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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to see Theo to tell him goodbye. Theo lets him know that he can’t leave with Lani missing. Chad assured him that Lani would be found. Chad tells Theo that he’s there for him. Chad talked to him about moving in with Stephanie. Theo noticed that he didn’t seem happy. He told him about what’s going on with Alex and Stephanie. Eli went to Paulina’s place and they talked about Lani being missing. Rafe checked Lani’s pulse and said it was weak. Rafe and Jada found a syringe by her. Sam Gerard (the Marshall) wanted to know if she had a history with drugs. Rafe insisted that she didn’t have a problem with drugs. They rushed her to the hospital. Eli called Rafe for an update just as they got to the hospital. Rafe let him know where they were and told him to get there quickly. Marlena tried to call Whitley, but she got her voicemail. Marlena hung up the phone and got a call from John. He told her what Jerry told him and Steve. Whitley told Abe they would be together forever. She brought out the space heater that killed her husband. She talked to him as if he was her husband.

Marlena told Kayla what John told her. Kayla got a call to the ER about a patient that might have overdosed. Marlena decided to go to Whitley herself. Whitley talked to Abe about her late husband. She felt guilty for setting up the space heater for him. She said they would always be together. She sat beside Abe as the gas leaked out of the space heater. Jada gave Kayla the syringe so she could figure out what Lani was given. Kayla was able to find the antidote to save Lani. She let Rafe and Jada know that Abe was alive and with Whitley. Marlena went to Whitley’s house and found her next to Abe. Whitley was confused when she saw Marlena. She thought she was from her soap opera. Marlena tried to reason with her, but she wouldn’t let her help them. Kayla called Theo to come to the hospital. Paulina and Eli arrived at the hospital and sat by Lani’s side. She woke up and told them about Whitley and Abe. They weren’t sure if she was hallucinating. Kayla backed up her story. Paulina was happy that Abe was alive. Whitley threatened to hurt Marlena with an umbrella when she tried to turn off the space heater. She tried to help Whitley when Rafe and Jada came through the door. Kayla told Paulina everything she knew. Paulina wanted to go to Whitley’s place, but Rafe and Jada were there. Whitley grabbed a lighter and threatened to kill everyone if they didn’t leave. Abe reached for her hand and she gave the lighter to Marlena. Marlena and Abe went to the hospital. Rafe and Jada stayed with Whitley. Jada called the station and told them to have someone from the mental staff there. She read Whitley her rights, but she wasn’t coherent. Abe’s family was happy to see him at the hospital.

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