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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope thanked Harris for coming to Greece with her to help find Kayla. He suggested that they hang out and appreciate the beauty of the country. When they were about to kiss, Steve knocked on the door. He said Rolf has been seen. He said Rolf got away from the police and left the island. He said he wanted to go to the police and find out what they know about Rolf’s whereabouts. He said it was their only way to find Thomas Banks. Harris said it might not be. He said Thomas stayed above a taverna when they were looking for the prisms. He said he and Hope were going there to ask around. Steve went to the police station. Andrew told Shawn that Hope went to Greece to find Kayla. He said he was in Salem to transfer Megan to Statesville. They went to the interrogation room. Megan was overwhelmed with how much Shawn reminded her of Bo. She said it was as if she succeeded in turning back the clock and made Bo young again. Shawn asked her what she meant about that. He said his father has been dead for years. She told him his mother was with Harris. He told her to shut up. Andrew stopped him from going after her. When Shawn calmed down, he wanted to question her. She said she wanted to call a lawyer.

Kayla said she wanted to go back home to the people she loved. When she opened the door, she saw Bo standing there. He asked if she was going somewhere. She said she was getting fresh air. He told her to open a window. He asked her if the serum was ready yet. She said she couldn’t replicate the youth serum without the prisms. He said he didn’t know where Rolf was now. He said Rolf may have left them where he was. He locked Kayla in the wine cellar and left. She found a box in the wine cellar. She opened it and started looking in it. While Megan was alone in the interrogation room, she called Thomas Banks. She told him a lot of people were looking for him. She asked him to find Bo. She told him to shoot anyone who got in his way. Bo went to the police station. He said his name was Shane. He asked the officer about the prisms they found in Rolf’s hotel room. The officer asked if he had the paperwork. Bo said he didn’t need the paperwork since he was the director of ISA. The officer told him he would get them for him. while Bo was waiting, Steve showed up at the station. He told the police officer that he was working for the ISA. He said he needed the evidence found in Rolf’s hotel room. The police officer said Shane was waiting in the office. Steve went to the office and called out to Shane. Bo turned around. Steve was shocked to see him.

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