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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn tells Eddie that she is going to have a meeting with Blaze to see about being her manager. Eddie tells Brook Lynn that he is going to sing at the Savoy tonight. Brook Lynn suggests that Eddie ask Olivia to go hear him sing. Eddie goes to the Metro Court to ask Olivia to go with him to the Savoy. Eddie tells Olivia he is singing tonight and he and Olivia hug. Eddie hesitates about asking Olivia out because Olivia is upset that the security footage from Anna’s hotel room has been wiped from the computer server.

Valentin tells Nina that he needs to spend more time with Charlotte, but before he can decide what to do next, he needs to find out if Charlotte burned down Anna’s house.

Willow returns to work at the hospital and helps Sam get a copy of the toxicology report from when Sasha was brought in after stabbing Cody. The report shows Sam that Dr. Montague gave Sasha dextroamphetamine which when combined with her antidepressant pushed Sasha over the edge.

Cyrus tells a guard to lie to Drew and tell him that Austin was visiting a prisoner who was in solitary confinement for stabbing a guard. Cyrus later tells Drew that the warden is planning to lock down the prison to avoid a scandal because she is being considered for a promotion. Cyrus tells Drew to stay out of trouble.

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GH Transcript Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


e[ Strumming guitar ] Psst! You talking to me? Yeah. Just making sure that the coast is clear. No granny sightings? Tracy? No, no, she’s not here. If I’m playing my guitar, you can rest assured that tracy is nowhere in the vicinity. She’s having a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that I’m eddie, not ned. She gave me an earful yesterday about the evils of the music industry, so…

[ Chuckles ] I bet she did. Yeah. I hope you didn’t listen to her. Oh, no, not even close. I actually have an important meeting today that, if all goes well, you will be looking at a successful music manager. Oh. “My beautiful date”? Marshall’s right about one thing. But do you think this is a date? Well…

[ Chuckles ] If it gets us free drinks, I don’t see why not.

[ Knock on door ] Ah. Hi, anna. Hi. Um, I’m so sorry to interrupt. Oh, not at all. Not at all. I was just waking up from a [Chuckles] Late night at the savoy. What brings you by this morning? Well, I was, um, wondering whether i would be allowed to look at the security footage from the corridor outside the suite where we were staying. Why do you want to look at the security footage? Why? Because of the break-in. What break-in? She’s still sleeping. Oh, good. How was she after I left last night? She was fine. She just stayed in her room after you left. Good. Thank you, by the way. Yeah, of course. I love charlotte. She is welcome here anytime. You know that. I know. I-I just didn’t give you much of a heads-up, and I appreciate it. Gave me a chance to make some arrangements, though. Arrangements for what? I mean, valentin, what are you gonna do about charlotte targeting anna? Yes, I’ll accept the charges. Drew: Carly.

Hey, good morning. Aw, it is now that I hear your voice. Are you staying safe? Doing my best. I miss you. Believe me, I miss you, too. How’s it going? Do you have any news or information for me to give to sonny? Not yet. I am, uh… I’m still working on it. Good morning. Ah! The delightful ms. Miller. Robert, flattery will get you everywhere. Hmm. I see you’ve come out for work. Well, you said this was a working breakfast. I did. Uh, please, sit. Yep. So what case are we working on? Well, I may have found a way to help drew, and I get to see you at the same time. Well, either way, you have my attention. Hub. Tenth floor. L-let me transfer you to the icu. Willow! It’s so good to see you. I’ve thought about this day a lot, especially during my treatments. I used to watch the nurses, picture myself working alongside them again, and now I finally am. Yes, you are, and everyone on staff couldn’t be happier to have you back working with us. We really missed you. Thank you, deanna. I missed all of you.

[ Telephone rings ] Your first call back. You want to take that? Absolutely. Tenth floor nurses’ station.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey.

Where are you with the subpoenas? I’m working on getting gladys’ bank records. Hopefully soon. Okay, well, what about the toxicology report? That subpoena is gonna take a little bit longer. That’s time sasha doesn’t have.

I, um… I asked around, put some feelers out, but unfortunately I haven’t come up with anything yet. Oh, drew, be careful, please. I mean, if you feel like things are getting dangerous, I want you to back off. I will. Promise me.

I promise. Now, enough about me. How are you? Yeah, I mean, I’m doing fine. Except I hate that you’re not here. I know. How are the girls? They’re great. I mean, donna and josslyn are doing great. What about you? Have you seen scout and sam? Well, scout just started school. I mean, she’s really busy. She’s got homework and soccer practice and swim lessons. And so, no, I haven’t seen much of her, but I guess that’s probably for the best. You know what? I have diane working every angle to get you out of there. But until then, you can’t cut yourself off from the people who love you, especially scout. What have your sleuthing skills sussed so far? I did a bit of back checking on judge kim. And? Well, it seems that he’s, uh, pushing for a promotion to the second circuit court of appeals. Oh-ha-ha. Well, appearing to be tough on major crime — that would endear him to the second circuit court. But — but why go after somebody like drew, give him an overly harsh sentence? Forget about drew. Think about his girlfriend and her ex-husband. Once again, all roads lead to sonny. Valentin

and I weresupposed to have dinner in the hotel restaurant last night, and we changed our minds, decided to order room service. And then by the time we got to the suite, someone had broken in. What? I know. Oh, anna. I — well, I filed a report with the pcpd. Surely — I-I’m so sorry that this happened to you at my hotel. No, it’s not your fault. You — this is the first I’m hearing of this, honestly, and which is very strange, because nina is usually very good about — about communicating with me about hotel business. Did she leave a message somewhere or something? It’s possible, but she didn’t communicate with me directly. I mean, as I said, I was very distracted last night. Let me see. Maybe she left a message on my business line, but… I just want to apologize on behalf of the metro court hotel. Is there anything at all that I can do for you? I mean, you know, whatever you need. I assume you’ve been moved into a different suite. Oh, yes. Yeah. Your staff were great. They moved us almost immediately, and I’m fine. Really, I’m — thank you, though. Any idea who might want to do this to you? Yeah. I mean, it’s possibly the same person that burned my house, I think.

[ Sighs ] Anna, I’m sorry. If there’s anything that you need, I’m here for you. Yes, there’s something you can do. Name it. So, the security footage. Yeah. I was told it’s missing, and I-I just wanted to make sure there’s no misunderstanding.

[ Chuckles ] Missing? No. We have a state-of-the-art security system here. I can assure you of that. All right, well, if you can access the footage — but if it is missing… mm-hmm. …Maybe you can pull it up from another source, like the mainframe server or something? Okay, about, uh, what time did the break-in happen? Between 7:00 and 9:00 P.M., I’d say. All right, and I am just… looking up what suite you were staying in. What I would like is the corridor outside that suite, the footage from there, and also the surrounding area. Don’t worry, I know this will not be a problem. Thank you. Well, first, I need to keep charlotte close. I need to keep a watchful eye on her. I-I think I’ve been distracted. I’ve — I’ve obviously neglected her. Distracted, maybe. Neglecting her? No. My daughter is running around doing god knows what. She’s a child. That’s something I’ve obviously forgotten. I need to spend more time with her. You’ve always put charlotte first. You always have. Have I? Have I? ‘Cause I don’t think she feels that way. And now she’s targeting anna for my absence. Well, your daughter is gonna need more than just time with her dad. At some point, you are going to have to confront her about everything that she has done. I know. But first, I need to know the extent of my daughter’s crimes. If we can get the bank statements, it could provide circumstantial evidence. But I bet — I bet you those statements are gonna show that gladys withdrew a ton of sasha’s money. I mean, probably taken out in cash. Right. Well, if gladys was paying montague in cash, we won’t be able to prove it. And that means the only thing we have tying him to sasha and keeping her in ferncliff and almost killing her is cody. N-no. No one is gonna believe cody. Well, the other option is to try and prove that montague was giving sasha mood-altering drugs. Yeah, well, one step at a time, okay? First, we need to prove there was a drug. Mm. We’ve got to get the toxicology report. I think I have a way to get it.

Why don’t you tell meabout this meeting of yours? I could use a distraction. The lyrics just aren’t flowing for me this morning. Okay, so there is this amazing singer. Her name is blaze. She’s a total rising star, and I want to be the one to take her to the top. She is an incredible talent, like beyoncé level. Wow. She must really be something. Well, I wouldn’t be signing her if she wasn’t special. Oh, well… so she’s already agreed to work with you, then? Not exactly. We’re actually meeting today, and I am going to give her the full-court press about how she should sign with me. If she were smart, she would take the deal. You’ve got a lot going for you. Well, if all goes well, maybe I could represent you. What do you think? I’m not sure if you’d want me. Marshall ashford called this morning and offered me a gig at the savoy tonight. That’s great. Well, it is, except — well, it’s kind of stupid, but I-I promised him that I would finish this song, and I am not going to finish this new song. So my music career could be over before it even gets started. What? What is it? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Anna, you were — you were right. I mean, the — the file containing the footage from noon to midnight is — is missing from the area around your suite. It’s, like, been wiped from the server. Could it be a computer glitch or…?

[ Chuckles ] If it is, it’s the first time that’s ever happened. Who else has access to the server it’s stored on? It’s only me and nina. I mean, hotel security can get the security footage, but they can’t have access to the server. All right, and how long do you typically archive your security footage? Three years before it’s deleted. Obviously, whoever broke into my suite, they — they hacked into your system and they deleted themselves breaking in. This does not sound like a random break-in, anna. This is obviously a professional job. Yeah, it does imply whoever’s after me is… somewhat sophisticated. The first thing I need to know is, did charlotte burn anna’s house? Oh, my god.

[ Scoffs ] I can’t imagine charlotte would do that to anyone, let alone anna. I just wish this was a mistake, some sort of misunderstanding. Oh, well, yeah, because not in 100 years would I think that charlotte would break into anna’s room, trash the place, destroy her clothes, write a threatening message. But we have that security footage. I mean, where was charlotte when anna’s house burned? She was at camp, but that’s an hour away. She could have taken a rideshare. Well, do you keep track of her rideshare history? I mean, do — do you keep track of her spending? I thought I did. I just — how could I be so stupid? No, valentin, valentin. You cannot blame yourself for any of this. I do. I do. I sent her to live with sam and dante. Who knows what she tells them that I’m okay with or not okay with? I mean, I have no idea what she’s up to when I’m not around. Carly, I wish I could talk to you all day. Carly: Yeah, I know.

Me, too. I got to go.

[ Sighs ] I love you. Same. Talk to you soon, okay? Bye. Cain. You serious about my son getting that internship at aurora? 100%. Yeah, that doctor you were asking about? Yeah. Gatlin-holt. Yes, him. I see where you’re going with this, robert. Figured you would. It’s a fascinating theory. So judge kim hands drew an overly harsh sentence, ridiculous, paving the way for the justice department to swoop in, provide carly with a deal — we will reduce drew’s sentence if, and only if, you, carly, flip on your ex-husband. There’s nothing to indicate that the justice department even know what’s going on here. It could be just the work of some overzealous judge who wants to score a few points. Either way, it could benefit drew.

[ Chuckles ] I love the way you think. Thank you. Shall we take this a step further? We still talking about the case?

[ Laughs ] We are. So, pure speculation. If judge kim is working on his own, then the justice department might want to have drew’s case reassigned to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. So my question for you is, where do I go… uh… …to do a — I-I’m gonna have to cut this short. Anna’s just arrived. Thank you. Willow. Hey. It’s so good to see you back at the hospital. Thank you, sam. It’s — I really missed it. I spent a lot of time here as a patient. It’s nice to be back as a nurse. Yeah, well, they are really lucky to have you. Uh, so what are you doing here? Is there anything I can help you with? Uh, I hate to hit you up on your first day, but, yeah, I-I do need a favor. And it’s — it’s not for me. It’s for sasha.

Okay, so your messagesaid it was important. What’s going on? Uh, you need to see this for yourself. Okay. See what? Well, why don’t you, um — ah! — Just sit yourself here. -Okay. -And I’ll join you in a minute. Wait. Where are you going? To get my briefcase and say goodbye to diane. Okay. Ah, I’m sorry, love. We got to cut breakfast short. Oh, well, love, you have been, uh, very helpful. Um, we’ll compare notes and, uh… do this some other time. That’s okay. I got it from here.

[ Stutters ] Breakfast is on me. Okay. I mean, I’ll — I’ll make it up to you. That’s okay. Totally not necessary. Come on, eddie. I know what it’s like struggling to finish a song. If the lyrics aren’t coming, you can’t force it. Your gut will tell you when it’s the right time to finish. Well, I appreciate it, but what am I gonna sing tonight? Marshall and the crowd will be expecting a new song. Well, maybe you could break out some of the classics. You can never go wrong with those. Well, I’ll figure something out. I hope you’re gonna be there. Oh, absolutely. I wouldn’t miss it. You know, I think there’s someone else who’d like to go. Maybe you can give her a personal invitation. Thanks for the advice. You’re pretty sharp, brook lynn. That blaze would be lucky to have you. This can’t be right. The security backup is even missing.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Hey, olivia. What’s up?

Hey, nina.

Uh, anna devane

was just in my office. She was telling me all about the break-in in her suite last night. Uh, do you know anything about this? Uh, y-yeah. I-I mean, I’m so sorry. Yeah, when I found out about it, I meant to tell you, but I just got distracted by work. Well, anna asked to see the security footage from the area around her suite the night of the break-in, and it’s — like, it’s missing from the server.

I know you were

in my office last night.

Is — is there any chance

that you tried to pull up the footage and, I don’t know, you accidentally deleted it or something? Y-you’re right. I-I did — I pulled up the footage and — but you know what? To tell you the truth, it was — it was already gone. So, listen, can we just talk about this when I get into the office? I have to go. Bye. Well, hi, sleepyhead. How was your night in the guest room? Where’s papa? Anna. Hey, it’s dante. I-I just read a report that — that said there was a break-in in your suite? I kind of wish I had heard it from you and not the police report, but, uh, you give me a call when you get a chance. Okay? Thanks. Dante. The, uh, desk sergeant said you were in here. Yeah. Okay, great. W-what is it, valentin? I need to talk to you privately. Okay. It’s kind of important. What about? Charlotte. Thank you. I’ll be back in just a second. So have you or dante heard from sasha or cody? I mean, do you know if they’re still together? Is sasha okay? Uh, I, um — I can’t go into details right now, but there may be a way for you to help sasha. Sasha is one of my best friends. She has put herself on the line for me so many times. I will do whatever is needed. Okay. Um… dante and I have a theory that dr. Montague, the, um, psychiatrist who was appointed to evaluate sasha, has been drugging her, undermining her mental health, and making her appear mentally ill. Oh, my god. That’s — that’s horrible. Why would a doctor do that? Right. Sorry. You can’t go into details. You know, it never made sense that sasha suddenly went off the deep end and stabbed cody. And then being sent to ferncliff seemed so extreme. What do you need me to do? Okay, the first step is proving it, so I need a copy of the toxicology report from the day that sasha stabbed cody. Do you think you can access that? The doctor you were asking about went to solitary. Why? Who was in solitary? Bobby lennon. He attacked a guard. And that’s who the doctor was here seeing. He — wait, he was here seeing a guard? No, no, lennon. The guards beat him up pretty badly, so the warden wanted to keep it quiet. Dr. Gatlin-holt. That’s who he was here visiting? I got my information right from the warden’s right hand. Was — was he here to see anybody else? No. One and done. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait a second.

Why would lennon attack a guard? He would know the guard could destroy him. Well, who knows? I mean, maybe he did it to get drugs from the doctor. I mean, you’d be surprised at what a lot of guys around here would do to get drugs. Well, that’s all I got. I don’t know what else to tell you. All right. Thank you. Yeah. Well done. Thank you. And your son — what’s his name? Keith? Yeah, yeah. Keith will be well taken care of. He’ll get far more than an internship at aurora.

[ Anna sighs ] Best part of giving a gift is giving the gift. Uh, what is this? Come on, just open it. No, you’re not the gift-giving type.

[ Scoffs ] This is no time to editorialize. Just — just open it. Come on. It’s not even my birthday. Yes, well, we went to a lot of trouble. A lot of people went to a lot of trouble to get this here, anna. You are so gonna love this. Yeah. Robert. You like it, huh? Say yes. What did you do? Ah, I knew it! You’re gonna love this. Thank you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I just sent you a picture of it. Yeah. I got it. Great. You were right. And it’s bad. It’s all set. There you go. Hey, nina. Charlotte, hi. How’s it going? How’s school so far? Hi, carly. It’s — it’s going okay. We had a little sleepover, and, of course, uh, I have nothing in my kitchen for us to make breakfast. And even if my refrigerator was fully stocked, we’d still get a better breakfast here. Hey, well, that’s kelly’s — everybody’s home away from home. So, charlotte, do you want the usual? Y-you have a usual? I have the french toast when jake and I eat breakfast here. That’s right. Extra cinnamon? Yes, please.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. What’s the occasion? What brings you here? I just wanted to see papa. I’m glad you did. What did you do today? Where have you been? I was with jake. Jake and I scootered over to the promenade at the court’s lane waterfront. Since I was close, I thought I’d visit papa. Do you guys want to see something cool?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Jake almost fell into the fountain. And in this one, I dared him to eat all the boba from the tea.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Nina? Uh, I’m sorry. It’s just crimson has me very distracted lately. Do you want to order something? Charlotte and I have been apart far too long. She made me realize that last night when she showed up at anna’s hotel suite. Was that after the break-in? That’s why I wanted her to spend the night at nina’S. They’re still pretty close, and I wanted her to feel assured. And going forward, I want her to feel safe and secure. So I’m taking steps for the two of us to live together again full-time. Oh. Okay. I mean, that’s great. I mean, she — she misses you. I’m grateful to you and sam. You’ve been terrific. But I have a lot of time to make up for, you know? Maybe you could, uh, let her come by and visit every once in a while. Her and rocco were getting along pretty good. Believe me, I know now more than ever how important family is to charlotte. Hey, um, what are your thoughts on that break-in? Well, I think whoever’s done this is trying to unsettle anna. And I think they’ve succeeded.

[ Sighs ] Hi, blaze. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. We’re all set. I, um — I actually just wanted to call to let you know I’m really looking forward to our meeting. I think it could be the start of something really great. Yeah, I’ll see you soon. I want to know what happened to the footage from last night. Okay, w-well, it doesn’t just disappear. How could someone get into my security system and, what, just take down the security footage? What? Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want to hear any excuses. The metro court hotel pays your company a small fortune to take care of this stuff. It is supposed to be secure. Okay. No, I want to know what the hell happened, and I want to know who’s responsible. Yes.

[ Sighs ] What?! Bad time? I’m gonna go to the restroom and wash my hands. Oh, yeah. Okay. I’m gonna get you a menu. Okay. Does charlotte come in here frequently? She’s been here a few times since she got back from camp. Is she usually alone, or is she with someone? What are you doing? Why do you want to know so much about charlotte? Well, valentin — he’s curious, you know, about what his daughter is doing since they spend so much time apart. She’s with dante and sam. She’s fine. I-I know she’s fine, carly. But you’ve raised a teenage daughter, right? You know that they don’t tell their parents everything, especially fathers. And that is what valentin is facing with charlotte. I’ve seen her in here with jake a few times. That’s it. Is she ever alone? Maybe once or twice, I think. Ever with anyone else? Oh, my god. I’ve only seen her with jake. That’s it. Okay. Thank you. Are you two talking about me? Hey. Hey. What’s, uh — what, you got something? I did.

[ Sighs ] Read it and weep. It’s really bad. But this is the first step in proving that montague was drugging sasha. Robert: Okay, there’s a switch on the back. Okay, that’s it. Yeah, that’s it. Push that. All righty. Well, don’t just hold it. Look at the pictures I uploaded. Come on. I’m treasuring the moment. Well, that’s what the pictures are for. You’ve got to look at them. Yeah. Number two. Look at number two. You’re gonna love it.

Love, love, love

the quiet’s getting way too loud

’round here

for a while that’s — that’S…

I want to live like every coast is clear

I could see the stars

from every side of this big world of ours

and charming boulevards

Sorry.That was very rude. I don’t want to seem unwelcoming. I-I just — I’ve got a lot going on at work today. I can see that. You look, uh, intense. Is work always this stressful for you? Well, you are passionate about your music, and I am passionate about my hotel. Fair enough. Speaking of my music… what? Did you finish the song? No, no, no, no. But the end will come to me eventually. Right. And when it does, I know it’s gonna be spectacular. One can only hope. But I did take another step forward in my music career. Really? How so? Marshall ashford is as good as his word. He called me this morning and asked me to perform at the savoy.

[ Laughs ] Oh, my god! When? Tonight. Ah! Oh, my god.

[ Laughing ] That is such great news. Uh, that’S… that’s really great news. I — [ Laughs ] Congratulations. Um… I know it’s gonna be great. It’s, uh — it’s, uh — it’s gonna be a really fun gig. Um, if you’ll excuse me, please. I got — I got a lot of work to do. Hotel’s not gonna run itself, right? Yes, the patient’s being transported to radiology now. Thank you. Willow, how’s yourfirst day going? It’s great. This was the perfect day for me to return to work. Dante: What am i looking at here? Sasha’s toxicology report. Wow. How did you get this?

[ Chuckles ] All right, so she’s got two drugs in her system. Yeah, the fluoxetine, which is an antidepressant she already had a prescription for, and dextroamphetamine. And when taken in combination with the antidepressant, it can cause hallucinations, paranoia — similar symptoms to a psychotic break. The dextroamphetamine must have been the drug that dr. Montague gave her to finally put her over the edge. Amazing. So how do we prove it? Drew. What do you want, cyrus? I wanted to warn you. Warn me? About — about what? The warden’s on a tear. Why? Rumors are circulating that she’s up for a big job. She can’t have anything happen that makes her look bad or incompetent. I’m hearing she’s putting the place on lockdown to make sure there are no incidents and nothing goes wrong. Lockdown? That’s go– that’s gonna put everybody on edge. Well, just keep your head down. Stay invisible. Yes, we were talking about you. About what? About how it seems like you have grown up overnight. You know who you remind me of at your age? Who? Lulu. Do you really think I’m like my mom? Oh, yeah. I know you adore your dad. But don’t forget, you’re a spencer, too. Oh, um, if you excuse me. Hey. Well? I just came from a chat with robert scorpio. Okay. I could really use some good news. He gave me a little insight as to why judge kim might have handed such a harsh sentence down to drew and what we can do about it. You miss your mom. Every day. I-I promised her I’d take care of rocco and not to worry about us and just to get better. But it still makes me sad she’s still in a coma. I know. But I always feel better when I’m with my papa.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Guess what? What? He says we’re gonna to be together full-time. Great. Great. And anna? Yeah. That’s okay.

[ Laughs ] Oh, it’s the most perfect present. Thank you so much. Ah! What inspired you to do that? Well, you lost all that stuff in the fire. In fact, you were more upset about losing those pictures than you were about losing the house. I know. You can replace the house. Eh, I called in a few favors. I got everyone to go back through phones, albums, computers, anything — go back as far as you like and then go back further.

[ Laughs ] Ah, you are brilliant. When you’re right, you’re right.

[ Laughs ] This means the world to me. And you mean the world to me. I’m so glad that you like it. I love it. I’m probably gonna look at it, like, a couple of thousand times tonight [Laughs] And maybe some more in the morning.

[ Laughs ]

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Sasha tells Cody she wants to see what evidence Dante and Sam come up with to prove that Gladys and Dr. Montague wanted to steal her money before they consider going on the run.

Brook Lynn tells Tracy she is no longer her granddaughter because she can’t forgive her for making her betray Lucy and Maxie. Maxie is very upset with Lucy because she turned down Tracy’s most recent offer of 51% to 49% of Deception because she didn’t want to give up her one percent share of ELQ.

Gregory gives Finn permission to find him a new doctor. Gregory tells Tracy about his ALS diagnosis.

Nina erases the surveillance video that shows Charlotte going into Anna’s room at the Metro Court. Nina tells Valentin that there aren’t cameras in the hotel rooms so they can’t be sure why Charlotte was in Anna’s room. Charlotte tells Valentin she went with Jake to get ice cream after school and shows him the video. Charlotte later takes out her make up at Nina’s place and she has the same lipstick color that was used to write the message on Anna’s hotel room mirror.

Anna asks Sonny for protection. Anna also tells Sonny that she thinks that the shooting at the Metro Court pool was meant for him and that Pikeman is involved with the WSB and they are targeting him. Anna tells Sonny that she thinks a different person is targeting her.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Mrs. Wu once again offers to buy the Savoy, but Marshall says no way. Mrs. Wu tells Marshall that there is a new club downtown that is attracting a big crowd.

Trina and Curtis have a talk about Spencer because Trina thinks she is falling in love with Spencer.

Sonny refuses to continue his deal with Pikeman until the Pikeman people figure out if someone inside turned him in to the FBI.

Valentin and Nina watch the security footage and are stunned to discover that Charlotte was the one who smeared paint all over Anna’s hotel room. Dante and Sam ask Cody and Sasha to wait 24 hours before they turn themselves
into the police because they want to try and prove that Gladys and Dr. Montague worked together to take her money from her.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, September 20, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


brook lynn. Ugh. Why haven’t you been returning my phone calls? I have nothing to say to you. What would I say to a family member who blackmailed me and caused me to lose my job? What are you doing, grandma? Oh, I’m doing my homework, james. Homework? Aren’t you too old to be in school?

[ Laughs ] Who told you that? James, a person is never too old to learn. You know, life is like one long journey. There’s always something you can pick up along the way. Like when cody taught me how to tie knots? Look at my slip knot.

[ Chuckles ] Wow! You did this? And cody taught you how to do it? Yeah, when I was at kelly’s with oma. That cody — he’s full of surprises. You know, that wasn’t an empty offer, sasha. You know, we — we turn ourselves in or we get caught, you could end up back in ferncliff. Uh, we can just avoid all that. We could just vanish. And how will that actually work, cody? Gregory, hi. Hi. Everything okay? Yeah. Nothing to worry about. I-I know it’s late, but I was hoping to catch dr. Bronson. Do you know if he’s still here? Let me check.

What’s going on?

I don’t think dr. Bronson

is the right doctor

for your dad. Finn. Hey, look who’s here. Hello, son. Hey, dad. He’s here to see dr. Bronson.

[ Door slams ] Hi. Uh, gabe let me in. Hi. Uh, and what do I owe the pleasure? Your offer of protection — does it still stand? Nina: Charlotte.

[ Knock on door ] Nina. Charlotte. Look who I found.

What’s going on, anna? I thought you didn’t want protection. I just came from the metro court, where someone gained access to my suite. They trashed the room, destroyed my clothes, left me a message on the mirror in lipstick. What kind of message? “You think you got away with it — you didn’T. You think you’re safe — you’re not.” So I guess I’m the target of a personal vendetta. Someone’s toying with me, trying to unsettle me, maybe throw me off my game. Sounds to me like somebody’s trying to get under your skin. They’re succeeding.

[ Voice breaking ] I just feel like the walls are closing in on me, you know? Okay, look, someone burning down my house, that’s — that’s a violation, but it seems… it’s exterior, you know? It’s — it’s kerosene and a match. This is personal. They came into my space, and they touched my things. And I don’t think it’s the first time, because we came back to the suite the other day, and my mail had been moved from one place to another. I know that sounds crazy. It’s a small thing, but I noticed it. It is a hotel. You know, there’s housekeeping. They don’t come every day. Whoever this is, they’ve been there before. No, what scares me is I don’t know how many times. Nina, it’s so good to see you. What are you doing? It’s so good to see you. Oh, my goodness. What brings you by here? There was an incident at our hotel suite. The police are there. Yes, I know. The front desk — they called me to tell me what was going on. I am so sorry that you showed up with all of this going on. It’s okay.

[ Chuckles ] So, what’s the occasion? What brings you here? I just wanted to see papa. I’m glad you did. What did you do today? Where have you been? I was with jake. It was nothing serious, but I thought I should check in with the doctor. Yeah, no, I’m — I’m glad you did. Matter of fact, there was — there was something I wanted to talk to you about. Y-you mind if we have a little conversation before you meet with dr. Bronson? Eh, not at all. Would you check and see if dr. Bronson is available and let me know? Absolutely. So, what’s on your mind, son? I couldn’t help but notice elizabeth seemed to be trying to signal you. I can’t wait to hear what this is about. It’s about how you’re managing your als treatment. That’s w hat we’re doing now?We’re throwing temper tantrums? You know, even toddlers outgrow that phase. In a grown woman — laughable. And by the way, I didn’t do anything to lucy coe she wouldn’t have happily done to me first. Tracy, this isn’t about you and lucy. This is about you and me. We’re supposed to be family. You used me. You — you blackmailed me. You preyed on me where I’m most vulnerable — my love for chase, my fear of losing him, my insecurity about my past with him. Everything I did was for your own good.

[ Laughs ] Yeah? How exactly is me losing my job good for me? He also taught me this. Wow. What do you call that one? It’s an exploding clove hitch. But cody says you have to be careful. If you pull the wrong end the wrong way, the whole knot will just unravel. Like that. Wow! Wow! Looks like you’re on your way to becoming a sailor. That would be super cool. Hey, grandpa, can we go to the stables? Cody promised he’d let me feed the horses. Oh, he, uh — he did, did he? Yeah. We could go tomorrow after school. Well, james, I’m afraid we can’T. Uh, cody’s gonna be away for a while. Where did he go?

[ Sighs ] I wish I knew. You say the word, we’re gone. I’ll work out the details. Cody, we have a car and some cash thanks to sam, but we have no phones, no ids, no internet access. And we’re both escaped mental patients who are considered dangerous. I stabbed you, and you attacked and tied up dr. Montague. I wish I’d done a lot worse to him. Might still yet. No, cody. You cannot get any deeper into this mess. You’ve already thrown your whole life off track for me. Don’t — don’t paint me as some kind of hero, sasha. All right? Things wouldn’t have gotten this bad if I’d just been honest from the start. How were you dishonest?

When cody comes back,we’ll go feed the horses, okay? Okay. All right. What’s your homework, grandma? Oh, I’m learning about the hospital and all the rules and the procedures. I want to learn everything I can so I can help the people in there. You mean like the doctors and nurses? Well, no, not exactly. But I do want to help the patients. Help them do what? Well, like making sure they understand what the doctor says, or if they need help finding their way around the hospital, or just making sure that they’re happy and comfortable and if they need someone to talk to. I think being a doctor would be better. Oh, yeah? So you want to be a doctor when you grow up? No, I want to be a policeman like daddy and grandpa. Oh. Nice.

[ Doorbell rings ] Are you expecting someone? No. Mnh-mnh. That’s nice. Surprise! Sasha, I’ve — I’ve known about gladys’ money troubles for months now. She was neck-deep in the red to selina wu. I, um… I knew that she sold brando’s garage behind your back to settle that debt. What? Wait. You knew? Yeah. And I-I should have told you the whole truth back then. Why didn’t you? The reason that I-I told myself was because you were so dependent on gladys that I didn’t want to cause you any more pain. But if you want to know the real reason, the reason that I really don’t even want to admit out loud… I do.

[ Sighs ] The real reason was I didn’t want to jeopardize my arrangement with selina. She put me in that game to… to steer it, to — to make sure that the players that she wanted would win. And if she wanted someone to lose, my job was to take him out fast or… let them just keep — keep playing and running up a bigger debt. I did it — I did it just for the extra cash. Stable hands don’t exactly make bank, you know? But soon enough, selina made it clear that I didn’t have the option to quit or to talk. So I just… kept quiet. Even long after I knew that gladys was playing you. I’ll just give you a call back if we do end up needing to see dr. Bronson. Thanks, amy. This is your private business, dad. And the way you choose to manage your disease, it’s — it’s entirely up to you. Finn, it’s become increasingly clear to me that nobody manages als. I’ve stopped driving, and all too soon, I’ll stop walking, and then I’ll stop eating and then talking. And finally, I’ll stop breathing. But your quality of life between now and then, the way you handle your symptoms, the way you work around your limitations — you have options, dad, options… I don’t think you even know about. I feel like it’s a warning. Somebody just wants to leave me with absolutely nothing. They destroy my house and then… the new clothes that I bought. Did you check the hotel surveillance? ‘Cause they have to have a recording of the halls, the elevators, and the lobby. That’s the thing. Valentin went straight to security, but there’s nothing. What do you mean, nothing? The footage is missing. Is that what valentin told you? Jake and I scootered over to the promenade at the court’s lane waterfront. Since I was close, I thought I’d visit papa. Do you guys want to see something cool?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Jake almost fell into the fountain. And in this one, I dared him to eat all the boba from the tea. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Wait, I’m not interrupting your work, am I? Oh, no, no. I was just, uh — I was doing a little research. I want — I want to actually put it out of my head, and I’m hoping never to see it again. Where are you going?

You never struck me as the kind of guy to rewrite history, cody. I’ve been known to when it works to my own advantage. And what’s the advantage of making yourself look bad? That’s not how I remember things at all. From what I remember, you were always warning me about gladys. You told me not to trust her, and I refused to listen. That’s because I never told you the whole truth. I-I knew that gladys was betting way more than she could afford. I figured she was dipping into those accounts that she was supposedly managing for you. Really, she was just managing them for herself. But I didn’t want to cross selina, so I just kept my mouth shut and covered my own ass until it was almost too late. What made you change your mind? Lucy, scott, come on in. -Thank you. -Yeah, thank you. Lucy, uh, no pine valley cops out there waiting in the bushes for you, are there? Mac! No. Very funny. Just us gamesters for you. Oh, come on in. It’s good to see you both. But what brings you here? Well, lucy’s, um — she’s a little down in the dumps, so I-I thought maybe I’d bring a little hooch and maybe, you know, game night might cheer her up. Ooh, I love games. What are we playing? Sorry, charlie. Only for adults. I am not charlie. Oh, you wouldn’t like these games. How about we go read a story? It’s a little bit after your bedtime anyway. Okay. Okay. Well, go tell everybody good night. Good night, grandpa and lucy and charlie.

[ Laughter ] Good night, champ. Night. Well, come on in. Have a seat. Brother, what’s with kids today? Thanks. They don’t know that expression, “sorry, charlie”? Geez. Come on. Nobody under 40 knows “sorry, charlie.” I bet you listened to 8-track tapes as you drove over. Yeah, I did. I was listening to — lucy, I gather we’re here, um, to cheer you up over your deception lawsuit. Shh! No. Quiet. Zip it. I don’t want that mojo out there, okay? Really. Come on. I just want to have laughter and fun with friends and play some games, really. Although that prospect seems a little dismal because my life is crumbling around me. Oh, hey, lucy, everything’s gonna be all right, I-I promise you. Just — just try — hey. Here, pick a card. Would you stop? Those are just words right now, okay?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Look. Elise, she’s a top-notch attorney. She’s on the case, okay? You have nothing to worry about. You’re supposed to, you know, unwind a little. Ooh, I think I might have some gummies in my pocket. But, you know, lucy, for crying out loud, there’s nothing you can do about it anyways. Uh, yeah, aside from killing tracy quartermaine. Yeah, well, you’re gonna have to get in line. Let’s hear it. How is dragging me into corporate espionage against my friends for my own good? I never should have trusted you. Of course you should trust me. Everything I did was for you. What? You should be thanking me, not sulking. You know what, tracy? You’re right. I should be thanking you. Look, I know you don’t trust valentin, but we were together when we discovered the mess in the suite. Like, we’d just come from the hotel restaurant, and so we were together the whole time. Yeah. Okay. But that doesn’t prove his — his innocence, because he could have, you know, excused himself to make a phone call, went to his room and — or paid somebody to do it. No, I… I — I don’t think so. Okay. I don’T. I mean…

[ Sighs ] I am aware of his shortcomings, as are you. Mm-hmm. But that hasn’t stopped you from taking advantage of his assistance in business, has it? Absolutely. But we do have to thank, uh, valentin for bringing pikeman into our lives. Nina, why are you in this office? Aren’t you usually on the fifth floor? Uh, charlotte, I think, um, it’s getting a little late to head back to dante and sam’S. Maybe you could spend the night at nina’S. That’s a — that’s a great idea. Uh, yes, I would love that. It could be a girls-only sleepover, and we could catch up. I have missed you so much, charlotte. I would love that. It’ll be like that time we had the blackout and camped out in the living room.

[ Laughs ] Oh, do you remember that? Charlotte was saying all those ghost stories she heard at lila’s kids camp. Until papa got scared. No, I remember being worried you were gonna get scared.

[ Laughs ] Papa, sometimes I don’t think you know me very well. Okay, so I will just shut this down and I’ll grab my stuff and I’ll meet you downstairs in the lobby. Deal. Get it off the server.

[ Door closes ]

So, what are theseother options, finn? Treatment options? No, more along the lines of something a little more holistic, and to that end, I thought we might check out some other neurologists. Why? Is something wrong with dr. Bronson? No. No, not at — not at all. He’s, uh — he’s highly respected and has made significant contributions to research, but… well, uh… I-I think elizabeth articulated this better than I ever could. Dr. Bronson seems to concentrate on treating general symptoms, not focusing so much on the — on the patient, you. Right? And I-I really think you deserve a doctor that will help you live life to the fullest, not one that’s just predicting when everything is gonna fail. So is this what all the looks between you and elizabeth were about? No.Did — did she put you up to this? No. No, not — not at all. No. No? Unh-unh. What if I ask her directly? Oh! Uh… elizabeth, I understand you have reservations about my doctor? Uh, um… dad, we, uh — we both do, and — and I am grateful to elizabeth for raising the question. Gregory, I am so sorry for overstepping. We both just think there’s a better neurologist out there for you, and I’d like your permission to go find them. Lucy: I have a great idea. I lure tracy into the quartermaine crypt with that stinky, smelly cheese she likes, right? Then I seal her in completely — that rat no one will miss — and then she’s already buried. Lucy, don’t talk that way. Thank you. Shh, mac, okay? All right, I think tracy’s too clever for that. We might be better off putting something in her drink. Yes! Well, she — she does like her cognac. Uh, yeah, but I have to see her face when I do it. Uh, hello? No one is offing anyone. Police commissioner, remember? Uh, yeah, but you’re being a very old fuddy-duddy. Mm-hmm. You want to keep it down out here? Bailey lou and james are asleep. Oh, yes. I have kids. Thanks, mom. Sorry. And whatever you’re talking about is way too gruesome for game night. You should be ashamed of yourself, fantasizing about ending someone’s life. Excuse me, but you know that tracy quartermaine has been a thorn in my side my entire life, almost. Yeah, and she cost me a close friend and my business. I might not even be able to keep this house if deception goes under. You are two of the most brilliant, tenacious, inventive women I know. If the worst happens, you will pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and you will find yourself another successful endeavor. Mom, you can’t possibly think it’s that easy. Nothing in life is that easy, maxie. Yeah, and it wasn’t easy the first time we did it. We put deception on the map, and the deceptor was our baby. And now tracy is threatening to let all of it go down the drain unless we give her 75% of our company. Yeah, and I did get a much better offer out of her. But, you know, that smug look on tracy’s face was — I’m sorry. W-what? You got a better offer? When were you gonna tell me this? That was fast. You’re thanking me? Yes, tracy. You’re right. You know, moving in with chase has provided me with an entirely new perspective on everything. You blackmailed me into going back to deception, and I was obligated to lucy and sasha and especially maxie. I would have done everything in my power to keep deception afloat. But now, because of your spiteful lawsuit, I have been released from that obligation. So now I am free to pursue my number-one passion full-time. I’m going back to music. Absolutely not. Music was your father’s downfall. I will not let that happen to you. Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do to stop me? You have no more blackmail leverage on me. Chase knows everything, and he fully supports me. That’s all that matters to me. Listen to me. No, tracy. I am done listening to you. You know, I hope deception was worth it because it just cost you your granddaughter. At the pool, when I felt the knife and I… turned to see you, I saw in your eyes something terrible. That wasn’t you, sasha. I knew that something else had taken control. There’s no way you would have stabbed me unless you weren’t in your right mind. And I knew that you couldn’t have lost your mind so fast or so completely unless someone else had drugged you. I knew in my gut you had been set up, and I knew I had to do something about it. Sasha, there are a lot of things in my life that I’m not proud of, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t at least

try to help you. Thank you, cody. You did more than you know. Don’t thank me yet. We’re not out of the woods.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you got us this far. And, honestly, I am… so thankful for the rescue. But I’m even more thankful that you believed in me. This is gonna be so much fun.

[ Chuckles ] I just hope the power stays on. Oh, well, don’t you worry. I have plenty of candles. And I have a whole new batch of ghost stories. Okay. So, uh, why don’t i get you settled in the guest room, okay? I’ll be right in. Okay. Anna, it’s valentin. I just want to give you a heads up that I’ve taken charlotte to stay at nina’s for the night.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Valentin? Yeah. Should have taken the call. Could be great news. I’ll talk to him later. There’s something else I want to address with you. I’m all ears. The shooting at the pool. Mm-hmm. The bullets we dodged. Mm-hmm. I think they were meant for you, not me. Oh? Yeah. So these recent events, right — the burning of my house, the message on my mirror — those are aimed at me, specifically at me. Right? Right. So now, this shooting at the pool — that is a public attack. There’s a mismatch in psychological profiles, which leads me to believe that we are dealing with two distinct and conflicting motives. Two — two different perpetrators. That’s what I think, because the dichotomy of the patterns — that’s what convinces me. Okay, so are you telling me… that the shooting was a warning from pikeman? And possibly the wsb.

and you turned it down. Did — did you even think about telling me they made you that offer? Yeah, but — but I would have had to surrender my 1% of elq. Oh! O-okay. Maxie, she can’t do that! This is like a smorgasbord for lucy. Nobody asked for your opinion, scott. And you firing perfectly good attorneys, turning down secret deals, making choices all by yourself? You should be running these things past maxie, lucy. You’re partners. Well, not everything, mac. I mean, look at lucy. She’s got nothing going on. That is not helping. Shush. Please! Listen, this is separate. This is totally separate. But it’s totally fine if I, I don’t know, lose my house? No! Can we just take this down a notch, please? I have put everything I have on the line for deception. And — and by the way, didn’t you get that 1% from alan? Don’t you say alan. You know I hate that. Now you sound like tracy quartermaine. Do I really? I don’t think so. This is getting us nowhere. Hey! This game is really loud. Could you play something else? Thank you both for thinking about this and, uh, looking out for me. Elizabeth, you could never overstep. I hereby give you my permission to find a different neurologist. I’ll see whoever you recommend, finn.

[ Sighs ] Thank you, dad. I mean, after all, you are a highly respected diagnostician who has made significant contributions to research. So how could I not trust your judgment? Exactly. Yeah, listen, I, for one, am grateful. No, I’m the one who’s grateful to you both for your perspectives and for speaking up.

[ Pager beeps ] Oh, excuse me. Uh, sorry, I have to go authorize the release of some labs. All right? I’ll be right back, dad. A new doctor may not make much of a difference, but if it helps finn, gives him a sense of control, then I’m all for it. Mostly, I am grateful to you for supporting him. I’m so glad he has you in his life. Finn. Ah, can’t tell. A-are you the cat or the canary? Don’t ask. Canary. I need a level 5 backgammon game to forget about this one. Oh, I need a win. Do you? Well, you know, you might be disappointed. I’ve picked up a few new tricks. No kidding? Mm-hmm. Have you been bingeing videos of “double six” king kyle? Hmm, now that you mention it, but don’t knock it, he’s got some excellent strategies. What’s your father doing here so late? Guess that means we’re not disappearing. Let’s see what sam and dante come up with first. All right, well, in that case, I say we call it a night. Let’s rest up for whatever comes next. You take the bed. And where do you plan to sleep? I’m actually getting pretty fond of my chair here. She’s a lot nicer than she looks. No way! We’re gonna have to come up with a different plan tonight. Anna, are you trying to tell me that there’s a link between pikeman and the wsb? I think it’s possible. I wanted you to be fully informed so that you can just take into consideration all the possibilities that that represents. Thanks for the heads up. You have to be vigilant. We both do. I’m gonna — I’m gonna beef up my security. I’m gonna do the same for you, get you protection, the whole thing, and then you won’t even know they’re there. Oh, I’ll know. But thank you. You just gotta be careful, because whoever’s after you is not gonna stop any time soon. I just wish I knew what they wanted from me. I am sorry that I haven’t found us a house yet, one where we can all live. You and me. And anna. Yeah. You and me and anna. I hope it happens soon, papa. I miss you, and I want us to be together more than ever. I’ll see you in the morning. I love you. I love you, too, papa. Thank you for letting her stay the night. Oh, yeah, of course. I love having her here. I don’t want her near anna. I don’t — I don’t want her out of my sight. Yeah, I know. I know. There are a lot of questions. We know that she went into the suite, but there are no cameras inside the suite, so we don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t know how to begin to handle this. I am swimming. Okay. Okay. How about this? Why don’t you go — go back to anna, okay? But remember this — no matter what happens, I’m here for you. And I’m here for charlotte. It’s gonna be okay. I’ll see you in the morning. Okay.

My dad’s schedule is anyone’s guess. You’ll have to ask him. But if you’d like some cathartic backgammon tomorrow, just let me know. Maybe I’ll let you win.

[ Both laugh ] Good evening, tracy. You’re here awfully late. Ah, yes. For a very boring board meeting. And that was followed by my granddaughter insulting me. I could use a drink. Well, it’s probably not what you had in mind, but can I offer you a soda to lift your spirits? A-are we back to killing me with kindness again? It was just a thought. You’re welcome to decline. No. Far be it from me to respond to kindness with rudeness. I would be delighted to take you up on your offer. After you. Finn. Tracy. Dad.

[ Sighs ] You know, when I see my dad in his element like this, you know, all wit and charm, it seems like everything is normal. And then I think about what’s to come. You’re doing the best you can for him. That’s all that you can do. I wish I had the words to tell you how much it means to have you with me while I go through this. For you, tracy. Thank you. Ginger ale. Well, I’ll just pretend it’s a whiskey ginger.

[ Sighs ] Are you all right? Uh… no. No, actually, I’m not, tracy, and… it’s about time you knew. I’ve been diagnosed with als. Gregory, no. I… I don’t know what to say. Sorry, james. Come on. Let’s go back to bed. I’ll tuck you in. I’m right behind you. You know, lucy, I never thought you would be so selfish. Maxie, I —

[ Sighs ] Well… oh, hang on, lucy. Hang on a second. Wait a minute. Take it easy. Take it easy here. So much for our quiet night. Poor maxie. She’s lost so much in her life. I’d hate to see her lose this, too. She’s worked so hard. So has lucy. Is this like karma? Well, if karma was a thing, you’d be the queen of england. And you have always been my knight in… tarnished armor. You know, lucy, things are gonna work out. They always do. This isn’t right. We should switch. Cody?

[ Snores ]

[ Whispering ] Good night, cody. I’m not gonna be able to make it home tonight. What’s going on? Valentin asked me to take charlotte tonight because someone broke into anna’s suite. Yeah, that’s what anna said. She said he, um, went into the metro court to check the surveillance video, and it was missing. Now, I’m trying to figure out how someone got in there to remove the video. Yeah, it’s — it’s very unsettling that someone was able to bypass all the security measures at the metro court. Well, it must have been a professional or somebody with a lot of help. Anyway, I’m gonna miss you tonight. Sonny, I will miss you, too.

Have fun with charlotte. Good night. Good night.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, September 19, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


marshall: Hey, how’s it going? Alright. Good to see you.

[ Buzzes lips ] This is the slowest night we’ve had in months. Don’t I know it. Where is everybody?

[ Scoffs ] Not here. Hey. Don’t worry, n’neka. It’ll pick up. It has to.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh, god. Not what I was hoping for. Mom. Trina!

[ Door closes ] Oh, yay! [ Laughs ] Oh! Sweetheart, look who came to visit us. And I come bearing a gift to christen the new gaming system. Is that the new “sudden death”? It just released this thursday. Okay, well, you know what? We’ll play head-to-head mode right now. And three heads are better than two? You want to play? Of course I do.

[ Both laugh ] Okay. Thank you, sam, for these clothes. I feel almost human again. You’re welcome. And you, too, dante. No problem. Sasha: Your turn. No, uh, I’m — I’m alright. We can just wait. Actually, you stink, bro. Cody, you’re gonna feel so much better once you change. Alright, alright, alright. No need for an uprising. Come on, let’s get you in there. Yep. I’ll go. You’ve gotta change. You smell.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ] Boss, gabe just texted. The knockoff shoe shipment arrived on time, no problem. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Hi. I just was wondering if you had an eta on the officers? Yeah, no, it’s not an emergency. I just want to start cleaning up, so, yeah.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Gasps ] Um. Okay. I-I think they’re here. Thank you. Bye. Hello? Charlotte? Hello, anna. Is papa here? Stop there. Play it back a little. Freeze it. Oh, my god. Valentin, it can’t be. Play it through. I need to see what happens. W-well, you know what happens. I need to see it.

[ Both gasp ]

marshall, n’neka, what a lovely night it is. Mm. And didn’t you turn yourself out for it. Selina, you look stunning. Thank you, n’neka. So do you. But, then, you always do. This is my good friend, zion. Good evening. N’neka garland. Marshall ashford. Selina. He’s watching the club for his son, curtis. What are you two having to drink? Champagne? Excellent call.

[ Chuckles ] One bottle of champagne for miss wu. Oh, no. Just two glasses. We won’t be staying. We’re only here for a quick drink, out of loyalty to curtis. We’re headed to the new club, intrigue, downtown.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, do they have gambling there? Not that I know of. But it’s always jam-packed.

[ Clicks tongue ]

[ Laughs ] Thank you for bringing the game over. You know I’m definitely down to play, but…why don’t you tell me why you really came over? Because you just moved back into your dorm, and I know you’re not homesick already. I don’t have to be homesick to come home. I just wanted to hang out with you and mom.

[ Video game noises playing ] Alright. Who’s winning? Oh, mom, we — [Laughs] The game just finished loading. We haven’t even started yet. Okay. Alright. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but video games aren’t really my thing. Understatement. Especially “sudden death.”

[ Laughs ] But I did see on here that they have virtual tours where you can check out castles in europe. Maybe we could try that. Yeah. Wow, mom, that sounds really amazing, but, um, we’re trying to get all dirty harry on the zombies with this game. Of course. As long as you guys are having fun. Uh, okay, so before we get started, how about I get us some iced tea? Mom? Curtis? Mmm. Yes. Yes. The caffeine will give me adrenaline to play this game. Exactly. Okay. I’ll be right back.

[ Zombies growling

on television ] Isn’t it so sweet of trina to come by? You know why she came by, don’t you? What do you mean? To check on us, and I don’t mind. You know, you raised a very special young woman. The charges have been dropped against me. But that raid, my arrest — that’s just the beginning. The feds are going to be watching every move I make. They’re going to be tracking whoever I associate with. You know what I’m saying? Live like I’m under a microscope, got it. They’ve been trying to take me down for years, but never for nsa violations. This is on a whole other level. It’s just going to get more complicated. And pikeman isn’t taking “no” for an answer. Alright. Uh, when you come in, it’s going to be a bit of a shock, but just don’t touch anything, okay? What happened here? Where’s papa? It looks like, um, we had a break-in, and your father’s gone to hotel security. What are you doing here? I took a rideshare. By yourself? I’m 15. Yeah, I know. But even so, do dante and sam know you’re here? They’re out somewhere. It’s not a big deal. I just needed to see my father. Valentine: Play it again. Re-watching it’s not going to change what’s there. Play it again. There might be something that I missed, something that makes a difference. Play it again.

[ Both sigh ] What are you going to do? Nothing, yet.

[ Sighs ] Valentin, I, uh — I can’t just ignore this. No, I know you can’t, and I can’t, either. But this is a volatile situation. Can you let me handle this?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hang on. Anna? Charlotte’s here. Charlotte? Yeah, she — she wants to see you. I’ll be right there.

[ Sighs ] I gotta go. Please don’t show this to anyone else.

[ Door closes ] Okay. You were all right. I’m very happy to be out of that creep’s clothes. Mm-hmm. Look what I found. It was in one of montague’s pockets. I’m gonna have to have these analyzed. Yeah, I’m guessing he wasn’t planning on taking those pills himself. Montague knew he crossed a line, and you were his only witness — a loose end. What are you saying, sam? Do you think dr. Montague was going to slip me an overdose? He had those pills on him when he found us in your room. You think he was going to kill me?

Hey, it’s n’neka. I’m at the club. We’re going to need some help down here asap. Thank you, mr. Ashford, for an enchanting evening. It’s a shame there were so few people here to enjoy it. It’ll pick up later, I’m sure. Really? From what I’ve been told, it hasn’t been picking up much this past week. If you truly were loyal to your son, you’d reconsider. Let me take the savoy off your hands before it’s worthless.

[ Chuckles ] Ms. Wu…

[ Laughs ] Not a chance. You’ll see. We’ll survive and thrive.

[ Breathes deeply ] I wouldn’t be too sure. The club doesn’t have the same draw without your son’s charm — something curtis obviously got from his mother.

[ Scoffs ] You know nothing about my family, lady… or loyalty… or [Chuckles] Even good champagne. So why don’t you go on over to that club you’re so excited about and see if that’s for sale?

[ Breathes sharply ] Everything okay here? Mr. Ashford’s son suffered a great tragedy. Marshall is obviously traumatized by it. It’s best we leave him to his misery. But thank you for the champagne.

[ Laughs ] Bye. Oh. Trina, zombie attack, 6:00. I see it. I see it, curtis. Don’t worry. I got it. Yeah? How’d that work out last time?

[ Laughs ] Uh, that was one time. And wasn’t I the one to find the digitalis for the spray-gun? You’re welcome, by the way. Oh, oh, trina. Watch out. Watch out. It’s right behind you. Right behind you. No, no, no, mom. That — that’s — that’s the zombie ghost that comes out to collect the bodies when you neutralize them. Of course it is. Ooh, ooh, ooh! To your left. To your left. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Mm, take that. There he is. There he is. Ah, look. Up. Watch this. Watch this. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

[ Laughs ] Nice shot. Mm. Good stuff. Mm! Trina and curtis: Crypt surge! Mm! Oh, damn, watch out. Okay, trina, assemble the spray-gun. I’m going to create a buffer. Uh, I-I can’T. I-I still need to get the wolfsbane. Keep the zombies out so that I can go to the greenhouse. Yep. Well, I have to step out for just a bit. Oh, we drive you away? Babe, is everything okay? No, no. Everything is fine. I just have to help out a friend. Oh, well, sorry if we left you on the sidelines.

[ Chuckling ] No, no, honey, don’t worry about me. Just keep enjoying playing your video game. Neutralize those zombies.

[ Laughter ] I’ll be back as soon as I can.

[ Door closes ] Mom’s the best. Mm. But she is awful at video games.

[ Laughs ] Well, you inherited your gaming gene from me. I know that’s right.

[ Video game noises playing ] Mm. Got him.

[ Door opens ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Olivia. What are you doing in my office? I was, uh, looking at the w-wedding bookings. I-I’m thinking about changing the date of my wedding. Oh. And I-I just didn’t want to rifle around looking for that binder that we have, so I was just checking to see what was confirmed. Oh, well, the binder is right over here, same as ever. Oh, there it is.

[ Laughs ] You take your time with that. We’re just — we’re just heading out. Okay. Hey, eddie. I, uh, heard from olivia that you had a great recording session. Yeah, no, the studio was great. Be sure to thank sonny for hooking us up. I will do that, yeah. He was happy to help you out. Well, like I said, uh, take your time. Just lock up when you leave. Yeah, thanks. Okay? Mm-hmm. Enjoy. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ] I’m so sorry, charlotte. I mean, I would take you to the restaurant and buy you a hot chocolate or something, but I’ve got to stay here and wait for the officers. Anna, I’m not a kid anymore. You don’t have to keep me amused. No, my bad. You’re almost an adult. Anna, thank you for calling me. Charlotte, what are you doing here? I just wanted to see you. I… didn’t realize you’d be busy.

[ Knock on door ] Pcpd. We received a report of a break-in. We can’t say that montague wanted to kill you, but maybe he wanted to keep you unstable enough to the point where he could move you somewhere else and…your recovery was virtually impossible. Yeah, but [Scoffs] I mean, the fact that montague was bringing the pills into ferncliff points to something extreme, right? You know, doctors don’t dispense medication from their pockets. I mean, this shows that he had some kind of plan. Yeah, but what exactly? And how do we prove it? Well, this all started after I petitioned to end gladys’s guardianship, and the court assigned dr. Montague to evaluate me. A-and, yes, that — that might be a coincidence, but we know that gladys and montague know each other from the poker game at the savoy. And — and granted, you know, montague’s debt isn’t as deep as gladys’, but…every gambler needs a steady cash flow. Okay, so gladys ropes in montague to make sasha appear to be unfit to the courts, but he pushes it too far, and you wind up stabbing cody and get sent to ferncliff. But then montague’s got another problem. What happens if you regain enough clarity to the point where you can link your breakdown to the pills that he was giving you? He’s got to cover his tracks. He’s got to make you not just look insane, but hopelessly addicted. Cody: So then he — I mean, he’s at least guilty of — of — of what — covert drugging? Like, isn’t — wouldn’t that be considered poisoning? Well, it’s criminal malpractice and attempted murder. But again, guys… how do we prove it?

[ Knock on door ] Boss? Mr. Hume. Come on in. Have a seat. Dex, can you stay? You don’t mind if he stays, right, roman? No. Whatever you like. Okay. Congratulations are in order, mr. Corinthos. We were all very pleased to hear about the charges being dropped. Really? Of course. Pikeman regrets any trouble you’ve faced and, uh… we’d like to offer you this as an apology. Is this an apology or a down payment on another deal? The room was like this when we got here. As far as I can tell, nothing is missing. My tablet and my computer — they’re all here, untouched. We can send forensics if you’d like. Yeah. Valentin: Well, this is a hotel room. Forensics is going to find a thousand different fingerprints from a thousand different guests. How helpful is that going to be? It might not yield much. We can pursue this if you’d like, anna, but it looks like a case of malicious mischief to me. Do you want to file a complaint, start an investigation? Mnh. No! Ha-ha! Score. Sorry, my friend. You just got slimed. No fair. I was the one who got the wolfsbane.

[ Laughs ] You ready for the next level? Definitely.

[ Sighs lightly ] So, curtis, um, marshall told me that you went to the club the other day. I did. He said that n’neka and the whole staff was really excited to see you come back. Oh, well , I’m not sureI would consider it being back. But it’s your club. Don’t you want to get into the swing of things again? Trina, a lot’s happened. Well, it’s obvious. Yeah, I mean, it was good to get out of the house and… it’s just, you know, going back opened my eyes to a lot — some good and some that’s just, well… hard to admit. Hey. How’s it going? Uh, slower than my last relationship.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, well, I can see that. Ugh. Portia. What brings you down here? Oh! Where’s curtis? Curtis and trina are at the house in their video game world, and it was too loud for me.

[ Chuckles ] So I decided to get some air, and, um, you know, I ended up here. Don’t you have an early start for work tomorrow? I do. I do. But my head is pretty full of all the dead zombies. I thought I would be here with you two in the land of the living. Well… I’m glad you’re here.

[ Chuckles ] Every living body counts tonight.

[ Chuckles ] Right. So, what can I get you?

[ Light music playing ] Wow. Ghost town. Yeah. What happened to this place? Last time I was here, it was hopping. According to the authorities,montague is the victim here. He was beaten and tied up. Montague had a pocket full of pills he was going to use to O.D. Me. I understand that, but we have no proof. These could have come from anywhere. And right now, it’s just our word against his. And we are escaped mental patients. Well, at least sasha is either an escapee or a kidnapping victim. You, on the other hand, are a felon, wanted for assault and kidnapping. Cody did not kidnap me. He rescued me! Look, we have to stop this before it gets any worse. We can turn ourselves in and tell the truth.

So pikeman wants another go-round? Absolutely. Wants me to move, you know, another shipment? Most definitely. Yeah. And this is a peace offering. Compensation for your trouble. Dex, close the briefcase. Give it back to him. Tell your bosses no deal. When I was in custody, I got a lot of questions about pikeman, so they know what’s going on. Has nothing to do with my people ’cause they didn’t do any talking, so that means it’s on your side, and that’s a problem. Nobody in pikeman would be that careless. You can guarantee that? I didn’t think so. It’s a big organization. So here’s the deal. I want you to find the leak. Until then, until you can assure me it’s plugged, there’s no deal. ‘Cause I am not going to let the feds use pikeman to get me. Turning yourselves in — it’s not as simple as it sounds. You need proof to back up your story, and right now, we don’t have that. Dr. Montague injected me several times with drugs. Wouldn’t the hospital have some sort of record of that? Yeah, I doubt, montague went through the proper channels for that, sasha. Wait a minute. What about the medication that he gave you before you went to ferncliff? Do you have the prescription that he wrote? He never gave me a prescription. He — he just handed me the pills. Ohh! I can’t believe I didn’t question that. Hey, hey. Hey, hey. Don’t you dare blame yourself for that, alright? You were betrayed by the people you trusted. In no way is that your fault. But you risked everything to save me, cody. And now you’re the one facing charges. How do we prove that you’re innocent? We might have something going for us. So, mac is the commissioner, and I think he’s going to see cody’s innocence. So mac really is your father? I can’t imagine how hard it must be to go back to the savoy. But you did it. I’m not going to lie. It was tiring, but, I’m, you know, getting stronger every day. Well, marshall told me that you were thinking about selling the savoy?

[ Sighs ] He did, did he? Well, let me tell you, it’s nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about. But it was your dream. Well, yeah. The savoy is a special place, you know? It’s like a home away from home in all the best ways. Just imagine throwing a party every night — good food, good music, and even better company. Walking from table to table, fraternizing with people I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Yeah, it was amazing. Was? Well, trina, sadly, sometimes in life, dreams can change. And I can’t imagine that same party under this current situation. But you are the club. What’s going to happen to it? Yeah. Uh…

[ Chuckles ] Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you. Curtis! Well, no. Don’t get all stella on me now. I’m your dad. I want to hear about you. You just started school. You moved into the dorms. What are you looking forward to this year? And I do want to remind you, all work and no play — don’t be that, okay? Have fun sometimes, you know. Well, it’s funny that you mention that, um, because actually…

[ Sighs ] …There is something that I-I am looking forward to that has nothing to do with school. Oh? So I’m — I’m planning on taking a trip to new york for the weekend. With spencer. Really? Okay. That’s something I’m surprised your mom didn’t tell me. Well, I haven’t told her yet. Yet. But you do plan on telling her. I thought I should wait until it gets closer to the trip. Trina, trina. You know how she feels about spencer. Oh, I definitely do. Yeah, I do. Okay, well, uh… the most important thing is, um, how you feel about him. And that is…? I think I’m in love with him. Do you think he feels the same way? He hasn’t said. And you? Have you? No. Why? Good to see you. Welcome. Hey. Well, n’neka, besides it being dead in here, what’s the emergency? Oh, selina wu. She wa s in here parading aroundtonight with some trophy date, and she and marshall had a face-off. Wait. Whoa, whoa. What kind of face-off? Well, I didn’t hear all of it, but voices were definitely raised, and marshall barely held it back. Yeah, but what set him off? There was tension the moment ms. Wu walked in. But when I came back from leaving you the message, marshall was basically kicking her out, saying she should go buy some other club downtown. Do you think she’s trying to get her hands on this place? I think so. I overheard marshall talking to curtis about it, so… well, I don’t think curtis’s father should be pushing her. Ms. Wu is not someone to be toyed with. No, I know exactly who she is. And you did the absolute right thing by calling me.

[ Sighs ] Ms. Wu is — she’s dangerous. I just don’t think that marshall realizes how dangerous she truly is. What were you recording? Oh, it was nothing, really. I was just demoing a new song. It’s only half done. Then why haven’t you finished? That’s what I keep asking him. Well, it’s easier said than done. Creating a song isn’t like writing a term paper. You can’t just power through to finish it.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I need to, uh, you know, wait for that spark of creativity to ignite.

[ Scatting ]

[ Laughter ] This man speaks the truth. Okay. Sometimes you got to tune into a melody. Alright. Exactly. The song came to me unexpectedly, but it was, um, just a little fuzzy. Like I almost could catch it, but not quite. So I just have to wait for the muse to visit me again.

[ Laughs ] The ghost of elvis presley, huh? Elvis, eh? Ah. If you need any clarinet, I’m there. Oh. I might just take you up on that, my friend. I’ve worked with a sax before, but I’ve never worked with a clarinet. Well, you know what they say. Once you go clarinet, you just never forget.

[ Laughter ] Alright. That was pretty bad. Yeah, that was bad. Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t you finish your song, debut it here at the club next week? It’s a challenge. Well, it might be a bit of a downer to play in a house this, uh, light. Uh, do you think, uh — mm. You think there’ll be more people here next week?

How would you like us to proceed? I-I-I want you to pursue the formal channels. You know, I-I — I want you to tell me what you uncover and keep me in the loop. Will do. Yeah. Now, this may seem like simple harassment, ms. Devane, but after the arson at your house, could these two incidents be related? I don’t know. I mean…

[ Police radio chatter ] Yeah. Maybe? I’m — I don’t know. I-I don’t know what answers you’re going to find in here or — I don’t know. We’ll keep you posted.

[ Clears throat ] Well, we’re not safe here. Yeah, obviously. Charlotte, can you get on the house phone? Ask the front desk to move us to a new suite. Sure, papa. God, I’m so sorry that she saw this. It’s probably quite scary for her.

[ Breathes deeply ] Were you able to access the security footage? Hume’s gone. He got in a range rover with new york plates and drove off. So tell me… what’s your take on what just happened here? That, uh — that’s above my pay grade, boss. You think I just hired you to open the doors and call me boss? You want something in life, you got to grab it. What are you doing here, anyway? Listen, I know you’re smart. You pay attention. You don’t think I see how your mind’s always spinning? Now, because you’re not the boss, you have access to people and places that I don’T. So now’s your chance to show me how you think, evaluate. So…you want to move up in my world? I got to be able to trust your judgment. So tell me what you see. Tonight’s a little slow. That’s putting it mildly. Hell, I wouldn’t want to play up there either with this crowd. But the one thing that’s missing tonight, the one thing that’s been missing every night, is my son curtis. You want a good promoter? Look no further. He’ll pack this place. We just need to give him something to promote. And I’m — I’m thinking the return of eddie maine — whoo! — That might be just the ticket.

[ Chuckles ] Look, y’all go ahead and think about that, alright? While I send over two drinks for you… and your beautiful date.

[ Laughs ] Maybe I-I’m not ready to say “I love you” first. Or…maybe I’m waiting for spencer to say it first. I-I don’t know. Are you having doubts about spencer? No doubts. I just — I just feel impatient and annoyed… and disappointed at times. He just does the stupidest things, but then he also does the sweetest things.

[ Breathes deeply ] I haven’t spent much time around spencer, but, um, I think you know, early on, I wasn’t a big fan.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah. But all that changed in greenland. I have great respect for the way he cared for you. And I also respect the way he lights up every time you’re in the room. But all that aside, are you sure you can count on him emotionally? Okay, now, see, that’s — that’s what’s hard. At first, I would say definitely not. But then, over time, I think… yes.

[ Sighs ] Well, honey, you and spencer come from two different worlds. What do you mean? Well, you’re responsible, you’re practical, and you’re grounded in the real world. Spencer comes from a crazy rich family. He doesn’t have to work a day in his life. Well, it’s not his fault that he was born rich. No, no, it’s not his fault. But I’ve learned this — people with too much free time and money tend to get into a lot of trouble.

“My beautiful date”? Marshall’s right about one thing. But do you think this is a date? Well…

[ Chuckles ] If it gets us free drinks, I don’t see why not. Here you go. Compliments of the savoy. Thank you. Thank you, n’neka. Thank you. So, um, what are we toasting to?

[ Sighs ] To marshall’s challenge. You finish the song — you come back here and sing it next week. Why not?

[ Chuckles ] I heard that ms. Wu was sniffing around — something about buying the club. She can sniff all she wants, portia. It’s not for sale. Curtis built this place from the ground up, and I am not going to let selina wu swoop in and take it. But spencer is –is not like that. Y-you should see him with ace. He’s amazing. Yeah. Your mom told me that ace is always going to be part of the equation.

[ Breathes deeply ] Are you sure you’re ready to take on a child at this point in your life? And how is spencer going to cope if esme decides to take ace and leave town? How are you dealing with esme after all the torture she put you through? I-I don’t know. There’s a lot that I don’t know. But I do know that we don’t know what the future holds. True that. Look at me. Think about epiphany. Sometimes you just — you’ve got to live in the moment. Well, what do you think, curtis? Is this my moment? My impression is that pikeman is a very efficient operation. They have legit government contracts, but they also obviously have a parallel operation going. Maybe it operates as a rogue offshoot. Hume seemed surprised when you suggested he consider someone on the inside, but as far as pikeman itself, it wouldn’t make sense for them to jeopardize everything to leak to the feds about their deal with you. And I agree with you. It wasn’t one of your men. Damn. Turn you on and you just go. Thanks for the insight. So here’s the thing — the feds busted me on false information, false information that I planted. The thing is — that I don’t know is the timing of — or the extent of the fbi investigation. Do they already know that we made a move for pikeman, or are they going by what we’ve already put out there? With all due respect, sir, I think the safest option is to cut ties with pikeman. Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? Pikeman is not taking “no” for an answer. So what I did tonight was buy time. Now I have to figure out how to move forward. We can’t rely on mac’s goodwill to beat this, dante. You know, he still has to uphold the law. Hey, why don’t you give us, like, 24 hours and we can see what we can dig up? Right? Right? Yeah. Okay. We’ll go back to port charles. You guys should probably sit tight here. I mean, you do have to turn yourselves in at some point, but that’s not now. Sam: Yeah, and we’ll be in touch tomorrow. Thanks, sam. I really — I-I can’t thank you enough. Yeah, really. Thank you so much. No problem. I only did what I thought was right. Cody, I’m sorry — dante, look. Look, you, as always, are the rock and kept me on the straight and narrow. Thank you both for everything.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] I can’t believe what they’re willing to risk for us. Mm. For you, sasha. They believe in you. So do I. Well, I guess all we can do now is wait and see what they turn up. Well, we do have one other option. Which is…? You and I could just disappear. Did you talk to security? Was there anything on the tapes?

[ Charlotte speaking indistinctly ] There was nothing there. What? How is that possible? There’s cameras everywhere. Anna, the footage from this floor was missing. Okay. So…someone forged a key card to get in here, and — and then they wipe the surveillance tape? That was — so that they could ransack a room, destroy my clothes, and write an intimidating message on the mirror? Papa, the front desk wants to speak to you. Let me deal with that. You just take her back to dante. Okay. I’ll — I’ll call you when I’m on my way back. Thank you, darling. Thank you so much for doing that.

[ Door opens ] Yeah. Hello? Yeah. Let’s go, ma petite. Um, are you able to find us another suite? Thank you. No, no, that’s perfectly fine. Ready, papa? Oh, charlotte… what have you done?

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GH Transcript Monday, September 18, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Gladys. The minute that you get this message, I want an update. You call me. Do you understand? I mean, you’re her guardian. The police must be telling you if there’s any updates on Sasha. Call me.

That’s why I’m here. I need to know exactly what is going on with Sasha.

Hello, sweetheart. Well, aren’t you gonna be a gentleman and invite me to have a seat?

Don’t mind if I do.

Thank you.

I hope all these patients know how lucky they are to have your help.

I’m the lucky one. At my age to have the most fulfilling job of my life… it’s pretty special. You know, 6 out of these 11 patients have the same doctor. You always want the best doctor you can get. And sometimes, these complicated cases take the total focus of the doctors, and the patients can be a little intimidated by some of the doctors.

You mean like not ask all the questions that they need answers to?

And that’s where I come in. Hopefully, I give them the answers they need. You can see that Dr. Bronson has to deal with all kinds of neurological complications and incurable conditions.

Like ALS.

Everything all right, Esme?

Uh, yes, yes. Um, I was just arranging some things for Alexis.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, good luck with that. She has her own very random system of order. Do you need any of my help?

Uh, no, thank you, um… is there anything I can help you with, professor Chase?

Uh, Alexis left a message that she’d be here for a while. I was hoping to catch her. It’s — it’s late. Shouldn’t you be getting home?

Um, it’s actually why I was finding some more work to do. I don’t exactly want to go home yet.

Got your favorite. Brook Lynn. What is it?

I got fired.

What?! But Maxie was in such high spirits when she came by earlier today.

She’s too nice to involve you.

I am so sorry.

I’m not even upset about the job. I’m upset because I lost my best friend.

I hope Molly and Kristina can work through their problem.

Oh, so you figured it was the two of them, huh?

I just got the impression it wasn’t Sam.

[ Chuckles ] True. The two of them are driving me crazy, by the way, but I know I need to let them work it out on their own. You didn’t share. Are you okay?

I’m just trying to honor my father’s wishes.

I admire that.

Yeah, well, Dad wants to go on like everything is normal.

Well, at least he finally told Chase.

No, he didn’t.

Anna, listen to me. Whoever got in here —

What?! Is trying to get to me?! Well, it’s working.

You weren’t even gonna say hello, Marty?

Forgive me. I didn’t see you, Blair.

Oh, you saw me all right.

Trish. Excuse me. Could I please get —

Another, and I will have what I was having over there before, please. Okay. Thank you.

What are you doing here, Blair?

[ Scoffs ] Well, if I didn’t know better, I would think that you’re not happy to see me.

I’m not. Nor am I happy to find you meeting up with the likes of Tracy Quartermaine of all people.

Oh, and I thought you didn’t see me.

I might have caught a glimpse.

Mm. But you were distracted by your friend.

My friend?

Yeah, the gorgeous brunette. What, you didn’t want to introduce her to ex-wife number three? I would love to meet her. Where’d she disappear to?

Lucy, if you’re looking for Olivia, she’s not here right now.

No, no, no. I’m not. I was looking for you. I-I spoke with your assistant and she said you’d be here. I just — I just need to ask you something. Listen, martin is down in the lobby waiting. I don’t have a lot of time. I just — please tell me. Tell me about Sasha, please.

Well, as you clearly heard when you barged into the office, I left word for Gladys to give me an update when she hears anything.

Well, I don’t have time to wait. I need to know what’s happening with Sasha right now.

Okay, what happened with Maxie?

I was trying to convince myself that there was something I could do, you know, to make it right, but Maxie made it perfectly clear that there is nothing I can do to make up for what I did.

I take it they found out that Tracy got the information on the Deceptor from you.

Yeah. Deep down, I knew they would. Maxie could lose her livelihood. I mean, she just moved. She has three kids she has to support.

The case hasn’t been settled yet.

Yeah, but it doesn’t look good, and it’s all my fault. And now I am getting exactly what I deserve. Maxie hates me.

Gregory told me that he was going to Chase’s apartment the other day to tell him.

No, he must’ve — must’ve changed his mind. I — Chase called me this morning about getting a new baseball glove for violet. He doesn’t know. It’s not gonna be easy for either one of them when he finally does tell Chase.

It’s not easy for anyone. Certainly not easy for you.

All I’ve wanted to do since he told me was to help him. You know, I’ve been researching ALS day and night. What I’d really like to do is talk to Dr. Bronson about his case.

But you can’t do that, can you?

It’s my dad’s illness, right? So legally, ethically, I’d have to get his permission. And I think — I’m concerned just bringing it up to him right now would just upset him more.

[ Scoffs ] You and Dr. Bronson are both doctors. I’m sure that he would understand and share with you what he could.

Yeah, doctors don’t really like that, and — and I won’t go behind my father’s back.

You’re right. That was a terrible idea.

You know, there will come a point when he won’t… he won’t be able to walk anymore. My father won’t be able to speak. But it’s still up to him when and how much he wants me to be involved.

Why wouldn’t you want to go home to that adorable son of yours?

[ Chuckles ] No, it’s not — it’s not Ace that I’m avoiding. It’s Spencer. Um, but I don’t want to bother you with my problems.

You are not bothering me.

Um, it’s just that Spencer and i have been spending a lot of time together taking care of Ace, and I thought that everything was going really well. You know, Spencer adores his little brother, and, you know, Ace lights up every time that Spencer walks into the room. [ Chuckles ] And I don’t know. It felt like for the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to be part of a family.

Sounds like a good start to me.

Until I overheard Spencer talking to Alexis about going out of town for the weekend with his girlfriend, Trina. He asked Alexis to check up on me, and in spite of what I thought, it is very clear that Spencer does not trust me. So much for family.

Stella. We need to talk.

I’m a little busy here, Marshall.

It’s important.

Stella, you are due for a break.

Thanks, Elizabeth. I-I’ll finish this right after. Is everything all right with Curtis?

He’s good. At least for now.

What is that supposed to mean?

He’s thinking of selling The Savoy.

Bite your tongue. That’ll be the death of him.

They were sloppy this time.

This seems very deliberate to me. This seems very personal. I just bought this. I bought it because I don’t have any clothes because they burned in the fire, all right? I’ve only worn this one time. I don’t even like it. And the only reason that it’s ruined is —

Why, because it’s yours?

Yeah, because it’s mine. Your stuff isn’t here. I mean, it makes me feel that whoever’s doing this, they — they just — they want one thing, and that is to leave me with nothing.

And then what? It’s more than that. The message in the bathroom. “You think you’re safe, but you’re not.” That’s a direct threat.

woman who was just here — oh, fact is we just met. I’m not even sure I remember her name.

Lucy Coe.

Oh. Yes.

“Oh.” She owns Deception, a cosmetics company just like me.


Some people might even consider us rivals. But I hear on the street that her company’s not doing that well.

Yeah, let me guess — little bird named Tracy Quartermaine told you that.


All right. Enough is enough. What exactly are you doing here with her tonight, Blair?

Marty… you’re an intelligent man. I’m sure you can figure it out.

All we know for sure, Lucy, is that Cody bell apparently took Sasha out of Ferncliff.

What?! How did he manage that?

Well, he got checked in as a patient.

[ Scoffs ] Cody is not crazy.

No, he’s not crazy, but he convinced someone that he needs help, and he’s on the verge of being charged for kidnapping.

[ Scoffs ] There is no way that Cody kidnapped Sasha.

Maxie may be angry, but once she has time to think it through —

Think what through, Chase? I betrayed her and Lucy and Sasha.

You made a mistake. And I know for a fact that Maxie has made a number of mistakes in the past, and they know Tracy and what she is capable of. They’ll understand the pressure you were under.

That’s the part I feel the worst about — letting Tracy blackmail me because I was too afraid of you finding out the truth. I should have trusted you enough to tell you the truth myself.

Yeah, well, it’s too late for that.

You’re a good son, you know that? And I know it’s even harder for you to let your father handle his own medical decisions because you’re a doctor.

Between you and me, it is tearing me up inside, but at some point, I have to admit and accept my limitations.

Mm. Yeah, good luck with that. Whenever I try, it doesn’t always work out so well for me.

My dad’s lucky to have you in his life.

I feel lucky to have him in mine, and I’m just trying to keep things as normal as possible because he said he wanted to maintain a normal life for as long as he could.

It’s not easy to go along with it, is it?

I think that we all have our own u-unique ways of imagining how we’re gonna deal with the…

The transition? I hated that word when people used to substitute that for dying, and now…I think it’s really appropriate.

I don’t know if it’s gonna make things any better for you or not, but you are not alone. We are in this together.

It helps a lot.

Sometimes, even family can let you down, Esme, but they will almost always be there for you when you really need them. The bonds of family don’t easily break.

I realize that I was this horrible person before, but I am trying really hard to make a new beginning. I want to be the best receptionist, and, more importantly, I want to be the best mom that I can be for Ace, and I’m trying really hard to build a new relationship with Spencer based on respect because he is Ace’s big brother. But what’s the point? Because Spencer only sees me for who I was and not the person that I am now. Just like everybody else.

[ Sighs ] If it means anything, Alexis had her doubts, but she sees you for who you are now, and so do I. Is it okay if I give you a little advice?

Anything, please.

Sometimes when you only look at the big picture, it can be really frustrating and infuriating, so try to focus on the short term, like maybe the one thing that happened today that made you smile.

Does that work for you?

Curtis can’t sell The Savoy. He’s so proud of that club. It keeps him motivated and inspires him.

You’re right about that.

And that’s more important than ever for him to keep fighting to recover. He’s got friends and coworkers there. Didn’t he go back to work?

He did. And you can see while he’s at the club, the way he interacts with all the people, it’s like he has his finger on the pulse of Port Charles.

That’s exactly what he needs to keep fighting to recover. Why on earth would he want to sell?

He may have gotten an offer he can’t refuse.

Don’t you think that someone who’s burned down my house and broken in here has had ample opportunity to kill me already?

I’m not saying someone isn’t enjoying torturing you a little bit, but you know that message in the bathroom is a threat.

Yes, I know that. But this — this doesn’t look like someone who works for Pikeman or the WSB would resort to this, right?

Okay. So it’s not professional-looking, but burning your house down, taking a shot at you at The Metro Court pool, now this — this is not a coincidence.

Okay. And I’m not taking any chances.

Rights and copyright on your attempts to develop a beauty wand, didn’t you?

Nope. I gave Tracy absolutely nothing. But, however, she did pay a very handsome sum for those rights. You’re a lawyer, Marty. You know by only owning those rights, Tracy could file a suit against Lucy and Deception.

The fact that you would do something like that with someone like that to hurt someone like Lucy Coe — shame on you, Blair. That is just vile.

No. What is vile is you whispering my original idea into your girlfriend’s ear and making her think that it was her idea just to get her in your bed.

That is not how it happened.

[ Scoffs ] Right.

Anyway, Lucy’s product actually works. Yours never did.

She never would have got it off the ground if it hadn’t been an idea that you stole from me. Well, you know what, buddy? It is gonna cost you big time.

Sasha didn’t want to admit it, but, um, I think that Cody does care for her much more than just as a friend. He did come to her rescue, you know, when she had that “problem” at the home & heart show.

Oh, yeah. That was a terrible trick that somebody played on her.

Yeah, it was. It was so cruel. But, you know, she did handle it. Sasha was okay. She did. And Cody was there for her then, too, and I’m just wondering if maybe he feels like he’s rescuing her, you know, by breaking her out of Ferncliff. He’s coming to her aid.

You know, I really am worried about her, but Deception is also in a very precarious position right now, and if Sasha can’t come back, you know, I need to know. If she’s not gonna be able to come back, then I have simply got to replace her as soon as possible.


Well what?

Well, you were on your way to say hello, and then you took this sudden detour.

I actually wasn’t gonna say hello. I was, um — I was gonna tell you something, and now I’m not sure it’s such a good idea.

Well, now you have to tell me.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, but first, I-I recognize this isn’t my place. TJ told me about an incident he had with Dr. Bronson, and then Stella was just telling me about some of her patients, and it only confirmed what I’d been feeling since I took over as head nurse.

What’s going on?

I don’t think Dr. Bronson is the right doctor for your dad.

Too late for what? For us?

No. No, too late for you to regret not telling me. [ Sighs ] Because you did. You shared everything with me.

And you were so understanding.

Brook Lynn, you did what you did because you were desperate for me to get my job back, and I love you for that. I love you for so many reasons. But I don’t want to spend time, the two of us, just rehashing the past.

No. Look, I know that everything is gonna turn out all right as long as I have you by my side. I just — I hate what I did to my friends.

You know what I don’t understand, is how could your grandmother put you in that position? She knew how close you were to Maxie, and yet she still made you feel like you had to betray your best friend. Who would do that to their granddaughter?

Gregory: Actually, it has been working for me. I find if I focus on a good thing during the day that happened, you know, big or small, it makes a difference in my outlook.

What about today?

Oh, today was really special. Today, I tried lavender ice cream for the first time.  [ Chuckles ] Amazing. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on.

[ Chuckles ] What about you?

Oh, that’s easy. Today, after Ace burped, he gave me the biggest smile. I could — I could tell he thought it was funny, and it just made me think how lucky I am that I’m his mom.

That sounds even better than my lavender ice cream.

Little bit.

[ Both chuckle ]

Look, why don’t you get on home to Ace? I think I can handle rearranging your boss’s desk.

Thank you.

My pleasure.


Oh, you’re back.

Whoa. Gregory. Whoa.

[ Grunts ] You okay there?


You gonna be okay on your own?

Where are you going?

I’m gonna go check for some security footage and see if we can’t identify who did this.

Don’t you think a professional will know that there are security cameras on every floor? And will have disabled them, or at least hidden their identity as best they can?

Well, we’re gonna find out. Listen, in the meantime, you call the police and have them meet you here.

Yeah, maybe forensics will find something.

Yeah. We’re gonna find who did this. We’re gonna stop them.

[ Door closes ]

What do you mean it’s gonna cost me? Lucy’s the one being sued by Tracy Quartermaine.

Yeah, and I’m the one paying you $50,000 a month in alimony.

Well, if you didn’t want to pay, maybe you shouldn’t have spent so much time jumping in and out of the sack with David Vickers. Wasn’t exactly discreet. As I recall, you were caught in flagrante.

Mm-hmm, because you hired that stupid detective.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, he had nothing to do with the money. No, no, that was all that sweet southern judge decided $50,000 was adequate and reasonable compensation for my pain and suffering.

Oh, and you’re just suffering so much with Lucy Coe.

No, no, no, no, no. She’s definitely what I call a step up.

Well, Tracy says that you’re really hooked on her. So when Lucy loses Deception — and she will — you’ll have no choice but to make her wife number four. Marry her. And you know when that happens, I won’t have to pay you another single dime.

What is this “Godfather” talk?

A prominent business woman named Selina Wu offered Curtis a lot of money.

And he wants to sell?

Not sure. But she’s trying to convince him that in his current condition, it’d be too difficult for him to run the club.

Too difficult because he’s in a wheelchair? These people make me crazy when they automatically assume that anyone with a disability is incapable of holding down a job like running a club or a thousand other jobs. If they saw a fraction of the grit and bravery I see people display every day, they would be ashamed of themselves.

As well they should. Stella, I — I know what you do here is very important to the doctors and to the patients. I’m hoping that maybe you can find a way to lift Curtis up the way you do your patients.

I’m gonna do my best. Curtis needs that club. It’s his lifeline to get out of the house. Make him feel like he’s doing something worthy.

My son can’t lose that club.

Professor Chase, are you all right? I’m — I’m fine. I’m sorry. It’s my fault. It’s that corner rug keeps coming up.

We’ve got to get maintenance to take a look at that and tape it down.

Yeah. So, um, thank you for staying late. I’m sure that your son needs his mom, and I’ll see you in the morning.

Yes, um, thank you again, Professor Chase.

So how much did you hear?

Enough to know that you lifted Esme’s spirits when she needed it.

Are you accusing Dr. Bronson of something?

No, no, no, I’m not accusing him of anything. I think he’s a great neurologist.

Okay. Tell me what you really think.

I think diagnostically, there’s no one better than Dr. Bronson. But there are things that happen or they should happen after the diagnosis… in my opinion.

That’s what I want to hear — your opinion.

Okay, I can only compare him to you and some of the other specialists we have here.

[ Chuckles ] All the nurses make fun of my bedside manner.

And we still think you’re an amazing doctor because you’re responsive to your patients. You listen to them, you answer their questions, you treat them with respect. You don’t just diagnose and then follow standard procedure. Dr. Bronson does.

And you think that’s how he’s treating my father? He diagnosed the ALS.

His main focus is treating the ALS by the book rather than treating Gregory, the patient.

Let me get this straight. Uh, your concern for Sasha is what she is going through might cost you money?

No, no, of — of course not. I adore Sasha. Everybody does. But you’re a businesswoman. You know that we just can’t be responsible for our own personal feelings. I’m responsible for employees. They could lose their jobs, the whole company. Don’t you see that — Frankly, it’s just the timing of Sasha’s predicament is really bad because Tracy is coming after us, and we could lose absolutely everything.

[ Clears throat ] I think it’s time for you to leave.


You heard me.

Nina. I could use your help. No, wait. We are not finished with our conversation here.

Conversation is over. Goodbye, Lucy.


Okay. Listen, I can explain everything, but right now, I need you to show me whatever security footage you have of the hallway outside of Anna’s hotel suite.

Where are you going?

I could help Esme. She’s dealing with a lot.

She’s not the only one.

She’s young. Her life is just beginning.

And yours is not over.

[ Exhales deeply ] I thought you were gonna tell Chase that you have ALS.

I was, and I went to his apartment with every intention of doing just that, but… Brook Lynn had just moved in and the two of them seemed so very happy and I just couldn’t ruin it.

You don’t seem surprised.

I’m not. I’ve had the same reservations about Dr. Bronson, but I thought maybe because he was treating my father, I was too close to be objective.

Well, I’m being objective. And I’m not saying that Dr. Bronson isn’t a good doctor for certain people, but your dad…

Is dying, and he needs a more compassionate kind of care.


The problem is he chose Dr. Bronson, and I just can’t step in now and start dictating treatment. Finn.

You’re an excellent doctor with exceptional experience. This is your lane. And I think your dad would feel reassured and supported by your opinions. You wouldn’t be telling him what to do. You’re just offering an alternative.

You’ve been in Port Charles long enough now to have heard the infamous stories of the Quartermaine family’s, you know, bickering and backstabbing.

Yeah, but all those stories can’t be true.

I never wanted to believe they were, either. And I’ve done my fair share of conniving and deceiving my family, but I really thought we were in a good place, you know, that we could really count on each other. Now my dad thinks he’s someone else, and my grandmother, I mean, she’s always been calculating and tough. I-I actually admired her for it. But now I realize she is deliberately destructive. She’s taking down Deception because she can, and I helped her do it. You have no idea how lucky you are, Chase, to come from a family that’s open and honest with each other.

What the hell are you talking about?

Follow the breadcrumbs, Marty. I won’t hesitate to tell Lucy and prove to her that you stole the Deceptor idea from me and you gave it to her, and then she’ll lose everything. And then being angry and broke, she’ll have no choice but to sue you, and I will be her star witness. So I think you losing 50 grand a month is a small price to pay, don’t you? I mean, you won’t lose Lucy and you won’t lose the rest of your money. So think about it, okay? It’s so nice to see you.

Yeah, I can pull up the security footage from Olivia’s computer, but first, Valentin, you need to tell me what’s going on. Is Anna okay?

No, she’s not okay. Someone broke into our hotel suite while we were at dinner tonight. There was a threatening message written on the bathroom mirror. The room was ransacked and her clothes were strewn all over the place, covered in red ink.

Oh, my god. Okay, you said dinner, that would be the latest footage from tonight.

In the last two, three hours.

I am so sorry. I thought Anna would be okay here.

I was hoping so, too. Now I just want to know who did this.

Dante: Gun!

Everybody down!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Breathes deeply ] Wow, I do not know what that was for, but you almost made me forget all my problems. Mm.

[ Chuckles ] Phew.

[ Clears throat ] That’s what I’m here for, darlin’.

It felt really good just now with Esme to be able to lift someone’s spirits instead of depress them.

You do not depress anyone. On the contrary. You bring joy and happiness into many people’s lives, including your son’s and yours truly. And your work here, I mean, forget about it. It’s invaluable.

Well… take advantage of me for as long as you can.

I intend to. How are you feeling?

You saw. More unsteady more often. Dr. Bronson has made it clear I’m deteriorating more rapidly. But I have every intention of living the best life I can for as long as I can.


But, Alexis, there’s something… I need to know.

Of course.

Have you ever tried lavender ice cream? Oh, my god. Yum!

[ Chuckles ]

You’re right. I’m gonna talk to my dad about his treatment, and hopefully, he won’t be too resistant to sharing information.

And then you could just take it from there.

Yeah. In the meantime, I’m gonna research some neurologists in the surrounding areas and new york city. I-I have some colleagues. They should be able to give me some good names. That way when I talk to him, I’ll have some alternatives.

And if you need help with the research, I’m here.

I’m counting on it. Thank you. Thank you for giving me the push I needed.

My family wasn’t always open and honest. Growing up, Finn wasn’t around.

Yeah, but you guys worked that out.

Yeah. And I’m glad we did. Because of all that time we missed, I feel like what we have now is even more special. [ Chuckles ] I never would have thought that my father, my brother, and myself having a tea party with Violet, that that would be the highlight of my week.

I felt the same way about spending time with my dad and Leo.

And now I don’t just have my family together. I’ve got you, too. I’m the luckiest guy I know.

I’m pretty lucky, too.

So glad you’re back in town. Doing the work you love here at this hospital.

I didn’t mind being a jet-setter for a while, but I did miss my family and this job.

Are they working you to death?

Oh, it’s fine, but it will be nice to get a little lighter load. Felicia Scorpio is going to be joining our staff, and I got a feeling she’s got the fire to make a difference.

[ Chuckles ] It’s not surprising that you would be attracted to someone with the fire because you, Stella, are the original firecracker.

[ Chuckles ]

It’s good to have you back. And the family closer together.

You didn’t always feel that way.

Hey, that’s — it’s water under the bridge. I lost Irene, and somehow, it feels that she’s still a part of us, especially with Curtis and Trina and you. We’re lucky to have the family we have.

Yeah, we are.

[ Chuckles ] So we’ll, uh — we’ll keep this together. You’re going to talk to Curtis about the club, and I think between the two of us, we’ll be able to set him straight and keep him from making a mistake he’ll live to regret.


Nina: All right, I pulled up the footage. You said the last three hours?

Yeah, maximum.

Okay, I can just — I’ll fast-forward it.

Why are you involved with Sonny? And who is the third party?

The defense contractor.

What’s the name of the company?


Wait. Go back a little.

Uh, Valentin, I didn’t see anything.

Just go back.

He lied to you about working for Pikeman?

He didn’t lie to me.

Well, he was dishonest. He withheld the truth.

I-I just — why did he tell you? Wha– why then? Why would it come out of nowhere?

I was putting together the pieces, and he came — came home.

You told him what you knew, and he realized he had no choice but to come clean. So yeah, we don’t have to call that a lie if you don’t want to. But we both know he did lie to you about where he was the night of the fire.

Hello. I’d like to report a break-in.

Stop there. Go back a little. Freeze it. Oh, my god.

Valentin, it can’t be.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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GH Short Recap Thursday, September 14, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Spencer and Trina decide to take a trip to New York together so they can spend some time alone together before Trina gets busy with college.

Dex helps Brook Lynn move into the dorm.

Adam asks Josslyn if she wants to be part of his study group for their pre-med classes and Joss tells Adam she will think about it but she has to check her schedule.

Ava tells Austin that if Mason doesn’t give her Nikolas’ body she will tell Sonny everything. Dante and Sam arrive at the cabin and confirm to Sasha that they now believe that Cody was right in his suspicion that Gladys was working with Dr. Montague in order to keep her in Fern Cliff so she could use her money to pay her gambling debt she owes to Selina Wu.

Cyrus, Carly, and Sonny talk to Drew and Sonny asks Drew to try and find out who Austin came to visit at Pentonville. Drew agrees to help Sonny find out who is the boss giving orders to Austin and Mason. Cyrus talks to the warden in her office and she is angry with Cyrus because he has ruined her reputation by giving her false information which she gave to the FBI. Cyrus reminds the warden that he put her in the job of warden and he could take the job away from her.

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GH Short Recap Friday, September 15, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Spencer asks Alexis to look over some legal documents since Nikolas has been missing for six months control of the Cassadine estate goes to him since he is Nikolas’ heir. Esme listens outside Alex’s office door when Spencer asks Alexis to keep an eye on Esme and Ace while he goes to New York for the weekend with Trina.

Anna finally gets Valentin to admit he went to New York when her house burned because he was summoned by Pikeman. Anna is upset that she had to show Valentin a copy of his plane tickets to get him to admit the truth. Anna wonders what other secrets Valentin is keeping from her. Anna doesn’t feel well so she and Valentin return to her room instead of having lunch. Anna opens the door to her room and finds the entire room smeared in red ink.

Nikolas tells Austin that he has to go to Europe to give his mother clues that he is alive so Spencer doesn’t get control of his Estate.

Tracy’s partner in the Deception lawsuit turns out to be Blair Cramer Martin ‘s third ex-wife. Blair tells Tracy that the Receptor was an unfinished idea of hers that she never developed and she is sure Martin told Lucy about the idea. Blair also wants Martin to marry Lucy, so she won’t have to pay alimony to him anymore.

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GH Transcript Friday, September 15, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 blair cramer, what a pleasure to finally meet you. Tracy quartermaine. Ms. Quartermaine. Thank you for joining me. I so much prefer doing business in person. Well, as do I. And this evening’s business is claiming what’s mine. God, not her. Tomorrow afternoon is pretty open, but you do have a call with the board scheduled for 5:30. After that, you’re free. That’s about it. Okay. Well, thank you. Thank you, ms. Davis. Oh, and I just sent you the cutest picture of ace at the pool. Bye. Bye-bye.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hi, gregory, it’s me. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be at the office for about another hour or so. So stop by or call if you need me. Spencer: I need you. Do you have time for a fellow cassadine? Wow, joss. You’ve made so much progress moving in. The place looks great. I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I had every intention of unpacking. It’s just, dex came over, and, you know, we got a little… distracted. How distracted? Ava. What are you doing here? I dropped avery off. She’s upstairs with donna and pilar. Avery’s welcome anytime, but I didn’t have her on the schedule for tonight. I hope it’s okay for her to stay. I have a late dinner with clients. Avid collectors. I couldn’t say no. Really? See, I find it hard to believe you of all people have a hard time saying no. So give it up. What have you done this time? Nikolas: Dr. Gatlin holt. Just in time. Just in time for what? To say goodbye. Right this way. Okay. Thank you. Sure. This is great. Thanks. Thank you. Here you go. Thanks. And detective falconeri left this for you. Oh, great.

[ Sighs ]

What you mean is what was yours is now mine, because I paid dearly for it. Ah, yes, you did. But I am still due my final deal point. That will come soon enough. It better, because my ex is bleeding me dry, and the sooner he remarries, the better. Well, as soon as deception is mine, lucy coe will be flat broke, and she will begin hounding your ex mercilessly until he makes her mrs. Martin gray. Well, that works for me. What are you doing? We were gonna eat something. I’ll bet there’s a swell table with our names on it over at the pc grill. What do you say? No. No. Is it ’cause of tracy? No. No, no, no. I am not afraid of tracy quartermaine. Never have been. Never will be. No, lucy — I always have time for you. Whatcha got there? Uh, this is my future. It’s been over six months since my father disappeared. And as expected, the cassadine attorneys have been in touch. And the full control of the cassadine estate goes to the heir. And that would be you. That’s right. Yeah, they want to get the ball moving and, um… they want to give me full control. Uh, quite frankly, I don’t understand what any of this legalese means, but I was hoping that you might be able to translate. Oh, I can translate. Come with me. Let’s see what’s what. Whew. Trina: Girl, you and dex are too much. You were never like this with cam. Yeah, well, that was a different relationship. It seems like you guys can’t keep your hands off one another. Yes, I know. Were you guys always like this? No, I mean, not always. I-I think I was attracted to him from the very beginning, even though I didn’t want to admit that to myself. And now we’re together, and the more time we spend together, I guess the better everything else is, you know? Okay, I-I-I got to ask. Ask me what? Were you nervous the first time you were with dex? Nervous? I — why are you asking? Carly, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve done nothing. You did something that handed austin and his cousin mason leverage over you. You think just because I’m asking you to watch avery, there’s some nefarious connection to austin and the creep? This is the second time you dropped her off unexpectedly. Carly, would you prefer it if I took avery and I left? No. This has nothing to do with avery, and you know it. Whatever’s going on, you’re in it up to your neck. And it’s only something that sonny can get you out of. So what is it? Ava, I just came back from pentonville, from visiting drew. Sonny and I went there to ask for his help. Sonny wants him to find out who your friend austin visited when he was there. Austin did what? Ava is going to be so happy to find out you’re alive when you get back to port charles. I’m not going to port charles. What do you mean? I can’t go back to port charles or let anyone know I’m alive until I’ve tied up some loose ends. Where are your loose ends if they’re not in port charles? In europe. And I leave in a few hours. Are we getting notes from other men? Should I be jealous? It’s more than a note. Well, I’m intrigued. What does dante have to say? Read it for yourself. Is it true?

Will always have a softspot in my heart for marty, but having to pay him 50 grand a month in alimony? Really putting a crimp in my budget. On top of that, my youngest is in college, and my jack, jack is my problem child whose problems only seem to be solved with money. Adorable. Rest assured, I have everything under control. I’m sure you do. So, how did it go in court? I was a little concerned at first. Intellectual property theft can be difficult to prove. But luckily you gave me enough ammunition for my lawyer, and everything went according to plan. And that tidbit about the deceptor was exactly what I needed to get the judge to hear the case. Great. I hope you know that, you know, I’m just doing all this to right a wrong. I mean, it’s not really about the money. A-an injustice was done here. People can’t just steal people’s ideas and and profit from it. I mean, I’m making a case about this that — well, actually, you are making a case. It’s about the people who get cheated out of their piece of the pie. And deception is one huge pie. Oh. So your intentions are purely altruistic. You’re doing this for the little people. Okay, okay. My motivation — this might be a little bit selfish, because the deceptor was my idea in the first place. I just never got around to finishing it. And knowing my ex the way that I do, I know that he will do anything to get what he wants. And in this case, it’s lucy. Mm-hmm. Mouthy marty, he couldn’t help himself. He had to share my design ideas just to win her over. I wouldn’t call lucy a win. Who is that blond bob person with tracy over there? You know, I think I’ve seen her before. I haven’t got the foggiest. You know, this is all sort of a big “so what?” Are you sure you won’t change your mind about heading over to the grill? I would purely love some of the crab cakes. No. But I do think I know why you want to leave. You do? Mm-hmm. It’s ’cause of that horrible, nasty tracy. You know what? She does make you lose your appetite. But that’s okay. We are not budging. We are going to stick around. We’re staying. Well, in that case, I’m going to need a shot of something. I mean, present company and all, I think we should just remain calm and order ourselves a couple of drinks. This is a really complicated document, so I’m going to need some time with this. So what I’ll do is I’ll square things away. I’ll give you some instruction, and I’ll get it back to you by tomorrow night. Is that going to work for you? Yes. You were smart to bring it to me first. I appreciate it. I’m happy to do it, actually, because I’ve kind of miss– no, I’m not just talking about the legal document. I mean… family, and I’m very grateful for you. I’m so grateful for you. And for better or worse — and worse when it comes to the cassadines — we’re family, and we have an unbreakable bond. Except for not where my father is concerned. When he pretended to be dead all of those years, I thought that he had sunk as far as he could. But then he disappeared, and he abandoned my brother. How does someone walk out on a baby? Your father had no frame of reference on how to be a father. I mean, his own father was a horrible role model. And I’m not making excuses for him. I’m not. I just have a soft spot for him because he’s damaged, and it wasn’t his fault. There is no justification for a parent walking out on their child. Never. But I can say with certainty that he loved you. But he has an odd way of showing it. But I am glad that I have you. I am always here for you. You know that. Well, on that note, I have one more favor that I’d like to ask you. Okay. This one’s about ace. Austin: The hell are you talking about? You can’t go to europe. You need a passport. You need money. Where did you get these clothes? Austin, I have multiple accounts and aliases. Of course you do. How could I not know that? It’s just a simple matter of accessing them. Yeah, but europe? Why europe? What’s in europe? Many glorious things. But most importantly, my mother. She’s there trying to track me down. So you’re going to go meet your mother? No. I have no intention of seeing her. I just need her to know I’m alive. I’ve got a lot going on. I haven’t been entirely transparent with you. I think that’s putting it mildly. Ever since you left for russia, there’s just been one truth after the other surfacing. You know, I — I find out that you used to work for pikeman. No, I never worked for them directly. I-I was an independent contractor. I never worked for them directly. Okay, that’s semantics. I just sort of feel like each new layer that gets peeled back… …I get to see who you really are. Like maybe I never knew you. I love you. That’s all you’ll ever need to know. Is it? You’re not answering my question. Is that true? Yes. Unfortunately, it is true. I wasn’t at elq the night of the fire. Pikeman summoned me to a meeting in new york. They flew me to manhattan. I mean, that’s not much of a confession, because that’s what it says in dante’s note. What more do you want to know? I don’t know. What the hell was so urgent that you had to fly to new york city in the middle of the night? Pikeman was concerned about sonny. They still are. And they wanted to consult with me. Why do you lie to me?

My motivation in all of this is to stop funding marty’s lavish lifestyle. You have made that abundantly clear. 50 grand a month in alimony buys a lot of hummingbird cake. Yes, and I can only imagine what he spends wooing the floozy. Well, the gravy train has left the station. So, are you sure the judge can keep the deceptor sales frozen? Yes, absolutely. And while they are frozen, deception’s stock price is plummeting. The company will be basically worthless by the time lucy coe and company gets their day in court. Speaking of court, I want you to tell me how — how it went with jackson. Ooh, great recommendation. Good. Thank you. He did an impeccable job. Well, not only is he a very talented lawyer, he’s pretty irresistibly handsome to look at, too. Don’t you think? I hadn’t noticed. Come on! You had to have been laser-focused on bringing lucy coe down not to notice that. Ah, you are out for blood. I don’t need blood. It’s the piece of my family’s company that I want back from lucy. She has been using it to ruin our lives for years. And I won’t stop till I get it. Don’t you think the G.H. Softball team is doing suspiciously well? I mean, far be it for me to cast aspersions on the medical profession, but… could they be cheating? Uh…o-okay. Well, maybe. You know what? Maybe that wouldn’t surprise me at all, because those quartermaines have their grubby little paws in every aspect of the hospital. And the two biggest cheaters are tracy and her spy granddaughter, brook lynn. Do you know, she — she really did steal privileged and confidential information about the deceptor. Shame on her. Hey, is everything okay with you and spencer? Yeah, we’re fine. We’re better than ever. It’s just with curtis and school and the gallery, we barely see one another. We’re never alone. The last time was

the haunted star. This could be our only chance to feel this close again. And since then, it’s just been one thing after another. I just want it to be about me and spencer. But ever since greenland, the timing just hasn’t been right. Well, I’m sure it doesn’t help that he’s living with esme. No, it doesn’T. But I think spencer found a way around that. Alexis: So what do you need for ace? Spencer: Well, trina and I are going to go to new york for a little weekend getaway. That sounds fun. Yeah. Yeah, it will be. And I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on esme…and ace. I don’t understand this. Why would you insist on playing dead? You want your mother — wait, hold on a second. You want your mother to know that you’re alive, but you don’t want to see her. And in the meantime, ava is losing her mind, thinking that she killed you. Why are you so worried about ava? I have a problem with people feeling guilty that they killed people that clearly aren’t even dead.

[ Chuckles ] Ava’s not someone who’s prone to guilt. You don’t know ava like I do. On august 23rd, I went to visit drew in pentonville, and austin came in carrying his doctor bag, and I just assumed he was there for a medical reason. Okay, so then what makes you think he wasn’t? Because he was actually there to deliver information to his boss, the same information betty stole from sonny. Well, that’s a lot of speculation, even for you. We’re way past that, ava. Sonny came to me and drew for help. My helping sonny means I’m helping you. Why did you have to go to new york city? You know, clearly, you have a pikeman contact right here in port charles. Why didn’t you take the meeting here or use the phone? Pikeman didn’t want to risk me being seen with the contact. It was safer to take the meeting outside of the city. Plus, pikeman and the sonny deal, those are fraught subjects for us. I chose to lie about it.

[ Chuckles ] “F-fraught subjects”? That’s a little clinical, isn’t it? I’m talking about us, you know, our relationship. ‘Cause I thought that maybe we were being honest with each other.I’m being honest with you now. Yeah, because I’m making you. I mean, would you have ever told me about the pikeman connection on your own? What else are you keeping from me? Anna, I love you. Please don’t do this. Okay, you can’t keep saying that, ’cause it’s not actually an explanation. Just because you say you love me, I’m supposed to accept everything that’s going on. Do you know how it felt when dante told me that you just blatantly lied? I lied to you because I wanted to keep the relationship with pikeman separate from you. Okay, how’s that working out? I was actually delivering a message from you to sonny here at the pool when someone decided to take a shot at me, or sonny, or both of us. I should never have involved you. I should never have asked you to deliver that message. I am sorry. That was a mistake. How many more lies and mistakes have you got to tell me about? Have you lied about anything else?

Why do you hate lucy coe so much? Because she’s a cockroach that my family has been unable to get rid of since she sunk her claws into my brother. She has a crucial 1% of the voting rights of my family company. But all of that is about to come to an end, because once I have control of deception, lucy coe will no longer be an issue. You have such a distaste for business. I remember you saying that you hoped that you never had to utter the letters elq ever again. Huh. The things some people remember.

[ Chuckles ] Well, it’s not all about me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do so enjoy putting the screws to lucy coe for all of the chaos she wreaked upon my family. Okay, now I’m really curious. What did she do besides marry your brother? She helped install valentin cassadine as ceo of elq. But there are other family dynamics at play now. Such as? Maybe it’s much ado about nothing. Maybe the lawsuit won’t hold up in court. I wish that was true, but I think it will. I really think this lawsuit has traction, and the person I’m blaming the most is brook lynn. How could she do it to us? How could she steal all the ideas that I had to come up and develop the deceptor? It’s so galling that they’re making it sound like it wasn’t my idea when it was, and, yes, with a few helpful hints from you. No, no, no, no. Lucy, stop. I-I’ve told you once. I’ve told you a thousand times. I have nothing to do with the deceptor. St– I’ve told you a thousand times, you have to stop. You were right there. You and I both know that you gave me that idea. Alright. Alright. Let’s just agree to disagree. It’s not how I remember it. Things are complicated enough as they are. There’s no reason to drag me into it. Fine, so then you’re forgetting our pillow talk. Okay. I came up with the product, but because you suggested it. I never would have come up with the idea for the deceptor if it wasn’t for you. Wait, is spencer moving out of laura’s condo and getting his own place? I wish. Spencer can’t get his own apartment yet. Well, have you talked about it? It’s come up before, but spencer can’t leave because of ace. And I totally get that. I mean, he — he still doesn’t trust esme. Oh, can you blame him? No, not at all. I get it. He — he needs to be there for his brother. And it actually makes me like him even more. How so? I love that he’s — he’s there for ace. He puts him first. It doesn’t bother you that the baby’s getting more attention than you? Well, I’ll be getting plenty of attention this weekend on our trip. What? Trip? Explain. Okay, well, it’s just a two-day thing. Um, he’s taking me to manhattan. Trina, traveling together? That’s a huge step. I know. It’ll be our first time alone together, completely away from everybody. Are you ready for that? I mean, it’s not like I’m rushing into it. We’re both adults, and we’re committed to each other. Oh, of course. Totally. It’s just, you know, sex takes things to a-a new level. And I-I just want to make sure that, you know, you’ve thought about it. I’ve done nothing but think about it.

[ Chuckles ] I have been keeping an eye on esme and ace, and she seems to be doing well with him and reasonably well as a receptionist. Aside from the obvious, why do you think she needs to be supervised? Well, we all know the new and improved esme, the one that surfaced after claiming that she had no memory of anything that happened before she washed up on the haunted star. But let’s not forget all of the awful things that she did before that. I won’T. But whether she’s faking her memory loss or not, you have to admit she’s good with ace. She is. But she’s attempted to run away before. And now with my grandmother and kevin out of the country looking for my father, I would just feel a lot better knowing that ace was safe. Oh, um… sorry. I forgot to get you this, um, payroll, uh, alexis. If anyone is unknown to me, it’s you. I treated you as a patient for months. I nursed you back to health, and you have this agenda, and you never even mentioned it.

[ Chuckles ] Austin, you didn’t save me out of the goodness of your heart. We both know that. Eh. As for my agenda, it’s simple. Cassadine estate is controlled by a trust. If the current owner of the estate, which happens to be me, disappears for six months, they’re presumed dead, and control of the estate automatically passes to the heir. Oh, who happens to be your son. My son. Right. Spencer. And you don’t like the way the cassadines have arranged things? I want to stop it. Yeah, I don’t blame you. And the only way to keep spencer from controlling all of my money and resources is if proof comes to light that I’m still alive. Anna, I know that I’ve given you reason to doubt me. But, no, I’m not keeping any secrets from you. I’m curious. Um, what pulled you into working for pikeman in the first place? Greed. And I was younger then. I had nothing to lose. But not now. Now I have far too much to lose. Anna, pikeman is very powerful, and they have a long memory, and it is just easier to cooperate and keep them as an ally than to have them as an enemy. Really? Is there any differentiation between those two things in a business like that? This is my problem. I want you as far away from it as possible. But how can I be? I mean, I’m right here. Ugh, god. Are you okay? No, I just — can we go up to the suite again? I just — you don’t want dinner? Mnh-mnh. We’ll get room service. Okay.

Weren’t you the least bit curious why the fbi arrested sonny? I was just relieved when the charges were dropped. But you never asked him the reason why? Nope. No, I did not. It was because he left false information for betty to find. And then betty took it to austin, who took it to his boss in pentonville, whoever that is. Which means austin and mason’s boss has ties to the fbi. Well, I don’t know why you’re telling me all this. It’s got nothing to do with me. That’s bull, ava, and you know it! Why don’t you let it rest?! Carly. You know what I think? I think you did something, and mason and austin found out about it. And they’re threatening to tell their boss, who could take it to the fbi. Austin: Okay, well, why not go to port charles after? Why — you know, when you — when you — when you’ve cleaned up all of your loose ends and you’ve taken care of your money, why not go then? Because my son spencer hates me. He has a pretty good reason to, from what I understand. The way ava’s explained it to me, this is not the first time that you’ve pretended to be dead, which is just, like, a weird habit with you. Who does that? Why? How could you do that to your own son? You don’t know what’s gone on in our family, and I don’t need to justify my actions to you. I know for a fact that once spencer gets control of the money and the cassadine estate, he isn’t likely to ever give it back to me. Right. Well, can you blame him? It’s an awful lot of money. More than you realize. And the last thing I want to do is open this up to a long, ugly court battle, because that’s exactly where it will end up. It’s better to stop the process before it starts. You don’t think much of your son, do you? You did not come all this way to hear about the dysfunctional quartermaines, did you? Well, it couldn’t be any worse than my family, let me tell you. Could be. Do you use the words greedy, unscrupulous, and vindictive to describe your family? Oh, that and more. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with our saga. Let’s just say the borgias have nothing on us. Okay, then we will call it a draw. We both have dysfunctional families. Can we just get back to the business at hand? Okay. So there’s more to it than getting your elq voting rights back? Thank you. The payroll wouldn’t have gone out in time, and I’d have a lot of staff members breathing down my neck. Uh, sorry I forgot it earlier, but if I get it to accounting now, I can, uh, make it before the deadline. Thank you. I appreciate it. And so will the staff when their direct deposits hit at the end of the week. Better get it to accounting. Because you’re my best friend and I love you, I just have to ask. You’re not feeling any pressure from spencer on this, correct? No, I’m not feeling any pressure from spencer. Okay, good. And you shouldn’t, ever. I’m just so happy and excited to be planning a weekend away, just the two of us. Oh, my god. Well, a weekend in new york? It’s going to be perfect. At first, he wanted to go to turks and caicos. The caribbean? Isn’t it like hurricane season or something? That’s what I said. So how did you guys settle for new york? Well, first we were going to stop in new york, and then we were going to turks and caicos. Yeah. But with school starting and I’m working at the gallery, I just didn’t want to be away for that long. So manhattan was a compromise. Well, that’s a good compromise. He wants to take me to a broadway show, and then we’re going to have dinner at this hot new restaurant called essence. Well, are you going to have time for any other activities? Oh, yeah. We’re staying at this hotel that has a heated pool on the rooftop. Mm. Well, I bet you’re more excited to see the hotel room than the heated pool. Well, this is going to be our first time together.

You know what? You were absolutely right. We should have gone to the grill. I am not staying in the same room with tracy quartermaine, who is trying to take everything I’ve worked so hard for. I am going to freshen up, and then I will meet you in the lobby. Wait. Lucy?

[ Mutters indistinctly ] Actually, I never do anything for just one reason. Yeah, I don’t see you as a checkers kind of gal. You’re more of a strategic 3-d chess player. Actually, backgammon is my game. Well, noted. But this is not a game. This is business. I learned a lot from my father. And maybe the most important lesson he taught me is that opportunities are not given. They’re made. And once they’re made, you have to take full advantage of them. Blair. Ms. Quartermaine. A pleasure. Mm-hmm. Hello, sweetheart. Let me be clear about something. What sonny is doing right now, he is doing for avery’s sake. I know that. Sonny would do anything for his family. Because the situation is fraught, I would like for avery to stay here with you and donna for a while. For how long? A week, maybe. I don’t know exactly. Is that acceptable to you? Of course. Avery can stay here as long as she needs. Thank you. I appreciate that. Ava? This is also for avery’s sake. Whatever you have going on with austin? He’s keeping information from you. Do not trust him. Nikolas: Austin, my son is a cassadine. Meaning? I don’t expect him to act any differently toward me than I would act toward someone who stands in my way. That’s why I have to make sure he never has power over me. That’s an interesting family dynamic.

[ Cellphone chimes ] My car has just arrived. So I can’t talk you into changing your mind? No. Thank you again for all your help. Where are you going? It’s time for a family reunion. Well, thank you, aunt alexis, not only for your legal advice, but also for agreeing to check in on esme and ace while trina and I are away. We’re family. That’s what we do for each other. Just a thought, but esme is family, too, so if you could trust her first, maybe she would be a little more trustworthy. That might be difficult. You have to admit, she cares about that little boy. Look, I feel the same way about ace that esme does. Good. You have that in common — love for that little boy. Let that be the thing that brings you together instead of the thing that tears you apart. Just a thought again. Let’s go. You and spencer have had your ups and downs. You trust him? Yeah, I do trust him. And I believe that this is right. It feels like the right thing to be doing. Oh, I’m so happy for you!

[ Laughs ] I’m so happy for spencer, too. That means a lot to me. I-I know you two have had your differences since you broke up with cam. Oh, yeah. You know, I give him grief, but I know he’s a good guy. I think so, too. And you are the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Don’t you forget it. Aww.

[ Both laugh ] Valentin: I’m just saying, if you’re not feeling well, let me go get you something. Oh, it’s okay. It’s just, I feel a little faint, kind of. I think maybe have a lie down, and then… order some room service. Oh, valentin. Ink? What the hell?

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GH Transcript Thursday, September 14, 2023

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Demarco: Yes,mm, no, I don’t want to believe what you’re saying. Gladys would never do anything to physically hurt me, cody. Believe me, sasha, okay? Gladys and montague knew each other before he was your doctor. She used him to help send you to ferncliff. What? Yes. No, no. That — you’re wrong, cody. You’ve always been wrong about gladys. It can’t be true. I need you to believe this, okay? I need — gladys would never drug me. Shh, shh. Hold on. Hold on. Someone’s coming.

[ Vehicle approaches ]

[ Sighs ] I always look forward to our visits, carly, but something tells me this is about more than just catching up. There is a situation, and I could use your help. Never a good thing when you’re summoned to the warden’s office. Warden garten: Come in. Good morning, warden. Per your request, I have cyrus renault. Thank you for coming, mr. Renault. That will be all. I’ll buzz you when I’m ready for you to escort mr. Renault back to his cell. How can I help you, warden? Drop the pious act, padre. I’ve had enough of your help. You hung me out to dry. And now you’re going to pay for it. Uh, excuse me. Hey, dex. What can I do for you?

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, sorry. Oh, no, that’s okay. Take it. Hey, what’s going on? Hey, I was just wondering if you’re still going to help me move into the dorm. Of course. I’ve just got some work to finish up for sonny. Should be done pretty soon, and I’ll be over. Okay, great. I can get back to my book. Everyone’s talking about how great it is. Bye. Sorry about that. I have a message for you from sonny. I have done everything that you have asked me to do. I don’t know. Will you please stop asking me that? I have no idea.

[ Knock on door, door opens ] Hang up that phone. Hello, ava. Nice to see you, too. Come on in. Um, I have to call you back. What? What’s happening? Well, you’re not answering my calls, so I had to come and find you in person. I am done with your cousin threatening me and my family. If he doesn’t honor our deal and return nikolas’ body, I will go to sonny, and I will tell him everything that you and your cousin have done.

[ Music playing in earbuds ] Hello, hello.

[ Music continues playing

in earbuds ] Trina. Trina! Aah! Okay, if I tell you to go, take the back exit of the cabin. You run. Okay? There’s a trail right outside the door. You take it all the way up to the road. I’ll meet you there with the car. You okay? Yeah. Alright.

[ Chuckles ]

You okay? Yeah. You alright?

[ Music playing in earbuds ] Yeah. Um, I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. Here. I am so sorry. No, you’re good. You’re good. Here. I probably shouldn’t be listening to music while I work. Yeah, maybe not. Hey! So this is where you’re keeping your dove at, huh? Yeah, he’s cute. I like him there. Yeah. Um, thank you for catching me. Sure. That was embarrassing, but it was romantic, mr. Cassadine. Well, I’ll always be there to catch you, ms. Robinson. Seems like you’re there for me when it’s important. No, it seems like I’m always the one who is, uh, getting you into dangerous situations that you probably shouldn’t be in, like in greenland.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, that’s okay. I wouldn’t change it. You sure about that? Positive. Well, you’ve saved me a few times, as well. You guys scared me half to death. What’s dante doing here? He’s here because he cares, and he can help. Dante: I’m gonna try to help. Okay. Alright. Well, might as well come in. Sasha, hey, it’s okay. Friends. Oh. Sam. Dante. Hi. It’s, uh — it’s good to see you both. It’s good to see you. It’s nice to see you out of ferncliff. You look — you look like you’re doing better. Thanks to cody. Please, don’t go talk to sonny. I mean, if you — if you did that, think about what would happen, rationally, right? Just nothing good, right? So let’s — let’s — okay. [ Sighs ] T-tell me what happened. Your lollipop lickin’ cousin, that’s what happened. What did mason do now? He came to my gallery, and he accused me of going to sonny because his — his plan fell through. Obviously, sonny saw right through it. Mason blamed me for that, and he started threatening me, and I’m not going to take it anymore! I have done everything that’s been asked of me, and I still have no idea when this nightmare is going to end. Oh, it’ll end soon. Mason will come through, one way or another. One way or another? What the hell does that mean? Sonny wanted me to tell you he’s going to be unreachable for a few hours, but didn’t want you to worry. Well, did sonny tell you what he was doing? Uh, he’s with carly. They’re visiting drew at pentonville. Thank you for delivering the message. I’m just doing my job, ms. Reeves. I told you, please, call me nina. Remember, we’re both on team sonny? Of course. Dex, uh, sorry. Did sonny tell you why he and carly were visiting drew? That’s the only message he gave me to deliver. He can be stingy with details.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Don’t I know it. Can I get you a cup of coffee to go? Oh, no, thank you. I, uh, got to run. Told joss I’d help her with something this morning, so… nina: No, martin, I haven’t changed my mind. I want you to go all out and expose drew and carly for engaging in insider trading. Just make sure to keep my name out of it. Sonny was arrested by the fbi a few days ago. I heard that. I heard. Word travels fast in pentonville. Congratulations. Clearly, the — the charges didn’t stick. Charges were dropped. Lack of evidence. I was basically trying to smoke out the enemy, so I gave them false information. But the false information got passed along to the fbi. Here’s the problem. I don’t know who the enemy is, but I’m pretty sure it’s somebody in pentonville. The idea was to entrap sonny and send him up the river, not to watch him walk. You had one job. One. You were supposed to provide me with accurate information on sonny and his deal with pikeman so that I had something substantial to turn over to the feds. They went out on a limb and set up a big sting operation that yielded nothing. Absolutely nothing. Corinthos is a free man, and it’s your fault. Are you taking a tone with me? You don’t think this whole thing pisses me off? And have you forgotten how you became warden? Because without me, you’d still be back in the corrections office pushing paper and answering e-mails. Nobody’s happy about this, especially me. But it’s my name that’s tarnished.

[ Groans ] Which I will clear.

[ Sighs ] I am but a humble servant of the almighty. I believed we had the goods, and I delivered what the lord placed into my welcoming hands. My people — your people? Are you referring to that useless mason gatlin? I should have never intervened for him. Mason has performed admirably for us in the past, even though I realize now his usefulness may be coming to an end, as it must for all god’s emissaries.


[ Chuckles ] Let me help. I think I got it. Okay. Maybe with the heavier stuff, yes. Josslyn: It’s nice and easy for you. Hey — hey, joss. Oh, hi, adam. Looks like we’re, uh, neighbors again. Oh, are you in the same room as last year? Yeah, I was — I was moving back in when I noticed your stuff was kind of blocking the hall. Oh. D-do you, um — you need help? Um, no, no, actually, I-I have some help already. How’s it going? I’m good, bud. How about you? N-not bad. I, um — I’m just gearing up for another semester of pre-med. You’re not a student here, are you? What brought you by the gallery this morning? I got your text. Oh. And I missed you. Oh. Right. Well, um, earlier this morning, I was at home, and curtis and i were having a fun, little disaster… oh. …Trying to set up the smart home gaming system that marshall bought. Well, that sounds absolutely horrid. I hate setting up new tech. Isn’t that what outsourcing is for? Uh, yes, that’s nice for folks who have a team of outsourcers. But unfortunately for us, we don’t, and, uh, marshall just left it in our laps. But, luckily, being a former P.I., Curtis is a wizard at stuff like that, so… uh, so what are you doing here? And shouldn’t you be home helping out curtis? Yeah. I-I got an urgent call from paloma’s people about her current art display here. Apparently, ava left out a detail about this fall’s show, and I guess it slipped through the cracks, which is surprising to me. That’s not like her. She’s usually particular about details. I think she’s been a little distracted lately. Ah. I can only imagine why. My ex-stepmother is, uh, always up to something. Hey, say what you want about ava, but she is extremely efficient and organized. It’s highly unusual for her to drop the ball at the gallery. It — it’s nothing. It — I just — I-I-I didn’t mean anything by it. Oh, no, I don’t think so, austin. First you tell me mason will come through one way or another, and then you tell me to forget that you said it? Are you double crossing me, austin? If you’re double crossing me, that would be a very, very big mistake. No, no, ava, I-I — I’m — I’m — I’m not double crossing you. Good, ’cause you more than anybody, you know what I’m capable of. When I’m pushed and I’m provoked, I’ll do almost anything, especially for avery. Can I be honest with you about — about something? For your sake, you ought to be. I’m so sorry. I am. I’m — I am truly sorry that — that you’re here in this situation. I should — I should never have let mason put you here. And if I could go back in time and do everything over again, I would. I would change everything so that you weren’t in this position. Thank you. I’d like to change things, too. You know, nikolas provoked me. He threatened me, and he threatened — he threatened avery. That’s why I-I did what I did. But I wish I hadn’t let him get the best of me. Avery is just a child. Are you sure that nikolas would really hurt her? The last time I came to visit you, we both saw austin come in carrying his medical bag. Wait. You think that austin is connected to sonny’s enemy? I know he is. Austin and mason gatlin have been circling me trying to get evidence on me violating the nsa so they can bring it back to the — you know, whoever they’re working for. So I fed them false information. The plan was to follow them back to their boss. And you think whoever they’re working for is — is here? And the trail stops right here. And because I’m in pentonville, maybe I got a shot at figuring out who austin came to see that day. I couldn’t have rescued you from ferncliff without sam’s help. She became my medical proxy and had me committed so I could get to you in ferncliff. She also left that car for us to escape in after we broke out, and she arranged for this cabin for us to hide in. Wha– sam, why would you do all that? I mean, what convinced you that I didn’t belong in ferncliff? Cody did. He never wavered in his belief in you. He always thought you were sane, that you never belonged in ferncliff. And he was convinced that everything that was happening to you was all wrong. Most I could have hoped for was for you to look the other way. Didn’t expect you to pitch in, but — unless you’re here to arrest us.

Trina, when you believe in something, you commit yourself 100% to it. It’s one of your many wonderful qualities. It’s why I’m not the least bit surprised that you have committed yourself to this gallery and to ava almost by default. By default? Ava’s been good to me, spencer, and so has this gallery. And is that why you stopped working at the chuck? Okay. Well, I’m just saying, it could have led to a better and more prestigious job. I-I don’t think working here diminishes my chances of having a successful art career. Ava lets me get my hands dirty in the earthier, more real art, which I love. That’s why I chose this career, because of the real art. I don’t think I could have had that experience if I stayed at the chuck. Okay, but working at a high-end gallery, that could serve as a stepping stone, and then it could put you in the position to maybe start dealing with, let’s just call it, more notable art. Yeah, and i appreciate that, but… I’m not interested in merely accepting a job just to use as a stepping stone to get to something better. The most important thing to me isn’t the notability of the art, but rather something more meaningful. I want to feel fulfilled and have a sense that I was part of a process. It’s about personal growth to me, not just an impressive title. Yeah, okay, I can understand that. It’s just that, working here, you really have your hands full, and it definitely increases the odds that you will fall off of one of these ladders. That was your fault, spencer. Yeah, maybe. But if you worked at the chuck, come on, you’d have a whole support staff. Am I wrong? Outsourcers?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you can call them what you want to call them. It’s just a lot. I’m starting school again. I-I still have to move into the dorms. I’ve been trying to make curtis feel as comfortable as possible since coming back from rehab. I’m trying not to neglect my relationship with my dad, and it just — it —

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I just went on a whole rampage of complaining. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hey, no.I’m just feeling really frazzled right now. You never need to apologize for venting to me. It’s okay. It’s okay. That’s what I’m here for. I want to know everything about you. And I want to participate in your life as much as I possibly can. Lately, that doesn’t feel like it’s been possible. We haven’t gotten any alone time together. Well, that’s exactly why I’m here. Trina, I think I may have fixed that. Uh, no, I don’t go to pcu. Just here to help joss move in. Yeah. We’re — we’re kind of in a rush. Adam: Oh. We’re trying to get all this stuff together before trina comes back. Hey, I’m — I’m putting together a study group for organic chem. I was just wondering if — do you want to join? Oh, uh, I’ll think about it. Yeah, for sure — have you gotten the book yet? It’s a really tough class. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend not having a study group. You don’t want to fall behind in class just because you got distracted. You know what I mean? Yeah. No, for sure. Yeah. Um, I can’t commit to anything right now until I kind of check out my schedule and stuff. Yeah. Okay. Um, but I’ll let you know. Yeah. We’re just, you know — we’re kind of in a rush. I’m sorry. But it was good to see you. Good to see you. Bye. I’m sorry about that. He has a point. About what? Hey. Hi. Have you seen the breakfast rush downstairs in the garden? It must be this great september weather bringing everybody out. Maybe we should have kept the pool open until the end of the month. Uh, you’re in a good mood this morning. Oh, why shouldn’t I be? You know, I really thought it was the end for sonny. He really — he had me worried. I thought his luck had finally run out. And then, what? Charges dropped. He’s a free man. I guess you must be as relieved as I am, huh?

[ Sighs ] No offense, sonny, but this place is full of your enemies on both sides of the cell.Yeah, I’m — I’m aware of that. But anything that you could do to help me, I’d be very grateful. I mean, if I ask the wrong person, this could blow up in a bad way. Well, the most important thing is for you to stay safe. I will. I’m not crazy about you doing this. I’m not. I need you to keep your head down and do your time so we can get you the hell out of here. I’m doing my best. Diane thinks she’s found grounds to have your sentence reduced. I don’t want you to do anything that’s going to mess that up. We both want sonny corinthos off the street and out of our way. And if I would have given the feds accurate information, he’d be well on his way to a life in pentonville, locked up where he belongs. And I would have done the great state of new york a huge benefit, and it certainly wouldn’t have hurt my career. Do you think I wanted to give you wrong information? I’m still wondering how it happened. The feds booked and arrested him with what seemed like an airtight case and then, suddenly, all charges are dropped? Well, I’ll task you with finding out exactly how and why that happened. That would be the stupidest thing I could possibly do. I am not putting myself back out on the chopping block to get information on him. Oh, is that so? Well, I am not here to arrest you. I’m here to apologize to you both. I should have believed you. I know better than anyone how selfless you can be when the chips are down, how far you’ll go to help someone. And if I listened to you, I would have taken action a lot sooner. And, sasha, I-I don’t even know — words can’t convey how I feel about what gladys has done to you and how she’s betrayed your trust. And I am so very sorry. Why would she do this? She said that she loved me and that we were family.

Turks and caicos. I want to take you!

[ Chuckles ] We’re going to go to new york city first, and then we’ll have dinner, and we can see a show, and then we’ll continue on to the islands afterwards. Isn’t it hurricane season? Yeah. Trina, “isn’t it hurricane –” yes, it’s the best time to go, because the surfing is so good. Trina, you need this. I need this. We both need to get away for a little while. Okay, what — what about ace and esme? What are you going to do about that situation? It’s taken care of. I’m going to have my aunt alexis check in on ace every once in a while. And esme isn’t really one of my concerns. Uh, my grandmother will be back any day now. Trina, we never have any quality time alone here in port charles. We’re always getting interrupted by this or that. I mean, how nice would it be for us to just go away for a little while, have some time alone, be able to focus on us and only us and our relationship? It’d be nice. No, I can’t go with you. Honestly, I don’t know what nikolas was capable of that night. But after losing kiki the way I did, the way she died… seeing her lying there like that… not moving… begging her to wake up. Wake up. I couldn’t take any chances with avery. You understand that, don’t you? She’s all I’ve got left. And I will protect her with everything I’ve got. Yes, it was incredible when sonny was set free. And I know you have a special relationship with him. You guys have a long history, but come on, olivia. There must be another reason why you’re in such a good mood. Well, leo and I went to the recording studio with ned — or eddie yesterday, and I got to tell you, he was so great with leo. He was — he was telling him all about different gigs that he’d played in the past and really getting him involved in the — in the music-making process. And I’ll tell you what. It really is. It’s such a process, you know? Well, it sounds like the three of you had an eventful day. We did. We really, really did. And the song, nina, it’s amazing. It’s — it’s — it’s earthy. It’s — it’s gritty. It’s very, very moving. I heard him talk about it as, uh, “rootsy” and acoustic. It was — I mean, eddie is — he’s such a talented musician. It’s — olivia, you keep calling him eddie and not ned. It isn’t worth you spending an extra day in pentonville, especially if you’re going to make enemies of your own. I am very accustomed to assessing risk. I can handle this. We know you can. But do you want to? It’s very dangerous. Sonny got me out of solitary. This is the least I can do. I’m — I’m happy to help. Okay. You have to be careful. Promise me you’ll be careful. It sounds like mason and whoever austin’s boss is has been causing a lot of trouble for you lately, and I want to help. Whoever their boss is has made a lot of trouble for me and people I care about. That seems to be escalating. I have to deal with this one way or another, but one way you can help is let me know who they’re reporting to. Alright? I got it. I’ll — I’ll do what I can. I’ll keep my head down. Drew? You never… promise you’ll be careful. I promise I will be careful. I love you. I love you. Well, he’s doing it. Bringing down sonny corinthos is but one step in my quest to truly turn my life around. As you know, I recently donated my money to the rodden institute to end recidivism. I know. A smart and strategic move. It pleased you and your close friend, judge sinclair. And it was convenient for me that the judge sits on the charity’s board of directors. Yes. Very advantageous. But not unlike your passion project to work with former convicts, all your remarkable efforts creating those impressive work study programs, this has not gone unnoticed. Very strategic of you, as well. And how many articles have I read in the invader about your extraordinary leadership? The press holds you in very high regard. Judge sinclair’s decision to place me at pentonville is a testament to just that. A decision that could be easily reversed. I sense a threat in your statement. Are you threatening me? “Ye have heard that it hath been said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: But whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Keep your nose clean.

Gladys is brando’s mother. She was with us when we lost liam. She’s — she’s the only family that I have. H-how could she betray me like this? Well, I have my own opinion about gladys, but, uh… she’s a weak person and she put herself in a, uh, really difficult spot. What kind of difficult spot? She played poker in a game sponsored by selina wu. How do you know that? ‘Cause I played in the same games. Sasha, my, uh — my job was to win for selina. And I saw firsthand gladys lost a lot, way more than she could repay on her own. So she used your money. First, she sold brando’s garage. Then she must have started raiding your bank accounts. The only way she could cover her debts was if she stayed in control of your money. When I wanted to end the guardianship, gladys — she tried to talk me out of it. She said that I wasn’t ready and that I-I was making a mistake. But it wasn’t about me at all. It was about my money. The harder I pushed eddie to be ned, the further I was pushing him away from — from me and from his family. I had to make a decision to accept eddie for who he is now, instead of trying to make him who he used to be. And who he is, he loves music. That is his passion, and for good reason, too. I’m telling you, nina, he is so talented, and he was so generous sharing that part of himself with leo. It really — it opened up a whole world for him. And — and, yeah, maybe he put me in touch with a part of myself that — that I almost forgot existed. You’re having a really good time with eddie. What does that mean? Are you falling for eddie maine? Do you not necessarily want ned back? I should get back downstairs. I got work to do. There’s other study groups besides adam’S. Okay? He’s just a lot sometimes. But he’s also pre-med, like you. Yeah. He goes to pcu. He’s going to be a doctor like you. Mm-hmm. I’m still going to be working for sonny. Those are very different worlds.

[ Gasps ] Are you dumping me because I’m pre-med?

[ Chuckles ] No. I would hate to think that you were biased against higher education. Oh, trust me when I say I think everything about you is amazing. Mm. I feel the same way about you. Aren’t I supposed to be helping you move in? Oh. No, you’re right. I’m s-sorry. No, you’re right.

[ Laughs ] Come on, trina. Hey, this is going to be fun, and this is going to be a great way for you to decompress before your semester starts at pcu. Yeah, I-I know it would, but I don’t think right now would be a good time to go away. My mom and curtis are still walking on eggshells, and I just want to be there to help. Yeah. Yeah, totally. But you’re going to be in constant contact with them. You’re going to be a phone call away. I don’t think that either curtis or your mother want you to curtail your life for them. I think they could probably use the alone time themselves. No, no, not with school starting right around the corner and — trina, why are you letting school stand in the way of you wanting to live your life? Trina, you’re so talented, and I’m certain that you could accomplish anything that you want to in life. So I really don’t understand why you feel like you need to do this school thing so that you can earn a piece of paper that validates your intelligence. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Look, I appreciate your vote of confidence in me, but you come from money, spencer. Trina, my ancestry may be russian royalty, but it doesn’t mean that they didn’t have to work hard. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but they did. Look, all I can say is that I value education. And pcu has inspired me. So I don’t think taking a trip right now would be the smartest thing, especially in a hurricane zone. Okay. No. No. Okay. I just thought that it would be nice for us to get away. You didn’t let me finish. We can still go to new york and see a show and spend time together, just the two of us. I don’t think we have anything more to say to each other right now.

[ Buzzer ] Please take the prisoner back to his cell. Thank you, warden. I appreciate such a warm and supportive ear.

Hey. Hey. It’s going to be okay. I’m here. You tried to tell me so many times, cody, and I refused to listen. And now what are we going to do? I mean, w-we’re both escaped mental patients, cody. We’re fugitives. Dante: Well, you’re fugitives with friends. And there is a way out of this. With the four of us working together, we’ll figure it out. Yes! Yes, yes. Oh, my gosh! That’s so exciting. Okay, cool. I’m going to show you my favorite restaurant. It’s right near washington square park. And I can take you to my favorite pizza parlor and my favorite bakery. And — yes, okay. I will send you a list of shows, and then you will pick the one that you want to see or the two that you want to see or the three that you want to see. And we’ll go see all of them if we need to. Okay. Um, good. Yes. This is going to be fun. I’m so sick of, like, having to steal these little moments away with you, and I’m just ready for us to have a little bit of uninterrupted time with each other, you know? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Well, I’m going to go make some calls. Okay. I’ll talk to you later. Okay. Alright. Well, what’s the best suite you have? Is it a special occasion? Yeah. Yes, it’s going to be a very special weekend. I promise you something. I promise that I’ll lean on mason. I-I’ll do everything I can. Okay? But please promise me something. Promise me that you’ll be patient. Promise me that you won’t go talk to sonny. Nothing good can come of that. You know that more than I do. I meant what I said. I will go to sonny if I don’t get what I was promised.

[ Door closes ] You okay? I’m worried. Look, I-I know that drew is your best shot at finding out who austin visited here, and you need that information to keep yourself and our family safe. It just — I hate that it’s happening. All I need is for drew to give me one name. And I will take care of the rest. Hey. Hey. How you been? Honestly can’t complain. How’s your son doing? He’s doing really well. Yeah, he got a summer job this year at a pizza place.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Isn’t he graduating from pcu this spring? Yes, he is. Nice. Mm-hmm. Might be able to get him an internship at aurora media, if that’d be something he’d be interested in. What would you want in return? I’d get him the internship regardless, but, uh… there is little information that I’d be interested in. That’s about what I figured. What is it you want to know? Nothing major. Oh. August 23rd, a doctor came here from G.H., Austin gatlin-holt. Mm. All I need to know is who he came into contact with and who he came to see.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, September 13, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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 [ Vehicle approaches ] Hm! I’d know that car anywhere. Five, four, three, two, one! Lucy! What a surprise. Ha. Is it, though? Is it really a surprise? We’ll see. Hey, chase, have you seen my — phone? Yes. You left it in the bathroom again. Thank you. I know I should not check my social media while I’m blow-drying my hair, but it’s a bad habit. Mm-hmm. Oh! Well, that’s a good habit. I’ll say. I’m almost tempted to suggest that we call in sick for work, but I know you’d never consider it, right? Well, you know I can’t call in sick. But maybe… just maybe… …I could show up a little late.

[ Knock on door ] Hi, chase. Hi. Brook lynn here? Mason: Ava. What are you doing here? The gallery’s not open. Door was unlocked. Well, the sign says “closed,” and I have nothing to say to you, so — ava, shut up! You set us up. The boss is pissed. That’s not good. I was just playing with donna’s paper dolls. She was, like, making a parade or something. Yeah. I heard all about it. The celebration for when daddy comes home. Yeah. Let’s just say things haven’t been great in donna’s dollworld the last few days. Yeah, I know. So? How’d you explain to her what happened? I just told her that the fbi made a mistake and I had to stay with the fbi until they cleared it up and, uh… everything’s — everything’s good now and there’s nothing to worry about. We both know that’s not true. Anna. Hey, it’s dante. Look. I just want to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m just waiting on confirmation on something, and once I have it, you’ll be interested to see it, for sure. So, um, I’ll talk to you soon. Okay. Bye. You’re up. Yeah, you too. You had an early class? I did a little yoga, yes. And I feel centered. You should try it sometime. Maybe I will. Mmm! Seeing as you’re centered, maybe it’s a good time to talk about what to do about our friends the fugitives. Sasha? Sasha! Sasha? Hey! Sasha!

I’m relieved and grateful that the charges against you were dropped. Thank you. And not just because of the kids. I mean, I don’t want to see you suffer. I feel the same way. I don’t believe for one second that the fbi made a “mistake.” They obviously had enough evidence against you. So what happened? The feds were expecting something not exactly legal, and what they found was… incredible coffee. Which you only receive at the warehouse, never at the pier. And you never ship coffee in the middle of the night, so there must have been a reason for you to have it at the docks. It’s almost like you knew the fbi was gonna bust you. Well, I didn’t know that was gonna happen, but I did, you know, lay some false breadcrumbs to feed my enemies. What enemy? That’s what I’m gonna find out. And I will. You made a real mistake trying to play the boss. Leave, mason, or I’ll call the cops. You’re trespassing.

[ Chuckles ] Really? You’re gonna call the police, ava? When I have evidence that you murdered your ex-husband? Don’t forget who has the body with your dna all over it. We had a deal. I did my part. No. We know what you did, ava. The deal was that you help us. In exchange, you get the body. But you — you decided to double-cross us. That is absolutely untrue! The evidence, the — the information that betty brought back was false! It was a setup! That means sonny was warned, and the only person that could have done that was you, ava! Did you come to discuss the case or do you want to make a deal? First, I’d like information. I understand. So there’s a thing called discovery. It’s what lawyers do. Your lawyer can contact my lawyer, and all of your questions can be answered… in six months when the trial — if and when we go to trial. And, by the way, discovery ends I think two weeks before the trial. I know that. And you know I don’t have time to wait. I need answers now. I understand. But unfortunately that’s not the way the legal system works. You are going to have to be patient. Is there something else I could help you with? You know, lucy, this could all go away. 75/25. I’ve taken the liberty of drawing up the papers. There’s just a few places to sign, and I’ve marked them.

[ Chuckles ] Gee. Thank you so much. I am not signing anything. Isn’t that why you’re here? To make a deal? No. There’s no deal. Can we just stop this? Can we stop and just drop the pretense, okay? I know you don’t have any of the schematics on the deceptor. I — I know that. Prove it. Prove you got something. You know? Show me what you got. Maxie. Hi. I was just about to head to the office. Oh, that’s what I thought. And your new digs are on the way from my new digs, so I figured I’d take a chance and see if you were still here. Can I get you a cup of coffee, maxie? Oh, no, chase. I don’t want to hold you up. I know how much policing you have to do this afternoon. And with mac as commissioner, I know what a demon he can be about his officers being on time, so… yeah, you’re right about that. I’m gonna skip that lecture today. Thank you very much. I love you. Don’t work too hard. -Goodbye, maxie. -Bye, chase.

[ Door closes ] So? How’d the move go?I didn’t stop by to catch up. Why did you give the deceptor information to tracy? The best way you can help cody and sasha is to stay as ignorant as possible. Hm. Yeah. The problem is, I can’t ignore that a friend of mine escaped a mental facility and took one of its patients with him. Yeah, but we’ve been over this last night. You need deniability. Look.

[ Sighs ] I get it, and I appreciate that you want to protect me. Well, of course, I want to protect you. I love you. And I know you love being a cop. And I don’t want you to do anything to compromise that. I get it, but… I love you… and I want to protect you, too. Oh. Yeah. It seems I’m not the only one who could be compromised by this whole thing. I got an update on the case, and for helping cody, you made yourself an accessory to kidnapping and assault. Wait. What assault?

[ Sighs ] Cody attacked sasha’s psychiatrist, a guy named dr. Montague. Wait. Did you just say dr. Montague? It feels so good to breathe fresh air. To smell the forest instead of disinfectant. Good morning, sasha. I have no idea how long I was at ferncliff, but… I remember laying on that bed just wishing that I was outside… feel the sun on my face… to breathe freely. And here I am. Because of you. So you’re not mad at me for busting you out of there? I’ve never been more grateful to anyone in my life.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you’re welcome. Well, aside from being able to breathe freely… how are you really feeling? I’m confused, cody. What actually happened last night?

Any word on the apb on cody bell and sasha gilmore? No sightings yet, sir. Alright. Let me know immediately the moment that changes. Commissioner. Deputy mayor. A word? The fbi busts sonny corinthos… then lets him go. And meanwhile, we’ve got two escaped mental patients running around. What the hell is going on here, mac? What do you remember, sasha? I remember being in more pain than I’ve ever felt. I remember being terrified that someone — you — were gonna hurt me. But you didn’T. You sat with me. You helped me. You had pretty severe withdrawal symptoms. The doctors and the nurses keep saying that I was using, that I had someone slipping me drugs. But I swear, cody! I didn’t! Hey. Sasha.

[ Stammers ] I know. I believe you. Why? Why would you? Everyone knows that I have gotten clean before and then relapsed. There’s a huge stigma in the meetings against people who slip back into using. Why wouldn’t you think that I’ve gone the same way? Well, two reasons. One, you told me. And, two, I know exactly who was drugging you. It was dr. Montague. I ran into dr. Montague, literally, at G.H. When we were there for cody’s evaluation. Look. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I-I didn’t know he had anything to do with sasha. And I accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on his phone, and I was, like, washing it off, and a call came in from a “gladys.” Not a very common name. No, it’s not. Dante, this could be the smoking gun that proves that gladys messed with sasha, just like cody said. And if dr. Montague is the psychiatrist… or — or…

because he’s sasha’s psychiatrist. Gladys called him to get an update on her prognosis because she’s sasha’s guardian. Okay, well, there is a-another thing that I didn’t — I didn’t tell you. So, I mentioned something offhand about playing cards, and he said that he had a game that he played in regularly and said that there would be a spot for me. I got the feeling he was talking high stakes. The game at the savoy. Poker game in the back room. And we both know that gladys loves to gamble. So maybe gladys met dr. Montague there. Come on, lucy. You should know better than to ask me that. Hm. What I want to know better is why. Why do you think you actually own the rights to the deceptor? Do you even have a prototype? Do you know the word “prototype”? I can’t believe you don’t understand that I will not comment on that. Just tell me. How did you get it? My lawyer told me not to discuss the case. There isn’t a case! All you have is your attempt to steal the deceptor through legal intimidation! You know what I think? I think this is about you. You want to get revenge on me ’cause you can’t stand your nasty, miserable life. Hm. Tempting bait. But I won’t bite. There’s a deal on the table, and you are here because you realize this is your best and only option. So why don’t you save us a lot of trouble? Just give me what I want. 75% of deception. Why would I? Sonny and I have been fighting over our daughter since the day she was born. So you’d want to get in his good books. That — that’s absurd. He would wonder what kind of leverage you had over me, and then I would have to tell him about nikolas’ accidental death. And then he would take avery away from me in a heartbeat! I did exactly as I was told. I got betty hired. I made sure that she had open access to sonny’s home. Now, if betty screwed up and got you bad information, well, I think that’s your fault for using someone incompetent. It certainly has nothing to do with me. All I know is dr. Gatlin-holt and his cousin mason work for this person, and they pressured ava into getting information about me. Pressured ava how? I mean, do they have something on her? Are they blackmailing her? That’s need-to-know, carly, and I don’t think you need to know. I need to know if you’re protecting ava.

As you can see,it’s quite straightforward. All you have to do is sign and then you continue working at the company and you reap the benefits of the deceptor and anything else deception expands into. Did you come here to waste my time? 75/25 is off the table. I did not put my heart and my soul into a company just to give it away for some measly percentage. No. I do understand. After all the work you put into the company, it would be difficult to give up any amount, any percentage. So if not 75/25, what would you be amenable to? Well, you know, deception is a whole lot more than just the deceptor. So I guess if — and that’s a great, big, fat “if” — you came up with a similar product at the exact same time and can prove it, then maybe I would settle for… 50/50.

[ Laughs ] Lucy. Lucy, you’re way off base. 65/35. It’s complicated, maxie. So I take that as a “yes.” You stole the information and gave it to tracy. Maxie — I don’t know why I didn’t see this sooner. You left deception because you wanted to get back into music, and then all of a sudden, you’re — you’re back. Lucy was under the impression that I rehired you, but you led me to believe that lucy had when the whole time you were really working for tracy. You took advantage of our friendship and my trust so you could steal information about our most valuable product! Yes, maxie. That’s exactly what I did. What are you doing about it, mac? We have an apb on the two ferncliff inmates. It’s cody bell and sasha gilmore. Sasha? She was committed right after stabbing cody. Is it possible he may have taken her for revenge? It’s highly unlikely. Look, I know cody. I’m convinced he means her no harm. Sounds like you might have an idea why he took her. It’s been reported as a kidnapping. I don’t think it was a kidnapping. Okay. I’ve learned to trust your instincts, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are fugitives and have to be found.

[ Police radio chatter ] How can I help you? Agent moss. I’m here to see commissioner scorpio. He’s in the interrogation room. I can show agent moss in. -Thank you. -Right this way. Mac: Come in. Mac, I have agent moss here for you. Bring him in. I assume you’re here with information on the sonny corinthos case. The person I’m protecting, carly, is avery. It’s not — it’s not good for her to have her mother put in the middle of something shady. What did ava do? Uh, she came into my place looking for something, and she didn’t get it, and then they made it look like pilar messed up so ava would fire her. Pilar was a setup? Yeah, and then they pressured ava into hiring betty, which is their plant. So mason and austin sent betty to get information on you, and ava had to go along. Oh, my god. No wonder she was so worried about betty. I was wondering why she hired someone she didn’t like. She didn’t have a choice. I didn’t have a choice. So what I did was switch the game. Instead of betty playing fetch with them, I had her deliver a parcel from me. Which was…? Exactly what they were looking for. But, you know, brick and I, we kind of made a few modifications. You gave them false information. So austin and mason must have taken the bait back to their boss. That’s why you asked me about austin’s visit to pentonville. So you think their boss, your enemy, is someone inside pentonville. Cody admitted that he was playing poker for selina wu, and he said that gladys was in there and she lost big. Well, that’s convenient, seeing as gladys controls all of sasha’s money, right? Not to mention she sold brando’s garage. Do you think she’s really using these funds to repay debts? Yeah, I do, dante. I mean, it certainly seems like that. Just think about it. Sasha was doing so much better. Maxie was going around telling everyone how well she handled that tv show, and sasha was working so hard to end her conservatorship so she can have control of her own assets. And if sasha was able to do that, she would have seen what gladys was doing with the money and gladys wouldn’t have wanted that to happen. No. Gladys had to make sure sasha stayed “mentally unfit.” So gladys must have met montague at the poker game and gotten him to help her do something to sasha. Son of A… dante… dr. Montague gave me injections. He — he said that they were to help me get off the drugs. But I kept telling him that I wasn’t on any drugs. I never bought anything from anybody. Okay. Alright. Now, sasha, this is — this is really important. Okay. When you went live on that show, “home & heart,” you did great, right? Y-you kept your cool under a very stressful situation. Were you on any medication at all at that time? Just my antidepressant. I have been taking them for eight months, but they were prescribed by my old psychiatrist. Okay. Well, what about after that? Any other medications? Yes. I was taking the pills dr. Montague gave me.

So you admit it, and you’rejust gonna stand there like you stole my yogurt from the work fridge. No, maxie. Okay? I am not trying to minimize what I did. I am so, so sorry. But I swear I had no idea what tracy was gonna do with that information about the deceptor. Really? Yes. I mean, you, better than anyone, should know what a schemer tracy is. Did you think she was just too cheap to buy one so she was gonna build one for herself? She said she wanted to know about it. Tracy always has an agenda, brook lynn! You had to know she was gonna use that information against us! I was desperate, maxie! I owed tracy big-time, okay? And this is how she collected. Listen. Maxie… when chase was kicked off the police force for defending me, I was supposed to write a letter to help him get reinstated, but I hesitated because I was too selfish, you know, too scared of losing him. But I knew I had to fix it. So I went to my grandmother. She said she could pull some strings, get him a second hearing. It was like an angel had come down to earth to right all of the wrongs. Well, that angel quickly turned demon when she threatened to go tell chase unless I got her the information on the deceptor. And you know how much chase hates being manipulated. Stop! I have heard enough.

[ Scoffs ] We are not in high school anymore, brook lynn. You put my job, my livelihood at risk because you couldn’t be honest with your boyfriend?!

[ Scoffs ] Didn’t he break up with you once before because you lied to him? Have you learned nothing? You are absolutely impossible. Lucy, you really don’t have any other options. You can let deception slide into oblivion as the case drags on for months with appeals and delays. Then, of course, you’ll have your real-estate business. I think the quartermaines have some swamp land in putnam county that you can offload. 60/40. Okay? That way, you get to keep control ’cause that’s what you love, is control, and I keep a decent share. But…there will be a clause that you cannot remove me as ceo and you cannot take me off

any of my board positions. Okay? Lucy… throughout our history, there is one thing I have come to bank on. You’re a grifter. You’ll always take care of number one. But I do understand that the disparity in our percentages is disconcerting. Even a tiny amount could be humiliating. So I am feeling extremely generous today. How about 51/49? That’s just a 1% difference. 51/49. Really? Deal. Hm. Okay, well, then, uh, I guess we’ll get in touch with each other to draw up that paperwork, shall we? Lucy. There’s one other detail. The deal is contingent upon you returning the 1% voting rights in elq. Commissioner, I’d like a private talk. Deputy mayor ashford was the police commissioner before she took over for the mayor. And she worked for the dea. Detective chase is one of our finest. Anything you can say to me, you can say to them. When we arrested sonny corinthos and raided his shipment, we were acting on information that he was illegally transporting classified weapons. The charges were dropped because there was nothing in the crates but coffee. Sounds like sonny was one step ahead of you. He was. But he won’t always be. I have a few ideas who my enemy might be inside pentonville, but I’m not quite sure. But the — the only connection there is is between my false information that betty stole and my arrest is gatlin-holt’s trip to pentonville. I had them both followed after betty delivered the goods. Mason went to some “working girl.” And austin went to pentonville. Oh. That mason sounds like a great guy. I’m thinking austin, uh, was there to give some information to someone. And then, in turn, the fbi got it. I think they’re trying to take me down or they’re just trying to get points with the feds. Or both. So you need to know who austin saw during his visit at pentonville. Well, that’s where you can help me out. Really? If you’re willing. Sonny didn’t get where he is by being stupid. He’s more than capable of picking up on that sociopathic gleam in betty’s eyes. You know, maybe betty’s sweet act wasn’t as convincing as you thought it would be. Has that ever occurred to you? Well, maybe sonny realized that she was a plant and he decided to turn the tables. And that would — yeah, I’m pretty sure that would make this your fault, wouldn’t it, mason, for using the wrong operative. Not a story I’d want to take back to my boss. Well, take this back to your boss. I did my part. I just want this to be over. I didn’t say anything to sonny! I don’t intend to say anything to sonny! My life and the lives of the people I care about matter too much to me. We’ll be in touch.

I-I’m sorry. Just — I’m sorry. I — just — ugh! I’ve never — I’ve never liked gladys. You know? She just — I just didn’t trust her. And she just — she seemed all moneygrubbing. And — and she — she lied all the time. But I thought she was basically harmless, you know? And she was sonny’s family. A-and mike liked her. I mean, poor brando, man. I mean, he was a good guy, and he had gladys as a mother? And I thought, you know, when he — when he died, that — that she cared and she would want to do right by his widow. But — but I guess not. I mean… cody saw through her. Hey, hey. Hey. You had no way of knowing. No, sam. I’m a detective. I mean, come on. I was blinded. You know, cody was talking about her for months, but my — my own stupid misgivings about him, like, messed up my judgment. I mean, you knew. You knew. Y-you said it. Why didn’t I listen? Why did I let it get this far? After my second session with dr. Montague, he gave me some pills for anxiety. Okay, well, what was the prescription for? It — he just gave me a bottle of pills. Told me to take three a day, which I did. You didn’t even know what you were taking? I’m sorry, sasha. Cody, it — it all started then. I remember I was feeling so impulsive, full of energy. I-I wanted to celebrate everything. And I had no control. I was — I couldn’t keep track of things, but I-I didn’t care. That’s when the shoplifting incident happened. You were taking the pills the whole time? Three a day. Montague was drugging you long before you got sent to ferncliff. But why, cody? Why would he do it? This goes no further than the room. Mac: Of course. We believe mr. Corinthos

is involved in the trafficking and sale of these restricted weapons. While we haven’t been able to prove it, this is an ongoing investigation with suspected ties to both the government and private sector. We’ll continue to monitor corinthos. What does the fbi expect from the pcpd in terms of cooperation? Corinthos has a son here in the department. Detective dante falconeri. He was present at his father’s arraignment. If there’s any reason to suspect that detective falconeri is feeding sonny information or providing any kind of assistance, we want to know about it. You have been waiting years and years and years to spring this on me, haven’t you?! You can’t stand the fact that I have 1% of your family legacy. You wormed your way into my family by taking advantage of my brother’s weakness. You had an affair with him when he was married to monica. Okay. So we’re gonna bring this up now? Okay. Really? Really?! You know, monica was to blame, too, because she slept with your son ned. The point is… you blackmailed me into appointing you co-ceo. That is one of my biggest regrets. And that is ancient, ancient history! Why in the world are you dredging that up now?! Because I am here to prevent the quartermaine ship from running aground. Somebody has to get this family back on course. And if my son can’t do it, then I have to do it. Lucy coe, you have clung to my family like a barnacle. And it’s time we scrape off everything that doesn’t belong. And that means you. 1% voting rights in elq! And that is my final offer!

Never. Ha. We’ll see.

[ Door slams ] Listen to me. I know how this sounds. And I am not making excuses. But I love chase, more than I ever thought was possible, and all I cared about was getting him his badge back. And when he did, when things were looking up for us, I just — I didn’t want to ruin it. I was weak, maxie. So I gave in to tracy’s demands. And when I — I finally mustered up enough courage to stand up to her, I was too late. She already had the information on the deceptor. Why didn’t you come to me? After everything we went through with bailey lou. Why didn’t you trust me, brook lynn? We could have schemed up a solution together. Instead… you betrayed me.

Hello to you, too. Our mutual friend just left. Oh, I think she’s gonna fold. No. This is a perfect time to come and visit. Port charles is beautiful in the fall. You’re right. In hindsight, I-I should have come to you. I would have helped you. I don’t know. I — I was just too ashamed, too stupid. I thought I could handle it. Handle tracy? I had no idea what she was planning, maxie! I could never have foreseen sasha’s meltdown or the fact that the deceptor would be our only moneymaker. I could have never planned for any of that. Maxie, look. I messed up. And I will do everything in my power to make it right. Okay? I’ll — I’ll come up with a social-media campaign against tracy, and it’ll go viral. Come on, maxie. We can still — we can handle this. We can make it right. That’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna let that happen. You’ve proven you cannot be trusted. You’re fired. No. Maxie, please. I’ll work for free. Please. Just let me make it right. Brook lynn… that ship has sailed.

[ Door closes ] Austin, where the hell are you? Your cousin was just here again making crazy accusations. I can’t take this anymore. And I’m telling you, austin, if he drags me under, you’re coming down with me. Am I willing to help you get the answer? Am I willing to help you, period? I mean, there was a time when I would have jumped in. I would have said “yes” immediately. But now, you know…

[ Chuckles ] Not so much? Is this gonna endanger drew or affect his sentence in any way? No, not at all. I don’t know. Sonny, so much has happened, you know? So much has changed between us. I understand.

Do you understand or are you just saying that because you want me to do what you want me to do? No, I understand that things have changed, but one thing

hasn’t changed — that, you know, like, y-you would do anything for me, I would do anything for you. And, you know, I’m always there for you. I know. And I know you wouldn’t ask me if it wasn’t serious. And if someone’s gunning for you, that means they can come after my kids. So, yes, of course, I’m in. What do you need me to do? I’ll tell you on the way to pentonville. How could you have known what was going on? Gladys is a snake, and she’s cunning, and she had to keep sasha in the guardianship so she could have access to her money. And that meant convincing everyone, including you, that she had sasha’s best interests at heart. Bottom line is I should have just listened to cody. I didn’t — I didn’t believe him at first. But, I mean, come on. He hasn’t exactly been 100% honest with either one of us. No. I know. He hasn’t, but… he said sasha was being drugged the whole time. Even after she stabbed him, he said it wasn’t her. I mean, what did — what did — how long has she been on these drugs? What is she taking? I-I don’t know. We will figure that out. The important thing is that cody cared enough to go into ferncliff and get sasha out. I think he saved her life. I got to see him. I got to talk to cody. You gotta trust me, baby, and take me to where they’re hiding. Cody, I never even met dr. Montague until he was assigned to evaluate me. What possible motive could he have for drugging me? I’m guessing that he was being paid. Paid? By who? By the person who did have a motive. Your mother-in-law. Gladys.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Maxie confronts Brook Lynn and Brook Lynn admits she gave Tracy the proprietary information on the Deceptor because Tracy used her influence to get Chase a second meeting with the Civilian Review board. Brook Lynn explains to Maxie that, if she didn’t do what Tracy wanted her to do, Tracy was going to tell Chase how he got a second meeting with the board.

Maxie is hurt that Brook Lynn didn’t tell her what Tracy wanted her to do, so they could have come up with a solution together. Maxie fires Brook Lynn and doesn’t give her a chance to try and make things right with Deception. Tracy and Lucy almost negotiate a deal so they can be 51% /49% partners in Deception but then Tracy goes too far and asks Lucy to give up her one percent share of ELQ that Alan left her in his will. Lucy tells Tracy that will never happen and walks out of the Quartermaine Mansion.

Carly agrees to go to Bentonville and help him figure out who Austin was visiting there the day she saw him at the prison. The FBI asks Mac to keep an eye on Dante because they think he told Sonny that the FBI was going to raid his gun shipment.

Dante and Sam figure out that Dr. Montague and Gladys were working together to make Sasha appear unstable so they can take her money. Sasha and Cody also talk things through and figure out Gladys was paying Dr. Montague to drug her so Gladys could remain her legal guardian.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Jake and Charlotte go on their first date while Liz worries that Jake and Charlotte are too young to date.

Sonny tells Nina he knew he wasn’t going to jail because the FBI expected to find a shipment of illegal arms but what they found were a shipment of premium coffee beans used to make Corinthos coffee. Michael tells Sonny that he loves him and he is happy that he didn’t go to jail. Michael tells Sonny he is tired of being angry with him and he is ready to let go of the anger. Sonny reminds Michael that no matter what happens he will always love him.

Cody takes Sasha to a cabin Sam got for them. Cody helps Sasha detox from the drugs doctor Montague gave her. Gladys lies to Nina and tells her Cody kidnapped Sasha because he works for Dr. Montague.

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GH Short Recap Monday, September 11, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Curtis goes to The Savoy for the first time since his accident. His staff welcomes him back. TJ, Molly and Jordan join him there. TJ and Molly tell them that they’re waiting to see if their surrogate is pregnant or not, so they toast that. Curtis still has doubts about his new life, even though Jordan tells him that he’s doing great.

Esme finds Spencer putting gourmet food out on their table and assumes it’s for them, but it’s for him and Trina. Trina isn’t too happy when Spencer offers to have Esme and Ace join them. Esme leaves and Spencer tells Trina how much he loves her and doesn’t care about Esme. He gives her two porcelain-looking white turtle doves, so she gives him one and keeps the other one as a symbol of their undying love.

Maxie and her kids are settling in their new place. Felicia and Mac drop by to help. Felicia and Maxie confer about the Deception lawsuit and how Felicia and Lucy know Jackson. Maxie is worried that she just moved into a big new house and bought lots of stuff when her job is up in the air. Mac takes the kids to the grocery store so they can have a cookout. They also stop at Kelly’s for dessert. Georgie tells Mac that she’s worried about how her mom is feeling about the move. Mac learns that James told the other kids that Mac is a hero, like his dad. The kids and Maxie love the new house.

Esme takes Ace to Kelly’s. She also asks Carly about a room there. Finn, Elizabeth, Jake and Violet go to Kelly’s before their softball game. Violet is very competitive. Jake stays behind when they all leave to have a date with Charlotte.

Kristina, Michael, Dante, Dex and Nina go to the courthouse to support Sonny for his hearing. The FBI attorney has to tell the judge that they don’t have the evidence they thought they did, so they release Sonny. Sonny’s kids and Nina are very happy to hear that. Sonny tells Dex that the Pikeman crates had coffee beans, not guns like the Feds thought. Dex doesn’t look too pleased at this outcome. Michael tells Carly what happened, and she’s relieved.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Molly and TJ’s surrogate, Andrea, goes to the hospital to be inseminated. If everything goes well, she should know if she is pregnant in two weeks if she is pregnant.

Michael tells Kristina that he doesn’t think Sonny will get out of trouble this time. Alexis tells Nina that if Sonny goes to prison, his family will be in danger because Sonny’s enemies could go after his family.

Cody continues to pretend he wants to kill himself so he can stay in Fern Cliff. Sasha tells Dr. Montague that she feels better and wants to go home. Dr. Montague tells Sasha that she still isn’t ready to go home. Dr. Montague injects her with more drugs. Nurse Janice comes into Casey’s room later and thinks she is getting worse. Cody notices that there is nobody at the Nurses’ Station so, he takes the key that is outside Sasha’s room and goes inside to see her.

Anna catches Valentin in another lie when he tells her he will meet with his contact at Lineman but, when she follows him, she sees him go into a room at the Metro Court. Valentin tells Anna he met, with his contact at Pikeman at a cafe, and his contact doesn’t know anything about Sonny’s arrest.

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GH Short Recap Friday, September 8, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Eddie goes to a recording session that Sonny set up for him. Leo and Olivia watch him record a song and are there to help calm Eddie’s nerves.

Ava once again tries to make Nina understand that she has to learn how to deal with the danger of Sonny’s business. Ava tells Nina she still has time to cancel the wedding if she can’t deal with what Sonny does for a living because Sonny is never going to give up his business. Nina tells Ava she loves Sonny and she wants to marry him. Ava tells Nina she is selling Wyndamere and Spoon Island and wonders if Sonny might want to buy it.

Anna visits Curtis at his house to apologize to him for what happened but Curtis tells Anna it isn’t her fault. Portia talks to Anna alone. Portia tells Anna that she thinks that what happened to Curtis is her fault. Portia also tells Anna not to visit Curtis again.

Cody confronts Dr. Montague because he figures out that he and Gladys are drugging Sasha to take her money and use it to pay Gladys’ gambling debts that she owes to Mrs. Wu. Cody gets into a physical fight with Dr. Montague and takes off Dr. Montague’s clothes and puts them on so he can escape Fern Cliff with Sasha. Cody and Sasha escape before Nurse Janice calls security to tell them to lock down Fern Cliff.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, September 12, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Kristina: Is that so, Violet?

Violet: Aunt Elizabeth and daddy beat Kelly’s.

Well, no, to be clear, the G.H. team beat the Kelly’s team.

Ooh! Carly’s going to be mad.

21 to 4.

Oh, heads will roll.







[ Both laugh ]

All hail the conquering heroes.

Am I to assume this means you won, also?

Well, it was tough, but we pulled it through, yeah.

Wow. Well, well, well. I guess it wasn’t the bloodbath G.H. inflicted on Kelly’s?

G.H. did sort of wipe the floor with them.

Oh, coming from the nurse.

Head cheerleader. But I am going to play the next game.

And you’d better, too. The fire department would have wiped the floor with us if your sister didn’t step up for your brother.

Guilty as charged.

Sounds like “Game of Thrones.”

Hey, what do you say we, uh, get this party started?

Drinks on Chase?

Whoa. I’m just kidding.


Kristina: No, actually, this is — this is the perfect time for that. Drinks on the house. First round is on me.

Aww, thank you, Kristina.

Kristina: Yeah. Charlie’s supports the winners.


Dante: Hey, what’s going on? So did we win?

Sam: Oh, we won, alright. And you had nothing to do with it.

Dante: I don’t know about that. Looks like I had lots to do with it.

Nina: So what do you think? Good to be home?

Sonny: It’s good to be home with you.

Nurse Janice: And that’s when he assaulted the doctor and took his clothes. He was already on his way out with the patient when I realized who he was. I initiated lockdown protocol, but it was already too late. They were gone.

Detective: Okay. And what were the patients’ names?

Nurse Janice: Sasha Gilmore and Cody Bell.

Cody: Hey, Sasha. Hey, stay with me. Stay with me. You’re doing great. You’re doing great. We’re almost there. Okay, Sam. Let’s see if I can find this key in the wood pile. Here. Can you hold yourself up?

Sasha: Mm-hmm.

Cody: Alright. Bingo. Okay. Come here. Hey. I got you. I got you. Here, come on. Alright? Hey. We made it. [ Chuckles ]

Oh then you take me by the hand I feel better again oh I feel better now

Shirley Temple for the victorious Violet and seltzers for the champions.

Finn: Oh, thank you, but champions may be a bit of an overstatement.

Elizabeth: Oh, don’t be so modest, Finn.

Violet: Don’t be sad, Daddy. Everyone strikes out sometimes.

Finn: Thank you, Violet. You know, but hitting is just part of the game, right? There’s also the defense, the — the catch I made at the fence and saved that home run.

And another part of the game is running. Too bad you got tagged out at second.

Finn: Mm-hmm. But at least I made it to first, right? You know, we can’t all be speed demons on the bases like you.

Violet: Yeah, how did you get so good?

Elizabeth: Hmm? Well, I do have three boys. It’s a lot of backyard practice, especially with Jake. Talk about a speed demon. Where is he?

Violet: Jake never showed up to the game.

I’ll be back.

Willow: Your sister is so sweet.

Michael: Well, she cares about you.

Willow: I just wish everyone wouldn’t worry so much. I mean, my numbers are great. They’re holding steady.

Michael: I cannot hear that enough. You know, you’re my miracle, Willow, in so many ways.

Willow: Well, it was nice to be just another person shouting, cheering in the bleachers today, watching the G.H. team beat the pants off Kelly’s. It was so much fun. It felt so normal. It had nothing to do with my illness. I was just glad to forget about being sick for a while.

Michael: I’m glad. I just wish I was there to share it with you.

Willow: Well, you had somewhere much more important to be.

Yeah. Beers all around. Thank you. Okay, so what are we drinking to, our win or Sonny beating the rap?

To Sonny.

To Sonny.

To Sonny.

To Sonny, then.

No? You’re not —

Kristina: I’m working.

Sonny: You okay?

Nina: I’m really flattered that you’re asking about me, Sonny, but I’m not the one that was dragged from The Metro Court by the FBI and in custody for 72 hours.

Sonny: Worst part for me was getting arrested. Seeing Kristina and Wiley’s face, they were upset. And then I saw your face, and it wasn’t good.

Nina: No, it wasn’t. I was scared to death.

Sonny: Okay.

Nina: You know, those agents, they came in there, and they looked so confident. And I couldn’t help but think that you were going to be convicted and spend the rest of your life in prison.

Sonny: Nina, let’s not go down that road.

Nina: I-I can’t help it, because if you would have been found guilty, we would have already had our last day together and not known it.

Sonny: I’m sorry that I scared you.

Nina: Babe, you don’t have to be sorry. It wasn’t you. It was the FBI.

Sonny: [ Sighs ] Maybe, but maybe not — not entirely.

Nina: What do you mean?

Sonny: Well, uh, I couldn’t tell you until now. There was no chance that I was going to be convicted.

Nurse Janice: The nurse on duty was new. She thought one of the physicians was just taking out her patient for some fresh air.

Gladys: I’m sorry. Did you just say Cody Bell kidnapped Sasha?

And you are?

Gladys: I’m Sasha Gilmore’s mother-in-law. My name is Gladys Corbin. I’m her guardian.

Nurse Janice: Ms. Corbin, I —

Gladys: How could you let this happen? My daughter-in-law is so vulnerable. How could you let Cody take her?!

Nurse Janice: We didn’t let him take her. They just got away before we could get to them.

Gladys: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, not they. He. He kidnapped her!

Nurse Janice: Sasha was leaning against Mr. Bell. She didn’t seem to be struggling with him. I don’t know if he was kidnapping her or if they were escaping together.

Cody: Sasha. What have they done to you? Hey. Hey, Sasha. Hey, stay with me. Hey, come here. Let’s get you up. Come on. Hey, listen to me. Hey, that Sam, she really pulled through for us, right? Car was exact– no, no, no, no, no. You got to stay awake, Sasha. Okay? You think you could drink a little something?

Sasha: No. No, I don’t want —

Cody: Look, hey, it’s just —

Sasha: Don’t make me take it.

Cody: It’s just a little water. That’s all it is.

Sasha: No! Get away.

Cody: Sasha — Sasha, hey. I’m just trying to help, okay? You need to hydrate.

Sasha: No! No! Get away!

Cody: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, be careful. Be careful, Sasha.

Sasha: No! Please don’t hurt me!

Cody: I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m not trying to hurt you.

Sasha: No! Stay away!

Cody: Sasha, Sasha, you’re safe. I promise. You have to believe me.

I got to say, that was a-a first for me. I’ve never seen an arraignment happen that fast.

Kristina: Oh, my god. I know. I was so worried when the judge said, “Michael Corinthos, Jr., you are charged with seven counts of violating the federal law.” I thought my heart was going to just beat through my chest. And then the FBI lawyers just stood up like it was no big deal and dropped the charges.

Chase: Well, they withdrew the charges at this time without prejudice. Which means they can refile the charges at any point in the future.

Well, there can’t be much of a case if they folded immediately.

The most important thing is Dad is home, but not without having to jump through hoops.

Kristina: I-I feel like we should sue them for what they put our family through. I mean, honestly, isn’t there a law against harassing the public while making a false arrest? There should be.

I think we should just be glad it’s over.

Yeah. Amen to that. I’ll be back.

Chase: You know, it is odd the FBI would make such a public arrest if they weren’t certain about the evidence. Something doesn’t add up.

Willow: Michael, it’s behind us now. That’s good news.

Michael: I was so worried that the FBI somehow found the footage of Sonny taking that delivery from Pikeman.

Willow: But they didn’t.

Michael: But they could have, and that would have been on me.

Willow: Stop beating yourself up. You chose not to turn over the evidence.

Michael: Yeah, well, you know, I still paid Dex to get it, to spy on Sonny and record his business dealings. I wanted to take my father down. I’m so grateful that you convinced me not to go through with it. I mean, could you imagine if I used that footage to get Sonny convicted? How would I ever face my family again? I let my self-righteous anger take over.

Willow: Michael, you felt betrayed by Sonny. I don’t like what you did, but it didn’t come out of nowhere.

Michael: Willow, I — I don’t want my father to go to prison.

Elizabeth: You know, Jake did text me after the game and said he was detained and that’s why he couldn’t make it. But he’ll meet us here later.

Violet: What’s “detained”?

Elizabeth: Um, it’s when something suddenly comes up, and it makes you late.

Finn: Mm. Look, there he is!

Violet: And Charlotte’s with him!

Finn: Hmm. Guess we know what detained him.

Nina: Well, Sonny, what are you saying to me? I mean, what made you think that you wouldn’t be convicted? I mean, I’m pretty sure that some of your business dealings aren’t strictly legal. So what made you think that the FBI wouldn’t be able to make a case?

Sonny: You know the — the raid on the docks?

[ Sighs ]

Sonny: As I was being hauled in, uh, the FBI were seizing a shipment that I was moving through. They busted a lot of my men, including Gabe. And what they thought they were going to find was contraband weapons. And what they found was a shipment of shade-grown Costa Rican coffee beans.

Nina: Coffee beans?

Sonny: The finest.

Nina: So the FBI, they — they go to the docks, and they expect to find contraband weapons, and they find coffee beans?

Sonny: Mm.

Nina: I’m surprised that the FBI would make such a big mistake.

Sonny: Well, I’m sure s-somebody must have given them bad information.

Nina: Well, who gave them the bad information, Sonny?

Sonny: Somebody who thought it was legit.

Nina: Are you saying to me that you set up the FBI?

Sasha: No, no. No. No! Dr. Montague!

Cody: No, no, no, no, no. It’s Cody. Cody.

Sasha: Please, please don’t hurt me!

Cody: Sasha, Sasha, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not Montague, okay? I’m Cody. Look at me.

Sasha: Cody. Cody.

Cody: Yeah, I’m here. It’s me.

Sasha: What? Where are we?

Cody: We’re safe. Remember?

Sasha: We were at the hospital.

Cody: Here. Come here.

Sasha: [ Groans ]

Cody: The doctor walked in right as we were getting ready to go. But we got away. And don’t worry. Hey. He’s never going to hurt you again. No one’s ever going to touch you ever again. That’s a promise. But right now, Sasha, you got to take a sip of water, please.

Sasha: No. No, I can’t.

Cody: Yes. Look, whatever Montague pumped into you, it’s starting to fade, and you need to drink something.

Sasha: No, no, please, please.

Cody: Okay, you’re going through withdrawals.

Sasha: No. No, it hurts. It hurts.

Cody: I know. Look, I know — I know that it hurts. You’re going to have to push through that, though.

Sasha: No, it’s too much. It’s too much!

Cody: Hey, don’t let Montague’s poison win. Sasha, you’re going through detox right now. You have to sip some of this water, please.

Sasha: No! No, I can’t, Cody! I can’t!

Cody: Yes, you can. I am right here. I am with you. You can do this.

Sasha: No! I can’t.

Cody: Listen to me. Focus. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. The pain, okay, it’s going to ease. But right now, you have to fight to live.

Sasha: I — I don’t want to fight anymore!

Cody: Yeah, well, you have to! If you’re not going to do it for yourself, you do it for Brando! You do it for Liam!

Hey, there.


Jake:Sorry I missed the game.

That’s okay. We missed you. But despite your absence, we still won.

Violet: Charlotte, you look so pretty.

Charlotte: Thank you, Violet.

Violet: Is that why you didn’t come to the game, Jake? Were you with Charlotte?

We were at Kelly’s.

Violet: Were you on a date?

Kristina: Dante, I think it’s really cool you showed up for Dad today despite being a cop. Not that I would expect anything less.

Dante: Oh, well, thank you, Kristina. I mean, look, Sonny’s my father. Cop or no cop, there’s nowhere else I would have been.

Chase: No, Kris is right. You took a risk to stand by Sonny. I mean, I’d like to think that if my dad was going through something, I’d stand by him the same way.

Michael: Uh, Willow? Um… would you be okay being alone for like an hour or so here?

Willow: Absolutely. I think I can handle that.

Michael: Okay. There’s something I got to take care of.

Willow: Hello, little man. I just called because I missed you. I’m so glad you liked the game. Well, someday that will be you sliding into home base. Whatever team you want to be on. That’s for you to decide. I know, um, Olivia told you about Grandpa Sonny’s trial. Yes, Daddy was very happy. We’ll see you soon, okay? I love you, too, Wiley.

Why don’t you guys go get some sodas or nachos if you’re hungry?

I’m not sure I could eat any more. But we could definitely use some sodas.


Violet: Wait, wait, where are you going? I want to hear about the date.

Finn: Yeah, look, uh, hey, wouldn’t you rather go talk to your Uncle Chase? You — you could tell him about my spectacular catch.

Violet: Daddy, it wasn’t that spectacular.

Finn: Thank you. So, Jake and Charlotte Cassadine?

Elizabeth: It’s the first I’m hearing about it.

Finn: I guess at least now you — you know the stuff he needed to do.

Elizabeth: Stop it. They’re awfully young.

Finn: Hey, you know, it kind of looks like they’re on the slow boat. I wouldn’t worry about it getting too heavy.

Elizabeth: Oh, is that what you’re going to say when Violet’s Jake’s age?

Finn: Oh, I-I can’t imagine Violet’s first date.

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm, imagine it, ’cause it’s going to happen sooner or later.

Finn: Later. Much, much later.

Chase: You know, Sam is the real hero for the PCPD team. Without her, we would have completely been left in the dust.

Violet: Just like Aunt Elizabeth.

Finn: [ Sighs ] Time goes by so fast. I mean, I’m — I’m looking at Chase over there, and he — he doesn’t know about Dad. And I’m glad, you know? Give him an extra moment to be happy.

Elizabeth: You should do the same. Look at all the joy around us. And don’t you want to bask in your spectacular catch as long as you can?

Finn: [ Chuckles ]

Sasha: What do you know about Brando and Liam? You’ve got no right to use them against me!

Cody: Hey, hey, hey, I know that you love them. I know that their memories mean something to you. I know you’d want to honor them instead of disgracing their memories like this.

Sasha: How dare you?!

Cody: I also know that they would want you to fight. You are so strong. Think about all that you’ve survived, Sasha. And you need to stay strong in order to get through this.

Sasha: He — he said that I was strong, too.

Cody: Yeah, well, he was right. He was strong.

Sasha: And what did that get him, hmm? Every person I have ever loved, Brando, Liam, they’re gone. Gone, Cody. I barely even remember my mother. My — my grandmother showed me pictures, and I know the facts and the dates, but — but it’s — it’s just another story. Everyone fades. I look around, and I don’t — I don’t even know where I belong anymore. I wouldn’t even have come to Port Charles if it wasn’t to get the money for my grandmother. There’s nothing left for me here.

Cody: There are people here that love you, Sasha. You live for them.

Sasha: Who, Cody? I have nobody left.

Cody: You have me.

Sonny: I didn’t plan to set the FBI up. That just happened. The target was someone else.

Nina: Someone else?

Sonny: I knew they were digging around. They were asking questions, and they weren’t going to stop. So I let them steal what they thought they were going to find.

Nina: But it’s not what they really wanted?

Sonny: Nope. And they didn’t know that. I had, uh, Brick dummy up something that seemed real. That’s what they gave to the FBI.

Nina: I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me who this “someone else” is?

Sonny: I don’t know who that someone else is, but I’m going to find out. See, that was the first plan, was to just smoke them out, see what they thought of the phony intel. Now, it was a risk because if they came sniffing around, there was a chance that I would be in custody. But that was a chance I was willing to take.

Nina: Oh, Sonny, Krissy and Wiley —

Sonny: I wish I could have told you this before, and I didn’t want to do it, but —

Nina: No, I get it. I really do.

Sonny: You know, I would have just — but I can’t tell you I can’t do it again.

Nina: I understand.

Sonny: It’s the reality of my life.

Nina: Okay. Stop torturing yourself, because I knew what I was getting into, the good and the bad, when you asked me to marry you. And I love you. I love all of you. There are no regrets. Do you hear me? Absolutely no regrets. I’m ready to share your life with you and all of its complications. And if there’s anything that I worry about, it’s a small price to pay for the happiness that I feel being with you.

[ Knock on door ]

Sonny: [ Laughs ] What?

Gabe: Your son’s here to see you.

Sonny: Let him in. I-I thought Dante was meeting with Sam.

Michael: Hey, Dad.

Nina: Come in, please, Michael. Can I get you anything?

Sonny: Hey, Michael.

Michael: Hey. Um, no, no, no. I’m fine. I didn’t — I didn’t get a chance to talk to you in the courtroom.

Sonny: That’s okay. I mean, I didn’t expect you to.

Michael: Um, look, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that the charges were dropped against you, and that you weren’t alone in the courtroom, that you had a lot of — you had a lot of support.

Nina: Well, that support included you, Michael, and we were both very grateful for that.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nina: I-I, um, just remembered something that I was supposed to do, if you both will excuse me.

Sonny: Okay.

Michael: She, uh, got out of here pretty quick.

Sonny: She probably wanted to give us some time alone.


I’m glad. There’s, um — there’s something I need to tell you.

Kristina: Save you a trip.

Dante: Thank you.

Kristina: Oh, man. Dante, I am so relieved about Dad. Everyone really rallied around him. Even Michael came. Thought I was going to cry when Dad saw him. The look on his face —

Dante: Yeah, look, Michael loves Sonny, despite what he says sometimes.

Kristina: Well, we weren’t too sure about that when we showed up at his office accusing him of the arrest.

Dante: I know. I went in there a little fired up, but, uh, you know, I guess I was wrong.

Kristina: Yeah.

Dante: Thankfully, now we can just focus on mending our family.

Kristina: I know that’s what Nina wants.

Dante: Yeah, I’m not the one you have to convince, remember?

Kristina: Yeah. I think, though, Michael is going to see how good Nina is for Dad after all of this. She brought me back from the edge a couple of times. She had it all together. I don’t know how, but she just pulled through. Maybe this is going to be a good omen for them. Like, now they can finally just be happy together.

You slacking on your softball, Finn? Violet tipped me off.

Yeah, well, we didn’t have a whole lot of time this year for spring training.

You seemed to hold your own pretty well.

Okay, just wait till the PCPD plays G.H.

Oh, trust me, I am counting down the days.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Chase: I bet. Oh, it’s work. This is Detective Harrison Chase.

Violet: Jake missed the game, and then he showed up here with Charlotte. I think they’re on a date.

Willow: Are you sure it’s a date?

Violet: That’s what I wanted to ask, but Daddy sent me over here. I humored him, but now I’m going to go find out everything I can.

Willow: Oh, Violet, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. You know, when two people are on a date, especially if it might be a first date, it’s probably best not to bug them.

Violet: Why?

Hey, what’s going on?

Chase: That was dispatch. There’s an APB out on two patients who escaped Ferncliff. Sasha Gilmore and Cody bell.

Cody: Thanks for trying to drink a little. It will get better. How are you feeling?

Sasha: Not good.

Cody: Do you think you could try drinking just a little bit more?

Sasha: [ Sighs ] Hey. Why are you here? Everybody else has left me, but not you.

Cody: Yeah, no. And I’m not planning on leaving you. As long as you keep fighting, I’ll be right here alongside you.

Nina: Gladys, so what is going on? What’s the emergency? Did something happen to Sasha?

Gladys: Sasha’s been kidnapped.

Michael: After the judge dismissed the charges. It was, uh, just too much for me.

Sonny: Too much?

Michael: Yeah. Too many thoughts swirling in my head. I-I don’t even know what I was thinking. It was like, I don’t know, I was at war with myself. Uh… I had to get out of there, so I’m sorry.

Sonny: Sorry? You don’t have to be sorry for anything. I mean, I — the fact that you were there meant everything to me. I — actually, I didn’t — I didn’t expect it.

Michael: No, I know. And that’s the worst part.

Are you sad you missed the game?

No. Are you? I mean, did you want to go?

Charlotte: No, I’ll catch the next one.

Jake: You want to grab another soda?

Charlotte: No, but I want to hear more about your drawing. I’m not much of an artist, but I like to write, and I was thinking it’d be cool to do a graphic novel. Maybe you could do some of the drawings, and I could write the story?

Jake: Yeah, I-I could do that.

Charlotte: Okay, but it can’t be lame like every other superhero thing.

Jake: No.

Charlotte: I was looking at these cool cards the other day, and I was thinking it’d be amazing to do a middle ages theme.

Jake: That could work.

Willow: You know how sometimes you don’t want the boys around when you’re playing dress-up or doing something very girly?

Violet: No, I don’t mind the boys being around.

Willow: Well, sometimes people can…get shy. You know, what if — what if Jake and Charlotte feel that way? I think it’s best to respect their privacy.

Violet: If Jake and Charlotte wanted to be private, why did they come to a restaurant?

Elizabeth: Poor Willow. Look at that glazed-over look on her face. When Violet starts asking questions, there’s no stopping her.

Finn: Yeah, no, I mean, maybe it’s better her talking to Willow than critiquing my softball performance.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on. You love it.

Finn: Yeah, I do.

Elizabeth: You know, when you let yourself have fun, you’re actually pretty good at it.

Sam: Why did we have to leave Charlie’s so quickly?

Dante: Well, the station called Chase. They put out an APB. Cody and Sasha broke out of Ferncliff. But you knew that was going to happen. Didn’t you?

Sasha: I stabbed you, and still, you’re here. Why would you help me after I hurt you?

Cody: That wasn’t you, Sasha. It was the drugs. I mean, you thought I was Cyrus Renault. It was a hallucination.

Sasha: Where are we?

Cody: Uh, someplace that Sam found for us. She helped me get in to see you. She arranged for a car and this cabin so we’d have a safe place to come after I broke you out of Ferncliff. Hey, hey, hey, hey. It’s okay. Okay? You’re safe now. You’re free. You’re free from everything that Dr. Montague did to you. And, Sasha, I promise you will never have to go through anything like that again.

Sasha: Cody, I —

Cody: Yeah, hey. No, I get it. Right now, you need your rest. You think you can sleep? Okay. I’ll be right here by your side the whole time. No one’s going to hurt you, not while I’m here. I promise.

Nina: Sasha was kidnapped? What are you talking about?

Gladys: Okay, okay. I went out to Ferncliff to check on her release, fill out any paperwork, and — and smooth the way to bring her home. And —

Nina: And what happened?

Gladys: Okay, as I drove in, I saw a cop car. And then I got up to Sasha’s floor, and a nurse is giving a statement… saying that Sasha was kidnapped by Cody Bell.

Violet: [ Sighs ] Bye, Willow.

Willow: Bye.

Kristina: A refill.

Willow: Thank you.

Kristina: Yeah.

Willow: I, uh — I also wanted to tell you how relieved I am that the charges against Sonny were dropped.

Kristina: Yeah, well, you have no idea. I’m so relieved. I have been pretty wound up about it the last few days, but it feels like a weight has finally lifted, and I can breathe again.

Willow: It was so horrible, seeing those agents storm in and surround Sonny like that.

Kristina: Yeah, I-I didn’t know what to do.

Willow: Well, you sure seemed to know. You got right up in their faces.

Kristina: Yeah, something kind of, uh, took over. It’s crazy. They were there, about to just grab my dad, and I-I just wanted to do anything I could to protect him. I-I just wanted it to stop. And thank god Michael was there. I — where is my brother?

Willow: Uh, Michael had to leave for a little bit.

Kristina: Oh.

Sonny: What do you mean when you said that that was the worst part?

Micheal: Sonny… Dad. The fact that things have gotten so bad between us that you wouldn’t even expect that I’d show up at your trial? You know, it’s like — it’s like I’ve been walking this — this path, and suddenly, I don’t recognize my own footprints.

Sonny: You have every right to feel the way you want to feel. I know that I’ve let you down.

Micheal: Yeah, well, that’s just it. People let people down. It doesn’t mean you have to destroy them.

Sonny: Why you talking about destroying people? That’s not like you, to be talking about —

Micheal: Not — not destroying people, Dad. Destroying you. I was furious with you. Ever since I was little… …I always knew there was something different about us. Whenever things got dangerous, you sent us to the island. We had no idea what the danger was or why it would suddenly appear. Just that you and Mom were worried. So, uh, I mean, Morgan and I, we just created games, and we created stories. Like one time, we pretended that the island was Never Never Land, and we were there because Captain Hook was coming. So we we had our swords, and we ran around the cove, and we pretended to be your guards.

Sonny: Yeah, I, uh — Morgan had a sword named Spiker. Remember that?

Micheal: Yeah. Yeah. He wanted to sleep with it. Mom wouldn’t let him. She said the best place for swords were next to the bed. Not in the bed. I think we always knew why there were real guards around us all the time. Certainly by high school, I knew that Corinthos Coffee wasn’t your only business. And by then, I also knew that one of the threats was the police. And I saw you escape the law time and time again.

Sonny: Michael… what did you come here to tell me?

Dante: Apparently, Cody jumped a doctor, stole his clothes, grabbed Sasha, and they got out of there before they locked the place down.

Sam: Oh, my god.

Dante: Then, get this. When they got out of the building, they didn’t escape on foot. There was a car waiting for them with the keys still in it. [ Groans, chuckles ] Hey, babe, when you plan a breakout, you plan a breakout.

Sam: What do you want me to say?

Dante: Nothing, I guess. I just hope everything works out and Cody and Sasha are safe.

Kristina: Michael had to leave for a little while? Where’d he go?

Willow: He said he had an errand to run.

Kristina: An errand, hmm, at this hour?

Willow: I think I have an idea what it was. And if I’m right, it’s long overdue.

Micheal: Look, there were times that I found myself wishing that you would be prosecuted and convicted. And I would tell myself that it was about justice. But, uh —  [ Breathes shakily ] Really, it was about making you pay for our family falling apart.

Sonny: I understand.

Micheal: No, no, Dad, you don’t. You couldn’t possibly. Dad, I — I found myself standing there in the courtroom and realizing that the last thing I want is for you to be sent to prison, you know, for Kristina, for Dante, for the girls, but also because you’re my father. And I don’t want you behind bars. I-I don’t want you to suffer. And I don’t want to be angry at you anymore. It’s exhausting. This — this resentment that I’ve been holding onto, it’s like… it’s turning me into somebody who I don’t want to be, especially with my family. The family that I almost lost. [ Sighs ] That’s all I wanted to say, okay, just — just tell you that I’m very happy that you beat the charges.

Sonny: Michael? You didn’t have to say a-all that. I appreciate it. It means a lot. I just want you to know… …no matter what, you’re my son. I love you.

Micheal: Yeah. Love you, too.

Nina: Why would Cody Bell, of all people, kidnap Sasha?

Gladys: Well, he’s tried it once before. I mean, probably to get revenge for her stabbing him. I had to file for a restraining order to stop him.

Nina: How come this is the first of me hearing this?

Gladys: Because I took care of everything to protect Sasha from Cody. But he lied his way into Ferncliff, pretended to be a patient.

Nina: How could he pretend to be a patient at Ferncliff?

Gladys: I-I don’t know. That’s what the nurse told the cops. She said Cody grabbed Sasha and ran out with her.

Nina: Okay, you told me that Sasha, she was trapped in Ferncliff. Right? You told me that her doctor was keeping her there. You had to pay ransom to get her out. How do you know she didn’t just leave with Cody willingly? I mean, maybe Cody went there not to kidnap her for revenge, but to rescue her.

Gladys: No, no, no. No, Cody is a thief and a liar. All he cares about is money. I think he was working with the doctor, following his orders when he took Sasha.

Nina: What?

Gladys: Yeah. Now Sasha’s in more danger than ever.

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GH Transcript Monday, September 11, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

Curtis:  The circumstances that made me open The Savoy and dedicate so much hard work to its success have radically changed.

N’neka: Boss? You’re back!

Curtis:  Hey, N’neka.

N’neka: Well, it’s about time!

Spencer: Okay.

Esme: Ace kept me on my toes all day. I didn’t even have a chance to eat lunch. I’m starving. That food you got for us looks amazing!

Maxie: [ Sighs ] We’re here, Lulu. I can feel you here, too. Makes me feel closer to you.

James: Mom! Help!

Maxie: What is it?

James: Why is there only sheets in here?

Maxie: Because that is a box that says “bed linens.” What are you looking for?

James: My favorite sweatshirt.

Maxie: That is probably in your room in the box that says “James’ clothes.”

James: No, it’s not. I checked all those boxes.

Georgie: This is yours.

James: Thanks, Georgie. I thought it was lost.

[ Knock on door ]

Mac: Wow!

James and Georgie: Grandpa!

Mac: Congratulations!

Felicia: Congratulations!

Maxie: Oh, thank you!

Felicia: Congratulations. It’s lovely. Are you happy?

Georgie: Yes!

James: This house is great. I have my own room. I love it.

Mac: Thataboy! Way to go! I love it!

Carly: Okay. You just need to call me with any news about Sonny’s arraignment, ’cause I need to figure out what I’m gonna tell Donna.

Michael: Yeah, I’ll call you as soon as I get any information.

Carly: You know, I really thought about going. But I don’t want to get sucked back into all this, you know? So I’m really glad that you’re there.

Michael: Yeah, me too. [ Breathes deeply ] I love you.

Carly: Love you. [ Sighs ] Okay. Hi. Waitress is a little busy, but she will be right with you. Okay?

Elizabeth: Someone’s gonna hit a home run today!

Finn: [ Laughs ]

Violet: Wait. We can’t eat here.

Finn: Why not?

Violet: Kelly’s has its own softball team. They’re the enemy.

Michael: Kristina.

Kristina: Hi. Oh. Michael, I’m so glad you came. I was really worried I was gonna be the only one here to show support for Dad. Where is everyone?

Michael: Uh, I don’t know if Dante is coming. Um, some people might think it’d be a conflict of interest since he’s a cop.

Kristina: Well, they would be wrong. Cop or not, he’s still his son.

Dante: Hey, you guys.

Kristina: Hi.

Dante: How’s it going?

Kristina: So glad you’re here.

Dante: Yeah. Good to see you.

Nina: Hi.

Kristina: Hi.

Nina: I’m so sorry I’m running late. I had to change into something more appropriate for court.

Kristina: You look great, and the only thing that matters is that you’re here.

Dante: How’s Sonny doing?

Nina: Well, according to Diane, he’s calm and ready for this. He’s doing a lot better than I am. I’m a nervous wreck.

Diane: Oh, fantastic. You’re all here. A good showing of family support is a strong optic, even for the most hardened judges.

Carly: Hey, Violet, I appreciate your competitive spirit because I’m pretty competitive myself, but we’re only enemies on the softball field. Like my Aunt Ruby used to say, everyone’s welcome at Kelly’s.

Violet: What if you try to sabotage us?

Elizabeth: Oh, I think Carly’s sabotage days are behind her.

Violet: Okay. But I’m keeping my eye on you.

Carly: I expect nothing less. But I don’t have to sabotage you because the Kelly’s team is definitely gonna beat the G.H. team. I just wish I could play myself, but someone has to run the diner.

Finn: Oh, well, that’s too bad for you guys. I mean, I’ve seen you pitch. You’re a good pitcher. Without you being there, that gives us a good chance to win.

Maxie: It’s beautiful. Thank you, guys.

James: Yeah. Grandpa, come and see my new room! It’s awesome!

Mac: First, let’s see how we can help your mom.

Maxie: Oh, Georgie and James definitely still have boxes stacked up, so…

Mac: Let’s go take care of that. Come on.

Georgie: My room isn’t even near James’!

James: I can play my games full blast!

Felicia: This is just beautiful.

Maxie: Thank you, Mom. We all really love it.

Felicia: And the furniture you picked out is just perfect. And I know you still have other things coming.

Maxie: Yes, lots of new things. For the backyard, the bedrooms, this room, and…

Felicia: Maxie, what’s wrong?

Maxie: [ Sighs ] Mom, it’s just when I bought all of these new things, I thought Deception was on solid ground, and now we might lose everything.

Felicia: Lucy said the case against her is completely baseless.

Maxie: Yeah, I’m pretty sure she said that before she found out who was taking us to court.

Felicia: Who?

Maxie: Tracy Quartermaine.

Felicia: Ohh. She is unbelievable!

Maxie: Not only that, but she brought in this hotshot lawyer from Pine Valley.

Felicia: Pine Valley?

Maxie: Yeah. Some guy named Jackson Montgomery.

Felicia: Oh, no.

Maxie: “Oh, no”? You know him!

Mac: He could have had your mother thrown in jail.

Esme: Gourmet cheeses. Salami imported from Italy. Wow. Spencer, you really went all-out.

Spencer: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Everybody knows I like to spend money, right?

Esme: What did you do this afternoon?

Spencer: Uh, I was just hanging out at the pool.

Esme: Oh, well, I wish I would have known. I would have brought Ace, and we could have joined you. Your little brother sure does love to swim.

Spencer: He sure does. Yeah. I think he just likes to have his fins on and float around in the water.

Esme: Oh, I know! I know the pool is closed now, but we should get him into the swim lessons early next spring.

Spencer: Yeah! Yeah, we should definitely do that.

[ Knock on door ]

Spencer: Hi.

Trina: Hey. Did you get the food? I’m starving.

N’neka: Alright, people. Gather ’round, please. I need everyone’s help for a major event.

[ Applause ]

Curtis: Thank you. Thank you, N’neka, for the impromptu gathering. Uh, and thank you for letting my pop help you keep things running in my absence. I can’t tell you all how much I miss this place. The music, the customers, the DJs. But most importantly, my incredible staff. You all have a way of just making people feel like they’re at home… even for a nightclub.

N’neka: Okay, people. The doors open in just a few minutes. So let’s make this a happy hour to remember. Let’s go, let’s go!

Curtis: Oh, and, N’neka… thank you for stepping up as acting manager.

N’neka: Well, what can I say? I learned from the best. And I plan on learning a lot more from you now that you’re back.

TJ: Sounds like the whole staff missed you a lot, Uncle Curtis.

Kristina: Dad, how you holding up?

Nina: Yeah, a lot of people want to know that.

Sonny: I’m gonna be — I’m gonna be fine. Don’t worry about it.

Kristina: You were arrested by the FBI. Of course we’re worried.

Nina: Diane is good, but come on.

Sonny: Listen to me. I got this.

Diane: Okay. Let’s not further antagonize the U.S. Government. Would everyone take their seats, please?

Sonny: Can I have a word with Dante? Just… I just want you to know that I really appreciate you being here. It means a lot to me.

Dante: Of course, Dad.

Sonny: You can go ahead and — and leave now.

Dante: Well, I don’t — I don’t care about them seeing me here. I’ll tell you what I told Mac. Nowhere in my oath I took with the PCPD does it say that I can’t support my father. So I’m here, and, uh, I’m not going anywhere. Alright.

Esme: Hi! Trina. You must be here for dinner with Spencer. Uh, Ace and I were just leaving.

Spencer: Hey, Esme, uh, you don’t have to go anywhere. There’s more than enough food for all of us if you want to bring him in.

Esme: It’ll only take me a few minutes to pack up Ace and all his baby things. Um, pretend I’m not here.

Spencer: I’m just gonna run really quick and grab us some utensils and things like that from the kitchen. I’ll be right back.

Elizabeth: I’m gonna get some more napkins and ketchup.

Finn: Okay.

Violet: It’s too bad that Spencer doesn’t work here anymore. I’ve seen him play softball before. I knew what to expect from him, but Josslyn’s got volleyball, so that probably means she’s gonna be good at softball, too.

Finn: Right. But, you know, it’s just a game, sweetheart. Um, I want us to have fun. It’s not all about winning.

Violet: What about you, Jake? What do you know about the players from Kelly’s?

Jake: I don’t really know much more than you do, Violet.

Carly: Okay. Here you go.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Carly: Violet is adorable. I love how competitive she is!

Elizabeth: And she’s a perfectionist, like her dad.

Carly: Okay, well, don’t worry. There will be no sabotage. I do not want to get on Violet’s bad side.

Elizabeth: No, but you don’t have to worry about her. She’s a softie.

Carly: Aww.

Elizabeth: By the way, I heard about Sonny’s arrest. I’m really sorry. I’m actually kind of surprised you’re not at the arraignment.

Carly: [ Sighs ] I thought about it. But Sonny’s gonna have tons of people there. And it’s not my life anymore.

Curtis: I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. I’m Curtis Ashford, Savoy’s owner. We got about an hour left on happy hour, so feel free to talk to one of my bartenders about what’s on special.

Molly: Ah.

Jordan: Looking good, Curtis. This is a really great turnout.

Curtis: Well, thank you. And now can I officially welcome — there you are. Welcome the both of you to The Savoy Are you out for anything special tonight?

TJ: Yes, we are. Molly and I have a major announcement to make.

Maxie: Jackson Montgomery could have had you arrested?

Felicia: It’s a long story.

Maxie: I’m not going anywhere.

James: Mom, can we have a barbecue with Grandma and Grandpa?

Mac: That is a great idea. Why don’t the three of us go get what we need and maybe we’ll stop at Kelly’s on the way back for some dessert.

Georgie: Can I order the dessert, Mom?

Maxie: That would be up to your grandpa.

Mac: I don’t see why not. You know what everybody likes, don’t you?

James: You’re not ordering for me!

Georgie: You heard what the man said.

James: Grandpa!

Mac: Let’s go.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Maxie: Talk.

Felicia: A few weeks ago, Lucy and I went to Pine Valley.

Maxie: Right. Lucy broke into Jackson Montgomery’s office. I heard him say something about that.

Felicia: Well, actually, she kind of distracted him while I broke into his office.

Maxie: Oh, no. Okay. Well, clearly, you got caught.

Felicia: Red-handed.

Maxie: And he didn’t throw you in jail because…?

Felicia: Anna. They knew each other from before. Which is a good thing because the charges could have been very harsh because I broke into his safe.

Maxie: You broke into his safe?! A-and now he’s working for Tracy, and he’s gonna be out for blood.

Felicia: I hope this doesn’t have any effect on what happens in court.

Maxie: Mom, t-they might actually have evidence that can beat us.

Felicia: You don’t have to worry. Mac and I will help you.

Maxie: I know, Mom. I — I know. It’s just…. I was feeling very proud to be standing on my own two feet. You know? This house. Taking care of the kids. No. You know what? No matter what, I’m gonna make it happen.

Michael: Good luck, Willow. And please remember. You are just a spectator. Okay? Alright. I love you, too. Bye. Okay. Let’s make this quick.

Dex: Look, I know I screwed up throwing the flash drive away in a public trash can, okay? But the more I think about it, the more I think it would have been impossible for the FBI to get anything off of that flash drive. Your mom really did a number on it. It was pulverized. All I threw away were fragments.

Michael: Well, the FBI somehow got ahold of that evidence, and since there’s only one copy, I don’t know how, but they somehow pieced it back together.  Look. I got to go.

Kristina: Nina, how are you so calm?

Nina: Oh. It’s an act. I mean, look at my hands.

Bailiff: All rise! Federal court for the Northern District of New York is now in session. The honorable Judge Jarret presiding.

Judge Jarret: Be seated.

Spencer: We are set! Dig in.

Trina: I’m not hungry.

Spencer: [ Chuckling ] What? Trina, you came over here for dinner.

Trina: Yeah, I did. And I’ve lost my appetite.

Spencer: Why?

Trina: Three guesses.

Spencer: Why? Esme?

Trina: You’re getting closer. Keep going.

Spencer: What, you’re upset that I said that she could eat with us? Trina, that wasn’t a part of the original plan. It’s just I came in here with the food, and then she assumed that it was for her.

Trina: No. She assumed that it was for the two of you. There’s a difference.

Spencer: Yeah, you’re right. I just didn’t know how to tell her that she was wrong.

Trina: You know, those assumptions have been happening more and more. You and Esme have been spending so much time together taking care of Ace, it just…

Spencer: Trina, hey, hey. Trina, it’s me. You can talk to me.

Trina: It just feels like… you and Esme as roommates… as Ace’s caretakers… it feels like the boundaries of what you two are to each other… they’re blurring.

Spencer: Not for me, they aren’t.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Finn: Good?

Esme: Hi. Miss Spencer, could I please get a high chair?

Carly: Um, sure. Okay.

Elizabeth: Oh, my goodness! You’re getting so big!

Esme: Uh, yeah, his pediatrician says he’s in the 98th percentile for his age.

Elizabeth: Oh, wow. I’m really glad to see you both doing so well.

Esme: Thank you.

Elizabeth: Have a good night.

Finn: Okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Finn: Alright. Let’s get to that field, get a good stretch in.

Violet: And no dessert until after the game!

Elizabeth: [ Laughs ]

Finn: Ah.

Jake: Yeah. You guys go ahead. I’ll, uh, catch up later.

Elizabeth: Wait. What? Since when?

Curtis: Alright. We got a table. Got our drinks. What’s the news, man? Spill it.

TJ: I think you should tell them.

Molly: You both know we decided to use a surrogate to have a baby. If the procedure was successful, we should know in a few days if our surrogate is pregnant with our baby.

Jordan: Ohh!

[ TJ chuckles ]

Curtis: Congratulations. T-that’s amazing. I can’t think of two better people to become parents than you two. Ain’t that right, Grandma? [ Laughter ]

TJ: Here’s to Grandma Jordan and Great-Uncle Curtis!

Curtis: Yeah!

Jordan: But more importantly, to the hopefully soon-to-be expecting parents.

TJ: Cheers.

Molly: Cheers.

Georgie: What’s taking James so long?

Mac: Oh, Carly’s probably fixing him up a special dessert or something. So you like the new house?

Georgie: Love it.

Mac: Yeah, I think James does, too. And your mom.

Georgie: Yeah. I think so, too. But…

Mac: What?

Georgie: Is Mom okay?

Mac: Well, yeah. Why would you ask that?

Georgie: She works so hard, and she was excited when we got the house, but now…

Mac: Well, now what?

Georgie: She’s acting, like, all happy about everything, but I think she’s worried.

Mac: What? Well, did she say something?

Georgie: No.

Mac: Well, then why would you ask that?

Georgie: I can just tell. She’s my mom. I love the new house. But if it makes her worry…

Mac: Hey, listen, Georgie. If your mom is worried about anything, we will take care of it, okay?

Georgie: Okay. Thanks, Grandpa.

Mac: Okay.

Maxie: So you and Lucy told Jackson Montgomery that you were sisters.

Felicia: Desperate times?

Maxie: Oh, Mom. You know I love your spirit of adventure.

Felicia: You inherited it.

Maxie: Uh, I don’t know about that. But what I do know is you could have been thrown in jail or in prison. And the kids and I, we need you. We always need you.

Felicia: I know. And so does Mac. But, you know, I can’t swear that anything is gonna be any different because when a friend needs you…

Maxie: I know. Trust me. I know. I just want you to promise me that you’ll exhaust all your other options before you resort to doing something illegal.

Felicia: Yeah, well, that’s why I’m taking this new path.

Judge Jarret: Mr. Michael Corinthos, Jr. You are being charged with seven violations of Federal Law section 18, section 922, the unauthorized transportation of classified weapons. I understand that the evidence in this case is classified and being submitted under seal?

Attorney: Uh, at this time, we moved to withdraw the charges without prejudice.

Sonny: Ava, we already set the trap. We just have to spring it. And then we’re gonna get the answers we need.

Judge Jarret: You want to withdraw the charges now?! What — what are we even doing in court today?

Attorney: When we brought the federal charges against the defendant, we thought we had overwhelming amounts of evidence. Turns out we didn’t.

Judge Jarret: Well, since the U.S. Attorneys are not ready to proceed, I have no other options. Mr. Corinthos, the charges against you have been dropped. You are free to go. But as a reminder, Mr. Corinthos, the charges against you have been dismissed without prejudice, so they may be refiled at any time.

Sonny: I understand, your honor.

Judge Jarret: The next time I see any of you in my court, I want the case to be fully prepared! Court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise!

Nina: Ohh! [ Laughs ] Okay.

Kristina: Wait, wait, wait. Someone explain to me what exactly is going on here.

Diane: What’s going on is that, inexplicably, it’s all over. Congratulations, Sonny. As the judge said, you’re free to go.

[ Laughter ]

Georgie: Took you long enough.

James: Carly had it made special. And I saw Matty from Little League.

Mac: Oh! Well, he’s a good player. Hey, and so is that new catcher.

James: Dylan?

Mac: Yeah. I saw you and Dylan talking at the game the other day. What did he say to you?

James: He asked me why my dad wasn’t at the game.

Mac: Oh. What’d you tell him?

James: I told him that my dad died and he was a hero.

Mac: Yes, he was.

James: I don’t think Dylan believed me. That’s why I pointed at you.

Mac: Well, why did you point at me?

James: I told him you were my grandpa and that you’re a hero, too. And all the other guys told him it was true.

Mac: You think I’m a hero?

James: Yep. You are, Grandpa.

Maxie: So, being a patient advocate is about as far from cracking a safe as you can get.

Felicia: I wasn’t a professional criminal.

Maxie: Tell that to Jackson Montgomery. But seriously, Mom, I think this patient-advocate thing is really cool.

Felicia: I love being a grandmother, and I love the life that I have with Mac. But I still have time for something else, and I want to do something meaningful.

Maxie: Well, I think you’re making the right choice.

Felicia: When I was at G.H. and I saw Stella Henry working with this young woman, it was very clear to me that what she was doing was making a big difference. And I couldn’t help thinking about when you were sick and in the hospital and waiting for your heart transplant and how grateful I was that we actually had family on staff to get us through that. But even so, there were times where I felt overwhelmed by a system that I just didn’t understand.

Maxie: I’m sure there are a lot of people that feel that way.

Felicia: But if I just had someone to guide me through it — not tell me what to do, but to show me the way. That’s what Stella was doing for that young woman. And it was then that I knew that’s what I want to do now.

Elizabeth: Jake, why can’t you just come with us right now?

Jake: I have stuff to do. Okay?

Elizabeth: Can you be more specific than “stuff”?

Jake: No, but I promise you I’ll be at the game. Plus, I can pay for my own rideshare. I’ve been saving all my lawn-mowing money. Alright?

Violet: You still didn’t explain what “stuff” means.

Finn: Well, I think maybe what Jake is trying to say is maybe he doesn’t want to talk about it, and maybe we shouldn’t push him, alright? So why don’t we head on over to the field, alright? And, Jake, we’ll — we’ll see you at the game, alright, buddy?

Carly: Here you go.

Esme: Wow. I still can’t believe that Ace can sit up all on his own. I mean, it seems like he does something new every day.

Carly: Yeah, he’s pretty cute. And I remember when my first-born was that age. Every day was a new experience.

Esme: Well, that’s how I feel about life with Ace. I mean, sometimes it’s really overwhelming, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. And even though Baby’s dad isn’t in the picture, his big brother, Spencer, has really stepped up and helped out a lot with Ace. In a lot of ways, I’m a very fortunate first-time single mom.

Spencer: Okay. I know that the old Esme is somewhere inside her still. And one day, she might come back. But I will do anything to protect my little brother. And, honestly… living with Esme hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. When my grandmother told me that she and Kevin were gonna be going overseas to look for my father, I thought that cohabitating with her was going to be an impossibility, but somehow we’ve managed it. And none of that is to say that — look. I don’t want to be with her for any other reason other than that we’re just co-parenting Ace. That’s it. Any romantic feelings that I have for her are gone. And those feelings weren’t even real feelings. It was puppy love. The only one who I want to be with, the only person who I feel for, is you. And I can prove it.

Jordan: It’s really good to see you back here at The Savoy.. in your element. The staff, the customers. Everyone is so excited to have you back where you belong.

Curtis: Yeah. Well, a few things have changed.

Jordan: I know that. And I’m not trying to minimize what happened to you. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s costing you to be here. In that chair. But you’re doing it. And, honestly, you’re making it look easy.

Curtis: Oh, it’s been anything but easy.

Jordan: Well, I just want you to know that I will always think of you like family. And not just because we’ll both be connected by Molly and TJ’s baby. I mean that, Curtis. I’m here for you.

TJ: We’re back for round two.

Molly: I guess that’s one bright spot of using a surrogate. I can still enjoy a cocktail — if and when Andrea tells us she’s pregnant.

TJ: Mm!

Curtis: Well, again, I hope you get your exciting news very soon, because I know I’m excited about being a great-uncle. About as excited as Jordan is about being a grandma.

Jordan: Uh — no, no, no, no, no. That just means I have nine months to come up with optional nicknames.

TJ: Mm.

Curtis: Fair enough. I have to get back to work. You know, circulate. It’s good for business. Congratulations.

Kristina: Dad, I just — I always knew deep down that this was just a huge mistake.

Sonny: Thank you, sweetheart.

Dante: H-how? I don’t understand. How did they not have the evidence to back up these charges?

Attorney: I don’t understand. What happened to the evidence?

Moss: We got played. We got false information from a source which has always been reliable in the past.

Attorney: Until now?

Moss: Right. It’s obvious that Corinthos pulled a fast one so that no weapons would be found.

Nina: Sonny, the million ways I saw this playing out, I prayed for this one. Thank god it’s over! Thank god.

Sonny: Diane, job well done, as usual.

Diane: [ Laughs ] Oh, please. As much as I would love to take credit for this dismissal, I can’t. Appears the U.S. Attorneys thought they had something that they didn’t. It also appears that this comes as no surprise to you. Not one bit.

Felicia: [ Laughs ]

James: I have to put my dessert in the refrigerator or else it’s gonna melt!

[ Laughs ] Did you buy out the store?

Mac: Well, James wanted hot dogs. I know you like chicken. I got a couple of steaks and a meatless thing for Georgie.

Georgie: And he’s gonna barbecue corn on the cob.

Maxie: That sounds perfect.

James: I found it!

Maxie: Oh. Okay. That’s for Grandpa to use.

Mac: [ Chuckles ] Thank you.

Georgie: Grandpa was gonna buy coals, too, but I told him I saw them in the storage bin. Also, that thing used to start the fire.

James: I’ll light the fire!

Mac: Ah.

Maxie: No, you won’t.

Mac: No! No, you won’t! Not until you’re older. That’s for Grandpa.

James: Alright.

Mac: Let’s get started.

James: This house is the best ever!

Felicia: Yeah, it is, sweetheart, isn’t it? [ Laughs ]

Mac: Come on!

Felicia: They’re happy.

Trina: What’s this?

Spencer: It’s for you. Open it.

Trina: Oh. They’re beautiful. But what do they mean?

Spencer: They’re turtle doves.

Trina: Oh. Oh! From the Christmas carol. A partridge in a pear tree.

Spencer: Right. And where was I last Christmas?

Trina: In Pentonville.

Spencer: Yeah, my Uncle Cyrus gave those to me so that I’d have something to give to you.

Trina: But you didn’t give them to me.

Spencer: No, because I didn’t know that you wanted them at the time. So I left them, but then my Uncle Victor picked them up, and… he left them to me in his will. Um, you know what, though? I just realized — why would you want something that I got from my Uncle Cyrus and my Uncle Victor? I mean, how non-romantic is that? So you know what? I’ll just take these back.

Trina: Uh, no, no, no, no. No, you don’t.

Carly: Michael? How can there be news so soon? Was Sonny’s case postponed?

Michael: No. Just the opposite. All the charges were dropped.

Carly: Dropped? How is that possible? I thought the U.S. Attorney had tons of evidence against Sonny.

Michael: All I know is that they said they didn’t have as much evidence as they thought they did. The judge was not happy, but in the end, yeah, the charges were dropped and Sonny’s a free man.

Carly: I mean, that’s great. Totally unexpected… but great.

Esme: You did not like your high chair, did you, buddy? Yeah, Spencer and Trina can have their date. We don’t care, do we? As long as we have each other. Right, Ace?

Jake: Charlotte.

Charlotte: Hi.

Jake: I got us a table.

Charlotte: That’s great. Thanks, Jake.

Kristina: Here I took the whole day off to be with you here. [ Chuckles ] I’m really glad I did.

Sonny: Thank you both for being here. It means everything to me.

Dante: Where else would we be? I’ll walk out with you. Come on.

Kristina: Alright. Love you, Dad.

Sonny: Love you, too.

Diane: Congratulations again, my friend.

Sonny: Thank you, Diane.

Diane: As a reminder, these charges were dismissed without prejudice, which means that if they ever do find that evidence against you, they can be refiled at any time.

Sonny: Yeah, I understand.

Diane: Good. Bye.

Sonny: Bye-bye.

Nina: Ready to go home?

Sonny: Yeah. Can you give me a minute with… Dex?

N’neka: Curtis? Why are you back here and not out in the main room in the thick of things?

Curtis: Just taking stock. Figuring where I fit in. Or even if I fit in at all.

Trina: You just gave me this gift. You can’t just take it back.

Spencer: Trina Robinson, those doves have passed through the hands of not just one, but two of my criminal great-uncles. I mean, I must have been out of my mind to think that this would be an acceptable gift for you.

Trina: Okay, so why did you give it to me?

Spencer: Well, because every time I look at those figurines, I think about how much I missed you last Christmas and how much I wanted you to know that I was thinking about you.

Trina: And that’s why I want to keep half the gift.

Spencer: Half the gift?

Trina: Yeah. Okay?

Spencer: Okay.

Trina:  So… there’s two doves.

Spencer: Okay.

Trina: I want you to take one.

Spencer: Alright.

Trina: And I’ll take the other one.

Spencer: Okay. But why?

Trina: Isn’t it obvious?

Spencer: Yeah, but maybe I just want to hear you say the words.

Trina: It’s a reminder… that just like these two doves, we are a matched pair. And just like these two doves, we belong together.

Jake: Did I tell you I started a new painting?

Charlotte: No, you didn’t. What’s the subject matter?

Jake: Well, I wanted to paint something that you’d like. And I know how much you like riding horses, so I’m painting a horse.

Charlotte: That’s so cool. I can’t wait to see it.

Esme: Um, excuse me.

Carly: Yeah.

Esme: I’m ready for the check, please.

Carly: Oh, okay.

Esme: Thank you. Um, but b-before you go, do you still rent the rooms upstairs?

Carly: Um, yes, I do.

Esme: There happen to be any vacancies?

Dex: I don’t understand what happened with your case. I thought the U.S. Attorney had a ton of evidence against you.

Sonny: Why weren’t you on the docks when the Feds showed up?

Dex: Carly called me. She got a warning from a longshoreman that he overheard that there was gonna be a raid on our shipment that night.

Sonny: Right.

Dex: I didn’t have a chance to warn the other guys, but I managed to slip out before the raid started.

Sonny: They’re gonna drop the charges on Gabe and the rest of the guys who got caught.

Dex: How is that even possible? Weren’t they caught with multiple Pikeman crates?

Sonny: You know what was in the crates?

Dex: I assumed it was more unauthorized weapons like the last shipment. I don’t see how the guys could get out of that. Then, again, I don’t see how you got out of those charges.

Sonny: The crates were from Pikeman. When they opened the crates up, the Feds, you know what they found? Incredible coffee beans. You did good. Take the rest of the night off.

Nina: Everything taken care of?

Sonny: Yeah, everything’s taken care of. It’s all done. Let’s go.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Chase: Something doesn’t add up.

Elizabeth (to Finn): Imagine it because it’s gonna happen sooner or later.

Sasha (to Cody): I have nobody left.

Cody: You have me.

Gladys (to Nurse Janice): How could you let this happen?

Michael (to Sonny): There’s something I need to tell you.

Dante (to Kristina):  I’m not the one you have to convince, remember?

Sonny (to Nina): That was a chance I was willing to take.

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GH Transcript Friday, September 8, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


gladys, do you have information for me? Then why are you calling? I’m at the metro court. I have to be here until sonny’s hearing. Listen, I want you to listen to this. If sasha is not home first thing tomorrow morning, I’m going to ferncliff to find out why. Goodbye. There has to be something you can do, though. You’re saying you can’t tell mewho owns this vacant house? Oh, all right. Yeah. Thank you. Hey, anna. Hi. Hi. Um, sonny’s hearing is today. I know. And you have so many connections. I-I was just wondering, do you have any information on what’s going to happen to sonny? I can’t believe sonny came through for me like this. Well, sonny is many things, but he’s always a man of his word. Are we here?

[ Breathes deeply ] We’re getting closer. Are you ready?

[ Sighs ] You know, it’s been a while.

[ Chuckles ] I kind of feel like I’m trying to reclaim ancient treasure. It’s a treasure hunt? Yeah, in a way, yeah. I love treasure hunts.

[ Chuckles ] Well, hopefully, you’ll like what we find. Are you ready to go make some music? Yes! Let’s go!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Water lapping ] Hey. Are you okay? I screwed up, and sonny could spend the rest of his life in prison because of me. I’m so sorry, nina. This has got to be so concerning for you. I don’t have any information about sonny. Well, there has to be something that you can do. Can’t you help diane with this case? I can’T. I mean, it’s a criminal matter. It’s not a personal one. There’s nothing I can do. Well, it feels personal. Someone set sonny up. Yeah. It does. That is a possibility. Maybe it’s the — the person who shot at him at the metro court. We don’t know that that bullet was meant for sonny. Well, it was probably meant for one of you, right? But it hit curtis. Now the poor man’s in a wheelchair.

[ Sighs ] I shouldn’t be too long. I just got to stop at G.H. And pick up an old file, and then I thought I would pick up some wings from charlie’s pub. Sounds good. Good. I’ll be back soon.

[ Footsteps departing ]

[ Door opens ] Hey, son. I have to head over to the savoy to check on these numbers. I-I hope I didn’t screw something up. I’m sure you didn’t, pop. I know it can get confusing. It isn’t hard if you’re confused to begin with.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Breathes sharply ] Portia, I’m heading out for a while! Um, she took off. She went to G.H., Pop. Oh. Well [Chuckles] This isn’t so important it can’t wait.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Look, dad… you guys got to stop doing this. What the hell is going on in here?! And you — what are you doing here? Montague.

[ Breathing deeply ] You’re sasha’s psychiatrist? Of course you are ’cause you’re gladys’s pal. That’s the connection! You met gladys at the savoy in the back room at selina wu’s poker game. That’s where all this started, huh?! You son of a bitch.

[ Breathes deeply ] This producer sonny hired is one of the best. I’m lucky to be working with him. I’m really glad you think so. When sonny first mentioned this, I thought he was just, you know, telling me what I wanted to hear to keep me around town. No, no, no, no. Sonny doesn’t do that. You are here because sonny knows how good you are.

[ Breathes deeply ] All right, well, then let’s get inside so I can thank him again. Oh, uh, eddie, s-sonny’s not here today. Where is he? Well, his record label is paying for this recording session. After everything he’s done, I figured he’d be here. Well, I-I-I’m sure he really wanted to, but — but he’S… he’s got some other obligations today. Yeah, of course. Well, maybe he’ll make an appearance later.

[ Exhales deeply ] I sure hope so. Hey, this is not your fault, okay? If sonny goes to prison, it’s for what sonny did. Do you know how many times he’s almost gone over the years? I was the last one to have the flash drive. It was destroyed, dex. Are you sure? You know what labs are capable of putting back together. It was so stupid to throw it away in a trash can. You could not have known somebody might have found that. I’ve been working for sonny for a long time now. Okay, the feds know that, the other families know that — any of them could have been following me. You don’t even know if anybody has it. I go over it again and again in my head. How could I be so careless when it came to sonny’s freedom?

[ Scoffs ] Because of me! Ava [Breathes sharply] You know that sonny feels guilty about what happened to curtis, and I would imagine that anna does, as well. Y-yeah. I only meant that curtis — no, I know what you meant. It’s — it’s all right. I-I got a very pointed message that curtis wasn’t seeing any visitors. How is he? Trina told me he’s home, and he’s trying to adjust to his new life. She’s taking it very hard, as well. Yeah, I tried to reach out to him. It’s — it’s just not easy. I mean, curtis has always been so active. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Okay, um, if you’ll excuse me… okay. Oh, I did not mean to upset her at all. I — no. Well, no, it’s — I mean, we all know that you’re upset about trina. Right. And how about you? I know that — that sonny’s hearing is this afternoon.

[ Sighs ] How are you holding up? Son, what did I do? Pop, I’ve been back for days. You think because you’re whispering and giving each other looks and signals that I haven’t noticed that I haven’t been alone in this house? We just thought that you might like to have someone here with you. I know what you thought. You keep telling me over and over that I could get my life back to some kind of normal. You want me to go work back at the savoy. I do. Well, if any of you thought that I could get my life back to some kind of normal, you wouldn’t be afraid to leave me alone in my own damn house. I’ve been doing fine since I’ve been here, pop, okay? What I don’t want is someone watching me every minute. You know what, son? You’re absolutely right. Sometimes we care so much, we only think about what it is we can do for the person we love instead of thinking about what it is that they need and want.

[ Sighs ] I’ll see you later.

[ Exhales deeply ] Uh, dad. Thank you.

[ Chuckles softly ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Perhaps no one went over the rules of ferncliff when you were admitted, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Patients aren’t allowed in each other’s rooms, and sasha in particular is very fragile. And you, sir, seem quite agitated. I don’t buy this “caring shrink” act that you’re doing, not for one second. And agitated?

[ Chuckling ] Oh, no, no, no. Try mad as hell ’cause I can see exactly what’s going on here. You know gladys threw selina wu’s card game in the back room of the savoy. You knew that gladys was in debt to selina wu. So wha– did — did gladys ask you for help when — when sasha tried to end her guardianship so that she could keep control of all of her money? Is that what you’ve been doing, doc? You’ve been keeping sasha drugged so that she looks unstable? How much is gladys paying you, huh? How much is gladys paying you to keep sasha drugged?!

[ Sighs ] Can’t sleep? Just a lot on my mind. I can’t sleep either. It only gets tougher with age. Mom, what? Well, knowing progressive can protect your home, auto, and business should help you relax. Good, because I could use a good night’s sleep! Me too. D’yknow how early the chimney sweep gets up every day? Wait, is this all a dream? Why would jamie be in my dream? I am america’s biggest spokesperson! -Debatable. -I said biggest! Well, he’s got you there. Just between us, you know what’s better than mopping?Anything! Ugh. Well, I switched to swiffer wetjet, and it’s awesome. It’s an all-in-one, that absorbs dirt and grime deep inside. And it helps prevent streaks and haze. Wetjet is so worth it. Love it, or yo ur money back. (Owner) purina one… we switched and wow! From day 1, its proven natural nutrition supports charlie’s strong immune system… and ginger’s healthy heart. (Vo) healthy differences today and for a lifetime. Purina one. A difference from day one.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Hi, curtis. Wow. This is so cool.

[ Chuckling ] We’re gonna make a song, eddie! Well, this is the place to do it. I’m the producer, johnny. What’s your name? Leo. Great, leo. And you must be ned quartermaine. I’m eddie maine. Oh, I’m sorry. I could have swore the name we have — oh. Y-yeah. There — there must’ve been a mix up in the booking. Um, eddie’s going to be recording today. Okay. There’s so many buttons. Does every one have a different purpose? They do everything… except dance.

[ Chuckles ] But we’re working on that. That’d be cool. This is our engineer. Kira, this is leo, and this is eddie maine. -Kira. -He’s recording today. What’s that green button do? That’s how we talk to the booth. Hey, leo, uh, I’m sure kira would love to tell you about all these buttons after we finish the recording session, okay? So you just sit right here, be quiet, and put your listening ears on, all right? Okay. Okay. And, uh, you’re singing backup? Oh, no, no, no. I — no. We haven’t sung together since I — well, I only — I sing at the nurses’ ball. I’m his…friend. It’s not uncommon for patients at ferncliff to see conspiracies, when in reality, none actually exist. I’m going to confer with your doctor, and I’m going to suggest a stronger dose of medication for you. Because that’s what you’ve been doing to sasha? Okay. No, no, no. You’re not going anywhere, pal. Sasha, don’t worry. This gentleman, and I use that term loosely, is obviously just confused. Is cody right, dr. Montague? Do you know gladys? Well, sonny, he doesn’t tell me anything, but I wish I knew what was going to happen. I mean, what kind of evidence could they have? Mm. Well, they must have something, right? I don’t think the feds would drag somebody into court if they didn’t have evidence.

[ Sighs ] But, nina, sonny has — has beaten more raps than I can count.

[ Chuckles ] What have you told avery? Nothing. I’m — I’m not going to tell her anything if I don’t have to. Yeah, that’s smart. That’s smart. How’s she doing? She’s good. She’s okay. She’s happy. She’s excited that you’re marrying her daddy.

[ Both chuckle ]Really? That’s sweet. Yeah, it is.

[ Chuckles ] You know, nina… as your friend… I need you to face the reality here that even if sonny does get out of this, it’s not the end. Sonny isn’t going to change. This is the life that he has chosen. There will always be something else. No. No way you have any responsibility for what happened. I am the one who wanted to use the flash drive to put sonny away. But — but you didn’T. Because it was destroyed. We had an argument about it, remember? I would have used it, and you wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It was still careless. There’s no way you were actually going to use it. I don’t understand. Why? To help my mom. And to help you. Hey, anna. I know you didn’t want to see anyone, um, but that was a while back, and I thought maybe now you’re home…

[ Breathes deeply ] Could I come in? Of course. Thank you. Can I get you something? No, thank you. Anna, the house has been fitted for me, so I can get you a coffee or — or a tea or a snack. No, I’m good. I-I-I just had lunch. I thought portia or trina would be here. Oh, you came to see portia or trina? No, I came to see you. I just thought — you thought I would have a babysitter. When it comes to your hair, ingredients matter. That’s w hy herbal essences is packed with naturally derived plant ingredients you love, and none of the stuff you don’T. Our sulfate-free collections smell incredible… and leave your hair touchably soft and smooth. Herbal essences trelegy for copd. Birds flyin’ high, you kn ow how I feel. Breeze driftin’ on by… …you know how I feel. You don’t have to take…

[Coughing] …Copd sitting down. It’s a new dawn,… …it’s a new day, it’s time to make a stand. And I’m feelin’ good. Start a new day with trelegy. No once-daily copd… …medicine has the power to treat copd… …in as many ways as trelegy. With three medicines in one inhaler,… …trelegy makes breathing easier for a full 24 hours, improves lung function, and helps prevent future flare-ups. Trelegy won’t replace a rescue inhaler… …for sudden breathing problems. Tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. Do not take trelegy more than prescribed. Trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. Call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating,… …vision changes, or eye pain occur. Take a stand, and start a new day with trelegy. Ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy… …and save at trelegy.Com. T to lay downa track first and then do vocals separately, or…? No, no, no. I’m kind of old school. If I’m not playing, I’m not singing.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Look, I just want to make this demo just so I can get a — a sense of the song, you know, maybe play around with the arrangement. Well, did you bring anything? Music, lyrics? No, no, no, no. It’s — it’s all up here and in my hands. Actually, I-I haven’t completed the lyrics yet, but they’re right there, a-and I know that they’re going to come to me any time now. Okay. I just, uh, have to figure out how the story ends. Eddie said his song is like a story, and this one is trapped in marble, like a statue. It just has to be set free. I like that. Well, we’re here to help any way we can. Any feeling about the vibe? The vibe, um… you know, just a — a rootsy acoustic feel, um… I’m just, you know, trying to get my feet wet today.

[ Chuckling ] I haven’t done this for a while. Oh, you’ve — you’ve recorded before? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I recorded a lot back in the day. Yeah, I even had my share of groupies.

[ Chuckles ] Isn’t that a fish?

[ Laughter ] Um, yes, and there are a lot of them in the sea.

[ Breathes deeply ] Sorry, leo. Uh, a groupie is someone who really likes your music. Oh. A fan. Yes, exactly. A fan. A fan. You know, I played this gig many years ago in houston at the cobra, and, uh, it was a packed house. I was stone cold sober. But for some reason, that night [Chuckles] When I walked out onstage, the whole crowd just sort of faded away, and, uh, I felt like it was just me all alone, and, uh, I was singing for just one person. And it was that way for the entire gig. It never happened again, but I always knew that that was, like, the best performance of my life. Johnny: Let’s make this happen. See if we can get you that feeling again. Come on, kira. Let’s set up the mics. I think the two preamp will be best. Yeah. Okay, leo. I’m going to be playing and singing in that room, so — leo: So there’s no bleed through. I know that. You know a lot, don’t you?

[ Chuckles ] Knock ’em dead, eddie. I’ll try. Now, how did you know that? I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It was too easy. Please have a seat. I-I-I don’t understand. Well, my father — he just left a while ago, and this is the first time I’ve been allowed to be alone in my own house. In fact, I think it’s the first time I’ve been alone anywhere since the shooting.

[ Sighs ] It’s kind of why I’m here, actually, um… you know, I wanted to come see you after the surgery, but — oh, yeah. No, no. I was pretty adamant with portia that I didn’t want to see anyone. In fact, I was pretty harsh with her and trina. I’m sure they understand, given everything you’ve been through. What you’re going through.

[ Exhales deeply ] You know the bullet wasn’t meant for you, right? I just came here to — to say something that I’ve wanted to say since it happened. I’M…. I’m really sorry. You wanted to help me? I love you so much, and as long as you’re working for sonny, I’m always going to worry that, one day or one night, I’ll lose you forever. Okay. We’ve been over this, joss. That doesn’t make it just go away. I don’t take any unnecessary chances. You could be in custody on your way to prison had my mom not called you and warned you. Is that why you got drunk after the concert? Because you were so worried about me? I hadn’t heard from you. I was stressed out, and I took the easy way out. And, yes, I regret that. You looked like you regretted it when you came home the next morning. Do you have any idea how happy I was to see you? I was happy to see you, too. Stop beating yourself up over something sonny did. I appreciate what you’re saying, but I can only focus on today. Mnh… no. [ Chuckles ] Not really. I think that you should force yourself to think about the future. I learned that the hard way. I have been with complicated men before. Complicated?

[ Breathes sharply ] Mm, okay, that’s one word for sonny. I assume you’re talking about valentin. Yes.

[ Chuckles ] Well, we both know you need more than one word to describe those two. And your point is? I just want you to think about what you’re doing before you do it, not after. I know what I’m doing, and what I’m going to do is marry sonny. And no one can stop me.

[ Chuckling ] Of course I know gladys. Sasha, you were there when I met her when I did your evaluation. This patient is clearly confused, and now he’s confusing you. Why don’t you come with me? No, no, no. Hey. Sasha’s not going anywhere with you. All right, that’s enough. You’ve given me no choice but to get security.

[ Both grunting ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Check, one, two. Check, one, two, check. Hey, how — how do you feel about the, uh, the levels there, eddie? I could use a little more guitar in the headphones. Okay, give me your loudest chords, and we’ll check them again.

[ Chords play ] Honey, I know this takes a while, but it shouldn’t be too much longer now. It’s important to take time if you want something to be good. Did eddie teach you that? Cody.

[ Chuckles ] I hope the song turns out exactly as eddie wants it to. Yeah. Exactly as eddie wants it to. You’re sorry? Yeah. This — this wouldn’t have happened — anna, this is not your fault. Yeah, but someone was trying to kill me.

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m not going to lie. I hate that this happened. Of course. And I may hate it for the rest of my life, and when I found out that I couldn’t move my legs and that the bullet wasn’t meant for me, I hated you, and I hated sonny. But it didn’t last. Why do you think? Because I thought about what I used to do. Oh… I used to chase the most lethal people around, knowing they wanted to kill me, but what did I do? Do you think I went somewhere and hid? No. I lived my life. So then I realizedthat what happened to me could have easily happened to someone because of me. So maybe it’s karma. Or…maybe it just is what it is. That’s incredibly gracious, curtis. I just call it like I see it.

[ Breathes sharply ] Anna. I was wondering whose car that was. Even though I got the job with sonny to spy on him for michael, sonny’s been really good to me.

[ Buoy bell ringing, water lapping ] In a lot of ways like a father. Mm. A father who hung you from a meat hook. I know he had his suspicions about me, but he had no idea what that guy did to me. So…you’re okay just forgetting everything sonny did? It’s hard to explain, joss. I mean, since I’ve gotten to know sonny better… if sonny goes to prison, it’s going to leave a hole in my life. Believe me, nina, I want sonny to beat these charges almost as much as you do. Well, kind of seems like you don’T. What? Of course I do. I mean, for your sake, for avery’s sake. I just…

[ Breathes deeply ] I just think that, at times like these, when things are crazy and — and up in the air, that that’s when we can tend to make bad decisions, and I just want to be sure that you — you weigh everything. I have. Well, as I recall, last time you walked down the aisle, you ended up turning around and running in the opposite direction, right? Because of valentin’s lies. Well, yeah, but sonny doesn’t lie to me. Oh, of course not. And you don’t lie to him. Excuse me.

[ Muffled screaming ]

[ Muffled screaming continues ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Muffled screaming ]

[ Grunts ] Where are you taking the patient, dr. Montague? Uh, my patient needs some stimulation from nature, so I’m taking her for a walk and some fresh air. Who was that leaving with a patient?

The siren waits for me

I think I hear her calling

she whispers so silently

the siren I can’t see

[ Exhales deeply ] Sorry, man. Um… uh, can we just punch in? Punch in there? Yeah, no problem. Just, uh, take it where you’d like, and we’ll cut it together.

The siren waits for me

I think I hear her calling

she whispers so silently

the siren I can’t see

[ Suspenseful music plays ] Eddie, “she’s like a shadow…” remember?

[ Gasps ] Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. “She’s like a shadow following me.” Thanks. Thanks, leo. Why don’t we just, uh, take it from the top? Yeah.

[ Guitar strumming ] That was dr. Montague. He said the patient needed air. No, dr. Montague would never do that. He’s not authorized to let patients out of the hospital. He’s not on staff. We have to call security. This job means that much to you? It’s not the job. What sonny does — look, I know a lot of the things that sonny does — that we do — are illegal. But sonny has principles. I mean, he has more values and integrity than most men who operate legally even come close to, and deep down, I think you know that. I’ve never had anyone in my life like him. I just feel like he’s taught me so much about what it means to be a man. Well, I guess you’re going to the hearing, then. Yeah. I hope you understand. I do. Thank you for explaining what he means to you. And never forget what you mean to me.

[ Mouths word ] Why are you doing this? You’ve always been so supportive of me and sonny. I am. No, I want to support you. As long as you’re going forward with your eyes wide open. That’s all I care about. I am. I promise. Good. And as far as lying to sonny about turning in carly and drew to the sec, besides martin, you’re the only one who knows now. Mm. To the grave. So, hey, you know, after you and sonny get married, maybe the two of you want to think about… moving into wyndemere.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I love you, and you know I love living with you, but that’s not really my idea of wedding bliss.

[ Laughs ] Living with me? No. Maybe sonny wants to buy wyndemere and all of spoon island. Hey, babe. Anna — anna came by to see how I was doing. I came by to apologize. Well, I told her — where is your father? Oh, he went to, uh, the savoy. He had to take care of some things. And he left. Yes, he left. I’m fine. Of course you’re fine.

[ Chuckles ] I — I should probably go, actually. You know, if I knew you were going to be here, I would have definitely got dinner for three. But let me walk you out. Okay.

[ Keys jingling ] Really good to see you. Okay. I’ll be right back.

[ Door opens ] What made you think that it was a good idea for you to come here?

We have an emergency, and we need to enforce a lockdown on the entire building right away. One of our patients, cody bell, is wearing dr. Montague’s clothes, and he’s trying to escape with another patient, sasha gilmore!

[ Alarm bells ringing ]

[ Clicks ] We’re going to get you out of here, sasha. You just have to trust me, okay?

[ Seat belt clicks ] Thank you, sam. You’re the best.

[ Engine revs ] You’re selling wyndemere? Why? Not yet for publication, so don’t go blabbing, okay? No, I won’T. But why?

[ Sighs ] Well, avery likes it, but it’s just the two of us out there, you know? We’re isolated. You’re selling because of nikolas. Uh, I have to admit, I do have a few bad memories. But mainly, it just feels like the right thing to do now. Yeah.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] I have to go. Okay. Nina, I hope I didn’t upset you. Please tell me I didn’t upset you.

[ Chuckling ] No, you didn’t upset me at all. In fact, you made me even more certain that what I’m doing is right. Good. Good. And good luck to sonny. Yeah. And good luck to me.

[ Exhales sharply ] I know curtis didn’t want to see anyone, but I-I-I don’t think I upset him. Well, you upset me. If it wasn’t for you and sonny, curtis wouldn’t be in that chair right now. Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry about that. You’re sorry about that. I don’t think you realize how close curtis was to dying, and now he’s paralyzed, and he could be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but you’re sorry about that. Yeah, I guess it makes everything all better. No, I-I didn’t mean that it would make anything better. No. You and sonny live dangerous lives. I get it. You make deadly enemies, but then you roam around and mingle with everybody else and put other people in danger. And in this case, you put my husband in a wheelchair. We will find out who did this. We will.

[ Scoffs ] And what good is that going to do curtis? Please. Please don’t come back here.

[ Crying ] Okay. I won’T. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ] Charlie’s had strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert. Portia. I can’t blame anna for this. I can. Ned:

I got lost in a storm

on a boat with no oar

on a sea where I never had been

found my way to the shore

not the same as before

now I’m here in the in-between

ohhh-oh, mm-hmm



when the clouds broke

alive, I awoke

to a misty world like a dream

but I’m fighting the smoke

I could swear that she spoke

who’s that spirit guiding me?

The siren waits for me

I think I hear her calling

she whispers so silently

the siren I can’t see

she’s like a shadow following me

or a distant memory

ohhh-oh, mm-hmm


ohhh-oh, mm-mmm

ah-ah-ahh woman: Ah-ah


ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah

ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah

ah-ah, ah-ah-ah

ah-oh-oh-oh, oooh




ah-ah, ah-ah-ah – hey, hey, hey – ah-ah-ah




anna: We will find out who did this. We will.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, September 7, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Gregory finally decides to tell Chase about his ALS diagnosis, but when he gets to Chase’s apartment, he finds Brook Lynn. Chase and Brook Lynn order dinner to be delivered and they invite Gregory to stay and have dinner with them.

Nina is worried because Alexis told her she and Sonny’s family could be in danger while he is under arrest. Carly agrees to let Nina know what Brick tells her about the business. Carly tells Nina that Brick told her everything is stable with the business right now.

Dante is upset with Sam because she didn’t tell him she helped Cody get into Fern Cliff. Dante tells Sam he supports her decision, but he doesn’t want her to keep things from him anymore. Felicia tells Mac to trust Cody and not go to Fern Cliff to help him because he could make things worse.

Dr. Montague tells Gladys that Sasha needs 24 hours to detox before he can release her from Fern Cliff. Gladys leaves to go tell Nina that Sasha will be home tomorrow. When Gladys leaves, Dr. Montague calls someone on the phone and asks the person to get him a drug that will make a person forget that they know someone. Cody persuades Sasha to leave Fern Cliff with him, but when they are about to leave Sasha’s room, Dr Montague comes into Sasha’s room and sees Cody with Sasha.

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GH Transcript Thursday, September 7, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


And oh. Hey, mac. Hi. Is it just you? Yeah. Uh, I mean, no. Felicia’s joining me. Are you sure?

[ Chuckles ] I’m sorry. Don’t mind me. Congratulations, by the way, on taking over kelly’S. Oh, thanks. Felicia told me that bobbie sold it to you for a dollar. Yeah, my mom’s great idea, and I couldn’t be more grateful. You know, it gives me something to concentrate on. Yeah, things must be chaotic after sonny’s arrest. Yeah, we were pretty shocked. I mean, they dragged sonny out of the metro court in handcuffs in front of michael and willow and wiley. Well, that must’ve been upsetting for wiley to watch the fbi arrest his grandfather. -Yeah. You’d think — -mac, I’m so sorry. Hello, carly. -Hi, felicia. You know what? I’ll grab you a menu. Oh, no, don’t bother. I’ll share mac’S. Okay. [ Chuckles ] Felicia. I know. I’m late. I dropped all this stuff that I downloaded for my online course as I was leaving the house, and now it’s all out of order. Felicia. There are two online units I have to complete to get my certification before I can do my practical training for the patient advocacy program.

[ Sighs ] Are you mad at me because I’m late or because I’m going to be volunteering? No, no, none of that. I think it’s great, and I think it’s great for you. Well, then, what’s got you all upset? Cody. He’s been locked up.

[ Sighs ] I can’t believe summer’s already over. I know. Time flies. I don’t even know how I’m going to fit all that stuff in that dorm room again this year. Ladies, hello. Sorry I’m late. I know. I’m late. I’m late. Gosh, spencer cassadine late again? What is the world coming to? Yeah, I get it. It’s kind of a pattern with me lately, but ace was really upset, so… oh, is everything okay with him? Yeah, everything’s fine now, but he was, like, really, really fussy before, and we were trying everything to get him to calm down, and nothing was working, so we put him in, like, this lavender bath. I don’t know. It was esme’s idea. It worked. It worked. Something about the smell just calmed him right down. Hmm. Hmm. Well, thank god esme was there. So have you heard anything about uncle sonny? Or what about dex? I’m sure he was arrested, too, right? Spencer. What? What did I say? Just the usual — something stupid. And by the way, no, dex was not arrested, I don’t want to talk about sonny, and I especially don’t want to talk about esme.

[ Knock on door ] I finished my piece on the weekend section. Blue pen, red pen, uploaded to the main server, and I’m going to head out now, unless you need me. No, I’m good. Thanks. Okay. Uh, if anything changes, just text me. I can always come right back. It appears that you don’t really want to leave.

[ Chuckles ] You don’t have plans tonight? Actually, i do have plans. Something I’ve put off way too long. Bucket list? No, just the opposite. Something I’ve been dreading. I’m going to tell chase about my illness. Good. With finn? No, I — I need to do this by myself. It’ll be fine. Good luck. Thank you. Chances are, I’m going to need it. This will crush him. Brook lynn. Hey. Hey, I’m behind the curve. I just finished a workout. And I would kiss you, but I’m a little sweaty. Oh, you’re not getting off that easy. I don’t mind. Then, come in.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. [ Grunts ] Is the rest of your stuff in the car? I’ll grab a shirt, and I can grab it. Oh, no need. This is all I brought. Wait, I thought you were moving in, not just spending the night. I am. This is all I need. It’s about time. What are we doing here? It’s too dangerous to be meeting out in the open like this. Hey, didn’t you get my message? Yeah, I did, but I didn’t have a chance to call you back. What did you want to talk to me about? Uh, I was talking to my mom, and she mentioned that cody had taken off a few days, and I was surprised to hear that. And then she said she heard that information from you, which I was even more surprised to hear. I did tell your mom that. Ah. So you want to tell me where cody is? Well

[Clears throat] Cody was going to be away for a few days, and he didn’t want your mom to worry or fire him… right. …So he wanted me to let her know to make alternate plans… hm. …So I did. Okay. But you’re not answering my question. So where’s — where’s cody now? Now? Yeah. Ferncliff. Sasha. Sasha. Sasha, hey. Can you hear me? Sasha. Sasha, hey, it’s cody. I’m here. Sasha, I’m going to need you to wake up. Sasha, hey, you got to wake up. Damn. What did they give you? Sasha gilmore. She was supposed to be released today. Okay, okay, then let me talk to her doctor. No, I’m not a reporter. God. Hey, carly. Ugh, what do you want, nina?

[ Clears throat ] I want to talk to you about sonny. I’m concerned. Okay. About what? Well, he’s in custody. He’s facing prison time. I want to do whatever I can to help. And alexis said the whole family could be in danger, including the children. We all could be targeted for revenge. It’s definitely a possibility. Well, wait. What — what are you going to do about it? What am i going to do about it? What are you going to do about it?

Never seen you pack so light before. Well, there’s a first time for everything. I was very efficient. Brook lynn, when I asked you to move in, I wanted you, the woman I love. That’s exactly who you got. Except it kind of seems like you’re trying to reinvent or restrict yourself to please me. Chase, let’s be clear, okay? I appreciate that you accept me exactly who I am, but guess what. I am adaptable, and I can use this as a chance to see myself in a whole new light. To become a zen master of order. Yeah, fat chance of that happening. Seriously, chase, part of being in a relationship, especially when you’re living together, is accommodating one another. I don’t have to move in here with every single one of my things. I’m still going to spend time at the mansion. I want to go see leo and olivia and check in on willow and my dad, whoever he is at the moment. Whoa, no. Okay, hold on. I’m worried about uncle sonny, too, but I will shut up, and I won’t bring up esme anymore. Okay? Good. Okay, great. I guess we’ll… I’ll go for a swim.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. Sometimes spencer can be a jerk, but he’s my jerk. Why doesn’t it bother you more that he’s spending all of this time with esme? Who said it doesn’t? As I said, do not underestimate chase’s ability to handle your diagnosis. And you can’t shield your children from life. I know. You’re right. I guess I’ve just gotten caught up in the protecting-chase mode since he was a little boy. Finn never needed it. He was like an ancient tree — tough, sturdy. Never cried, always inscrutable, kept everything inside. Hamilton finn, a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

[ Chuckles ] Chase, on the other hand, pure id. You always knew exactly what he was feeling just by looking at him. Always full of wonder and laughing and singing his heart right there on his sleeve. Well, great. Then you’ll know exactly how he feels. And then you’ll look out for him, he’ll look out for you — piece of cake. As usual, you cut right to the heart of the matter. I don’t know. I’ve just always been amazed at how my two sons could be so completely different. Right? I mean, two unique people raised under the same circumstances. My children, kristina and molly, couldn’t be more different.

[ Knock on door ] Hello, you two. Talking about me?

[ Sighs ] Cody’s in ferncliff? Yes. Oh, my god. I mean, what the hell is wrong with him? I told you he was going to do this, right? That he was acting all crazy so that he could set the stage to get put it in ferncliff to be close to sasha, but you obviously knew this because you’re the one who gave the message to my mother, right? Yes. I — [ Clears throat ] I knew about it, and I, um… I helped him get committed. You’re the new mrs. Corinthos. At least, you’re going to be. I don’t understand how any of this is my responsibility. Without jason here to step in for sonny, there could be a power vacuum here in port charles. I know. I still don’t understand what this has to do with me. You stepped in before. You held everything together. You kept the peace in port charles last time that sonny was gone. Oh, you mean when we all thought sonny was dead, but you knew he was alive, and you didn’t tell his family? That time? You to ld me how erratic cody wasat the pcpd the other day. Did he violate gladys’ restraining order? No, nothing like that. Cody wasn’t arrested. He was committed. Committed? Does this have something to do with how he was at the stables? I had a feeling something was going on, so I checked up on him. Cody’s been admitted to ferncliff. That’s where sasha is. You worry too much, gladys. It’ll give you crow’s feet. There is no problem with us being seen together. I’m sasha’s doctor, and you’re her concerned mother-in-law. What the hell does that mean? I am concerned. And I share that concern. Like hell you do. Why don’t you just drop the sweet-doctor act? All you care about is bleeding me dry to line your pockets. Sasha’s well-being is my sole focus. Okay, so when do I get her out? I wired the money to the offshore account, like you said. And I got the notification earlier. Okay, so let’s go pick sasha up, and I’ll bring her home. Not so fast. Cody: [ Sighs ] Oh, please wake up, sasha. Hey. Oh, thank god. Hey, sasha. Hey, it’s me — cody. You remember me? No. No. No, please. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Please don’t hurt me! Please! Hey, no. Hey, it’s me. It’s cody.

Do you think it doesn’t bother me that spencer and i barely ever get to see each other? Of course it does. I thought we’d be spending the whole summer together, but it’s already over, and now I have to go back to school, and the gallery’s already getting busy, and whenever I do see spencer, we spend half the time catching up. He’s talking to me about ace and, of course, esme, and then spencer and I have never even, like — you know, we just… you know what I mean. We barely ever get any alone time. That must be so hard. And I’m not complaining. Especially with everything my mom is going through with curtis, and I just want to be strong for her. Plus, my dad, taggert… …he’s still hurting. And I don’t want us to lose our connection ’cause I love him so much. I know, I know. But you have so much on your plate right now. Yeah. And I try to remind myself that it’s not going to be like this forever. And even though sometimes spencer messes up, he’s mine, not esme’S… mm-hmm. …So I can’t let her get under my skin like that. Well, that was beautiful.

[ Chuckles ] Are you taking philosophy this semester?

[ Laughs ] Always good to see you, kristina. And you. We’ll talk later. Yes. And good luck. He’s a great writer. So smart of you to add him to the editorial board. He adds a lot to the table. Yeah. So are you free for a bite? My treat. Yes, I’m starving. Great. Alright, what’s on the agenda? My dad. How much trouble do you think he’s in? Carly. Carly, wait. I’M… I’m new to this. And we have to figure out what’s best for the family. You have experience. I’m asking you to help me. Please. Brick’s been in touch. Everything’s under control. And everything is stable in the business right now. And the pact with the families is strong, especially since sonny got rid of joey novak, so I don’t think anyone’s going to make a move just because sonny’s been detained. You still seem pretty informed with sonny’s dealings. You should be grateful for that. It’s not glamorous carrying around this kind of burden, and it’s not a competition. We do have to work together to keep the family safe. Okay. I get it. I hope so. Brick will be in touch, and he’ll go over everything with you but you have to stay calm. For sonny’s sake. It sends a bad message when his inner circle is running around upset. Okay? Okay. I’m more concerned with who gave credible information to the feds. That means someone broke rank and they turned state’s evidence against sonny. Wow. Mac, do you really think cody lost it?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what to think. You know, cody’s situation reminds me exactly of what I went through years ago. Dominique. It’s just so eerie. Cody is convinced that sasha is in danger and he has to rescue her from ferncliff. Yeah, just like what you went through when leopold taub had dominique stashed away at shadybrook. Yeah, and he’s willing to do anything to get himself past the restraining order and into sasha’s orbit. Gladys: What? Are you trying to double-cross me? Of course not, gladys. We’re friends.

[ Chuckles ] But we both need to be smart about this. Sasha needs to be weaned off the medications that you asked me to administer — I never asked you to drug sasha, and I want her out now. If sasha recovers too quickly, people will ask questions, and sasha herself may become suspicious and ask for a toxicology report. And that’s not going to look good for either of us. It’ll take at least 24 hours for it to clear her system. So you’re saying she can’t be released for 24 hours? No, I’m saying the weekend at the earliest. Absolutely not. Come on, now, gladys. We both know you’re not holding a royal flush here. It’s time to fold your hand and start playing by my rules. There’s too much at stake if we don’t move forward with caution. Sam, why would you help cody violate a restraining order? I mean, you helped him break into a secure mental hospital… I had to. …And disturb a woman who’s in recovery? No, dante. It was to help her. Cody thinks that sasha is in serious danger, and I believe him. And the only way around gladys and the restraining order was to get him committed as a patient in ferncliff. Gladys is a pain, for sure, but she’s not the one who stabbed cody. Sasha is. What happens if you get him in ferncliff and then she goes off on him again? Hey, hey, hey, sasha, sasha, I promise, I promise. I’m not here to hurt you. It’s the opposite. I’m here to help you. No. No, no, no. That — that — that doesn’t make sense. Nothing makes sense. Cyrus — cyrus was coming after me, and I had to defend myself. But then — then — then everyone… everyone said that it was you, that I stabbed you, and I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what’s real! Hey, hey, hey. You don’t have to think about that right now, okay? Are you real? Are you really here? I’m very real, sasha. I — I promise. Here. Here. See for yourself, okay? Just take my hand. I promise I won’t grab you. So will you please take my hand?

[ Exhales sharply ] Dad, what a pleasant surprise. Come in. I’m glad to find you home, son. Since you got back on the force, I never know your schedule. Yeah, it’s been a little hectic, but, hey, anytime you want to hang out, just shoot me a text. I appreciate how you always make time for your old man, son. “Old man”? Please, you could outrun all of us. Look, I know finn teases you about being a bookworm, but I remember those camping trips. No, I can’t wait for you to teach one of my kids the cross hitch. Chase, the reason I stopped by — babe, what do you think of these new sheets that I brought for — oh, gregory, hi. I didn’t realize you were here.

[ Sighs ] I’m not going to lie to you. Your father is in trouble. The fbi would not have detained him if they didn’t have compelling evidence against him. Mom, they swarmed in there like he was el chapo. I can’t do anything this time. Diane is on it. She’ll do everything she can. In the meantime, we’re just going to hope and pray that it’s not as bad as I think it might be. Molly. Molly. I was just going. Oh, no. Get back here. Get back here. I know I said I wouldn’t micromanage this, but I am really tired of it. Now, you got into a fight. Get over it. Because you are sisters. Mom, this isn’t the time. This is the perfect time, because life is too short for you two to be at each other’s throats. Now kiss and make up. You both have way too many other things going on. If I were you, I’d be more concerned about what happens when sonny is released and he finds out who went to the feds because it’s not going to be pretty. What do you mean? Sonny values loyalty more than anything else, and if someone out there crossed him, he’s going to find out who it is, and he’s going to make them pay. Just stay under the radar, and take care of yourself. Hopefully, sonny will be out soon. Cody already tried to break in to see sasha once. And that just got him a restraining order, which if he violates… I’m just worried cody’s bitten off more than he can chew. He must think he has no other choice. Whatever the reason, what he’s doing is extreme. If anything bad happened to him, I’d never forgive myself. Mac, what are you thinking? I’m going to go and see him. Oh, no. You’re not. This wasn’t the deal, montague. I kept my end of the bargain. You have your money. And I appreciate it. We’re both betting on the same suit here, gladys. Stay steady. Sasha will go through her diva detox by the weekend, the tabloids will have their stories, you can retain your cash cow, and everything will be hunky-dory. Cody’s convinced that sasha didn’t mean to stab him. Right, yeah, she had a breakdown. No, she’s being drugged.

[ Sighs ] He’s looking for an explanation. I mean, this guy’s trying to find some kind of tangible thing that he can latch on to that he can save her from. So he’d rather imagine that gladys is pumping sasha so full of drugs instead of face the truth that she had a serious mental breakdown because then he can’t save her from that. Dante, I would’ve said the same thing a few weeks ago, that — that he would be doing more harm than good. That’s my point. But then cody asked me to stop for a second and just consider if he was right, how I would feel if I was in sasha’s position. And I did that. I thought about it. I thought, “what if it were me or one of my sisters stuck in ferncliff?” I would pray that — that — that there was someone out there that would come in and get me, and admit it, dante. You would be that person. Cody was willing to fight for sasha. I had to help him. Sasha, hey, hey. It’s not your fault, okay? You can’t think clearly because someone’s been drugging you. No. No, that’s what they say. They say that I’m using again, but I’m not. I wouldn’T. Not after what I went through with brando. I got clean, okay? I thought that everything was okay, but then it wasn’T. The nurses keep asking me where I got the drugs, but I didn’t want them. The doctor, he — he made me. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Don’t worry about the doctor, okay? He’s not here right now. I am, and I’m on your side. Please trust me. Will y ou please take my handso I can prove it?

Well, hello, hello. Who is this? Good lookin’.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, you like to carry people in the pool, huh? I like to carry you in the pool, yeah. And ace. I saw you two swimming together. Yes, he’s a very good swimmer. I think he might go to the olympics one day. Because he couldn’t just do it for fun. No, if he’s going to do it, he’s going to be a champion. Of course.

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Why is your phone off? I haven’t heard from you in a minute. Um, anyway, just calling to say I love you and I miss you. I’ll see you soon? Hello there, sir. It’s good to see you.

[ Chuckling ] Same here.

[ Chuckles ] Sheets, huh? Yeah. Brook lynn is moving in. Well, partially. Well, fully. Just with less parts. Just with everything I need. Congratulations. That’s wonderful news. Let me buy you dinner to celebrate — for the two of you, I mean. Oh. No way. You pay, you stay. Alright, if you’re sure. You know what sounds yummy? Gino’S. Yes. Yes. Please sit. So, uh, what made you decide to take the next step? Well, chase was being chivalrous. Was not. I’m having a little conflict with my grandmother. Why am I not surprised?

[ Chuckles ] I actually agree with you, mom, but, unfortunately, molly’s made it perfectly clear how she feels about me and that she wants no further contact. -Kristina, don’t — -oh, that’s a lie. What? It is not. You know full well what this is really about. You’re just choosing to play the victim. Molly, that is not true, and I think I know a little bit more about being a victim. Strangely, this feels so much worse because you are intentionally cutting me out of your life. For what, molly? Because I take up too much attention, too much space, too much air? All of the above. Mom, I’m — I’m sorry. I-I can’t do this. I’ll call you later.

[ Scoffs ] She’s ridiculous. Can you believe that? I can’t believe any of this. Felicia, there’s no harm in me going to ferncliff. Mac, please leave it alone. You are the acting police commissioner. So? Cody made a public spectacle when he accused gladys of exploiting sasha. You said yourself that you almost arrested him for harassment. Cody has no proof of anything. Sasha stabbed him. Cody swears there was something else going on. Maxie was there. She was on record as a witness saying that sasha suddenly went crazy. You can’t get involved, mac. You can’t go there. Listen to me, doctor.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Nina. Gladys, what is going on? I am waiting for word on sasha. When can we go get her? Soon. I called ferncliff. They won’t give me any information. Everything’s on track.

On track?

What does that mean? I’m going to have to call you back. No, you are not calling me back. I want information, and I want it now. I’m at kelly’S. I will wait for you here. I’ll be right over. That’s your benefactor. You better hope she doesn’t blow a fuse about your timetable. That’s your job, gladys, to make sure she doesn’T. We’ll be in touch.

[ Cellphone rings ] You have excellent timing. I was just about to call you. I need something so good it’ll make you forget you ever met someone. As soon as possible.

Sam, I think I know you well enough to be able to say that, when you make a decision and you think it’s for the right thing, there is no stopping you. This is the right thing. Yeah, but you lied, and then you pretended that cody was sick to get him into the mental hospital. But it was our only option. “Our only option”? Who? You and cody? I mean, what am I?

[ Chuckles ] I mean, I’m — I’m — you… you’re the woman I love, the woman I share my life with. Yeah, I am. I mean, you just — you’re keeping things from me. And I know you’re going to tell me that it’s because you want to protect me. Dante, your father is in fbi custody. That’s what you should be focusing on. I didn’t want to add on to that. I know, but I never gave you a reason to keep me on the outside. Okay. Okay, maybe not. But would you really want me compromising your integrity as a cop? Cody believes a woman’s sanity is at stake, and you’re worried about my standing as police commissioner? Mac — I don’t care about the optics if cody is right. Mac, that’s not — if only someone was there to help me years ago with dominique. Mac, you misunderstand. I don’t care about any of it. I just don’t want you to ruin it for cody. Listen, I need to talk to sasha gilmore’s doctor right now. What is his name? If you won’t even tell me the doctor’s name, I promise you I will be there tomorrow with the police. You will do no such thing.

[ Scoffs ] Hello? Hello? See? I’m real. I’d probably be more convincing if I was wearing my own clothes, but, you know, they made me put on these — I don’t even know what they’re called. What are they? Like, pajamas?

[ Chuckles ] We can’t stay here, though. We have to go. Will you come with me?

Hey, joss, I’m sorry for what I said about dex. I’m just worried about sonny, and I know we both love him. Thank you. Okay, joss, I’ll talk to you later. Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ] You know, I would give my right arm to have my sister back. And the two of you are busy arguing over semantics. Whose — whose position is superior? Who’s more aggrieved? It breaks my heart. I am not going to micromanage this. You’re both adults. But I am begging you, think about what’s at stake. I think I know a little bit more about being a victim. Strangely, this feels so much worse.

[ Sniffles, crying ] I don’t have a law degree, and I obviously wasn’t going to ask my mother, but I’m guessing that getting someone checked into a mental facility so they can see another patient is probably frowned upon, if not highly illegal. Sam. No, dante, stop. There was no way you could be involved. I was not going to put you in a position where you either had to try and stop us or look the other way. Sam… I trust your judgment. A hell of a lot more than I trust cody’S. But for the record, I just, uh… I don’t want to be kept in the dark. Noted. And if you think this is the right thing to do, then I’m backing you 100%. Thank you. Yeah. If cody is right and sasha is in danger at ferncliff, we can’t interfere with his plan. What if cody’s in over his head? I-I know that he’s hotheaded, but he is smart, and he’s capable. Look how far he’s managed to get already. I think we need to trust that he knows what he’s doing. You’re, like, impressed with this little adventure, aren’t you? It’s like one of your old capers. Mac, what is the worst thing that could happen to cody if he gets exposed at ferncliff? What the hell, gladys?!

[ Sighs ] Nina, there is no need to threaten some overworked nurse at ferncliff with the police. Well, then you — you stop. You need to tell me what is going on right now. Now, I know the money was transferred. So what is the holdup on sasha being released? There’s — there’s no holdup.

[ Chuckles ] The doctor promised she’ll be out tomorrow. Well, why tomorrow? Why can’t it be tonight? You’re driving me crazy. Listen, I want her home, and I want her home now.

[ Indistinct conversation ] We need to go? Go — go where? Away. We have to leave ferncliff. I mean, I’ve been here for less than 36 hours, and that is more than enough. You — you’ve… you’ve been here way too long, okay? You do want to leave, don’t you? Yes. Yes, more than anything, but they said that I couldn’T. We can’t just walk out. Yep, yep, yep. That’s no problem. I’m very creative. But you’re going to have to trust me. That okay? You trust me? Alright.

[ Door opens ] Let’s see what we have here.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, September 6, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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 that really was a good breakfast. Nice it stayed warm enough for a table in the garden. Yeah.

[ Lock beeps ] Oh, I don’t know. Is it just me or upgrading from a room to a suite just makes it all seem more permanent? No, it’s not permanent. But it’s definitely more comfortable. We can never call it home, though. Wait. Something’s off. Diane, I need to know what is going on with sonny. I am going out of my mind. When you get this message, please, please call me back. Nina. Hi. What’s the latest with my dad? Have you heard anything? No. No. I can’t get any information. I-I’ve heard nothing. I was just leaving a message for diane. She must know something by now. Do you think she can get him out? She has to. Dante: No, I don’t need an appointment to see my brother. He’s my brother. Dante, what’s going on? Did you do it? What are you talking about? Did you turn our father in to the feds? Hi, I’m sam mccall. I have a medical proxy for a patient. His name is cody bell. I, um — I just wanted to see how he was doing. And I also got a message that I need to fill out some extra paperwork. Yes. The doctor requested some behavioral information on mr. Bell. Anything you can provide as far as his recent demeanor would be very helpful. Could you tell me how he’s doing? No, no, no. Not right. Not right. I shouldn’t be here. Shouldn’t be here. Cody, do you know why you’re here? Why? Why am I here? Yes, I know why I’m here. Because I was honest to that damn shrink at general hospital. Should have just gave him the — the standard answers to all those questions. Oh! Oh! The — what do the inkblots look like? They look like butterflies, doc! Treatment will do no good if you’re hiding your true feelings. If you want to get better, you have to be honest with your doctors and yourself.

[ Laughs ] Is this what “better” looks like, doc, huh? I can’t stand to be in my own skin. My brain — all the thoughts are just pushing against it until I can’t help it anymore! It hurts so bad! I just want it to stop! You can do this. You have to do this.

[ Door opens ] Good morning, sasha. Hi, dr. Montague. The, um, nurse said you wanted to see me. Yes. I wanted to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. You have been so helpful with my recovery, and I am feeling so much stronger. The treatment has worked, and I’m ready to go home.

[ Elevator bell dings ] All done. Great. Thank you. Mom?

[ Chuckles ] Mm! Mm! I’m not complaining, but what was that for? Because I love you. And because I know this is a special day — that the surrogate is having her procedure. Thanks, mom. Yeah. It’s the big day. But you didn’t have to come all the way down here just to wish me luck. Of course I did. I also came to deliver a message from kristina — don’t even say it. I-I can’t talk about kristina. Not today.

[ Stammers ] I don’t have the head space for anything negative. I know we need to get through our differences, but just let me get through today first. I wasn’t going to talk about the friction between the two of you. That’s between the two of you. I was simply going to tell you that kristina asked me to tell you that she’s thinking about you. Well — and we talked last night, and she said that she didn’t want to reach out to you because of the given situation, but that she really hopes everything goes well today. Well, thank god it was just a message from you. If she showed up here, I would have lost it. I mean, I’m already a nervous wreck, and she would have just put me over the edge. Well, probably because she’s also over the edge over her father. I know. I-I am, too. I love uncle sonny. He’s always been great to me. But on a professional level, I have mixed feelings. I get it. No, it’s a total conflict of interest. I’m the ada, so I can’t turn a blind eye to uncle sonny’s illegal activities. Let’s just say it’s complicated. Oh, I know that. So y ou haven’t heardfrom diane at all since dad was arrested? No. W-what is she doing? I mean, doesn’t she know this is making us crazy? Well, kristina, I’m sure she’s busy, trying to get your father released, but I wish she would at least give us an update. I thought she would have him out on bail by now. Well, your father was arrested for a federal crime, so I don’t even know if he qualifies for bail. But I do know this — that after 72 hours, they either have to charge sonny or they have to release him. I’m going to try diane again. I have been texting her all morning, and she can’t keep dodging me like this. My dad is her most important client. Do you know how much money he’s given her over the years? He would be — he would be furious if he found out that she were ignoring us like this. And I’m not just going to sit around and — and wait by the phone for her to call us. I mean, there’s got to be something else that we can…

[Breathes sharply] …That we can do, right? Dante, calm down. I was at the metro court when the fbi showed up. I was just as surprised as everybody else. You’re surprised that they arrested sonny or surprised that they chose to do it there? What — you think I set him up? Why the hell would I do that, especially in front of my son?

[ Stammers ] Speaking of your son, what would happen if wiley betrayed you the way you just betrayed sonny? I did not betray sonny. Oh, come on, michael. You’ve been so angry at him for so long. You’ve been dying for a chance to crush him. I had nothing to do with him being arrested! You know, the whole thing — I don’t understand your problem you have with him either, because you both handle revenge in the most ruthless of ways. I mean, when you took custody of avery, you literally snatched her from his arms. I did that to protect my sister. She was — she was a baby, and she wasn’t safe with sonny. Besides, that was years ago. Right. He was vulnerable then, the way he is now. And you’re doing the same thing again. Look, I was there! I was there when you swore that you would do anything to take him down. Yes, I did say that, but it doesn’t mean I acted on it. Look, people say things in the heat of the moment. Not you. Not you. You don’t say things in the heat of the moment. You’re too calculated for that. I’m telling you, I had nothing to — oh, just stop! Just stop! Just admit that you did it! I’m sorry, sasha. That’s just not possible. You’re not ready to be released. I am. I feel good. You need more treatment. If I let you go home now, you’ll just suffer a relapse. And we wouldn’t want that to happen, now, would we? I have a lot of money. I can pay you anything you want. Just please let me go.

[ Chuckles ] This isn’t about money. Sasha. Remember I told you I stay with my patients till the very end? Well, this is not the end for you. Not until I say so. No. No, no, no. Please don’t do this to me. Please — it’s okay, sasha. No, please. Please. I don’t — I want to go home! You’re just feeling a bit paranoid, and this will help. Please, I just want to go home! No!

[ Breathing sharply ] You don’t know what it’s like, doc! It’s like a-a speeding train just charging through my skull, just flashing by, just all these images going — it’s like I-I know what the world should look like, but I — b-but I can’t change it. And — and I’m so tired. I’m just so tired, but I can’t sleep. Because every time I close my eyes, I’m thinking about, “how — how am I supposed to win? How do I win? What — what kind of card should I play?” And then I look down at my hands and I’m like, “oh, there it is. It’s a royal flush.” You ever gotten a royal flush, doc? It’s the best hand in poker. It’s almost impossible to lose. And then I start thinking about all the jackpot. What am I going to do with all that money? And then… I’m in the penthouse, doc! I’m standing there, and I can feel the breeze, the breeze coming in from the balcony. So I step out, and I’m out on the balcony. It’s such a long way down. Oh, it’d be so easy to just let go. I’m not scared. In fact, it’s the only time I feel like I’m actually in control…

[ Breathing deeply ] …Just knowing I could end it all.

[ Breathing deeply ] What? What is it? Something’s out of place. What’s out of place? Everything looks fine to me. No. No. Remember when I brought these in? From the P.O. Box? Sure. Yeah. And I was flipping through the mail, and I left them right here. Oh, sorry. Did you — did you move them? No. Anna, obviously, the housekeepers have been here while we were at breakfast. They must have moved them. Oh, maybe. Is something missing? I don’t know. No, it’s nothing. Darling, are you all right? Yeah. Um. I don’t know, I’ve just been… ever since sonny got arrested, I’ve just been feeling kind of anxious. I’m worried about him. Because… I can’t help but wonder… wonder what? Do you think pikeman had something to do with sonny’s arrest? I want you to be honest with me. Do you think I’m moving too fast with the surrogate? Honey, that’s not a question that I can answer for you. Only you and tj can know what feels right. I-I’ve been listening to this podcast about women who struggle with infertility, and they were saying that being told you can never have a child is like a death in a way, and you need to take time to mourn the baby you never had. I never thought of anything like that. Yeah, but it makes sense. Maybe I should have taken time to mourn this loss before jumping into surrogacy. Are you having second thoughts? Not exactly. I just — I-I wanted your perspective. Honey, you have always had a very logical mind. You like things just so, in order, by the book. But there’s no book for this. And if there were, it would make things much easier. But really, this is a feeling thing. And you and tj have to know what feels right for you. I’m just — I’m not sure what that is. I know you wanted to carry this baby by yourself, and that didn’t work out, and I’m sorry. But you and tj have found a different way to have a family. And the important thing here — the only important thing — is that you’re going to be a mother. Not in the traditional way, but to hell with tradition, right?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I got to go to the metro court. I love you.

[ Chuckles ] I love you more. Thanks, mom. You betcha.

Kristina, I kn– I knowthat you’re frustrated, and I’m frustrated, too, but maybe diane just has her hands full right now, and she will update us as soon as she hears something. Okay. Just please tell me as soon as you hear anything. Promise? Promise. Thank you, nina. I know you care about my dad as much as I do, and you really do feel like family now. I know that it’s crazy that it took my dad’s arrest to make me realize that, but [Breathes deeply] I don’t know, people come together in crisis. Yeah. I knew when I committed to your father that it wasn’t just him — that his children were part of the package. And I — I love you. And you’ve been supportive right from the beginning, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Now, if we could only get michael on team nina. Oh, yeah, michael is, uh — he’s a tough one. Holds on to a grudge like it’s nobody’s business, but… hang in there. Even if you can’t get through to him, I know that willow can. Your daughter has the magic touch. Well, I would like to think so, but if willow’s illness didn’t teach him anything, I doubt that your father getting arrested will do that. Yeah. Uh, a-all right. I’m going to go, so keep in touch. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Was I angry with sonny? Yes. Was I disappointed with him? Yes. But I never went to the feds, and I had nothing to do with him being arrested! And if you don’t believe that I wouldn’t hurt our father, believe me when I tell you I would never hurt our siblings. They — they would be devastated if sonny were sent to jail. No kidding. And not only would they miss him, they’d also be in danger, because you know how many enemies sonny has. And if sonny’s behind bars, one of them could retaliate and come — come after his family. Look, dante… when I made peace with dad, I meant it. I’m still not over what he did to mom… but we’re moving forward. This whole situation with willow helped me realize that life is fragile… and it’s not worth holding on to a grudge. And she told me that it takes more energy to hate than it does to love. Well, it’s a good thing you married a wise woman. Yeah. I’m sorry I accused you.

[ Scoffs ] It’s not like I didn’t give you reason to. I’m just glad you stopped by so we…could clear the air.

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Hope I’m not interrupting. Hey, kristina. No, no, no. You’re not — not interrupting. How are you doing? You holding up okay? I mean, I’d be a lot better when the fbi lets dad go. Yeah, we all feel that way. Want him out of there, right? When’s that going to happen? I don’t know. It’s the feds, so they can hold him for 72 hours, I guess. I’ll see what I can find out. Okay. Thanks, dante. Yeah. I gotta go. So dante accused you of what happened, huh? You’re the one who turned in dad? Oh, come on. Not you, too. I already told dante I had nothing to do with this. Oh, I believe you. Okay. Thanks. Yeah. But… you’re glad it happened, aren’t you?

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] Well, we meet again. Hello, dr. Montague. Did not get your name last time we met. Sam mccall. Gosh, what a coincidence running into you here. Well, this is a mental health facility, so it’s not unusual to find a psychiatrist here at ferncliff. But what are you doing here? Molly: Why am I so nervous? I’m not the one getting the procedure. I mean, medically, this has nothing to do with me.

[ Sighs ] Hey, molly. This has everything to do with you — with us. Our surrogate is getting iui today and could become pregnant with our child. It’s — it’s totally normal to be on edge. Okay?

[ Breathes deeply ] Yeah, you’re right. There’s nothing to worry about. Hey, guys. Hey. I’m ready.

[ Breathes sharply ] Do I think pikeman was involved with sonny’s arrest? No. First of all, they are purely motivated by profit and I can’t see any financial gain to be made by arresting sonny corinthos. Yeah. Maybe he’s worth more to them behind bars. Second of all, they were desperate for an introduction to sonny. It just doesn’t make any sense for it to be a setup. Pikeman is such a huge contractor. We can’t possibly know all of their motives. Okay, let’s say that they were involved. Sonny has a long history of evading law enforcement, including when you were police commissioner. Yeah. I know. You don’t have to remind me of that. I’m just saying that he’s very good at escaping consequences for his actions, and I don’t think that this is going to be any different. Right. No, you’re right. Can I ask you a favor, though? You can always ask me a favor. You still have that contact over at pikeman? Yeah. Oh, good. Could you ask him or her if they know anything about sonny’s arrest? I could make a phone call. Good. See if I can do anything for you. This is valentin cassadine. Uh, I need your help with something. How are you feeling?

[ Breathes deeply ] I didn’t think I’d be so nervous. Oh, so it’s not just us.

[ Laughs ] No. I’ve been a wreck all morning. I’ve been trying to tell molly it’s a simple procedure, nothing to worry about. I know you have a lot riding on this. I’ve been following doctor’s orders and monitoring my cycle closely and taking those at-home ovulation tests, which is how I knew that my lh hormone was surging, which means I’m ovulating. God, it sounds like I’m talking about a science project instead of my own body.

[ Chuckles ] It’s just — it’s a lot to keep track of. A-are you sure you want to go through with this? Yes, definitely. I’m — I’m committed to this. I know I’m making the right choice for my family and for yours. Andrea gates? Yes. We’re ready for you. Okay. [ Breathes sharply ] Wish me luck. -Good luck. -Good luck.

[ Chuckles ] We got this. When it comes to your hair, ingredients matter. That’s w hy herbal essences is packed with naturally derived plant ingredients you love, and none of the stuff you don’T. Our sulfate-free collections smell incredible… and leave your hair touchably soft and smooth. Herbal essences rsv is in for a surprise.Meet arexvy. ( ) The first fda-approved rsv vaccine. Arexvy is used to prevent lower respiratory disease from rsv in people 60 years and older. Rsv can severely affect the lungs and lower airways. Arexvy is proven to be over 82% effective in preventing lower respiratory disease from rsv and over 94% effective in those with these health conditions. ( ) Arexvy does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients. Those with weakened immune systems may have a lower response to the vaccine. The most common side effects are injection site pain, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, and joint pain. Rsv can be serious. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about arexvy today. Rsv? Make it arexvy. Okay, then. Thank you. I’ll see you soon. What did he say? Well, he didn’t want to get into it over the phone, but he’s agreed to meet with me. Oh, really? That’s so good. I’ll let you know what I find out. Thank you. I appreciate this. You’re welcome. Yeah.

[ Door closes ] Good morning, nina. The phone has been ringing off the hook nonstop because people want to know when we’re going to open, so I was just wondering… it’s — it’s fine. You can open. Okay. Nina. Hey, alexis. Uh, I’m sorry that we’re a little late opening. I’ll get you a waitress. I’m not here to eat. I’m here to discuss sonny. Yeah, we don’t have any updates, and I’m desperate to talk to diane. I have not been able to get ahold of her either, but she will handle it. What I am more concerned about is our daughter and the rest of his family. What do you mean? If sonny ends up serving time, that is a real problem for the people that are close to him because that makes them fair game to his enemies, and your fiancé has a lot of them. Well, you don’t think that they’re just gonna — what I think is that if sonny is off the streets, he’s not looking out for his family. But, alexis, there are a ton of guards. They’re not just going to leave because sonny’s in prison. What makes you think that his security is going to be as loyal to his family as they are to sonny? There’s no guarantee that they’re going to lay down their lives for anyone but him. This is frightening. It is. And I’m here to make you aware that if he ends up in prison, you are vulnerable, and so are his children. Okay. Could you just make sure the chef knows that I signed off on all the changes to the menu? Okay. I got it. Okay. Thank you so much, trish. Thanks. Hey, ma. Hey. How are you doing? Ooh. Any news on your dad? Uh, no, no, of course not. It’s the feds. He’s still in custody. That’s all I know. And I haven’t heard anything from diane. Okay. But I’ll let you know when I do. But, uh, you seen cody around? No. And I don’t expect to. You don’t? Why not? He took the week off. I don’t know why I listened to her. I shouldn’t have listened to her. [ Chuckles ] Who, cody? My friend. Well, you know, she said she’s my friend, but [Laughs] I mean, she’s the one who talked me into staying here, so obviously, I can’t trust her anymore. But that’s how women are, isn’t it, doc? They say they want what’s best for you, but really, they just want to control you. Just like my mother! And the government. Big mother. Big brother. Big mother. Big brother. You know — want to know who’s really in charge of this ai crap, doc? It’s them. It’s just another way to get inside our brains. You’re probably working for them, huh, doc? Huh? Did they tell you to take an eye and look at me? Huh? Who are you talking about, cody? I told you, it’s the government, doc! But I’m never going to work for them.

[ Chuckling ] No. No, no, no, no, no. I’m not going to wear a suit, a tie. A tie? That’s just a dog collar. That’s another way to control you and choke you out — just to choke you out.

[ Grunting ]

[ Crying ] And I’m so tired, doc. I’m so tired.

[ Sobbing ] And I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be here! Let me go! Let me out! I actually have a — a friend here who’s going through a really tough time, and he agreed to be admitted. Mm. I’m his medical proxy, so they called me to fill out some additional paperwork on his behavioral history, and it seems endless — that’s for sure. Yeah. I don’t — I don’t mean to pry, but is this patient your boyfriend? Oh, no. No, no. We’re — we’re just friends. Mm. I can’t imagine if my partner was the one who had to be committed. It does have negative connotations. No, I don’t —

[ Sighs ] How do I say it? I-I’m not — I wouldn’t be embarrassed or anything. I just — I think it would be hard to deal with — be really difficult to go through. Well, unfortunately, most of the patients here are in crisis. But I’m dedicated to them, and I always make sure they get exactly what they need. Admit it — part of you is glad that dad got arrested. Right? You think he finally got what he deserved, don’t you?

[ Scoffs ] First dante, now you. What — is avery going to come in here and accuse me next? Just answer the question, michael. Did dad [Sighs] Deserve to be arrested? Probably. I don’t have all the facts, but something we both know is that dad is a criminal, right? He chose this life, so he has to deal with the consequences. I mean, come on, he’s broken the law dozens of times. So, yes, he does deserve to be prosecuted. But am I happy about it? No. That scene at the metro court was a nightmare. I know. It was awful. Seeing those agents slap cuffs on dad was…scary as hell. I thought you were going to tear those agents apart. And wiley, I mean —

[Sighs] I mean, poor wiley had no idea what was going on. He was — he was confused and frightened. Michael, can dad beat these charges? I wish I knew. Valentin: Right on time. Let’s get this over with.

I forgot to tell you — my mom stopped by earlier to wish us luck. Aww, that was nice of her. She brought up kristina. I hope that didn’t upset you. No, it — it wasn’t about what’s going on with us. Kristina is worried about uncle sonny. Yeah, his arrest has been… all over the news. Mom said it hit krissy pretty hard. I wanted to reach out to her and let her know that I’m thinking about her, but [Sighs] I just can’T. I’m still mad at her over the whole surrogate thing. And… I know that she was only trying to help us, I know that, but she doesn’t know when to back off. Exactly. I don’t have the energy for it. I-I know we’ll work things out eventually — we always do — but we have so much going on now with the surrogate. And… I need to focus on us and nothing else. We are going to get through this… …together. Together. Cody took the week off? Why? Uh, why don’t you ask your girlfriend? Why would I ask sam? Because she’s the one who told me cody took the week off. Really? Mm-hmm.

[ Breathes sharply ] Cool. Okay, um, I gotta go, ma. I’ll see you later. Okay. See you. This should help you sleep. You need to get some rest, cody. That should clear your head a bit, and then we can talk tomorrow. How does that sound?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Sleep. I can see the stars that way.

[ Grunts softly ] This is good.

[ Door closes ]

[ Door opens ] Hi, sasha. Sasha? Sasha. Are you okay? Sasha, it’s janice. I’m your nurse. Do you remember me? Oh, sasha. You seem to be getting worse. I’ll have to talk to dr. Montague. Valentin: You know what to do. Let me know when you hear back. This is important.

Yo, man, it’s dante. Where are you at? I’m trying to track you down. Call me back. Mac. Mac, hey, it’s dante. Have you seen or heard from cody at all? Yeah. I don’t know. I can’t — I don’t know where he is. Yeah. Yeah, maybe you’re right. Maybe he’s out doing horse stuff. All right. Thanks. I just saw dante. Please tell me he has an update on sonny. I wish I could. Unfortunately, the mob aren’t the only ones who swear by omerta. “Code of silence.” Fbi — pretty tight-lipped, too. Well, that doesn’t surprise me. They never give details, especially when someone is as high-profile as sonny. So what does that mean for him? Well, I can’t say for sure, but in my experience in dealing with feds, they wouldn’t make a move this drastic if they didn’t have some serious evidence against sonny. Look, the fbi said that they were… arresting dad for violations of the national security act. Those are significant charges, krissy, and I doubt they would file them unless they had credible evidence. Michael, those charges make no sense.

[ Stammers ] What could dad possibly have to do with that? You’re being naive — no, I’m not. I am not being naive, michael. I know dad has a lot of illegal business dealings, okay, but — but he’s not a threat to the country. He didn’t commit treason! They are — the fbi is treating him like — like he’s some insurgent trying to take down the government. They wouldn’t arrest him without cause. We just don’t have all the facts yet. You want a fact? I will give you a fact. These charges are insane. They arrested dad for something he had no part of.

[ Lock beeps ]

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Lock beeps ] Darling? You here? Anna: Hi. Hold on. Just give me one minute. Sorry. Oh. Hi. Oh, I didn’t hear you come in. Sorry. I just had a hot shower. How did it go? Did you meet the man from pikeman? We didn’t have a lot of time. Yeah? He was flying out of town, but we met at a café by the airport. Okay. What did he say? He gave me some information. Did you just say you had a hot shower?

yeah. [ Laughs ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Well? It’s all done. Oh, that was fast. It’s actually a very quick procedure. Well, what did the doctors say? Just that we have to wait and see. Said we’ll know in about two weeks. So I’m going to go home, put my feet up, and relax. Can we give you a ride home? Oh, no. I have my car. Thanks. Okay. I-I hope you know how much this means to us. I’m a mother, so, yes, I do.

[ Breathes deeply ] Take care. You, too. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but… I have a good feeling about this. You know what I always say — trust your feelings. …Feelings.

[ Both chuckle ] You both sound so matter-of-fact about this, but sonny could be in serious trouble. Aren’t you worried about him? Of course I’m worried. But — but growing up the way I did, nina, this lifestyle just comes with the territory in bensonhurst. So I should just accept it? No, no, no, no. That’s not what I’m saying. But the point is, if you’re going to be with sonny, you don’t have much of a choice. You both share children with him, even though you knew what you were getting into. This can’t be easy to deal with. This isn’t easy to deal with. It never has been. But what I won’t do is approve of it. I never have, and I never will. Having said that, sonny has a way of getting out of these things, and I hope to god he’s able to beat this rap, too. For the sake of my child and for the sake of all of his kids. Excuse me. This just isn’t right. There was a reason why dad never talked about the business in front of his kids. He didn’t want us involved, and there was no reason for us to have any information about his dealings. It was best for everyone if we were kept in the dark. Come on, michael. Now you’re the one being naive. Yeah, dad tried to shield us from his “coffee business,” but you had to have known by the time you were, what, 10, that dad’s not a normal dad? I mean, did you think it was normal that our dad carried a gun and that we had armed guards? Okay. At some point, we all realized that dad didn’t have a normal job and didn’t share any of those details with us. We have no idea what dad did or didn’t do. Honestly, I’m just worried it’s revenge. For years, the fbi has been trying to get dad legitimately, and they never have been able to. So now, what if they — they set him up? What if they planted evidence to make the charges stick? Okay, but one thing I do know is that dad would not want you getting caught up in this mess. And I know it’s hard, but you just need to focus on your youth center, right, and — and living your life. Oh, that’s so nice. Thank you. That’s great advice from my big brother to make me feel better. Come on, michael. I’m going to worry about dad. Just…be straight with me. Do you — do you think that he’s going to get cleared at the arraignment? I’m afraid not. I’m sorry. Did you say you had a hot shower? Yes, I had a shower. Why? Well, this is odd. The woman at the front desk literally just told me that they’re having problems with the hot water heater on this floor and they’re sending a maintenance crew up to look at it. Temperature seemed fine to me. So, back to your meeting. What happened with your contact from pikeman? He confirmed that pikeman had nothing to do with sonny’s arrest. But you met at a café, right? We did. I’m just wondering that maybe, if he did have information, he didn’t want to say it in public, because you never know who’s listening to you. Anna, if he had something to tell me, then he would have arranged it someplace private. But he had nothing for me, so… okay. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] I was really hoping to find some information out. But, anyway, thank you so much for doing that. I really appreciate it. You made such good time getting back from the airport. Because traffic’s usually heavy at this hour. Didn’t take me long at all. Huh. Gonna go get dressed. Hey. Hey. Uh, didn’t you get my message? Yeah, I did. I’m sorry. I didn’t have a chance to call you back. What did you want to talk to me about? W– well, I was talking to my mom, and she said that cody was taking off a few days, and — and I was surprised to hear that. But then she said she heard that from you, which I was even more surprised to hear. I did tell your mom that. Okay. So, you want to tell me where — where cody is? Sasha. Sasha! I’m going to talk to dr. Montague again. We discussed having you transferred to a different facility because your treatment here just doesn’t seem to be working. Sasha. What have they done to you?

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GH Transcript Tuesday, September 5, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Come on, corinthos. We’ve been sitting here all night.It doesn’t have to be this way if you’d just cooperate with us. All you have to do is answer a few questions. Let’s try this again. How about we start with simple “yes” or “no” questions? Do you think you could manage to do that? Have you ever done business with pikeman security group? Yes or no?

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Door opens ] Michael. Hey. What are you doing here? Is everything okay? Uh, mom, there’s something I have to tell you, and it’s not good news. Oh. Is willow okay? You know, willow’s fine, and the kids are fine. It’s just, um… look, I had dinner last night at the metro court with willow and wiley. And the fbi showed up and arrested dad. I know. Lucy, I’m gonna need you to calm down. How am I supposed to calm down when I feel like deception is slipping through our fingertips? I know you want to fight tracy’s lawsuit against deception, claiming that the deceptor was her idea, but…I think we should consider settling. What?! Don’t even say that! I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into this company. I am never — do you hear me? I am never gonna give 75% of my beloved deception to tracy quartermaine. Are you really thinking this through clearly? What do you think I’m thinking? I’m thinking about it all the time, night and day. I can’t stop! Okay, okay! Then you know 25% of a viable company is a whole lot more than 100% of nothing. I’m sorry. We’re closed. Aw. You’re always open for me. What the hell are you doing here? Do people really buy this junk? ‘Cause I swear I could do that in my sleep. Really? So, you’re a thug and an artist, too, huh? Somebody wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I got to tell you, if it was me in that bed with you, I’d make damn sure that you woke up on the right side with a smile on your face every morning. Nikolas? Cassadine, you here?

[ Door opens ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Where you been? I went on a morning jog. A morning jog? For months you’ve been recovering from a traumatic head injury. You really — you think that’s a good idea? I feel pretty good. And my strength is almost back to normal. Right. And when it is, what are you gonna do? We need to talk. I got nothing to say to you, cyrus. I need to warn you. I know. You’ve told me already. Hell, damnation for eternity. I get it. I know! I’m talking about sonny corinthos. What about sonny? You’re no longer under his protection. What are — what are you talking about? Sonny can’t even protect himself. As of last night, he’s in federal custody.

[ Door opens ] Hey. Hey. You’re home.

[ Keys jingle ] Finally. I have missed you. I was really worried about you. Mm. Can I get you anything? A cup of coffee? Mnh-mnh. No? Just this. Okay.

[ Smooches ] Did you get any details on your father’s arrest? No. Not a thing. And I was at the fbi office all night. They’re being pretty tight-lipped, and they don’t want to tell the pcpd anything about that case. Why not? I don’t know. ‘Cause they can. Sam, this might be, like, the end of my father. No. Don’t say that, dante. I have seen sonny in tighter spots. And he always manages to beat the charges. Yeah. Yeah, but this time he doesn’t have a jason.

[ Footsteps approaching ] I want a full report of the evidence seized on the pier last night. On it. Agent wallace: Surely a man in your line of work has heard of pikeman. They’re a global contractor, furnishing arms and security equipment, among other things. Come on, corinthos. You’re an importer. If pikeman approached you to transfer arms to a third party, that would be a very lucrative payday for you. I’m a coffee importer. I’m not gonna say anything unless my attorney’s present.

So, that’s it? One little hearing doesn’t go our way and you just want to cave? I don’t like this any more than you do. Okay! Then why don’t you want to fight? I want to fight. I want to fight this. But it sounds like you just want to throw in the towel and give up everything, our whole lifetime of work. Lucy, first and foremost, I’m a mom…

[ Sighs ] …A single mom of three kids. And I just decided to move out of my two-bedroom apartment and into a house that is a lot more expensive. My financial future is tied to deception. I have to be practical. Okay. Okay, I get it. But I — I just think you’re jumping the gun, maybe. I need gummies. I didn’t bring my gummies today. Just when I needed them. Lucy…

[ Exhales heavily ] …We are up against tracy quartermaine. She is not some inexperienced grifter looking for a quick payday. Don’t I know that? Okay, good. Then you know how ruthless she is, that she’ll do anything to win. I’m not entirely sure I want to play that game. We already know she used brook lynn, her own granddaughter, as a corporate spy. Okay, I’ll give you that. You’re right. She’s greedy. She’s vindictive. But somehow I just don’t think that’s all there is to it. I think maybe, just maybe, she is deliberately trying to get back at me. Get back at you for what? You know, I really don’t see what you see in my cousin. Why are messing with him? Well, you don’t know what you’re missing with me. What I’m missing is my ex-husband’s corpse. You should have delivered it to me by now. Well, let me just run out to my car and get it.

[ Chuckles ] That’s just hilarious. Where is it? Look, the when and where of how we move nikolas’ body has got be worked out with the boss. Well, you’ve been working this out with the boss for weeks now, right? I mean, I don’t want to get caught moving it. Then I’d have to explain to the cops it was you that did him in. Whatever arrangements you have to make, make them. I did what you asked me to do. Now it’s time for you to honor the deal. You saved my life. That blow to my head put me in a coma, and I doubt I would have survived more than a day or two, much less had a full recovery, if it wasn’t for you. So, for that, I want to thank you. I do appreciate it. Sure. Happy to help. Look, I — I just want to clarify something. What’s there to clarify? It’s important. I just want —

[ Sighs ] You know ava never intended to kill you, right? It was just — it was an accident. Accident or not, I almost died. Right. Yeah. I understand that. Your condition was grave, and your recovery has been remarkable. You — remarkable. It’s just that now it’s time for ava to know about it. How did you — how did you hear about sonny? You know how it is in here. Word travels fast. I overheard some inmates say that sonny was pulled in by the feds and a shipment he was moving was confiscated. That does not sound like sonny. He’s too smart to get caught. Well, when it comes to the feds, they don’t mess around. Word is sonny is in violation of the national security act. You’re ex-military. You’re a smart guy. Put two and two together. Those are some serious charges. Don’t you agree? I mean, with jason gone, it did leave a giant hole in sonny’s organization, but he still has gabe, frank, dex, brick, I mean, a lot of other loyal people surrounding him. Not to mention diane, who will help him fight this. Yeah. But they didn’t come after him on rico charges or racketeering. It’s violations of the nsa. I mean, it’s pretty serious. If he gets convicted, he’s in jail for the rest of his life. I mean, this is the feds. They’re not — they’re not messing around. I know, but something just doesn’t feel right about this. Sonny is way too careful. He would never let something like this happen. How do you think it happened? Uh, someone snitched on him and went on the record. I mean, whoever it is, they gave the fbi what they needed to be able to haul him in finally. Okay. And who would do that?

[ Chuckles ] My dad’s made so many enemies over the years, who could tell? Or maybe it’s some low-level worker who saw something that they shouldn’t have seen. No, I don’t — I don’t think so. Sonny is way too loyal to his people. They would never turn on him like that. My gut is telling me that it’s one of his enemies from outside of his organization. Maybe. But who? How’d you hear about dad? What, did diane call you? No. I was at kelly’s last night and a regular from the docks came in and he saw the feds down there. And he heard the name corinthos. So I called sonny, but he didn’t pick up, and I wasn’t gonna leave that on a voicemail, so I called dex. Did he answer? Yes. Yes. And I told him to get the hell out of there. I don’t know if he got picked up or if he managed to escape, but I haven’t heard from him since. Have you? No, I haven’t either. Oh, michael. This isn’t good. Obviously, dex didn’t have enough time to warn me because I had no idea what was happening until I saw the feds walk off the elevator at the metro court. Okay. I need the truth. And I don’t want a cover story. Michael, if you changed your mind and you turned your father in to the feds, you need to tell me the truth right now.

good grief. Really? Who knows what tracy will take offense to? I really believe that woman is just in a perpetual state of unhappiness. You know, you can ask her family and they’ll tell you that woman is nothing but a big old sourpuss. And she is trying to inflict her nasty unhappiness on me and my friends and my associates. Okay, her motives don’t matter at this point. Her evidence does. Right, but I still think she might have something else up her sleeve. Let’s look at what we do know. Tracy is alleging that the concept and the design for the deceptor were her idea and that we stole them. But we know she’s a big, fat liar. We also know that tracy had brook lynn give her the proprietary information on how we developed the deceptor. Which has to be ’cause that is the only way tracy would be able to get her grubby little hands on my idea. But we don’t know what evidence tracy actually has to prove that the design of the deceptor was her idea and not yours and that she created it first. Well, I understand why you would suspect me of turning sonny over to the feds. I mean, willow did, too.

[ Sighs ] And wiley — wiley saw his grandfather being arrested by those agents, and he was really upset about it. Wiley shouldn’t have to see sonny arrested. Is he okay? Yeah, he is now. After we got him home and we tucked him into bed, we told him that his grandfather was gonna be okay. What did willow say to you? She asked me straight out if I was responsible for sonny’s arrest. And what did you tell her? The truth. I made the decision not to use the pikeman footage, and, in doing so, I let go of the whole idea of getting revenge against my father. You — you and willow made me realize that, by going after sonny, I’d be causing too much damage, especially to my siblings. You swear to me you had nothing to do with this? Yes. I swear. When I gave you the footage, that was the end of it. I smashed that flash drive right here in this kitchen, in front of josslyn. But are we sure we had the only copy? Dante, regardless of who could have turned him in, are you sure about the nsa charges? No. I mean, it’s all rumors right now. Like I said before, the feds are being completely tight-lipped about the whole thing. They don’t want to — they don’t want to involve the pcpd ’cause they’re worried sonny might have informants in the department. Well, you don’t think anyone suspects that you would warn sonny if you knew about it, do you? I don’t know. I mean, I got to admit, I don’t know… I’m glad I don’t have to answer that question. I don’t know what I would do with that information if I had it, but…I didn’T. I found out from my mother when she called me. Okay. Do you think diane can get him out of this? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. The way this is going down, the feds are acting like they’re so confident in their case and they have all the evidence to back it up. Agent wallace: I have your file right here. You’ve been the target of multiple federal investigations. You know how this works, sonny. The only thing we want more than a lifetime conviction against you is evidence against who you’re working with. You want to tell me who that is? Seriously? Seriously?! The fbi doesn’t know that you don’t question anyone without counsel present? My client’s not gonna answer any more of your questions. He hasn’t answered any questions to begin with. Oh. The only thing he told us is that he imports coffee. Oh, not just coffee. The best coffee. I advise you to try it sometime. And you’re done with my client. Oh, I don’t think so. We can and will hold mr. Corinthos for 72 hours until his arraignment. He won’t make bail on an nsa violation. Maybe you should explain to your client the benefits of cooperating. Sorry I couldn’t get anything out of him. He’s good. We knew going into this thing that the guy was a pro. Well, it’s a damn good thing we have the evidence to back this up. Sonny corinthos isn’t getting away this time.

How tracy could have proof that she came up with the idea of the deceptor because it was mine. It was all mine. I came up with it. I’m — I mean, I did have encouragement from martin. But you know what? It wasn’t like all of a sudden it just came out, “okay, you go ahead and come up with “this revolutionary beauty wand that makes us all look younger.” That doesn’t mean tracy didn’t have the same idea. What?! No — oh, pooh. There’s no way she came up with the same idea that I had. Well, what about all those gazillionaires who are creating rockets that are going into space at the same time? It could just be out there in the ether? No, no. Okay. I will give you this. If one of our competitors, an actual cosmetic competitor, like erica kane with enchantment, came up with the idea, okay, maybe I would buy it. But no way did tracy come up with it. There’s not any way. I just — I think this is personal. She’s obviously got something because we’re standing here having this conversation. Okay. But since when did tracy ever care or know about anything beauty? Keep your shirt on. You’ll get your husband’s body all in good time. So you’ve been saying. Where is it?

[ Chuckles ] Look, I’ll figure out how to move it, and I’ll let you know. When? Soon. That —

[ Chuckles ] That’s not good enough. I want to know when. No more vague answers. We’ll be in touch. I promise. Yeah, this has been like a hell for ava. Believing that you were dead? It’s like living the torments of the damned. I’m sure. But I didn’t realize you and my ex-wife were so close. I mean, we’re…not. We’re not, really. I mean — well, then how do you know she was so tortured by my apparent death? We kind of went through this ordeal at spoon island ’cause we were there, you know, when heather webber and ryan chamberlain — they went on, like, this rampage. You know, heather — she stabbed me with, like, this big fishing hook. Like, “kcsh!” Like just — really? Yeah, it was really — it was super painful. What were you doing on the island to begin with? Oh, I just…stopped by. Stopped by? No one just drops by spoon island. You must have had a reason to go there. So, we meet again. Listen, cyrus, I appreciate the warning about sonny’s arrest. I really do. And I hope sonny finds a way to beat the charges like he’s done so many times in the past. But right now, all I want to do is I just want to find a book. Oh, before you do. I have something for you. Thank you for warning me last night. Where have you been? I’ve been laying low. I didn’t want to go home, so I spent the night in the q’s boathouse. Well, you should have called michael or me. We were worried. Dex, how did the feds get a copy of the pikeman footage? I mean, did you keep a backup? No, of course I didn’t keep a backup, okay? I downloaded the footage onto an encrypted flash drive that I gave to you. What about the original footage? I deleted it. Okay. Did you always keep the flash drive with you? Is there a chance that it could have been copied? That was your ticket out. It’s pretty useless now. This is the footage of sonny at the pikeman deal? Mm-hmm. Michael gave it to my mom. She could have traded this footage to the feds in exchange for them dropping the charges against her and drew. You risked your life to get that footage, and she destroyed it because protecting sonny was more important to her. I just wish that my mom hadn’t destroyed the flash drive. That was her decision to make, and there’s nothing we can do about it now. Right, but that was our one chance to turn sonny in to the feds, and we blew it. What are you all doing here?

When the news broke that ryan and heather had escaped from spring ridge with esme, the rumors were swirling that esme was the hook killer, and ava was her first victim. So I went to check on her — ava — and it’s good that I did because, you know, they were all there. And you were hooked by heather trying to protect ava. Yes. We have that in common. We both almost died on spoon island. You may have very well saved ava’s life. Okay. Look…ava’s a — a really good person.

[ Chuckles ] I’m not sure everyone would agree with that statement. No. Come on. I mean, she’s made her mistakes, right? But who hasn’t? And…it’s really difficult for her right now. She — she blames herself for something that clearly isn’t true. So it’s time for you to go back to town, and it’s time for you to tell her that you’re alive. I made this in the prison shop. I’d like you to have it. It’s the least I could do after saving my life. Do you play? I know the game. I haven’t played in a while. I originally made it for myself. I was hoping to interest other inmates in playing, with very limited success. But now I’d like you to have it — for your own use, of course, but also in the hope that you would agree to play me. Chess is an excellent way to see how the opposing player’s mind works, things like, “are they impulsive or methodical? How far ahead can they think?” And best of all, you don’t have to like someone to play chess with them. And you may learn something worth knowing. What do you think sonny did to get the nsa to go after him? Oh, well, that’s hard to pinpoint because his organization is so complex. Do you think this could all be tied into the metro court shooting? I don’t know how it could be. But we can’t dismiss it, right? All I know is, if sonny goes down, it destabilizes port charles and leaves a gaping hole in my family. Yes, a lot of people would be hurt and suffer if your father went to prison. Yeah. Especially my family. I have been in these clothes for far too long. I’m gonna go have a shower. Okay. Go shower. Are you sure you don’t want a cup of coffee or breakfast, anything? Yeah. You know what? Coffee sounds good. Yeah? Okay. Yeah. I’ll brew you a pot. Go shower. Thanks. Mm-hmm.

[ Line ringing ] Ferncliff hospital. How may I help you? Hi. This is, uh, sam mccall. I have medical proxy over cody bell. I was just calling to see how he was doing today. Nurse:

Hi, ms. Mccall. Cody has been on a 24-hour watch since he was admitted. He hasn’t been left alone. He’s in good hands.

Try not to worry. Okay. Thank you so much. Um, I’ll call back later and — and see if I can get an update then. Bye. Damn it, cody.

[ Sighs ] You got to tone it down. You’re not gonna be able to get to sasha if they keep watching you. I have been worried all night about you. Why didn’t you return my calls or my texts? I know. I’m sorry. I went to that concert, remember? And then — and then I went out with some friends. You didn’t come home all night long. I know. I’m sorry. I stayed the night with lori. I came home as soon as I saw the texts and the calls. Josslyn, we talked about this. When I was hauled down to the pcpd, I told you you have to keep your phone on at all times in case I need you. Okay. Yeah. I promise it won’t happen again. But what the hell’s going on?

[ Sighs ] Okay, look, the fbi busted sonny last night for violations of nsa. Really? Why? Someone turned sonny in. Was it you?

I just know that tracy is doing all of this out of pure and total spite for me. It’s because I finally — I finally made deception such a huge success.

[ Breathes deeply ] First of all, excuse me? I’m pretty sure i had something to do with that success. Of course you did. Come on. That goes without saying. And sasha, too. You know, thinking about this, if sasha hadn’t had that unfortunate meltdown, we probably wouldn’t be in this situation. But now we have the deceptor. It’s our only moneymaker, and we need it. And now it’s tied up in court because of tracy for six months. And financially, maybe we could hold on, but only if we both agree that we’re gonna win this. I can’t go back…yet. Why not? I can’t go into details, but I’m in a volatile situation. Ohh, right? Sure, you are, because you knocked up your son’s girlfriend. Oh, and then you kept her prisoner in a tower at wyndemere. And I don’t know if anyone’s told you, so I’ll bring you up to speed. Elizabeth baldwin, your co-conspirator in all this — she made a spirited statement to the police department. That doesn’t surprise me. Elizabeth always ends up doing the right thing. Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. I — okay, so — back to the original question. Why are you staying away from port charles? What is it? Are you afraid you’re gonna get arrested? Where was sonny arrested? At the metro court. I was there with willow and wiley when the feds showed up and arrested sonny for violations of the nsa. Now, do you know what that means? I-I think so. It’s really serious. Yes, very serious. And it could only mean that the feds had a copy of the pikeman footage. Now, do you have any idea how they could have gotten a hold of that?

[ Scoffs ] Not from me, michael. Okay, look, you were pretty determined to take him down even after I decided to back off. Yeah, I would have turned him in in an instant, but dex didn’t keep a copy of the footage, and he gave the only copy to you. Yes, and I gave it to mom. Yeah, and she destroyed it in this kitchen as I watched, so — alright, then what? What happened to the flash drive after it was destroyed? I took it.

After our little day in court,I did some research. I.P. Theft cases are really hard to win, but if you can prove it, they’re very lucrative. Yeah, well [Chuckles] That viper tracy thinks that she can. And if she can’t, she’ll just drag this out in court for as long as it takes. Yeah. Which makes deception just suffer. Tracy will risk destroying our company if she thinks she’s not going to beat us, which is why we can’t risk holding on if we’re just gonna lose in the end. Okay, stop. Am I correct in saying that you want to wave the white flag and just surrender everything to tracy? I know we both hate the idea of giving in to tracy, but… yes. Yes, okay? I think we should take her deal. No, no, no! I am not ready to do that. Lucy, financially speaking, we don’t have any time. I realize that. I realize that. I also realize this is not gonna be some walk in the park for us, but please give me time. I just know that I’ve got to figure out what proof tracy has that she had the idea of deceptor, and I know for a fact there is no way she can prove that she thought of the deceptor first. And how exactly are you gonna do that? Oh, no. No. I know that look. I’ll think of something. I promise you I will think of something. There are a number of issues that need to be worked out before I return to the land of the living. Yeah, no, I think I just mentioned two of the big ones. Austin, I’m eager to get back home. I really am. Cool. This decade? I can’t wait to see spencer, my mother, and my new son, ace. And I need to set things right with ava. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get out of these running clothes and take a shower. Sure.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey. Hello? E-everything alright? No. No, actually, everything is not alright. What the hell’s going on? What does that mean? I got to work this morning, and your creepy cousin was in my gallery. Not to buy art? No, no, he was most definitely not here to buy art. Well, then what did he want? Well, that’s the thing. Aside from just being a creeper, I have no idea. It’s like he was checking up on me. Yeah, he’s remarkably good at that. Well, I asked him again when I can expect to have nikolas’s body and he was vague again. He deflected, saying that he still had to work things out with the boss.

[ Breathes deeply ] Dex, what did you do with the flash drive? I intended to burn it. What do you mean, “intended”? Well, I should have burnt it. But I got derailed by work, so I ended up throwing it away in a public trash can. Oh, my god. What the hell were you thinking?! I looked at the fragments of the flash drive. It was totally destroyed. Yeah, you did smash it pretty hard. I don’t see how anyone could have gotten anything off of it. We’re not talking about anyone. We’re talking about the federal government. Dex, if you were being followed, someone could have seen you throw it into the trash can and the feds could have retrieved it. That’s right, and they have the technology and the resources to pull footage off of a damaged flash drive. And that footage could be all the feds need to slap those nsa charges on sonny. Okay, okay, we’re getting way too ahead of ourselves, alright? We don’t even know for sure if they have it. That flash drive would explain how the feds had enough evidence to arrest sonny and probably convict him. Our actions could keep sonny in prison for the rest of his life. Hey! Perfect timing. Hey. Look what I got. Oh, wow. Thank you. One coffee for you. Thanks.

[ Sighs ] Kind of always knew this day was coming. I hoped it wouldn’t, but, you know, knew it was coming. I guess the bright side is I wasn’t the one who had to bust my father. Oh, come on. That would be a heavy guilt for you to carry on your shoulders. Yeah. Being a cop is complicated. I guess, sam, I’m — I’m kind of conflicted here. I mean, I know the difference between right and wrong, but the difference can be inches or it can be miles, you know? Yeah. I mean, I’ve arrested bad people who were guilty who I knew would never see the inside of a jail cell. And conversely, I’ve arrested people who made terrible mistakes who ended up paying for it for the rest of their lives. You know, when I found out sonny was my father, I was like, you know, our moral codes couldn’t be more vastly different. But I got to know him and see the good in him and even to understand why he did some of the things that he did. And I’m thinking now, maybe we’re inches apart, not miles apart, you know? And on top of that, he is my father. So, what am I gonna do, right? You’re gonna be there for him. Yeah. We will all be there for him. Yeah. And I got to admit, part of me is hoping he beats the charges one more time. You know, sonny, I’m still seriously considering playing softball for the corinthos coffee team. But I hear carly has become one hell of a pitcher for kelly’S. That’s true. I’m not surprised. She’s wild. She might give you some competition this year. Of course, the team to beat is always general hospital. You know that elizabeth baldwin? She’s so nice and sweet when she takes care of patients in the hospital, but she’s brutal on the field. That’s why we need you — ’cause we could use a shortstop, center fielder. Okay. Okay. I’ll play center field. That way, at some point, I will be pitted against alexis and her invader team, which I both love and miss — a good alexis-diane matchup. Oh. Agent wallace, thanks for joining us. Oh. Hello. My client’s still not gonna answer any of your questions, unless you want to talk softball. Well, if mr. Corinthos isn’t going to cooperate, there’s no need to waste yours or our valuable time. Good. Sonny can return to his holding cell for 72 hours until his court arraignment. Cuffs? Are cuffs really necessary?

[ Handcuffs clinking ] Sorry, I’m sorry, but he is, um — he is correct. This case is going to be heard in the federal court of the northern district of new york. And these are federal nsa charges. I will not be able to get bail posted. Agent wallace, here’s the report you asked for on the raid on pier 55. Let’s see those photos. Jackpot.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Ava demands that Mason give her Nikolas’ body, but he says that he has to wait until his boss tells him to return the body to her.

Sonny refuses to tell the FBI anything so he has to stay in jail until his arraignment in three days.

Michael and Carly suspect that Josslyn fixed the damaged flash drive and turned Sonny in to the FBI. Josslyn tells Carly and Michael she didn’t turn Sonny in to the FBI. Dex tells Carly and Michael he intended to burn the flash drive but he didn’t have time so he threw it in a public trash can. Carly and Michael think someone was following Dex and took the flash drive out of the trash, fixed it, and gave the flash drive to the FBI.

Maxie wants to take the deal Tracy offered them and not take the case to court and risk losing Deception.

Austin tries to persuade Nikolas to go back to town and tell Ava that he is alive but Nikolas tells Austin that it isn’t the time for people to know he is alive.

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