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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John brought Marlena home. He couldn’t believe she was there. She said she couldn’t imagine what he has gone through. He said it was hard on the kids. She wanted to tell them. He called Belle and Eric. When they showed up, they argued over Sloan. John told them to stop arguing. He told them they found Megan. They were glad that she was found so she could pay for killing their mother. John said she couldn’t. They wanted to know why. Marlena came out and said she was alive. Hope saw Harris handcuffed to his bed. She said the doctors were trying to find out if he was too dangerous to be set free. She said she was confident that he has been deprogrammed. He said it was a gamble for the ISA to let him go free. He said the best thing to do was to make him disappear. She said she wouldn’t let that happen. Andrew walked in and told them Megan was in custody. He said Marlena and Kayla were alive. He said Kayla was abducted. Hope said she could get Megan to talk. Bo took Kayla to a house. Kayla wanted to know where they were. She yelled at him about the things they went through to get there. He said Victor grew up there. He welcomed her to Greece. He said Victor bought the house and wanted it to look the way it did to remind him of when he was poor. He said it was where Victor started his dream of building an empire. He said he would build one too. She told him they needed to go back to Salem so he could get his head on straight. He said he never felt clearer in his life. He said he had a clear path and could go down the path he was destined for. She told him the Kiriakis empire was a crime syndicate. She said Victor was ruthless. She said the Bradys were rich in love. He said his childhood was full of lies, not love. He said he was over being controlled by other people. He said he would decide who he was. She reminded him of his children and family. He said this was his family.

Steve went to see Megan in jail. He told her to stop stalling and tell him where Kayla was. She said she didn’t know. He asked her who had Kayla. His phone rang. He answered the phone. It was Stephanie. He told her Megan was in custody and her mother was alive. Stephanie asked to talk to her. He said she was abducted, but he wouldn’t rest until he found her. When he got off the phone, he went back to Megan. She said she would tell him where Kayla was if he got her full immunity. He didn’t take the deal. She asked to be transferred to Statesville. She said she refused to live where she wouldn’t exist. She told him to make it happen or he would never see Kayla again. Belle and Eric were happy to see Marlena. She wanted to know why they were yelling. They apologized. She said she wanted them to make up. She asked if they could do that for her. They agreed to do it. Bo stopped Kayla from leaving. He said he needed her help. He took out the orchid and Rolf’s notes from a crate. They talked about Rolf’s serum to reverse the aging process. He said he needed someone who knew science and medicine. He said he needed someone he trusted. She asked if he was planning to build an empire on a flower. Hope went to see Megan at the prison. She told Megan that Harris was deprogrammed and was back to the hero he was before she brainwashed him. Megan thought Hope was falling for Harris. She was curious as to whether Harris was the man for Hope. She asked if Hope was ready to give up everyone for Harris. Steve came back. He said Shane agreed to Megan’s deal. He said she would get 20 years in Statesville with no possibility of parole providing she gives the information on Kayla. When she signed the deal, he asked her where Kayla was. Andrew thanked Harris for helping capture Megan. He said they were all in his debt. Harris said he wanted his life and career back, but he knew that wasn’t possible. Andrew said if the tests proved he wasn’t under Megan’s control, he would be free. When Bo went to make soup, Kayla looked through Rolf’s notes. She found a phone in Bo’s bag, she called Steve, but he didn’t answer the phone. She called someone else. She called Stephanie.

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