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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman found Steve and Kayla in the waiting room. Kayla wanted to know if Roman wanted to see Bo. He wasn’t ready to see him yet. Kayla walked away. Steve told Roman that he was worried about Shawn. He didn’t know how he could live with shooting his father. Hope woke up from a dream about Bo. She begged him to wake up for her. Kayla showed up and scanned Bo’s chart. She said Bo had a tough fight ahead of him, but he was strong. She said that everyone was praying for him. Shawn was upset about shooting Bo. Ciara approached him and gave him a hug. She asked if their father was really alive. He said he wasn’t thanks to him. Ciara assured him that no one blamed him for what happened. He couldn’t face their parents after what he did. She said to take his time. After her conversation with Shawn, she went to Bo’s room. She sat by Bo’s side and told him that she loved him. Kayla wondered if she saw Shawn. Ciara told Kayla that he blamed himself for what happened. Shawn arrived and let them know he was there. Andrew arrived at Harris’ room. Harris apologized for what his family was dealing with now. Andrew assured him that it wasn’t his fault. Harris told him what happened. Harris thought he was there to arrest him. Andrew was surprised because he was there to thank him for what he did to Thomas. He said that his lie by omission isn’t a crime. Harris wished the rest of his family felt that way.

Steve assumed Roman didn’t want to see Bo because of what he did to Kate. Roman knew Bo was brainwashed, but he didn’t think he could look him in the eye again after what he did to Kate. Shawn apologized to Hope for what he did to Bo. She knew he shot Bo because he was protecting her. She said that Bo would have wanted him to do that. Shawn felt like he should be comforting her. She assured him that she was fine. Ciara knew it wasn’t true. She wanted to know the last time Hope ate or slept. Hope agreed to go to the hotel across the street. Shawn and Ciara refused to leave Bo’s side. After Hope left, Shawn sat by Bo’s side. He begged him to come back to them. Ciara let Shawn know that she talked to Chelsea. Her obstetrician wanted her to stay in bed. Ciara told Bo that he had more grandchildren coming. Shawn hoped he would get to see them. Ciara was sure he would recover and see his grandchildren. Kayla met up with Steve and Roman. She urged Roman to go see Bo. Roman was about to see him when Andrew arrived at the hospital. He showed them the chip the doctor found in Bo’s brain. Kayla wondered if they could access the chip’s memory. Hope ran into Harris in the hotel lobby. He let her know that he was leaving. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her about Bo. He said he was selfish. He knew he screwed up, but he thought they had a chance at something real. He didn’t want to let it go. He cared about her. She cared about him too, but Bo is the love of her life. She said goodbye to him and left. Roman went to Bo’s room. He assured Shawn that what happened wasn’t his fault. He blamed Megan for everything that happened including what happened to Kate. He sat by Bo’s side and begged him to come back to the family. Hope went back to the hospital and wanted more time alone with Bo. She pleaded with Bo to open his eyes so she could tell him that she loved and missed him. Nurse Angela arrived and told her not to give up on Bo. She told the nurse that she would never give up on Bo. It was hard for her to see Bo like that. Angela told her to keep holding out for her hero until the last piece of sand was in the hourglass. After Angela disappeared, Hope got in the bed with Bo. She would hold out for her hero for as long as it took. Bo’s fingers twitched. He told her that he loved her. She said she missed him and told him to come back to her. Andrew, Steve, Kayla and Roman watched the chip that was in Bo’s head. They saw that he shot over Kate’s head. He told her to run before it was too late. Roman was happy that Kate was alive. Kate was seen chopping the head off a fish.

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