moi.

It’s fully electric, not a hybrid? Oh, that is so awesome! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Send me all the specs and the financials. Send me everything. I’m so excited you have the pickup in stock. Okay. Thank you. Yeah, I’ll be waiting. Don’t tell me that you and chase have eschewed the traditional limo ride to the church for a-a 4×4. Before you believe what nina’s telling you, just consider the source. Oh. Well, I would imagine michael’s used to this. I mean, carly’s not known for her discretion. Okay, carly has a right to privacy, just like everybody else. I doubt any of us would like everybody to know what we do behind closed doors. Oh, that’s the thing. Agent cates’ door wasn’t closed. I mean, they were perfectly visible from the hall. I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe carly just needed a good…night out. Okay. We don’t know what did or didn’t happen. What we do know is that carly and agent cates are consenting adults, so whatever happened is none of our damn business. Yep. Curtis is right. I’m done discussing it. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it must be painful, knowing that carly got over your relationship so quickly. So, you are the spokesperson? Uh, yes, siree bob. Because, uh, who better than the founder? And nobody knows the product better than lucy. No. Yes, indeed. I mean, I have been in on every single step of developing our new face cream. Okay, well, I am going to have to check with my producer about this. Okay. Well, that certainly could have gone a lot better. What is with you? What is with your tepid attitude? Tepid? Uh, yeah. You just stood there like you — you swallowed a fish. W-why didn’t — why didn’t you have my back more? Um, maybe because I don’t agree with your decision to do this. Why are you insisting on taking this all on yourself? Okay. Why are you so against — oh, wait a minute. You want to get up there yourself. You do, don’t you? You want the spotlight, is that correct? You have to be kidding me. I want sasha in the spotlight. The public knows her, and they love her. Okay, fine. But you have to get over that because sash–

[ Whispering ] Sasha quit. Yeah, thanks to you. Hey. Hey. I got your text. How did you know I was in the hotel? Well, nina told me. I guess you spent the night in, uh, agent cates’ room. Ohh! That woman! She called to tell you that? What, is she gonna put it on the cover of the invader? I-I was — I was I-in drew’s office downstairs, and then she showed up, and she filled us in. She told drew? And me and curtis ashford. We were in the middle of a meeting. She once told sonny that I was having an affair with brick, and she was wrong. I mean, does that woman ever learn? And just to be clear, I stayed over with agent cates. I did not sleep with him. I know. I know, mom. How is drew? I doubt you have developed a sudden interest in the hospitality industry, so I can only assume — I’m going to give the metro court back to carly. There it is. That’s a very generous impulse, my friend, but it’s going to take some finessing. First of all, nina has no incentive to sell. Well, give her one. She can name her price. No, she can’T. Absolutely not. I have far too much pride in my skills as a negotiator to ever hand anyone a blank check, much less that real-estate heiress. She can make a little profit, but I’m not going to let you overpay. Okay, diane, handle it however you think is best. Just make it happen. Your real obstacle is going to be carly. Why? Because you’re not the first person to off– offer to help her reclaim the metro court. Initially, olivia offered to loan her the money. Then nina, in a craven attempt to suck up to sonny, offered to sell it back to her. Then sonny, then michael, and carly has said no always. She wants to do it herself. Oh, you don’t worry about carly. I’ll work it out with her.

Sasha, you are still looking for a job, right? You’re not trying to get rid of me, are you? Never. But, uh, you know, as great as it’s been, you can’t just hang out here with me and the horses forever. I know. I’m going to run out of savings at some point. Sooner than I had hoped, actually. But I love being here with the horses. They don’t care about how I look. Yeah, the horses appreciate you for you. Exactly. I get what you’re saying about being underestimated. People underestimate you, too, don’t they? Occasionally. But, I mean, you’re on a whole nother level, you know? You got brains, business savvy, personality, not to mention a strong work ethic. I’m proud to say that I helped develop deception’s initial business plan. Yeah, yeah, I bet lucy and maxie are kicking themselves right now for letting you walk away. Should i be kicking myself? Was I crazy to leave deception? Why? You thinking about going back? You know, if you hadn’t undermined sasha by telling her she needed to be edgier, we wouldn’t be in this mess. What mess? We are not in a mess. There’s no mess. Deception, it’s not in a mess. And I am perfectly capable of being a pitch woman. Not as capable as sasha. Our customers admired her, lucy, not just for her beauty, but for her courage and the challenges she faced. She justified their faith. She’s not just beautiful, she’s inspirational. And you can’t buy that kind of narrative. What — what are you all of a sudden, the voice of reason? Or is this — you know what it is? It seems like right now you’re a little bit power hungry. Lucy, I-I have just as much of a right to an opinion as you do. We are equal partners. Yeah. We are. No, you’re absolutely right. And as such, we should work together against our common enemy, tracy quartermaine. But you know what it feels like? It feels like that your friendship with brook lynn has clouded your judgment lately. And maybe tracy could then bring down deception. Tracy didn’t want to get rid of sasha. She actually lobbied to keep her. Until she didn’t, because sasha quit and she was not fired. Okay. All right. Fine. Maybe if sasha had felt heard and included, she would have stuck around. But you’re only interested in your opinion. Face it, lucy, your love affair with yourself is the real problem. Chase and I are going tolorence on our honeymoon. Oh, congratulations. Florence is beautiful. It’s one of my most favorite spots on earth. Ah, I cannot wait to stroll through the boboli gardens hand in hand with chase. It’s going to be so romantic. What does this have to do with a truck? Well, since you so generously are paying for the wedding, chase insisted on paying for the honeymoon. And florence is such a dream come true, but it is more expensive than a stateside destination. So he sold his truck to pay for the trip. Wow. I got to hand it to him. That is a sweet gesture. Yeah, he loved that truck. That is why I am surprising him with a truck as a wedding gift. And guess what? It is fully electric. It is top of the line. Don’t do it. Come again? Disrespecting your husband is no way to start a marriage. I’m not disrespecting him. I love him. But there’s no reason he has to choose between our honeymoon and a truck. We can afford both. Brook lynn, you can afford both. You are way out of line. I’m sorry. But, curtis, maybe you don’t know drew as well as you think. I love you. Love you, too. Yo, drew, that was uncalled for. I’ve survived worse. Now, come on. Where were we? In a minute. You know, I-I wasn’t aware that you and carly had broken up. How come you didn’t tell me? Well, because you had a few things to focus on, man.

[ Sighs ] Right. You know, I remember when you came to the gym and you told me that things were rocky between you and carly. I thought you’d worked it out, but I guess you didn’T. You seemed so happy. Yeah. That was, um — that was before jason came back. And cates didn’t want to go to the hospital, so I brought him back here. I stayed with him so I could wake him up every couple hours. Basically, I was on concussion watch. Where’d you find him?

[ Sighs ] A couple blocks from the coffee warehouse. I mean, at first, I thought he was trailing jason, but then I realized he must have been following diane. Why? Because jason’s too hard to follow. I-it didn’t bother you that — that the guy you sat up with all night taking care of wants to bust jason? No, it doesn’t bother me, because cates isn’t going to find any evidence against jason. There’s nothing in that warehouse but coffee. And sonny is so furious with jason right now, there’s no way he’s going to bring him back to the business. So basically, sonny is doing jason a favor. So instead of sitting and enjoying a wedding with you and the happy couple, I will be pacing up and down a hotel room, preparing for my appearance in front of the appellate division of the new york state supreme court. Alexis, this is momentous. Although I have to admit, I’m a little hurt that you kept it from me until now. I really don’t think it could actually happen. I mean, it’s the longest of long shots. I don’t know, you and diane teaming up to argue your case? I’d take that bet. Well, here’s to you. No, don’T. No. I don’t want to jinx anything. Sorry. I’m alternating between pretending this isn’t happening and having paralyzing anxiety, because I really, really want this so much.

Chase and i share everything. What’s mine is his and vice versa. Sounds great. Very unrealistic. Don’t go there. Okay? We already had the prenup conversation. It is not happening. I totally respect your misguided decision to forgo the prenup. However, I have learned from painful experience that having more personal wealth than your husband puts undue stress on the marriage. No offense, grandmother, but chase is nothing like your ex-husbands.

[ Chuckles ] You mean my ex-fortune hunters? You’re absolutely right.

[ Laughs ] But… I know his father, and I am assuming that, in addition to being a stand-up guy, chase was taught to be the breadwinner in the family. Please. That is so old school. Brook lynn, have you not noticed that your husband-to-be is very traditional? It’s part of his charm.

[ Sighs ] I almost blew it, didn’t I? You did it out of love. Just like he sold his truck out of love. But you going off and buying him another one totally negates the sacrifice he made. You’d be devaluing his loving gesture. Wow. You saw that. I didn’T. Well, I have had many years to make mistakes and learn from them. But buck up, girly. You’ve got yourself a thoughtful, generous, devoted husband-to-be. The best. I’m just sad he has to give anything up for me. You know what happens when well-meaning people find out that you have a terminal illness? You start getting suggestions — mindfulness, uh, positive visualization, prayer, alternative medicines, healthy diets, yoga, acupuncture, you name it. That’s got to be really overwhelming. Yes, but you get used to it. I mean, I know it comes from a good place. Have I done that? No, no, not at all. So what’s your point? Just that, despite what other people may suggest, I think what it all comes down to is what you choose to believe. Alexis, do you believe that you could still be a good lawyer? I do. I still have as much passion for it as I’ve ever had, and there’s nothing more satisfying than helping someone get the justice they deserve in court, no matter what the obstacles. I’ll bet you were a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. I hope I get the chance to see you back in action. I hope you do, too. But you should know that most of these appeals are denied, which is why I’ve been so quiet about it. Well, then I’ll have faith for both of us. I wish everyone felt that way. The proofs from the dumbo shoot are on your desk. No one can locate pietro, and he still hasn’t delivered the dress for the cover. And those are your urgent messages. All right, I can get to dumbo later. And please call the agent and tell them that if pietro doesn’t deliver in 24 hours, he is off the cover and my roster. I’m not doing this with him again. All right, these can wait. These can — really? Olivia? She keeps calling. I can’t believe she’s still harping on the color refresh I gave the fourth-floor bathrooms. And you know what? Forget about calling the agent. I want that pleasure myself. Oh, and if drew cain calls, I’m not available. You know that I loved carly. I still love carly. But I am moving on, you know? I’m — I’m — I-I’m getting over it. I’ve accepted the fact that she’ll always put jason first. And that is exactly why I had to end it. You ended things? Are you sure carly is okay with that? I mean, after everything you’ve been through? And you put your life on the line for her. Curtis, believe me, we — we both know that it’s for the best. I-I-I did us both a favor. That sucks. It does. It does. But I also know that it’s the right decision. I really do. And the next time that I’m in a relationship, I’m going for the brass ring. I want what you and portia have. I want it to be tested, survivable, solid. That’s true. That’s — that’s what we have. We have definitely been through the fire. Hey, we’re still standing. Couldn’t be happier for you. I am just so passionate about my company. You know, right now, deception is the most important thing in my life. Yeah, I — I know you love deception, but so do I. I know. You know, I have nothing but love and respect for you. I mean, come on. That’s why I lured you away from crimson. “Join us at deception.” But this friendship you have, you know, with tracy’s granddaughter, it just — it sets my teeth on edge because I cannot let that harpy ruin everything I — we worked so hard to build. Yeah. I mean, we built deception, lucy, together. And unless we get on the same page and start trusting each other again, tracy’s not going to have to lift a finger to destroy deception. We’re going to do it for her. Well, ladies, my producer agrees with me. Um, lucy is not a suitable replacement for sasha. So, your segment is canceled. Do you want me to put you in touch with a real-estate agent? Why? To find you a place to live? I have a place to live. A rented room above bobbie’s? Yeah, I like it there. Okay, well, if you change your mind, and if I can convince nina to sell, you’ll have a whole hotel full of rooms to choose from. I like where I am, diane. Did you sign the papers that my assistant dropped off last night? I didn’t — I didn’t get any papers. What are you talking about? He was supposed to bring them to you last night. Oh. Hi, diane. Hi, carly. [ Chuckles ] Oh, those look familiar. Yeah. Sorry. Your assistant dropped them by bobbie’s, and I said that I would bring them over. But, you know, I got sidetracked. Jason, start signing. You don’t need a notary. I will pick them up from you the next time I see you. Which I think will be soon. I’m off. Hey. You okay? Yeah. Yeah. I’m good. Thanks — uh, thanks for bringing the papers by. Oh, yeah. That was just an excuse. I just — I just wanted to see you. Did something happen? Yeah, I — I did something you’re not going to like.

Guess not. What was that? You asked if I was thinking about going back to deception, and just hearing you say that made my stomach drop. I guess that’s a clear answer for you. I don’t want to do something that I dread. Besides, deception has already moved on. They have a new face, and they booked a segment on “home & heart” today, actually. So no regrets? Not one. I may not know what I want to do, but I do know what I don’t want to do. That’s progress. Yeah. Sasha, when you do figure out what you want, let me know? Molly’s worried that if my appeal is denied, that I’ll start drinking again. Do you think that could happen? I’m an alcoholic. A relapse is always possible. Maybe that’s why I’ve downplayed it so much, because I’m worried that the disappointment might… might what? Destroy you? It’s destroyed me before, and molly had a front-row seat. You know, the life that I’ve rebuilt does not get my pulse racing, but it’s steady. And I worry that if I get my hopes up, it might be too big of a gamble, and I’ve worked too hard for my sobriety. So is this a risk I can afford? It may be old school, but no spouse or partner worth their salt is going to want to live on their other half’s money. You’ve had to deal with this your entire life, haven’t you? The family money has given me… a lot of advantages, but it’s also caused me a lot of pain. Well, those men are idiots. How could anyone look at you and only see dollar signs? You are an amazing woman, filled with wit and depth and — and beauty and surprising sensitivity. I mean, if those guys couldn’t see that, it’s their loss. Yeah, well, I’m a catch. Yeah. So are you. Well, not that the quartermaines are poster children for happy marriages. I mean, look at edward and lila. Yeah, they were in love. But how many times did he cheat on her? Yeah, too many. And alan and monica. Serial cheaters. And they argued about it the whole time. And my father was a bigamist. He was married to my mother and katherine bell at the same time! Wait a minute. What’s your point? What if chase and i follow the same pattern? What if our marriage is doomed already? I mean, you are in charge of the kitchen, is that correct? Well, I may have — oh, I like that. I may have authorized the slightly cutting back of the service staff, but I did not intend for the room service orders to arrive cold. Ms. Reeves can’t be disturbed. If you’d like, I can make you an appointment. I wouldn’T. Excuse me. Oh. Wait. I expect the room service to maintain the same high standards as the rest of the hotel. Thank you very much. I’m sorry, nina. I told her you didn’t want to be — that’s okay, madison. That’s all right. I understand that ms. Miller does not like to take no for an answer. If you are here for the divorce papers, you have wasted your time. No, I’m actually here to make an offer on the hotel. I have a client who is interested in purchasing your half of the metro court and willing to go 3% over market value. Who’s the client? Jason morgan. He was just lying there. And you got out of the car. Carly, that’s too big of a risk to take. I couldn’t just leave him there. I mean, besides, the muggers took off after I blasted my horn. Anyway, I grabbed john, I took him back to his room at the metro court, and I spent the night there, waking him up every two hours to make sure he was okay. And he was jumped a block away from here? Yes, but they didn’t steal anything. They just beat him up. Okay, so w-what are you thinking? I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t a mugging. Maybe it was sonny.

You cannot just cancel our segment. Look, this is live tv. I cannot go on air with an amateur.

[ Scoffs ] An amateur? You know what? I — I hosted the general hospital nurses’ ball for years and years, and it was on a stage and on camera, and I raised millions of dollars for gh. Congratulations. But you will not be selling face cream on “home & heart” today. Okay, I-if you cancel our segment, what are you going to put in its place? And why would you turn your back on a sure thing? Oh, we have lots of pretaped segments. I mean, this isn’t the first time this has ever happened. And with sasha, it was a sure thing. Lucy… whole nother story. Okay, wait a minute. Deception is your highest earner. You said so yourself. All of our segments have sold out. So will this one. Risk, it’s a funny thing. You don’t want to do it unnecessarily. But then again, you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t do it at all. Alexis, trust me when I tell you that the things you regret at the end of your life are not the things you tried to do and failed at. It’s the chances you didn’t take. Let’s say you get reinstated and then you’re back doing the thing you love. But let’s say you don’T. You’ll still know that you gave it your best effort, and that’s its own reward. You taking this chance is like skydiving was for me.

[ Chuckles ] Terrifying? Life-affirming. Cates stopped by bobbie’s a couple times, and I just assumed he was working me for information about sonny, but he never asked me anything significant. But when I told sonny, he was furious, the way he was towards you the other night after your arraignment. You think sonny had cates beat up? I definitely think it’s possible. Yeah. I mean, he hates him. And not because he’s an fbi agent, but because of the history they have. I know the basics about what happened with karen wexler, but sonny regrets it, and you know sonny. When he regrets something, he’s volatile. And on top of that, john was stone’s older brother. And sonny feels that he abandoned stone. So, yeah, I think it’s possible that he would be targeting cates. I don’t know. I mean, look, john cates is an fbi agent. Assaulting an fbi agent is a federal crime. And sonny — sonny knows that. Sonny knows it. He doesn’t care. Since when has jason morgan been interested in the hotel business? I’m just here to make the offer. Well, I would imagine this is for carly. Does he know whose bed carly was in last night? Might change his mind. Interested? Not interested?

[ Knock on door ] Come in. I’m so sorry to interrupt, but accounting needs you to sign off on the ad rates. Uh, yes. Got it right here. You’re so busy, nina. I imagine it must be so difficult to run both crimson and the metro court. I love them both. I hadn’t realized you were interested in the mundane — cranky guests, plumbing issues, all that tableware and linen to keep track of. Well, I’ll leave you to it. 15% over market. 4%. I do not believe that your marriage is doomed. Just be aware that what you think is reasonable, chase may think is extravagant, like public school versus private school. I hear you. As long as you understand that you have very different frames of reference about money, you’ll be okay. Uh, on that front. Chase really loves you. I love him, too. Sorry you weren’t treated with the same respect.

[ Chuckles ] It’s true. I kissed a lot of frogs. I even exchanged vows with some of them. But in the end, I got my prince. My marriage to luke started with blackmail, but it — it ended with a true partnership. We were equals. Luke accepted me f-for me. He loved me. And I did the same for him. Sounds like you were very lucky. I was. So are you.

Thanks, granny. I think chase and i will make it. I certainly hope so. And whatever happens, I’m always on your side. Back at ya. Okay, now I have to get down to the stables because I’m riding again. Oh! Have fun. Thank you. Good talk. Anytime. Very funny!

[ Laughs ] What happened to you? Ranger. Yeah, yeah, he’s got a whole bag of tricks. Not a mean bone in his body, though. Yeah, he’s a sweetheart, but he’s messy. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider deception?

[ Laughs ] Right? Can you imagine if haven de havilland saw me now? And I am here today with lucy coe, the founder of deception. Welcome, lucy. So tell us what fabulous product you have for us today. Well, thank you, haven. In fact, I’m so thrilled to bring you our brand-new face cream for the woman on the go. It is super moisturizing. Goes on, though, like a dream. It’s lightweight. And, listen, you put this on just one time, and you’re good for the whole day. Oh, sounds like my kind of moisturizer.

I tell you, I am so busy and definitely on the go. Oh, tell me about it. No one is busier than I am, let me tell you. I mean, besides, you know, running deception, of course, I have a thriving real-estate business, and I also, for many years, was on the advisory board of elq. And my vote kind of contributed

to major decisions that I — I — just recently, though, um, that’s changed a bit. That’s a long story. You know, I could — I could tell you all about it later. I think you viewers out there, though, probably recognize me the most for being the mistress of ceremonies at general hospital’s nurses’ ball for many years. Well, every — well, actually, um, until last year, uh, I wasn’t, uh, because, well, I was in protective custody. That parachute jump was euphoric, and I almost backed out. And when I forced myself to do it, I realized, up till then, I’d been living in fear. And I don’t want to do that anymore, so… I have to try. I think they call that resilience, which is also life-affirming. And as far as I’m concerned, whether you ever practice law again or not, you’ve already won. Thanks for coming by, man. I really want to discuss this wellness/fitness idea further. Yeah, definitely. Drew, I — I still can’t believe nina came at you like that. It’s all good. I mean, she knew what she was doing. Yeah. Maybe. I think she’s still hurting over sonny. Go easy on her. Yeah. No. Nina and I have reached an understanding and have made accommodations with each other. 9%. Take it or leave it. I will take it back to jason. You know what? This might be a little premature. I, uh — I know we’re talking about price, but I haven’t made up my mind to sell, so…I need to think about it. The offer won’t be on the table indefinitely. If jason wants the hotel so badly, he can wait. So is that why you took care of cates? To make up for what you think sonny did? No, no, I was just trying to help. It wasn’t till after that I thought about it and I realized it could have been sonny. Okay, there’s nothing you can do about it. So here’s the thing. Cates is either going to figure it out, or he’s not. The best thing you can do is just stay out of this. Yeah. That could be a problem. Carly, why? Look, I told you that last night I spent the night in john’s room in a chair. Okay? But this morning, I ordered room service, and when I opened the door to get the tray, john came out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel, and nina was standing right there, and she saw him. She left a vapor trail straight to michael and drew. It’s only going to be a matter of time before nina tells the entire world that I spent the night with john cates, including sonny.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, April 11, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn loves her wedding dress which was made with a piece of Lila’s wedding dress. Chase surprises Brook Lynn with a dream honeymoon trip to Florence, Italy.

Alexis gets word that the New York Supreme Court will hear the appeal of her disbarment.

Drew and Michael ask Curtis to help them start a health and Wellness Division of Aurora.

Anna interviews Valentin asking him if Jack Brennan could be the head of Pikeman. Valentin tells Anna he hasn’t seen Jack Brennan in a long time and he doesn’t think he is the head of Pikeman.

Nina delivers breakfast to John’s hotel room and, when Carly opens the door, Nina assumes Carly slept with John. Nina interrupts Drew’s meeting with Curtis and Michael to tell Drew Carly is sleeping with John Cates.

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GH Transcript Thursday, April 11, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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[ Groans ] What if we made a mistake? We didn’T. What if the style’s all wrong? It won’t be. What if the — the lace is like a gross shade of ivory? Never gonna happen. Ma! What, baby? What if we ruined lila’s dress for nothing? Baby, lila’s dress was already ruined. Unsalvageable said the seamstress. Except for the best part, which we’re putting to perfect use. So what are you really afraid of? What if I don’t like it? If you don’t like your wedding dress, we will scrap it, and we will find you one that you love. Because there is nothing more important than your happiness on your wedding day, huh? Capiche? Capiche. Mm.

[ Gasps ] Ladies, are you ready? Is that it? The wedding gown of your dreams. Look at you! Are you kidding me? Look at this progress! It’s incredible! Well, I firmly believe that, uh, you know, you do the work, you can achieve anything. Yeah, I was in greenland with you, so I am not going to underestimate you. But this, this is like — walking this soon after surgery, that’s next level. Thank you. And he can take a compliment. Ah, yeah, well, trina’s been on me about “absorbing good energy.” Sounds a little woo-woo to me, but I’m trying. Very happy for you. Okay, so don’t keep me in suspense. What am I doing here? I’m here. So, uh, what’s going on? Let the meeting of the minds commence. You did not just say that. Do you deny it? That I’m being mean to your precious gossip slinger? What, are we in second grade? Dewitt is not just the invader’s society columnist. Oy, that title. He got a promotion. He is now associate publisher. I know that, nina. You remind me of that all the time. How can I possibly forget that you’ve hired somebody that’s incompetent? Says who? Says me. I say it. And it’s not dewitt’s fault that he’s going to make an ass out of himself, because that honor belongs to you. Hey, tj. Tj: Good morning, good morning. And a beautiful morning it is. I got eggs sandwiches, too. That’s very thoughtful of you. Hey, look, not that I wasn’t thrilled to get your call, but, uh, since you got the morning off, why aren’t you spending it with molly? I considered it, but I knew how that conversation would go. Ooh. [ Chuckles ] And how’s that? Well, she’d thank me for wanting us to do something together, and then she’d say that she has an arraignment in five minutes, but that she can make it up to me tonight. And then that would turn into her trying too hard, and both of us faking our way through whatever it is that she thought of. Or even worse, even worse, she stays late at the office to avoid the situation altogether. Whoa. Who are we talking about here? Because that doesn’t sound anything like you and molly. Anna: Thank you for meeting me. Yeah. I know it was so last-minute. Lucky for you, I had no breakfast plans. Please sit down. Okay. Thank you. Hope you don’t mind. I ordered you tea. Oh, lovely. Thanks. May I? Yes. That’s very thoughtful. Great. Well, you called, and I came. So what’s this about? I wonder if you could help me with a case. I’ll always help you. What’s the case? Pikeman.

I don’t know what I was so afraid of. Oh, my gosh. The dress is perfection! Oh, the only thing more beautiful than that dress was you in it. You crying again? Oh, get used to it! My baby girl’s getting married in the most magical wedding gown. I don’t know how sandrine did it, but she really captured the spirit of lila’s dress to a T. Oh, no, it feels like she — she channeled lila, you know, all of her kindness and her warmth and her acceptance and generosity. Because that’s who lila was. You’re so lucky you got to wear her gown. You get to be a part of that, too. In the tiniest way. No, in your own way. That’s what makes it so special. You get to have a piece of lila while still being who you are. Beautiful, amazing, incredible you. Thanks for doing this with me, ma. Ah, are you kidding me? Are you insane? I would’ve busted that door down if I hadn’t have gotten an invite to this. Oh, well, then I’m glad I did.

[ Both laugh ] Oh, brook lynn, I’m so happy for you, and I’m happy for chase. I-I’m happy for all of us, really. I’m happy for us, too.

[ Laughs ] Nina, why don’t you just admit it? Admit what? That you hired dewitt to piss me off. No, I actually do think he’s an asset. And the fact that he’s a colossal thorn in my side? Oh, that’s just a perk. No doubt about it. Why? Why do I enjoy steam shooting out of your ears? Why are you doing this? You don’t even work here anymore. Exactly why I needed a replacement. You didn’t need a replacement, nina. I was doing just fine. And I would do even better if you would stop breathing down my neck. Do you want people to read your publication? What kind of question is that? Do you?! Everything was fine before you got here. But is it better since I brought dewitt on? And be honest about that. It is, because there is a measurable rise in website traffic. And you think that’s because of a gossip column? Yes, partially! I mean, alexis, you have to court your readers. You have to give them something delicious and irresistible so they stick around for the hard news. What you can’t do is decide what’s good for them and ram it down their throats. You have to woo them. What if I just quit? There’s the door. It’s good to see you back on your feet. It’s good to be back. I hear jason was exonerated. Yeah, yeah, we’re all relieved about that. You know, when he was suspected of taking shots at sonny, I thought maybe there was a chance that he had tried before, last summer at the metro court. It’s nice to know it wasn’t jason who put me in that wheelchair. Didn’t stay in that wheelchair very long, though, did you? No, I was lucky. I had an experimental surgery, and it worked. Come on, man, the surgery just gave you a chance to walk again. You are the one that made that a reality. All the rehab, learning how to walk again, are you kidding me? I can’t imagine what that was like for you. You got all my respect for making it through that, getting to the other side. Thanks. Drew, I doubt you brought us here to congratulate me on walking again. So why are we here? How you feeling? Sore. I bet. Oh, and very tired. Oh. Really? You didn’t sleep well? It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep with you waking me up every couple hours. I’m sorry. Should I have let you monitor your own signs of concussion? Am I, by the way? Concussed? No. I mean, you’re bruised and bloodied, but somehow, your head came out unscathed. Is that your professional opinion as my almost-nurse? Really? Are you going to start arguing with me this early in the morning? I already know it won’t do any good.

sandrine, I can’t wait to see what my mother chose for her dress. Thank you. She might surprise you. Oh, don’t worry. Nothing my mother does surprises me. I am well aware of her… flair, shall we say. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mm. Like I said… ta-da! Wow. Ma, that’s — you — you hate it? You know, you always say that. “There’s the door.” But you and I both know that you need me. Yes. Agreed. Yes. And I have been agreeing with you the whole time. My point is that I think that the paper would benefit if we just had dewitt’s expertise and experience. No. No? That’s it, just no? I will not sit by and let the invader be turned back into a tabloid. Then don’t let it. I’m trying, but you’re making it very difficult. Ugh! Alexis davis? I just need a signature. Alexis: Sure. You know what it’s gonna say on your tombstone, alexis? “Death by frustration”? Thank you. No, it’s gonna say, “alexis davis. Didn’t play well with others.” And now we’re back to the schoolyard. Because you refuse to grow up. Dewitt stays. End of discussion. That seemed cordial. I can’t stand that woman. Okay. Deep breaths. How? She sucked all the air out of the room. Professional differences? You can say that. Come in, my darling. Tell me something wonderful that has nothing to do with this publication. I would, but I can’T. The invader is actually why I’m here. Have you ever looked back on a decision and just known you should have gone with your gut? Too many times, son, too many times. When molly pitched the idea of kristina being both our surrogate and egg donor, my instincts were screaming that this is the wrong move. It is the wrong move, and for a million reasons, but the most glaring being that kristina’s too close. There’s no finish line. There’s no cutting ties at the end. Why? Because there couldn’t be. She’s molly’s sister. And since molly couldn’t go forward without your buy-in, that was your moment to shut it down. Right?I should have explained. Right. I should have explained why I was against it, calmly and unequivocally. And — but just before anything got too far. But instead, I went with the short-term gain of giving molly what she wanted. Some would call that being supportive, son. Granddad, I call that being a coward. She was — oh, man. She was so wrecked, granddad. She was — she was utterly devastated that she couldn’t get pregnant. So when she pitched the idea, I knew that, for molly, the closest thing she could have to carrying her own baby was for her sister to have it for her. You know, dante and I, we were ambushed on the docks by roman hume. Who? Worked for pikeman. It’s just so strange, you know? All roads seem to lead back to this one ultra-secretive organization that’s run by a ghost. A ghost? Pikeman’s ties to the wsb are clear, but nobody seems to know who is at the top of the pyramid. So I need information. I was hoping maybe you could provide it for me. On pikeman? Yeah. I mean, you were working with them as recently as last summer. As an intermediary, a glorified messenger. Yeah. How did that job come about, by the way? Uh, well, I did some contract work for them back in the ’90s, so they felt comfortable asking me to introduce them to sonny. But whether sonny and pikeman did any work together after that, that — that wasn’t my concern. Well, maybe I can pick your brain about something else. Or someone. Who? Jack brennan.

What’s wrong with it? Absolutely nothing. Well, something. Uh, the dress is lovely. It’s, um — it’s classy and elegant and tasteful. Mm, I feel a “but” coming. No buts. It’s — it’s just not really your style. Okay, “it’s just” and “but” are exactly the same thing. Come on, ma. You think that’s your style to go out on a saturday night? No, but, you know, I was under the impression that what you wear to your daughter’s wedding and what you wear to go out clubbing are two, you know, completely different things. They don’t have to be this different. I mean, what kind of nails would you even do with that? Oh, I was, um — I was thinking maybe just clear.What?! Well, I’m the mother of the bride. I’m supposed to be understated. Ma… huh? …There’s no “supposed to be” here. This isn’t a royal wedding. There are no standards you have to live up to. I just want you to wear what you want to wear. Something that makes you feel like you. Oh. This definitely doesn’t feel like me. I didn’t think so. Back to the drawing board. Oh! Sandrine, let’s pull some colors, some swatches, maybe show some skin this ti– oh. Oh, you know what? A plunging neckline, something really — alright, alright, let’s — let’s not get carried away. No? Chase! Did I miss it? Miss what? What are you doing here? There’s been a special order for the bride-to-be. Hmm! Okay, I saw that. What are you two up to? I was commissioned to design a dress for your honeymoon. Do you really think that’s necessary? Very.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. It’s gorgeous. Do you like it? I’m obsessed with it. Yay! But it’s long sleeves. Don’t you think I’ll be a little warm in palm beach? We’re not going to palm beach. The invader ran a piece on the da’s office being opposed to revisiting heather webber’s conviction, her multiple convictions, of assault and homicide going back nearly 20 years. That was the metallosis diagnosis. Yes, I signed off on that. Okay. Then you know the article cited an unnamed source. Yes. Mom. What? Well, everybody at the da’s office assumes that source is me. Well, it isn’T. Well, you know that. And I know that. But my colleagues, specifically district attorney scorpio, do not know that. Molly, what do you want me to do about it? The story checked out. I want you to help me prove that I’m not the one who broke confidentiality and discussed the case with the reporter. And how exactly do you want me to do that? You tell me who did. Does molly know you have misgivings about kristina being the surrogate? Well, I don’t say it exactly like that, but… yeah. You know, molly has her worries, too. And I think — I think that’s the problem, ’cause whenever I tell her my concerns — which are what? Besides the “being too close” part. I just don’t think kristina is taking the best care of herself. She’s out late. She’s not avoiding stress. And then there’s a small fact that she’s hanging out with her dad who is getting shot at on the regular. Okay. Okay. Point taken. So when you bring all these things up to molly…? She — she takes the position of defending kristina, even though I know we share the same concerns. And that’s why we avoid the topic altogether. I just feel like in this time, molly and I should be closer than ever, but I just feel more and more distant from her. Hmm. And what about kristina? Has your relationship been affected? How could it not be? Every time I share any worry that I might have with her, she accuses me of overreacting. It’s as if — it’s as if kristina is having the baby, and she’s going to let us know when it’s here.

[ Sighs ] God. I, um — I sound ungrateful, don’t I? No. You sound human. That’s what mom said. Smart woman, your mother. I’ve been doing some research, and the floodgate consultancy group says the wellness and fitness space is booming out there all across the country, but especially in the high-end areas, both residential and urban. People spending so much money not only to look good, but also to feel good, really laying the foundation for health, wellness, and longevity. I read that report, too. Uh, 40 is the new 25, and with the right wellness regimen and the right products, you too can achieve it. So thoughts? I think it is a good time for aurora to diversify. I mean, thanks to crimson, print media is still an earner for us, but that market is drying up. We need to find alternative revenue streams. So I think getting into an expanding market makes sense. An expanding market like health and wellness. Which is where you come in. It’s just toast and eggs. I don’t understand what takes so long.

[ Whispering ] Hey. Hey.

[ Whispering ] What? Ibuprofen. Right there. Oh.

[ Normal voice ] Yeah. No. I’ll hold. That shower felt amazing, huh? Oh. It did. Yeah. It’s amazing what hot water can do, huh? Uh, not so hot, actually. Yeah, I’m ho– I’m still holding. What?The water never got too warm. You gotta be kidding me. I’m here. Yes. I’m here. No, I’m pretty sure there’s no food in my hotel room. What? They left the food outside the door without knocking? Yeah, okay. Gotta be kidding me. No hot water, shoddy room service, I mean, this hotel is definitely going downhill. Oh. Good morning to you.

[ Sighs ]

Well, what I remember about jack brennan is his rapid rise to the director of wsb was followed by a spectacular fall. He single-handedly orchestrated frisco jones’ ouster, and a year later, he was out himself. You know he’s in pentonville, right? Yeah, thanks to you. In part. I went to visit him the other day. Why? Curiosity. You haven’t been to see him yet? Have I been to see jack brennan in pentonville? No. No, I have not. Why would I do that? Because you guys were close, back in the day, when we were all coming up together at the wsb. Uh, no, no, not really. No. Jack brennan did very well academically and even better with the ladies. But I was in the back of the room not making eye contact.

[ Chuckles ] No, I distinctly remember the two of you at that pub that we used to go to, the, um — what was it called? The archangel. And you two, you were playing, uh, dice or something, or whatever it was. Anyway, you were laughing because you’d aced an assignment that the rest of us had just completely botched. I don’t know. That sounds like, uh, jack. Doesn’t sound like me. I mean, if I was at the archangel, I was lurking. I wasn’t hanging with the cool kids. Not like you. You were at the center of the circle. Jack was there, too. No, I think, uh, you probably have me mixed up with someone else. No, you two were always feeding off each other. You were just pushing each other to be better, to be smarter anna, if anyone was pushing anybody, you were pushing him, because you two were the best of the best. Everybody knew that. I was on a fast track to a desk job. Anna… jack brennan and i have never shared more than 10 words together. Moll, I cannot and I will not reveal the identity of my sources. Now you’re going to cite journalistic integrity. Very good, counselor. Okay, but that’s crazy. Leaked privileged information is not protected speech. Whoever that source is not only violated their professional conduct guidelines, but they’ve also jeopardized future cases. That sounds like a da problem, not mine. It’s a very big problem if the article affected the fairness of a trial. What trial? Heather’s already been convicted on multiple counts, and the da has refused to revisit any of those cases. And without a case on the docket, you can’t argue that a leak compromised anything. Mm! You are impossible. That’s part of my charm. Would you like to lock me up until I crack?

[ Chuckles ] Son, you are in a-a tough and undesirable situation. Life. Life hands those to us sometimes. When one was handed to me, I-I went for the big fix. Gave up my family to protect them. But had I stayed, had I gutted it out, turns out I probably would’ve had a pretty decent life. So, you’re saying I made a huge mistake? No, no. I’m saying — I’m saying it’s — it’s human nature, or more specifically, male nature, to go — to go for the big fix. You see, sometimes that’s not always the answer. Sometimes you can just let it breathe and settle. And that could be the way to go. Well, unfortunately, that ship has sailed.

[ Laughs ] No, no, not for — for the here and now. Look, kristina is who she is. And yes, she’s carrying your baby, so you can’t change that. You can’t fix that. But what you can do, what you can do is step back and take a look at the — the whole picture, and focus on what really matters. Your relationship. With molly. Nina: Fun night? Stalk much? Just doing my regular rounds. You remember. Vividly. Although this hotel is definitely not what it used to be. Better? Not quite. I didn’t think you could surprise me anymore, carly, but you’ve done it. An fbi agent? What’s sonny going to think, or jason for that matter? And poor drew. Forever the runner-up in the twin department. Are you finished? I could keep at it all day. Wow. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I am happy you’re here. Well, no one could be happier than me. I’d like to file a complaint about room service. Do you even have time to eat? ‘Cause you seem to be quite busy. You know, why don’t you spend less time worrying about my private life and more time managing your hotel? Enjoy the rest of your stay. Unbelievable. Kidding me. Ugh. Unbelievable. Leaving food outside the room without telling you or knocking at the damn door? So stupid. Hi. Friend of yours? Oh.

[ Scoffs ]

I’m listening. Well, as I mentioned, the wellness/fitness space is booming, right? And aurora wants to move into that business, but we need somebody to spearhead the initiative. Meaning? Somebody with practical experience and knowledge of the fitness industry. A strong leader with customer service experience and multi-level management skills. Which obviously you have. I mean, the savoy, come on, that’s a huge success. Okay. Um, so how do you see aurora…

[Grunts] …Moving into business? Well, what would you do? Um, well, the most practical thing might be for aurora to buy, uh — buy up some of the small gyms across the country, rebrand them, and combine them into a national high-end fitness club. People are spending a lot of money in wellness — um, meditation rooms, plunge baths, uh, yoga, pilates, physical training, uh, mind-body connection. And combined with a training/fitness facility, you guys, this is a one-stop shop. I mean, it might require some significant, uh, capital. Which we have. Drew, you won’t believe this. I just saw carly — I get the sense you two don’t get along. You must be an fbi agent.

[ Chuckles ] You okay? Yeah, yeah, I mean, I don’t let nina get to me. Mm. I try not to let nina get to me. I, uh, know a little bit about your history.

[ Sighs ] Lucky you. Take it there’s not enough water under the bridge yet? There’s not enough water in the world. Sorry about the eggs. Ridiculous. Oh, it’s not your fault. Besides, coffee is the only necessary component. When I owned the metro court, this would have never flown. I mean, if a customer complained about their food, we would redo it with no charge. You’re big on customer service. Yeah, it’s literally what the hospitality industry is all about. You must have had your fair share of jerks blow through here, though.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, sure. But for the most part, I mean, people, they were great. And I loved it. I love making people happy and comfortable and special, you know? Don’t you get to scratch that itch running bobbie’s? To an extent. And I don’t get me wrong, I love bobbie’s, I really do, but it’s a restaurant, full stop. This place, I got a taste of all of it, you know, really curating a space, from the carpets to the linens to the lighting, even the music. Pulling all of those things together to create the ultimate experience, ah, I loved it. Sounds like a symphony. Yeah. Yeah, it kind of was. And you were good at it. I was great at it. Think you’ll ever do it again? I don’t know. I mean, I tell people I will. You know, I’m going to get my half of the metro court back. But I think that’s just a pipe dream, you know? Metro court belongs to someone else. Two someone elses. I’m just gonna have to accept that. I’ve been working on a surprise for you. But you’re terrible at keeping secrets. Brook lynn.

[ Laughing ] What? It’s true. Your mom has been helping me keep this under wraps. Mm, guilty as charged. Okay, so no more palm beach? Please tell me you’re not working. It’s our honeymoon. Oh, we’re still going away. But there has been a change in destination. Okay, well, as long as it’s not a downgrade, I’m in. Okay, so where we talking, like miami, charleston, palm springs? I’ve never been to the desert. Think a little further away than that. Okay. Like out of the us away? Chase, what did you do? I am marrying the woman of my dreams. No. Scratch that. I never dreamed of you, because I didn’t know that someone this wonderful could exist. And I want our honeymoon to be a reflection of that. I want you to remember this trip for the rest of your life. Because you deserve it, brook lynn. You deserve everything. You are the sweetest man on the planet. So where on this planet are you taking me? Florence. No. You’re kidding. I’m not kidding. Florence, italy? Your mom said you wanted to go. Only for my entire life. Oh, my god! Florence?! Oh, my god. And not only do I get to go, I get to go with you? Are you happy? Happy doesn’t even begin to cover it. So I guess you win. Again. Freedom of the press wins. Always. Except I have no idea why I’m fighting so hard for it when it comes to this paper. Because you care about your job and the integrity of your paper. Integrity the new associate publisher will undoubtedly destroy. What’s this? I don’t know. A messenger dropped it off when I was fighting with nina. Have you looked at it? I was too consumed with rage to care. What is it? Well, it’s from the appellate division of the supreme court of the state of new york. They’re handling my appeal. Yeah. This is probably your decision. Whether they’ll review your case or you’ll stay disbarred. Open it! No, I-I-I can’T. You do it. Are you sure?

Alexis: It’s okay, molly. You know, it was a long shot anyway. And, you know, so I-I — the appeal was denied, and life will go on. Mom, they’re giving you a hearing. I’m sorry? They’ve set a date and everything. Let me see that.

[ Chuckles ] Molly, they’re giving me a hearing. Not just that, they’re giving you hope! Mom, mom, this is hope!

[ Laughs ] Whoo!

[ Laughs ] You need to find reasons for you and molly to come together that aren’t about the baby. It’s those — it’s those moments of now, the moments when it’s — it’s just the two of you. Those moments are precious, too. Now, as much as I enjoyed that egg sandwich in this beautiful park… and the incredible company of your grandson.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that, too. But, man, get your behind over to the store and buy all the ingredients for molly’s favorite dinner. Just make sure it’s reheat-able in case she does have to work late at night. But wouldn’t that be nice for molly to come home and see her favorite meal on the table waiting on her? Molly would love that. Hey. Don’t you spend the next three months wringing your hands over what kristina is or isn’t doing. Spend the next three months with your partner being just that, partners, before you become parents. ‘Cause I’m telling you, boy, you in the catbird seat. That molly, she a very special woman. Yes, she is. Thank you, granddad. Hey. There it is.

[ Chuckles ] Chase: Alright. Mimosa for the bride-to-be. Here you are. Thank you. Cheers. Cheers. I cannot believe it’s true. Oh. Believe it. Oh, florence, the uffizi, the duomo, david? Whoa! Who’s this david guy? Oh, my god. And we have to take a day trip to pisa and — and an overnight to verona, the city of romeo and juliet. You’ve thought a lot about this. I am telling you, this is like a bucket-list thing for me. Oh, and — and I can’t wait to — to look up all the best restaurants. And we are going to have gelato every single day, no exceptions, okay? Yes, ma’am.

[ Laughs ] And, um, oh, we are going to drink wine at sunset in every piazza we can find. This is going to be so incredible. You’re so incredible. Oh, my god. Chase, we have, like, so much planning to do. Okay, we have to — wait. What’s wrong? A honeymoon to florence is a lot more expensive than one stateside. I mean, the airfare alone. It’s okay, I — I have the money for it. How? I sold my truck. Maybe you and jack weren’t friends, but you certainly knew each other, right? Of course we did. You know, when — when you were working with pikeman, in your dealings with them, did — did you ever get the sense that he was involved? You think jack brennan is working with pikeman? I do. Yeah. I can’t get him to admit it. But when you were an intermediary, did anything jump out at you? I wish I had something useful to offer you. Sadly, I don’T. Okay. It was worth a try. Maybe when I go back to see him again — don’T. I’m sorry? Pikeman and brennan are dangerous. If they’re working together, then they’re not to be messed with. Thank you for your concern. I can take care of myself. Please do. Sure. Thank you for breakfast. Thanks again. Oh, again? I don’t think you thanked me the first time. Then thank you. And not just for saving my hide on the docks, but for getting me back here and keeping an eye on me all night. You’re welcome. It was good to be… friends, uh, I guess, even if it’s just for a minute. Just a minute? Are fbi agents not allowed to have friends?

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Oh. What, are they worried you’re going to divulge classified information? Something like that.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Makes sense, I guess. Yeah. But, um… how do you know you don’t talk in your sleep? We’re in the middle of a meeting, nina, so try back later. W-what were you going to say about my mom? What did you do now? I didn’t do anything. I just thought drew would want to know that carly moved on quickly from him and is now sleeping with everyone’s favorite fbi agent, john cates.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Carly stays in John Cates room because she thinks he may have a concussion and she has to wake him up every three hours to make sure he is okay.

Curtis is able to climb the stairs with Jason slowly and go up to his room. Portia is happy that Curtis is recovering well from his surgery. Curtis and Portia start thinking about going on a honeymoon that they never went on when they got married.

Drew regrets having hate sex with Nina and tells her that just because they had sex doesn’t mean he has forgotten being beaten up in jail because of her. Drew also tells Nina that, if she wants his help to get close to Willow again, she will have to think of something that will make it worth his while to help her.

Sonny demands that Jason tell him who he was informing the FBI. Jason tells Sonny he can’t tell him the name of the organization for which he was working undercover because that would ruin his deal with the FBI. Sonny tells Jason that he can keep his half of Corinthos Coffee, but he can’t be a part of his other business. Sonny tells Jason that if he betrays him again, he will put an end to him. Jason asks Sonny if he is taking his medicine. Sonny tells Jason that he takes his medicine every day.

Ava has insomnia and takes some of Sony’s bipolar medication because she reads on the label they cause drowsiness. Ava doesn’t know why Sonny takes the pills and wonders why they aren’t making her sleepy since she took two pills.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, April 10, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


geez. What did you just– you’ve been planning this, or something like this, all along. Do I need to refresh your memory? ‘Cause I wasn’t the one who started all this. Yeah, I know, I know, I know. It’s just, I think that you’ve had this on your mental back burner since you took my magazine away and gave it to carly. And we all know how that worked out. Oh, I mean, have I been thinking about you? Have I been fantasizing? The truth is I have. Yeah. I really have. About you losing all your money, about you losing your looks, and getting convicted of a nameless crime that gets you sent to prison. You remember, like you sent me. God, you look like you were mugged by a small army. Are you sure it was only two people? Yeah. Those guys might not have killed me, but this ice might. It’s not that cold. It’s ice. By definition, it’s cold. Yeah, well, the ice machine on this floor was broken, which is appalling. That’s what you find appalling, a broken ice machine? I had to go down a floor to get the ice, and it was melting by the time I got it to the towel. And yet, when placed against the human body, it’s still plenty cold. Does the fbi know that all it takes to get one of their agents to spill his guts is a couple of ice cubes? I like to keep some things to myself.

[ Chuckles ] Good idea. All I’m saying is that when I owned the metro court, that ice machine, it would have been maintained. What? Nothing. I’m just grateful for the medical expertise. Good. Well, I went to nursing school, though I didn’t graduate, but the training was really good. I mean, when you have kids, you get little reaction time, and then you have to keep it together till you get to an actual doctor. Speaking of which, please let me take you to the hospital. Or at least let me call the house doctor here. I am quite happy with the care I’ve received so far. I wouldn’t change a thing. Okay, I don’t want to jinx it, but I think ace finally fell asleep. I know. Told him a story. A little bit of singing, and maybe I’m just sort of starting to get the hang of his bedtime routine. Or maybe he’s just getting used to falling asleep without esme and spencer. Or maybe I’m just telling myself a story. Are you sure you’re okay with it? Yeah, but if you’re not into it, just change it. It’s just a movie. No, the movie is fine. I think. I wasn’t really paying attention. Okay, what is it? What’s going on? I keep thinking about the whole face-of-deception thing. Are you sure you’re okay with me being the face? Yeah. I mean, I already share your music with the world. Why not share your beautiful face, too?

[ Sighs ] Because my mom inserted a clause keeping my private life private in every contract. And if anyone pushes against that point, she made it very clear it’s a deal-breaker. Blaze is your public persona, and blaze is not out, but ali, my girlfriend, is. I’ll never get tired of hearing you call me your girlfriend. My girlfriend and i are out to our families, to our closest friends, and the people that really matter. We can be ourselves. That’s all I really care about. So if locking down your private life is the deal you made with your mom and everyone else, and as long as it doesn’t impact us in our relationship, I don’t see a problem with it. Right. Unless the person who has a problem with it is you. Ooh. Okay. Yep. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Mm. Jordan: Babe, where are you? Why don’t you come upstairs and find out? Oh, my god.

[ Chuckles ] “One small step for man.” Actually, it was a bunch of little steps.

[ Chuckles ] But one giant leap for yours truly. This is — this is huge. This is so great. And I don’t see your cane anywhere. No, no, no, no cane. Just me and my two legs.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. You’re amazing. No, you’re amazing. If it weren’t for you, honey, I would still be stuck in some hospital bed or in my wheelchair still, you know, mad at the world, feeling sorry for myself. Some version of that is how my story would have ended. But because of you, I have nothing but new chapters to write, and I can’t wait. Oh, my god.

[ Both chuckle ] I can’t wait to write them with you. Thank you, my love. Mm. Mm. Anytime.

[ Both chuckle ] Ugh, god.

[ Sighs ] This is pointless. This warehouse is half mine. And you’re taking it back? I never gave it up. You deserted it, jason. You were gone for more than two years. You’ve lost the right to take it back.

I don’t want to see your face. Didn’t I say that to you? Are we not clear? That’s why I had diane speak to you on my behalf. I still own 50% of corinthos coffee. Don’t quote my own lawyer to me.

Our lawyer. We both trust her and what she says. Why not trust her judgment on this? Forget diane. You came to my warehouse to get an answer from me. You got your wish. This is my business. I don’t want you anywhere near it. I’m so proud of you.

[ Giggles ] And not because you made it up the stairs but because you didn’t give in to despair. And you didn’t quit. Well, truth be told, I thought about it. There were times I thought about it, and each time I thought, “what would I say to trina?” She got hit with something terrible when spencer died, so it’s okay for her to call it quits and just curl up in a ball?

[ Sighs ] It’s not me. No. No, it’s not. And those words sound like a foreign language coming out of your mouth. I love it. I’m a husband and a father now. I’m a son. It’s just not about me anymore. Well, you did forget one thing off of that list. What’s that? Father, mm, mm…. lover. Is that so? I would be a fool to let all that effort that you took getting up those stairs and into our beautiful bedroom go to waste, and I am no fool.

[ Groans ] Thanks for the ice. I think it helped. Or else the bitter cold destroyed all the nerve endings in my body. So win/win. Okay, you need to keep this on your head. And you need to go home to that adorable daughter of yours. She’s great. She’s happy with her nanny. I’m concerned that you have a concussion. I’m fine. Trust me, it’ll take more than a couple of shots to this hard head to do any real damage. I don’t know about that. If you do have a concussion, someone needs to check on you every couple hours. They need to see if you’re having a hard time waking up. And if you are, that means your concussion is getting worse. I’ll be fine. Please let me take you to the hospital. I mean, just think, if you’re right, you get to say, “I told you so.” Well, I do like that, but come on. We know all they’re going to do is admit me and then wake me up all night long. No, I’d rather stay here.

[ Grunts ] Okay. I can wake people up with the best of them.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing? I’m getting comfortable. I have to conserve my energy. I have to shake you awake in a couple hours, and then a couple hours after that. Carly, I really appreciate — you’re wasting your time. I’m staying right here, and I’m going to save you from yourself. Are you saying that you regret this as much as I do? Oh, come on, nina. Two people consumed by a passionate mutual hatred with no acceptable outlet? I mean, it’s better than poisoning. I don’t see a big difference. Think of it as like a screwed-up spontaneous combustion. I’m going to think of it this way — as a down payment. And what’s on layaway? Appoint me to the board. Of aurora? Mm-hmm. Wait. I’m sorry. What possible sense would it make for me to appoint you to the board of aurora? I mean, you edit crimson. That’s your entire value to us. And I make the magazine a success. Okay, maybe not that, but you are close to michael. You’re close to willow. Just find a pathway for me to get back in my daughter’s good graces. Nina, you think that 45 minutes on my office floor with you commits me to dragging you out of the wreckage that you’ve made of your life? Come on. Going to take more than a couple of rug burns for me to lift a finger for you.

I tried to treat michael and willow to a fabulous surprise anniversary dinner, and they turned me down, which was humiliating. A surprise dinner, huh? Translation — regardless of what michael and willow wanted, you pushed whatever you wanted on them, which is so on brand for you. I don’t care how you describe it, drew. I felt like I was punched in the heart. And forgive me if I had to come down here and — and pull myself together and get a breath. And instead of sympathizing with me, just — I don’t now. I didn’t then. I never will sympathize with you, nina. I know that I had a little part in all of this, but I think you took advantage of my emotional, vulnerable state. Aw, you’re projecting, nina. Taking advantage of people? That’s your stock and trade. Oh, shut up. Let me just be clear about one thing here. Your offer for an anniversary dinner when you can’t stand michael and you wish willow hadn’t married him, was that really just for willow, or were you hoping that maybe they would tell sonny about how generous you are? Does sonny know that you’re still pining for him?

[ Grunts ] I take that as a yes. What time is it? Um, almost midnight. That late? You should really go home. Okay, well, if you insist, then I’ll drop you off at G.H. On my way. That’s not necessary. Carly: It probably is, but you’d probably just be trading one problem for another, huh? What are you talking about? Well, if you went to the hospital, the nurses would start asking you questions, and they’d have to call the pcpd. And then the pcpd would want to know what the heck you were doing wandering around the waterfront at that time of night. I wasn’t wandering around. I took a walk. Oh, yeah. In the most dangerous part of town at night. Port charles is a safe place.

[ Laughs ] Okay, make sure you say the safe part when you talk to the police, because they love that kind of feedback. Carly, I got mugged. It’s a terrible thing, but it happens, and this time, it happened to me. You should stick with that story. But I want you to know that i know you were tracking jason. If you don’t want me in your organization, I understand. No, you don’t understand. ‘Cause I trusted you more than anyone, and now I can’t trust you. I never gave the feds anything on you. Why should i believe that? Because if I had, you would have been arrested two years ago. I’ve been protecting you this whole time, sonny. I’m not a child. I don’t need protection. I need you to get away from me. Otherwise, I will have to remove you.

I’m worried about how small ace’s family is going to be. There are no siblings, you know? He may never know lulu and — and lucky. And I know there’s elizabeth’s boys, but they’re quite a bit older, and they have their own lives. It’s really just you and me and ace. And heather. Yes, I know she likes to call herself ace’s grandmother. Well, technically, she is ace’s grandmother. We may not like it, but esme was her daughter. Yes, but she’s in pentonville. For now. Wasn’t she supposed to be transferred to a federal prison in california? I forgot to tell you. Um, the D.A.’S office canceled the transfer because of her medical condition. So she is in pentonville for the foreseeable future. Mm. Unless… something else occurs. “Chemically induced abnormal behavior.” This is really what you think happened to heather, isn’t it? My god. Do you think they would ever reopen heather’s case after all the things that she did?

[ Grunts ] If you breathe a word of this to sonny — having hate sex with you on my office floor isn’t something I’m going to be bragging about, okay? And I wouldn’t worry too much about sonny. He’s a little preoccupied right now with my brother’s surprise return. Well, he can think about more than one thing at a time. And somehow he isn’t thinking about you at all. You got to face it, nina. You’re not even on sonny’s radar right now. He doesn’t care who you’re mixing it up with. Maybe it’s because he’s got a new roommate. Sonny? Are you home?

[ Sighs ] What do you have that’ll help a person sleep? Oh. Come on, sonny. You have to do better than that.

[ Light switch clicks ] Alright, sonny, where do you keep the good stuff? “May cause drowsiness.” Doesn’t have to be this way. I’m not a threat. You keep your organization. I’m going to stay out of it. All I want is my half of the coffee business. And all I want is the truth. If you didn’t inform on me… what were you doing with the feds? Sonny, I told you everything that I could. You told me nothing, jason, and I thought it was because ava was right there, but ava’s not here now. It’s just you and me. If you want me to trust you, if you want half of the business back, you’re going to have to trust me, right? What happened to you?

The fbi picked me up on cassadine island. They flew me back to quantico. They offered me a deal — become an informant, and no charges will be filed. I took that deal because it was my best option. They didn’t want me to inform on you because they knew I never would do it, and that it would never work. So they sent me after somebody else. Who? Who’d they — I can’t — sonny, I can’t tell you. Why? Because you think I’m going to go tell these people that you’re a traitor? No, I can’t tell you because it’s part of the deal. If I talk, it violates the terms of the agreement, and the charges get filed. Was part of the deal, uh, to take a shot at me? How many times did you try to kill me, jason? I never tried to kill you, sonny. And I’m going to believe that? Because you’re loyal? Because you’re my friend? My brother? Because if I tried to kill you… …I wouldn’t have missed. Oh, ava. You cannot self-medicate with somebody else’s prescription, you know. It does cause drowsiness, though, and if sonny can handle it…

[ Sighs ] Oh, who am I kidding? I want to be fair. Having a control freak for a mom can be really helpful when it comes to my career. What about the rest of your life? Your — your real life? Ha. My mom says she knows me better than I know myself. Oh, god, I hate when parents say that. Me, too. But I think she says it because, when she was my age, she… you know, she crossed the line a few times. And then she became a mom. Well, becoming a mom certainly changes your perspective on everything. You know, and I’m only an aunt, so… you’re not “only” anything. I think because my mom didn’t want me making the same mistakes she did, she became super strict. Well, it kind of worked. I mean, look at you. You’re — you’re smart and disciplined, and you’ve built an incredible career for yourself. It’s amazing. A lot of that is because I paid attention to everything she said when I was growing up. She should be able to look at my life and know that. She should trust me enough to live my own life. I mean, your parents do. Okay, I must have missed something. Is there a problem with your parents? Is this the folder that you wanted, babe? Yeah, that’s it. Okay. Probably could have did it myself, but, uh, it would have been 2:00 in the morning before I made my way back down the stairs and back up, so thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, with the progress you’re making, you will be up and down those stairs in no time. The miracles of modern medicine. You know, you doctors can fix anything. Mm-hmm. Babe, is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I’m fine. Okay. Thought I’d lost you there for a second. I wondered where you went. Thought maybe you were thinking about these bills. Oh, no, no, no. Those bills are all yours. Oh, I don’t know if you saw this note from brook lynn quartermaine. She’s pushing me to have an invitation-only event at the savoy to showcase blaze’s new single. I’m probably going to say yes, but I think I’ll make her sweat a little bit. Yeah, it has nothing to do with that. What is it, babe? Talk to me. I was at the hospital, and I overheard kevin and alexis saying something about how they could use a pre-existing condition to, um, overturn a conviction. Okay. Heather webber is diagnosed with metallosis. Basically, her artificial hip is — is poisoning her. And one of the, um — the symptoms of metallosis is a shift in personality. Okay, so is anyone arguing that heather webber isn’t responsible for all those lives she took? That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. Someone is going to use her condition as grounds to reopen heather’s case and possibly set that woman free. You think I was tracking jason? Hm. [ Sighs ] You’re getting warmer. Hide and seek? Really? Is that how the fbi conducts its business now? Oh, my supervisors would definitely not approve of the situation. But they’re not here. So. You want to guess again? Okay. Well, if you weren’t tracking jason, you were tracking… his lawyer. Diane miller? Give the lady a cigar.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t want a cigar, but I will take a very expensive glass of wine at a date to be determined. Deal. Wow. I mean, getting mugged is not generally a mood lifter, but it’s made you fun.

[ Scoffs ] Thank you.

[ Laughs ] And I am fun. You just don’t know me well enough to see it yet.

I get the legal argument that heather’s condition, uh… metallosis. …Metallosis contributed to her mental state, but she committed multiple homicides. There’s no way she should be allowed to go free. And I pray that you’re right. Exactly. Because trina’s been through enough. It’s — it’s enough. This whole family. But, baby, we made it through… yeah. …And we are stronger than ever. We are, aren’t we? We made it through together as a family. You better believe it. And I will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe and secure and loved. You just said that you would do whatever it takes? I sure did. I think I’m going to need you to prove that. I couldn’t stop thinking about my conversation with alexis about heather and the hypotheticals that could set her free. So I did a deep dive into a database about toxicology and abnormal behavior. And at first, you would think that the chances of heather’s murder conviction being overturned are inconceivable. But then with further investigation… it is not without medical and legal precedent. Oh, wow. You know, I just I can’t imagine what the reaction would be to heather going free. Well, we know portia robinson and — and sasha gilmore, dr. Obrecht, ava, all of those people are going to be outraged, as would most of the citizens of port charles, I think. Understandably. Unless it could be proven that heather herself was victimized.

[ Sighs ] And if that were the case, I think it would be wrong not to give her a second chance. Selfishly, there’s a side of me that would like to see heather redeemed. Not released, but rehabilitated into someone functional, someone stable that ace could know, maybe even have a relationship with. And if I’m completely honest, I’d like to think that there is some good that could come from the harm I’ve caused. None of this is your fault. Laura, I made one decision about my brother, and it resulted in a series of devastating events. If ryan hadn’t gotten loose, then heather would still be institutionalized and her victims would still be alive. And so would spencer and esme. We never even would have met esme. I think you’re forgetting one thing. Ace wouldn’t be here, either. Uh, I don’t have a problem with anyone in my family right now, and, gosh, I think that’s maybe the first time I’ve ever been able to really say that. My mom’s good. She’s supportive of our relationship and the surrogacy. What about your dad? My dad’s good. He loves me unconditionally. You know that. He, of course, has a dark side… …but he’s loving and he’s generous and he’s more sensitive than people think, and he can get hurt, too. I’m a little worried about my dad right now, so… is it because he and nina broke up? Nina’s not perfect, but he was happy with her. And since ava moved in — wait. She moved in? I thought she was just staying there temporarily. So did I. Ava is staying with sonny for security reasons. You keep telling yourself that. You know what, drew? Let me worry about ava, okay? You just figure out a way to get me closer to my daughter, and if it’s not appointing me to the board, then come up with something else. Even if I was willing to help you, michael will never see you as anything other than a threat to his family. You — you lied to him about his father’s death, and then you sued him to get access to his child. But willow… willow’s got a softer heart, and she and i are still friends. Okay. You will help me plead my case to her, then? Maybe. But after my near-death beating that I took in prison because of you, you’re going to have to make it so worth my while. Port charles is still my home, this warehouse is still half mine, and I’m going to be here every day importing coffee, totally legit. So whatever business you want to do, do it away from the warehouse so I don’t have to be witness to it. You think I won’t do it, jason? You think I won’t get rid of you? I can do that in a heartbeat. All I got to do is say the word, and you’re gone. Come on, sonny, if anything happens to me, you know the cops are going to look at you first. Don’t tell me what I know. You know what I know? That you can’t be trusted, and I’m going to have to get protection now from you. Because you’re a traitor. Sonny, just stop. Just stop. Yeah, you are. You’re a traitor. Are you — are you taking your meds?

What will it cost me to have you as my ally? Oh, I think “ally” is going to be a strong word for what I’ll be, but you’re a creative person. You can put your thinking cap on and come up with something that’ll be worth my time and effort, right? I like this shirt. You can start by sewing the buttons back on that. Do your own mending.

[ Grunts ] Okay, well, you know what? I did order all-new ice machines for this entire hotel, but I don’t need to keep going on and on about how this hotel is not great anymore. It’s a nice hotel, carly. Yeah, it was. It was. But I’m not going to bore you with all my complaints about the hotel. What about you? I mean, are there any other circumstances other than getting beaten up

[Chuckles] Where you’re fun? I must be concussed. Or at least punchy. I’ve said way too much already. Yeah, well, I have a lot of experiences where I’m listening to things that I don’t repeat or remember, you know? Well, that’s a way to end a conversation. Sleep well, agent cates. I’ll wake you up in a couple hours. Looks like you’re still working on the bills, huh? I guess I’ll just… no, no, no, no, no, no, not looking as good as you want to look.

[ Both chuckle ] Come here. Hi, baby. Hey, baby. You know, in case you don’t remember, we really never had an official honeymoon. I think we should do something about that as soon as possible. Okay, so you just tap there. Ha! Voil, right?

[ Chuckles ] You can see, in real time, ace sleeping. That’s amazing. Yeah. You make the same face when you’re asleep.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, maybe it runs in the family. Well, yo u know the pictureand the sound is so pristine, and here I thought that the baby monitor was the pinnacle of technological advancement. Yeah, well, it was. 20 years ago.

[ Chuckles ] And when I hear people say, “20 years,” I think, “oh, they’re talking about the ’80s.” And then I realize, no, they’re not. They’re not, yeah. Oh, sweetie, I know that us raising a baby, I mean, at this point in our lives, I know it wasn’t part of your bucket list. Was it on yours? No. Mnh-mnh. No. Well, it’s not like we’re ready to retire, and we’re not exactly people who back away from life. And I think that ace has given us so much more life. He has, and I love it. And I love you. I love you, too. You know, we took an awful lot of wrong turns and detours before we found each other, but we did, and I think ace is just another unexpected… responsibility? …Miracle.

[ Sighs ] Wow. You’re really something. I’m a lucky man. I’m a lucky woman.

[ Both chuckle ] I know there’s still a security reason for ava and avery to be staying at his place, but it’s just something doesn’t feel right about it, you know? It’s weird. And even dante noticed it, and he’s on pain meds. Did she say or do anything? No, no, just little things, you know? I can’t see the whole picture yet, but one thing I do know. Ava is a jerome, and the jeromes love power. It’s like a drug. You think she’s going to, what, make a move on sonny’s business? Not like a, you know,

move move. She would never comment something straight on. She’s too smart for that. She’d slither in from the side or something. And she’s making herself indispensable to my dad. She’s running interference. She’s making him drinks. And your dad doesn’t see what she’s doing? Worse. He likes it. A lot.

[ Sighs ] “May cause drowsiness.”

[ Sighs ] You must like the taste of those, sonny, because I took a few of them, and I feel absolutely nothing. Nada. So if they don’t help you sleep and they don’t do anything else, what do those stupid pills do? I take my medication every day, every dosage, like clockwork.

[ Chuckling ] I’m not having a breakdown. I’m just — I have to face the truth. You’re not who I thought. Or maybe you never were. I’m not your enemy. And I don’t want any trouble. And I accept that you don’t trust me. You don’t have to trust me. I’ll stay out of your way. You better. Go ahead, take the — take — take the warehouse. Sit in it till you rot. If you double cross me again, or I suspect that you’re interfering with my business or my life… …I will end you.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Michael and Willow go to the Metro Court to celebrate their wedding anniversary a few weeks early because their actual anniversary is close to Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding.

Willow considers leaving the hospital and working for a charity in order to spend more time with her kids.

Carly rescues John when two guys beat him up outside of the Corinthians coffee office

Diane tells Jason the details of how Carly lost the Metro Court.

Nina asks Drew to put her on the board of Aurora Media so Michael won’t be able to ignore her. Drew and Nina have a heated argument and later they have sex.

Jason tells Diane to tell Sonny he intends to take back his half of Corinthos coffee and work at the Coffee office. Diane delivers the message to Sonny. Sonny arrives at the office later and tells Jason that he doesn’t want him there.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, April 9, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


dillon as requested, the best table in the house. Thank you. Here you go. And your waitress will be right with you. Taking me out to celebrate. Only the best for my lovely bride tonight. Happy anniversary. Just a little bit early. Man, early, late. Every single day with you is a celebration. -Hi. -Hi. Everything okay? Fine. I just thought you might want to know your daughter’s here with her husband. Oh, kristina, hi. Ava. Hi. Uh, I just came to see my dad. Um, is he here? Yeah. He — he’s here, but he’s not really available. He’s resting. I’ll tell him you came by, though. Um…no. I’m actually — I’m just gonna wait for him because I really need to speak to him tonight, so… who’s that? Hey! Hey. Just what I need — a visit from one of my favorite daughters. One of? Well, you know, definitely top three.


[ Cellphone rings ] Drew. Hi. Hey, carly. Wow, it’s really great to hear your voice. And yours. Look, I’m calling because i need to get in touch with jason, and I don’t have a way to reach him. Oh, well, I mean, he has a phone now. I can give you his number. You know what? Just — just give him a message, please. Tell him that I got a little visit from the fbi this afternoon. Thank you, and thank you for meeting me in the parking lot. This isn’t the best area of town. Why did you want to meet here in the first place? Because this… is gonna be my office.

[ Laughs ] That’s sonny’s office. Not anymore.

[ Doorbell rings ] You must be isaac. Come on in.

[ Sighs ]

I didn’t know michael and willow were coming in tonight. Yeah, they’re celebrating their anniversary. But their anniversary isn’t until later this month. Well, there’s a note on the reservation that it’s an anniversary celebration, and somebody called ahead for a special dessert. Oh. Okay. Thanks. I can’t believe it is a few more weeks until we have been officially married for a year. I know, I know. And I know that our actual wedding anniversary is in the middle of the run up to chase and brook lynn’s wedding, so I figured that we should celebrate tonight. But nothing says that we can’t sneak off and have some alone time that night, too. Well, I am so glad we did this. We have a lot of anniversaries to look forward to, but the first one is a big milestone, and it is so nice to be here alone with you. I know. I feel the same way. Champagne for the table. Oh, I — I think there’s a mistake. We didn’t — we didn’t order that. Uh, that’s my gift. Happy anniversary.

[ Sighs ] Come on in over here. Have a seat. Put your feet on the table if you want. Are you hungry? ‘Cause I’ll grab you something to eat. No, no, no, I’m good. Dad, you don’t have to fuss over me. Well, you can’t blame a father for worrying about his pregnant daughter. I know, and I love that about you, but I’m good. How about something to drink, then? Um, yeah. Actually, ava, could give me a water? Yeah. Of course. So, it’s late. What’s going on? Uh, well, I… I ran into josslyn at bobbie’s, and we kind of got into it. There may have been some yelling. What are you fighting about? You. Well, that’s not surprising, ’cause josslyn isn’t one of my fans, you know? Yeah, she’s definitely, uh — she’s on the warpath. But it just drives me crazy. She — she always has to be right about everything. You know? That holier-than-thou attitude. Just so annoying. Doesn’t matter what she thinks. You know why? Because you shouldn’t have to defend me. I wanted to. Kristina… these are my battles, not your battles.

[ Sighs ] I know better than to engage with her, anyway. Just couldn’t help myself. Maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones, which are no joke, by the way.

[ Chuckles ] Here you go. Thanks. Sure. Sonny. The fbi questioned you about jason? Yeah. At least they came to my office and they didn’t drag me in for a formal interview. They, uh… they wanted to know how much contact I’ve had with jason since he resurfaced.

[ Scoffs ] That’s ridiculous.

Well, I mean, not really. If you didn’t know us, I mean, we’re brothers, right? So you might think that he would confide in me. Well, I’m sorry you got dragged into this. At least we know that he didn’t shoot dante. Did he happen to mention where he’s been since 2021? No. He hasn’t said much. Never does. Just take care of yourself, carly. Stay out of whatever trouble he’s in. Okay? If not for yourself, then for josslyn and for donna. They need you to take care of them. Jason can take care of himself. Sonny and i were partners. I still own 50% of corinthos coffee, or I did. No, you do. Or, you will. Once the necessary paperwork has been filed. Okay. Uh, what about everything else? I know I left my state equally divided between jake, danny, and the other half went to carly. Nobody’s asked anything. Nobody seems to know what’s going on. What happened? The short answer is, your estate has been in probate the whole time. Okay. Why? W-what’s the problem? Because the law is complicated. There are a lot of hoops to jump through. Normally, it takes seven years for a certificate of death in absentia to be issued. And that was necessary in this case because we could not find your body, which is now very evident as to why. Okay. And even with the notarized statements that I had from witnesses who all claimed that no one could have survived that cave-in in greece, it still should have taken several years. But strangely enough, the government issued a certificate of death in absentia for you the moment I filed the paperwork, which leads me to believe that someone behind the scenes was working in your favor.

Thank you. But, uh, look, if we were going to order champagne, we would have done it ourselves. Well, that’s just the start. You know, I arranged for the chef to prepare you a fabulous five-course dinner. You know, only our finest dishes — my treat. Nina, the last time we spoke, I made it clear that I don’t want to see you. I didn’t mean to intrude. I-I’m just confused because you were here, so I thought… well, michael asked me where I wanted to go, and I picked the metro court because I have always liked it, and I didn’t want to avoid it because of you. I thought the fact that you hadn’t reached out for the last few weeks meant you accepted and honored my wishes. Okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. I just thought since you were here — it doesn’t matter what I thought. I’ll just, um… I’ll cancel everything, and, uh… I won’t bother you again. My god, was that as awful as it felt? It was pretty bad. This is my fault. We should have gone to the grill or café cherie. No, hey, no, no. Willow, you wanted to come to the metro court because you love their chocolate soufflé, and I wanted to bring you here because you love their chocolate soufflé. And I love you. But it was wishful thinking that nina would actually keep her distance. That’s on her. It’s — it’s not on you. Look, we’re here, together. It’s our anniversary. The chocolate soufflé has already been ordered, so let’s just have a glass of wine and celebrate. You really are the best husband. Yeah, and don’t you forget it.

[ Chuckles ] Ah, that water really hit the spot. Think I dehydrated myself yelling at josslyn. You know what you got to do next time? You got to take a deep breath and just walk away. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You’re right, dad. What josslyn thinks doesn’t really matter. So what else is going on? How’s work? Uh, work’s fine. Everything’s fine. Oh! I do have some good news, actually. Um, ali — blaze — is going to be the new face of deception. Yeah, I knew that ’cause I ran into blaze’s mother at the metro court when I was meeting with lois, and natalia was gonna talk to brook lynn about everything. Uh, yeah. Small world. It’s a smart move for both blaze’s career and deception, though, and I think they’re gonna have a lot of crossover exposure there, so that’s cool. Well, I’m just worried how it’s gonna affect you. What do you mean? Well, I mean, blaze, the new face of deception, is gonna get famous, more famous. And, you know, I mean, do you think you can deal with that, with everything you got going on? Yeah. Yeah? Yeah, I do. I don’t think that spotlight’s gonna fall on me at all, honestly. I mean, maybe if ali were out publicly, but she made a deal with her mother to keep her personal life personal, so… how do you feel about that? Carly, I’m gonna kill her! I’m gonna kill her. That’s it. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re gonna have to bail me out of prison ’cause I’m gonna kill her. Kill who? Nina! She fired pierce! Can you believe it? Pierce? The room-service waiter? Yes! Some picky guests had a little mix-up with the order, which has been known to happen during peak hours when the guy gets a little bit overwhelmed, but… yeah, but we just apologize for him, comp the order, and pull back on the amount of orders he was filling. Yeah, of course. That’s what you and I would do. Not nina. She looks at his record. She sees that there’s a couple of complaints, and off he goes.

[ Scoffs ] Well, you have to hire him back. Well, of course I’m gonna hire him back. But the guy was heartbroken and mortified. The whole staff knew about it. I can’t believe she fired pierce. You know, he’s been with the metro court since it opened. It’s like the woman has been on a rampage ever since sonny dumped her. Well, getting dumped isn’t an excuse. I can’t believe she fired sweet pierce. Yeah. And she did it without input from you, her partner. Well, that’s not the only thing she’s done without input from me. If you have my death certificate, why is my estate still in probate? Because there were various rumblings about money laundering and racketeering. Come on, diane. We know all the assets in my will are legitimate. Which needed to be proved to the government’s satisfaction. The wheels of justice turn very slowly when an estate as large as yours needs to be vetted. But this is great news because none of your assets have been disbursed. Your estate is intact. You should be able to reclaim it with a minimum of fuss. Okay. What about carly? I mean, why is she running bobbie’s? Why did she give up the metro court? Well, yeah. She didn’T. She didn’t? Mnh-mnh. Then what happened? In a word — nina.

Tell the truth. About what? If nina hadn’t tried to comp us champagne, were you going to order a bottle? I thought we weren’t gonna talk about nina. You’re right. Consider the subject changed. Okay. Well, good, because we’re celebrating, right? Yes. Right. And what is a celebration without… a little gift? Michael.

[ Stammers ] No, we said no presents. I didn’t get you anything. I know, I know what I said then, and I mean it, because you know what? Honestly, I have everything I could ever want. But you, my beautiful bride, deserve the world. Oh, my goodness.

[ Chuckles ] Michael… it’s stunning. I’m glad you like it. Who wouldn’t like this? It’S… oh. Thank you so much. I love it. I just wish I had more places to wear it. What do you mean? Well, something this fancy doesn’t exactly go with my scrubs. But I will — I will save it for special occasions. Okay. Well, I’ll make sure I’ll, uh, make more of those occasions happen. It’s a deal.

[ Chuckles ] How did you decide on this? Wiley actually picked it out. Wiley?

[ Both laugh ] I brought him to the jewelers. I narrowed it down, and he chose that one. He never said a word to me. Well, he’s very good at keeping secrets. Well, it probably helps that wiley’s in bed asleep half the time when I get home. I constantly feel like I’m playing catch-up and missing things with the kids. I mean, sometimes I only hear about their day from you or the nanny. They’re only gonna be this young once, and I feel like I’m missing so much. What color would you say that is? Light yellow. Yes. Thank you very much. According to nina, this is either off-white, chartreuse, or my personal favorite, greenish gold.

[ Laughs ] The woman is insane. Well, that’s for sure. She’s taking advantage of me being distracted with dante in the hospital and everything, and she painted all the bathrooms on the fourth floor that color. Oh, wow. That can’t look good. Uh, no. Everyone looks like a walking corpse. Oof. Well, I mean, at least it was only one floor, right? So far. Who knows what she’s gonna do the next time I have my back turned. I swear, carly, the woman is a menace. For many reasons. Can I get you something? Can I get you a coffee? No, I just needed to vent. Thank you. Thank you very much. Okay. See you later. Bye. Hi. Oh. We’re closed. I’m sorry. I’m looking for diane miller. She asked me to bring these documents to a meeting with jason morgan tonight at this address. Uh, well, I mean, he stays here, but he’s at his corinthos coffee office. Maybe she’s meeting him there. Do you have that address, by any chance? You know, actually, I’m on my way there. I can drop off those documents for diane, if you want. Really? That would be a lifesaver. Thank you so much. Oh, no. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] What does nina have to do with the metro court? Ha ha! Where do I begin? Well, before I left for greece, sonny and carly were back together, and nina was behind him. Well, their marriage fell apart shortly after you left. Details not necessary. Suffice to say, sonny chose nina over carly. Then, drew and michael hatched an ill-advised scheme to get control of elq by merging it with aurora media. Carly wanted to help. She wanted to invest. So she leveraged her half of the metro court. And then, when the deal fell apart, carly took a huge hit financially. She didn’t tell — she didn’t tell me any of this. Carly could not buy back her half of the hotel, so nina swooped in and purchased it. Bobbie gave the diner to carly to help her back on her feet. Okay. Why would nina want the hotel?

[ Chuckles ] Because nina reeves thinks that carly is the reason for everything that’s wrong with her life. So after she took her husband and her hotel, nina turned drew and carly in to the feds for sec violations. Now, your brother took the blame, did some prison time. But carly had to pay a $5 million fine and almost lost her house. But she didn’T. Nope. She didn’T. Somehow she’s managed to hang on. In fact, she’s building back her life. You know, carly’s not the easiest client I’ve ever had, but she’s astonishingly resilient. Yeah. She is. I’m fine with the way ali wants things to be. Really? Yeah. Blaze is a famous musician, and she… you know, she works hard, and a lot of people in the public eye, they want to keep their personal lives personal. You know? They’re already on display so much as it is. So, I get it, that, you know, she would want to keep some things to herself. That’s true. I mean, it would be the same thing if I were dating a male musician who was some up-and-coming hot new artist, and I wouldn’t want to be joined at the hip with him, either. I want to be known as my own person. I want to be known for my own achievements and not just be someone’s girlfriend. Well, you work so hard, no one’s gonna think that. What do you mean? Maybe not. But I also love my anonymity. I don’t want to be recognized in public. And I have to think about looking good whenever I go out? Are you kidding me? That’s not for me. But I’m — I’m proud of ali. I saw her when she was going into a meeting with nina at crimson, and I thought, “oh, my gosh, she is gonna be on the cover of crimson, and she — she deserves it.” Really happy for her. Nina’s at crimson? Yeah. I thought you knew that, dad. No, I didn’t know. I didn’t know that. Yeah, yeah. She is, and no offense to carly, but I’m really glad, for ali’s sake, at least selfishly, I think it’s great that nina is back. She just has more experience, you know? And with ali being the face of deception, she’s — she’s gonna need that. Well, I’m happy for nina, because, you know, she always loved that magazine. But some– something seems off here. What do you mean? What do I mean? Why would drew hire back the woman who put him in prison? You won’t believe what just happened. Does this have to do with crimson? No. Well, then too bad — I tried to do something really nice for michael and willow for their anniversary, and I got completely shut down. I wanted to comp michael and willow dinner and champagne. And michael, of course, immediately said no. And willow felt like she had to side with him. And I have no one! I need some help. You — you — you can help me. You can help me find a way to get back into my daughter and my grandkids’ lives. No, I can’t help you. I don’t have to help you. All I need to do is talk to willow alone. Nina, if you’re trying to get some sympathy, you came to the wrong guy. I don’t want sympathy. I want you to help me. Come on. Nina, you gotta take responsibility for your own actions. You are the one that ruined your relationship with michael and willow, right? You burnt that bridge. There’s nothing that I can do. No, that’s where you’re wrong. Now that I’m back at crimson, you can appoint me to the aurora board of directors. Then michael will be forced to deal with me. Yeah, and this will be the start of my way back in. And why would I help you? What — what would I get out of this? For one thing, it would drive carly crazy.

Carly expects all the men in her life — sonny, jason, you — to be wrapped around her little finger, no matter how poorly she treats them. Except I’m not in carly’s life anymore. Oh, that doesn’t matter to carly. Come on, drew, you’re not this naive. She expects you to be loyal to her even though she’s not loyal to you. And you know I’m right. Her sense of entitlement knows no bounds. See, if you promote me to the board of directors, she’ll think… that we’re allies or maybe even friends, and that’ll drive carly crazy. And she’ll come running to you, begging for your attention. I have already started the process of having your accounts reinstated. Once that happens, you will have complete access to everything. Good. In fact, my paralegal was supposed to come to this meeting tonight. Bring us some documents for you to review and sign. But I’m guessing, with the hour and the location, they got a little too nervous to come down. I will have everything to you tomorrow, latest. Okay. Thank you. Hold on, hold on. I need you to do something else for me. Name it. Sonny made it very clear that he doesn’t want to see my face or hear from me again. So I want you to let him know that I’m taking back my half of the company, and I’m gonna be working right here. It’s up to you, willow. What I said from the beginning still stands, and I’ll support you if you want to keep working, and I’ll support you if you want to quit. Getting my nursing degree was hard, and I really wanted to get back to work. But the truth is that i do have the luxury of spending more time at home with our kids. I mean, wiley’s school is half day, but amelia is still so little. I want all those sweet baby moments. And I notice you’re not saying anything. Well, I just — well, I don’t want to influence you. But…? But nothing, really. It really is your choice. Look, we — we have plenty of money.

You have plenty of money. No, we — look, it’s your money, too, willow, ’cause we’re a family, right? You, me, wiley and amelia. And what’s best for our family is for you to do what you feel is right. Well, it is an incredible luxury knowing that I don’t have to work, that I could choose something different, something that gave me more time with the kids. And maybe —

[ Sighs ] Maybe it is time I really thought about it. Okay. Look, if — if — if you do decide not to keep working at the hospital, there is other work you can do, more flexible, and you’d still be doing a lot of good. Pl ease tell me moreabout this flexible do-gooding occupation you describe. So, my great-grandmother, lila, she, um — she was on the board for several charities, nonprofit charities, and they did amazing things. And, willow, you could choose a charity — charities — that you’re interested in, and you could really make a difference. And you can work it around your schedule with the kids. I mean, you’d have the best of both worlds. I wouldn’t worry about it. If drew is up to something, nina will figure it out. She can take care of herself. Yeah, yeah, you’re probably right. Uh, you know, it’s, uh, getting so late, and I have plans with blaze, so I’m gonna get going. Hate to drink and run, but… all right. I love you. I love you, too. Ava. Well, other than her little tiff with josslyn, kristina seems good. Yeah, she does. So, did your friend nina tell you that, uh, she got her job back at crimson, and you just… didn’t mention it, or…? No, that’s not what happened. Oh. In fact, nina’s phone must be lost under some photographs on her desk because I haven’t heard from her. And maybe those divorce papers she hasn’t signed yet are there, too. I didn’t know you were keeping track. Well, I — I just know you want things settled. It was none of my concern.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I guess you’re right.

[ Grunting ] Unh!

[ Car horn honking ] Hey! Leave him alone! Oh, my god. Oh! Oh. Are you okay?

[ Groans ] Oh, god. Oh. Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

[ Groans ]

Oh, my god! John? John, can you hear me? Look at me. Look at me, john. Hi. Do you know who I am? Yeah, carly spencer. Okay. That’s good, that’s good. Thank god. Oh, my god. Oh, no, no! Here, let me help you. Let me help you. No, it’s — it’s okay. I got it. You’re not — you’re hurt. Come on. Look, I’m gonna call 911. They couldn’t have gotten far. No, don’T. Why? They jumped me from behind. I can’t identify them. It’s pointless. Oh, my god. Why did they attack you? I mean, was it a robbery? Did they take anything?

[ Grunts ] No, they didn’t take anything. Well, okay. I must have scared them off when I — when I pulled up and I started yelling at them. Either that or robbery wasn’t their intention. Oh, no, no, no. John. Let me help you. Come on. Let me help you. Oh. All right. Uh, we need to get out of here in case they decide to come back. And I’m gonna walk you to my car, okay? I’m gonna take you up on that. Okay. Lean on me. You okay? Yeah. Willow, I know how important nursing is to you, but it doesn’t have to define you. And I personally believe that you would be happy and fulfilled raising our kids and working with these charities, and you would be amazing at both. Even after all this time, sometimes I still forget how much you believe in me. Well, yeah. Always. It’s kind of crazy, growing up like I did. I just never dreamed that, one day, I would be in a position to have this kind of choice. You make me feel like the luckiest person in the world. Right back at you.

[ Knock on door ] I gotta get that. Yeah. Hello. It’s pretty late, diane. What’s wrong? There’s nothing wrong. No, no. I am here on behalf of another client. Jason? Yes. With jason’s return, his estate will immediately be pulled from probate. All of his assets will be returned to him, and he has asked me to inform you that he will be resuming his half interest in corinthos coffee. Oh, that’s not gonna happen. I just came from the warehouse where he is setting up his office. Message received. And, drew… just because carly comes running, doesn’t mean that you have to let her in. You already played hero for her. Do something for yourself for once. By doing something for you? By helping me get close to my daughter. Willow has made it very clear. She doesn’t want to get close to you, nina. She doesn’t want to know you at all. Please, can you just have a little compassion? You know what it’s like to be separated from your child. And whose fault was that? How dare you demand my help with your kid when you got me locked away from mine. I didn’t create those consequences. You and carly did when you broke the law! The excuses — the excuses keep coming! Okay! I understand that no one can penetrate that perfect, shiny victimhood of yours! Don’t turn away when I’m talking to you. What is wrong with you?

Okay. All right. Be careful. Take it slow. Yeah, yeah. I just want to get to the couch. No, no, no! Careful! You don’t want to injure yourself even worse getting there. Just slow down, all right? God, why wouldn’t you let me take you to G.H.? I think I’m okay. Really? You’re not a medical professional. I mean, the doctors would know for sure. No, I just need some ibuprofen. Just, my head is pounding, is all. Well, it’s no surprise there. What the hell were you doing walking around the waterfront at this hour? Two blocks from corinthos coffee? Look, that is not important right now. I appreciate you walking me in, and I can take it from here. Yeah, what you need to do is sit down. You need to rest. I’m gonna go get you some ice and water so you can take that ibuprofen. That is not necessary. I can do it myself. Can you please stop trying to be so macho? I will accept that you won’t go to the hospital if you accept that you need my help. Deal? Deal. Okay. Come on. I’m gonna help you sit down. Come on.

[ Groans ] Be really careful sitting down. You might have some broken ribs. Okay, okay.

[ Gasps ] Oh. Thank you. You’re welcome. Something wrong? Oh, no. I just, uh… it’s just aurora business, but I’ll talk to drew about it tomorrow. Tonight is about us. How is drew? Does he seem okay to you? He seems fine. Why? I was just thinking how weird it is that when we were hiding jason and taking care of him, we never asked drew for help. Even though you two work together, and he is jason’s brother. Thing is, um, jason and drew aren’t very close. It never even occurred to me to tell drew. And, honestly, he hasn’t said a word about jason’s return, and I didn’t think I should be the one to bring it up to him. I just feel bad for drew. It must feel like things changed overnight to him. One minute, your mom and drew are a solid couple, and then jason comes to town, and carly and drew break up, and then the two of us basically stopped reaching out to him, too. That’s gotta sting. Yeah, I don’t — I don’t want to hurt drew, but, look, protecting you, willow, was my number-one priority, and nobody can know that that we were involved with hiding jason. Oh, I-I know. I know you’re right. I… I just can’t help wondering how drew is dealing with all this. I know, because, willow, you have a big heart, and you care about people. But, look, try not to worry because, trust me, drew can take care of himself. Was there something else you wanted? Carly ever tell you you have a nice body? You’ve only seen half of it. You boys, you’re all the same. You act so brave when you’re on your barstools and you’re on your picnic benches or behind your desks.

[ Scoffs ] But what do you do when a girl takes you up on it? Or when she does something like this? You cower?

[ Laughing ] You’re such a boy scout. A man let’s a lady say no. Did I say no?

[ Door opens ] What’s up, sonny? Damn it. Jason… I don’t want you here. I want you gone.

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GH Short Recap Friday, April 5, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Natalia has a meeting with Brook Lynn about Blake’s career and Brook Lynn makes it clear that Blaze is making decisions about her career.

Dante has a welcome home celebration with Sam, Rocco, Danny, and Scout. Dante advises Sam not to keep Danny from seeing Jason because he will just want to see him more.

Josslyn and Kristina argue about Sonny because Josslyn thinks Sonny is a murderer and Kristina defends her father.

Jack Brennan refuses to tell Anna who is the head of Pikeman now that he is in prison. Jack also tells Anna he is being framed and asks her to find out the identity of the person who is framing him.

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GH Transcript Friday, April 5, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Lois: Okay. Oh, ma, thank god you’re still here. I need you. Oh, can it wait?

[ Blows ] I’m already late. It’s about the wedding. Well, whatever it is, we’ll fix it later, I promise. Fine. I’ll just have to get married without a wedding dress.

[ Sighs ] Okay. You win. Mr. Corinthos. We meet again. Okay. Carly. Hey, molly. Um, as you can see, you just missed the lunch rush, so take a seat wherever you like, and I’ll have someone bring out a menu for you. Thanks. Oh, hey. Um, I wanted to tell you, you did a great job in court the other day… at jason’s arraignment. Oh, wow. I’m surprised to hear you say that. I would think you’d hold prosecuting jason against me. Who says I don’t? Yeah? Well, send her in. Mr. Cain. Deputy mayor ashford, what brings you by? When we spoke the other day, you said you’d be open to aurora promoting the city of port charles. I’m here to follow up. Well, look who it is. Good afternoon, jack. It is now. Why is that? I love being right. I told you you’d be back to see me. And here you are. Here we are! Yeah. Okay. I think I got this. Yeah? Sure about that? Actually, I might — I might just need a little help here, you know? Here, here. Yeah. I just wanted you to sit next to me.

[ Chuckles ] Really? Mm-hmm. I’ve missed this. Me too. I was afraid… that I would never have you here again in our home. You see? All that worry, that’s for nothing. Yeah. I love you. So much. I love you, too. Welcome back.

Ms. Ramirez, what brings you to the metro court? Business meeting. And, uh, they are officially late. Yeah? Well, I’m waiting for somebody, too. I don’t know if you want to wait with me? Yeah. Thank you. I would like to.

[ Both laugh ] I am always surprised by some people who just do not respect the value of other people’s time. But it doesn’t seem to be bothering you. I’m just waiting for a friend, you know? Business is business. What are you drinking? Um, I don’t know. What are you having? Scotch. I will have the same, please. Yeah. You don’t seem like the white wine type. Well, I find that business rivals don’t really respect a sauvignon blanc. Well, you know what? I’m sure your rivals are very impressed by you. Thank you. May I just make a personal observation? No. No, I’m just kidding. Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead. I just think that since we last met, you just seem lighter, happier. Is that right? Sit. Tell me everything. Well, when we decided to downsize the wedding… mm-hmm. …I called sandrine to tell her to stop working on alterations on lila’s dress. But now that dante is — is feeling better — thank god — and that we’re having the wedding that we originally planned, I called sandrine back, and I told her to start working on the dress, and she said — oh! There was a fire. No! Ma!

[ Gasps ] No! A broken pipe. It flooded everywhere. Right? Ma! No! Oh, god, it’s squirrels again! Worse. She said that the fabric is too old, that — that it’s falling apart, it won’t hold a seam. Bottom line, the dress cannot be altered. Okay, that is a setback, for sure. It’s more than a setback, ma. The dress can’t be worn. Game over. Brook lynn, bite your tongue. You know when things are impossible, that’s when we start to get creative, okay? There’s got to be some way to salvage some part of lila’s dress.

[ Lock clicks, door opens ] Dante: Hey! Dante! Sam: Be careful. Be careful. You’re home. I am, I am. Sam — she told you I was coming back, right? Yeah, but now you’re here. I am. You are, too. Nothing better, right? Nothing. Hey, guys? Where’s danny? I was assigned the case. I had to make the best argument I could. I know you were just doing your job. I mean, look, if — if jason were denied bail and dante didn’t wake up and exonerate him, I wouldn’t be in this good of a mood. But that’s not what happened. Jason’s free. Dante is home with sam and rocco and your niece and nephew. And they’re crazy about him. I just hope they’re not so excited to see him that they pop the stitches and sam has to take him back to the hospital. Oh, gosh, that would be awful. Molls! Guess who’s on time. Not just on time. You’re early. End times must be upon us. Hey, carly. Hi. All right, you guys, why don’t you just take a seat? Clearly, you can pick anywhere. And I’ll bring menus to you. Oh, um, carly, I know nina is back at crimson. A-are you okay? Uh, yeah. I’m better than ever. Really? Absolutely. I mean, I’m busy enough here, and drew’s a savvy businessman. I’m sure he had a reason for taking nina back. Since aurora is headquartered here, it benefits your company for port charles to be seen as the vital, thriving, culturally-rich city it is. As opposed to the smuggling mecca with outbursts of violence from organized crime? That is the image we’re trying to get away from. Yeah, well, I’m sure the, uh, recent shooting at selina wu’s warehouse didn’t help the situation. I’m really glad we’re having this chat. And why is that? There are some days when I really miss being police commissioner, and you’ve made it so I don’t miss law enforcement at all. Really, we should do this more often. Well, we got to figure out a way to make that happen. Starting with cleaning up the city’s image. I’m hoping aurora media will play a pivotal role in rebuilding the city’s image from the streets up.

They said the police commissioner was here to see me. So, uh, when did you take back your old job? It’s been a couple of months. Isn’t police commissioner a bit of a comedown, you know, international spy to small-town cop? Could be worse, you know? Could be wearing one of those jumpsuits.

[ Chuckles ] You don’t miss working intelligence? Well, sure. But I actually really enjoy local police work. How’s that even possible? I remember you back in the day, what you were like, the ambition. You were — you were downright scary. Am I scary now? You’re not not scary. You always were such a smooth talker. Well, I’m australian. It’s in the genes — like stamina and nudity. Oh, my god. What is it with you australians? I mean, literally, you have to hold a gun to your head to get you dressed. Is that why you’re here? You’re going to put a gun to my head? Well, I mean, not for that reason. Then why? Name came up, made me think of you. Pikeman. I want to rebrand the city, emphasize the art scene, our gorgeous location, its architect–

[ Telephone rings ] I thought I told my assistant no interruptions. I’m so sorry. Don’t blame your assistant. I won’T. Who the hell are you? Drew, this is special agent john cates with the fbi. Deputy mayor ashford, always a pleasure. I’m sure it is. As you can see, I’m in a meeting right now. Agent cates, what do you want? I need you to answer a few questions about your brother — jason morgan. Oh, my god, could you be any more insensitive? What? She’s fine. If she were fine, do you think she’d let on? I mean, this is carly for god’s sake. Honestly, I doubt carly is crying many tears over her breakup with drew. And how is that your business? Admit it, you’re just as curious. You know how I know? You haven’t even asked me about — oh, my god! How did it go at the doctor? I’m sorry tj and i couldn’t be there. No, it’s totally fine, honestly. I’m laying there, and they have the nerve to call it a gown. They put that goop all over my belly and then roll that electric eye over it, and that’s it. Totally fine to be doing that on my own, believe me. Yeah. Hi, joss. Hi, molly. Hey. Aren’t you sick of this place? [ Chuckles ] No. What’s up with you and joss? Honestly, I have no idea what her problem is. A-and the bodice is completely unsalvageable? How about those gorgeous pleats? Ohh. How popped and yellowed. And the crinoline? Oh, no! Wait. What? They’re intact? You’re sure? Oh, you know what? I’m going to put my daughter on the phone with you right now. Yes? Hello? Uh-huh. Oh, my god, yes, that would be amazing. Yeah, sure. I could come in for a fitting anytime. Oh, no, I just — I’m so sorry. I cannot come in right now. I-I have a-a crucial meeting right now. I’m sorry, ma. Okay. Well… bye. Okay. Ooh! Ooh. Strawberry.

[ Chuckles ] Mm. Mmm. Oh! Oh, I’m late! Mm! I’m in the mood to celebrate a little bit. What is the special occasion? Mm, my son is a cop, my oldest son, and he was shot in the line of duty. Oh. Yeah. And it was touch-and-go for a-a bit, but, uh, w-we thought, you know, he wasn’t going to make it. B-but he did? Yeah, he did. To your son. Yes. Uh, to dante. To dante. Mm, is he still in the hospital? No, he’s — he’s — he’s home today, and, uh, it’s going to take him a while to make a full recovery. Okay, but that’s wonderful. I’m really happy for both of you. Thank you very much. Um, I’m so happy. And, you know, that reminds me of what you said, that there is nothing more important than making sure your child knows you love them. Been thinking about that a lot lately. Everything’s better with you and blaze? Yeah. And no.

You can’T. That was? Danny said he had to do something. Did he mention what that was? No, but that’s just how he is. Not big on explanations. All right. No big deal. I will just shoot him a text. You can’T. Why not? Mommy took danny’s phone when she grounded him. Ooh. Ouch. Uh, yeah. You’re right. I did do that. That’s okay. I-I know where to start. You think he went to see…? Why would aunt carly know where danny is? Dante. Welcome home. Hey! There he is! You’re back. Hey! Danny, where have you been? Eckert’S. I went to grab doughnuts to celebrate dante’s homecoming. I don’t want you to think less of me for saying this. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Yeah. Um, but I… I’m still struggling with the mixed feelings about alison… being gay? Yeah. Um… yeah. I wish I could wake up tomorrow morning and just feel enlightened a-and comfortable with that part of who she is. Takes time. Did it take you time with kristina? No. Not really. See? No, it’s just that I think, with kristina, you know, it took her so long to tell me because she was afraid that I was going to reject her, which I would never do. I feel like it’s a little bit different with alison because I’m not altogether convinced that it’s not a reaction to the harassment and the — the abuse that she got from her former manager. Linc brown? Yeah. That’s the one.

[ Groans ] Now, I-I know that you accepted her right away, but did you ever wonder with kristina, did you ever ask why? I’d be lying if I said I never wondered whether her bad experiences changed her and made her who she is. And? You know what I learned? It happens to all of us. Kristina is, was, and always will be…kristina. And she is charming and beautiful. She gets that from her dad.

[ Laughs ] Can I ask you something that I think you may not like? Uh…hold on.

[ Laughs ] Okay. All right. Do you think, uh, you know what your daughter wants more than she does? Yeah, of course I think that. Of course she doesn’t, uh, exactly agree with me all the time. To daughters. To daughters. Click.

[ Laughs ] Deputy mayor ashford, if you wouldn’t mind. I’d like her to stay. I got nothing to hide. So… it’s fine by me. Mr. Cain, have you heard from your brother? I have not. Not since the charges were dropped. No. What about before? The only time I saw jason was at his arraignment. And you didn’t speak then? Actually, no. To your own brother? We’re not close. Then why go to the arraignment? We have people in common. I was there for them. And that, agent cates, is the extent of our contact. Yeah, I’m sorry, mr. Cain. I find that hard to believe. Pikeman? Come on. Don’t tell me you don’t know what it is. Of course I know. Purveyors of armaments, defense systems, and skilled mercenary soldiers. Very lucrative business. It was. Still is I’m sure. We were investigating them. You were? Well, the wsb was. Uh, sadly, I no longer count myself as part of that august institution. I’ll tell you what really amazes me, like, truly… yeah? …Is the fact that you were able to be the director of the wsb and head up pikeman, like, at the same time. I what? Oh, that was terrible. That was terrible mock astonishment. I mean, you’re not even trying. No, I-I don’t see how one can head a global law enforcement agency and a paramilitary defense contractor at the same time. But the fact that you think I could have, I’m quite flattered. You see, pikeman has weapons. Wsb needs weapons. That way, we were able to… keep doing that. Like, I-I seriously — I keep referring to the wsb as “we.” Institutional espionage, it’s addictive, it’s a hard habit to break. Yeah. So a partnership with pikeman gave the wsb access to untraceable weapons, which allowed them to meddle in countries that they were supposed to leave alone. You set it up perfectly. I did? Wow, I-I must be… really good. You’re one of the best. And then you got yourself caught because you couldn’t leave port charles alone. Why? What’s so important here? You were in the courtroom, so you didn’t see it. But josslyn and i got into it right before jason’s arraignment. She was going on and on and on about how jason just had to be innocent. Which, it turns out, he was. Well, yeah, but no one knew that at the time. But did josslyn listen? Nope. She was being totally unreasonable. Dex is becoming a cop. What? Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure. He was here, and he was reading the paperwork right over there. So what happens when sonny finds out? What happens if sonny takes him back into the pine barrens and you’re not there this time to stop him? Oh, man. I mean, I-I could try and talk him out of it, but, I mean, if he’s that determined — dex should be able to do whatever dex wants to do. But he can’t because of sonny. The fbi should be investigating sonny, and they should put him away in jail for the end of time, like he deserves. Kristina, no, no, just — just leave it. Heard you talking trash about my dad. In a private conversation. Your voices carried. You might want to walk that back. Why would i want to do that? A lot of reasons. Everything my father has ever done for you.

You are such an ingrate. I’m sorry. What am I supposed to be grateful to sonny for? He has been wonderful to you. You grew up in his house. He was my stepdad, and I was a child. I had to live there. Josslyn, he — he has always loved you and treated you like you were one of his own daughters. And what do you do? You tear him down behind his back? Oh, call him over. I’ll say all of this right to his face. It wouldn’t be my first time. You paint him like he is some terrible person. My father has donated wings to hospitals and — uh-huh, uh-huh. And where’s the money coming from that he donates these wings? Uh, his — his coffee imports? I’m not discussing what my father may or may not be doing with his business. Ohh! May or may not? Yeah… about which none of us have any firsthand knowledge. You might not. You do? Okay, we’re not having that conversation here. You guys need to take a step back. No, no, no, please, josslyn. Enlighten me. I really can’t wait to hear this. W-what do you think you know about what my father does? I know that your father is a vicious thug and a murderer. Uncle sonny. Hi! Brook lynn. I did not know your mom was bringing you here. Well, I wasn’t, but she was meeting someone here already. That would be me. Oh, really? Yeah. Lois cerullo. Nice to meet you. Natalia. Nice to meet you. Well, I’m sorry we’re late. We had a wedding dress emergency. Well, that happens. Does it? I’ve never heard of a wedding dress emergency. Well, now you have. Ms. Ramirez, let’s, um, let’s go chat somewhere a little bit more private. So I hear that blaze is the new face of deception. That is exciting. Yeah, yeah. We’ll see. You know what? Um… let’s take that table over there while these two catch up. Have a nice lunch. She seems… nice. Scout, rocco, since we eat doughnuts with our hands, why don’t the two of you go upstairs and wash yours? Is danny in trouble? No, baby. Danny’s not in trouble. Come on, scout, our business is this way. Let’s go mind it. Okay, I’m going to ask you this, and I need you to tell me the truth. And know that whatever you say to me, you’re not in trouble. When you went to go get the doughnuts, did you go and see your father? No. Okay. You believe me? Shouldn’t I? Yeah. I just… didn’t think you would. How about this? I’m actually going to give you your phone back, but under one condition. I am going to put the locator on so I know where you are. So not only do you not believe me, you do not trust me, either. No, danny, i do believe you. And I trust you. I just — I want to protect you. From my own father. Your father isn’t someone you should be around right now. Danny, jason leads a — a dangerous life. I’ve got homework. Enjoy your doughnuts.

[ Door opens ] What? No, look, you’re the mom. So what you say goes. I just… respectfully, I-I think you might have made a mistake there. As you said, you and your brother have people in common, most notably sam mccall and carly spencer. Both of you were married to one, and both of you were involved with the other. None of which merits investigation from the fbi. I was getting to that. Well, hurry. Both you and your brother have been charged with federal crimes. Your brother went to prison after a no-contest plea. And you went to prison after pleading guilty for insider trading. You were granted early release, which means that if jason is involved in any criminal activities and you’re implicated, you could be sent back to pentonville. What’s not to love about port charles? There’s so much to do in this city, so much to discover. Like, say, a mission report of that defection that you and I worked together. Do you remember that? How could I forget? It was a dismal failure. But then you found out I kept a hard copy, and you couldn’t let that get out, could you? Because it went south? Uh, I’ll have you know that I’ve been part of more than one failed mission. But none of those resulted in $10 million disappearing. Oh, yeah, I remember the $10 million, too. It’s funny now, eh, because back then, we thought — we thought that was a lot of money. We did. Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s enough to provide seed money for pikeman. That’s why you had to destroy the report and silence me in the process. Right. Yeah, so if I’m such a-a diabolical mastermind, why are you still alive? And if you’re the only person who could tie me to the missing money, why wouldn’t I have just…killed you? Well, it’s not for lack of trying. Or maybe that’s what someone wants you to believe. Oh. Saying you’re being framed? Oh, like you haven’t? I mean, it does happen to the best of us. Someone didn’t like the direction I was taking the wsb. Now I’m in here. Now, I don’t know. Maybe you can help me get out. Maybe you can find out who framed me… for old time’s sake. I’ll consider it… if you give me something in return. Such as? A name. You in here, someone’s got to be running pikeman. Who?

Show her, molly. You’re the ada. You must have access to the file on the assault of cyrus renault. Show kristina. You want to talk about thugs and murderers? Cyrus renault is at the top of that list. He used to be. Maybe he still is. It doesn’t matter. You should look at the file. And you should take a really good look at the photos so you can see what your beloved daddy did to a helpless old man who couldn’t fight back. Okay, this is not accomplishing anything. We are going to go. Molly, show her, and then show her all of the information from all of the files on all of the lives that sonny has ruined and all of the people he has had killed. Josslyn. Then maybe you’ll see him for who he really is. I can’t be around you. If you want me to apologize, I can’T. Okay, kristina is pregnant right now. She cannot handle this kind of stress. And even if she weren’t, what good does it possibly do rubbing her nose in how you feel about sonny? He’s her father. She loves him. She has every right to. I think that’s a record — two — two seconds, and you wrote natalia off. Oh, no. I’m as open-minded as the next person. Oh, I can see that. I mean it. Okay. I’m willing to give anyone a chance. But, sonny, come on. I’ve been in the music business a little bit too long. I can spot a stage mother from a mile away. And I’m telling you, that natalia, she’s enmeshed in her daughter’s life. So much so, that poor kid is not going to be able to have a life of her own. And no one can say that about you? There is no questioning how close brook lynn and I are, but my daughter is her own person, and I accept the beautiful, brilliant, vibrant human being that she has become. And she is that. Let’s see if that natalia can say the same about her own kid, hmm? So what are your concerns about blaze becoming the face of deception? Well, she’s already a star. She is. Rising star. Higher and higher every day. So you’ll forgive me if I question some of your managerial choices. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Fire away. Okay, well, let’s, um, let’s just start with the most obvious, which is that you have this wedding that’s taking up all of your time. So will you even have time to focus on what’s best for my daughter? Yes. Next question. Let’s just stick with this one. What if you had a wedding dress emergency when you had a meeting with a record label or a venue manager? The more you forbid danny to see his father, the more he’s going to want to see his father. I don’t know what else to do. Do you have any suggestions? Talk to jason? I don’t know. Look, I-I may be biased right now because, technically, the guy saved my life. I can’t tell you who’s running pikeman because I don’t know. May I remind you that dante falconeri and i were targeted by hume? Hume was employed by pikeman working under your orders. Well, if you have any proof of that, by all means, show it to my attorneys. I’m sure they’d love to see it, as would I. Let me ask you, anna, do you have any evidence directly tying me to pikeman? No? And why do you think that is? I may not have anything to tie you to pikeman now, but I can certainly tie you to it back in the day.

hey, guys, I have some really good news. Olivia brought over some dinner, but I was thinking that maybe we would do something a little different. Since it is a celebration, maybe we could have dessert before dinner. Unless, of course, you want to have dinner before dessert. Show of hands? Dinner first? No? Dessert first? Uh-huh. Okay. Dessert it is. Danny, can you give scout the doughnuts? Dante gets first choice. I’m going to give my first choice to scout. Is there a pink one with sprinkles? What do you think? What do you say, scout? Thanks, dante. And welcome home. No. Uh, listen, thank you — all of you. This is the best welcome home ever. Now, pass those doughnuts around because I kind of want one of those. I haven’t had one in a while. You want to investigate me, agent cates, you go for it. You sift through every detail of my life. You can audit my company. I got absolutely nothing to hide. I’m just going to give you a little bit of advice. Just make sure you dot every “I” and you cross every “t,” because I’m going to make this very public. And I’m pretty sure the fbi doesn’t want you bringing on that kind of exposure for them. Thank you, mr. Cain. Appreciate your time and cooperation. Well, you’re very welcome. So we’re done? For now. Oh, if you do hear from your brother… I won’T. …Or obtain any information, give me a call. You want to bring down jason, that’s on you.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Who do you hate more? Your brother or very special agent cates? Well… I definitely don’t hate my brother. He just, uh — he brings on his own trouble, and I don’t want to be dragged down into it. Heard. Thank you for staying, by the way. Oh, I’m so glad I did. You tearing into special agent cates, that was a thing of beauty. That mission report… uh, the one that I allegedly tried to have you killed over? That one. It clearly states how you were instrumental in planning that operation where the $10 million went missing. So you were in a perfect position to sabotage the op and abscond with the money. Now, everyone else involved in that op, they were either sidelined or demoted, but not you. Your career skyrocketed. I mean, it’s almost as if someone in a much, much, much higher position at the bureau not only approved of your actions, but they were rewarding you for them. Out of the — the goodness of their heart? Yeah, they were rewarding you in positions that were advantageous to both you and to pikeman. So pikeman is far too valuable to collapse in your absence. So who did you hand it off to? Who is running it now? Anna, how I wish I could help you. But alas, I’m afraid you’re wasting your time. Guard! Police commissioner’s done with me. Blaze wanted to keep it to smaller venues for now and then move on to larger ones once we sold those out. After all, it’s better to sell 300 tickets to a 200-person venue than it is to sell 500 tickets to one that holds 1,000. But I happen to believe that she can sell out 1,000-plus-seat venue. So do I. But this is blaze’s choice. And I backed her because I believe in her. Look, blaze is my client, okay? She and I will decide what direction to take her career. Okay, she might be your client, but this is my child. It’s my job to safeguard her happiness. You’re not going to get an objection from me there. We all want blaze to be happy. Okay, well, to that end, I want to make sure that she doesn’t publicize something that she can’t take back later. So I want blaze’s private life to remain private. Are we clear? I don’t manage blaze’s private life. And neither do you. Whoever she decides to spend her time with and whoever knows about it, that’s up to blaze. Look, a word of advice. Yeah, I don’t need your advice, but thank you. Trust me, you do. Sonny is blaze’s girlfriend’s father, and he loves his little girl. Thinks she hung the moon. I don’t think he’d appreciate you trying to keep their relationship a secret. Thank god. I can see the relief in your face. You know what? I can hear it in your voice. I’ve been relying on dante a lot lately, not just as a son, but, you know, as a friend. Really? How so? He has a way of getting through to me. And I need that in my life right now. You’re right about sonny. But kristina refuses to see it. And of course she does. Sonny is her father. Well, don’t tell me I have to go apologize. No, no, you don’t have to apologize. I mean, kristina is not a delicate flower. And she gave just as good as she got. But, joss, I’m worried about you. You were so angry about the situation with sonny and dex, and I get it. But all that rage you have inside, it’s only hurting you. Of course I’m filled with rage. Sonny sent dex to kill cyrus, and he was going to do it, but he felt like he didn’t have a choice. And I can’t be with someone who can do something like that. And that is the choice that you made. And I am proud of you for it. I really am. Even if I’m miserable? Well, that’s how you know it wasn’t an easy choice to make. And as far as whether it was worth it or not, only you know the answer to that. All I know is that I still love dex, and I miss him.

[ Sighs ] I understand. And I’ve been there. But, mom, I’m terrified… because he’s going to become a cop. And there’s a real chance that sonny will have him killed.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, April 4, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Terry tells Tracy her health is fine but, she thinks she may be clinically depressed and suggests she should go to see Kevin. Tracy doesn’t want to make an appointment to see Kevin, so Terry suggests that she get some exercise and socialize with people who have similar interests. Tracy celebrates her birthday by starting to ride horses again. Tracy tells Cody she will start riding twice a week.

Laura is happy because she finally got city workers to be included in General Hospital’s health plan. Trina tells Curtis she still misses Spencer very much. Curtis tells Trina grieving takes time, but she will find love again.

Josslyn tells Dex that being a cop is more dangerous than working for Sonny. Dex tells Jocelyn that he was invited to join the police force and they will take his military service in place of a high school diploma, so all he has to do is pass the test. Josslyn tells Dex she is reconsidering becoming a doctor.

Kevin and Laura notice a change in Heather after her surgery and consider getting her case reopened so she doesn’t have to return to prison. Portia gets very upset with Kevin and Laura for considering this and tells them that if they do this she will fight to keep Heather in prison for the sake of her family and the other victims of Heather’s crimes.

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GH Transcript Thursday, April 4, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Terry: It’s your birthday. It is. A fact that you and i may be the only two people to notice. Well, happy birthday. Thank you. Any big plans? Just me and my couch and the remote. Sounds blissful, to be honest. In other good news, I’m not seeing any cause for concern in your blood work. Are you surprised? No. But you look a little pale, enough so that I wondered if anemia was at play, but your hemoglobin looks good. If I look pale, it’s because we’ve just slogged through winter. And like everybody else, I haven’t been outside much. Fair enough. And if I have any complaints at all, it’s cold hands and cold feet, but I’m assuming that that’s a measure of my age. And I have been a little lethargic lately. Is that an indication something’s going on? Am I sick? I’m not qualified to say. You’re co-chief of staff. Who’s more qualified than you? A psychiatrist.

[ Scoffs ] I can refer you to dr. Collins, if you’d like. What possible diagnosis could be going on in here? Depression.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi, olivia. It’s sasha. Cody stepped out for a second. Should I get him? Oh, no, no, no, I just wanted to give cody the good news. Dante is being discharged. Really? That’s fantastic. Yeah, I was sure that cody would want to be filled in. Absolutely. He’ll be thrilled to know dante is coming home. You know what? Uh… while I have you on the phone, honey, are you at the house? I am at the stables. Why? Oh, well —

[ Sighs ] I was making mashed potatoes

and chicken parm for tracy’s birthday,

but now with dante and the kids coming home,

sam’s not going to be able to cook. I was thinking that, uh, you know, maybe I would bring them dinner instead and grab a cake to celebrate with tracy? Good idea. I could use your help. Okay. Well, I chopped up

the veggies, I made the potatoes,

but the chicken still hasn’t been made. You think, uh, you could get it started if I talked you through it? I can try. Your restraint. What happened to your restraint? Oh, you know, I think maybe I lost some weight after the surgery or something. I mean, my hands just slipped out. Your hands? Yep. Felicia, this is bobbie’s new manager, hunter crews. Nice to meet you. Likewise. This place is a favorite of mine, so expect to be seeing me a lot. Looking forward to it. Yes, felicia is one of our regulars. I used to work here when I was her age. We get a lot of customers come in from the hospital because it’s a very short walk and… got it. Trina: Okay, but I’m here if you need backup. I know. Thank you, baby. Slow and steady. Wins the race, every time.

[ Applause ] Choose advil liqui-gels for faster, strongerand longer-lasting relief than tylenol rapid release gels because advil targets pain at the source of inflammation. So for faster pain relief, advil the pain away. All of the things thatyou’re looking for in a pad, that is always discreet. Look at how it absorbs all the liquid. Oh my gosh! And locking it right on in. Look at that! Totally absorbed. I got to get some always discreet. How’s your brother? He’s — he’s good. Yeah. He’s, uh, actually, he gets to go home today. Oh, that’s fantastic. You must be so relieved. I am, yeah, every day he is awake and moving around, I feel a little bit better. I’ll bet. I was wondering if you might have a minute. Okay. I didn’t mean for you to find out about the whole deception /crimson thing like that. I hope you didn’t think I was keeping it from you. I didn’t really know what to think. I still don’T. Can I explain? See you soon. Cody. Hey. Comet must have spring fever. He gave us both a workout. Where’d you disappear to? I was up at the house. You left your phone on the table. I did, didn’t I? I answered a call from olivia. Oh, okay. Alright, well, what’d she say? Dante is being released from the hospital today. Woo-hoo! Yes!

[Cheers ] I am not depressed and I do not need a shrink. If you say so. I have a very full life. I’m the head of a company. Well, if I’m being honest, I am the majority shareholder in a company that I hope to give to my granddaughter someday, but it keeps me very busy. I’m sure it does. And if I — if I’m a little down or at loose ends sometimes, it’s because I lost my husband a little over two years ago, and it’s grief, and it takes as long as it takes. Absolutely. There’s no buzzer that will ring and say, that’s it, you’re done. Well, if there was, I’d ignore it. I am doing this my way and I — I don’t care what anybody else thinks. I know your family well enough to know that your husband hasn’t been your only loss. Both your parents, your brother alan, a legend here at gh. A nephew, a niece. That’s not unusual at my stage of life. That doesn’t make it easy. Look, your general health is good. All the numbers are in range. Maybe you need to get out more, be a little more active. A tennis club, a women’s golf league. Oh, no. There will be no popping of my collar, thank you very much. Then something else. Anything to keep your body moving and get you interacting with people of similar interests. I’ll keep it in mind. How’s that? I’ll take it. I need you in here, please. Is there a problem? Well, the patient’s restraints are loose, and she needs to be supervised at all times. Erin, erin, can you please come in here and tighten the patient’s restraints? Thank you. There you go. And I’m not going to say thank you, erin, though these are more comfortable than handcuffs. It is so good to see you not only out and about, but on your feet. That must be a record. He’s been working at it nonstop. It shows. Thank you so much. You know, I did not think that going out to grab a bite to eat would call for a hero’s welcome. Well, a lot of people were worried about you. We’re allowed to be happy about your recovery. Yeah, well, on the road to recovery. And in the fast lane, it looks like. Yeah, well, I will accept the applause and the encouragement. Thank you. I have to get back to the hospital. Keep up the good, and what I’m sure is very hard, work. Thank you. Felicia. See you. See you. Bye. Not exactly low-key are you? No, not about this. You didn’t just beat the odds, you defied them. I am so proud of you, dad.

Ah, sorry about the sweat. No problem. Dante is coming home, huh? That guy, I swear. I mean, we all thought he wasn’t going to make it. Now he probably set a record for getting released from the hospital the fastest. He is pretty amazing. Did olivia say anything else? She did, actually. She wanted to bring some food over to dante’s because sam won’t have time to cook, so she asked me to get her chicken parm started. But unfortunately, the chicken is spoiled. Eeh. You sure? Trust me, it won’t be much of a welcome home if dante and sam and all the kids get food poisoning. No. But I’m going to go back to the house and look in the fridge. I’m sure I can figure something out. You’re a good friend. It’s the least I could do after dante, you know, helped you rescue me from ferncliff. Yeah, no. I mean, he did. And you have every right to appreciate him, but I was I was actually talking about myself. You know, dante is my best friend, and you’re doing this for him. I appreciate it. I appreciate you. I appreciate you, too. Sorry to keep you waiting. Olivia: Don’t apologize. Yes, we know how busy you are. Oh, unlike you, who gets to relax all day, every day. Relax? What’s that? Beats me. Well, portia’s doing rounds, so I’m as good as you’re going to get. And that’s great, because I only need one chief of staff to sign off. What am I looking at here? It’s a contract that would put city employees on gh’s health plan. Oh, that’s great. I think so. What our illustrious mayor is leaving out is that this was a culmination of her efforts. How did you pull this off? Well, there was a little bit of arm twisting involved, but I happen to believe that the city employees deserve access to the finest possible health care. Because, after all, they are the ones who keep the city running, so they deserve it. Not every politician would make that a priority.

[ Sighs ] You again? Well, I can come back, if you’re not up for talking. No, no. It’s alright. Just, I’m not really sure where all these conversations are leading, except back to a prison cell. Alright. Do you know where you are? You need new material, doc. [ Chuckles ] I’m in the hospital. Specifically. General hospital in good ol’ port charles, new york. Do you know what day it is? I wish. This place is like a casino. No clocks, lights are on all the time. It’s like I’m a slot machine and you’re a five-card stud. See what I did there? Very clever. I know everybody thinks I’m dumb, but it’s not true. All the horrible things that I did weren’t because of stupidity. It was more like… I don’t really know how to describe it. Try. It was like — like my blood was on fire, and the only way I could put out that fire was to do something crazy. Or highly illegal. That too. Hey —

[ Laughs ] I’m glad my hip’s better. You must be in much less pain. And it’s not just that. Now when they throw me back in the slammer, at least I’ll be able to pace the yard. It’s the small things, doc. So pcu keeps bothering me about finding a new roommate, and I’m holding out hope. Yeah, um, I still don’t know what I’m going to do about the fall. I mean, the sorbonne’s holding a spot for me, but I-I can’t even think about going back to paris. I’m not sure if I want to go back to pcu, either. Well, luckily, you still have enough time to decide. Yeah, and I can hold out on housing for as long as necessary, seriously. Thanks. Of course. Anything for you. Honey, that’s a real friend.

Febreze man: I don’t about y’all, but when it comes to working from home, I gotta have every part of my house clean. That means tidying up, then spraying my febreze air mist, to leave every room smelling fresh and clean. With that done, it’s time to get to work.

La la la la la anthony: This making you uncomfortable?Good. When you’ve got type 2 diabetes like me, you have up to 4 times greater risk of stroke, heart attack or worse death. Even when meeting your a1c goal. Discomfort can help you act. I’m not trying to scare you. I’m empowering you… to get real with your health care provider. Talk to them about lowering your risk of stroke, heart attack or death. You got a little wet there,too, didn’t you, bud? Let’s get dry.

[ Clears throat ] Matriarch quartermaine. Oh, hard no to that nickname. Okey-dokey. What should I call you, then? Tracy, I told you. Right. I’m honored. Can I have a word? Sure. Clothed? Oh. Um, yes. Sorry about that. It’s, uh…um. Okey-dokey. Here we go. Uh, how can I help you? Um. How can you help me? How can you — oh, uh, yes. I, uh — I, uh… was speaking with somebody earlier today and was reminded that I really enjoyed riding. And now that spring has sprung — you want to get back up on that horse? Pun intended. Yeah. Yes. Um, so I haven’t actually ridden any of the horses that we have now, so I want one with a sweet temper and an easy gait. Don’t we all? Right, well, why don’t you make yourself useful and help me make a selection? Alright, follow me. So you gonna go talk to him? No, no. And I-I don’t intend to wait on him, either. Josslyn, I have been out of the pi game for a minute, and I’m guessing you and dex aren’t together anymore? Ooh, very astute. What do you think your grandmother would say? About my relationship status? I mean, kelly’s — now bobbie’s — has always been a place where everyone felt welcome. Do you think she would want a customer ignored? Come on, that’s not fair. He’s not wrong. It is the hospitality business, right? Okay, fine. I will ask hunter to wait on him. Whoa. She’s the new manager. Manager? Yeah.

[ Exhales deeply ] Be an adult. I’m sorry the first you heard of my deal with deception was in an office with maxie and nina. Yeah, definitely caught me off-guard. I just — I assumed that if you had something that big coming up, that you would… tell me. I would have. Okay, I should have. But the first time I was approached by the deception team, nothing came of it, so I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t think anything was going to happen this time either. And then all of a sudden, it was done before I even had time to wrap my head around it. I wasn’t keeping it a secret from you, I swear. I get it. It’s okay. I was just… you know, the whole thing just blindsided me, honestly. But I can say that this is very cool for you, and I think this is great. It’s gonna really broaden your demographic. I just hope raising my profile will help my music career. Yeah, why wouldn’t it? I don’t know. It was a bumpy ride getting there, but the music world, I understand. Fashion and beauty world is a big unknown. Well, fortunately, you’ll have maxie. There is no one better than her. I mean, she’s savvy and she’s chic, and she’s also just so human, you know? Yeah, I do. Maxie’s great. When I’m not so sure of is me, and I’m — I’m not sure I’ll fit in with what people consider hot or pretty or trendy. Ally, you’re beautiful. You’re hot. And trendy? Well, who cares? I mean, that could change in the morning. I guess I’ll find out. But for now, my mom thinks it’s smart to keep my private life private. Is that going to be a problem for us? It’s official. Congratulations, mayor collins, and thank you. It’s my pleasure. And since I’m covering this for the invader, do you have any comment? Public relations isn’t really my strong suit. Can you make something up? Funny you should ask, because I’ve already drafted something up. Precise and to the point. Uh, on second thought, maybe I should have our public relations office come up with something. Let’s pretend… yeah? …The restraints don’t exist. You mean these guys? Gone, and the doctors and warden have told you that you are free to go wherever you want, do whatever you want. What would that look like? I think about that all the time. Do you? But it’s not what you’d expect. Try me. Okay, first thing I’d do? I would go and put flowers on my daughter’s grave. Then…I’d remember she’s not in it, so I’d go and I’d take those same flowers to that woman whose husband I killed. You know, the one who’s really beautiful. Sasha corbin. Yes. And I’d give them to her instead. And then if your brother had a will and left me something in it, which, spoiler alert, he didn’T. Well, let’s say that he did. Then…

[ Voice breaking ] …Buy a tiny, little house with a yard where my grandson could play. You know, I’d even get one of those playgrounds, you know, the simple kind with the swing, slide, and monkey bars. But, I mean, what good is it to torture myself with — with things that are impossible?

[ Exhales shakily ] I’m sorry. No, that’s enough for today. I’ll be back.

[ Door closes ] And what do you want? Is that how you talk to all the customers, or am I just lucky? What would you like today, sir? A lot of things I know I can’t have, so I’ll settle for a coffee and a grilled cheese, please. It’s coming right up. Dr. Robinson. Oh. Hi, kevin. I was just in with heather webber.

[ Sighs ] My apologies for that. Yes. I see, uh… a change in her since her surgery. The difference is, to be honest, quite striking. A-a difference in heather? You know, maybe you should try telling that to someone who didn’t almost lose their daughter to that madwoman.

So I plan on riding a few times a week. You won’t regret it. My thighs might. Nah. You’ll be back in riding shape in no time. That’s it? What? You’re not going to try to discourage me? Tell me I’m too old, too fragile, I might break a hip?

[ Chuckles ] I’ve been around long enough to know that tracy quartermaine is a lot of things, and fragile ain’t one of them. Glad you’re paying attention.

[ Door opens ] Tracy, hi. Hi, sasha. Not used to seeing you in the stables. Well, you better get used to it. Yep. You got to listen to the man. I plan on getting back in the saddle… pun intended. Good for you. So is this where you’ve been spending your time? I like horses, so I asked cody to put me to work. Well, I’d rather be here, too. But I am sorry that things didn’t work out with you and deception. Thank you. And I really appreciate you going to bat for me. I hope I didn’t seem ungrateful. I just realized that I don’t want to spend my days getting my picture taken. Well, that is definitely your prerogative. And I give you credit for making that decision and not going along with what everybody else wants. See you soon.


[ Door closes ] That tracy. All bark, no bite. Yeah, no, there’s plenty of bite, but she does have her moments. Yes, she does. You know, when I was, uh — when I was sitting in that wheelchair, I felt so hopeless. I mean, you know, I knew I wasn’t the man that I was before, and, um, society didn’t help either. What do you mean? I got to know what it was like to be disabled in this world. Even if it was unintentional, you get the elbows to the face, you get drinks spilled in your lap. Even at my own club, the disrespect was real. I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of that. I’m not. I’m not sorry. It was a wake–up call, honey. It made me realize that I’m always going to be me, always, no matter whether I’m seated, whether I’m standing, or somewhere in between. And no one should be made to feel small — no one. Wife! Husband. And what is this dynamic duo up to? Oh, you will read about it tomorrow in the invader. Possibly the next day, depending on how fast the hospital’s pr can draft an appropriate comment. So the contracts are signed? They are signed, sealed, and delivered. From now on, the city employees will have access to gh’s health plan. Congratulations. I know the work you put in to make this happen. Yeah, I have to admit, it feels really good. So, are you headed home or back to city hall? Uh, no, actually, I thought that since I’m here at the hospital, I should go visit heather. You know, sort of fulfill my webber family duties. You’re too good. I am, aren’t I? Yeah, yeah. Find me after. I will. Okay. I love you. Love you. Alright. Have a good one. Uh, alexis, do you have a moment? I was wondering if I could run something by you, just to get a legal opinion. Now, you know that i cannot advise you legally. However, I can speak to you as a friend who has read a few books. Fair enough. So, hypothetically, let’s say someone has been convicted of horrible, heinous crimes. But we’ve since learned that there were mitigating circumstances, something that wasn’t known during the trial — not because someone hid it, but because no one knew it existed. You’re talking about heather webber? Thank you. Mm-hmm. Is that an employment packet? It is. Wow. I didn’t realize that they had agencies for bodyguards. Trying out a new line of work. You’re working for the port charles police department?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Phone call from the boss? Sorry

Ah, man. What? Nothing. I was just reminded of our first photo shoot, remember? How could I forget? I had the most handsome co-model. The alpaca, of course. Yeah. Yeah, he was adorable. Cody! Mama q, what’s good? What is this? It’s shepherd’s pie. The chicken was bad. No, no, I know what it is. In all fairness, that is — that is what you asked. I mean, who made it? Where did it come from? Sorry, just… josslyn jacks, at a loss for words. This is crazy. You’re going to go from working for sonny to working for the police? Quite the leap. Yeah, it’s reckless and stupid. Well, you’re assuming they’ll turn me down, but they actually invited me to apply. They’ll accept my military service in place of a college degree. All I have to do is take the test. But who knows? Maybe I’ll fail it. You’re not going to fail the test. And you can’t possibly think that this is a good idea. Why not? Because it makes you even more of a target for sonny. We can’t all be doctors, joss.

[ Scoffs ] What’s that look? Is something wrong at school? Not hungry? Mm. Yeah. My appetite’s been pretty weak these days. Besides, it’s this place as well. I thought you liked the food here. Yeah, I do. The food’s amazing. It’s just — I don’t come here as much since, you know… right. You and spencer used to come here a lot. Do I sound ridiculous? I can’t even have lunch with my own dad like a normal person. No, you don’t sound ridiculous. You sound like someone whose heart’s been broken. As long as we can be our authentic selves, be who we are when we’re with our friends and our family, that is enough for me. Are you sure? Because all I’ve done with deception so far is sign a contract. I can pull out of the deal. You would — you would blow this deal up for me? That’s the least of what I’d do for you. No. This could be huge for your career. Don’t get me wrong. I want to be successful. But I also want to be happy. And you? You make m e happy.

[ Laughs ] I’m sorry I haven’t been to visit more often. Well, why would you? I mean, you’re the mayor. I’m a convict. You got a city to run, and I… don’T. Yeah, well, but, you know, technically we’re family, right? I mean, we’re connected through our grandson. Speaking of, is he going to be calling you “mom” or “grandma”? I mean, now that you and kevin have adopted him. Um, yeah. I tell you, I haven’t even thought about that one yet, but I think I actually have a little bit of time before I have to cross that bridge. Yeah, yeah. I wonder what his first words are going to be. I used to wonder that about esmé, too. You know, you’re looking really well. How are you feeling? Well… I’m not in nearly as much pain. Oh, good. Good. From my hip, anyway. Is there something else bothering you? Not physically. But I can’t stop thinking about the disaster that is my life.

[ Voice breaking ] Laura, what have I done?

[ Crying ] Cobalt poisoning from an artificial hip? It sounds like fiction, I know, but it’s real. The official name is “metallosis.” Well, there is legal recourse. It’s called post-conviction relief. Now, some say it can be abused, and I know the governor has tightened up some loopholes over the years. So in the event of, say, a forced confession or coerced guilty plea or suppressed evidence or evidence that hasn’t been discovered until after the fact, yes, the case can be reopened. So it’s a possibility? A real one. Please, please, please, don’t tell me that you’re considering letting heather webber skate on multiple homicide charges. I miss spencer all the time, but it’s worse in places where we used to be together, especially here. And it seems normal, like, in an instant, like a literal split second, I’ll forget, and the door will open and I’ll look up, thinking that he’s going to be there. And then… and then he’s not. Honey, I know our situations are different, but you know how I had to learn how to walk again? Yeah. You’re going to have to do something similar. How?

[ Sighs ] Well… it’s going to take patience, grace, it’s definitely going to take time. But, honey, broken hearts, like broken bones, do mend themselves together again. Now, maybe not as strong as they once were, in some ways, but miraculously stronger in others. I so want to believe you. That’s okay. I got enough faith for the both of us. Trina, honey, you will love again, and you will be loved again. And I can say that with utmost certainty. Yeah, but you have to say that, because you’re my dad. No, because there’s no one on this planet more deserving of love than you. School’s fine. I — I just, you know, I’m not sure that pre-med is for me anymore. Since when? I’ve been rethinking a lot of my decisions lately. I just thought you wanted to be a healer, that’s all. Well, you can heal the world in plenty of other ways. I mean, look at what pre-med did to adam. Yeah, but you’re not adam. Well, I also see how hard trina’s mom works, and the patients aren’t always grateful, or even good people. Patients like cyrus renault?

[ Scoffs ]

I used the potatoes and vegetables you had already prepped, and I found some ground beef in the fridge. I hope that’s okay. Okay? I can’t tell. Did that mean okay or not okay? It’s amazing! It meant okay. Thanks, cody. Really? Really? Absolutely. Absolutely. It looks delicious. Okay, great. I mean, sam and dante and the kids are going to be so psyched, a, to have a home-cooked meal and, b, that it’s not one of my standard recipes that I’m sure they’re very sick of. It does smell good. Brando always liked it. How could he not? Honey, thank you so much, truly. Hey, you’re welcome. I’m happy to help. Well, I am going to go deliver this. I’ll make sure you get the credit. See you later. See you later, mama Q. Bye. Bye. Wow. You just racking up the hidden talents, aren’t you? You got selling beauty products, ax throwing, shoveling horse manure, now, chef extraordinaire. What’s next? I’m no slouch at curling or ice fishing either. No. This, I gotta see. Stick around, and you just might. Oh, good lord. Ready? Yeah. Let’s do this. Okay. Okay. One step. Yep, yeah. Look at that. Look at that. He’s cool. I got this. There we go. And he’s standing up straight. You know. Posture. Anything else? Nope. This looks great. Portia: This is insane. You have to know this, right? Kevin: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Just listen to what we’re saying. I’m listening. I’m listening to everything you’re saying. It makes no sense. Clearly I’m interrupting. Everything okay? Everything’s fine, really. How was your visit with heather? Uh, well, actually, it was surprisingly calm and uneventful. Have you noticed a change in heather? I would love to get your thoughts about her progress. You want my thoughts on heather webber? Yeah. Let me see. Laura, don’t try to sell me on this poor, misunderstood heather webber. That woman is a murderer, and she pulled one over on everyone. And you want to let her do it again? Of course, this is very personal for you. Of course it’s personal for me. Kevin was just asking me if there was any legitimate legal reason — no, no, no. No, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear any of that, especially from you, alexis, considering you don’t even practice law anymore. And after this, I think I’m seeing why. Don’t hold back. No, I won’t, because I don’t care. I don’t care how nice or changed or victimized heather seems to be to you. How much time have you actually spent with her? How much time have you actually spent with that woman? A moment here, a moment there. Why don’t you try being me or a member of my staff who’s actually had to deal with her unhinged madness 24/7. And just so you know, this doesn’t even touch on the pain that it has caused my family and countless other families. So you know what? You want to bring her case in front of a judge and a jury? I want you to do it, because I’ll fight it. I will fight you with every breath that is in my body.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Sam tells Dante that Jason is dangerous and she doesn’t want him spending time with Danny.

Kristina asks Dante to check on Sonny because she is wondering why Ava is living with him.

Dante is happy he is being released from the hospital today.

Cody and Sasha spend time at the stables talking and trying to figure out what his next job will be.

Chase asks Dante to be a groomsman for his wedding. Chase and Brook Lynn ask Finn and Elizabeth help them with their original wedding plans.

Maxie tells Nina she is glad Sonny is divorcing her because she wasn’t herself when she was Mrs. Corinthos.

Gregory tells Finn and Elizabeth that they shouldn’t talk to his doctor about his medical condition.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, April 3, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Brook Lynn: Detective! Looking good! You’re looking good, too, but for different reasons. Dante, that was amazing! “Amazing.” I don’t know about that. I need help getting to the bathroom. You are getting stronger every single day. It may not be happening as fast as you want it to, but everyone can see that you’re making progress. Here. Oh, yeah. It’s true. All the nurses are talking about it.

[ Groans ] Oh, that’s just ’cause I left my gown open when I went for a walk earlier.

[ Chuckles ] Well, whatever the reason, you have a lot of adoring fans out there. And in here. You should have seen this guy when he found out you were awake. He was jumping up and down so hard, we got complaints from the neighbors. Oh, yeah? I appreciate that. And, hey, even though I was out, I knew you would have been here. You’re my partner. And my friend. Where else would I be? Thank you. Hey. Why don’t we, um — why don’t we stop calling it a coma? You know, we can say I took a — like, a long nap or something. A nap? Yeah. That’s what you’re going with? Yeah. Yeah.

[ Laughter ] Resting up for all the dancing we’re gonna be doing at your wedding. Yeah. I’m, uh… I’m gonna need a little more than dancing from you. This is a nice surprise. Oh. I’m here so often, I should pay rent. Hm! Put out little café table, I could have my own bobbie’S. Oh, I think the seating would be too limited. Wouldn’t be profitable. Hm. What’s on your docket today? Dr. Kramer. I’m having a follow-up. You? I just had a blood draw in preparation for my “annual wellness” visit with dr. Randolph. It’s a perk of being a board member, although I think they’re playing a little fast and loose with the term “perk” in this context. I remember when my doctor visits were annual. Looking back, it really was a “perk.” Morning, tracy. Elizabeth. Gregory, if you’re ready, we can head to the exam room. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Maybe I’ll see you later? Hi. I am so glad you decided to stop by. Kristina: I want to clear the air. I am really not okay with what you did to carly and drew. But… i am willing to accept you made an impulsive decision that spiraled out way beyond what you ever intended. Yes! That’s it. Exactly. Yeah. One bad decision doesn’t negate all the good you’ve done. And, nina, you have done a lot of good, especially for my dad. And I know how happy he was with you. And even if he never admits it, I know that he misses you.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Horse neighs in distance ]

[ Chuckles ] Put me in, coach. Are you sure? Yes. I got my check from deception, and now I can finally do something besides worry about how I look. Well, you still look way too good for this place. Nothing and no one is too good for this place. And that’s a fact. Alright. Comet isn’t here. You can save your flattery. Are those — are those new? They may or may not be. As you know, I am looking for my new purpose in life. Hm. You think you’re gonna find it here in one of these stalls? Because, believe it or not, this isn’t exactly the résumé builder you might think it is.

[ Laughs ] Honestly, I don’t know what I’m looking for or where I’m gonna find it, but I figured that if I’m someplace comfortable and happy, then inspiration might find me sooner. So…if it’s okay with you… hey, are you sure? You really want to — oh, come on! Put me to work! What’s the worst that can happen?

[ Doorbell rings ] You must be isaac. Come on in.

[ Sighs ] Here’s my pride and joy.

[ Romantic music plays ]

[ Sighs ] I’d like to be honest with you, if I may. Well, I hope you’re always honest with me.

[ Chuckles ] Um, unless I’m mistaken, this is a standard follow-up… and yet somehow it merits the attention of the head nurse of a very busy hospital. Well, I assist doctors and patients all the time. You have more important things to do, and we both know it. You are important. Thank you. And while I’m honored to have you look in on me, I was hoping to keep some aspects of my life private. I’m sorry if I made you feel like your privacy hasn’t been respected. No. You’re always very respectful. But, uh, as my disease progresses… I would like to try and keep my patient life completely separate from other parts of my life. I understand. You’re very important to my son — and to me. So I realize that that may be easier said than done. Not at all. It’s not a problem. I mean no offense. I hope you know that. None taken. And I hope you know that I never meant to presume. Yeah, I do. Well, if you’re ready, I will let dr. Kramer know that you’re here. And, gregory… thank you for telling me. Thank you. Brook lynn and I were planning on downsizing the wedding to a civil ceremony at city hall, family-only reception at the quartermaines’. We didn’t see the point in throwing a big bash without you there. We want you to be a part of it. Now, finn is gonna be my best man, but I would be honored if you would be my groomsman. The honor will be mine.

[ Chuckles ] That is so wonderful. Except — look. I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but being a groomsman, it involves a lot of, um, standing and walking and dancing. You think you’ll be ready for all that? Hey. Come on. You’re getting married in, like, a month. I better be ready, right? Yeah. I hope I am, too. I still have so much to do. Whoa! Oh, no. You have been wonderful! Really! It — but let’s face it, okay? It is crunch time. We still have, like, a million details to lock down and decisions to be made and a seating chart that has to be finalized. Hey, you know, I don’t care where I sit, but when the dancing starts, I want you third, okay? Not fourth after some rando cousin or weirdo uncle. It goes him then ned then me, okay? You may have to fight my dad for that third-place spot on brook lynn’s dance card. Well, of course. I’m a gentleman. I’ll concede. How’s your dad doing? Uh, he’s not looking too great at the moment. He’s also not good at telling us what his doctors have to say. Maybe he just wants a tiny bit of privacy. If he had it his way, he wouldn’t have told us he was sick at all. Well, that is because he is a self-sufficient adult who’s losing control of his body. And who he chooses to share or — or keep things private from is — is one of the few ways he still has agency. But we are his family. We love him and we just want to help. I — he just wants to be your dad, chase, not your dad who’s sick and needs your help. Look, everybody deserves a little privacy sometimes, even from their family who loves them the most.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. -Hey! -This is a nice surprise. Hey.Hi. Mwah. You… you just kissed a groomsman. Did I?! Yeah. So now we gotta get me all rehabbed so I’m ready to go. Well, don’t you worry. Between me and the kids, we will have you fixed. Good luck! Guy’s not known for his patience. Oh, I’m way ahead of you there. Hey, we’re heading out, so if you need anything… we’re good, but, you know, you go — protect and serve and stuff. I’m on it. Hey. Am I in time to take you on your morning walk? Uh, you know what? Actually, I went for a walk with chase. For, uh, you know, like, a 90-year-old man, I didn’t do too bad.

[ Laughs ] What’s going on? You got a new case? Um…sort of. I asked danny’s vice principal to text me in case he ditched any classes. So far, so good. Think maybe you’re giving him a bit of a hard time? I don’t know, dante. Danny’s made some bad decisions lately, and I don’t know if I can trust him. I certainly can’t trust his father. Y-you think sonny misses me? Yeah, I do. I think that’s why ava and avery are still there at his place. Fills up the quiet, and it helps him forget what he lost. I don’t know if you and my dad are ever gonna work things out, but I hope that you do. That’s it. That’s all I came here to say. Thank you, kristina. This means so much to me. Yeah, I think you know I’ve always liked you, nina, and I want the best for you, so whatever that might be. Yeah, and I want the best for you, too — yeah, with whatever is going on in your life.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I’m, um — I am pregnant with tj and molly’s baby. I’m their surrogate. Oh, wow! That’s wonderful! Yeah. What an amazing, generous thing that you’re doing. Oh, don’t sanctify me just yet. It’s amazing, but it’s also been difficult. I mean, the morning sickness has been hard, but the hardest part has just been not being able to tell everyone, you know? I — for so long, I just wanted to, like, shout it from the rooftops and tell strangers on the street like, “I’m having a baby!” I mean, I-I’m h-having a niece or nephew baby. It’s probably, uh, the hormones talking. Yeah.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, um, that’s my 10:00. Okay, well, I’ll leave you to it. Thanks, nina. It’s good to see you. Yeah, very — very nice to see you, too. And thank you for reaching out. Of course. -Oh! Hi, kristina. -Hi. -Hi! -Nina! -Beautiful. -Oh. Thank you. So do you. Um, I’m sure you recognize her, but I wanted to introduce you to the new face of deception. Uh, blaze, this is nina reeves, the editor in chief of crimson magazine. Of course, I recognize you. And I’m a big fan. And congratulations. Thank you. It’s, uh, very nice to meet you, too. I remember you from sonny’s compound in puerto rico when we got married. Belated congratulations to you. Thank you. So you remember kristina, then. I absolutely remember kristina. It’s a big change for deception. Yes, yes. It’s very new. And you are among the very first to find out. I should hope so, maxie. This is crimson after all. Well, I’m gonna — I’m gonna head over to G.H. And visit my brother, so I’ll let you guys get down to business. Uh. Wow.

[ Chuckles ] Face of deception. Yeah, I can really see it. Congrats.

[ Chuckles softly ] My neighbors growing up had horses, and I used to love brushing them and feeding them. And I would just sit on the fence and watch them do horse things. Do “horse things.” Wow. You really — you really are sounding like a ranch hand.

[ Laughs ] Ahh. One day, my neighbor put a saddle on the horse and let me mount. And I-I did, and I fell off like a dozen times. But I never cried and I kept getting back up. So eventually they got me my own saddle. And the rest is history. And maybe your future… if your love of horses and stables continues. I love being here with… the stables. What about you? What do you look forward to in your post-deception future? I’m doing it right now.

Your dad has an appointment today with dr. Kramer, and I told his assistant that I would do his pre-appointment check-in. Everything okay? Yeah, everything is fine. However, he did tell me — in the kindest, sweetest way possible — that I’m overstepping. Which means… we’re all overstepping. Mm-hmm. He’s my dad. I love him. We’re all just trying to support him. It’s possible that our support makes him feel like we have already decided, without consulting him, that the time has come for us to take over — and it hasn’T. Because he can still make his own decisions and do things for himself. And, really, we have to let him.

[ Scoffs ] I always feel like I don’t do enough for him. Because you feel like you should be doing more for everyone else all the time. No. It’s who you are. I don’t — I don’t know. You know… I reached out to this, uh — this buddy of mine who’s a neurologist, you know, see if he had any als advice. And? We didn’t get much of a chance to talk. I mean, we worked doctors without borders together. He’s in the ukraine, literally putting people back together in the middle of a war zone. Made me kind of miss those days. Made me feel a little useless about what I do here. Must be contagious.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah? What are you talking about? It’s how I feel at home right now. Just useless with jake. Everything I do or say is wrong, and I feel like I’m making everything worse. I think you’re being hard on yourself. You’re an amazing mom. It didn’t feel that way when jason came by yesterday. It was a complete train wreck.

[ Sighs ] So, uh, fair to say things aren’t improving. I’m worried about your shortness of breath. Yeah, it’s gotten a little worse. But it’s manageable… if I don’t push it. Which I can accommodate — with one exception. Which is…? I need to know if I can still preside over my son’s wedding. I’m not a psychic. I’ll settle for your educated guess. Can I make it through the month speaking and walking under my own steam? Well, this is no more than my educated guess, okay? But I think a month is a safe bet. And when my son comes by asking for an update… I won’t discuss a patient with anyone, not even with another doctor, without the patient’s express permission. That’s what I was hoping to hear. Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you. Yes. That person — that’s not an act. That’s who she actually is! I do need to know — what happened to sasha? I don’t think I have ever felt so betrayed in my life. I mean, I thought — we all thought that jason was dead. And then he shows up out of nowhere, and he tells our son to keep a secret from me. I mean, no explanation, no idea where he’s been for the past two years. I don’t know if jason is different or if I’m actually seeing him clearly for the first time.

[ Knock on door ] Kristina: Knock, knock! Is this an okay time for visitors? -Yeah. Come on in. -Hi! -Ohh! -[ Groans ] Well, well! It’s about time you woke up. You scared us. I mean, not that you did that on purpose or anything, but maybe try to be a little more careful next time? Yeah, you know, I’m all about the caution. Right. Yeah. But you — wow. You’ve done some growing. I know! Right?! Isn’t it crazy? Yeah. It’s awesome. I’m just, like, waiting and waiting and waiting to show, and then finally it’s just happened. Uh, my apologies for the interruption, but… detective falconeri, how would you feel about going home today?

[ Laughter ] How did your appointment go? Well, the doctor thinks that with, uh, some rest, medications, continued use of my cpap machine for breath support, I should be in good shape for chase’s wedding. Ah. You must be so relieved. I am, yes. And I’m guessing that alexis will be relieved, as well. Why is that? Well… alexis is a very accomplished, bright woman. Hm. Spare me the preamble. But she’s not particularly close to chase or brook lynn. And were it not for you, she wouldn’t make the guest list.

If we do it right, it could be huge. Definitely. Okay. I am on board 100% for all of it. Okay? Isn’t it really nice what kristina is doing, acting as a surrogate for her sister and tj? Do you think it would be, uh, you know, too much if I just sent sonny a casual note congratulating him? ‘Cause that baby is gonna be his great-niece or nephew. Hmm. That depends. Do you care if sonny casually throws that note in the trash? Maxie! You said it yourself. Your marriage to sonny is over. Not legally. Not yet. Maxie! Kristina was just in here. I think it’s only natural if I offer good wishes. Right. To molly and tj. And then kristina. And you think it — it looks desperate if I also include sonny.

[ Scoffs ] I have some time before my appointment with dr. Randolph, and I was going to get a cup of coffee while they run my blood work. Would you care to join me? Ohh. More than I can express. But my mission, which I had to accept, is just getting started. I have to have my blood drawn and an ekg and then a nerve-conduction study. That’s a full day. Hm. Once upon a time, als was just my diagnosis. Now it’s my full-time job. Gregory, you are much more than your diagnosis. You are much more than a patient. It’s hard to remember that on a day like today. Let me remind you. You are… terrifically charming and, um, uh… a wonderful conversationalist. And you’re intellectually challenging a-and… …you’re not bad to look at.

[ Chuckles ] You vixen, you!

[ Laughs ] Jake has more reason than most to be shaken up by jason’s reappearance. Shaken? That’s a-a mild way to describe it. Hm. His anger with jason is all over the place right now. Yeah, well, I suppose that’s understandable. How was it otherwise seeing jason again? It was strange.

[ Sighs ] I mean, he’s so — he’s just vague about everything — where he’s been, what he’s been doing, why he never reached out to anyone. I mean, he’s never been a big talker, but even for him, it was — it was maddening. Yeah, I know a little bit about that. To think about some of my past relationships and the things that I just accepted and I… I wonder, how was that ever enougfor me? And then I — I think about you and what we have. It — it’s deeper. I feel the same way. Like, why did I ever settle for someone who was so limited with what they could or would share of themselves with me? I’m glad I got it right this time. Me too.

[ Door opens ] Hey. Are we allowed in here? I suppose you’re staff-adjacent, so we’ll bend the rules. Is everything okay? Perfectly fine. Well, except… we need your help to save our wedding.

Try to spend some time with dad when you can. I mean, he’s just — he’s been worried about you. We’ve all been really worried about you. But dad… he’s been blaming himself. Alright. Yeah. I will. I’ll, uh — I’ll spend time with him. He can come visit me, and I’ll get my, uh — get my exercise walking down the hall to see him. Tell me what you think. About what? Ava’s still living there. Really? With avery, of course, but… the whole thing just feels a little weird. Yeah, I agree. It is weird. But look — I don’t think sonny’s gonna care one way or the other what I think about ava being there. But I’ll — I’ll keep an eye on it. Yeah. Maybe just in your spare time.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. The most important thing is I want you to focus on a full recovery. Yeah. I’m way ahead of you there. Love you, big bro. Mwah! I love you, too. Okay. Let me know if he needs anything. Will do.

[ Door closes ] Well, there’s general rejoicing about you coming home from the hospital today. Well, as there should be. But I did tell olivia no visitors — not until tomorrow. ‘Cause I know you’re gonna be exhausted tonight oh, probably, but, you know, I’ll just be so happy at home. Hey… is everything okay with kristina? Yeah. Why do you ask? I don’t know. It was just something I picked up on while I was in here. You know what? If it’s private, you don’t have to say anything to me. I shouldn’t even be asking. No, no, no. She, uh… she’s worried about my dad… and, more pointedly, the fact that ava’s living with him. She thinks it’s weird. So do I. You think sending sonny a casual note and nothing more comes across as me looking desperate? Really? Yes, really. Because you are desperate. No, I’m not desperate. I just miss sonny. That’s all. I don’t want my marriage to be over. See, y-you’re saying all the right words, but it’s your tone that gives you away. You want sonny back, and you’re willing to do anything. I have two things — two things that give me hope that I can have it back. The first thing is, I haven’t signed the divorce papers yet. The second thing is, maxie… I have a secret weapon. I must admit — your post-deception life has very good coffee.

[ Slurps ] Yeah, I have a connection that can get me corinthos coffee whenever I want. What more can you ask? Uh, not much. I’m not one of those guys who’s, like, sweaty with want, you know? I like my job. I get paid enough to cover basic expenses and…got my own room and board. And monica enrolled me on G.H.’S hmo in case one of these… buckos kicks me… or I put a nail through my hand instead of a horseshoe.

[ Chuckles ] Has that ever happened? Not here, but, uh, I haven’t, believe it or not, always been the consummate horse whisperer that you see before you. Don’t tell james, though. He’ll never let me live it down. He is maxie’s son.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. He is. He’s a fun little dude. Leo, too. You know, sometimes there’s more kids here than there are horses. I love it. It’s kind of like being a part of a family. You do actually have a family that you could be part of if you just come clean with mac. Yeah, yeah, that might be more than I can handle. Horses are enough. What? Nothing. No. Come on. Tell me the truth. What, did I make myself sound like too much of a loner? I don’t think women our age should color our hair. Oh, there’s a shock.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t think I could carry the green off anyway. Yeah, well, I don’t think she is, either. Uh, I happen to have some time to kill before the appointment you relentlessly insisted I make with dr. Randolph. May I join you? Yes. You may. And I am not apologizing for insisting. I have to get back soon, too. I just needed a cup that wasn’t from the hospital cafeteria. I’d rather be audited.

[ Chuckles ] I heard that deception’s new face person was a woman of color. Yes. Blaze. Well, you sure wouldn’t know from anything in here. Well, it’s too soon. She just signed on. And, by the way, in those magazines, women of any color make me feel like I’m from another planet.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, to be young. Yeah. Amen, sister. Amen. Mm!

While I am sitting here waiting for my blood to be centrifuged, may I ask you a question? Yes, you may. Why are you still working? Don’t you want to retire? And do what? Knit. If I were in baltimore, I’d have a whole group of friends, mostly widows, that I could hang out with, but if I didn’t have anything better to do with my life than play matchstick poker on thursday nights with the family, I would lose my mind. Why don’t you play for money? Fear. Theirs.

[ Both laugh ] But you’re from here. You know everybody. I do. I know hundreds of people. But social acquaintances are just that. They’re cordial, superficial. Not that that bothered my mother. My mother was gracious to everybody. She had more friends than she knew what to do with. I gather you take after your father.

[ Chuckles ] I do. And I was proud of it. I still am proud of it. But… truthfully, it has its disadvantages. I, uh — I don’t have a lot of deep, meaningful relationships with people, and… one of the very few, I — he’S… he’s otherwise occupied. No, no, you’re — simon, you’re absolutely right. Yep. I will. Thank you. Dad’s doctor won’t tell us anything about how he’s doing. Patient confidentiality and all that. I, uh, never really had to ask before ’cause I used to go to all his appointments with him, but, uh, then he asked me to stop. So now if we want to find something out… dad’s gonna have to tell you himself if and when he chooses to. Okay, well, until your father decides to talk, can you please help us pull our wedding back from the brink? Yeah. What happened? I thought you had everything under control. Yeah. It seemed like dad was getting worse. And then dante was in the icu. So instead of just canceling altogether, we just thought we’d downsize. Significantly. How significant? A courthouse wedding with two witnesses. Chase in a suit and tie. Me in something understated. -No gown, no veil. -Okay, well, you can relax. Because dante is being discharged. And now dad’s holding his own. And now we want everything to go back to the way we originally planned it. Yeah, absolutely. Hey. Listen. We’re here for you guys. Whatever you need, we’re here. Yeah, let’s get you guys married in the style you deserve. Okay. See? Everything’s gonna work out. Yeah. Ava and avery are still at sonny’s because of security reasons, and ava can act as my advocate. Oh, nina… if you are depending on ava for anything, you’re going to be disappointed. I disagree. Oh. Okay. Really? Let’s name one selfless or generous thing that ava has ever done. Not a nice gesture. I’m talking about something real where she put someone else ahead of herself. Ava has nothing at stake here. I trust her to act in my best interests. See, I don’t think you know what your best interests really are. Any man you have to plot to get back is not a man you’re gonna keep. And, to be honest, I never really liked you as sonny’s wife anyway. Since when? Since you started being sonny’s wife. It took over your life, nina. And, frankly, I never thought you’d become one of those women. The nina I know was erased by “mrs. Corinthos.” And I missed my nina.

I don’t think you’re a loner. I’ve spent enough time with you to know better. Well, that’s a relief. I would say that there’s something… a little… aloof about you. Aloof? Uh-huh. Is that because I don’t give you long, lustful looks and try to manhandle you? Well, then you would be trading “aloof” for “creepy.”

[ Laughs ] You know what I mean. You made it very clear that you’re not ready for anything. I know, and I like how comfortable and easy it is between us. Me too. That’s why I’ve kept my very significant interest at bay. But I got to be honest — sometimes I think that two or three days of manhandling could be fun, too. Stella, isn’t it hard to work with people that are suffering? How do you… keep from feeling sorry for them? Sometimes I can’T. But I don’t let those feelings keep me from treating that person as a person. They’re much more than the terrible thing that’s happening to them. Thank you. I appreciate that. And I, uh… I have a friend that’s going to appreciate it, as well. Nothing annoys him more than… being “handled.” And as a matter of fact, it annoys me, as well. I never would have guessed. Hm. You know, if you’re up for some matchstick poker, I’d be happy to leave you humble. How do you feel about backgammon? Love it. Be happy to beat you at that, too. You’re on. Alright. Sister.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone dings ] Is that my mother? Uh, asking what she should bring for dinner? Sorry. Or is that — is that danny? It’s actually my mother saying if we need anything when we get home. And, yes, I do admit — I was checking to see if there was an update on danny, and there isn’t one. That’s good news, right? Well, for today. But what about tomorrow or next week? I know danny, and when he decides to do something, he does it. And I know he’s gonna try and see jason again. Alright, well, maybe there’s like, a — like, a compromise in there somewhere. I don’t — I don’t think so, dante. Danny being anywhere near jason is dangerous. You are actual living proof of that. Oh, you can’t blame — I do. I do blame jason for putting danny in danger. And i will make sure it never happens again. Excuse me, elizabeth. T-the desk nurse told me that I could find you in here. Yeah. What can I do for you, dad? Did you call dr. Kramer about my “condition”? Yeah, I just, uh, wanted to check in with him. From now on, I’d appreciate it if you would… check in with me. Okay. Understood. Um, how did your appointment go? Dr. Kramer said I may have had a little slump, but, uh, I’m much better now. Good. That’s, uh — that’s good news, dad. Chase and brook lynn just left. Do you want me to call them? They might be able to give you a ride home. No, no. I can get my own ride. Hamilton, don’t end-run me again. You’re right. I need to step back. It’s gonna be hard.

[ Sighs ] I mean, I know we have like a thousand details to finalize, but t-the venues are booked, the flowers have been picked, the menus are approved. My dress is still a work in progress. What about the honeymoon? Excuse me. You, me… alone together. Somewhere romantic. Ha ha! Funny! We’re going to palm beach. Unless — chase, did you cancel the reservation? I mean, that would be totally fine, and we could probably just rebook it. We still have our reservation. Ohh! Phew! Don’t scare me like that. But I am just checking in. Are you sure you want to go to palm beach? Absolutely! We already went over the places that are in our price range.

My price range. Your family is paying for this big wedding.

I want to cover the honeymoon. And you are. And it is going to be amazing. Look, I’ve never been to palm beach, but everyone tells me that it is gorgeous. And the hotel that we picked looks exquisite. Any other superlatives you want to throw in there? Just one. We are going to palm beach as mr. And mrs. Harrison chase. And that will be perfect. I can do better than perfect.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Dex has his interview to enter the Police Academy and he tells the instructor that he wants to help people and have a purpose in life.

Curtis surprises Portia by taking his first steps since his surgery.

John forces Jason to be the bait to draw out Lineman because, if he doesn’t, the FBI will use all the evidence they have against Carly and arrest her for RICO violations.

Anna figures out that Jason was an FBI informant to protect himself and Carly.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, April 2, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Curtis exhales heavily ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Gasps ] How long have you been able to do this?! Ohh! Nina in her office? Yes, mr. Cain, but — we did the same spread like two years ago. I want something for — I don’t know. You go to brooklyn and you check out the — I need to get back to you. Alright. Hey, madison. I was on a call. I’m sorry. I tried to explain that you didn’t want — just close the door on your way out, please. Thank you. You don’t have to pick on your assistant. I didn’t really give her a chance to announce me. I just came by to see what you were up to.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Siren wails ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] Uh, good afternoon. What can I do for you? I’m here to see detective bennet. Detective bennet: Right here. Dex heller. Nice to meet you. Follow me, mr. Heller. Have a seat. Commissioner devane asked me to interview you. I’m an instructor here at the police academy. I know. I looked you up. Did you, now? Yes, sir. I like to know who I’m dealing with. So do I. So why don’t we start with the obvious question then? Why do you want to become a police officer? Thank you, mommy! Okay. You’re welcome, sweetheart. Wow! This is a lot of work. It is, but it’s worth it. Trust me. Which layer first? Alright, well, the first thing we’re gonna do is put the pasta sauce in here. Very thin layer. I can do it! You can do it? Okay. Well, how about I do this and then you can spread it around a little bit? Yeah? Okay. What can i do? You can check the noodles and make sure they’re not too hot for her. Check them how? Touch them…mom. Just don’t pick them up, please. We don’t want you to tear them. Mm-hmm. You know, I might be insulted by that if I didn’t know that you guys were right. Oh. We’re lucky she’s so happy today. Ha!

[ Giggles ] Yeah, why are you so happy, mommy? Why wouldn’t I be happy? I’m with my girls! And my best friend is back. Jason, right? Thank you for coming by. Come. Please. Thank you for getting yourself a phone. I had to wrangle with your lawyer for a good 15 minutes before she would relay that message to you. Yeah. Diane is very cautious. Yeah. I don’t blame her. She has you as a client. I saw dante. He’s awake. And — it’s a relief. And you’re exonerated. It’s a relief for me, too. Even though you’re no longer facing capital-murder charges, you’re still in a great deal of trouble. And I’ve been giving your situation some thought. Okay. I think you and i have mutual goals.

Is jason coming for dinner? Um, probably not tonight, but soon. I want to meet him. Oh, honey, you know him. You just don’t remember him. Do you think he’ll remember me? I know he’ll remember you. I do. He’s gonna be so amazed at how much you’ve grown. So, I have information from another source that sonny was doing business with pikeman and then he suddenly stopped… which could be why he was being targeted. So, what can you tell me about pikeman’s internal organization and their areas of involvement? Nothing. Why not? Because I-I already know that you were part of it.

[ Sighs ] Anna… I-I can’T. Ah. Because of agent cates? Yeah? He’s on his way over.

[ Telephone rings ] Yes? Send him in. Speak of the devil. Hi. Oh. Thank you. Come on in, agent cates. Thank you for coming. You already know mr. Morgan.

[ Door closes ] You served in the army. Two tours in afghanistan, bagram, and kandahar. Then I was promoted to a post in germany. You were discharged for assaulting a superior officer. Yes, sir. But I can explain. It wasn’t a dishonorable discharge, so I’m guessing there was some level of provocation. Still, it’s a blemish on your record just the same. What’d you do after you got out? I worked private security. I see that on the application, but I don’t see any names or references. They were private clients — high-profile, rich. I signed non-disclosure agreements. Legitimate? Yes, sir. Corporate heads, politicians, silicon valley guys. What about your last employer? Corinthos coffee? It’s not included on the application. Why is that? Do you not consider that employer legitimate? Technically, yes. In reality, no. Auntie, I didn’t know you were here. Obviously! Where were you? I was in the kitchen dropping off a coconut cake for trina. It’s her favorite. Right, right. Now that you know about me. What about you?! Uh, well, you know, I have taken… a few steps lately, so, yeah.

[ Gasps ] Look. I know I need a lot more practice. This is great! Why on earth are you keeping this from your family? Especially your wife! I’ve had my hands full with the fall issue pulling crimson back from the brink. You know, carly did huge damage. The only damage that was done during carly’s tenure was by you, nina. You literally ripped out walls to try to sabotage that first issue, but it went out on time. All your major advertisers and designers and collaborators, they all stayed. There wasn’t a dip in sales or circulation. In fact, there was a little bit of a bump because people were kind of curious to see what carly would do. Well, if things were so wonderful, drew, then by all means, bring carly back, and I’ll just walk. You won’T. You’re not gonna wa– you’re not going anywhere, nina. You’re just a rich, spoiled brat. And although you can’t find true love or even a functional relationship, you do have everything that money can buy. Except for this. This magazine is mine. And you want it. You need it. And you need me. Because carly is long gone. Carly: Hey! Wait a minute. There’s supposed to be four of you. Mommy and amelia aren’t here. What?! April fool’s!

[ Gasps ] Ohh! [ Laughs ] Actually, amelia fell asleep on the drive over, so willow’s upstairs putting her down. Ohh. Oh, so we’re having lasagna. Mm-hmm. Joss and I made it! Uh, me too. Mommy helped. A little bit. A little bit. I want to help, too! Oh, well, the lasagna is already in the oven, but you guys can help me set the table. That’s not fun!

[ Laughter ] I get it, I get it, but if you guys help me, then we can play some “st wars.” Yeah! Josslyn: Mm-hmm. I get to be darth vader! Well, of course. Alright. Let’s go. Alright. Careful. Okay. Before jason turned himself in… he was with you, wasn’t he?

Auntie, of course, I planned to tell my wife. I planned to tell all of you. Just, um — just when I’m better able to walk. You do understand that, don’t you? I think I do. After I had my stroke, I had to relearn things, too. Not to the extent that you have, but I had to put effort into being whole again. Look at my life differently and think differently about my health. But the hardest thing for me to come to terms with wasn’t just physical — it was mental. Accepting that I couldn’t do everything on my own, that I, too, needed help… that I wasn’t invulnerable. I get it. This has motivated me more than ever. I — I just don’t want my family to have to witness me struggle, witness my baby steps. Ohh! Especially after everything that I’ve put everyone through. Just want to be further along.

[ Exhales sharply ] Baby… I am beyond thrilled and proud right now, and I just want the rest of the family to be able to experience the joy that I’m having right now! We’re all on this journey with you. What happens to you affects us, too. Especially portia. And you know she’s been trying to stay strong, holding it down. Let her have some of this joy. Baby steps or big steps. Let her experience it with you. Keeping secrets, even if your aim is true… …it can destroy a marriage. Carly: Jason didn’t say anything to me, but the quartermaine estate is a perfect place to hide. And you live at the gatehouse. Yeah. [ Sighs ] Willow and I were helping him. Willow? Yeah, and I know — I know I-I blindsided willow when I told her that jason was shot and needed her help, but, hey, mom, she stepped right up. I mean, she took care of his wounds. She made sure that he had the right medication. Willow’s the reason why jason had such a good recovery. Did jason say anything about where he’s been, what he’s been doing? No, not really. He just — he told me that he was picked up by somebody who has leverage over him and they had him working as a mercenary soldier. Did he say anything to you? Well, after the arraignment, jason went straight to see your father. I was there — and, surprise, surprise, so was ava.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, ava has been spending a lot of time with him these days. Yeah, a-and sonny thinks that ava is trustworthy but you and I are not, which gives you a pretty good idea how things went with jason. Obviously now dad realizes that jason didn’t shoot dante. He also knows that he was an informant for the fbi. An informant? Yeah. That’s what jason couldn’t tell me. And he didn’t say much more than that, which infuriated your father. And sonny called jason a traitor. I tried to calm him down. I tried to fix things. But it didn’t work. So jason and I left. Did jason say anything else? No. I mean, not — not really. We — we went to bobbie’s and we sat around and talked, but he didn’t say anything about where he’s been or about the fbi. And there’s a vacant room above bobbie’s, so that’s where jason’s gonna stay. Okay. Well, that’s good. It’s easier for him there than — than at the metro court or… the quartermaines’? Especially there.

[ Sighs ] And, mom, he’s — he’s been through something. I know. I know. I can see it. But jason’s gonna be okay. I mean, he is. He’s got a lot of people pulling for him. Yeah. Especially you, mom. I know this has been an emotional ride. I mean, are you — are you okay? I haven’t been this okay in a long time. I’ve already been kicked out of “star wars.”

[ Laughter ] Wiley needs you. Say no more.

[ Carly laughs ] Can I do anything to help? Oh, well, I have been entrusted with the salad, so you could help me with that. You got it. Hold on. Michael told me that you really put yourself on the line to help with jason. Thank you. Mr. Morgan. Can’t imagine why you’re here. I told him to come. Anna knows I’m working for you. I told her. That violates the terms of our agreement. You lied when we made our agreement. Why should I continue to honor that? Jagger. You chose not to tell me you knew me in high school. You knew my family. You knew my mother! And you engineered a scenario where I had to let her believe I was dead! What would it matter if I told you something you can’t remember? It’s too bad about your personal life, but you took this deal of your own volition, so don’t lecture me on the consequences of being you. You couldn’t find anybody else to go after pikeman? No one with your qualifications. No one I had leverage over who dropped in my lap. I don’t give a damn how you feel about this job. I only care that you get it done. I am gonna save us both some time. We could keep playing chicken — you threatening to leave. Me going to hr to start a search for a new editor in chief… or we could take all that energy and we could focus it on the fall issue. Oh, let– let’s be clear here.

We are not getting the fall issue out.

I’m getting the fall issue out because i am the driving force behind crimson. That’s why you begged me to come back. Oh. Wha– I don’t beg anybody, nina, least of all you. I came to you because there was a vacancy that I needed to fill. And I know how much you love this magazine. I thought it was a bit of a win-win. I’m open to the possibility of us working together because we both get something that we want. Can’t really be that easy for you, drew. I mean, jason blows back into town and suddenly there’s a “vacancy” in carly’s bed. You’re out. He’s in. It was my choice to end things with carly. Oh, no. You got out before carly could dump you. And you’re standing here telling me that you don’t want payback? What has payback ever gotten you?

Keeping secrets endedyour first marriage, and this one almost ended before it got started because of a secret. Baby, the marriages that work best are the ones where partners can share. They can lean on each other and go through the tough times together. Both you and portia are strong enough to handle anything. And your — your desire to protect is admirable, but you got to ask yourself, if you were portia, wouldn’t you want to know? Ahh. I’m home! Hi! Would you clarify what you meant when you said, “technically, yes, in reality, no”? I worked closely with mr. Corinthos. After a period of time,it became clear his business was not one I could support. Weren’t you there nearly two years? It took me a while to figure out how to go about it, but eventually I got out. I planned on leaving port charles for good, but… but what? But I didn’t like the idea of running away. So instead I went to see commissioner devane. She suggested I become a cop, so here I am. I was more afraid that I wouldn’t be able to treat jason correctly than about whatever legal jeopardy I’d be in. I was able to bandage him up and bring him antibiotics from the hospital, which lowered his risk of infection. You took a huge risk taking meds from the hospital. I won’t lie — I was really nervous when the shortage showed up on the computer. But michael called spinelli… and the shortage disappeared. Thankfully. Spinelli’s a good person to know. Well, so is jason. He helped save me from shiloh. Michael loves him. So do you. He’s important to this family. He is. But he was also a fugitive wanted for shooting a cop. And I know it wouldn’t occur to michael to not get involved, but I’m sure it occurred to you. Well, sometimes you have to put your own doubts aside and back the person you love. Michael has done that for me. It was my turn to do it for him. Well, I understand that because I know what it’s like to have that special of a relationship. You must be relieved now that jason’s back. So will he be alright now that the charges have been dropped? I-I still don’t understand what kind of trouble he was in or what’s happened to him. I don’t either. He has said very little. Really? I… I thought you and jason told each other everything. So, obviously jason’s cover is blown. He can no longer work at pikeman as “alan jacobs.” He can’t work there, but he still has value. How? They will have adjusted their protocols by now, and I’m sure that they’ve reallocated any personnel that ever came in contact with him. Maybe. But he knows too much. Pikeman’s gonna want to shut him up. Jason, you’re gonna stay here in port charles, out in the open. You want to use him as bait? I want to draw pikeman out. I’m not gonna be a walking target in my hometown, surrounded by people I care about. I’m not gonna let anybody wind up as collateral damage. Then be real careful. You know how pikeman operates. Draw them out. I’m willing to bet they’ll send someone senior to deal with you. We turn the tables, take them into custody, and incentivize them to give up whoever runs the company. How are you gonna “turn the tables”? I’m sure you’ll think of something. Jason, you have an impressive skill set and you’re good at improvising. So what’s it gonna be? Cooperate… …or we use the evidence we already have… and charge carly spencer with rico violations. And criminal conspiracy.

I’ll do what you want. As long as you leave carly alone. As long as you hold up your end, I have no use for carly. Alright. Let’s just… why don’t we clarify the objective now, please? Can we? Jason shouldn’t have involved you, anna. This is an fbi investigation. You’re not part of it. I am. We’ve already been over this, john. This is my jurisdiction I want in. The whole point of using jason is that he’s not an agent. How I use him is at my discretion. I am not gonna risk a leak or open the door to some inter-agency turf war at this late date. And you think any of that would apply to me? Why would it? Oh, come on, anna. You’re wsb… and so is pikeman. One of the great things about jason is that even when he can’t tell me what’s going on, I know I can trust him. He’ll let me in when he can, you know? There were so many times that he didn’t know what I was doing, and he trusted me anyway.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Why do I feel like there’s something you want to say? I’m sorry. I didn’t want to bring it up, but… drew told me that you guys broke up. Oh. Wow. I mean, I didn’t know that drew

was gonna saysomething to you. Not that it’s a secret or anything. It’s not. I just — I just — I just didn’t know how it would feel when people found out. How is he? You know drew. He puts on a game face, but I know he was hurt. I love him. I do. And I miss him and… he went through so much with me and for me, and I really wanted to return that kind of loyalty. But… I didn’t know jason was gonna come back. Look. Drew is a good friend. Literally my lifesaver. And I-I hope he can put his own life back together and find something that matters to him. That is your problem, nina! When things don’t go your way, you actually — you focus on the wrong thing. Right now my problem is that I have a sanctimonious boss who barged into my office and now wants to lecture me about my shortcomings. Oh, I can’t believe I forgot to include “victimhood complex” in there. My bad. I’m sorry. I know nothing’s ever your fault, right? That’s how you justify your actions. When you lose something, you just go and try and take something from somebody else in return. Think about it for a second. You lost nelle, you lied to carly. Made her think that she lost sonny. You lost willow, you tried to send carly to prison. You’re still defending carly?! How pathetic, drew! The best decision you ever made was to fire carly and reinstate me. Why are you backtracking now? I’m not backtracking now, nina! I’m not rewriting history. I’ve got a very clear mind on what happened, and I have a very good memory. But that’s in the past, and we’re trying to move forward here, right? Haven’t you ever heard “living well is the best revenge”? Stella! This is a wonderful surprise. You’re staying for dinner, right? No, no, I just came by to leave trina a coconut cake. Uh, I left it in the kitchen. That’s so thoughtful of you. It’s her favorite. Thank you very much. My pleasure! And I hope you two have a wonderful evening. I’m sure you have a lot to catch up on. Buh-bye!

[ Stammers ]

[ Sighs ] She ran out of here so fast, I didn’t get a chance to tell her some good news. Dante woke up. That is good news. Yeah. It is. How’s he doing? He’s amazing. He’s weak, but he’s coherent. And sam and olivia, they’re over the moon. I’m really happy for them. Do you remember how excited I was when you finally woke up? I mean, I felt like I hadn’t taken a breath in months. And then you opened your eyes and…

[ Sighs ] Look at you now. I’d rather look at you.

[ Chuckles ] I’d rather look at that cake. Portia: Excuse me!

[ Laughs ]

Carly never wanted to be the editor of crimson. I talked her into it. She did it for me. Oh, and it didn’t feel good at all to show her the door? No. Nina, that — that is your petty way of thinking. To answer your question, I don’t want carly to suffer at all. I get nothing from that whatsoever. I win when I focus on myself and I build something for myself. I mean, if you could only do that, if you could only focus on your talents and what you have and get out of your own way, my god, you could probably eventually be happy. Happy? I was happy, drew. Happier than I’ve ever been in my life. You know why? Because I had a family. My surviving daughter was back in my life. I had two wonderful grandchildren. I was married to a man that I loved and who loved me. A job that I was great at. Two, in fact. And now what do I have? I have nothing. Except for crimson, which is all I started with in the first place. You bear no responsibility for those turn of events? Everything that you claimed carly had to begin with. Oh, I did not want anything from carly. Things just happened the way they happened. Yes, I take responsibility for keeping the truth about sonny being alive in nixon falls from his family. But once sonny remembered, it was his choice, and he chose me. I didn’t force him. It was sonny’s decision. So big on choice, aren’t you? So big on choice. What about accountability? Oh, you want to talk accountability? How about carly?! She chose to buy shares of aurora and commit a crime! But was she held accountable? No. Carly always gets a pass. She even had you take the fall for her! After you turned us in to the sec! Which was perfectly legal! But apparently unforgivable — for me. Now I’m exiled… from the man that I love and from the only family that I was ever able to call my own. Is that fair? Oh, josslyn! That’s so beautiful! Thank you. It smells like heaven. Yeah. No, it’s a great recipe. When did you learn how to cook lasagna? When’d you learn how to make anything from scratch?

[ Chuckles ] Dex was teaching me how to cook. And he’s really good at it. You miss him, huh? I’m trying not to. That’s all you had to say, huh? Hm. I know that I have to let it go, and — and, overall, I have. It’s just, you know, there’S… that part of me that’s waiting for a text or a call. Hm. What if he does text or call? I promised myself I wouldn’t answer.

[ Carly sighs ] I started out this interview asking you why you wanted to be a cop. Aside from you saying commissioner devane asked you to apply and stating that you wanted to stay in town, you haven’t answered the question. Yes, the commissioner suggested I join the force. I could have refused, but… I thought it over, and I realized… I missed that feeling I had back in the army. Which is what? Doing something good through service. The way I see it, being a cop is like being a soldier. You go through a lot of tough stuff, but it’s for a greater good and it’s about serving others. You took an oath to serve your country and the constitution in the military. Law-enforcement officers take an oath to support and defend the constitution and uphold the laws in their jurisdiction. Are you prepared to do that? Yes, sir. There’s another thing. I liked being a part of something bigger than myself. When I was in the army, the men and women I served with became my brothers and sisters. We were in it together, and we had each other’s backs. We were doing something real and important. It was — it was hard as hell and it was challenging. But we had a purpose. We believed in a cause so strongly… we put our lives on the line for it, and that gave my life meaning. To protect our way of life and our freedom was the goal. The goal in working private security and working for sonny was to make money. And that — that was a stupid and ugly reason to die. Anna: So now we get to the real reason behind your attitude towards me since you came to town. Am I part of your investigation? There’s no way to know. But we do know that pikeman has long-standing and unhealthy ties to the wsb. So you don’t like me poking around. Is that it? You’ve been just playing nice to keep tabs on me, to keep me in check. I can neither confirm nor deny, but the ties between pikeman and the wsb go back to your early days as an agent, anna, in the ’80s. I can tell you flat out — I’ve never had anything to do with pikeman. Jack brennan, who — who ended his rather brief tenure as head of the wsb by being shipped off to pentonville, he could tell you more. It’s alleged that he was running both pikeman and wsb. Unless you think that I’m the new head of pikeman… and that by packing him off to prison, I was making a big power grab. Anything is possible and falls within the scope of my investigation. I want pikeman and everyone affiliated with it to go down. That’s my focus. It’s mine, too! How do we do it?! Well, that is the billion-dollar question. Hopefully jason will get us an answer.

It took every ounce ofwillpower I had to make s–

[ Exhales sharply ] Curtis, hon– wait. Wait a second.

[ Exhales sharply ] Hm…

[ Exclaims ] Okay.

[ Groans ] Looks like I’m gonna need a little practice.

[ Both chuckle ] I could certainly use a good coach. Well, you got one. You’ve got one. -[ Grunts ] -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yep.

[ Grunts ]

[ Curtis sighs ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Portia laughing ] I’d almost believe you if i hadn’t personally experienced your version of payback. And I don’t know. Maybe you have seen the light. Maybe you’re the kinder, gentler drew of old. But I somehow doubt it. I think the rage and the anger is still in there somewhere. I wonder… if there was a button you could push that would somehow magically make jason disappear again — no one would know except for you — would you push it? Knowing that your brother would just go away and everything would go back to the way it was?

[ Door opens ] Ms. Reeves? The piece on how the wellness/fitness market is booming and evolving is in your inbox. Thank you, madison. Thank you. I’ll look at it right away. I need to go back to work. So I heard. What’s, um — what’s this piece about? It’s just for the next issue. It’s — it’s about feeling good is a powerful, profitable industry. You know, fitness and well-being. They’re not just trendy buzzwords. Do me a favor. Will you forward that to me? I’d like to read that. I’m forwarding it right now.

[ Cellphone dings ] Got it. Thank you. Maybe we can work together after all.

[ Door closes ] Stranger things have happened. Here’s the deal, mr. Heller. I get what you did in the military. I respect your discretion about your private clients. I don’t like the gaps in your work history, but I know that world and I’m familiar with non-disclosures. What concerns me the most is your affiliation with the corinthos organization — what you’ve seen, what you’ve done. It’s because of the time that I worked for sonny that I want this. I did things that I regret. And you think you can make up for them by becoming a cop? Because that’s not how this works. The commissioner may have suggested this, but if you’re thinking of it as some kind of penance, then don’t do it. I told you, sir — I want a purpose in my life. I need to do better for myself.

[ Children laugh ] Josslyn: Oh, hi! Okay. Who won — the rebels or the empire? We haven’t finished yet. -Oh. -The rebels will win! How do you know that? Because josslyn’s playing for us, and she’s the best! -Ohh! -I play for the empire, and I’m, uh — I’m a pretty good pilot. Okay. We’ll see what happens. Okay. Uh, before we sit down to dinner, I just want to thank josslyn, donna, and willow for making dinner. You helped, too, mommy. Oh, that’s really nice of you to say that. [ Laughs ] But I also want to say how much I love you all very much… and how lucky we are that we have each other. And we’re lucky that dante is doing better. And we’re so lucky that jason’s back. We have so much to celebrate. Let’s eat!

[ Laughter ] -Let’s eat! Okay. -Okay. You good with that? -There you go. -Gotta grab the bread. I know a lot about pikeman, but I don’t know who’s in charge. I don’t know the chain of command. But you’re right. They’re gonna want to shut me up. The same way they tried to eliminate sonny. I don’t know. They sent separate teams for sonny. The first team was the metro court then puerto rico. I was on the third team, as you know. But their approach is not working. They definitely could try something different with me. Yeah. I regret that you have to be used as bait, jason. That’s real. But I am playing the hand I’ve been dealt with now. The mission remains shutting pikeman down. Commissioner devane.

[ Door closes ] You okay with this? Just has to be done. It all makes sense now. You didn’t become an fbi informant to protect yourself. It was to save carly. She can’t know. Why?

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GH Short Recap Monday, April 1, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Sonny chats with Dante, who’s walking around in the hospital but still very weak. Sonny tells him that Jason is an FBI informant, so he’s ready to write Jason off.

Jason drops by to see Elizabeth and Jake at home. Jake is angry that he’s been gone for two years and didn’t even call. Jason tries to explain, but Jake doesn’t want to hear it. Elizabeth is glad Jason stopped by. She tries to explain to Jake later what Jason is like.

Jason drops by to visit Dante, too. They chat. Jason assures him that he’s not informing on Sonny. Dante wonders what the feds had on Jason to get him to work for them, but Jason won’t say.

Diane visits The Intruder to tell Alexis that she may have a way to get her law license back. Neal’s brother, Fergus, was one of the original lawyers on her committee and had to recuse himself. However, his law partner took his place. Alexis has some concerns but is very annoyed with being at The Intruder now that Nina owns it, so she tells Diane to go forward with it.

Blaze is about to sign her Deception contract when her mother, Natalia, rushes in to look at her contract first. She doesn’t want Blaze to be a spokesmodel or do any interviews (concerned that her being a lesbian will become public). Blaze meekly agrees. Maxie is annoyed, but Lucy agrees to Natalia’s suggestion that they get a second Face of Deception to do the publicity things.

Anna tells the man that runs the police academy that she has a potential candidate: Dex. He wonders if it’s a good idea to have Sonny’s former employee become a cop, but she thinks he’ll be useful. She tells the cop, who thought she was partial to Sonny, that she wants to focus on organized crime in Port Charles.

Later, Sonny visits Anna, wondering is she’s going to press charges against Jason. She tells him off, angrily. He wonders why she’s being that way. She tells him that she’s been nice to him because of Robin and Stone, but she was not OK with his beating up an old man (Cyrus). She orders him out of her office.


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GH Transcript Monday, April 1, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Sonny: Good to see you up and walking.

Dante: [ Weakly ] Yeah, you know, I might as well… be moving backward.

What matters is you’re doing it.

Yeah, unsteady though I may be.

You know, I wasn’t there when you took your first steps, but I’m getting a taste of that right now. This time, if — if you fall… I’ll be there to catch you.

Elizabeth: Jake, will you hurry up? I’d really like to take a shower after my shift! And the plumber hasn’t fixed mine yet, so hurry up!

[ Knock on door ]

Aiden, can you get that? I’m not dressed.


Hi. It’s, uh, aiden, right?

Yeah. You’re jason.

Yeah, it’s, uh — it’s been a while.

Sorry. Do you want to come in?

Thanks. Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hi.

I hope it’s okay that I stopped by.

Yeah. Of course.

I saw you at my arraignment, and I just wanted to say thank you for being there.

Yeah, well, I-I just wanted to see for myself what was going on. Congratulations on having the charges dropped.

Thanks. Yeah, I’m sorry, I should have — I should have dropped by sooner.

No, no, I-I mean, it’s — it’s fine. Um, to be quite honest, I don’t know what sort of reception you would have received had you shown up any earlier. So maybe now the timing is just right.

Nina made me associate publisher, and I have every right to weigh in on where my pieces run.

Well, you don’t have any right to decide the layout of the paper, because that’s my job.

Oh, why don’t we call nina?

What —

see what she says?

You 5 years old? This is not kindergarten. You’re going to call the principal? No, we’re not doing that, adrian.

[ Knock on door ]

Diane: Knock, knock. Bad time?

So, how does it look?

Seeing it in print makes it seem real.

[ Laughs ] Of course it’s real. And we — we are all so excited to have you as the new face of Deception.

Thank you. I’m glad you circled back and that it’s working out this time.

Of course. Of course it’s working out. You are the perfect pairing with Deception, like peanut butter and chocolate or wine and cheese or a facial and a massage —

you know what? Lucy is right. This is going to be a great partnership. I say that not only on behalf of Deception, but also as your music manager. This is a really smart step for your career.

Maxie: Yeah, your popularity as an artist will bring eyes to Deception, and Deception’s large ad reach will boost your profile and expose your music to a whole new audience. It’s a win-win. We just need your signature.


[ Laughter ] Hi. I am so sorry I’m late. Traffic was just crazy. Have you signed that yet, honey?

Not yet.

Okay, perfect. Because it is so much harder to tear these things up and start from scratch.

Excuse the mess. Um, I just got off a double shift. I’m a head nurse now.

I heard, and epiphany died. It’s just so much to process, you know? First bobbie and then britt and epiphany. So much can happen in two years. But I’m happy you made head nurse. You deserve it. I know epiphany would be proud of you.

Thanks. Big shoes to fill, but so far, I’m loving it.

You look good. Happy.

Thank you. You look different.

It’s because I am.

Diane, I’m so glad we could meet. I was just showing adrian out.

In point of fact, we had not yet finished.

Go ahead. Call nina. In fact, she’s probably really busy. Why don’t you e-mail her and make sure you cc me?

Hold space for the review on the front page!

Perfect timing.

[ Laughs ] It looks like your day’s going well.

Nina has foisted this gossip columnist on me, made him associate publisher, and now I think he — he runs the place.

Oh, I’m sure that’s fun for you.

No. Nina is determined to turn the invader into some fluffy, gossipy rag magazine and making my life a living hell.

So you could obviously use some good news.

Do you have some to share?

I’ve done some digging, and with the information that I have found out, we are half a step closer to getting you back to practicing law.

So, I understand that this is not the first time you’ve approached alison about being the face of Deception. The woman who had the position until just recently, why did you two separate?

Um, that’s sasha gilmore. Sasha gilmore was wonderful and amazing, and we love her. And we’re so grateful to her for all she contributed. It’s just that, you know pop culture. It’s ever evolving and changing, and her look was just a little too wholesome. And the magazines right now want hipper, edgier, you know, the gen z that has that style. Which Blaze as a musician obviously has in spades.

Yeah. That’s, um — that’s unacceptable.

Which part?

Well, I’m just not going to have the word “edgy” associated with Blaze, because it just has less than savory connotations. Now, creative, gifted, those are acceptable.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Blaze, uh, what do you think?

Well, my mom makes a good point. I define myself as a creative. Whether people find my look, my presentation edgy, so be it. But that’s not something I’m striving for.

Uh, well, you know, we just want you to be your own lovely, wonderful self.

Thank you.

Um, okay. I have a little problem here with clause number three. It says something about Blaze being a “spokesmodel” for Deception products. What exactly does that mean?

Anything you need, you, you know, just say it.

Look at me. [ Chuckles weakly ] I want my strength back. I feel like I just ran a marathon or something.

That’s going to take time. You’ve been through a lot. But you’re getting your color back to your face, right? So, when you were unconscious —

hey, I’m going to be okay. Alright? You’re not getting rid of me that easy.

That’s good to know.

Uh, you know, I was shocked when I, uh — when I heard that jason was arrested for shooting me. I’m glad — glad I got that all sorted out with anna.

You positive that that’s what happened?

Yeah. Yeah, I went after the two suspects. Caught up with them at the — at the pier. Told them to stop. One of them — one of them did. The other didn’T. The guy that did, I told him to turn around with his hands in the air. And when he did, it was jason. Then the other guy, he came back, and he opened fire.

I saw on the news you’d been shot.

Uh, yeah, I’m okay.

Thank you.

Okay, mom. The bathroom’s all yours. And, um, if you still want to get me that electric razor for my birthday —

hi, jake.

Why are you here?

Diane: Something about the disciplinary hearing that resulted in your disbarment has never sat right with me, so I did some digging. One of the original attorneys on the panel had to recuse himself.

On what grounds? I don’t know. You tell me. The attorney in question, fergus byrne.

Byrne. Byrne!

As in the older brother of dr. Neil byrne, with whom you had a relationship and then lied to the board to protect.

And also the reason I was disbarred.


I had no idea there was a third brother. And yet he was the lawyer that recused himself on my case?

Mm-hmm. The byrnes were quite the overachieving irish american family — a doctor, a lawyer, an executive turned blackmailer.

This is really intriguing. Although how does it help me?

When fergus byrne recused himself, he was replaced with his very own law partner. Now, that alone gives the whole proceeding an air of illegitimacy, don’t you think?

I wanted to talk to you about a possible candidate for the police academy.

Oh, yeah. Well, we’re always looking for new recruits, especially one that comes recommended by the police commissioner.

Oh, yeah. Um, his name is, uh, dex heller. And I wanted to talk to you because you’re an instructor over at the academy, and I just wanted you to assess his potential.

Sure, I’d be happy to meet with him. How’d he do on the written exam?

He didn’t sit that yet. I-I wanted us to get the ball rolling first.

Okay. Uh, why is that?

He’s ex-military. He served in afghanistan. And so, therefore, I’m sure he’ll pass the physical and the jst and, you know, the alcohol and drug screening. I-I just wanted him to have extra time to study for the written exam.

Okay, that’s definitely not the usual process, commissioner, but I-I trust your judgment.

Thank you. Yeah. I have a good feeling about him, about dex. His experience with his former employer I think is going to be very useful for us.

Really? Uh, okay. What was he doing?

Working for sonny corinthos.

You know, the guy who shot me, I’d never seen him before. Not that it matters. Anna said they can’t find his body anywhere. No forensic evidence, nothing.

I guess jason knows what happened to him ’cause they were working together.

They were together on the roof, yeah. Lining up a shot at me.

Yeah, I don’t know what he was doing with that guy anyway. But I remember he was — he was trying to get me help. He was trying to stop the bleeding.

I guess we know where our tax dollars are going.

Tax dollars? What are you talking about?

I saw jason last night. He’s working as an informant. For the fbi.

You’ve been on the news a lot. Everyone’s talking about you, but I haven’t heard anyone say where you’ve been all this time.

All I can say is, uh, I got into some trouble, had to take a job I didn’t want in a place far away from here.

And they didn’t have phones in this faraway place or computers. Or — or did you just not feel like telling us you were alive?


it’s — it’s okay. I’d be asking the same question. I know this doesn’t make much sense to you, but if I could have gotten in touch, I would have. And I know it’s a lot to ask, but please… believe me.

Would you believe you?

Blaze would represent Deception at all our in-store product launches and of course on the home & heart shopping channel. She would be showing off our merchandise. And look at that face. This face would sell millions of units of beauty and wellness products. Yeah, it’ll get a ton of eyes on Blaze. We can’t buy that kind of publicity for her music career.

Absolutely not.

I’m sorry?

No, she — Blaze will do photo shoots, yes, but she’s not going to be personally hawking products on some home shopping show or live events. No.

Okay. I’m sure we can come up with a compromise that works for everyone.

Natalia: No. No compromise. You will not be signing the contract unless you agree that the face of Deception is completely separate than this traveling salesperson of Deception.

In the old days, organized crime would quietly infiltrate the force or hand out bribes to put some cops in their back pocket. So now you’re telling me the department is actively recruiting mobsters?

Well, dex had a somewhat contentious parting with his former employer. I believe that he has left that life firmly behind. And he will be 100% loyal to us here.

You know hiring this guy is going to cause conflict with corinthos.

Yes, that — I think it’s natural that there’s conflict between law enforcement and racketeers.

I always thought you had a soft spot for corinthos and tried to go easy on him.

Well, I apologize if I gave that impression. We go back, sonny and — and detective falconeri is his son. And I know that raises a few eyebrows around here, but he has never cut his father any slack, and nor will anyone else in this department, including me. Sonny corinthos will be held to the same standard that we hold everyone else.

Can I ask what prompted this change of heart?

Say it was a series of events that occurred recently that shed light on the fact that we have to check organized crime in this city, specifically limit sonny’s influence. To that end, dex will be invaluable to us. He will be able to give us insight into how sonny’s operation is run. I think that if we pass up this opportunity, we will never get one like this again.

Jason’s been working for the feds this whole time?


Why? Did he explain it?

Not really. He just said he was working as an informant for the fbi, and he wanted me to swallow it. But how can I swallow something? That’s the worst thing he could have done.

I guess I know how you feel about it.

I mean, working for the feds? He’s dead to me.

Come on. Why don’t you get the full story first before you write him off?

I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it. Go ahead, say it, dante. Whatever it is you’ve got to say, say it.

Jason was your right-hand man, for years. You relied on him.

When I came back from nixon falls, I had amnesia. And I come back, my wife’s marrying my — my best friend. I have feelings for another woman. Things were never the same after that. Maybe jason’s not the jason that I know. I’m sorry. I don’t — I don’t want to waste, you know, our valuable time talking about this right now. I want you to get better. I want you to even make fun of me if you want.

[ Chuckles weakly ]

I really don’t care. Hell, I’ll even let you. How’s that?

I’m gonna hold you to that.

[ Chuckles ] You better.

This is all very intriguing. But I-I don’t want to get my hopes up.

I believe the implication of bias gives us further grounds to appeal your disbarment.

Wish I had paid more attention to neil’s family tree. I mean, I knew there was a lawyer out there somewhere, vaguely. But if neil’s brother fergus was at his memorial, I never met him.

Well, maybe there’s a very good reason why fergus didn’t introduce himself to you. If he was even partially responsible for your disbarment, he’d want to stay as far away from you as humanly possible before you started putting the pieces all together.


But fergus is no longer on the disciplinary committee. I checked. So he won’t be a factor in your appeal this time.

All joking aside, I truly am impressed with the progress that you’ve made on this so quickly. [ Sighs ] I’m just not sure that I should proceed with this.

Why the hell not?

Because my job at the invader is annoying, and it’s frustrating, but an argument in its favor is I get to sleep at night. I won’t be up at 3:00 in the morning making revisions on a closing argument or having nightmares that I make a procedural error and I get my client wrongly convicted.

Yeah. Well, there’s a lot to be said for a restful night’s sleep. But the alexis I know never took the easy way out for anything. You love a challenge, and you love being a lawyer. So, my friend, what is this really about?

Molly’s worried. She said the last time that I practiced law, I also happened to be a raging alcoholic, and I turned my life into a car wreck. And she’s worried that if the appeal is dismissed, I’ll dive right back into the bottle.

I see. Well, what did you say to that?

She’s got enough on her plate right now, so I don’t want to worry her, but I told her that I go to meetings regularly, and I’m working the program. And that is all true. But what if my trying to get my law license back derails my sobriety and everything else that I’ve worked so hard to salvage from the ruins of my old life?

Okay. I have crossed out all the sections about the live participation in pitching products, and the rest of it looks good to me.

Okay. Well, what if we want the live participation sections to remain in force?

Well, then you will have to find another face of Deception.

Hey. Look, I know that your mom wants the best for you and for your career.

Of course.

But you do realize being the face of Deception is a very prestigious role. I mean, it’s big, big, big. Are you really willing just to pass that up?

No, I don’t want to. Uh — but my mom makes a valid point. I’m a singer, a performer, not a spokesmodel.

Ah. I see.

But I don’t think that means we have to forget about the whole thing. Would you be open to hiring a second face? Someone to do the home & heart appearances and meet and greets? I’d do print advertising and related media.

We really need to discuss —

that is so perfect. You know, two faces, two are better than one. And I have a great idea how we’ll handle home & heart without you.

I-I told you everything I can.

Which is basically nothing! Am I supposed to give you extra points because you aren’t lying?

I-I know that I have a lot of things to make up for. I’m just hoping that if we can spend some time together, you can see that you can trust me.

Why would i want to spend time with you when I don’t even know how long you’re planning to stay this time? Or what even brought you back to port charles, because it obviously wasn’t me or anyone else in your family. But hey, at least you dropped by and got to play dad for a minute, right?

I didn’t want to leave, jake. I didn’t have a choice.

And you came back just as soon as you could, right?

No. No. I-I can’t explain… why, but I can see how much it hurts you.

You don’t know anything about me, so stop pretending you do.

I didn’t mean to upset you. I should go.

Then go!

Elizabeth: I’ll walk you out. You know, um, part of me wants to apologize for that, but… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get where he’s coming from. I have a lot of those same questions for you myself.

I know.

But… despite all of that… …it really is good to see you. Your death never felt real to me. I’m glad it wasn’T.

Yeah, me, too. Jake has every right to be angry. I’m glad he’s not afraid to say so.

Don’t kid yourself. He may act tough, but he is still just a teenager who’s afraid of an awful lot. Mostly, he’s afraid of losing his father.

I know this isn’t easy. First you had to mourn your dad and accept that he’s gone. And now all of a sudden, he’s back with no real explanation of where he went for so long. But this isn’t good for you to be so angry with him.

Well, I don’t think it’s good for you to be so okay with this and act, like, all nice to him, like — like he didn’t do anything wrong and everything’s fine.

That’s not what I’m doing. Jake, I understand that you’re hurting, but it doesn’t make it okay for you to lash out at everyone around you. So can you tone down the snark just a little?

Did you know?

Know what?

That my dad was alive. He didn’t call you or get in touch with you or send you something? Did you know and — and keep it a secret from me?

No. No, god, no, jake. I didn’t know he was alive, I promise.

Okay. It’s just hard, you know? It’s like, I-I feel guilty because — never mind. It doesn’t matter.

No, no, no, no, please j– tell me. All of your feelings matter. And you get to feel however you want to about this. And you can talk to me. No judgment here, I promise you that.

Well, it’s — I-I feel guilty because I was so sad when dad died. I used to lay in bed at night wishing I could talk to him just one more time. But now I think that it was easier to have a dead father that people would tell you stories about, rather than one who’s alive but only shows up to commit crimes and get arrested and has nothing to say to his own family.

[ Knock on door ]

Come in.

Hi, anna. How are you?

What can I do for you, sonny? I’m very busy. Um, I don’t have a lot of time.

Oh, okay, I’ll get to it. Um, I just got back from seeing dante.

How’s he doing?

He’s doing — he’s doing alright. He got up, and he was walking. You know, full recovery’s going to take a while, but, uh — I hate seeing him that way.

Of course. But then, the alternative is much worse.

Dante also said that it — he’s positive it wasn’t jason who shot him.

I’m aware of that. Like I said, I have a lot of work to do, so if that’s what you came here to tell me —

yeah, well, if jason, uh, isn’t guilty of shooting dante, he was still on the roof with that sniper who shot at me.

Fortunately, you weren’t hit.

Yeah, I was lucky. But, you know, um, you know jason was there, so do you have any idea what you’re going to charge him with?

Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.

No, I just didn’t, uh — didn’t expect to see you here. Um… I’m happy you are here, though. I wanted to, uh — I wanted to thank you.

For what?

Well, for the bandage. For calling 911. I think I, uh, probably would have bled out by the time the ambulance got there.

Well, if it hadn’t been for me, you wouldn’t be down on the pier in the first place.

Huh. That’s a good point. I take it back.

[ Chuckles ]

You know one thing I can’t figure out? Why’d you turn around? You didn’t want to be identified. Why didn’t you keep running?

Because I knew you wouldn’t stop chasing us. And I thought it would be… safer if I let you arrest me, but it turns out that I was wrong.

Let me ask you this, as a — well, as a cop and a victim. Can you tell me what happened to the guy who shot me?

No. The name I had for him was fake. But what’s real is he’s dead.

What happened to his body?

Uh, I have no idea. I have some theories, but it doesn’t really matter.

Well, maybe you can tell me this, then. Was he also an fbi informant?

My friend, none of us knows the future. If your appeal is denied, could the disappointment that you feel cause you to start drinking again? I don’t know. I — I guess anything’s possible. But I know you, and I know how strong you are. You have accomplished everything you have set your mind to. So there’s no reason to think that this would cause you to start drinking again. Hell, you say this place is a nightmare, but you’re not tossing ’em back, are you?


No. So there you go.

Thank you.

Now let’s get to my other big news. My petition to petition the appeals court was granted. So now the justices just need to agree that there are grounds for an appeal. Even though, technically speaking, that window was closed a long time ago.

Diane, we both know that motions to vacate disbarment are rarely granted.

God! I do not have the time right now to manage your fear of success. So would you please stop being the voice of doom? Honey, I’m ready to run with this, but only if you are committed to seeing it through and of course, paying me back for all the hours I will be logging by joining my practice once we see this through.

Nina and I had a great idea I’d love to run by you.

I’m in the middle of something. Can it wait?

It’ll just take a minute. Everyone has been loving my column so much that nina and I thought we could split it off into daily pieces. We’ll call it something like “spotlight of society,” highlighting what all the movers and shakers of port charles are up to, who are the hot new couples, who’s getting divorced, who lost all their money. It could be a big hit. What do you think?

I think that if you don’t leave my office right now, you’ll be putting out the evening’s edition all by yourself.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. I know that’s meant to be a threat. But I’ll have you —

get out, adrian!

[ Sighs ] Do it.


Please. Get me the hell out of here.

[ Laughs ]

Here you go. Consider this contract official.

Thank you. I will walk you out.

[ Laughs ] And thank you.

You know, I am so glad that we could work things out. We are going to do amazing, great things together.

Me, too. I’m the new face of Deception.

And a gorgeous face it is!

Congratulations.I’m so happy for you, baby. I have so many shoot ideas I cannot wait to talk to you about.

[ Women laugh, speak indistinctly ]

See? Everybody is so, so excited to get started working with you.

Oh, uh, just one more thing. And this doesn’t have to be in writing or anything, but I really would like your word that moving forward, alison will be a woman of mystery.

[ Chuckles ] What does that mean?

Just that her private life will remain off-limits. So she won’t be doing any interviews. You won’t publish puff pieces about her. Alison, or Blaze as you’ll be calling her, will just be known to the public by her beauty and her music.

Okay, um… is that what you want?


Your father is a man of few words, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He wouldn’t have shown up here if he didn’t want to see you.

Maybe he just felt like he had to.

No. No. I don’t know where he’s been for the past few years or why. But I saw the way he looked at you just now. He wouldn’t have stayed away on his own.

Why is he like this?

He’s complicated. But he never makes things up. And he doesn’t lie. He may not say a whole lot, but every word that comes out of his mouth is the truth.

You always defend him.

I’m explaining him. It’s different.

Doesn’t matter anyway. He knows I’m mad at him. I doubt he’ll ever show up here again.

I wouldn’t count on that. He’s not going to make some big declaration about how he’s your dad and he loves you. Instead, he’s going to keep showing up until you realize that’s the only explanation.

Guess you’ve been talking to sonny.

Yeah, he left a — he left a little while ago. You know, you working for the feds, that’s really messing him up.

I’m an informant, not an agent.

Sonny thinks you’re a traitor, but… there’s something else going on here. I mean, how many deals did you get offered over the years, and you didn’t take them? How many times could you have flipped on sonny, and you didn’t do it?

I didn’t inform on sonny.

Then who?

[ Sighs ] That I can’t — I can’t say.

Well, the fbi, they must have some serious leverage, something big, to get you to cooperate.

It was something big enough that I had no choice to… take their deal and do exactly what they wanted.

You swear to me it has nothing to do with my father?

Sonny has nothing to do with this. He’s safe. And I’m going to do my best to make sure he stays that way.

Son of a bitch. You have the gall to come in here and try to get me to file charges against jason?

I just wanted a heads up, just in case I have to testify.

There are no charges to file. It’s clear that jason stopped that sniper from shooting you. Anyway, this is an fbi case now, so if you’ll just — I mean, if you want me to arrest someone, I can always circle back to the attack on cyrus on christmas eve.

Anna, where is this hostility coming from —

no, I mean, it’s an open case. It’s in my jurisdiction, and I have a lot of dna evidence collected from the victim indicating you as the attacker. Cyrus may have declined to press charges against you, but I — honestly, I don’t need him in order to move forward.

Wh– I thought we were, like, getting closer, and that doesn’t seem to be the case now. What’s — what’s happening?

No, it’s — it’s not the case, sonny. It’s not. I think my attitude towards you was really colored by your friendship with robin and what you did for her and for stone. But if you thought for one second that I was okay with you beating an old man bloody and unconscious, no matter if he’s a vile person, you were sorely mistaken. I’m police commissioner. And your days of thinking that you can skate no matter what the offense, they’re over! So if you don’t mind — e-even if you do mind, get out of my office!

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