Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole talked to EJ at the hospital. She wanted to know why there wasn’t much done for her baby. He tried to calm her down but it didn’t do any good. Leo tried to convince Dimitri to get on the submarine. Dimitri didn’t want to leave him behind. When Leo got off the phone, Rafe warned Leo that he was going to pay for what Dimitri did. Leo said he wasn’t going to betray Dimitri. EJ told Nicole that he was going to light a fire under Rafe to find their baby. He got a call telling him Leo was arrested. He was going to find out what was going on with the baby. Melinda talked to Dr. Pierce so he could check the baby. Sloan and Eric talked about their baby. She assured him the baby was healthy. He said he realized that their baby was born on the same day as Nicole. Sloan pretended to be shocked that Nicole’s baby was born. He said Nicole and EJ should be with the baby. She flashed back to Dimitri telling her and Melinda about Nicole’s baby. Dr. Pierce told Melinda he only met with her because of Sloan. He said he didn’t meet with her to do something unethical. She bribed him to help her. After he checked the baby, he said the baby was okay. She wanted him to deliver bad news to the parents of the baby. Dimitri called Sloan. He told her Leo was arrested. He wanted her to help Leo. Leo told Rafe that he wasn’t going to say anything against Dimitri. He wondered if Dimitri was cleared of his charges since Gabi was arrested for Li’s murder. When Rafe didn’t answer Leo assumed Dimitri wasn’t clear. EJ showed up and wanted to know where his baby was. Sloan told Dimitri that Leo tried to stiff her the last time she represented him. He told her Leo was a good man who didn’t deserve what was happening to him. She agreed to help Leo.

EJ told Rafe that Dimitri took his baby. Leo said it was a misunderstanding. EJ threatened Leo if he didn’t tell him where his baby was. Dr. Pierce refused to do what Melinda wanted. He said he could lose his license. She said he would figure out a way to do it. He said the parents would be devastated. She said she didn’t feel good about it. She said he would be making another couple happy. Leo said he didn’t know where Dimitri was. EJ asked if Dimitri was holding his baby for ransom. Rafe said he would handle it. EJ said he was the D.A. and had every right to question Leo. Sloan said he didn’t. She said she wanted to speak to her client in private. Rafe and EJ left so they could talk. Leo asked if Dimitri mentioned Nicole’s baby. Sloan said he never mentioned it. Melinda told the baby that Sloan was going to be happy. She said she felt bad about what she was doing to Nicole. She talked about what happened with Haley and how she had to give her up. Dr. Pierce went to Nicole and EJ. He said a man showed up at the hospital earlier that night. EJ said the baby was brought to the hospital. She wanted to know what was going on. She asked if her baby was okay. Dr. Pierce said her baby died. Leo asked if Dimitri left town. Sloan said she believed so. He was relieved. She said was going to do her best to get him out of his predicament. Melinda called Sloan and told her Dr. Pierce agreed to help them. Nicole said it wasn’t possible for her baby to be dead. She said it was fine when Dimitri had him. Dr. Pierce said the baby died because of injuries during the crash. He gave her a blanket. She said Dimitri wrapped the baby in the blanket. Nicole broke down in EJ’s arms. He comforted her over the loss of the baby.

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