Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle gets drunk at the jazz lounge and meets Aura. He gets her to tell him why she came to Genoa City and also all the places she has worked. Aura asks Kyle about himself but he doesn’t tell her anything. He just thanks her for helping him forget about his problems for a little while.

Summer and Diane argue because Diane thinks Summer was a victim of the plan that Jeremy and Phyllis worked on together. Summer thinks Jeremy forced Phyllis to help him with his plan.

Summer asks Mariah to persuade Kyle to forgive her but Mariah refuses to help because Summer won’t take responsibility for the hurt she caused Diane and Kyle. Summer goes home to talk to Kyle, but he tells her he doesn’t want to talk to her tonight.

Nick tells Victor Faith has been kidnapped by Cameron and he wants Sharon to go meet him at the hotel where they met years ago. Nick and Victor persuade Sharon to let Nick go with her along with members of Victoria security team.

Chance arrives and tells Nick he found a deed to a warehouse that Cameron owns near the hotel where they met years ago. Chance heads to the warehouse to look for Faith and tells Sharon and Nick not to leave the house. Sharon and Nick decide to go meet Cameron because they think the warehouse is a wild goose chase. Nick tells Sharon to tape a knife to her leg just in case she needs to defend herself. Nick leaves the house to meet with the security team. Sharon waits to meet Nick at the back of the house in fifteen minutes but she is stunned when Cameron enters from the kitchen and tells Sharon that everyone is gone and they are alone.

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