Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Audra tells Elena that she thinks Nate and Victoria have deep feelings e each other but she doesn’t think they have acted on those feelings yet. Audra tells Elena that JT is out of jail and he has made it a point not to return to Genoa City. Audra suggests to Elena that she bring JT back to town to tell his story on her medical podcast. Audra thinks it would give JT a chance to make amends to the people he hurt. Audra thinks that JT would also distract Victoria away from Nate. Elena doesn’t want to bring JT to town and exploit his illness and cause his victims pain but she does thank Audra for telling her she thinks that Nate and Victoria have feelings for each other. Nate and Victoria, once again, decide not to act on the attraction they have for each other.

The arbitration hearing between Devon and Lily begins for the future of Chancellor Winters. Devon is clearly rattled by Amanda and Lily isn’t happy that Amanda is using her past relationship with Devon to rattle him.

Victor tells Jill that he is willing to be a silent private investor in Chancellor Industries and give the company much needed cash so she won’t have to take the company public. Victor tells Jill the only thing she has to do is let Devon buy back his company.

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