Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sally remembers her conversation with Summer in which Summer told her that she thinks she and Adam have an eternal connection. Sally dreams of Adam and, when Nick arrives, he and Sally have sex. Nick wonders if Sally is conflicted about Adam, but she tells him she isn’t conflicted about Adam. She does tell him about her conversation with Summer.

Victoria and Nate are talking about business at the Grand Phoenix restaurant, but Victoria suddenly asks Nate what is going on between them. Victoria tells Nate she has gotten a room upstairs and she wants him to come with her but she will understand if he doesn’t and it won’t affect his job.

Phyllis puts the plan into motion by telling Jack and Diane she wants him to be happy. Kyle worries that Diane and Jack are rushing into marriage to ignore their immediate problem which is Jeremy Stark. Kyle worries that Diane may have to leave town again to get away from Jeremy and break Jack’s heart. Summer worries about all those things plus she wonders if Diane came to town with a plan to marry Jack.

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