Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 19, 2023

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Recap written by Terry

Sally is wracked with pain and fears for her unborn baby. Adam rushes her to the hospital. Once there, she loses consciousness.  When she wakes up, Sally can tell she’s had a C section and insists Adam tell her if their baby girl is OK.  He lets her know there was a complication and the baby did not survive.

Sally is completely inconsolable, crying that she did everything the doctor advised. She believes if she had been awake, she could have helped the baby survive. Adam promises Sally that she did nothing wrong to cause the baby to pass away, and there was nothing she could have done to save the baby, but she pushes him away when he tries to comfort her. 

Sally wants Nick to be with her, but Adam tells her he called Nick, left a voicemail and even contacted Victor to reach Nick. Adam reassures Sally that Nick would be there with Sally if he could. Sally knows there must be something wrong – otherwise Nick would absolutely be there. Adam tells her that once Nick is done dealing with Cameron, that he will be with Sally.

Elena asks to speak to Sally alone, so Adam leaves the room. Sally asks if there was anything Elena could have done to save the baby.  Elena tells her no. She cautions Sally that her raw, searingly painful emotions are going to get worse before they get better and urges Sally to accept whatever help she is offered.  

Sally asks how could it not be her fault when it was her job to protect the baby and she failed. Elena reassures Sally that there was nothing she could have done differently to save the baby and the complication put both Sally and the baby in danger. Elena informed Sally that because the complications were so immense, that if it came down to a choice, either she lives or the baby lives. That choice had to be made, and Elena said that there was no time to call next of kin, so Adam had to decide. When Adam returns to Sally’s side, she asks Adam how he could let their baby die. 

Meanwhile, down in the sewer, where Cameron took Faith, the teen reveals that Cameron strapped a bomb to her body. Fortunately, Chance had training to disarm bombs and successfully disarms it. Cameron lay dead just feet away, after Sharon stabbed him to death in defense of Faith. Sharon asks Chance if she would face murder charges. He said no because it’s self defense.  Nick, Sharon and Faith leave Chance to process the crime scene and arrange for Cameron’s body to be removed. Once at home, the three decompress, Victor stops by to thank Sharon for saving his granddaughter.

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