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Recap written by Eva

Harmony decides to talk to Michael and Willow on behalf of Nina but the attempt fails when Michael and Willow figure out that Nina asked Harmony to talk to them.

Nina tells Marie that if Harmony doesn’t persuade Michael and Willow to allow her to visit Wiley she will have to go to court to fight for her tight to see Wiley. Nina tries to talk to Carly to see if she can help her reach a compromise with Michael and Willow but the attempt only leads to another argument with Carly.

Spencer apologizes to Esme for thinking she was responsible for the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Nicolas offers to let Esme move into Windermere since she doesn’t feel very safe right now. Spencer agrees to move into Wyndemere so that Esme won’t be alone.

The DA offers Trina a deal if she pleads guilty to the misdemeanor charge of cyber sexual assault, they will drop the felony charge of cyber surveillance in the second degree. Trina still, doesn’t know what she is going to do when she stands before the judge and gets ready to enter her plea.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, March 31, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Jack is extremely angry with Diane for faking her death and making Kyle grieve her all these years. Allie is angry with Diane for lying to her and using her to get to Jack. Diane tells Jack that she wanted to bring Allie to him as a way to apologize to him as a way of apologizing for all the pain she has caused him. Jack tells Diane he will never forgive her for what she has done.

Jack meets with Allie later to explain how Diane made people believe she had been murdered and made Kyle grieve her when he was a child. Diane sends Jack a text that she wants to meet and talk.

Nick asks Billy to try and talk some sense into Victoria. After talking to Lily, Billy tells Nick he will try his best to persuade Victoria.

Victoria calls a family meeting and tells everyone that she is going to Italy with Ashland. Nick and Victor once again ask Victoria to tell them what her plan is so they can help her with it. Victoria asks everyone to trust her and let her handle this problem on her own. Victor tells Victoria that he is appointing Adam as temporary CEO of the company.

Victor asks Michael to find a legal way to get Ashland Locke out of the company and out of the family.

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Biography – Dustin M.

Dustin-Shane M.


Dustin-Shane Merrill was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.  He has been a loyal fan and viewer of General Hospital for 37 years.  His favorite storyline from the archives would be “anything to do with Anna Devane and Duke Lavery.”  He feels that Anna and Duke captured the essence of the super couple in a way that hasn’t been seen since Luke and Laura.  Shane’s favorite character is Carly Corinthos – he loves her devotion to family and how she will go to any lengths to protect what is hers.

Shane is a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant; he holds an Associate of Science degree from the University of Georgia, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Washington.

Shane counts his most positive traits as being kind, generous and a fiercely-loyal friend; however, he is the first to admit that he is impatient and is very put-off by ignorant people.

Shane is a world traveler and lists Paris, Tokyo and Charleston as three of his all-time favorite destinations.  He loves music, sings and plays five instruments.

Shane has lived in Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis in addition to his native Birmingham.  His hobbies include attending concerts, travel, reading, writing, playing the piano and collecting vinyl albums and celebrity autographs.  His favorite TV shows include Seal Team, Chicago P.D., Walker, Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire and General Hospital.

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Interview with Chi McBride

TV Interview!

"How We Roll" cast on CBS

Interview with actors from “How We Roll” on CBS by Suzanne 3/23/22

This was a nice CBS press day – my first with them. I was very happy to be included, even though I was only able to ask one question.

This seems like a fun sitcom, so I’ll definitely be checking it out when it airs tomorrow.

“How We Roll” with actors Pete Holmes, Katie Lowes, Chi McBride, Julie White and Mark Gross, Executive Producer
Virtual via Zoom
March 23, 2022
© 2022 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
“How We Roll” premieres Thursday, March 31st, at 9:30 p.m. Eastern on CBS, and streaming on Paramount Plus.

The show is based on the life of real-life Midwestern dad, Tom Smallwood, who decided to pursue his dream of becoming a pro bowler after he was laid off from his job

There was a video from Brian d’Arcy James, Executive Producer, who couldn’t be there. He told us about how the show came about. He heard about Smallwood because they’re both from Saginaw, MN. He fell in love with the idea of this guy deciding to follow his dream, regardless of the odds against him, in order to take care of his family. They loved and supported him, and so did his whole community. James thought this would make a great story. It’s certainly an interesting idea. I don’t think there’s every been a sitcom about bowling before. There was the comedy-drama, “Ed,” about a lawyer who returns to his hometown and buys a bowling alley…he practiced law out of it. There have been many sitcoms about working class people who go bowling regularly, such as “Laverne and Shirley” and “Roseanne.” There’s never been one that’s mostly about bowling, let alone one that is about a professional bowler. I just hope it’s funny because that’s my main criteria for a comedy. It has to make me laugh, often, or I won’t keep watching it. We’ll see!

I was really happy to be able to ask Chi McBride a question because he’s been in so many great shows I’ve watched and loved, such as “Boston Public,” “Human Target,” “House” and many more. I asked him, “You’ve done a lot of dramas over the past — I don’t know, how long it’s been…. A couple of decades. But you got your start in sitcoms. So, what was it that attracted you to this project?”

He gave me an unexpectedly heartfelt answer. It was really nice. He confided that not only did he “love the story,” but he could relate to it. He said, “30 years ago, I left my successful career at the phone company when I was making $300 a week, against the advice of my broker.” He drove from Atlanta to California to be in show business. He mentioned that he had a lot of confidence. He probably had some money to keep him afloat for awhile, too, is my guess, since he decided he wouldn’t be a waiter or anything like that. He credits that confidence with getting into the business, which he’s worked in for 30 years. He can identify with the situation because everyone thought he was crazy, too, for taking this chance.

He talked about his character, Archie, who is a mentor to the main character, Tom (played by Pete Holmes). He told us that Archie has believed in Tom since he was a child. He really loves characters like Archie and felt that this was “a wonderful opportunity.” Also, he added that he knew all the other people in the cast and their work. He praised them for being both talented and “lovely people at the same time.” He shared that it’s “been a real gas, to tell you the truth.” Going back to my question about having done mostly drama for a long time, he did admit that he hadn’t been “in front of three camera format in 25 years” (that’s how they shoot sitcoms), so he found it “daunting” at first. He gave credit to director Mark Cendrowski for helping him figure it out and get over that bump road. He joked, “it was like riding a bike. Like, when you ride a bike into a tree at first.” He was very funny throughout his answer, and we all laughed a lot. The whole panel was pretty funny. Anyway, he concluded that he’s “just glad to be here” and that the basic story inspired him.

Producer Mark Gross talked about his part in bringing the show to life. He wanted to write something with hope in it. James told him about the Tom Smallwood story. He praised Tom’s beautiful writing about Tom and his story. It really inspired him. He spoke in detail about how he worked on it feverishly (sometimes literally, when he had COVID). He can’t believe that they got such an “incredible, amazing cast.” He thinks Tom’s story is filled with miracles.

Pete Holmes was asked to compare his other show, “Crashing,” based on his early days of trying to make it as a comedian, to this one, since they’re both about someone giving up steady work to pursue their dreams.

Pete answered that he never though of that comparison before. He confided that his parents didn’t seem too concerned about his becoming a comedian. He added, “I don’t know if that’s because they believed in me, or they just weren’t paying attention.” Everyone laughed, so he riffed on that idea for a minute. It was hilarious. Then he told us, more seriously, that his parents were always very supportive of him, and other people he knew ere, too. He believes that you should get rid of the “naysayers” in your life if you want to be successful. He also mentioned that he always saw some other comedians that were unsuccessful because they were always comparing themselves or their careers to other comedians, which he referred to as “comedy cancer.” He told us that Mark Gross and one of the other writers (Tommy Johnagin) are both great stand-up performers and writers. He talked about how he and his wife read the script when he got it, praying that it was good. They enjoyed it and laughed, and appreciated that the wife was not just the usual TV “nagging wife.” It reminds him of the series “Ted Lasso,” in the sense that the wife believes more in Tom than he does. He also thought that the other characters were not stereotypes, either. Back to the question, he said that he’s very grateful that he didn’t have people doubting him when he was starting out. He “was one of the first people to go to college” in his family, so they said that he could do whatever he wanted after that.

Another reporter asked a question, but unfortunately, the actors didn’t answer it seriously. It was a very funny time for all of us, though. He/she asked what the actors found it easiest and most difficult as far as connecting to their character. Instead, Pete joked about the other new CBS show “Beyond the Edge,” saying that “I thought the monkeys that were encroaching on our camp were really difficult.” From then on, it only got funnier. I can only hope that the real show is half as funny as these guys were in this panel.



How We Roll,” Formerly Titled “Smallwood,” Stars Pete Holmes, Katie Lowes,

Chi McBride, Julie White and Mason Wells, and Is Based on the Life of

Professional Bowler Tom Smallwood

CBS will premiere the new comedy HOW WE ROLL (formerly titled “Smallwood”) on Thursday, March 31 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, after B POSITIVE completes its second season order. The series will also be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. Based on the life story of professional bowler Tom Smallwood, the series stars Pete Holmes as Tom, a stoic Midwest husband and dad who gets laid off from a car assembly line and makes the extraordinary decision to provide for his family by following his dream of becoming a professional bowler.

As a skilled player, Tom knows that in bowling you get two chances: no matter what you do with the first ball, you get another one to make it right – the ultimate second chance. Keeping that in mind, he begins his new career with the loving “OK” from his wife, Jen (Katie Lowes); the unfaltering support of Archie (Chi McBride), his mentor and the proud owner of Archie’s Lanes: Home of the Curly Fry; the cautious backing of his protective mom, Helen (Julie White); and the encouragement of his son, Sam (Mason Wells). It remains to be seen if Tom will strike it big on the pro bowler circuit, but right now, the pins are set, he’s taking his second shot, and it’s 300 or bust.

HOW WE ROLL is produced by CBS Studios. Mark Gross, David Hollander and Brian d’Arcy James are the executive producers. Mark Cendrowski directed the pilot.

*Paramount+ Premium subscribers will have access to stream live via the live feed of their local CBS affiliate on the service as well as on demand. Essential-tier subscribers will have access to on-demand the day after the episode airs.

Official CBS website:


Pete Holesm on "How We Roll" on CBSPete Holmes (Tom on HOW WE ROLL)

Pete Holmes is a nationally touring standup comedian, actor, “Christ-leaning spiritual seeker,” improviser, writer, cartoonist, and late-night host. Most recently, “Comedy Sex God,” Pete’s first book, was published May 14, 2019 by Harper Wave. Part autobiography, part philosophical inquiry, and part spiritual quest, “Comedy Sex God” is a hilarious, profound, and enlightening romp around his fertile mind.

In March 2019, Pete’s semi-autobiographical HBO comedy series, “Crashing,” that he created, starred in and executive-produced alongside Judd Apatow, celebrated its third and final season. “Crashing” was critically acclaimed and followed a stand-up comic (Holmes) who reevaluates his life and enters the New York comedy scene after discovering his wife’s infidelity. Currently, Pete is the host of the wildly popular podcast, “You Made It Weird,” which is a comedic exploration of the meaning of life with guests ranging from Deepak Chopra and Elizabeth Gilbert, to Seth Rogen and Garry Shandling. With more than 660 episodes, “You Made It Weird” has been downloaded over six million times and is recognized annually as a top podcast.

Since 2011, Pete has starred in CollegeHumor’s hilarious web series, “Badman.” “Badman” parodies the Christopher Nolan Batman films, with Pete playing the Caped Crusader as oblivious and incompetent, much to the annoyance of friends and foes alike. Pete also provided the voice for the talking baby in the award-winning E*TRADE ad-campaign.

An accomplished standup, with three hour-long television specials (HBO’s “Pete Holmes: Dirty Clean,” HBO’s “Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds,” and Comedy Central’s “Pete Holmes: Nice Try, The Devil!”) and innumerous late-night appearances, Pete also hosted his own late-night TBS talk show, “The Pete Holmes Show,” that aired for two seasons. Pete has written for several television series, including “The Simpsons” and “Outsourced,” and many of his cartoons have been published in “The New Yorker,” which he thinks is pretty neat.

Currently, Holmes lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. His birthday is March 30. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @peteholmes.

Chi McBride as "Archie" from the CBS series HOW WE ROLL, premiering Thursday, March 31 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on the CBS app and Paramount+. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Chi McBride (Archie in HOW WE ROLL)

A prolific actor in both television and film, Chi McBride most recently starred in the hit series “Hawaii Five-0” as Captain Lou Grover, on the Network.

McBride’s extensive feature credits include “I, Robot,” “The Terminal,” “Draft Day” with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, “Annapolis,” “The Kid” with Bruce Willis, “Gone in Sixty Seconds” with Nick Cage, “The Distinguished Gentleman” with Eddie Murphy, and the Oscar-nominated “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

He is also known for his principal roles in Bryan Fuller’s “Pushing Daisies” and David E. Kelley’s “Boston Public.” McBride has also lent his voice to the Marvel world playing the iconic ‘Nick Fury’ in multiple animated series, including “Avengers Assemble.”

McBride is from Chicago and currently resides in Los Angeles. His birthday is Sept. 23.

Katie Lowes as "Jen" from the CBS series HOW WE ROLL, premiering Thursday, March 31 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on the CBS app and Paramount+. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Katie Lowes (Jen on HOW WE ROLL)

Katie Lowes is a force on both stage and screen. She is perhaps best known for starring as ‘Quinn Perkins’ for the entire seven seasons of the hit series “Scandal.” Lowes starred opposite a stellar cast including Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn in the fan favorite series created by Shonda Rhimes.

Recently, Lowes starred in the original television movie CHRISTMAS TAKES FLIGHT, on the Network. Currently, she stars in Shonda Rhimes’s Netflix series “Inventing Anna,” alongside Anna Chlumsky, Julia Garner and Laverne Cox.

Lowes is in the fourth season of her popular parenting podcast, “Katie’s Crib,” which is produced by Shondaland in partnership with iHeartRadio. “Katie’s Crib,” which launched in Spring 2018, is a weekly podcast covering the unexpected joys, pains, foibles, and hilarity of new motherhood. Each episode highlights a specific parenting issue from a variety of different points of view. Lowes conducts frank, intimate conversation with fellow moms (such as A-List actresses Kristen Bell, America Ferrera, and more) about the ups and downs of being a new parent.

In summer 2021, Lowes lent her voice to Netflix’s animated film “Vivo.” The film also featured voices from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Zoe Saldana, Gloria Estefan, Nicole Byer and more, with Miranda writing several songs for the movie.

In fall 2018, Lowes made her Broadway debut, starring in the Tony-nominated musical “Waitress,” with Katharine McPhee. Lowes played the role of ‘Dawn’ opposite her real-life husband, actor Adam Shapiro.

Lowes is no stranger to the big or small screen. Over the years she has appeared in big budget films, such as Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and Dreamworks’ “Transformers 2,” Bad Robot’s “Super 8” directed by JJ Abrams and was the voice of Abigail in the 2015 Academy Award-winning animated feature film “Big Hero 6.” In addition, she voiced an animated character in the 2015 Academy Award-winning animated short film, “Feast,” as well as the Oscar-nominated Disney film “Wreck It Ralph.” Lowes was the inspiration behind the motion and movement work for Idina Menzel’s character, Elsa, in the movie “Frozen.”

Additionally, she has appeared in several independent films, including “Dinner for Four,” “The Job,” “Callers” and “Bear” and “Café.” She has been a guest star on hit series, such as “The Closer,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” “Leverage,” “Castle,” “The Sopranos,” “NCIS,” on the Network, and was a series regular on “Easy Money,” created by producers of “The Sopranos.”

Lowes is regularly seen guest co-hosting “Live with Kelly and Ryan” alongside Ryan Seacrest.

Born in Queens, New York, Lowes is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Lowes is the co-artistic director of IAMA Theatre Company, which was named one of the top 20 regional theatres in the country. IAMA is in the midst of its 13th season in Los Angeles.

Currently, Lowes lives in Los Angeles with her husband. Her birthday is Sept. 22. Follow her on Twitter @KatieQLowes and on Instagram @ktqlowes.

Julie White as "Helen" from the CBS series HOW WE ROLL, premiering Thursday, March 31 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on the CBS app and Paramount+. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Julie White (Helen on HOW WE ROLL)

 Julie White is a Tony Award winner for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play for her role in “The Little Dog Laughed,” and starred in Joe Mantello’s 2015 production of Lisa D’Amour’s play “Airline Highway,” for which she was nominated for Tony, Drama Desk and Drama League awards.

Tony-nominated for her performance in the 2019 Taylor Mac-created “Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus” on Broadway opposite Nathan Lane, White earlier starred on Broadway in Lucas Hnath’s “A Doll’s House 2” with Stephen Henderson and Jane Houdyshell, and opposite Matthew Broderick and Annaleigh Ashford in the revival of A.R. Gurney’s “Sylvia” for director Dan Sullivan.

White’s additional Broadway credits include “Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike,” “The Heidi Chronicles,” and Off-Broadway credits “The Understudy” and “Fiction” for The Roundabout, “Twelfth Night” at The Delacorte for The Public Theatre and “Bad Dates” for Playwrights Horizons, to name some favorites. She won an Obie Award, The Elliot Norton Award, the Ovation Award and been nominated multiple times for Outer Critics Circle, Drama Desk, and Drama League Awards.

On television, White recurred as Antoinette, “Nurse Jackie”s AA sponsor; opposite John Goodman in the Garry Trudeau/Amazon series “Alpha House”; and spent a season on “Go On” opposite Matthew Perry, for which she won the Gracie Award. Other memorable TV roles are Mitzi Dalton Huntley in Alan Ball’s “Six Feet Under,” Nadine Swoboda on “Grace Under Fire,” Dr. Anne Morella on “Law & Order: SVU” and comedy appearances on cult favorites “You’re the Worst” and “Man Seeking Woman.”

Coming up, in addition to HOW WE ROLL, White will appear in the new Apple + series “Roar” among an all-star cast, including Nicole Kidman and Cynthia Erivo, as well as the Apple+ miniseries “WeCrashed” opposite Anne Hathaway. Other television credits include White starring opposite Kiefer Sutherland and Anthony Edwards on the final season of “Designated Survivor” and appearing in the critically acclaimed limited series “Mrs. America,” with Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson.

On the big screen, White appeared in “Lincoln” for Steven Spielberg opposite Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field, in addition to being a staple on the indie scene in such festival films as “Breaking Upwards,” “Hello I Must Be Going,” “Morning,” “My Idiot Brother” and “Life Partners.” Additional studio features include the massively successful “Transformers” franchise, “Michael Clayton” opposite George Clooney, “The Astronaut Farmer” with Billy Bob Thornton, and the animated film “Monsters and Aliens”.

White resides in Northern Westchester, NY, when not filming. Her birthday is June 4. Follow her on Instagram @missjuliewhite.

Mark Gross, producer/writer for "How We Roll" on CBS.

Mark Gross is a producer and writer, known for Mike & Molly (2010), Man with a Plan (2016) and Gary Unmarried (2008).







Katie Lowes, Chi McBride, Julie White and Mason Wells Also Star

“Pilot” – Pete Holmes stars in a new comedy inspired by the life of professional bowler Tom Smallwood, who gets laid off from his factory job and makes the extraordinary decision to follow his dream of becoming a professional bowler, on the series premiere of the CBS Original series HOW WE ROLL, Thursday, March 31 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. Katie Lowes, Chi McBride, Julie White and Mason Wells also star.

As a skilled player, Tom (Holmes) knows that in bowling you get two chances; no matter what you do with the first ball, you get another one to make it right – the ultimate second chance. Keeping that in mind, Tom begins his new career with the loving okay from his wife, Jen (Lowes); the unfaltering support of Archie (McBride), his mentor and the proud owner of Archie’s Lanes: Home of the Curly Fry; the cautious backing of his protective mom, Helen (White); and the encouragement of his son, Sam (Wells). It remains to be seen if Tom will strike it big on the Pro Bowler circuit, but right now, the pins are set, he’s taking his second shot and it’s 300 or bust!


Pete Holmes (Tom)
Katie Lowes (Jen)
Chi McBride (Archie)
Julie White (Helen)
Mason Wells (Sam)


Tahj Mowry (Lewell)
Amanda Perez (Tia)
Greg Romero Wilson (William)
Matt McCarthy (Carl)
Judy Kain (Mimi)

WRITTEN BY: Mark Gross

DIRECTED BY: Mark Cendrowski


“The Sponsor” – Tom must choose between loyalty to his mentor, Archie, and money when his first TV interview leads to a new sponsorship deal, but he can only feature one logo on his bowling shirt: Archie Lanes, Home of the Curly Fry, or Powell Mortuary. Also, Jen’s boss stifles her creativity at the salon, on the CBS Original series HOW WE ROLL, Thursday, April 7 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.


Pete Holmes (Tom)
Katie Lowes (Jen)
Chi McBride (Archie)
Julie White (Helen)
Mason Wells (Sam)


Tahj Mowry (Lewell)
Amanda Perez (Tia)
Greg Romero Wilson (William)
Matt McCarthy (Carl)
Judy Kain (Mimi)


McKale Jude Bingham (Lee)
Kerrice Ayanna Brooks (Hannah)
Brittany Baker (TV Reporter)
Sarah Lilly (Sandy)
French Stewart (Jacob Powell)

WRITTEN BY: Michael Glouberman

DIRECTED BY: Betsy Thomas

GENRE: Comedy


“The Hustle” – Looking for ways to make extra cash, Tom considers selling his prized baseball card collection so he can treat Jen, who’s been working extra hours at the salon, on the CBS Original series HOW WE ROLL, Thursday, April 14 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.


Pete Holmes (Tom)
Katie Lowes (Jen)
Chi McBride (Archie)
Julie White (Helen)
Mason Wells (Sam)


Tahj Mowry (Lewell)
Amanda Perez (Tia)
Greg Romero Wilson (William)
Matt McCarthy (Carl)
Judy Kain (Mimi)


Greg Winter (Ben)
Sean Cook (Brad)
Laura Buckles (Brenda)

WRITTEN BY: Tommy Johnagin

DIRECTED BY: Betsy Thomas

GENRE: Comedy

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Interview with Michael Bolton

TV Interview!

Michael Bolton at "American Song Contest" on NBC

Interview with Michael Bolton at “American Song Contest” on NBC by Suzanne 3/28/22

It was great to speak with this legend a second time. Last week, Michael Bolton competed in the first episode of “American Song Contest” on NBC. This is a show similar to “Eurovision.”  NBC had this great after-show virtual red carpet for those of us in the press. Unfortunately, between technical problems, background noise, and Michael Bolton being a very quiet speaker, we weren’t able to hear or understand him, nor could we get a good video! Fortunately, it was announced during this week’s show that Michael had been voted to continue in the next round, so NBC was able to get us this short Zoom interview with him to make up for last week. I’m so grateful and happy!

Enjoy this nice CLEAR video! We’ll have the transcript up later.


Michael Bolton at "American Song Contest" on NBCConnecticut: Michael Bolton

State: Connecticut
Singer’s name: Michael Bolton
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Resident: Westport, CT

Michael Bolton is a multiple Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter who has sold more than 65 million records globally and continues to tour the world. Bolton is strongly committed to humanitarian causes, especially through the Michael Bolton Charities. In recognition of his artistic achievements, Michael won two Grammys for Best Pop Male Vocal Performance (nominated four times), six American Music Awards, three Emmy Award nominations and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a songwriter, he has earned more than 24 BMI & ASCAP Awards, including Songwriter of the Year and the Hitmakers Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. His coming-of-age story starts in Connecticut, where he was born and raised and most importantly where he discovered his love of singing and songwriting. He’s proud to represent the state as an artist and as someone who still loves going home to Connecticut.

About ‘American Song Contest’:

From the producers of “Eurovision Song Contest” and “The Voice,” the all-live music competition series, hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson, premieres Monday, March 21 (8:00 – 10:00 pm ET/PT) and will run for eight weeks with the Grand Final on May 9.

“American Song Contest” will feature live new music performances – representing all 50 states, five U.S. territories and our nation’s capital – competing to win the country’s vote for the best hit song. An incredible solo artist, duo or a band will represent each location and perform a new original song, celebrating the depth and variety of different styles and genres across America. The live competition consists of three rounds as the artists compete in a series of Qualifying Rounds, followed by the Semi-Finals and the ultimate Grand Final where one state or territory will emerge victorious.

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Michael Bolton at "American Song Contest" on NBC

Days Update Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ sits in the prison waiting area, reading a magazine, when a note falls out of it that reads “Consider this a friendly reminder to keep your mouth shut!” EJ tosses the note aside and says “Damn you, Clyde”

Ben wakes Clyde up at home with coffee. Clyde remarks that he got to sleep later than this in prison but thanks him. Clyde asks if Ciara is still sleeping and if Ben doesn’t wake her up at this ungodly hour. Ben informs Clyde that Ciara is at a pre-natal yoga class and it’s time for Clyde to get up because they have to talk about Clyde getting a job if he’s going to stay here.

Craig goes to Marlena’s office at the hospital and asks if it’s a good time. Marlena tells him to come in and sit down. Craig says he needs to make it quick as he just started work and he’s already behind because Kayla left quite the backlog. Marlena questions him coming first. Craig explains that he had to because the first item of business is to fire her.

Brady and Chloe wake up in bed together. They talk about this being real as they kiss. Brady asks if she has any regrets. Chloe says not at all and feels like maybe they should consider doing it again. They continue kissing until Leo appears in the doorway and asks if they mind if he watches.

Clyde asks if Ben wants to charge him rent. Ben says no but finding work is a condition of his parole and he’s now his responsibility. Ben adds that there is no way he’s letting him become a liability. Ben declares either they go get Clyde a job or he gets out. Clyde says he’d never do anything to get him in trouble. Clyde gets a phone call which Ben questions. Clyde notes that it says it’s from Statesville and guesses one of his buddies from prison misses him already.

At the Brady Pub, Chad tells Kate that their plan won’t work unless Belle finds the evidence. Kate says they couldn’t just leave the file on her desk and they have to be patient. Chad argues that it’s not Kate’s brother that is serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. Kate agrees to see what she can do to move it along. Chad thanks her and then exits. Roman comes over and asks if everything is okay. Kate says that Chad is just upset about EJ being in prison. Roman asks why Chad is complaining to Kate about it when there’s nothing she can do. Kate asks for a coffee to go, claiming she forgot that she had an errand to run.

Clyde answers and accepts the call from prison. Clyde asks Ben if he can take this in private, so Ben goes to get dressed. Clyde answers and it’s EJ, who questions Clyde making threats even after making parole. EJ informs Clyde that he just got a friendly reminder from Orpheus to keep his mouth shut. Clyde argues that EJ’s beef should be with Orpheus then, not him. Clyde questions how he got this number. EJ responds that Clyde’s not the only one who has friends. EJ adds that he told him he wouldn’t say a word about their arrangement, so he needs to call off his dogs or else he’ll have to hire some of his own.

Chloe questions what the hell Leo is doing here. Brady threatens to call the cops and having him charged with breaking and entering. Leo informs him that John let him in. Brady argues that John let him in the house but not this room. Leo reveals that he came to see Brady and had no idea Chloe would be there, asking how long this has been going on. Brady responds that it’s none of his business. Leo says just like his relationship with Craig is none of their business but that didn’t stop them.

Craig informs Marlena that the board is going to e-mail the staff later this morning, so he just came by to give her a heads up. Craig acknowledges that she has been a fixture here for so long, so he told the board that he didn’t think it was a job for HR to handle. Marlena accuses him of doing Seth’s dirty work. Craig knows she is hurt. Marlena tells him that he can fire her, but they both know that he’s only doing it because Kayla wouldn’t do it. Craig tells Marlena to think what she wants. Marlena thinks Craig agrees with exactly how she feels.

Kate meets Belle in the town square. Kate thanks her for meeting and brings up that Gabi fired her from DiMera Enterprises. Kate can’t imagine them ever having a good working relationship together anyways. Kate guesses it’s just in her DNA to fight back. Kate informs Belle that she was thinking of suing DiMera for wrongful termination but she would never want to cause problems for DiMera. Belle remarks that she doesn’t really have a case anyways. Kate guesses she’s just loyal. Belle asks what any of this has to do with her. Kate asks if Belle would be able to look up the details of her severance package on her laptop.

EJ asks Clyde if they have an understanding of their mutually assured destruction as he then hangs up. Ben comes back in and asks Clyde if he needs to be worried about the phone call. Clyde says it was nothing but a pep talk and offers to take Ben out for breakfast to thank him for all he’s done. Clyde adds that Ben will have to pay but he’ll make it up to him when he gets a job.

At the hospital, Lani finishes a call with Paulina about her watching the twins as TR approaches. TR talks about the kids being he and Paulina’s grandchildren. TR states that he has a beautiful and successful daughter, who has given him the gift of grandchildren. TR says all they need now is for Eli to get well. TR claims that he’s been praying for him night and day because he’s family. TR calls them more important to him than anything else in the world and asks Lani if she believes that. Lani responds that she’s really trying. TR says that’s all he can ask.

Leo complains about Brady and Chloe conspiring with Will and Sonny to put Chad in his bed. Brady guesses he wormed his way out of that too. Leo remarks that he could never sleep with another man unless Craig wanted to be a part of it. Leo says as soon as Chad offered himself to him, the first thing he did was text Craig to see if he wanted to be part of it. Brady argues that Leo was just covering his ass.

Chad visits EJ in prison. EJ doesn’t want to hear another sermon about supposedly kissing Chad’s wife. Chad reveals that Johnny told him what really happened and that it wasn’t EJ, but Belle possessed by the Devil. EJ asks if Chad is here to apologize. Chad says not exactly.

Kate claims to Belle that she forgot some of the details of her severance and she wants everything that she’s entitled to. Belle says she’s not involved in the packages. Kate argues that Belle drew up her contract and she can’t find a copy of it, so she was wondering if Belle could pull one up for her. Belle then opens her laptop to see if she can find the right file. Belle notices a folder with a bunch of files that she has never seen before and says she can’t believe it as she thinks she’s done something horrible.

Ben and Clyde sit together at the Brady Pub for breakfast. Roman comes over to take their order. Clyde informs Roman that he was just released on parole and he’s a free man, no thanks to him. Clyde reminds Ben of how when Roman was police commissioner, he sent his protégé to try and take down the business that Clyde was running. Roman says that was an illegal drug operation. Clyde argues that he was just trying to make a living. Ben tells Clyde not to pick any fights with Roman since he was just doing his job and Clyde was breaking the law. Ben assures Roman that Clyde’s past is now behind him and he’s paid for his crimes in full, so he’s now on the straight and narrow. Clyde confirms he will be out looking for a job after breakfast. Roman wishes him luck with that. Clyde then asks what are the chances of Roman hiring him.

TR tells Lani that her trusting him and allowing him in to her life means more than she knows. TR notes that a lesser, more cynical person might not be as forgiving as Lani which makes him even more proud of her. Lani wants to believe that he’s turned his life around and after everything with Eli, it’s made her realize that life is fragile and unpredictable. Lani cries that the most important thing they can all do is be kind and forgiving to each other. TR claims that he agrees. Lani admits that all she has seen from him is someone who is dedicated to being a decent and caring person. TR promises that is all she will ever see as he hugs her.

Craig informs Marlena that security will be there in 20 minutes to escort her from the building and she can only take personal items. Marlena asks if he’s enjoying this. Craig says he’s not and wanted to do this as quickly and gently as possible. Craig argues that she had to know this was coming. Nancy then comes in, apologizing to Marlena for being late, but is surprised to see Craig there. Nancy asks if Craig is there for counseling. Craig reveals that he’s the new Chief of Staff. Nancy guesses his little boyfriend must be thrilled. Craig responds that he and Leo are actually no longer boyfriends. Nancy excitedly asks if that means Craig dumped the little gold digger.

Leo tells Brady and Chloe that he realized what Chad was up to and how low they all sunk. Chloe yells at Leo to go away and says she doesn’t regret anything they did because they wanted to stop him from ruining another man’s life. Leo argues that they have to find a way to start over, now that they are going to be family. Chloe questions what the hell he’s talking about.

Craig informs Nancy that he and Leo are still together, but he’s not his boyfriend, he’s his fiancée.

Leo reveals to Brady and Chloe that he came to tell them the good news that he and Craig are getting married.

Belle tells Kate that she’s sorry but she’ll have to get back to her about the severance. Kate notes that Belle seems so upset and asks if she can help. Belle says she just has to go and hurries off. Kate bets she knows exactly where Belle is going.

EJ questions why Chad is here if not to apologize. Chad reveals he came to see Dr. Rolf. EJ asks if there’s been a death in the family to reverse. Chad explains that it’s about the drug Kristen gave to Sarah which came from Dr. Rolf’s lab so he came to see if he can provide an antidote. EJ asks if he came to atone for Kristen’s sins. Chad confirms that he is for her sins and his own.

Chloe asks if Leo is joking as she can’t believe he’s marrying her father. Leo tells Chloe that he’ll try to be a good stepfather to her. Leo comments that she looks like she’s going to puke. Chloe claims she’s fine and argues that Craig will say yes to Leo, but one day he will figure that he’s been playing him all along. Leo then reveals that it was actually Craig who asked him to marry him.

Craig knows it’s a shock to Nancy and he’s sorry to spring it on her so suddenly, but he loves Leo. Nancy argues that he can’t possibly love him when he doesn’t even know him and what he thinks he knows is a lie. Craig says he’s already heard about his past. Nancy questions Craig refusing to believe it. Craig understands how hard this is on her and Chloe. Nancy complains that he doesn’t care that he’s ruining her life and their daughter’s. Craig prays that time heals them. Nancy tells Craig to leave because she came here to see her therapist and now she needs her more than ever. Marlena reveals that she’s afraid that she can’t be her therapist any longer because Craig just fired her.

Roman questions Clyde wanting him to hire him. Clyde says he has kitchen experience and sees he’s looking for a short order cook. Roman brings up Clyde trying to blow up the whole city. Clyde argues that they talk about rehabilitation but he’d rather lock them up and throw away the key. Clyde declares that he’s done his time and is trying to put his life back together, but if he can’t get a job then he’ll get thrown right back in prison. Clyde asks if Roman thinks that’s fair.

EJ asks what Chad is talking about. Chad sits down and says he knows his testimony is why EJ is in here and he knows now that things weren’t exactly as they seemed. EJ says they’ve established the Devil went after Abigail and not him, but he doesn’t see how Chad believing his own eyes was a sin. Chad says that’s not the only thing that isn’t what it seems. EJ asks what he means. Chad responds that there is something he needs to know. Belle then bursts in and says there is something that she has to tell EJ. EJ asks what she’s doing there. Belle is glad they are both there because they both need to hear it. Chad asks what it is. Belle informs them that the evidence Chad found on EJ’s computer with so called proof that EJ kidnapped Sami came from her. EJ asks how she knows. Belle explains that Kate asked her to look something up and while scrolling through the files, she found the paper trail that made it look like EJ was the one who hired Sami’s kidnappers but the file was actually created by her, or the Devil while she was possessed. Belle tells EJ that he was framed and the evidence was manufactured. Belle cries that she’s so sorry.

Lani thanks TR for stopping by. TR says he wants to help her through this terrible time. Lani says that he has by being caring, supportive, and comforting to her. Lani says she better get back to Eli. TR tells her to let him know that her father is praying for him. Lani says she talks to Eli a lot, hoping that he hears her, so she will pass that along. TR tells Lani to take care of herself. Lani cries that she will because she has to be strong for her kids no matter what happens. TR calls her strong and courageous, saying he couldn’t be prouder of her. Lani then heads to Eli’s hospital room.

Roman asks to talk to Ben so they step aside. Roman asks Ben when Clyde got out and where he’s staying. Ben informs him that he got out yesterday and is staying with them. Ben explains that he just showed up on their door and he’s such a loose cannon, so he thought he should keep an eye on him as he doesn’t know what else to do. Roman asks if Ciara is okay with it. Ben says neither of them are. Ben apologizes for not having more sense than to bring Clyde here as he doesn’t expect Roman to just forget about all the things he’s done. Roman tells Ben not to worry about it. Roman says he’s going to make a phone call and orders Ben not to let Clyde go.

Leo guesses Chloe isn’t going to congratulate him. Chloe argues that her parents aren’t even divorced yet. Leo says it’s just a matter of time and then Chloe will be calling him “daddy”. Brady tells Leo to get the hell out. Leo jokes that Brady can call him daddy too. Leo tells Chloe that they both love her dad, so maybe they can bury the hatchet for his sake. Leo then exits while Chloe remarks that she’d like to bury the hatchet in his crotch.

Nancy questions Craig firing Marlena. Craig says the board fired her while he just delivered the news. Marlena tells Nancy that she can recommend a colleague. Nancy declares that Craig is not going to fire her. Craig informs her that she has no say in this matter. Nancy points out that if Craig wants to get married, he needs a divorce from her first. Craig asks if she’s going to blackmail him. Nancy says she will succeed, warning that divorces can be messy and drag on for years. Nancy declares that unless Craig wants to wait a decade or so to get married, Marlena keeps her job.

Leo joins Craig in the town square and asks about his morning. Leo claims that he ran in to Brady and Chloe and he was so excited that he let it slip that they are getting married. Craig argues that he should’ve been the one to tell Chloe. Leo claims he’s sorry and that he was really sensitive in the way he told her. Leo says he’s just so happy that it’s hard to keep it to himself. Craig asks how Chloe took it. Leo claims that Chloe and Brady both seemed happy for them. Craig finds that hard to believe. Leo admits they were more tepid in their reaction but they understands it’s inevitable and they need to accept it for Craig’s sake. Leo adds that now all they need is for Nancy to agree to sign the divorce papers. Craig reveals that she did that. Leo calls that amazing. Craig adds that there is a little catch.

Marlena tells Nancy that she didn’t have to do that. Nancy says she wanted to because Craig ruined her life, but she doesn’t see any reason that he should ruin Marlena’s too.

EJ says now that Belle found the paper trail, they have proof that he did not kidnap Sami. Chad says this is really good news. Chad decides he will leave to let them figure out how to move forward with all of this. Chad tells EJ that he’s really sorry he had to go through all of this as he then exits. EJ comments that Chad sounded like he actually meant that. Belle is sure he did. Belle cries that what happened to EJ was so wrong. EJ assures the Devil put him in here while Belle is the one getting him out. Belle tells EJ that he can be angry with her. EJ tells her to let it all go and focus on the fact that she now has something concrete to take to the board of appeals. Belle says she’s going to have a colleague do that since she thinks it’s better for a third party to handle the case since she is the one who framed him. Belle says the important thing is that EJ is getting out. EJ says that’s thanks to her as he hugs her.

Kate walks past the Brady Pub and gets a call from Chad, who says he’s calling from prison which Kate questions. Kate asks if he told EJ the truth. Chad says he didn’t have to as whatever Kate said to Belle worked since she told EJ that she’s the one who framed him. Chad declares that EJ will never find out that he and Lucas are the ones that set him up.

Clyde worries to Ben that Roman making a call means he’s trying to find someone to set him up to send him back to prison because he’s always had it in for him. Ben argues that he doesn’t know that. Roman comes back and reveals that he just got off the phone with Statesville prison and apparently, Clyde is a pretty good short order cook, so he got the job. Roman adds that he promised to keep a very close eye on him. Ben thanks Roman. Roman asks when Clyde can start. Clyde says any time since Roman’s the boss. Clyde then thanks Roman and they shake hands. Kate then walks in to the Pub and calls this a surprise. Clyde tells Kate that it’s wonderful to see her again.

Belle tells EJ that before he knows it, he’ll be a free man. EJ calls that good news. Belle finds Orpheus’ note to EJ and questions what it is. EJ calls it nothing and just something he got in to with an inmate. Belle calls that quite a threat. Belle says it won’t be long before EJ is back home and totally safe.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, March 30, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Anita

[ Police radio chatter ]

Chase: [ Sighs ]

Dante: Oh! There he is. Hey. Good to have you back.

Chase: It’s good to be back in the squad room. I missed this place.

Dante: Did you? You’re not gonna cry, are you?

Chase: No, come on.

Dante: Ha. Do you want me to give you a minute with the desk? Get reacquainted? What’s going on? The suspension’s over? I-I-I’m not in the loop.

Chase: No, I’ve still got 54 days, 11 hours, and…33 minutes. But who’s counting? I’m only here because I volunteered to organize this year’s community softball league. I should be fully reinstated in time to play.

Dante: Oh, that’s nice of you. I mean, uh, we’ll be looking forward to having you back on the team and the force. And if it was up to me, you would have been reinstated just for what you did for helping out Maxie’s baby.

Chase: Oh, I just helped out a little bit at the end. Brook Lynn’s the real hero.

Lawyer: Everything is in order. All that’s left to do is take this to the stock exchange. I’ll be in touch.

Lucy: Okay. Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate it. And of course, we will be waiting. Okay, take care, see you soon, bye. Thank you. [ Inhales deeply ] [ Screams ] Oh, my goodness! It’s happening. We did it. I am so proud of all of us. All our hard work we did together. You guys, we are such a team, and I just cannot wait to celebrate all our accomplishments at the IPO launch party. Yes.

Maxie: That’s coming up April 5th.

Brook Lynn: Oh, right.

Lucy: Right. Okay. Okay. [ Exhales deeply ] Focus. When we hear from the lawyer, while we wait, let’s just finalize everything. Okay. Wait. Guest list, refreshments, the food and drink, and the entertainment, and then let the fun begin.

Maxie: Yeah!

Lucy: Wooh!

Brando: [ Chuckles ] You mean that PB&J sandwich with stale bread didn’t do it for you?

Sasha: [ Laughs ]

Brando: Hmm. I guess that is the downside of having an extended honeymoon. No groceries.

Sasha: I can live with that.

Brando: Yeah, me too. You know, I-I really loved our time away, but it is nice to be back as husband and wife.

Sasha: I’m not ready to give up our honeymoon vibe yet. I love it when it’s just you and me.

Portia: He’s late.

Curtis: By one minute.

Portia: Hmm. Yeah. I just don’t know about this. What if he’s not the right fit for Trina? We have no idea.

Curtis: Baby, we’ll never know unless we talk to him. Now, Laura hooked us up, and she said he would know what to do, and I trust her. So let’s just give it a chance. And I know everything will work out. And I’m sure Trina’s in good hands.

[ Knock on door ]

Scott: Oh, hi. Sorry I’m late. The elevator was chock full of people. Hi, Curtis. Scott Baldwin at your service.

Trina: Did you just ask me why I did it? You know I didn’t!

Spencer: I was ready to believe that it was Esme.

Trina: You knew that I’m not capable of doing something like this.

Spencer: I thought so. But there is evidence. And it points to you.

Victor: Ah, Nikolas, glad I found you. We need to talk about Spencer.

Nikolas: Later. Did you see Esme outside?

Victor: Uh, as a matter of fact, I did. As I was pulling in, another car was pulling out. I saw Esme in the back seat.

Nikolas: Who was driving? Which way did they go?

Victor: Well, I-I couldn’t tell. I didn’t think it was unusual. Although, I must say, it did seem like an expensive ride-share for someone with such limited means. What — why are you worried?

Nikolas: I was asking Esme about the video and Spencer. She got really upset. She was keeping something from me. And then she told me that she needed air, but that she would be right back.

Victor: Well, perhaps she felt better and left.

Nikolas: But why? Why would she just take off without a word? I mean, she was obviously holding something back.

Victor: Well, that she most certainly is. Esme could be carrying the next Cassadine heir.

Sonny: Thank you for coming.

Esme: I didn’t have much of a choice.

Sonny: I’m — you know, I’m sorry about my — my associate. He’s — he’s kind of rough around the edges. He doesn’t come from the school of social graces. He’s kind of the — a man of action. I hope he didn’t frighten you.

Esme: Actually, he did.

Sonny: Well, that wasn’t my intention. I just wanted you to come here so we could chat.

Esme: I don’t know why you’d want to chat with me.

Sonny: Oh, I think you do.

Esme: Spence?

Sonny: This is about what you did to my stepdaughter Josslyn.

Maxie: Okay, we really need to finalize music selections and book the artists.

Lucy: Yep, and I happen to have some inspired live performance ideas.

Maxie: Where are we gonna get talent on such short notice?

Lucy: Uh, hello? Lucy Coe, mistress of ceremonies of The Nurses’ Ball.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, but this is the Deception IPO.

Lucy: Yeah, and I happen to be senior equity partner of Deception, and I am just going to ask all the people that I asked to sing for The Nurses’ Ball to sing for our company. Okay? Starting with Amy and Chase.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, about that —

Lucy: Listen, Amy will love it. You know, she is a sucker for the spotlight. So, did you get a chance to ask Chase to sing?

Brook Lynn: So the thing is that I —

Lucy: No, you’re not hearing me. We need him to sing. So why didn’t you nail him down when he happened to be by here the other day?

Brook Lynn: So…

[ Knock on door ]

Gladys: Am I interrupting anything? Are you guys still talking about the IPO?

Lucy: Uh. Yes on both questions.

Brook Lynn: Gladys, what do you want?

Gladys: Stock options. Especially now that Sasha is my daughter-in-law, I’d like to revisit having a personal stake in the company.

Lucy: Ha! Really? So, see, around here, we don’t hand out shares based on nepotism. Oh, you know what, though? If you want to prove your worth to our company, you know what you could do? You could go get us all lunch. And I would love a Caesar salad with lots and lots of little croutons. Brook Lynn needs me here.

Brook Lynn: Actually, I don’t. I’ll take a chicken pasta salad.

Maxie: Make that two.

Lucy: Okay. Two chicken pasta salads and that Caesar. Lots of little tiny croutons. Thank you. See you soon. Bye-bye. Ta.

[ Door closes ]

Lucy: Oh, good grief. Okay, enough of the distractions. We really, really have a million things to do, right? We — we got to get on this, and the first thing is, you have got to get Chase to sing. Go talk to him.

Brook Lynn: I’m sorry, guys, but the answer is no.

Dante: You know, I-I gotta hand it to Brook Lynn. I mean, I knew she could scheme with the best of them, but this is next-level-type stuff. She didn’t even get anything out of this.

Chase: Well, that’s what I mean. Brook Lynn went into it for the wrong reasons but wound up doing everything right.

Dante: Yeah. Who would have thought that faking a pregnancy would turn out to be a noble gesture?

Chase: She thought she was looking out for her family.

Dante: Yeah, I know, but t-that’s Brook Lynn for you right there. She’s a walking contradiction. I mean, I told you, we grew up together. As kids, she — she even then had this heart underneath all the selfish pranks she used to pull.

Chase: People grow up.

Dante: Well, hopefully she did. I mean, hopefully that’s — that’s what this is and not just a one-off. And then the real Brook Lynn, the old-school selfish Brook Lynn just comes back out again.

Chase: Well, you know what? Brook Lynn today is kind and caring, and I don’t like you talking about her like this.

Dante: Whoa. Whoa, where’s this coming from? You’re the one who told me you couldn’t trust her.

Brando: We are getting our food to go.

Sasha: Thanks, husband.

Brando: Ooh. I love it when you call me that.

Sasha: I love it when you call me you wife. So, we’re doing this?

Brando: Yes, definitely. And since no one knows we’re in town yet, we can just try and ease our way back into reality. Um, but there are a few things that we do need to talk about immediately now that we’re married.

Scott: So, let me say this. I-I’m sorry that this happened to Trina. I’ve reviewed the case, and, yeah, I-it’s a doozy.

Portia: My daughter didn’t do the things that she was charged with, Mr. Baldwin. And I know that people probably say that to you all the time, but she didn’t. She — she just could never. It’s not her.

Scott: Okay, so if you want me to say that I believe her, I do. I really do. So I got a guy in the DA’s office, so I know what the evidence is, and the burden of proof is on the prosecution. And this case is loaded with opportunities to cast reasonable doubt.

Spencer: The whole time you were trying to convince me that the sex tape was Esme’s fault, you had that phone with that video.

Trina: I’ve never seen that phone before. Someone set me up.

Spencer: You mean Esme?

Trina: That’s the only thing that makes sense.

Spencer: How did she do it?

Trina: I don’t know. How does she do half the stuff she’s done? She’s figured it out somehow.

Spencer: We weren’t at the cabin when that video was taken, but I was there long enough to know that you were really drunk and mad about Joss and Esme.

Trina: I don’t remember being mad at Joss.

Spencer: That’s exactly right. You don’t remember what you did or didn’t do. But Esme was next to me pretty much all the time. So when would she have had the time to frame you?

Trina: Are you really trying to accuse me of this?

Spencer: Look, I’m not judging you. I’ve done enough that I’m in no position to do that. I’m just trying to understand.

Trina: Understand this. I didn’t do it.

Spencer: I want to believe you.

Trina: Then why can’t you?!

Nikolas: Esme might be pregnant?

Victor: Yeah, Spencer said they don’t know for certain yet.

Nikolas: That would explain why she’s been so emotional. She’s dealing with a lot right now.

Victor: Yeah, I heard about the breakup.

Nikolas: Obviously, Spencer knows. How is he dealing with all of this?

Victor: Well, he’s pretty shaken up, as you can imagine. That’s why I came to find you. If Esme is indeed pregnant, then that baby will be a Cassadine. They’re both going to need our support.

Nikolas: Maybe we should talk about this some place more private. I’m just gonna call Esme and make sure she got back to Kelly’s all right.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Victor: What do you got there?

Nikolas: This is Esme’s phone.

Esme: I haven’t done anything to Joss.

Sonny: You know what you did, and you’re gonna make it right.

Esme: W-wait, is this about that unfortunate video of Joss and cam?

Sonny: [ Snaps fingers ] Got it.

Esme: The PCPD arrested someone for that. It — it wasn’t me.

Sonny: You know, I have very good instincts, and they’re telling me that Trina Robinson wouldn’t do that.

Esme: You’ve never been wrong?

Sonny: Never. And your name is being tossed around a lot.

Esme: It’s no secret that Joss and I don’t get along, but I would never do that to her. Please. You have to believe me!

Sonny: Don’t do that. There’s no need for that. I called you here ’cause I want to know the truth.

Esme: I am telling the truth. What have I done to you that would make you think the worst of me?

Sonny: You don’t remember the hospital? When you lied to me?

Esme: If you mean the time I mistakenly told you that Nikolas and Ava were taking Avery out of the country —

Sonny: Yeah, that’s it.

Esme: That was a misunderstanding. One I regretted.

Sonny: Why? Because it led to the truth about what you did to Ava a-and Nikolas?

Esme: Because I didn’t mean for anything bad to happen to your daughter.

Sonny: Now you’re lying to my face. You and Spencer meant every horrible thing that was done to Ava. And then to reach your goals, you involved my daughter twice. Once with the — with the teddy bear. And the other time when — when you lied that Nikolas and Ava left with — with my daughter.

Esme: I mean, I regret the things that Spence and I did, but I-I apologized to you. Didn’t you forgive me?

Sonny: Yeah, I did.

Esme: But you didn’t forget.

Sonny: I have a long memory, especially when somebody hurts my family. And now you’ve hurt Josslyn. [ Whispering ] Let’s save everybody a lot of time. And just admit you were behind the sex tape.

Spencer: I believed you when it was your word against Esme’s. What you say means a lot to me. But now there is evidence.

Trina: Which was planted, because, like I keep telling you, Esme set me up.

Spencer: Esme and I have been through a lot.

Trina: Then you should know what she’s capable of.

Spencer: Yes, and I’ve seen the worst in her. But I was the instigator when she did those… things. She thought that she was helping me because she loved me.

Trina: See, the difference between me and Esme is that I would never… I could never intentionally hurt a person.

Spencer: You’ve done things for me you wouldn’t normally do. Like lie. If I stoked those impulses in Esme, maybe I did the same to you.

Chase: Okay, yeah, Brook Lynn has done some shady things, but people do change, and it’s hard when everyone keeps dredging up who they used to be. But I was there during some of the toughest times. She was taking heat from all sides, and I saw how it affected her. And she kept on protecting Bailey.

Dante: Aha. See, I was right. You — you do have feelings for her.

Chase: We went through something significant together. And I know that Brook Lynn is more than what you’re saying.

Dante: Hey, look, man, I didn’t mean anything by it. But that’s the beauty of a real friend, they see you for who you are, and they like you anyway.

Chase: Just give Brook Lynn a little more credit. That’s all I’m saying.

Brook Lynn: I can’t ask Chase to do the duet. I feel like I’d be taking advantage of our friendship.

Lucy: What? Wait a minute! This is the same guy who pretended to be a father who wasn’t a father all to help you protect Maxie’s baby. This — this is just a teeny, tiny little favor in comparison.

Maxie: Okay, wait, lucy. I see Brook Lynn’s point. We owe Chase for everything he’s done already. So let’s explore other options.

Lucy: What?! What good are friends if you can’t guilt them into singing for your company? Come on. I have guilted tons of people over my li– never mind. Never you mind. I give up for a moment. Maxie, I need you to talk some sense into yourself, then talk sense into this one. I need gummies! And I’m gonna go get them.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Brook Lynn: Thank you.

Maxie: Not a problem. Now that it’s just the two of us, what’s your deal? Do you not want Chase around?

Brook Lynn: That’s not it. It’s the exact opposite.

Sasha: What needs our attention? Should I be worried?

Brando: Well, I hope not. I just wanted to point out that we’re married and we don’t live together.

Sasha: Yeah, well, we should figure that out. But let’s just enjoy being married for now.

Brando: Okay. It’s not like we do things in the right order.

Sasha: Look, I-I know that our relationship has been a little unorthodox, but I’m happy where we are now.

Brando: Me too.

Sasha: So let’s just enjoy this feeling a little longer.

Gladys: Brando, you’re back! I missed you so much.

Brando: Mm-hmm.

Glady: [ Sighs ] Hello, Sasha. You’re looking well. If I’d known you were coming back, I would have asked for the day off from work.

Sasha: It’s probably best you didn’t. I’m sure deception is busy with the IPO.

Gladys: Oh, yes. Oh, oh. It’s all anyone is talking about. And since what’s Sasha’s is yours now, you’ll be living on easy street. You can retire early.

Brando: Ma, come on. I’m keeping the garage.

Gladys: Have it your way. But you’ll need somewhere to work on all the cars you’ll be collecting. But look, I got to put in this lunch order. Do not go anywhere. I want to hear all about the honeymoon.

Brando: Too late to make a run for it.

Sasha: So much for easing back into reality.

Victor: Are you sure that’s Esme’s phone?

Nikolas: I saw it earlier.

Victor: Well, perhaps she dropped it.

Nikolas: No, Esme would need her phone for the updates with the ride-share. She’d notice if she didn’t have it, and she would have come back for it by now.

Victor: Well, maybe she caught a ride with a friend.

Nikolas: No, Esme told me she doesn’t have any friends. She said everyone blames her for the sex tape.

Victor: Oh, yeah, I read about that. Carly Corinthos’ daughter, right?

Nikolas: Sonny? What about him?

Esme: He’s had it in for me ever since I stretched the truth about you and Ava leaving town with Avery.

Nikolas: We have to go.

Victor: Go where?

Nikolas: Sonny Corinthos has her.

Maxie: Explain, please. You want Chase around, but you don’t want him to sing at the IPO launch party because of Amy?

Brook Lynn: Because of me and my feelings.

Maxie: Oh, now we’re getting somewhere.

Brook Lynn: [ Sighs ]

Maxie: See, I knew something was going on because you were acting really weird around him the other day. This is why you hustled him out of here and didn’t want to talk to him about singing the duet.

Brook Lynn: Look, Chase has made it clear that he just wants to be friends, so I have to keep my distance until, you know, I can get a handle on my feelings, get back to the friend zone. So I really don’t want to be asking Chase for any favors right now. I don’t even want to see him at the launch party, to be honest.

Lucy: Chase! Just the man I wanted to see. Isn’t that funny how the cosmos works? You put the energy out there, and then there you are.

Gradys: Well, at least you had a nice honeymoon, considering you got married out of the blue. Um, and the rings aren’t bad, though I might have gone for something a little flashier.

Brando: I picked them out, and I was lucky to find a jewelry store nearby.

Gladys: Yeah. Yeah. Like buying that garage you got married in.

Brando: Ma.

Gladys: Listen, I gave you my blessing, and I meant it. Believe me, I only want what’s best for you both.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Brando: Oh. I need to take this. I’ll be right back.

Gladys: Now that it’s just us girls, let me tell you how I really feel about this elopement.

Scott: I will have witnesses testifying to Trina’s stellar character and lack of motive. Cameron and Josslyn, I’ll get them. They should have significant sway.

Curtis: Okay. But first, I think we have to get through the arraignment. What’s that look like?

Scott: Well, it could go two ways. The best is that they waive bail because there’s no priors. The worst is they take it up a notch, you know, to a high profile because of Josslyn’s stepfather. But it still comes down to Trina’s character, which is really great. I mean, she at PCU, 4.0. She’s got a job. Teachers love her. You know, a lot of friends. And your reputation as Chief of Internal Medicine.

Portia: I see you’ve definitely done your homework, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: I see Cameron as my grandson, so I would never represent anybody that would do this to him.

Curtis: Uh, well, we should get to the arraignment. Can’t be late.

Scott: Yeah, you’re right. Judges do not like it when you’re late. So I’ll see you there.

Curtis: Well, feel better about him?

Portia: We, uh… we better get going.

Curtis: Whoa, whoa. Hold up. Are you okay?

Portia: [ Voice breaking ] I will be. I will be after all of this is over. But it’s just — I just need to stay strong for Trina right now. [ Sighs ]

Curtis: Okay. Look, look, look. I know everything’s gonna be okay, all right? But I need you to know that whatever happens, I’ve got you.

Portia: Mm-hmm.

Trina: I knew you were self-centered, but this — this is next level. I may have gone against my instincts and my principles by covering for you, but that does not compare to making a sex tape of Joss and Cameron, my best friends, and posting it. I would never do that to anyone for any reason.

Spencer: But you were drunk, Trina, and you admitted to a lot of buried feelings about Joss and Cam being together.

Trina: How can you even consider that I did this? I had faith in you when everyone told me that you didn’t deserve it. All I had was a gut feeling that you were a good guy deep down. Where’s that good guy now? Was I wrong all along?

Spencer: It’s not that simple for me.

Trina: You know the truth in your heart. But you just don’t want to see it. You’re still blind to Esme — after everything she’s done.

Spencer: Everything she’s done has been for me and my family.

Maxie: Chase, it is so good to see you. What brings you by?

Chase: I’m following up with H.R. About the softball league to get the charity donation set up.

Maxie: Oh, man. They’re out today. Recruitment event.

Lucy: Yeah, but boy, oh, boy, are we glad you showed up.

Maxie: You know, Chase, on your way in, did you happen to see Gladys Corbin?

Chase: Uh, no.

Maxie: Typical Gladys. Lucy, why don’t we go to the restaurant and look for her? And if she’s not there, we can have a working lunch.

Lucy: Well, no, but I-I would really like to a–

Maxie: It’ll be great, and after, I’ll get you some gummies.

[ Door closes ]

Chase: What was that all about?

Brook Lynn: Oh. You know Lucy. She probably just wants to change the color of the softball jerseys or something.

Chase: Are you gonna play?

Brook Lynn: I haven’t really thought about it.

Chase: You should. Be fun seeing you around the diamond.

Brook Lynn: Yeah?

Chase: Yeah.

Brook Lynn: [ Sighs ] Actually, um… Lucy wants to get some singers to perform at the launch party. You remember that duet I wrote? I’d really love for you to sing it…with Amy. Plus, it’d be really fun to see you there. So what do you say?

Trina: What do you mean, your family? Your father? Because Esme sure hasn’t done a thing for Nikolas and Ava.

Spencer: I mean the Cassadines. My family. Esme is included in that.

Trina: How? By pushing her way into it?

Spencer: No, she’s a part of it now because she — because she might be carrying my child.

Trina: Esme might be pregnant with your baby? Hmm. That explains why you have to see the best in her. And the worst in me.

Spencer: Trina, you have to understand.

Trina: Here’s what I understand. From the moment I met you, my life has gotten worse. So many times, I looked the other direction when I shouldn’t have to protect you. And now I’m arrested because of your girlfriend’s lies! And you want me to understand? I understand that you should know me better than that. So if you can’t look me in my eyes and tell me you know I had nothing to do with this, then I’m done. I’m through! We have nothing left to say to each other.

Spencer: I, uh…

Trina: You should go check on Esme. You two deserve each other.

Spencer: Trina.

Trina: Leave!

Officer: Time to go. Come with me.

Sonny: Neither of us are going anywhere until you tell me the truth.

Esme: I have told you. I didn’t do it.

Sonny: Okay. You hungry? You want something to eat?

Esme: You can’t keep me here forever.

Sonny: You know, I’ve had my share of regrets. Um…choices I can’t take back. But it doesn’t define you. You can step up right now, take responsibility for your actions, make amends to the people who you have hurt, and just move forward.

Esme: Some things you can’t make up for.

Sonny: True. The people you’ve hurt are not obligated to, uh, forgive you. And sometimes you can’t make it right by them. But you know what? You keep working on that. You know why? To better yourself for you and the people that are going to come into your life. You’ve played games with Avery, Ava, and Nikolas. And now… you’ve hurt Josslyn and Cam. There’s a young woman sitting behind bars right now. You can make it right. All you gotta do… is confess.

Sonny’s Associate: Where do you think you’re going?

Nikolas: I need see to Sonny.

Sonny’s Associate: He’s busy.

Nikolas: Yeah, I’ll bet.

Victor: Hey, take your hands off my nephew.

Nikolas: Where is she?

Esme: Help me!

Sasha: I don’t expect you to understand why we eloped, but that is what felt right in the moment.

Gladys: That is my concern right there — “in the moment.” Marriage is a big step. You two went on that trip to deal with some pretty weighty issues in your relationship, and you came back married. Just doesn’t seem like you thought it through.

Dante: Trina’s in the interrogation room.

Portia: Oh, you really have some nerve showing up here after what that vile girlfriend of yours did to my daughter.

Chase: So, that’s why lucy was fawning over me. The last time that happened, I was in the men’s locker room just out of the shower.

Brook Lynn: What?

Chase: The first time that she recruited me for The Nurses’ Ball. She basically ambushed me. I had to say yes. It was the only way I could get dressed.

Brook Lynn: Right. Well, um, we all know what a great singer you are because of how great of a success you’ve been at the nurses’ ball.

Chase: Look, I’m — I’m flattered, but I’m not a performer. The only reason I sing at The Nurses’ Ball is ’cause it’s for charity.

Brook Lynn: Making people feel beautiful may not fit into the definition of charity, but it’s still worthwhile. Remember you even said that what we do here at Deception is interesting.

Chase: Look, my suspension is up in a few months. I kind of have to keep up appearances. Singing for — for charity, it’s — it’s one thing, but I don’t know how it would look to sing for a cosmetics company.

Brook Lynn: It’s fine. I get it. You have an image to maintain. You don’t fit into my world.

Sasha: Our decision to get married was spur of the moment. But Brando and I talked it through, and we know that it’s the right decision. I love Brando so much more than I thought was possible. You raised a good son, Gladys, and I promise you I am gonna make him happy. I can already see being married to you makes Brando happy. I just don’t want him getting hurt. And I can’t deny we’ve had issues. But he means everything to me.

Brando: Look who I found.

Lucy: There she is — a married lady. Congratulations.

Sasha: Thank you.

Lucy: Oh, I’m so happy.

Maxie: Yeah, I should be mad at you for not letting me plan your wedding, but I’m just to happy for you.

Sasha: Oh, thank you. We’re pretty happy ourselves.

Lucy: Mm, I bet. Hey, listen, the launch party is on track. But after we celebrate the IPO and Deception’s fabulous future, we are gonna throw another fabulous, big, huge party for both of you.

Maxie: Yes! A “happy marriage” party. We’ll go all out. Everyone will be there.

Gladys: Now we’re talking.

Brando: Thank you guys so much. That’s very generous.

Sasha: Totally not necessary.

Maxi: Nonsense. Getting married is a big deal. It deserves to be celebrated properly.

Sasha: But we are already married.

Lucy: So who cares? It’ll be great.

Brando: Yeah. I’ll take any excuse to celebrate my beautiful new wife.

Sasha: Well, when you put it like that, how can I say no?

Dante: Are we gonna have a problem here, Spencer?

Spencer: No, sir.

Dante: Good. Do you want to go see Trina now?

Curtis: Portia?

Portia: Yeah, I’m fine. I don’t have time to deal with you today ’cause my daughter needs me.

Curtis: Let’s go. I’ll, uh… I’ll give you a minute.

Portia: Okay.

Dante: Uh, you know what, Spencer? On second thought, there’s nothing really for you to do here. In fact, I think you’d be making things worse. So why don’t you help out Trina and her mom and get out of here?

Portia: Oh, baby, I’m sorry you’re going through this.

[ Door closes ]

Portia: But I want you to remember that you’re gonna be home in just a little while. And Scott Baldwin is your lawyer. He believes in you. He believes in your case. And when you walk into that courtroom, I want you to walk up there with your chin up. You hear me? And your head held high.

Trina: [ Voice breaking ] I didn’t do it, mom.

Portia: Oh, baby, I know you didn’t. The truth is gonna come out.

Nikolas: Esme! Sonny, you let her go!

Esme: [ Sobbing ]

Nikolas: Are you okay? Esme, are you okay? Sonny, what the hell?

Sonny: We were just talking. Esme, if you want to say anything, you know where to find me.

Nikolas: That’s enough, Sonny.

Sonny: [ Chuckles ] Okay. We’re done.

Victor: Oh, I don’t think so. You and I are just getting started.

Lucy: Once deception is officially public, we are gonna focus all our time and attention on a great, big, wonderful wedding party. Oh, wow, I just realized folks are gonna flip out when they find out the face of deception is married.

Maxie: Are you okay?

Sasha: [ Sighs ] Just a long day of traveling.

Maxie: Are you sure? I’m fine, yeah. I — I’m fantastic. I have the perfect husband, super thoughtful friends. Why don’t you guys catch me up on the IPO? I missed so much. Okay. Have a seat.

Lucy: Yeah, yeah. Thanks. Here you go.

Maxie: Thank you.

Brando: You’re welcome.

Sasha: Excuse me a moment.

Brando: Uh…

Gladys: She sure bolted out of here.

Brando: Yeah, I-I think you guys just surprised us. She’s probably a little overwhelmed with everything. But, uh, don’t worry. You know, Sasha can take care of herself.

Sasha: Siena, hi. It’s Sasha. Yeah. Yeah. I need something to get me through. How soon can you meet?

Chase: I-I really didn’t mean to imply anything negative about you or your job.

Brook Lynn: No, it’s fine. I understand where you’re coming from. You’re — you’re a cop, not a singer. You want to focus on getting off suspension and getting back out on the job. I get it.

Chase: So we’re good?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, of course. Look, I better get back to work. I promised Maxie that I’d run some of these numbers. Just shut the door on your way out, okay?

Chase: Okay. See ya.

Scott: We all set?

Dante: It’s time to go.

Curtis: How you holding up?

Trina: I’m okay. Thanks.

Curtis: You’re better than okay. You’re a champ. Now, come on, let’s go.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ] Are you sure you’re okay? Only because of you. I mean, you saved me. I can’t thank you enough.

Victor: I’m putting you on notice, Mr. Corinthos. Stay away from my family.

Sonny: Spencer is my family, too. And, uh, what happens to him or if anybody influences him in any way, it concerns me, especially if they’re coming after my family.

Victor: You’ve been warned.

Sonny: Really?

Victor: The Cassadines always come out on top one way or another. Keep harassing my family, and you’ll learn that the hard way.

Sonny: I have faced down men a lot more intimidating than you, and I’m still standing. So if you want to take the first shot, believe me, I will finish the fight.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Spencer (to Esme): Why haven’t you taken that home pregnancy test yet?

Ava (to Joss and Cam): I know it’s difficult for you to trust me, but this time you’re gonna have to.

Scott: I’m gonna have to hear you say it.

Alexis: Oh, I never forget a face.

Nina (to Harmony): Michael and Willow want a fight, they’ll get a fight.

Brick (to Sonny): My brother, that’s not for you.

Trina: I plead…

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Days Transcript Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Lk I’ve been red .

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ki’m not getting in wihe parole board of. Ei we go get you r get out. : Never do anything outrouble. In] Whthat? : N’t know. “Ssville.” Ba.. y ies miss me


Olan won’t actually eslle finds de

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O all right. Eet I can do itng, okay?

T you. C c] : Ything okay?

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jgot a friendly

fyour pal orpheus myth shut. : , Then your beef hiot me. D get this number? Etust say you’re not

oho has friends. E ld you that i onay a word r ngement,

tll off your dogs. Hao hire my.

Lu and doug. : What the hell dohere? : Got about three be I call , jucause I came ttte–tte? : Re gonna be wireaking ri wethat’s not gonna cer father N. : E in the house, ins room. Acly, brady, o you. D d be by your

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Hhis been going on? : ‘S none of your . Ri reonship with craig ofrs.

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Cain, you know, e ttle pep talk. Thaplain? : . T t dressed

yut for breakfast? Yonna take me out? : St wanna say yoow, yo. Alght, dad. : You have to pay. , . E p to you, edget a job first. Yeyeah. T. My asthma anything but no.

Tshould be ready to apabout…

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J- thul to you for afthem. L later, okay?

Tids ss me. U ee etguess,

tng to paulina?

I. Okafter ndes. Ucer.

I’t know at quthe handful ys I– mpg on her. Ut wanna be here r and and you know s g there ses. Iorandchildren. Ifu’ve given me.

Dhave a beautiful es daughter, e little ones. S]

Hto do is smile, ma may day.

Ts really sweet o h,s the truth. .. Ee for their daddy el n ing for your niand day.

T you. Ou’t have to . Il , those twins. Orportant to me thelse wo evat, don’t you?


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L la la… : Texted craig yoalized

b set up.

Cing your ass.

[Ss] Us ‘m in the mood hermon about lysing your wife.

Ino sermon. Ol what apd. Wa you, el er ssd by the devil. O devil really

D. At you’re here? Gi

nxactly. : Severance?

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da, I still want gie everything tlo. : Well, of course. Dow that I’m not

ie package’s ti

y but you did mytract. N’nd a copy of it,

jwondering if you ll up for me. : .Sure. Use if I can find t . Th


ablem with ra : T lder with a bunch

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m you ed : N’t think so. Od

w : N’t believe it. I’one something . Us :

Lgood. Ead eggs. T at statesville. Daust pick one. R t meal out of nour last. : T taken. : Hs] T.

Gemen. Mog. : , Look who you’re gemen. : : He flesh. S] Yoven’t heard

n steased on parole. , A free man. S ou. Us

yoom.. : Sure you remember r ‘s uncle here lwjust a friendly houb owner.

Hs police onhe sent his unover to try to n business nn : Know what? Cot if you can call alg operation ss : Ghs] Sting to make . Alght, let’s not

fs with roman w,. S g his job. Wa bust people who akthe law, wereaking the law. T g said, my father pas now behind him. Air his crimes in

h now trt and narrow. : ‘S right. Asakfast is over, ed to start fojob. : Luck with that. : He way, roman,

thances of you e? T s more to me, an know. Tie,

mto your life, r ‘ lives.


s yorandchildren. Ea d a lesser, icerson might not rgg as you. ‘St makes me even udyou.

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I. Nau’re enjoying enou? : Marlena. .. Dnelieve me anyway, I’t enjoying this. Tu hoping for both s I could do this y as quickly bl toe some idea s coming. Na, actually, . : Ena, so not a cab and i ea be…late. : Nancy.

Wrful. : Ks. Heor counseling? : . I’T. Neief of staff. : ? Really? Naally. : , Your little d be thrilled. : Ally, leo and i onboyfriends. : So you finally anmped the little ge son I realized d up to, yol had sunk– : Hs] Juo away, leo? Nesake, aw re anything di wa to stop you from anr man’s life. H. Reo point kio you. Buloe– : Ink you heard

s all right? Li to me. Go find a way

O.. : Move it on er noat we’re gonna Y. : Ly?

Hare you ab : Nancy. I still together. : You just said– : Not my boyfriend. Fi. C c] Th why I’m here, yoe good news. Hed I are mad. : Sorry, kate. E et back to you urerance package.

B, you seem .

Aing I can lp : I’m sorry. Av go. Us

a bet I know whyou’re going. F re not here to e why are you here?

Te dr. Rolf. Asre been a death amthat needs ve?

Iabout rt veadly affected g kristen r . Ndwas from ra of dr. Rolf.

W here f n an antidote.

S e to atone tesins?

H yeah. Ne my mode severe plaqueriis… : Sorry, what? A , right? Onarry my father? : God. I I could never yoother, ll to be a good eryou. Reking a little ouhe gills, e daughter. : Y around the what? Liou’re about to r up. : I’m fine. !

F okay? N rstand why you k ather

yand of course na yes right now, hereeling. Dae’s gonna figure

ye just been hil along. Acly, chloe dear, heer way around. Heked me

h : Ow it’s

N. Soto spring it o enly, but… im : G, you can’t

lhim. T know him!

Yhink you know m,s a lie. : Already heard anrse s . : Yet you refuse ve word of it. : Y, I understand

tis. Onoe. : Gh with the nd craig. Y, don’t care that ui my life daer’S. : Is not true. O that time . : D you just leave? Er see my therapist gh ed more than ever. Nancy, I’m afraid ane your therapist er : ? Naaig just fired me. Us : . An to hire you? : . Lo kitchen ce e he sign in your yo looking for orcook. : , You know what?

Hsaid “short order

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GH Update Wednesday, March 30, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the PCPD, Chase looks at his old desk with longing.  Dante says, “Well look who it is.”  Dante asks Chase if he is glad to be back (even though his suspension is not over just yet) and Chase says he really misses the place.  Dante asks him if he is going to cry and Chase says no.  Chase says he is just there because he is helping to organize this year’s softball team.  Dante says if it were up to him, he would have reinstated Chase simply for what he did for Maxie’s baby. Chase says he just had a small role and that Brook Lynn is the real hero.  Dante has nothing nice to say about Brook Lynn and Chase calls him out on it, saying that Brook Lynn has changed.  Dante asks Chase where this is all coming from.  Chase replies that he has spent a lot of time with Brook Lynn lately and he knows that she is loving and kind.  Dante says that it is clear that Chase has developed feelings for Brook Lynn.  Chase just chalks it up to the fact that he and Brook Lynn were trapped in an extremely emotional situation with Bailey for so long.

In the interrogation room at the PCPD, Spencer grills Trina on why she made the video of Josslyn and Cameron. Trina can’t believe what she is hearing. Trina tells Spencer she is not capable of doing anything like posting that video. Spencer says he thought so at first, but now there is evidence and it points to Trina. Spencer acts as though he is convinced that Trina is guilty.  He then tells Trina that Esme may be pregnant.  Trina flashes a look of absolute disgust.  She tells Spencer she understands now why he has to look past all of the flaws in Esme’s personality and can now concentrate on every single flaw she has. Trina tells Spencer that if he can’t look her in the eye and tell her that he doesn’t believe she is capable of making the video that their friendship is over. When he can’t do so, Trina screams at him to get out and the guard in the interrogation room escorts Spencer out.  Spencer loiters around in the lobby of the PCPD and when Portia gets there she sees him.  She says that he has some nerve showing his face.  Portia tells Spencer that she will deal with him later, that she is there for her daughter.

At Deception, Lucy, Maxie and Brook Lynn hand off the final documents that will allow Deception to go public.  Lucy asked Brook Lynn why she did not get Chase to commit to sing for their IPO party.  Brook Lynn at first says she doesn’t want Chase to sing for the party, but when Chase shows up at Deception, Brook Lynn asks Chase if he would sing for the party.  She even reminds him it was one of her songs he really liked.  He says his suspension is very close to being rescinded and that he doesn’t want anything to come in the way of that and he isn’t sure that singing for a cosmetics company party would be good optics for him at this moment in time.  Brook Lynn says fine and that it is no big deal.  She is obviously hurt and she tells Chase she has to get back to work and to please shut the door on his way out.  Chase says fine and that he will see her later.

At the Metro Court, Sasha and Brando arrive for lunch.  They speak about their time away and how much they enjoyed it and then they share an intimate kiss. They run into Gladys and she wants to know all about the honeymoon. Lucy and Maxie soon join them and announce that they are planning a wedding party for the newlyweds.  Sasha looks overwhelmed and excuses herself.  Sasha is later overheard in the ladies room on the phone with her dealer trying to score more drugs. 

Portia worries that the fact that the attorney is late might be an indicator that he is not the right fit for Trina.  Curtis calms her nerves, telling her that Laura hooked them up and he is sure that they can trust her instincts.  Scott Baldwin shows up and announces that he is Trina’s attorney. Scott said that he has reviewed the case and that it is a strong one.  However, he says there are plenty of opportunities for the defense to poke holes in the prosecution’s case to cast doubt on key parts.  He reminds Portia and Curtis that in this case the burden of proof lies solely on the prosecution.  After discussing the case in detail, Scott departs for the courtroom and Portia and Curtis head to meet Trina at the PCPD jail.

At Charlie’s, Victor enters looking for Nikolas and immediately locates him.  He tells Nikolas they need to talk and Nikolas abruptly cuts him off and asks if he saw Esme.  Victor said yes he had seen her outside in the backseat of a departing car.  Nikolas quizzes Victor on who was driving, which way did the car go, what kind of car was it?  Victor didn’t notice any of this information and asks Nikolas why it is so important.  Nikolas says he had the feeling that Esme was about to share something with him, something she had previously been holding back. Victor tells him that Esme could be carrying the next Cassadine heir.  Nikolas and Victor quickly figure out that Sonny has Esme and they leave Charlie’s. Nikolas attempts to call Esme’s phone but finds it on the ground outside. 

At Sonny’s office, Sonny really turns up the heat on Esme. He tells Esme that she knows what she did and she is going to make it right.  Esme tells Sonny that the police have already arrested someone for that.  Sonny tells Esme he has very good connections at the PCPD and that he knows about Trina’s arrest. But, Sonny says that Esme is a known liar and that he hasn’t forgotten about it.  Sonny tells Esme to save everyone a lot of time and just admit that she made the video. Esme continues to fake innocence.  Which just makes Sonny more irritated. Sonny tells Esme that if she comes clean right now and makes amends to the people she has harmed, eventually people will forgive her and forget the entire situation.  

Nikolas and Victor arrive at Sonny’s office and they are stopped by Sonny’s guard but when Esme hears them talking in the restaurant she screams for Nikolas.  At that point, Esme runs out of Sonny’s office and into Nikolas’ arms. She pretends that the entire situation of being questioned by Sonny was excruciating.  Victor tells Sonny that he is putting him on notice, Sonny is not to harm any member of his family.  Victor tells Sonny that the Cassadine’s always come out on top.  Sonny tells Victor that he has gone up against dozens of men far more intimidating than him so if Victor wants to go to war, he should take the first shot. Sonny stares at Victor with deep seated hatred.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, March 30 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Sharon and Rey were at Crimson Lights. She was trying not to get into Noah’s business, but she couldn’t help notice the string of late nights he’d had. Nick had said Noah was doing well at work though. Rey thought Noah was just having fun. Rey wished he’d had more opportunities to let loose when he was that age. He didn’t regret the road he took because it lead him to Sharon. Sharon was concerned Noah was partying to avoid his emotions over the girl in London and Tessa. Rey thought Noah was smart and resilient, and he was just going out with friends. Sharon noted that Noah was with a different attractive female almost every night.

Noah woke up alone. There was a note from the woman he’d spent the night with saying she’d had fun, but she had to leave for her shift at the Club. He smiled, then he looked depressed, and he balled up the note and threw it on the floor.

Noah went to Crimson Lights, and Rey teased that Noah must’ve gotten dressed in the dark since he missed a button on his shirt. Sharon went to Noah to ask how he was, and he said he met up with a friend. She asked if it was one of the ladies she’d met, and he said no. He preemptively told her he was fine and that she didn’t need to worry about him. Sharon wanted to know the real reason Noah stopped by. He said he just came for the free food, and she replied that moms loved to feed their kids. He asked how she was. She told him about some minor things that happened at work.

Tessa and Mariah took a seat on the patio, and Noah brought them some pastries. Mariah gave Noah points for knowing his sister’s favorite. Tessa said he knew his future sister-in-law’s favorite too. Mariah and Tessa grinned about being fiancees. Noah had some ideas for the wedding, and he hoped they liked it. He handed over his tablet. Mariah gasped. She thought Noah’s designs were amazing, and she felt lucky to have such a talented brother. Tessa said she was lucky to have such a talented future brother in law. He asked if they liked one in particular. Mariah, Tessa and Noah all had the same favorite. Mariah stepped inside, and Noah told Tessa that they could make changes if she wanted. She said they liked it the way it was. He said it wasn’t perfect, and she said they didn’t need perfect. Tessa sensed Noah was holding something in. He kept changing the subject to the wedding, until she asked him point blank what was going on with him. She said she knew him too well, and the fact that he was avoiding talking about himself made her even more concerned. He admitted he didn’t really know what was going on with him or what he was even doing anymore.

Inside the coffeehouse, Sharon asked Mariah how Noah seemed to her. Sharon said Noah was blowing her off when she tried to have a heart to heart with him. Mariah thought it was natural that Sharon’s grown son didn’t want to tell her everything. Mariah thought Noah seemed fine.

At the Chancellor mansion, Ashley admired her sleeping grandson, then she asked how Chance and Abby were doing. Chance said therapy was helping, and the next part of his journey was going back to work. Ashley asked if Chance didn’t want more time to process things. He said that getting back to normal was the next step. Abby had been taken aback when Chance made this decision, but she supported him, and she hoped Ashley would too. Chance said his therapist suggested this. Ashley said she was on board too. Ashley was going to the spa, and she asked Abby to come. Abby had to watch Dom while Chance met with Rey. Chance pointed out that Louise would be back soon, so Abby decided to head out with her mom. Ashley and Abby went to the foyer, where Ashley revealed that Keemo died, and he had a daughter.

After Abby and Ashley left, Rey went to Chance’s and learned that he wanted to come back to work. Rey asked if Chance talked to the therapist. Chance explained that Dr. Huffman said it’d help his recovery. As a friend and partner, Rey saw how overwhelmed Chance was the last time he tried to return. He asked if Chance believed he was ready this time. “I have to be ready,” Chance replied. Chance promised he wouldn’t freeze again. Rey asked how Chance could be sure. Chance said he wasn’t the same man he was in that alley. He’d done the work in therapy. He’d faced the trauma, and now he could go back to work with his eyes wide open. He didn’t need to go on stakeouts or anything volatile. He wanted to ease his way into work. Rey said that wasn’t his call. Chance knew. Chance needed to be a detective again, and he wouldn’t ask Rey to trust him if he wasn’t sure he wouldn’t let Rey down. “Alright, let’s take it up to the chief,” Rey said.

Jack was at an outdoor cafe in LA. Phyllis called to see how he was. He was a little nervous about meeting Allie. His granddaughter arrived, so he ended the call. He was understanding when she admitted she almost canceled. He didn’t want to pressure her, but he wanted to get to know her, and he was hoping that spending a little time together might be good for all of them. Allie said she sold Keemo’s house to a nice woman. Jack thought that must’ve been hard. She said it was, but the house wasn’t home without her dad. She’d been busy studying. He asked what she was getting a degree in. Chemical engineering. Jack grinned and said that years ago, her dad worked with her aunt Ashley as a chemist in the lab. Allie misunderstood Jack’s point. She got defensive and insisted that she wasn’t going to hit Jack up for a job when she graduated. She was adamant that she wasn’t seeking anything from him.

Allie swore she didn’t know anything about Jack or his business before they met. She reminded him that he was the one who sought her out. He interjected that he wasn’t accusing her of anything. He was just touched that she was following in her father’s footsteps by studying in a field that held a prominent place in their family’s legacy and in the company her great grandfather created. Allie was embarrassed about the misunderstanding and said she wanted to hide under the table. Jack joked that if she did that, he’d have to join her, and there wasn’t room under the table for both of them. That made her laugh.

Allie had been thinking about what happened between Jack and her dad. She understood why her dad felt betrayed that Jack didn’t tell him his mother was dying. Jack said he’d probably do it differently if he could do it all over again. At the time, he thought he was honoring Luan’s wishes. He never stopped wanting to repair things with Keemo. Jack thought he probably tried too hard to repair things with Keemo, early on, then he’d backed off when Keemo made it clear he wanted nothing to do with him. Jack regretted letting years go by without reaching out again. Jack foolishly thought he’d have all the time in the world to repair things with Keemo. He didn’t know about the letters Keemo wrote or that Keemo had forgiven him. Jack didn’t make excuses, and he knew had to live with the mistakes he’d made. Allie felt for Jack. Jack found comfort in knowing Keemo lived on in Allie.

Jack asked Allie how she was doing. She said it’d been hard. Jack said his emotions were all over the place – sometimes he was so sad he didn’t think he’d recover, then the next he was angry he and Keemo never got a chance to repair things. He asked if she ever felt anything like that, and she said yes. He mentioned that he lost his mother a year and a half ago. Allie said that meant Jack had his mom a lot longer than Allie had her dad. Jack said it was complex, and he and his mom weren’t as close as Keemo and Allie. Allie brusquely said she loved her dad more than anyone in the world. Jack apologized. Allie said this stuff was hard to talk about, and she and Jack didn’t really know each other. She had to go. Allie suggested she and Jack meet up again before he left town, and he happily agreed.

Ashley and Abby went to The Grand Phoenix. Phyllis greeted them. Ashley said she had concerns about Allie. Phyllis noted that Allie was Ashley’s great niece. Ashley wasn’t ready to welcome Allie into the family. Ashley thought it was suspicious that a long lost daughter appeared out of nowhere just as Jack was mourning his son. Ashley returned because she didn’t want to see Jack get hurt. She was surprised Phyllis was encouraging Jack to pursue a relationship with Allie. “Were you thinking at all?,” she snapped.

Phyllis said Ashley didn’t know what she was talking about. She stated that Allie didn’t know who Jack was when he contacted her. Ashley thought Allie could be the mysterious texter. Phyllis said Allie didn’t strike her as a schemer. Ashley suggested Allie was a con artist scamming Jack. Ashley was thinking of calling Jack and begging him to back off. “You’re not doing that!,” Phyllis yelled. She ordered Ashley to stay out of it because she had no idea what was going on. Phyllis was adamant that she could see a schemer a mile away. Phyllis knew Ashley and Abby were going to say “takes one to know one,” so she said it first. Phyllis said there were no red flags with Allie. She said that it meant so much to Jack to connect with his son through his granddaughter. Phyllis implored Ashley to stop before she tainted this experience for Jack. Abby mediated and said they all loved Jack, so they needed to support him instead of fighting. Phyllis apologized to Ashley, who accepted. Abby told Ashley they needed to go to their spa appointment. Ashley said Allie was a stranger, and Jack needed to proceed with caution. Ashley was trying to protect her family. Phyllis said Jack was smart, so Ashley should trust him to do the right thing.

Ashley and Abby got back to the Chancellor mansion. Ashley was jet lagged, and she was going to go take a nap, and she’d be back later. Abby was pained to say this, but she agreed with Phyllis, not Ashley. She thought they should trust Jack to handle things. Ashley understood the point of view, even though she didn’t share that perspective. Ashley hoped things worked out, but she just had this gnawing feeling that there was trouble ahead. After Ashley left, Chance entered and told Abby that the talk with Rey went better than he could’ve hoped for. He and Rey went and talked to Paul, and Chance would return to work tomorrow morning. He asked if that was okay. Abby was expecting it to take a week or two for Chance to go back, but if he, Rey and Paul thought this was okay, she supported it. They hugged.

Phyllis and Jack talked on the phone later. He said the meeting with Allie went as well as could be expected. He thought that he and Allie really connected in the end. “See, I knew you could bond as a family if you would just give it a chance,” Phyllis said. Jack agreed, and he said apparently Allie did too, since she floated the idea of getting together again. He thanked Phyllis for encouraging him to come out here and not waiting for Allie to make the first move. She said she only wanted the best for him.

Allie went back to Keemo’s old house to drop off a house warming gift for Taylor and to thank her for the advice about family the other day. Taylor asked if Allie connected with the person she’d talked with on the phone. Taylor pretended that she needed a moment to remember Jack’s name. Allie said Jack was the grandfather she never knew existed. Taylor said this must be overwhelming, especially coming on the heels of her father’s passing. At first, Allie didn’t want anything to do with Jack, but she changed her mind after what Taylor said about family. Allie said she just saw Jack. Taylor thought it was brave of Allie to take that step. She asked if Allie was going to stay in touch. Allie was taking it slow, but Jack seemed like a good man. Taylor said grandparents tended to dote on their grandchildren, so Jack would likely do anything he could for Allie. Allie didn’t want anything from Jack; she was just curious to know more about him. Taylor didn’t mean to imply otherwise. She was just sure Jack wanted Allie to see him as someone she could rely on, as real family. Allie said they’d have to see how things played out. Allie thanked Taylor again for giving her the nudge to pursue this. Taylor was hoping to get a favor from Allie in return.

Jack met Allie at Keemo’s old house. He was surprised she wanted to meet so soon and here at the house she’d sold. Allie said that the new owner asked to meet Jack in person. Jack didn’t understand why. Allie didn’t either, but the new owner had been so nice that Allie didn’t see any harm in it. Jack asked what was going on, and Allie asked if she was wrong to agree to bring him here. At that moment, “Taylor” walked into the room and smiled, and Jack stared at her in stunned recognition. “No, it can’t be,” he said. “It’s true. I’ve waited a very long time for this moment,” “Taylor” replied.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Brandon and Sasha return from their honeymoon hoping to ease back into reality, but Lucy and Maxie persuade Brandon and Sasha to let them plan a party to celebrate their marriage after Deception goes public. Sasha is also stressed because Gladys is upset they eloped instead of having a wedding with family and friends.

Sasha calls her model friend so she can get her more pills to get her through the stress.

Brook Lynn is hurt when Chase doesn’t want to sing the song she wrote for the Deception IPO launch party.

Trina is upset and hurt because Spencer thinks she posted the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Trina tells Spencer he knows the truth in his heart but refuses to see it because he is blinded by Esme. Trina tells Spencer that she is done defending him to everyone and seeing the best in him. Trina tells Spencer to leave and that he and Esme deserve each other.

Scott defends Trina for her arraignment because he believes that she was framed.

Sonny almost has Esme scared enough to admit she posted the video but Nicolas and Victor arrive to rescue her. Victor warns Sonny not to mess with his family and Sonny tells Victor that he has faced worse men than him and he is ready for battle.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Sharon and Tessa are worried about Noah but Tessa won’t let Noah change the subject until he tells her he really doesn’t know what is going on with him right now.

Ashley feels suspicious about Allie and thinks she is a con artist trying to scam Jack. Phyllis and Abby both tell Ashley to let Jack handle things but Ashley has a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen and Jack is going to get

Allie and Jack have a nice talk as they drink coffee, although, things get a bit awkward but Allie agrees to have coffee with him again before he returns to Genoa City.

Allie goes to Keemo’s former home to give Taylor Jensen a housewarming gift to thank her for encouraging her to meet with her grandfather Jack. Allie tells Taylor she wants to get to know Jack better. Taylor tells Allie she wants to meet Jack so Allie asks Jack to come to Keemo’s former home. Allie explains to Jack that the woman who bought the house wanted to meet him. Jack is shocked to see Dianne Jenkins standing in front of him.

Chance persuades Rey and Paul that he is ready to return to work. Abby hides her worry when Chance tells her he starts work tomorrow.

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Y&R cast animation


Y&R Best Lines Monday, March 28, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Abby: [ Laughs ] Well, it looks like you guys are having so much fun. Why don’t I make a snack?

Chance: Oh, boy, a snack. What do you think, man? You ready to chow down? “That’s a big affirmative, mommy.”

Abby: [ Laughs ] Coming right up


Abby: Snack time.

Chance: Oh, boy. Did you hear that, Dom? It’s snack time. I tell you what, you do not know how good you got it, man. Your mom is the best. And she’s beautiful — look at her. And fun, and she is a great cook, I’ll tell you what.

Abby: Oh, yes, it takes great culinary skill to put some cheese and crackers on a plate.

Chance: Well, she’s also very kind and understanding and patient.

Abby: Hmm. It sounds like you want something.

Chance: She’s also very perceptive.

Abby: What do you need, chance? Whatever it is, all you have to do is ask

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GH Update Tuesday, March 29, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At Laura’s home, Spencer comes downstairs looking disheveled from a long night and joins Laura at the table.  She asks how he slept.  He says that he didn’t.  Spencer looks very concerned about something and Laura tells him he can tell her anything.  Spencer tells her that this is his first morning of freedom and that it is perfect.  The conversation turns serious and Spencer asks Laura if she has ever done anything wrong but didn’t realize it until it was too late. Victor ruins the moment by knocking on the door and then barging in without being invited.  Victor tells Laura and Spencer that there is something he needs to discuss with the three of them.  Laura receives a phone call from Jordan asking her to come to the PCPD as soon as possible. She plans on briefing her on the Trina situation.  Victor uses Laura’s absence to quiz Spencer on what is wrong.  Spencer tells him that Esme might be pregnant.  Victor offers to have Esme dealt with so that Spencer will not be tied down to her for the rest of her life.  Victor says that he was worried that Spencer would be obsessing over Trina’s situation. Spencer asks what he means and Victor tells him that Trina has been arrested for posting the video of Cameron and Josslyn.  Cameron says that he needs privacy and Victor leaves. Cameron goes over in his mind all the times that Esme refused to answer Spencer on whether or not she made the tape of Cameron and Josslyn.  

At the PCPD,  Jordan tells Trina that she is going to walk her through how this process will proceed.  Jordan tells Trina that in a few minutes she will be escorted to the courthouse for her arraignment.  Trina tells Jordan that she will definitely be pleading not guilty because she did not make the video or leak it online.

At Alexis’ home, Harmony is making breakfast when Sam knocks at the door and asks what she is doing there. Alexis explains that Harmony is staying with her for a little bit. Alexis tells Sam that Harmony is not taking up residence there. She is just staying there until Harmony can get her own place. As Sam leaves she tells Harmony that she hopes that everything works out for her.  She gives Harmony a most unwelcoming look making it clear that Sam does not approve of her presence there.  Alexis also makes a facial gesture that makes it look as if she is reconsidering the living arrangement.  Alexis tells Harmony that she just can’t get over how well she seems to know the layout of her home.  She says it is almost as if she has been there before without Alexis’ knowledge.  Harmony admits she has been there before.  Harmony flashes back to a memory of entering Alexis’ bedroom while everyone is asleep with a syringe.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Ava go over Avery’s schedule for extracurricular activities at school.  Ava tells Carly how much Avery loves her time with Carly.  Sonny walks up and tells them that Trina has just been arrested for making the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Ava and Carly are not having it, Carly says they all know who made that video and then she and Ava say “Esme” in unison.  Carly says that Trina would never do that to Cameron and Josslyn. Ava says that she works very closely with Trina and she wouldn’t trust her anymore if she were her own daughter. Ava starts to leave and Carly asks where she is going. Ava says that she is going to make sure someone pays for this.  

Sonny tells Carly that Josslyn has been his stepdaughter for many years and he says that if he hadn’t heard about Trina’s arrest from Dante he would have probably learned about it from the Invader article.  Carly says that if Josslyn didn’t tell Sonny about the situation that is not her business. Sonny tells Carly that he will take care of Esme.  Ava comes by Sonny’s office and she tells him that Esme framed Trina and that she is sure Sonny has already figured that out.  Sonny has of course, and he has already asked for Spinelli’s help in clearing up the matter.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Sam speak about Monica’s legal moves to have Jason declared legally dead. Carly says that she feels they are moving on to quickly.  Sam tells Carly that they have to try to move on.

Esme sits at a table at Charlie’s, gloating over the article that says Trina has been arrested.  Nikolas arrives and tells her that her new digs must suit her.  She says that the accommodations are fine.  Nikolas and Esme talk about Spencer and she becomes more exasperated as the conversation continues.  She finally tells Nikolas that she needs some fresh air. Esme is again reading the article about Trina outside Charlie’s on the bench when she is startled by an unseen person.  Esme is later seen being pushed into a chair in Sonny’s office by one of his men.

Sonny looks at Esme and says, “Esme, nice of you to join me.”

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Sheila, keeping your secret doesn’t feel right and will you just write it out because it’s a means to an end. Thomas, what you did is despicable switching champagne labels to get Brooke drunk. She’s an alcoholic, but you knew that you did it anyway. You traded Brook’s Sobriety for a future with your.

Come on this. This is, this has a lot more to do when with just Finn, I did this for you, for your parents. I don’t wanna hear that, Sheila, that you did this for me and my mom and my sister. Like this is some selfless act. It’s not. You wanted a family with your son and what about Brooke? What about Brooke and my dad?

Don’t they deserve to know the truth? Brooke would not have kissed Deacon on New Year’s Eve if she wasn’t wasted. And the only reason for that is because you orchestrated the whole thing. I want you to think very carefully about this, Thomas. You say a word to anyone and you can kiss your family’s future.

Goodbye. What good is reuniting my family? If it’s built on a packet of lies,

you gotta stop. I can’t stop rich. This is consuming me. You’ve gotta stop beating yourself up. I need to know why I dranked that night. I can’t move forward with my life until.

Got a bad night. Yeah. You want yourself, I don’t even know who that person was. You don’t have to know. You’re never gonna meet her. . That’s why you have sponsors. That’s why you go to meetings. Leave the past in the past. Stop torturing yourself, please. I’m afraid to look into the future without you in it.

Logan Bridge. We’ve overcome so much. We’ve come so far. So why would I do this? Why would I hurt and try to destroy our marriage like that? I wouldn’t do that. Don’t you see? Come on. There’s something going on here. Something else. I don’t know what it is, but I have this feeling it’s something or someone working against us.

It’s already done. Thomas, we’re at the finish line. Just bite your tongue. It’s not already done. This is a lie by omission. Okay. And lies eat you from the inside out. Yeah. Well, there’s something else you need to know, Thomas, about our little meeting in the alley. Uh, I, um, actually can’t talk right now. I gotta go, okay.

You better doesn’t want everything for me. I not lose my relationship with my son,

Finn. How good I thought you might be down with a patient. This is a nice surprise. I’m expect to see my gorgeous. What something wrong? I don’t, no, I, I don’t, I don’t even know what to say. No. The kids, the kids are fine. I just, I don’t even know where we begin. What, what happened? It’s your mother, Sheila.

She’s back to her old manipulative ways.

Are you sure that you weren’t just trying to see dad again? . I’m kidding. I’m not actually, I’m not . Ugh. You and stuff. We just want you to be happy. I know that you wanna see us together and you want that too, right? Of course, of course. If, if the circumstances were right, but at the moment, they’re, they’re not.


You’ve made Dad so happy and you guys seem perfect together, and his relationship with Brooke, it’s never been the healthiest. I mean, it is. Toxic almost since day one. She’s heard him over and over again. I’m not just talking about the most recent incident, I’m talking about all the things that she did in the past.

Oh, I know. This has gone on for such a long time. And this most recent situation, you know, Brooke, kissing Deacon and Deacon sleeping over and her lying about the whole night. It was, it was Brooke defending Deacon that sent her dad over the edge. and a as it stands, you know, even though your dad says that he wants to come home, Brooke is your father’s wife.

You and I had disagreements about Deacon when he came back into our lives. I thought we reached a middle ground and we were doing it for hope. For my daughter, for her sake. But then of course I messed up and I did what I did and I, I didn’t realize how weak and pathetic I, you’re not any of those things.

You’re one of the strongest people I know. And as far as that night, I think that is something that both of us would like to disappear, but it won’t. No, it won’t. We just have to move forward and we can do that because we were happy. We were content with our lives rich. We had everything we ever wanted.

And then this feeling just kind of started creeping in this feeling of evil. I don’t even know how to describe. This force that started taking over, and I’m telling you, my gut kept saying, well, I was screaming at me actually to keep digging, keep on searching for the answers, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

You know, no matter how hard you try, you’re never gonna be able to clean up that mess. That is your life. Okay? In the spirit of brevity, what’s going on? I’ve been so patient, deacon, coming to la, staying in that hotel, I hoping for a real relationship with my son, a, a chance to connect with my son and my grandson being what they want me to be.

What’s getting. You know, I, I remember this woman, she looked a lot like you who said, I always get what I want. And what happened to that plucky, albeit evil genius, where did she go? you two make me laugh, but things aren’t going quite as planned, and I’m really starting to wonder if I’m even gonna have a future with Finn as long as he’s married to.

What are you talking about? My suspicions about Thomas, right? Yeah. You said he’s not acting like himself. Yeah, and then I found him talking to Sheila in the alley behind El Jino. Uh, Stephanie, I think he’s just being, he’s being protective. He’s trying to look out for you guy. No, that’s not what it’s about.

It’s not that he wasn’t telling Sheila to keep her distance from us. Okay. Then what were they doing? I mean, what? What are you getting at? I knew it. I knew something was going on that Sheila was stirring the pod, trying to become BFFs with my mom showing up at her work. I told her to stop doing that. It’s like she’s been plotting this the whole time.

Finn, I even want to know your mom attacked Brooke. What? Yeah, Brooks, new Year’s Eve, the booze, kissing deacon, inviting deacon into my father’s bed. That was all set in motion by your mother.

I must have done something right in this life to have raised such wonderful kids. You’ve always been there for us. And if there’s a chance that we could do something for you, I’m sure Stephanie would agree, I we would do anything for you. Thomas, you have grown into such a wonderful, caring, honest young man.

I love you and dad so much, and I, I just want to do what’s best for you. I hate to see you like, I thought you’d be better off without me, but I was wrong. I, I miss you all the time. I’m concerned about you. Oh, I can’t get rid of this feeling. You know, it’s kind of like a loop going round and around my head 24 hours a day, and I just can’t stop thinking about what I did to you and how I hurt you.

Can you do me a favor? Can you try not to lose sight of who you are in all this things you’ve done in your life? Things you’ve accomplished, but my life means nothing to me without you in it. You have to know that I’m not gonna give up on this rich, I want you to come home. I never should have said you free.

I never should have said that I was gonna give you a divorce. We will survive this some. Some way we will find our way back to each other.

Sheila Sabotage, Brooke, just slow down. Okay. What does my mom have to do with New Year’s Eve? Sheila changed the labels on the bottles. Brooke thought she was having non-alcoholic champagne, but she was actually drinking the real stuff, and I think that’s what caused her to start doing shots of vodka.

Brooke, who’s an alcoholic, like obviously I’m not the biggest fan of Brooke, but what your mother did is sick and evil, and that just proves that she hasn’t changed. Who told you? I like, how do you even know that this is true? I overheard Thomas talking to Sheila on the phone. I, I don’t know how he found out, but he’s been keeping this a secret and I, I think that he wanted to tell my dad in Brooke, but Sheila is trying to get him to stay silent.

Okay. This, this is sounding insane. I, why would Sheila do that? To br for what purpose? I, I, I’m not sure. All I know is that, She wants to be part of your life. She wants to be welcomed in her family, but that is not happening now. We have to stay away from her. This just proves that Sheila cannot be trusted.

Have you talked to your brother about this? No. No. I I was eavesdropping. He was still on the phone with was Sheila when I left. Okay. Look, I, I have a patient being rushed to the icu. Stephanie, look, you have every reason to be upset, and I’m hoping that this is just some big misunderstanding and that you’re wrong about Sheila.

I mean, I love you.

Stuffy. Are you available to. Well, it depends. Are you ready to show your mother-in-law a little respect? Because our last conversation was anything but but fuzzy and and inviting. I need to speak with you. It’s important. Where are you?

I’m at El Zinos. As a matter of fact, I’ll be right there.

Yeah. You and dad have been, uh, apart for all the wrong reasons. You’ve been separated for too long. We’re just, we’re finding each other again. It’s been, it’s been really nice though, you know, spending time with him and the grandkids making breakfast together. Yeah. Well, we are always gonna have that, though.

You’re always gonna have our family together. You, you have your kids, right. And our kids. , you want more right now. Your dad needs to heal. You know? So whatever, whatever happens is, is gonna happen. Um, now you have the opportunity to be a couple again, and if things keep going the way they are, well then you can end up together and have the life you’ve always wanted.

Yeah. And we will just see how everything works out, won’t we? Thank you for believing in us.

I can’t imagine that there’s anything in the world that you wouldn’t do to make sure your father and I end up together.

I will prove my loyalty to you, rich. I’m gonna show you that I’m not that woman that I turned into that night. I wanna be somebody that you could be proud of.

If you could see yourself the way that I see you, even for one second, you are and always will be the love of my life. There’s no way I’m ever gonna let anybody or anything come between us.

Yeah, I made a mess with us, but I also believe that I have the power to fix. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna hold onto.

Just keep quiet and you’re going to have the happily ever after the family that you have always dreamed of. Grandma loves you sweetheart.

I warn for not to come between me and my son, I will be in Finn’s life for many more years to come. What’s that? Oh, nothing. Can I get you another Uhuh?

Stuffy. I’m, I’m really happy that you reached out to me again. I, if you reconsidered I did you find a, a small place in that big heart of yours for me? You know, Sheila, the whole drive over here. I was thinking about what I wanted to say to you. The question of you being part of our lives. I know that’s something that you’ve wanted since returning to Los Angeles, more than you will ever know, and it will be really nice for my kids to be close to their grandmother for Finn to have a real connection to his roots.

You say that you are a different person now. Everything that I do now is for the greater good. I had a hard time believing that in the.

And I still do because now I see you are worse than ever. Oh my gosh. Are we really doing this again? No more games. I know what you did.

I’m done with this. I’m not done with you

alone. God, you’re not going anywhere. You both of me. What the hell do you think you’re doing? You claim to be this reformed woman. You said you put your devious ways behind you. I have. No you haven’t. You are the same twisted sociopath You have always been. Attacking Brooke on New Year’s Eve. She is an alcoholic.

You got her a drink without her knowledge. I know all about your dirty little secret. You don’t change, Sheila. You just find new ways to hurt people. There’s no hope for you. You’re never getting better. Everyone’s gonna know what you did, everyone, and you will never have a place in our lives. Not ever.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victor: Let me understand this. You’re gonna tell ashland that nothing has changed and that you still love him?

Victoria: That’s right.

Nick: How can you stay with this guy after all the evidence we’ve shown you?

Nikki: Sweetheart, I don’t think you can continue as if nothing has changed. I mean, too much has happened. I know that you’re hurting, but you can lean on us.

Victoria: Mother, that has nothing to do —

Nikki: Darling, we will get through this as a family.

Victoria: I don’t think you understand what I’m saying right now. My decision is not open for discussion. I’m leaving to meet ashland to tell him that I believe in him and I still love him, and you all need to back off and let me handle this in my own way.

Nick: So we’re just supposed to stand by and let you go back to him. Why should we let you spend one more minute with him?

Victoria: Because it’s the only way to save the company.

Abby: Ashland? Hi. How are you?

Ashland: Uh, hello, abby.

Abby: Um, I feel like i haven’t seen you in forever. I’m sure you and victoria have been busy at the office.

Ashland: Uh…work does take up a great deal of our day, that is true.

Abby: Trust me, I get it. It can be all-consuming. Feels like you’re in constant motion, and that is just here at the restaurant. I cannot imagine running a global conglomerate. I’m sure it’s hard for you and victoria to find some personal time for each other.

Ashland: Have you spoken to victoria recently?

Abby: No, not recently, but, um…

Ashland: Ah.

Abby: You know, the four of us, we really should do something together. We should go out soon.

Ashland: I would like that.

Abby: Chance and I have just been in baby mode — diapers and bottles. We could really use a night out.

Ashland: Yeah, sounds like more work than running a corporate conglomerate.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Exactly.

Ashland: Yeah, we would love to have dinner with you both sometime.

Abby: Well, that would be amazing. I just popped in to check on a couple of things, but if victoria’s on her way, I’d love to say hello.

Ashland: Well, yes, she’s meeting with me here. I’m assuming she’s just caught up in something at the office, but you don’t have to wait for her. In fact, I’m probably just gonna finish my drink here and — and move —

[ Cellphone vibrates ] Oop, sorry. Oh, well, it’s right here.

[ Both laugh ] Ah, let’s see. Ah.

Abby: Well, is that her? Is she on her way?

Ashland: Uh…

Chloe: And in this one, she changed the hem. It’s, you know, fresher, sportier.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Yeah, I can see that.

Chloe: You don’t like it?

Lauren: It’s not that. I — I’m just so anxious.

Chloe: Okay, my plan was to distract you with chelsea’s new designs, but in times like this, who can focus?

Lauren: Yeah, definitely — definitely not me.

Chloe: Try not to worry, okay? Kevin will be back soon with news. He promised.

Lauren: Yeah, but with what news? I mean, did he tell you anything before he left?

Chloe: No, he just told me that he got word about michael and he was hopping on a flight to go to san diego.

Lauren: What’s in san diego?

Chloe: I have as many questions as you do, but hopefully he’ll be back soon and he’ll tell us everything.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Lauren: Is that kevin?

Chloe: No, it’s just someone trying to sell me a warranty for my car.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Why didn’t he just tell you what he found over the phone?

Chloe: It’s not that he refused, he just hasn’t called me back since last night.

Lauren: That’s not a good sign. People deliver bad news in person. You know, if it was something positive, it would be okay, he would have told you over the phone.

Chloe: Don’t think like that.

Lauren: Michael has been missing too long. I can’t take this anymore.

Chloe: Okay, I think maybe you should focus on something else. How about we just look at some more designs?

Lauren: No, I don’t want to look at anything else. I just want my husband.

Kevin: Good, you’re here.

Lauren: Kevin, what happened? Did you hear from michael? Michael.

Michael: Hello, gorgeous.

Lauren: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Laughs ] I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Lauren: Oh! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see you.

Michael: Likewise. Somehow, you’ve gotten more beautiful while I was away.

Lauren: Oh.

Michael: How do you do that?

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Don’t you ever leave me again.

Michael: Never. I love you.

Lauren: I love you, too.

[ Chuckles ]

Michael: Mm.

Chloe: I’m really happy that you’re back. I missed you.

Lauren: Well, honey, you look exhausted. Let’s get you home. Let’s get you fed, showered, and some rest, okay?

Michael: That all sounds wonderful.

Kevin: As someone who sat next to him on the plan, I can vouch for his need of a shower.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] Let’s not wait.

Michael: No, not yet, not yet. There’s something I need to take care of first.

Lauren: Oh, are you okay?

Michael: No, I’m fine, I’m fine.

Lauren: Alright, well, where else would you need to be besides home?

Michael: I have to see victor.

Lauren: No. No, no, I am not letting you out of my sight until I get some answers. You know, I knew going back to work for victor was a mistake and that it was going to be more stress, but I didn’t realize it was going to be this much stress. You told me it was gonna be a short trip. And then you disappeared and you stopped communicating. I mean, where have you been? What’s happened to you? And who is responsible?

Ashland: This actually is not a text from victoria. In fact, it’s business. Uh, I have to follow up, make a phone call, so…

Abby: Yes, yes, absolutely. I actually need to run to the kitchen. I ordered endives and didn’t see them in a box.

[ Chuckles ] Be right back.

Ashland: Great, thank you. What’s happened? How long ago? So he just walked out. You have a dozen men there, but no one saw michael baldwin just leave? Yeah, okay, well, find him. He cannot leave peru. Do you understand me? Take care of this once and for all. Yeah, hi, victoria, it’s me. Um…I’m still here at society, and I’m eager to talk. I hope you’re just running late and everything’s still okay. I’ll see you in a bit.

[ Sighs ]

Victor: What exactly do you mean it’s the only way to save the company?

Victoria: I’ve got everything figured out.

Victor: Really? Ashland locke came to this town to take over newman enterprises. What’s your plan?

Victoria: You need to trust me.

Victor: Trust you, why? With the fate of the company that I built?

Victoria: Are you saying that this is my fault? Is that what I’m hearing right now?

Victor: I don’t know what your plan is.

Victoria: And if you don’t approve, then what —

Victor: Then I will take over.

Victoria: How? What more could you possibly do to control this situation? You’ve already acknowledged that you’ve been having me followed.

Victor: Do you understand why I had to follow? Don’t you understand that? You’re my daughter. I did it for your own security. You’re married to a bs artist who cheated you, who lied about his cancer to you in order to marry you.

Victoria: So you’re sticking to this story that your surveillance was for my safety.

Victor: You bet it was.

Victoria: I’m sorry, I don’t buy that. I don’t think that you trust me. I think that you think that I’m gonna put the company in jeopardy, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Victor: Really? I did this to protect you.

Victoria: Well, stop trying to treat me like I’m still your little girl. I know what I’m doing and I need you all to back off. I am the ceo of newman/locke.

Victor: And we are not going to back off. This is my company.

Victoria: I will protect my company and the family name.

Victor: How the hell will you do that?

Nick: Look, vick, you have all the information. You know what nate found out about ashland’s medical records. You have to promise me that you’re not gonna believe whatever new story ashland has. If you say that you believe him and that you’re still in love with him, that’s a lie, right?

Victor: Answer your brother. What are you recommending

Victoria: Nicholas, do you think that maybe you could just be a little less patronizing, just for one minute?

Nick: We just want you to explain your plan to us?

Victoria: I don’t owe you any explanation, especially after once again you went behind my back to uncover information that so profoundly affects my life without involving me. You clearly do not trust my judgment.

Victor: Will you understand that we are looking out for you?

Victoria: I did not ask for your help.

Nikki: Victoria, it was the only way we could get you to see the truth. We had to act before it was too late.

Victoria: Too late? Too late for what? You were afraid that ashland was gonna take total control of the company?

Nikki: As much as I care about the business, it’s nothing compared to how I feel about you. And I am not gonna have you sacrifice yourself for some plan to save the company.

Victoria: Please let me handle this the way that I see fit.

Nick: How can we do that? We don’t know what you’re planning to do.

Victor: We are your family. No one loves you more than we do. Please listen to us. Don’t be stubborn. Now, we’ve got to come up with a plan as a family to get rid of ashland locke, get him out of our family, get him out of newman enterprises.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Is everything okay at work?

Ashland: Oh. Uh…yes, everything’s fine. Yes.

Abby: Oh, you just seem a little tense. I know how my dad can be when there’s a big deal on the table. You can see the stress on his face. He carries it in his jaw.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashland: You are very observant. Yes, there is something major happening.

Abby: I knew it.

Ashland: But don’t worry about it, it’s gonna be fine.

Abby: Great.

Ashland: Did you find your endives?

Abby: I did, yeah, right underneath the radicchio.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashland: The radicchio — that’s always the last place you look, isn’t it?

Abby: Always.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: So how is everything else with you? I mean, with your, um…

Ashland: You’re asking about my health.

Abby: Yes, I am, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.

Ashland: No, it’s fine. It’s fine. I’m as healthy as can be.

Abby: Wow.

Ashland: Mm-hmm.

Abby: That’s amazing. That’s miraculous, even.

Ashland: Yes. And how’s your little miracle, um, dominique?

Abby: Dominic.

Ashland: Yes, dominic. He must be getting bigger every day.

Abby: He is. He is so cute. Oh, my gosh, I have to show you this picture.

Ashland: Please do.

Abby: You’re gonna love it.

Ashland: I can hardly wait.

Abby: Look at it — wait, here it is.

Ashland: Okay, take your time.

Abby: Ah!

Ashland: Oh, look at how handsome that little boy is.

Abby: Isn’t he just the cutest thing ever? Oh. Gosh, having chance home and all of us being together, it’s such a blessing.

Ashland: I’m sure it is. Family is everything. And how is chance?

Abby: He’s doing better. He’s talking about going back to work on the police force.

Ashland: That’s great. Work is good for the soul.

Abby: Yes, chance feels the same way, and he thinks that going back to work will help him deal with all of his trauma. And if he thinks that, then i will support him 100%. Hey, it worked for you.

Ashland: What?

Abby: It worked for you. You going back to work, it helped you recover.

Ashland: Yes, it did. Yes, it did.

Abby: That and victoria’s love. That can have such healing power. You know, the two of us, chance and I, we really should use you and victoria as shining examples.

Ashland: Ah.

Michael: It is okay. Things got rough, but I’m home. Kevin helped me. And I’m eternally grateful to him for his assistance. So let’s — let’s just focus on the positive.

Lauren: But why didn’t you tell me when he was safe? Why did you have me worry for an additional 24 hours?

Kevin: I didn’t know what i was gonna find in san diego. I really didn’t expect I’d find michael. I thought it might just be a wild good chase.

Lauren: But why didn’t you call when you found him? We were scared to death. I was driving chloe crazy.

Chloe: She did.

Lauren: And we were in agony for all those extra hours.

Chloe: Okay, lauren, hold on. I know that you’re — you’re just expressing your pent-up frustration and anxiety, but i think you’re taking it out on the wrong people, ’cause we are on your side. We have been here through all of it, and I’m sure that kevin has a really good explanation for why he hasn’t told us anything.

Kevin: Well, we needed to act fast —

Michael: No, no, no, no, kevin. Do not blame kevin for anything. He was following my instructions, and I am sorry i put you through this and I will make it up to you, and I will eventually explain everything to you, but time is of the essence, and I have to see victor.

Lauren: No, michael —

Michael: I know, I don’t want to leave you either. I came here on purpose first to make sure that you knew I was alright. But this is an urgent situation, and I need to go.

Lauren: No. No, you are not going anywhere near victor. He’s the one that caused all this. He’s the one that got you into this mess in the first place — whatever this is. Why on earth do you feel obligated to him now? I started screening

Victoria: I am thinking of the company and I am thinking of the family, and I can see very clearly now what I need to do. It’s really the only way to get to the other side of this mess, so please just let me do it.

[ Sighs ] I do have the family’s best interests at heart. You have to trust me. I know I’ve made some mistakes when it comes to love, but i don’t make mistakes in business.

Victor: [ Sighs ] I’m still not convinced.

Victoria: Daddy…we’re standing in what used to be your office. This is where you handed me the reins of newman. Did you do that because you felt confident in me or did you do it as an empathy move? Are you really gonna take all of that back just because of a couple of bumps in the road?

Nick: Vick, come on. You know this is more than a bump in the road.

Victoria: Well, maybe that’s how you see it, but I see it as any issues, any problem that I’ve solved in this company.

Victor: Sweetheart…

[ Sighs ] I’ve told you many times that i admire what you have done for the company, okay?

Victoria: Well, then, please, please trust me on this one. I’m gonna treat it like any business problem. I can — I can handle this.

Victor: Look, if your actions get rid of ashland locke, get him out of our family and away from this company, then i will trust you. Meanwhile, I’m here if you need me.

Victoria: I can handle it. Thank you for your support. All of you.

Nick: I don’t like this at all. I’d feel a lot better if I knew what she was doing. If she has a plan, what do you think it could be?

Victor: If she doesn’t have a plan, I do.

Michael: Please believe me when I tell you this will all be explained to you in due time, but this is not on victor.

Lauren: Then who is responsible?

Michael: Ashland locke. And victor needs to know what happened immediately.; There’s been no safe way to get information to him. I will be home right afterwards, within the hour.

Lauren: Do you promise?

Michael: I promise.

Lauren: Is he still in danger?

Kevin: I don’t think so.

Lauren: Where did you find him? I mean, how did he get from peru to san diego?

Kevin: You know what? It’s michael’s story to tell. Besides, I don’t know anything about what happened in peru. He was quiet about that.

Chloe: Quiet like a secret or quiet like he was traumatized?

Kevin: Quiet like it never came up.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Why did I let him out of my sight? I’m gonna go to victor’S. Kevin, I’m really sorry for earlier. Thank you so much for bringing him home.

Kevin: Of course. I feel terrible about what she had to go through. Why are you glaring me like that? Should I not feel terrible?

Chloe: You should. But what about me? You call me from work last night and say that you have to get on a flight and go to san diego, and I don’t hear from you until you saunter into crimson lights, and I have been home worried sick with the kids.

Kevin: I’m sorry. Michael’s instructions were explicit.

Chloe: Look, I — I know that you didn’t want to say anything in front of lauren, but he must have told you something. Where has he been? And what does ashland locke have to do with it?

Abby: Look at the time. You know, I really wanted to stay and say hello to victoria, but I really need to head home.

Ashland: I will pass on your regrets to victoria when I see her, which I hope will be soon.

Abby: Well, please give her a big hug from me, and I am just so happy that you’re feeling better.

Ashland: Thank you.

Abby: Now you and victoria need to work on that work-life balance.

Ashland: Yes, we do.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] And you can start by going out on that double date that we talked about.

Ashland: I would love that. I know victoria will, too.

Abby: Well, just pick a date and time and we’ll be there. It’s good to see you.

Ashland: You too.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah. Uh-huh. Okay everyone,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Michael: Victor.

Victor: Michael baldwin! Man, what the hell?

[ Groans ] Thank god you’re here.

Michael: You should also thank a couple of healthful dock workers at the port of lima, but whatever works.

Victor: My goodness, how the hell did you get back to genoa city?

Lauren: I’d like to know the same thing, michael.

Victor: Yes.

Michael: I thought we agreed to meet at home.

Lauren: We did, but I decided that I wanted to find out what happened to my husband and why he’s been gone so long without a word. Your boss isn’t off the hook for any of this either, so I would like to hear everything you say to victor.

Michael: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: Thank you.

Nick: I just don’t even know what victoria is thinking.

Nikki: I’m wondering the same thing.

Nick: How can she even think about spending one more minute with this lying weasel of a man she calls her husband? What does she think’s gonna happen, she can just pretend like nothing has changed?

Nikki: I am trying very hard to have faith that she really does have a good plan.

Nick: Well, then she’s deluded, because she’s either gonna put herself in a position where ashland can worm his way right back into her heart or she’s gonna be playing with fire, mom, trying to outwit this guy.

Nikki: Well, I’m worried about her emotional wellbeing. Remember, after everything with J.T., She questioned her judgment. It was a very low point for her. And now, after ashland is misleading her about all these things, she could start to doubt herself again.

Nick: I just don’t even know how she could consider making ashland co-ceo after she knew about all the evidence we have against him.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] It just shows how vulnerable she is to him.

Nick: You know, I didn’t want to say anything earlier ’cause i didn’t want to antagonize victoria anymore, but she did open up to someone about ashland, and it turned out to be billy of all people, which, to me, is a sign of how little trust she has that her own family has her back.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] That is very concerning.

Nick: I’m also worried that maybe she just believed everything that ashland told her, you know? All this talk about her handling it her own way was just a way for us to back off and leave her alone, because every time i think we get through to her, she just runs right back into ashland’s arms.

Nikki: Well, now, I think we should give her a little more credit. She has too much pride. She knows that the fate of newman is in her hands, and she will do whatever it takes to save it. And that’s what has me worried.

Victoria: Hello.

Ashland: Oh. Hello. You just missed abby.

Victoria: Oh, well, I’ll have to give her a call, but honestly, I’m glad she’s not here. I’m not really up for interacting with any more newmans right now.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Well, she was actually being quite friendly, you know, very abby, which I guess means she hasn’t heard anything about the smear campaign against me.

Victoria: I could really use a drink.

Ashland: Are you okay?

Victoria: Yes, I’m okay. I’ll just be a lot better when the bartender comes back.

Ashland: Well, you just seem agitated. I mean, has victor filled your head with more lies about me? See, this is what I feared when you went to see your family without me being there to defend myself.

Victoria: Why, is there more that I should know?

Ashland: No, that’s not at all what I meant. I just — I’m just afraid that they’re getting to you again.

Victoria: Yeah, I guess. I guess my nerves are a little frayed. I, um — I just feel like I’m being pulled in several different directions right now.

Ashland: Well, I understand that. Your family has created this untenable situation where they’re putting you under unnecessary stress.

Victoria: I can handle them.

Ashland: Okay. So, uh, what did they say about me this time?

Victoria: Oh. [ Sighs ] They’re on the warpath.

Ashland: Ah.

Victoria: My mother thinks that you’ve broken my heart and that I will never be the same, and nicholas is being protective, as usual.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: And then my dad —

Ashland: Yeah, you don’t have to tell me what your dad thinks. I — I kind of know what he thinks. What I want to know is where we stand, you and me.

Victoria: I know that the love that we have for each other is real. I know that. And that you would not and could not fake that. And I know that you wouldn’t deceive me in the way that my family is claiming that you would. So that’s where I’m at. I’m right here. I’m right by your side. Effective skincare can be affordable.

Michael: The moment — the moment I sent evidence linking payoffs to the doctors at the clinic to a subsidiary of locke’s company [Scoffs] The local police picked me up. I was thrown in jail on some trumped-up cross-border espionage charge.

Lauren: You were in jail?

Michael: Yes, yes, for a while.

Lauren: And they wouldn’t let you make a phone call?

Michael: It wasn’t exactly a due process situation. I knew the charges against me weren’t real. These were locals, not federal agents. My phone and my id were taken away. I had no access to the outside world. I had no way of contacting you. I couldn’t even hire my own lawyer.

Lauren: What a nightmare.

Victor: How’d you get away?

Michael: [ Chuckles ] I charmed my way out.

Victor: Huh.

Michael: I befriended a guard, javier. He — he had some legal trouble. I advised him on how to keep a lender from taking away his house. I mean, I saved his family home.

Victor: Oh, I see, so he owed you.

Michael: He did.

Victor: Uh-huh. So he recovered my passport. He gave me the name of a friend down at the dock, and then he let me slip away.

Lauren: Thank god for javier. But why didn’t you call once you were freed?

Michael: Number one, I still didn’t have a phone, and number two, I was sure ashland was behind my arrest. I have no proof, but it’s pretty clear that’s what happened. At that point, I thought he was capable of anything. He could be listening in on your phones. I couldn’t risk it. I was technically a fugitive. So I made my way down to the docks. I finagled my way onto a boat going to san diego, and once i was there, I could contact kevin.

Kevin: So I got a text from an unknown number claiming to be michael, telling me to get to san diego immediately.

Chloe: Well, if it was unknown, how were you certain it was actually michael?

Kevin: I tested him. He wrote that I shouldn’t say anything to you or to lauren, so I asked if I could tell gloria. To which he responded, “sure, she won’t care.” Only somebody who knows our mother would respond that way.

Chloe: Good test.

Kevin: Since this was the only lead we had on michael, i had to follow it. When I got off the plane, there was a text from another number. It was an address. So I went there, cautiously, because I didn’t know if this was a trap. It was a park near the airport. Michael was there, frazzled, scared. I wanted to check into a hotel, get him rested up, but he was eager to come home. We got on the next flight. And he was looking over his shoulder the entire time.

Chloe: What was he afraid of?

Kevin: I don’t know. But he was on edge. Seeing lauren seemed to calm him down.

Chloe: Wow. Look, I know we have been talking about wanting more excitement, like in our younger years, but not like this. If anything had happened to you…

Kevin: I know. I really was scared. And that’s why I didn’t want to worry you, but I had to help michael.

Chloe: I know, and I think it’s great that you were willing to do anything to keep your brother safe.

Kevin: Yeah, as many times as he’s come to my rescue, I owed him. But I have to admit, michael’s drive to get home as soon as possible, to run and see victor, it’s all very unnerving.

Chloe: What do you think he meant when he said that this was all ashland locke’s fault?

Ashland: [ Sighs ] I love you, victoria. And I know that our love can withstand any and all attacks against us. And I will find out who’s behind this.

Victoria: I know you will. I know that. And we’ll face this together.

Ashland: I can face anything as long as I know you’re with me. I need your love and your trust to get through this.

Victoria: And you have it. You know, but we’re gonna have to be really smart because it won’t be easy fighting my family. My father is not gonna let go of this easily. He’s gonna come at you with every weapon that he has in his arsenal to try to get you out of my life and out of newman, but we’re just gonna have to be prepared for that.

Ashland: I agree. Look, I know you needed a night away just to think things through, but I’m hoping you’ll come home so we can have a conversation about this, maybe make some plans. What do you say?

Victoria: Actually, I have a better idea. I’ve been thinking about what you said, and I think that you’re right.

Ashland: Right about what?

Victoria: I think that we need to get far away from genoa city so that we can strategize without my family’s constant attacks. Let’s just go to the villa in tuscany. (Clucking noises)

Kevin: Michael didn’t say much on the flight back. He was tight-lipped, preoccupied. He kept worrying that somebody was listening or watching. But one thing was clear — ashland locke was behind his detainment in peru.

Chloe: Why would locke do that to him?

Kevin: I don’t know. But he put my brother through hell.

Chloe: Well, look, I’m just glad that you two are home safe and sound.

Kevin: Yeah, I am too. But I’m not gonna forgive locke anytime soon.

Nick: I’m not convinced that victoria is willing to get rid of ashland. As you said before, victoria has been betrayed by so many men in her life, so maybe she’s so vulnerable that she can’t admit that yet another relationship has failed. So buying locke’s story is a way to prove that she hasn’t made another mistake.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I pray she’s stronger than that.

Nick: Well, whatever the reason, if victoria decides to stay with ashland, I promise you I will find a way to get rid of him on my own.

Lauren: Well, I hope the information that you gathered was worth you being in jail, being in constant danger, and having me worried day and night.

Michael: I do too.

Victor: Trust me, it was invaluable.

Lauren: Does not get you off the hook for not calling me the minute you got to san diego.

Michael: Listen to me — if i had phoned you, you would’ve insisted on going with kevin. Now, I was concerned I was still in danger. I wasn’t gonna put you at risk, okay?

Lauren: And you really think that that was still an issue once you were back in the united states?

Michael: If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this adventure, it’s how ruthless ashland locke is. What matters now is that I’m home and safe with you.

Victor: Let’s toast to that.

Michael: Salud. And don’t blame victor. I knew the risks when I took this job.

Lauren: Mm, still gonna blame you.

Michael: So what’s happening with locke?

Victor: Well, as they say in french [Speaks french] Things have blown wide open. And victoria’s right in the middle. So…we’re gonna have to figure out a way to get rid of ashland locke, get him out of the company, out of our family.

Ashland: Hold on, you want to go back to tuscany? I’m surprised.

Victoria: Why? I love it there.

Ashland: Well, you were against it just a couple of days ago.

Victoria: Yes, but things have changed. I thought you wanted to go.

Ashland: I did, but removing ourselves from the battlefield, being thousands of miles away, that may not be the smartest move.

Victoria: So what has changed for you?

Ashland: Things have escalated since I first suggested it. Look, stepping out of the line of fire may seem like a safer move, but — but it may also look like an admission of guilt.

Victoria: To who?

Ashland: Victor, of course.

Victoria: My father already thinks you’re guilty.

Ashland: Well, then it might look like an admission of defeat, which is even worse.

Victoria: Exactly. If we retreat, it will make it look to my father that we’re running scared and he might be more likely to show his hand. It’s the smart move, trust me.

Ashland: Uh, you know, I love the way you’re always one step ahead of everyone, including your father, and I do agree with the idea of it. In fact, it would be nice to go back to tuscany, be alone with you at the site of our wedding.

Victoria: Yes, and you’ll be able to spend time with harrison while you’re there. You should do that.

Ashland: I can see my boy. I would love that. Okay, let’s go to italy. I’ll make some phone calls, start making arrangements immediately.

Victoria: There’s no need. I’ve already handled everything.

Ashland: Oh.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: Oh. Fantastic.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, March 29, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Anita

Spencer: Good morning, Grandmother.

Laura: Good morning, Spencer. How’d you sleep?

Spencer: I didn’t.

Laura: Oh. Well, you’ve been under lock and key for a month. Maybe it takes time to get used to the comforts of home. I don’t know.

Spencer: That’s not it.

Laura: Okay, then what is it?

Spencer: You’re pregnant?! Why didn’t you say anything?

Esme: When was I supposed to tell you — before or after you called me a monster?

Spencer: Esme, please.

Esme: For the record, I haven’t taken the test yet. But I am late.

Laura: Spencer? You know you can tell me anything, right?

[ Door opens, closes ]

Nikolas: Is that a smile I see?

Esme: Mr. Cassadine. Good morning.

Nikolas: Well, it certainly looks that way. Your first night in your new place must have agreed with you.

Esme: Oh, you have no idea.

Jordan: Trina, have a seat. I just want to walk you through what’s next. In a few hours, you’ll be escorted to the courthouse for your arraignment. If you plead not guilty —

Trina: if? Jordan… I’m pleading not guilty because I didn’t do it.

[ Tray clatters ]

Alexis: Oh. You found the carpet cleaner.

Harmony: Yeah.

Alexis: How’d you know that was in the basement?

Harmony: I’m making breakfast to celebrate my temporary new digs. I hope you like scrambled. Alexis, what’s wrong?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Harmony: I’ll get that.

Alexis: Yeah.

Sam: Harmony. What are you doing here?

Carly: I mean, look at Avery’s schedule. She has so many activities.

Ava: [ Chuckles ] And I thought we were busy people, huh?

Carly: Yeah. Oh, I-I talked to Avery’s dance teacher, told her about the little sprain. She said it wouldn’t be a problem.

Ava: Okay.

Carly: Hmm.

Ava: Carly, I want to tell you again how much Avery love her time with you.

Carly: Oh. Not as much as I love spending time with her. I can’t believe how fast they go from playdate to college. It’s…crazy.

Ava: You know, I-I-I heard about that awful video of Joss and Cameron. If you ever find out who’s responsible, you know, Carly, I wouldn’t blame you if you —

Sonny: Hello, Ava. Carly.

Ava: Sonny.

Carly: Ava and I are going over Avery’s schedule, trying to coordinate some dates.

Sonny: Oh, I thought you were talking about Trina.

Ava: Trina? Why would we be talking about Trina?

Sonny: She just got arrested for making the video of Cameron and Josslyn.

Carly: No, that’s crazy. Trina would never do anything like that, especially not to Cameron and Josslyn.

Ava: No. And I work side by side with Trina at the gallery. I couldn’t trust her more if she were my own daughter.

Carly: She was clearly set up. Esme.

Ava: Esme.

Sonny: Well, you know what? I don’t believe it, either. But I don’t think Jordan would have arrested her if there wasn’t some kind of evidence of it. I mean, right?

Ava: Evidence can be fabricated, as we know.

Sonny: Yeah.

Ava: Always a pleasure.

Carly: Where are you going?

Ava: I’m gonna go make sure that somebody pays for this.

Carly: [ Exhales sharply ]

Sonny: How’s Josslyn?

Carly: Hurt. Humiliated. But standing up for herself.

Sonny: You know, Josslyn’s been my stepdaughter for years. And if I didn’t find out about this tape from Dante, I would have had to find out from the, uh…Invader article.

Alexis: You know, I tried calling you. I-I couldn’t reach you.

Sam: What’s going on?

Alexis: Harmony’s just staying here for a little bit.

Sam: Oh.

Alexis: I thought molly and Kristina might have called you.

Sam: No, I guess it slipped their minds.

Harmony: I totally forgot the sugar. I’ll be back.

Sam: So, Shawn takes off… and Harmony moves in?

Alexis: [ Sighs ]

Laura: Would you like some more coffee?

Spencer: Thank you, grandmother. This is a perfect first morning of freedom. I would dream about these when I was inside.

Laura: [ Laughing ] Spencer. You were inside for a month.

Spencer: Even worse. I had had them so recently, and the bakery was so close.

Laura: Hmm. Well, I’m glad that whatever spoiled your sleep hasn’t ruined your appetite. Quit stalling and just tell me what’s wrong.

Spencer: What makes you think that I’m stalling?

Laura: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe ’cause I’ve known you since you were a little boy. And when you stall, it looks exactly like this. Spencer, you know you can trust me. With anything.

Spencer: Did you ever do something that you shouldn’t have but you didn’t realize that you had done it until it was too late?

Laura: [ Chuckles ] Oh, boy. How much time do you have? You know, Spencer, I could fill an encyclopedia with the mistakes I’ve made. I have tried to learn from them. And hopefully, maybe I can impart some of those hard-won lessons to you.

Spencer: It’s about Esme.

Laura: I thought so. Spencer, I’m so sorry that you broke up. I really am. If there’s anything I can do —

[ Knock on door]

Laura: I bet that that’s her right now. And if it is, I can go upstairs.

Victor: Good morning.

Laura: It was so close to being one.

Victor: I just dropped by to see if Spencer — well, slaughter the fatted calf! The prodigal has returned!

Nikolas: And how is the room above Kelly’s? I know it’s a change from what you’re accustomed to.

Esme: It’s fine. It may not be a lap of luxury, but it’s clean and comfortable. And beggars can’t be choosers.

Nikolas: Oh, you consider yourself a beggar?

Esme: Oh, close enough. I mean, I can’t access my trust fund until I’m 25. In the meantime, my allowance is measured out in teaspoons.

Nikolas: Oh, the horror.

Esme: I know. “Poor little rich girl.” Guess I’m not making a very good case for myself.

Nikolas: Esme, I was joking. I know how it feels to be dependent on the largesse of family. I mean, sometimes strangers can be more generous.

Esme: And no one’s been as generous to me as you have, despite everything I’ve done to you and Ava. What’d I do to deserve your kindness?

Nikolas: Kindness has nothing to do with it.

Jordan: It doesn’t matter what I believe. My job is to gather evidence, not judge who’s guilty or not guilty. That’s up to a court of law.

Trina: Jordan, you know me. You know my parents. Do you really think I would do this to Joss and Cam?

Jordan: Can you explain how the phone that posted the video was found in your possession?

Trina: [ Sighs ]

Jordan: Trina, I can tell there’s something you want to say. What is it?

Ava: I’ll say it for her. You’ve got the wrong person.

Alexis: You can relax. Harmony is not taking up residence here.

Sam: [ Chuckles ] You could’ve fooled me.

Alexis: She just needs a place to stay. I’m just helping her out till she can afford to get a place of her own.

Sam: Okay, well, clearly, you have made up your mind and there nothing I can do to change it.

Alexis: Not that that’s gonna stop you.

Sam: Have you ever thought that Harmony’s redemption act is too good to be true? Because take it from someone who knows — the grifter’s instinct, it never leaves you. All you can do is own it and fight it. Is Harmony doing that? Or is she working you?

Victor: Hm. Not bad.

Laura: What do you want, Victor?

Victor: Well, I wanted to check up on my great-nephew here to make sure you had everything you need, now you’re a free man.

Spencer: Freedom’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Victor: Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise?

Laura: I’m sure Spencer will tell us what’s going on in his own good time. Right now, I think we should give him some space.

Victor: What others call lies of omission I like to call truths to be told at the right time.

Laura: The time that benefits you.

Victor: Hm. You’re a politician, Madam Mayor. Surely you know the value of strategy. You can’t succeed without maneuverability and a sense of gamesmanship.

Laura: Funny you should mention that. Rumor has it you enjoy a good game of cards.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Doesn’t everyone?

Spencer: I might just try to, uh, catch a nap, so…

Victor: Oh, uh, wait a minute, Spencer. There is something important we need to discuss. All three of us.

Esme: I should have known you wouldn’t have found me a place to stay unless you expected something in return. If this is about me putting in a good word with Spencer, he won’t listen. Not now.

Nikolas: [ Chuckles ] I’m not asking you to go to bat for me with Spencer. Not because my son stopped caring for you. But I don’t have reason to trust you.

Esme: Well, at least you’re honest about it.

Nikolas: Can you blame me? You Camerone close to driving the woman I love out of my life.

Esme: I have nothing against you or Ava. I only knew her from what Spence told me. And, I mean, I never questioned his perspective because he was in so much pain. So when he asked me for help, I couldn’t say no, even though I knew it was wrong. Of course, that was just the first of many mistakes.

Nikolas: Yes, it was. I don’t understand. If you haven’t forgiven me for the things I’ve done to you, then why are you helping me? Why make sure I have a roof over my head when you could just as easily send me packing? Of course. You did it so you could keep an eye on me.

Ava: Are you all right?

Trina: Fine.

Jordan: I need to follow up on something. I’ll leave you two to talk.

Ava: Thank you. Uh, Commissioner? Aren’t you forgetting something?

Jordan: He stays. They get 10 minutes.

Officer: Yes, Commissioner.

Ava: Trina, I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

Trina: So am I.

Ava: Well, I promise you, I’m gonna do everything in my power to get you out of here and clear your name. This is a terrible miscarriage of justice.

Victor: I do regret we had to cancel your “welcome home” dinner, but let’s reschedule it, if not as a “welcome home,” then as some other kind of celebration. We do have a lot to celebrate.

Laura: We do?

Victor: Oh, more than you can imagine.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Laura: Excuse me. Jordan?

Jordan: Laura, can you stop by the precinct as soon as you can?

Laura: Is there trouble?

Jordan: I’m guessing you haven’t seen The Invader today.

Laura: I haven’t.

Jordan: Just as well. I’ll brief you when you get here.

Laura: I’m on my way.

Victor: A mayor’s work is never done.

Laura: Something’s come up. I’m sorry.

Victor: Oh, have no fear. Your grandson is in good hands.

Laura: I’m a phone call away.

[ Door closes ]

Victor: Ahh, alone at last. Right, now, Spencer, suppose you tell me what exactly is going on between you and Esme.

Spencer: Esme and I are over. Whatever we had ended when I realized that… I couldn’t trust her.

Victor: Trust [Scoffs] Is an illusion. Loyalty, on the other hand — now, loyalty is priceless. Has Esme been disloyal?

Spencer: Well, I don’t know. Has she harmed you in any way? Directly, no, but she went out of her way to hurt my friends.

Victor: Your friends. Not you.

Spencer: She tried to pin the blame for something that she did on someone else. Someone I, um… [ Clears throat ] Someone I care about. When I confronted her, she denied it. We argued, and the day that I got out of Spring Ridge, her bags were packed and she left.

Victor: I get the sense that the separation is harder than you imagined it would be.

Spencer: You don’t know the half of it.

Victor: Has our dear Esme gotten her claws into you? Has she, uh — she played the love card? Or, more insidious yet, the sex card?

Spencer: I changed my mind. I don’t want to talk about this.

Victor: No, nonsense. Nonsense. We are both men of the world, Spencer. What’s more, we’re both made of the same flesh and blood. Now, I can’t help you unless you tell me what kind of hold Esme has over you.

Spencer: Esme might be pregnant.

Carly: My priority during all of this has been Josslyn. So if she didn’t tell you about the tape, I didn’t feel it was my place.

Sonny: But you’re okay with her doing an interview in the newspaper?

Carly: That was Josslyn’s choice. Sonny, she and Cameron were being trashed on social media, so they decided to get in front of it, you know, take charge of the narrative and speak up for themselves. I’m damn proud of my daughter.

Sonny: So am I. She’s always gonna be… a daughter to me. But somebody is using that video as a weapon against her. And in my world, when somebody pulls out a knife…

Carly: you pull out a gun.

Alexis: She’s a friend who needs my help. So what am i supposed to do?

Sam: Okay. As long as Harmony is the friend that you need her to be. And, hell, if Kristina’s okay with it —

Alexis: she is. She is, okay? And thank you for understanding.

Sam: Okay. I got to go. I will be around if you need me.

Alexis: Fine.

Sam: I love you.

Alexis: Love you, too.

Harmony: Sam, I totally forgot to ask if you wanted some coffee.

Sam: No, thank you. Harmony. I hope this all works out for you.

[ Door opens ]

Harmony: Yeah, and by that, I think she means save up as fast as I can so I can get out of your hair as soon as possible.

Alexis Sam is very vocal about her concerns.

Harmony: Oh, I know.

Alexis: She also doesn’t make my decisions for me.

Harmony: And have you made any decisions I need to know about?

Alexis: Not yet. You know, Harmony, I, um, can’t help but notice how well you know your way around my house. I mean, it almost seems like you’ve been here before. Without my knowledge.

Harmony: Because I have.

Victor: Pregnant? Is that all?

Spencer: Isn’t that enough?

Victor: If you’re the father. Of course I am. You’re sure?

Spencer: Yes.

Victor: No, you’re not. A man never can be.

Spencer: Esme moved to Port Charles for me. She even broke a few laws because she thought it was gonna help.

Victor: And you feel responsible.

Spencer: Aren’t I?

Victor: Listen to me, my boy. You are a young man with your whole life ahead of you. You have a family with almost unlimited resources, a family that loves you very much, even though sometimes they have a hard time knowing how to express it.

Spencer: What are you saying? If Esme is indeed pregnant and you are indeed the father… [ Breathes loudly ] …well, we have a whole array of options at our disposal. We can pay her off. We can resettle her somewhere. We can arrange to have the child brought up by more appropriate parents. Well, we do that all the time in this family, in case you haven’t noticed.

Spencer: I’m sorry. It’s just a lot.

Victor: Alright. Let me simplify. I can arrange to have mother and child cared for without tying you down.

Spencer: Thank you.

Victor: I have to say, I’m a little relieved. I, uh — I was worried at first that you were upset about that, uh, young lady who works at Ava’s gallery.

Spencer: Trina. What about her?

Victor: Oh, haven’t you heard?

Spencer: No.

Victor: Oh, she, uh — apparently she betrayed her other friends and got herself arrested.

Nikolas: Of course, I want to keep an eye on you, Esme. You helped Spencer terrorize my wife.

Esme: Everything I did, I did for Spencer.

Nikolas: Am I supposed to believe that you don’t have a mind of your own? That you couldn’t see Spencer’s plot spiraling out of control?

Esme: I don’t know how many times I can say this. I was wrong, and I’m sorry.

Nikolas: I provided you with a place because there’s a very good chance that this breakup is temporary. And if that is true, I need to know that you’re good for my son.

Esme: In other words, you give me shelter and a chance to prove that I’m not some gold digger?

Nikolas: Well, the virtues I’m looking for aren’t as traditional as all of that. I need to know that you will inspire Spencer to be the man he can be.

Esme: According to whose standards? Society’s or your family’s? Because that’s becoming clearer by the day that those mean very different things.

Nikolas: Well, it depends on Spencer. Whatever path he chooses, will you be there? Do you really care for him?

Esme: Haven’t I proven that by now? Of course I care for Spencer. I’ve loved him more than I’ve ever loved anyone.

Nikolas: Then here’s your chance to remind him.

Esme: You don’t understand. It’s too late.

Ava: Tell me everything that happened. On second thought, just tell me what the police already know.

Trina: So, I tried to show the commissioner my phone to prove that I didn’t have the sex video on it. I pulled out what I thought was my phone.

Ava: Wait, what do you mean what you thought was your phone?

Trina: It was identical. Identical. It was the same case, same model. Then I heard a chime with a text on my actual phone. I realized my phone is still in my bag. Someone planted the other one.

Ava: And we may not know how they did it, but we know who. It was Esme, wasn’t it?

Jordan: Thank you for coming.

Laura: [ Sighs ] I saw The Invader on the way over. Trina Robinson can’t possibly have anything to do with that sex tape, can she?

Jordan: We’re exploring all angles, which is the reason why I called. There’s another piece of the puzzle I need to make you aware of. Personally.

Laura: Personally? Is that because the tape involves Cameron?

Jordan: It actually involves your other grandson, Spencer.

Carly: The first step is to prove that Esme did this to Josslyn and Cameron, and then i will make her pay.

Sonny: So I have no say in what happens? You agree with Michael that Josslyn doesn’t concern me anymore?

Carly: Michael agrees with Josslyn. And she has made it very clear that she doesn’t want you involved.

Sonny: Carly, I understand how you feel about me, but you know I will do anything for my children.

Carly: Great, great. Then — then do what Josslyn has asked and stay out of it. Have you even read the interview with her and Cam? Have you?

Sonny: Not all of it, no.

Carly: You should. It’s pretty impressive. Josslyn showed a lot of courage.

Sonny: I-I don’t need an interview to tell me, you know, how brave Josslyn is. I see it. Just — just like I see that Trina, if she’s taking the fall for this, someone else is getting away with a vicious attack on Josslyn’s name and privacy.

Carly: That someone is Esme.

Sonny: I’m not gonna stand by and let that happen. I’m gonna take care of it.

Sam: Sonny.

Laura: Sonny.

Sonny: Hey, Sam. How you doing?

Sam: I know that look. [ Exhales deeply ] Someone’s gonna suffer.

Trina: Of course Esme did it. But she wasn’t in the cabin when the video was recorded. She was in the car with Spencer on her way back to town.

Ava: Well, she didn’t have to be there physically to make the recording. It’s not that hard.

Officer: Sorry. Time’s up.

Ava: Thank you. Trina… I promise you, I will move heaven and earth to get you out of this.

Trina: Ava, do people really think I —

Ava: Hey. Who cares what people think? Your family, your friends — your good and true friends — they know you. And so does Spencer, whether you care what he thinks or not.

Laura: How’s Spencer involved? Ava. How’s Trina?

Ava: Innocent.

Spencer: This doesn’t make sense. How could they arrest Trina?

Victor: Well, I’d imagine the police found evidence of a crime that pointed to her guilt.

Spencer: I’m sorry, Uncle Victor, but I need a minute.

Victor: Yeah, I can take a hint. I’ll, uh, see myself out.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Esme: Are you coming or not?

Spencer: I will go with you. But first, I’m gonna check on Trina and then I will get our bags and I will meet you outside!

Esme: Trina’s asleep, and we can send for our things. Let’s go.

Esme: -What am I up to? Wow.

Spencer: -It’s a fair question.

Esme: It’s not enough that you accused me of orchestrating this weekend to blow up your friendships —

Spencer: Which you denied.

Esme: Do you believe me?

Spencer: I want to.

Esme: Oh, my god.

Spencer: Which is why I’m asking, what the hell did you hope to achieve with the questions you were asking during the drinking game?

Esme: [ Laughs ] A fun night! How was I supposed to know what would hit a nerve?

Spencer: Look me in the eye and tell me that you had nothing to do with that video.

Esme: Would it even matter? After all this time together, everything we’ve been through, I can’t believe our history isn’t enough.

Spencer: Wait. You never answered my question.

Esme: You want an answer? Yeah, I do. Well, Spence, you don’t always get what you want.

Esme: Not only has Spence kicked me to the curb, but there’s a target on my back because of what certain people think I’ve done.

Nikolas: What people?

Esme: I mean, Josslyn’s mom, for one. You saw the bruises she left on my arm. Thank you again for taking me to the hospital and for putting Mrs. Corinthos on notice.

Nikolas: Someone had to.

Esme: That leaves… Mr. Corinthos.

Nikolas: Sonny? What about him?

Esme: He’s had it in for me ever since I stretched the truth about you and Ava leaving town with Avery. My misguided attempt to bring everyone together seriously backfired.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ] You let me worry about Sonny. Yeah, just work on being the person Spencer trusted, the person that he cared for and he still cares for. Can you do that?

Esme: That’s just it. Lately, Spence has put his trust in the last person he should, the person who actually did this terrible thing to Joss and Cam.

Nikolas: Trina?

Esme: Spence thought I did it. If he won’t believe me, maybe he’ll believe his own eyes. Maybe he’ll finally see that it was wrong to trust her.

Nikolas: If Trina’s out of his life, does that bring the two of you back together?

Esme: It might have before I found out that — found out what?

Sam: First of all, that someone would even do this at all — it’s horrific. But to Josslyn, knowing that Sonny Corinthos is her stepfather.

Carly: Oh, and she knows. She knows. You should have heard the way Esme spoke to me, and she was doing it just to get a rise out of me in front of Nikolas.

Sam: Well, did it work?

Carly: Oh, yeah, he rushed to her side to defend her. I don’t know how Josslyn has managed not to slap Esme into next week. When I was her age, back in my day…

Sam: Oh.

Carly: …I would’ve ripped her hair out of her head, and that’s before she tried to frame Trina.

Sam: Okay, well, that explains the smoke coming out of Sonny’s ears.

Carly: Yeah, well, Michael and Josslyn want him to stay out of it.

Sam: [ Scoffs ] Like anything’s gonna be able to stop him.

Sonny: Brick. Uh, I need you to coordinate with Spinelli, try to find a-a trail, you know, whoever did this. Yeah, I know what people are thinking, but I need to have, you know, a clean slate. So proof is absolute. You know what I’m saying? Right.

[ Knock on door, door opens ]

Ava: Hey. I need a drink. Gin if you have it, scotch otherwise.

Sonny: You can try in the bar, ’cause I don’t — I’m — I’m not doing that stuff anymore.

Ava: Huh. Kudos to Nina.

Sonny: [ Chuckles ] What — what are you doing here?

Ava: I just saw Trina.

Sonny: And?

Sonny: She didn’t do it. As you already know, it was Esme.

Harmony: Kristina was living here when she was interested in Dawn of Day. Um, and one day I waited for you to leave, and I knocked on the door, and Kristina opened it.

Alexis: You wanted to talk to Kristina when I wasn’t there?

Harmony: Yeah, Shiloh wanted me to check her out. And then, uh, we were having coffee in the kitchen, and there was, like, a mishap with the coffee maker. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but it spilled everywhere, and I helped her clean it up. And then I put the mop and the cleaning supplies back. And that’s — that’s how I knew where they were.

Alexis: Right. Uh, so just to be clear, I-I’m going to speak to Kristina about this.

Harmony: Yes. Yes, I-I want you to do that. I know I should have told you. I’m sorry, but, um, I was just, like, so ashamed of the reason why. Alexis, say something, please.

Nikolas; Clearly there’s something you’re not telling me. If there is something that you know about this video, something that involves Spencer —

Esme: No, he had nothing to do with it.

Nikolas: [ Exhales deeply ] Good. Then what is it? I can’t help you if I don’t know.

Esme: Please, Mr. Cassadine, I know you want to help. It’s just —

Nikolas: Go on.

Esme: I-I-I’m sorry. I have to — I just need to get some air before I —

Nikolas: before what?

Esme: I’m sorry. I just need a minute.

Spencer: Grandmother, you’re here. Why didn’t you tell me Trina was here?

Laura: I didn’t know until I was on my way over.

Spencer: Where is she?

Jordan: Trina’s in the interrogation room. You can go right in.

Laura: Why did you let Spencer in to see Trina? Do you believe that my grandson is involved in this?

Trina: It’s funny how things work out.

Spencer: There’s nothing funny about this.

Trina: Sure, there is. The last time I saw you, you were the one in custody. Now it’s my turn.

Sam: Oh, I wish Jason were here.

Carly: I wish that about a thousand times a day every day, but especially right now. You know, he would be able to figure out how Esme framed Trina, and he’d be able to stop me from losing my mind.

Sam: Probably.

Carly: Did you, uh, hear from Monica?

Sam: About Jason?

Carly: Yeah, she wants to have him declared legally dead. I mean, I heard about it from Britt, and then Monica reached out and said she wants to do it because she thinks it’ll help Jason’s kids move on. What do you think about that?

Sam: Uh… I think it seems impossible… saying goodbye to Jason.

Carly: I’m never gonna be able to say goodbye to him, you know.

Sam: We’re gonna have to try. Carly, we’re gonna have to try to move on.

Carly: Yeah, I feel like I’m moving on from so many things right now. And you have, too. I’m sorry. How are things with you and Dante?

Sam: They’re — they’re — they’re great. Um… listen, I… had to try really hard… to find the strength to move on from Jason. So maybe it’s possible that if you find your strength, you’ll be able to move on from Sonny.

Sonny: What do you want, Ava?

Ava: The same thing you want.

Sonny: Yeah?

Ava: Justice. I know Trina. She’s good. Hell of a lot better than either of us.

Sonny: Faint praise, low bar, is that what you’re saying?

Ava: Fair point.

Sonny: So?

Ava: So… we both know that she would never do this to Josslyn and Cameron.

Sonny: Carly’s convinced it’s Esme.

Ava: Carly’s right. And if Carly and I agree on something, it’s got to be true. Now… …what are you gonna do about it?

Sonny: I’m on it.

Esme: “‘We refuse to be victims,’ says Josslyn Jacks. Cameron Webber echoes that sentiment. ‘Whoever thought they could shame us into hiding has made a serious mistake.’” [ Laughs ] No, they didn’t, Cameron. The mistake was all yours, Trina.

Alexis: I have to go to work.

Harmony: Okay. Do you want me to leave?

Alexis: We’ll talk about it later.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Thunder rumbling ]

Carly: Well, I divorced Sonny. I mean, that counts as moving on, right?

Sam: Not really. But, um, you know what? I’m gonna give you a pass on this one because you have a lot to deal with. You need to just stay focused on Josslyn.

Carly: She’s gonna get through this. And going public with what happened to her and Cam was a good first step. Now we have to make sure her best friend doesn’t pay for a crime she didn’t commit.

Spencer: I rushed over as soon as I heard.

Trina: Why? So you can tell Esme that it worked?

Spencer: You know I didn’t believe Esme when she accused you.

Trina: Which time?

Spencer: To be honest, I thought that Esme did it. But now, if the commissioner has evidence —

Trina: Planted evidence. You know better than anyone that I would never deliberately try to hurt Joss and Cam.

Spencer: Then why did you do it?

Jordan: Other than being at the cabin the night the video was taken, I’m not so sure Spencer was involved at all.

Laura: He seemed upset about something this morning.

Jordan: Maybe Spencer’s adjusting to leaving the system and returning to normal life.

Laura: I’d like to believe that. But then there’s his Great-Uncle Victor, who’s always ready with a helping hand.

Victor: Ah, Nikolas. Glad I found you. We need to talk about Spencer.

Nikolas: Later. Did you see Esme outside?

Victor: Oh, as a matter of fact, I did. As I was pulling in, another car was pulling out. I saw Esme in the back seat.

Nikolas: Who was driving? Which way did they go?

Esme: [ Grunts ]

Sonny: Esme. Nice of you to join me.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Sasha (to Brando): You in this?

Brando (to Sasha): Definitely.

Dante (to Chase): Where’s this coming from?

Brook Lynn (to Lucy): I’m sorry, but the answer is no.

Maxie: Let’s explore other options.

Spencer (to Trina): I want to believe you.

Scott (to Portia): This case is loaded with opportunities.

Nikolas (to Victor): Why would she just take off without a word?

Sonny: All you gotta do is confess.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Xander: You, uh, haven’t eaten much. Not hungry?

Gwen: Late luncH.

Xander: Hmm. So, um, did you get a chance to think about what we talked about earlier, coming with me to statesville?

Gwen: About going to see rolf, right. Because if he has the antidote for the drug that he created that caused sarah to lose her mind, well, then you just might get the old sarah back. And wouldn’t that be brilliant?

Maggie: [Laughs] Well, looks like you’re settling in.

Tony: The scotch is superb, maggie.

Maggie: Ah, great. Victor and i are about to retire for the evening, and I just wanted to make sure that you have everything you need.

Tony: Oh, i do, thank you.

Maggie: I know that victor has yet to welcome you.

Tony: I don’t think he ever will. I can’t imagine he’s happy about a dimera staying under his roof.

Maggie: [Clears throat] I can handle victor.

Tony: [Laughs] Like no one else.

Maggie: Mm, tony, I want to thank you again for agreeing to move in here.

Tony: Well, we all want the same thing, for sarah to be healthy again.

Maggie: Yeah. And I have to say that anna was the unsung hero in all of this. Because I know how difficult this has been for her.

Tony: It has been difficult. But she’s come to understand that we all want to do is just help sarah. And she’s totally on board with my staying here.

Anna: On board, my eye.

[Dramatic music]

[Suspenseful music]

Chad: [Sighing] Ugh. Okay.

Leo: Wait a minutE.

Chad: I thought you wanted me to get in the bed.

Leo: Oh, I do. But I got to see that ass first. Even better than i imagineD. Now, let’s get this party started.

Chloe: Mm, thank you. Look, I know what we’re doing is best for my dad, but it just kills me to know that he’s gonna have his heart broken.

Abigail: We are doing this specifically to help your dad.

Chloe: I know, I know, and I also hated dragging you and chad into this.

Abigail: Oh, no, no, you didn’t drag us. I mean, hey, like I said, gave me an opportunity to work on my acting chops, right?

Chloe: Playing the younger version of my mom. “The nancy wesley story,” where she finds out that her husband is actually attracted to men.

Brady: You pulled it off brilliantly, by the way. Leo had no ideA.

Abigail: Yeah, well, thank yoU. But now it’s chad’s turn. You know, I just hope he’s ready for his close-up.

Leo: I cannot believe this is happeninG.

Chad: Neither can I.

Leo: Don’t worry, I’m gonna be real gentle. My lovemaking philosophy is based on the ike and tina turner version of “proud mary.” We’re gonna go real nice and slow in the beginning and then finish, well, not so nice.

Chad: You know, tina turner, what a wonderful artist. What other songs of hers do you like? Do you like–

Leo: Shut up and kiss me.

Chad: Uh–

Craig: Leo?

Leo: CraiG.

Craig: What the hell is going on?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our liveS.”

[Soft orchestration]

Craig: What are you doing? Who is this guy? Who are you?

Chad: Me? Nobody.

Leo: Actually, he’s chadwicK. Chadwick, this is my boyfriend, craig.

Chad: Oh, my god! I never should’ve–

Craig: What are you doing in bed with this guy?

Leo: Well, the truth is–

Chad: No, the truth is that nothing actually happened, but we were totally gonna go all the way.

Craig: Get dressed.

Chad: It’s craig, right?

Craig: Yeah. It’s craig.

Chad: Craig, I’m– I feel very bad about this. Really, I feel terriblE. The truth is I was drinking, and I sort of just showed up on leo’s doorstep, but I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you to find out that the person that you love is cheating on you. Ugh.

Chloe: The sooner we get that snake out of our lives, the better. Leo’s done enough damage and not just to my dad.

Abigail: What do you mean?

Chloe: Oh, um, I’m sorry, but my dad took your aunt, kayla’s, job at the hospitaL.

Abigail: What?

Chloe: Yeah, I guess he’s the new chief of staff at university hospital.

Abigail: Wait. Are you serious? They fired my aunt kayla?

Brady: They did. Chloe and I are convinced that when leo found out that kayla’s job was in jeopardy, he probably pushed craig to go after the job. Leo made this happen.

Xander: Judging by your attitude, you’re not particularly thrilled at the prospect of coming along with me.

Gwen: Thank you. I’m sorry about being negative beforE. It’s–

[Sighs] It’s not about sarah. I understand why you’d want to help that poor woman. I just– I’m not proud of my association with rolf. I was in a very, very– I was in a very dark place when I went to him about abigail.

Xander: Well, you’re not that person anymore.

Gwen: Which is why I don’t want to go back to that part of my life. And especially now that jack has forgiven me for my past misdeeds.

Xander: Well, just think of it this way. If you convince rolf to help sarah, then jack and the whole horton clan will be forever indebted to you for bringing sarah back to them, I mean–

Gwen: Why do you need me to come and help you with rolf? Didn’t you meet him nashville? You probably have a better relationship with him than I do.

Xander: Yeah, but it’s not a particularly good onE. I mean, he hates my guts. Gwen, of course I understand why you’d be reluctant to come along with me and, I mean, it’s obviously gonna bring up all these bad memories. And obviously, i realize that, um– well, I’d be a fool not to, wouldn’t I?

Gwen: What do you realize?

Xander: That you don’t want sarah to get better.

Tony: Anna, what are you doing here?

Anna: Well, what does it look like, darling? I’ve come to take you home.

Tony: But i thought we agreed.

Anna: Yeah, well, I changed my mind.

Maggie: I’ll give you two privacy to discuss this.

Sarah as renee: Really, anna? Isn’t it bad enough that you’re squatting in the dimera family mansion? Now you’re stalking us?

Anna: I have come to take my husband home where he belongs.

Sarah as renee: I’ll handle this, darling. I know this must be difficult for you, anna, but it’s time that you realize that what you thought you had with tony is oveR. He and I are finally back together, and tonight we’re gonna prove it in every way imaginable.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: I mean, not only is my aunt a brilliant doctor, she’s totally beloved at that hospital, and they just fired her without warning?

Brady: Actually, they did warn her.

Abigail: I don’t understand. What could aunt kayla have possibly done to deserve to lose her job?

Brady: Abby, she refused to fire marlena.

Abigail: What?

Chloe: Yeah, the hospital board was pressuring kayla to fire marlena ’cause of the whole devil possession situation.

Brady: A lot of patients were filing complaints.

Abigail: Oh, my god. That didn’t even occur to me. What a horrible position for kayla to be in.

Brady: And when she didn’t comply, the board decided to go ahead and get another chief of staff that would do the dirty work.

Abigail: Unbelievable. So you both think that it was leo who put craig up to putting his hat in the ring or whatever?

Chloe: I think we’re pretty sure of iT.

Abigail: Such a nightmare. Although, it sounds like aunt kayla would’ve lost her job no matter what, which is totally awful and unfair. I just hope that we hear from chad soon.

Brady: Yeah. Well, look, it’s getting late, and I have a little girl that i need to tuck in. So do you want to come over to my place and we can wait on word there on operation oust leo?

Chloe: Yeah, I’d love that, and I’d love to give that little girl a smooch myself.

Abigail: Well, I promise that I will call you as soon as I hear that your dad has kicked leo to the curb.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: Bye.

Abigail: Bye.


Chad: Leo said that you were at work. I certainly did not intend for you to walk in on us.

Leo: Maybe you didn’t, but I did.

Chad: You did? What are you talking about?

Leo: I texted my boo to come home. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?

Craig: “Come home quick,” he wrote, “I have a surprise for you.”

Chad: When did you do that?

Leo: When I went to the bathroom to change.

Chad: Why did you do that?

Leo: Come on now, chadwick. You didn’t really think we were gonna have sex without my boyfriend joining us, did you?

Gwen: How dare you.

Xander: How dare I what?

Gwen: How dare you make me out to be like I’m the bad one here, xander? I mean, like I’m the reason that sarah’s running around town believing that she’s some long-dead dimera heiress. That is all on my sister.

Xander: I never said you were to blame, gwen. I’m just saying that it feels a little like maybe you don’t want to help me help sarah.

Gwen: And why would I do be in such a rush to help you? So that sarah can go back to her fabulous, old wonderful self, and then the two of you can just get back together and live happily ever after? Because that is the plan, isn’t it?

Sarah as renee: Tony and i are reunited, anna. It’s time for you to face the facts.

Anna: Well, i have a few facts for you, dearie. Like for starters, you are not–

Tony: Anna! That’s enough. Maggie, do you mind if you could give us a few moments alone so we can talk?

Sarah as renee: You can’t be alone with this lunatic.

Anna: Oh, I’m the lunatic? Really? I’m the one doing the third-rate impersonation of a dead woman?

Maggie: Renee, it’s a glorious night. The moon is full and i’d love for you to see the garden. Why don’t you come out with me?

Tony: Yes, why don’t you? Just for a few minutes. Would you do that for me, dear?

Sarah as renee: Fine. But when i come back, you had better be gone.

Tony: What’s the matter with you, anna? I thought we had an understanding that I would stay here to help. Instead, no sooner do I leave the house, you come bursting in here loaded for bear.

Anna: Because you don’t belong here, tony. You belong with me. And I know I agreed to this ridiculous arrangement, but once i had a chance to think about it, I could– I realized just how unfair it really is.

Tony: Anna, listen to me. Actually, you know this already. But I’ll say it once again in the hopes that it’ll actually register. My living arrangements here are temporary to keep sarah stable so they can finally cure her from her break from reality.

Anna: And what if they never find a cure, tony? That woman believes that she is renee dumonde with every fiber of her being. And god help me, in spite of her lousy impersonation, she gets under my skin like– like only the real renee could.

Tony: But, anna, you have to be the rational one herE. She’s a scared, fragile young woman who needs our help.

Anna: Yeah, well, that scared, fragile young woman wants to take away my husband. And I will not just be passive and polite about it.

Tony: Oh, for heaven’s sake, anna! I’m not gonna go to bed with sarah horton. And the fact that you have the slightest fear that I would is not only insulting to my loyalty, my integrity, but also my intelligence. So for god’s sake, just trust me, will you? And go homE.

Anna: Fine. I’ll go home. Yes. And I’ll spend my evening wondering why my husband is spending his evening with some other womaN. And a lunatic at that.

[Dramatic music]

Xander: Gwen, I realize how difficult this must be for you.

Gwen: I fell in love with you, xander. And you completely changed my life. Now, it feels like you are slipping awaY.

Xander: I’m not slipping away; I’m right here. Come oN. Listen to me, gwen. You and I found each other when the whole world turned its back on us, and we held on to each other. That kind of connection doesn’t come along often.

Gwen: I’m sure our connection just pales in comparison to the epic love story of xander cook and sarah horton. Hm? The devilish rogue and the noble, beautiful doctor.

Xander: Don’t do that. Don’t make light of what you and I sharE. It’s every bit as real as what sarah and I shared. I love you. Gwen, you have to believe that.

Gwen: I want to believe that. I really want to believe that, but it’s very difficult when, in practically the same breath, you are asking me to help you get your old fiancée back. Well, I am your fiancée now. I am your fiancée, xander. And you are still avoiding the question. What happens if–when– when sarah gets better? Will you still want to marry me? Or will you want to marry her?

Tony: Oh, you’re back from the touR. How was it?

Sarah as renee: Oh, lovely, if you like looking at flowers and twigs in the darK. I’m very happy to see you got rid of anna.

Tony: Ah, yes, she left.

Sarah as renee: Hm. Maggie, I really must thank you for your hospitality. And I promise that tony and i will not overstay our welcomE. As soon as our lawyer extracts anna fredericks from the dimera mansion, then we will reclaim what’s ours. Now, if you don’t mind, tony and I would like some time alonE.

Maggie: Ah– [Clears throat] Well, okay. Um, I mean, if– if it’s all right with tony.

Sarah as renee: If it’s all right with him? Why would you think it isn’t?

Tony: Why, indeed? It’s fine with me.

Maggie: Okay then. Well, good night. Hope all goes well.

Sarah as renee: Thank god. I thought she was gonna suggest a round of hot cocoa. When i have something much better in minD.

Brady: Here you go.

Chloe: Thank you. And thank you for letting me wait here with you. The idea of running into my dad at the salem inn right now–

Brady: You’re afraid he’s gonna blame you for leo and chad, right?

Chloe: Ugh, you should’ve seen how upset he was with me earlier. I mean, he accused me of lying and scheming, and he’s right.

Brady: You’re doing it all for his own good, okay?

Chloe: Well, the way he looks at it is that I’m interfering, and it’s none of my business.

Brady: I know, chloe. He’s ticked off right now. But right now he is actually learning who leo stark really is. And eventually, he’s gonna be eternally grateful to you for loving him enough to look out for him.

Chloe: I hope you’re righT.

Brady: I am right. I know I’m grateful to you.

Chloe: Why?

Brady: Why? Let me see. You really have to ask? You have been there for me, right by my side through my worst moments and my best moments, and you’re my constant. I can’t imagine my life without you.

[Tender music]

Craig: So you want all three of us to–

Leo: Have sex. Yes. It was the funniest thing. I was having dinner by my lonesome. There’s a knock at the door. Voila. It’s chadwick. Three sheets to the wind and begging me to sleep with him.

Chad: I didn’t beg.

Leo: He begged. I almost felt embarrassed for the guY. Obviously, my instinct was to kick him out. There is only one man for me, and that is you, craig wesleY. But he was so insistent, so desperate to get into our bed. And then I started thinking about you and how new you are to all of this and I thought, “wait a minute. Chadwick could be like a present.”

Chad: A present?

Leo: Wrapped up in a bow. A gift from me to the man I lovE. Okay, no, no, no. You don’t have to say anything. But I promise you will thank me later.

Craig: I just–I never–

Leo: Of course you haven’T. Of course you haven’T. That’s what you have me for, to help you explorE. And I promise this will bring us closer together, if that is even possible. So gentlemen, what do you say? We ready for our three-way?

Brady: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s wrong?

Chloe: Uh, nothing. I’m just– what if your dad walks in like he did last time?

Brady: Chloe, he’s probably asleep.

Chloe: Okay, what about marlena? Or what if they want a snack or a glass of water or something?

Brady: Then they come out here and they catch us making out on the couch like a couple of teenagers, big deal.

Chloe: I would be very embarrassed.

Brady: Really?

Chloe: Yeah.

Brady: Okay, okay. Well, you know, there’s my room.

Chloe: Oh, your room?

Brady: I want to be with you. I want to be with you noW. But if i’m moving too fast–

Chloe: No, you’re not.

Brady: Really?

Chloe: Really.

Craig: I–I have never thought of something like this, but I have heard that there are couples who do this–

Leo: Sounds like a yes to me!

Chad: Yep, nope, that’s it. I’m out. That’s it. This thing–I’m out.

Leo: What’s the problem? What’s the problem? I thought you wanted to hook up.

Chad: No, not with the both of you.

Leo: Why not? Don’t you find craig attractive?

Chad: No! I mean, sorry. YeS. You– you’re a–you’re a fine– you’re a fine-looking per–man. It’s just that I–

Leo: It’s just what, chad? It’s not what you expected, because you and your wife set this whole thing up to trick me into cheating on my boyfriend?

Anna: Ahh!

Abigail: Anna! Oh, my god! Are you all right?

Anna: Oh, I’m sorry.

Abigail: What is it? Is everything okay?

Anna: With me, yes. I’m great. Perfect. I was just clearing my throat.

Abigail: No. You were screaming. So what, did something happen with tony?

Anna: Do not mention that man’s name to me!

Abigail: This has to do with sarah, right?

Anna: No, this is about renee dumonde, who came between tony and me almost 40 years ago. And silly me, I thought her being dead would mean she’s out of our liveS. But no such luck. That woman is back and after my husband again.

Tony: Sarah–renee, I hope you didn’t think that–

Sarah as renee: Oh, i know. I know, that annoying maggie horton could come back any moment wanting to show me her figurines collections. So let’s go upstairs to our bedroom.

Tony: Didn’t maggie tell you? I asked for separate rooms.

Sarah as renee: Separate rooms? Why would you do that?

Tony: Because of anna.

Sarah as renee: Anna? I thought that you were done with that woman. I thought that you wanted to be with me. Isn’t– isn’t that why you’re here?

Xander: GweN. When we got together, I thought sarah had dumped me for her ex, that she– that she didn’t want me anymore, she hated me.

Gwen: Now we know that that wasn’t the case.

Xander: No, it wasn’T. She was drugged and kidnapped.

Gwen: And presumably still very much in love with you. And that changes everything, doesn’t it? For you, for us.

Xander: I don’t know. I– I wish I did. And I do not blame you for being upset. But I have to see this through. I have to at least try and help sarah. Look, don’t worry about coming with me to statesville. I shouldn’t have asked. I’ll go alonE.

Tony: Of course I want to be with you.

Sarah as renee: Then why are you so concerned about anna?

Tony: Because anna and i are still married. And if she finds out that i’ve been unfaithful, she’ll use it in the divorce. She’ll take me to the cleaners.

Sarah as renee: So? Who cares? I’m rich enough for the both of us. Or have you forgotten that i am the sole heir to stefano’s estate?

Tony: Oh. Oh, yeah. Yeah. There is that.

Sarah as renee: You see? Money’s not gonna be a problem for us. So let’s go hit the sack.

Abigail: Well, sarah must have really absorbed what she read in renee’s diary.

Anna: Boy, did she. And all of the diaries to get ahold oF. Couldn’t she have found, I don’t know, maybe dorothy parker’s diary and turned herself into somebody who made us all laugH. But no, she had to become renee dumonde, bitch on wheels, who never gave tony and me a moment’s peace. And now I fear this version of her won’t either.

Abigail: I’m so sorry.

Anna: Yeah, well, hey, I guess I just have to suck it up, right? Especially since tony is taking the high road and– and trying to help. But abigail, it makes me so angry and jealous and all sorts of feelings that I don’t want to havE.

Abigail: Well, hopefully you won’t have to feel them for very lonG.

Anna: I hope so too, obviouslY. And I’m sorry, enough about me. What’s going with you? Where’s chad tonight?

Abigail: Oh, he’s– he’s out right now. He–well– he is pretending to want to have sex with someone he despises in order to help out our friends.

Anna: What?

Abigail: It’s a long story. I don’t think you really need to know it.

Anna: Okay. Wow.

[Chuckles] Wow. If stefano could see his sons now, selflessly helping others instead of plotting world domination.

Leo: Kind of a scream, really, you and the wifey giving me a front row seat to that little act of yours. “You haven’t touched me in months, chad!” And for her encore, greta garbo–i mean abigail dimera came to me and begged me not to sleep with chad no matter how badly he wanted it. Kind of overplayed it, chewed the scenery, as they saY.

Chad: Shut up, abigail’s a great actress.

Leo: It’s hard to believe, but chad has never appreciated all that I have to offer. So your plan was a bust from the beginning. Unless, of course, you want to stay. We could absolutely salvage the eveninG.

Chad: Get out of my way.

Craig: Wait a minute. You–you don’t know me. You have no stake in whether I stay with leo or not, so why are you doing this? Why–why do you care? What’s in it for you?

Leo: Maybe deep down, chad was hoping something really would happen tonight.

Chad: No, what I was hoping for was to show you what a dirtbag he is. Look, craig, I’m really sorry about all this. I did it as a favor for friends, people I care about, who care about what happens to you so much that they would be willing to do anything to try to open your eyes about this con artist. Look, if you’re not willing– if you’re not willing to see who he really is, then it’s on you.

Leo: Said the guy who knocked up his children’s nanny.

Chad: Get out while you still can.

Craig: Damn it.

Leo: Who are you calling?

Craig: My daughter. Obviously, she has something to do with this.

[Tender music]

Sarah as renee: I’ve dreamt of this for so long, tony. Waking up with the sun to make love.

Tony: Uh, yes. Wait.

Sarah as renee: What?

Tony: Wait. Well, it’s not actually about the moneY. It’s anna and her temper. She–oh, she gets so jealous. If she finds out about this– and she will, she’ll drag this out in the court forever. And she’ll– well, neither of us wants that, now do we?

Sarah as renee: We’ve already waited for years.

Tony: Yes, but if we can be patient just a little longer, oh, we can have whatever we want.

Sarah as renee: Patience isn’t exactly my strong suit. But if it means that we can get rid of anna fredericks for good, I’ll try.

Tony: [Chuckles] That’s my girl.

Sarah as renee: [Chuckles]

[Dramatic music]

Anna: Well, I’m off to bed. Not that i will get much sleep, thinking about sarah chasing tony around the kiriakis mansion.

[Cellphone beeps]

[Gasps] It’s from tony. He says he never loved another woman as much as he loves me. And he’s counting the seconds until he can return to me.

Abigail: See? I told you, you have nothing to worry about. Now, if I could just hear from my husband, huh?

Chad: Great. Hi.

Gwen: Hey. You all right? You look a bit, um–

Chad: I’m fine. Thanks. Never better.

Xander: Oh, hey, I’m planning to make a trip to statesville to see rolf. I was just wondering if you have any, you know, pointers on how to handle him right now.

Chad: Is this about finding out if he has the antidote for the drug that kristen gave to sarah?

Xander: You know?

Chad: I dO. Actually, abby and i were already planning to visit hiM.

Xander: Chad, that’s greaT. That’s fantastic.

Chad: Yeah, well, just so you know, we’re doing this for sarah. We couldn’t help chloe, so maybe at least we can help her.

Xander: Chloe?

Chad: Never mind.

Leo: You can’t call chloe, not while you’re this upset.

Craig: Why are you so calm? Chloe and her friends have done nothing but harass you, and now they–they send this chad guy to seduce you? I’m sorry you had to go through this.

Leo: I’m sorry too. You have no idea how much.

Xander: Oh, this is– this is great news. If anyone can get rolf to give up the antidote, it’s stefano’s baby boy. This is just the break we needed– I’ve done it again, haven’t I? I’m sorry, gwen.

Gwen: No, it’s okay. Really, it’s fine. I’m glad that chad can help you.

Xander: Do you mean that?

Gwen: I dO. And if for some reason chad can’t get through to rolf, then i’ll give it a go.

Xander: Really?

Gwen: Not for sarah. But I would do it for you.

[Soft dramatic music]

Brady: That– that was worth the waiT.

[Cellphone beeps] Ignore it. Ignore it.

Chloe: No, no, what if it’s one of the kiddos?

[Sighs] Oh. It’s from chad.

Brady: What happened?

Chloe: Ugh, leo happeneD.

Brady: What do you mean?

Chloe: I guess leo figured out it was a trap.

Brady: Oh, damn it. Really?

Chloe: [Sighs] Yeah. He tried to cover his tracks by texting my dad and pretending like he wanted him to walk in on him and chad. Oh, my god. My dad’s gonna be furious at me. And this whole plan with leo didn’t even work. Ugh.

Abigail: You’re homE. How did it go?

Chad: Well, if you consider almost having your first gay threesome a win, then it was a smashing success.

Craig: I’m sorry, i hope you don’t think I’m a prude.

Leo: For being hesitant about a threesome? Well, then i’m a prude too because I am strictly a one-man kind of guy. And you’re all the man i need. I only threw it out there to call chad’s bluff.

Craig: We should sue his ass.

Leo: Something like that.

Craig: Yeah, I–I– I just don’t– I just don’t think you should have to endure all this because you chose to be with me. I’m–i’m sick of it.

Leo: I am too. But it’s obvious chloe’s not gonna stop.

Craig: No, it doesn’t look that way.

Leo: I just wish that there was some way I could convince her that this is the real deal, that I am a new man because of you and because of our love, and I am in this for the long haul.

Craig: There is something you can do.

Leo: What?

Craig: Marry me.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: Sheila, you can’t lie your way out of what I saw with my very own eyes. You and thomas in the alley, behind il giardino. Now what possible reason is there for that? Answer me! What were you doing with my brother?

Ridge: Well, that came out of nowhere.

Thomas: Out of nowhere? What? I want you to be happy. What’s strange about that?

Ridge: Nothing, you said it’s your turn to look out for me. What does that mean?

Eric: This is a precarious situation for you and you’re scared. I get it. You have a right to be. But you and ridge have been through worse than this. You have. I can’t believe this is the end.

Brooke: I certainly hope you’re right, eric. Ridge and I have been through so much, and it just can’t end this way. It can’T.

Brooke: How am I in a place where I could lose my husband over deacon? And this is a man I don’t care about, except that we share a child together. And if it weren’t for hope, he wouldn’t be in my life. I mean, he hasn’t been for years.

Eric: I know. Look, brooke, we cannot change the things that have happened. We can’t, but what we can have an influence on– on the future of things that are going to happen. Look, you love ridge and he loves you. He always will. He always has. Now, as long as one person believes in a relationship, as long as one person fights for it, it won’t be over.

Thomas: You, uh, you deserve to be happy, right? And– and if there’s any way i can contribute to that, I will, I mean, I owe you that.

Ridge: You owe me that because I’m your dad? And I– I did that for free.

Thomas: No, I– I know. Um– look, it’s just– look brooke’s hurt you in the past, but you also still care about her very much. But I know that you also care about mom and I see you guys together and you have this amazing bond and a calming effect on each other.

Ridge: I know what you’re saying. Brooke, let me down and– and I’d be better off with your mother.

Sheila: I’m not really sure what you’re getting at. Thomas and me?

Steffy: Don’t even try, sheila, I saw you. What possible explanation do you have for holding some kind of secret meeting with my brother?

Sheila: You make it sound like it– it’s so dramatic.

Steffy: Stop dodging.

Sheila: Did you ask thomas?

Steffy: I’m asking you. I want answers now. For copd,

Eric: Don’t lose track of what’s between you. It’s stronger than what you’re facing right now. You got to stay the course.

Brooke: I broke it. I’ve got to fix it.

Eric: You broke it, you got to fix it, that’s right.

Brooke: Okay, okay, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep my marriage together. It’s just hard. He’s over there living at steffy’s, and I just feel like steffy and thomas and taylor– they’re just– whether it’s intentional or not, they’re doing whatever they can to pull him away from me.

Eric: Well, don’t get don’t get thrown off by that. Don’t let that bother you. All right? Just believe that you’re going to be back together.

Brooke: I just can’t believe this is happening. We were so happy, I mean, we’d wake up every morning, thrilled to be together, happy that all of our problems were behind us and they were, until I did what I did.

Eric: Yeah well, you weren’t yourself that night.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, then who was I? Who was that stupid woman that sacrificed everything and for what? I just feel like there’s something– something more.

Eric: More?

Brooke: I just feel like there’s this outside force that is doing whatever it possibly can to keep ridge and me apart.

Taylor: Okay, that’s enough. Enough with this whole parent trap thing. Okay?

Thomas: Who me?

Taylor: Yes, you. I– I heard your father when I walked in, he said, “I think you want me to be with your mother.”

Thomas: Yes. So sue me. I do. Yes, I’ve been honest about that. I want you guys together. Sure.

Taylor: But that is our decision to make, if and when we decide to make that decision, and we don’t need our children jumping in and trying to make that decision for us. Thank you.

Ridge: You know, we’ve been grown-ups a long time.

Taylor: Yeah, I mean, we’ve, we’ve been trying anyway.

Ridge: You’ve been trying.

Taylor: You’ve been trying. Just– just ease up, okay?

Ridge: Or maybe just let him do what he’s doing because there are worse things in life than spending time with you.

Taylor: Well, that’s really sweet. See, romance isn’t dead. There are worse things.

Ridge: Still got it. I, um– I have a video call to make, so I gotta try and figure that out. Keep an eye on him.

Thomas: All right. Uh, so obviously, I was right, I was dead on.

Taylor: About what?

Thomas: About you and dad, you’re perfect for each other. Come on, don’t try and deny it.

Taylor: You know, it’s really funny. There– you’re not the only one who thinks that ridge and I belong together.

Thomas: Well, yeah. Steffy has been by my side on this the whole time.

Taylor: Well, yes, your sister has definitely made it abundantly clear what her position is, but no, someone else. Someone, someone unexpected.

Thomas: Who?

Taylor: Sheila.

Sheila: Okay, ya caught me, so you saw me with thomas, so it doesn’t make any sense to say you didn’T.

Steffy: Lying, you mean? That’s good, at least we’re making progress. So why were you having a private conversation with my brother?

Sheila: Is that really so hard to understand? You and your family are extremely important to me, finn is my son, the father to your son. Hayes is– is my flesh and blood, it’s my bloodline.

Steffy: Don’t remind me.

Sheila: Well, you might not like it, but it doesn’t change the fact, hayes is my grandson. You– you might want to try to wish that away, I wish that you wouldn’T. I wish you’d accept me for the woman that I am today, or– or at least give me an opportunity to prove that to you the way that your mother has. There’s only one thing I want in this entire world, and that is to have a life with finn and hayes.

Steffy: And where exactly does thomas fit in?

Sheila: Thomas has influence over you, and I thought that if– if I could show him that– that I really am good, that he’d have a chance at convincing you.

Steffy: He can’T.

Sheila: Then I’ll find another way because I won’t give up on my family. And that’s exactly what you are, steffy. I get choked up even thinking about it, family. I finally belong to one. I love you all so very much.

Steffy: And that scares me more than anything. Hi, I’m karen.

Ridge: No, you’re right, that’s what we’ll do. All right, good work.

[ Computer dinging ]

Steffy: This feels right. We feel like a family again.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Oh, you remember what your mom used to say? It’s not a family moment–

All: Without a family hug.

Thomas: Right, right.

Brooke: I love you and I miss you. So just please, please come home.

[ Door clicking ]

Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: Hi. I had to see you.

Ridge: I’m glad you’re here.

Thomas: Okay, so you’ve been talking to sheila.

Taylor: Well, I’ve been– I’ve been listening, she talks.

Thomas: Okay, so… um, how did this happen?

Taylor: Well, you know, I–I told you that sheila’s been coming by the office, it’s just been happening more frequently.

Thomas: For how long?

Taylor: Since I got my new office? Look, I think she just– she wants an ally in her campaign, so that finn and hayes will be in her life, and– and she knows how much that I want to believe she’s changed and I think she’s trying to prove it to me.

Thomas: Yeah, mom, I don’t like the idea of you being alone with sheila.

Taylor: Oh honey, I got it. It’s okay. I mean, I– she’s a fascinating case study. She really is.

Thomas: A serial killer is a great case study, but you don’t put yourselves in a cage with them, like–

Taylor: Honey, this is my job. It’s– it’s pretty interesting to watch her wheels turning all the time. Good or evil? That’s– that’s the question. You know?

Thomas: Yeah, as it is with psychopaths, okay, um. You said that that she likes the idea of you being with dad?

Taylor: She thinks that ridge and I belong together, and she doesn’t think that brooke deserves ridge. But I– I think that it’s her animosity towards brooke that’s fueling all of this. I told her to keep that in check and not to lash out. I also told her that no matter where we are with brooke, whether we’re at odds or not, that we will stand behind brooke against sheila any day of the week. I think she understands that, I hope she does.

Sheila: Steffy, the last thing I want to do is scare you, you’re my daughter-in-law.

Steffy: Do not touch me.

Sheila: I love you. Your entire family.

Steffy: Oh my god, I don’t wanna hear it anymore, you’re never going to be welcome in my family.

Sheila: Look, I realize that I have a ways to prove myself, but I will. I’ll earn a place in finn and hayes’ lives. You know, I–I really look forward to the day that that you trust me enough that maybe I could even take my grandson to the park or the beach.

Steffy: Are you delusional? You’re never gonna be alone with my son.

Sheila: Well, you may feel that way right now, but I’m going to work on that and– you know, I’m going to work hard and put in the time so that you feel comfortable having me around.

Steffy: I’m never going to feel comfortable. So you might as well make your way back to genoa city.

Sheila: Do you see this? This is proof. Proof that I’ve changed. And the old me would have been insulted ten minutes ago and lashed out at you, but no, here I stand with an open heart willing to take whatever you dish out so that I can– I can be accepted in the family that I am a part of. Steffy, I’m an asset to you. You have no idea the friend that I’ve already been to you and your mother.

Steffy: You’re never going to be a friend, sheila. If you want to do something, you can stay away. From me, finn, thomas, my son. My mother. Just stay the hell away.

Sheila: If only you knew what I have done! Ooh, you would be a lot nicer to me, steffy. S and you being in that big house all alone. And everything tha

Ridge: You know, I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been thinking about us. And everything that’s happened and how bad this timing is. Everything that you’re going through and– and me being at steffy’s and you being in that big house all alone. I’m– I’m concerned about you, I want you to be okay.

Brooke: I want us to be okay and I wanted to try to fix the mistake that I made, and instead of doing that, I ended up making another mistake. The gift that keeps on giving, I guess,

Ridge: What do you– what do you– I don’t–

Brooke: Well, I, um, I told you that you could have a divorce, which is not what I want, ridge. I was just saying that because I thought maybe that was something that would make you happy, but you know what? I take it all back. I do. I take it all back. I don’t want that. I want you to come home, come on, you are my husband. And that’s where you belong. You don’t have to stay in the bedroom, you can stay in the guest wing, but I need you home with me to work this out. It’s– it’s important.

Ridge: It’s important– what do you mean?

Brooke: It’s important, ridge, because I– I take full responsibility. I do, for everything that I did, but I just feel there’s something else. I can’t explain it. I just I feel like there’s this outside force that– that’s trying to tear us apart and we can’t let that happen. This can’t be our fate.

[ Phone dialing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Thomas: Hey, you can’t call me whenever you feel like it. All right? I’m at work. You know, forrester creations, named forrester like ridge forrester, someone who cannot know about the secret we’re keeping.

Sheila: There’s something that you need to know.

Thomas: Um– I’m on a call. What’s up?

Man: Sorry, I thought carter was in here.

Thomas: No worries.

Man: Any idea where I might find him?

Thomas: He actually stepped off campus for a meeting. Anything else?

Man: Nope, I’m good.

Thomas: Okay. Yes. I’m back.

Sheila: I have a very unpleasant visit today.

Thomas: Yeah, well, I’ve had a rather unpleasant couple of days, at least, keeping your secret. It’s weighing on me, sheila. This doesn’t feel right.

Sheila: Thomas.

Thomas: No, sheila, you listen to me. I don’t think that keeping this secret is the right move.

Sheila: Oh, so you suffer a little, but, you remember why you’re doing this, to clear a way for a future between taylor and ridge. Your parents can be together again, and I know that that’s something that you and steffy have wanted for a very long time.

Thomas: Yeah, look, I’m not going to deny it. Obviously, I want my parents together, they’re perfect for each other. Every time that they’re in the room, they light each other’s lives.

Sheila: Yeah, well, they have a real chance. At a life together that brooke took away from them, all you have to do is stay quiet and just let things play out.

Thomas: You know, before i found out about what really happened, I thought, “there’s no way my parents don’t end up together.” But after what you did to brooke, it was evil, it was disgusting, diabolical. You made brooke think that she was drinking nonalcoholic champagne, you switched to bottle labels. She was drinking real booze, which led her to then drinking vodka, which led her to making out with deacon, and spending the night. Brooke has a disease. She’s an alcoholic, okay? She didn’t drink on her own. You sabotaged her. You poisoned her. And that kiss with deacon, that never would have happened, if she hadn’t been drinking. You were pulling all the strings.

Sheila: Am I supposed to feel sorry?

Thomas: Brooke has been in a living hell. She still has no idea what possessed her to drink that night. It was you, manipulating everyone and you expect me to keep this secret? You’re the one tearing apart my father’s marriage, so you can try and have a place in steffy and finn’s lives.

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Days Update Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Xander and Gwen eat together in the town square. Xander comments on Gwen not eating much. Xander reminds Gwen that he asked her to go with him to the prison to see Dr. Rolf about the antidote to his drug that made Sarah lose her mind. Gwen sarcastically comments on how that could bring the old Sarah back and how great that would be as she finishes her glass of wine.

Maggie joins Tony in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and comments on him getting settling in. Maggie says she just wanted to make sure he had everything he needs which Tony confirms. Maggie knows Victor hasn’t welcomed him yet. Tony can’t imagine that Victor is happy to have a DiMera under his roof. Maggie assures that she can handle Victor. Maggie thanks Tony again for agreeing to move in. Tony says they all want Sarah to be healthy again. Maggie points out that Anna was the unsung hero in all of this because of how difficult this has been for her. Tony states that Anna understands that they all just want to help Sarah and that she’s totally on board with him staying here. Anna then walks in and disagrees with that.

Chad then removes his jacket, his shirt, and his pants. Leo comes back in his robe and tells Chad that he has to see his ass before he gets in the bed. Chad then removes his underwear. Leo stares in awe and says it’s even better than he imagined. Leo then drops his robe and says it’s time to get this party started as he and Chad get in to bed together.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chloe tells Brady and Abigail that she knows what they are doing is what’s best for Craig but it kills her to know that he’s going to have his heart broken. Abigail assures that this is to help him. Chloe hated dragging Abigail and Chad in to this. Abigail assures that she didn’t and jokes that it gave her the opportunity to work on her acting skills. Brady praises Abigail for pulling it off brilliantly so Leo had no idea. Abigail thanks him and says now it’s Chad’s turn…

Chad and Leo get in bed together. Leo can’t believe this is happening and tells Chad that he’ll be real gentle. Leo says they will go nice and slow in the beginning. Leo goes to kiss Chad right as Craig comes in and is shocked to find Leo in bed with Chad. Craig asks what the hell is going on. Craig questions what he’s doing and who Chad is. Chad says he’s nobody. Leo introduces Chad to Craig. Craig questions what Leo is doing in bed with this guy. Chad says nothing actually happened. Craig orders he get dressed. Chad says he feels bad and terrible about this. Chad blames his drinking and showing up on Leo’s doorstep. Chad shouts that he can’t imagine how hard this must be for Craig to find out that the person he loves is cheating on him.

Chloe talks about how Leo has done enough damage and not just to Craig which Abigail questions. Chloe informs her that she’s sorry but Craig took Kayla’s job at the hospital which shocks Abigail. Abigail can’t believe they fired Kayla. Brady confirms they did and that he and Chloe are convinced that Leo pushed Craig to go after the job, so he made this happen.

Xander guesses Gwen is not thrilled about coming along with him. Gwen apologizes for being negative and says it’s not about Sarah. Gwen understands why Xander wants to help her, but she’s not proud of her association with Dr. Rolf as she was in a very dark place when she went to him about Abigail which is why she doesn’t want to go back to that part of her life, especially since Jack has forgiven her. Xander encourages that if Gwen convinces Dr. Rolf to help Sarah, then Jack and the Hortons will be forever in debt to her for bringing Sarah back. Gwen questions why he needs her to help him with Dr. Rolf when he met him in Nashville and probably has a better relationship. Xander says that Dr. Rolf hates his guts. Xander understands her reluctance to bring up bad memories. Xander adds that he realizes that Gwen doesn’t want Sarah to get better.

Tony questions what Anna is doing here. Anna responds that she’s come to take him home. Tony thought they agreed. Anna says she changed her mind. Maggie decides to give them privacy to discuss this. Sarah walks in and accuses Anna of stalking them. Anna repeats that she’s come to take her husband home. Sarah knows it must be difficult for Anna but what she thought she had with Tony is over. Sarah declares that tonight she and Tony are going to prove they are back together in every way imaginable.

Abigail argues that Kayla is a brilliant doctor and beloved at the hospital, so she can’t believe Kayla got fired and asks what she could have possibly done. Brady explains that Kayla refused to fire Marlena. Chloe adds that the hospital board was pressuring Kayla to fire Marlena because of the devil possession and patients were filing complaints. Abigail calls it a horrible position for Kayla to be in. Brady continues that when Kayla didn’t, the board decided to get another chief of staff to do the dirty work. Abigail asks about them thinking Leo put Craig up to putting his hat in the ring. Chloe says they are pretty sure. Abigail calls it a nightmare but notes that it sounds like Kayla would have lost her job either way. Abigail says it’s awful and unfair. Abigail hopes that they hear from Chad soon. Brady notes that it’s getting late and he has to go tuck in his daughter. Brady invites Chloe to come with him to wait on word. Abigail promises to call as soon as she hears that Craig has kicked Leo to the curb. Chloe thanks her as they hug. Chloe and Brady then exit the mansion.

Chad tells Craig that Leo told him that Craig was at work, so he did not intend for him to walk in on them. Leo reveals that he did intend on it which Chad questions. Leo informs them that he texted Craig to come home. Craig checks his phone and reads his message from Leo, saying to come home quick because he had a surprise for him. Chad questions when Leo did that. Leo says it was when he went to change. Chad asks why he did that. Leo asks if Chad really thought they were going to have sex without his boyfriend joining them.

Gwen accuses Xander of making her out to be the bad one, like she’s the reason that Sarah is thinking she’s Renee when that is all on Abigail. Xander clarifies that he didn’t say she was to blame, but that it feels a little like she doesn’t want to help Sarah. Gwen asks why she would be in a rush so that Sarah could go back her old fabulous self and they could get back together and live happily ever after. Gwen asks him if that is the plan.

Sarah tells Anna to face the facts that she and Tony are reunited. Anna tries to argue but Tony tells her that’s enough. Tony asks Sarah to give them a few minutes alone to talk. Sarah argues that he can’t be alone with Anna. Anna accuses Sarah of impersonating a dead woman. Maggie comes back and invites Sarah to the garden with her. Sarah warns that when she comes back, Anna better be gone. Tony questions what’s the matter with Anna as they had an understanding that he would stay here. Anna complains that he doesn’t belong here, he belongs with her. Anna knows she agreed to this but after thinking about it, she realized just how unfair it really is. Tony tells Anna that this living arrangement is temporary to keep Sarah stable so they can find a cure for her break from reality. Anna asks what if they never find a cure. Anna complains that Sarah believes she is Renee DuMonde and she gets under her skin like only the real Renee could. Tony urges Anna to be rational since Sarah is fragile and needs their help. Anna argues that Sarah wants to take away her husband, so she won’t be polite about it. Tony argues that he’s not going to bed with Sarah and that Anna thinks he would is insulting to his intelligence. Tony demands Anna trust him and go home. Anna agrees to go home and spend her evening wondering why her husband is spending his evening with some other woman. Anna then walks out of the mansion.

Xander realizes how difficult this must be for Gwen. Gwen responds that she fell in love with him and he completely changed her life, but now it feels like he’s slipping away. Xander says he’s not and he’s right here. Xander argues that they found each other when the whole world turned their back on them and that kind of connection doesn’t come around often. Gwen is sure it pales in comparison to Xander and Sarah’s epic love story. Xander tells her not to make light of what they share when it’s every bit as real. Xander tells Gwen that she has to believe that he loves her. Gwen wants to but it’s hard when he’s asking her to get his old fiancee back. Gwen argues that she is his fiancee now and he’s still avoiding the question of what happens when Sarah gets better. Gwen asks if he will still want to marry her or will he want to marry Sarah?

Maggie brings Sarah back to the living room. Sarah comments that she’s very happy to see Tony got rid of Anna. Sarah thanks Maggie for her hospitality and promises that she and Tony won’t overstay their welcome, as once Anna is out of the DiMera Mansion, they will reclaim what is theirs. Sarah then tells Maggie that she and Tony would like some time alone. Maggie agrees if that’s alright with Tony. Sarah questions why she would think it isn’t. Tony claims it’s fine with him so Maggie says goodnight and exits the room. Sarah tells Tony that she thought Maggie was going to suggest a round of hot cocoa, but she has something much better in mind.

Chloe thanks Brady for letting her wait at his place with him, so she doesn’t have to run in to Craig and get blamed for setting this up. Chloe talks about Craig accusing her earlier of lying and scheming and he’s right. Brady argues that she’s doing it all for Craig’s own good. Chloe says Craig looks at it like she’s interfering. Brady knows he’s ticked off right now, but now he’s learning who Leo Stark really is. Brady thinks Craig will be eternally grateful to Chloe for loving him enough to look out for him. Chloe hopes that he’s right. Brady says he is also grateful to Chloe for being there for him for his worst and best moments. Brady calls her his constant and says he can’t imagine his life without her as they kiss.

Craig questions Leo wanting all three of them to have sex which Leo confirms. Leo gets out of bed and talks about how he was having dinner by himself when Chad showed up, begging him to sleep with him. Chad denies that but Leo continues. Leo insists that Craig is the only man for him, but Chad was so insistent and desperate to get in to their bed. Leo says he then started thinking about Craig and how new he is to all of this, so he thought Chad could be like a present. Leo calls Chad a gift from him to the man he loves. Leo promises Craig will thank him later. Leo understands Craig has never done this and says he’s here to help him explore. Leo promises this will bring them even closer together. Leo asks Chad and Craig if they are ready for their three way.

Brady and Chloe kiss until Chloe stops and worries about John walking in like the last time. Brady says he’s probably asleep. Chloe asks about Marlena or if they get up for a snack. Brady jokes that it’s no big deal. Brady suggests they could go to his room because he wants to be with her if it’s not too fast. Chloe assures that he’s not as they resume kissing.

Craig tells Leo that he’s never thought of this but he’s heard that there’s couples who do this. Leo takes that a yes. Chad says he’s out and gathers his clothes. Leo asks what the problem is as he thought he wanted to hook up. Chad says not with the both of them. Leo questions why not and if he doesn’t find Craig attractive. Chad tries to come up with an explanation but Leo declares that it’s not what Chad expected because he and Abigail set this whole thing up to trick him in to cheating on his boyfriend.

Anna returns to the DiMera Mansion in a rage. Abigail asks if she’s alright and if something happened with Tony. Anna tells her not to mention Tony’s name to her. Abigail guesses this has to do with Sarah. Anna complains that Renee DuMonde came between her and Tony almost 40 years ago and she thought her being dead would mean she’s out of their lives, but that woman is back and after her husband again.

Sarah suggests she and Tony go upstairs to their bedroom but Tony reveals he asked for separate rooms. Sarah asks why he would do that. Tony says it’s because of Anna. Sarah thought he was done with Anna and that he wanted to be with her.

Xander talks about how when he and Gwen got together, he thought Sarah dumped him for her ex, hated him, and didn’t want him anymore. Gwen points out that now they know that wasn’t the case, so she’s presumably still very in love with him. Gwen asks if that changes everything for them. Xander wishes he knew but he doesn’t blame Gwen for being upset. Xander feels he has to see this through and at least try to help Sarah. Xander tells Gwen not to worry about coming with him to the prison as he shouldn’t have asked and he will go alone.

Tony tells Sarah that he does want to be with her. Sarah asks why he’s so concerned about Anna then. Tony explains that he and Anna are still married, so if she finds out, she’ll use it in the divorce. Sarah argues that she’s rich enough for the both of them, claiming to be the sole heir to Stefano’s estate, so money won’t be a problem for them. Sarah suggests they go to bed now.

Abigail tells Anna that Sarah must have really absorbed what she read in Renee’s diary. Anna complains that Renee never gave her and Tony any peace and now she fears this version of her won’t either. Abigail says she’s so sorry. Anna guesses she just has to suck it up since Tony is trying to help. Anna complains that it makes her so angry and jealous. Abigail hopes she won’t have to feel that way for long. Anna says that’s enough about her and asks what’s going on with Abigail and where Chad is tonight. Abigail reveals that Chad is pretending to want to have sex with someone he despises in order to help their friends. Abigail says it’s a long story so she doesn’t need to know. Anna laughs and says if Stefano could see his sons now, selflessly helping others instead of plotting world domination.

Chad gets dressed as Leo talks about Chad and Abigail’s act in front of him. Leo talks about Abigail coming to him to beg him not to sleep with Chad, feeling she overplayed it. Leo calls it hard to believe but says Chad has never appreciated all he has to offer, so his plan was a bust from the beginning. Leo tells Chad that if he wants to stay, they could salvage the evening. Chad tells Leo to get out of his way. Craig stops Chad and points out that Chad doesn’t know him, so he has no stake in whether he stays with Leo or not, so he questions why Chad is doing this, why he cares, and what’s in it for him. Leo suggests maybe Chad was hoping something really would happen tonight. Chad responds that he hoped to show Craig what a dirtbag Leo is. Chad apologizes to Craig and says he did this as a favor for friends that he cares about, who care about Craig enough to do anything to try and open his eyes about this con artist. Chad declares that if Craig is not willing to see who Leo really is, that’s on him. Leo calls Chad the guy who knocked up his children’s nanny. Chad tells Craig to get out while he still can. Chad then exits the room. Craig declares that Chloe obviously has something to do with this, so he pulls out his phone to call her.

Brady and Chloe go to Brady’s bedroom and continue kissing.

Sarah talks to Tony about how she’s dreamed of this for so long. Tony stops her and says it’s not about the money, but Anna’s temper. Tony worries that Anna will find out and drag this out in court forever. Sarah argues that they’ve already waited for years. Tony encourages her to be patient just a little longer. Sarah states that patience is not her strong suit, but if it means getting rid of Anna for good then she will try. Sarah then exits the room. Tony pulls out his phone.

Anna tells Abigail that she’s off to bed but won’t get much sleep thinking about Sarah chasing Tony around the Kiriakis Mansion. Anna then gets a text from Tony, saying he’s never loved another woman as much as he loves her and he’s counting the seconds until he can return to her. Abigail encourages that she had nothing to worry about and now hopes to hear from her own husband..

Chad exits the Salem Inn and runs in to Xander and Gwen. Gwen asks if he’s alright. Chad claims he’s fine. Xander informs Chad that he’s planning a trip to Statesville prison to see Dr. Rolf and wondered if Chad had any pointers on how to handle him now. Chad guesses this is about finding if he has the antidote for the drug that Kristen gave Sarah. Chad reveals he and Abigail were already planning to visit Dr. Rolf which Xander says is great. Chad assures they are doing this for Sarah. Chad declares that they couldn’t help Chloe, so maybe at least they can help Sarah. Chad then rushes off.

Leo tells Craig that he can’t call Chloe while he’s this upset. Craig questions why Leo is so calm when Chloe and her friends have done nothing but harass him and now they sent Chad to seduce him. Craig is sorry that Leo had to go through this. Leo says he’s sorry too.

Xander says this is great news since if anyone can get Dr. Rolf to give up the antidote, it’s Stefano’s son. Xander calls it the break they needed but then looks back at Gwen and apologizes. Gwen tells him it’s fine and she’s glad that Chad can help him. Gwen adds that if Chad can’t get through to Dr. Rolf, then she will give it a go. Gwen tells Xander that it’s not for Sarah, but she’d do it for him as they hug.

Brady and Chloe lay in bed together and kiss. Brady declares it was worth the wait as they continue kissing until Chloe gets a text from Chad, revealing that Leo figured out it was a trap and he tried to cover his tracks by wanting Craig to walk in on them. Chloe complains that Craig is going to be furious with her and this whole plan with Leo didn’t even work.

Chad returns home to the DiMera Mansion. Abigail rushes up to ask how it went. Chad says if almost having his first gay threesome is a win then it was a success.

Craig apologizes for being hesitant about a threesome. Leo assures that he’s a one man guy and he only threw out a threesome to call Chad’s bluff. Craig remarks that they should sue his ass. Craig doesn’t think Leo should have to endure all of this because he chose to be with him. Craig says he’s sick of it. Leo is too but says it’s obvious that Chloe won’t stop. Leo wishes he could convince Chloe that this is real and that he’s a new man because of their love and he’s in this for the long haul. Craig responds that there is something Leo could do; marry him.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, March 29 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Newman Locke, Victoria had just told Nikki, Victor and Nick that she was going to tell Ashland nothing had changed and that she still loved him. They didn’t understand how Victoria could say this. She said her decision wasn’t open for discussion, so they needed to back off and let her handle this in her own way. Nick asked why they should let Victoria spend one more minute with Ashland. “It’s the only way to save the company,” she stated. Victor said Ashland came here to take over Newman Enterprises. Victoria told Victor to trust her. He was not sold on trusting her with the fate of the company that he built. She asked if he was blaming her. He wanted to know her plan, so he could take over if he didn’t approve. She asked what more he could do to control the situation – she noted that he was already having her followed. Victor said that Victoria was his daughter, and he was having her followed to ensure her security, since she was married to a BS artist who cheated her and lied about cancer. Victoria didn’t believe Victor was having her followed for her own safety. She didn’t think he trusted her, and she thought he felt that she was going to put the company at risk. He was adamant that he was protecting her. Victoria didn’t want to be treated like a little girl. She snapped that she was the CEO of Newman Locke. Victor yelled that the family wasn’t going to back off. “This is my company!,” he exclaimed. Victoria vowed to protect the company and the family name. Victor wanted to know how. Nick wanted confirmation that Victoria didn’t actually still love Ashland. Victoria didn’t reply, and Victor told her to answer her brother.

Nick, do you think that maybe you could be a little less patronizing, just for one minute?,” Victoria asked. Nick just wanted Victoria to explain her plan. She didn’t think she owed them an explanation, especially since, once again, they went behind her back to uncover information that affected her life without involving her. She thought it was clear they didn’t trust her judgment. Victor said they were looking out for Victoria. Victoria said they didn’t ask for their help. Nikki said they had to act before it was too late. Victoria asked if they were afraid Ashland would take total control of the company. Nikki cared about the business, but she cared about Victoria more. Nikki wouldn’t let Victoria sacrifice herself for the company. Victor said they were Victoria’s family, and no one loved her more than they did. He asked her to stop being stubborn and listen to them. He thought they should formulate a plan to deal with Ashland as a family.

Victoria implored her family to trust her. She knew she’d made mistakes in love, but she didn’t make mistakes in business. Victor wasn’t convinced. Victoria stated that they were standing in what used to be Victor’s office, where he handed her the reins of Newman. She asked if he did that because he felt confidence in her or did he do it for empathy. She asked if he’d take that back because of a bump in the road. Nick said this was more than a bump. Victor said he’d told Victoria many times that he admired what she’d done for the company. Victoria said that she’d handle this like a business move. Victor stated that he’d trust Victoria if she could get Ashland out of the of the family and the company,. Victoria was confident that she could handle it. She thanked them all for their support, and she left. Nick didn’t like this at all, and he didn’t feel good about not knowing what Victoria was doing. “If she doesn’t have a plan, I do” Victor said.

Ashland was at Society. He was caught off guard when Abby greeted him warmly. He asked if she’d spoken to Victoria recently, and she said no. Abby had been busy, and she assumed Victoria and Ashland had been as well. Abby suggested that she, Victoria, Ashland and Chance have dinner sometime, and he said he’d love to. Abby asked if Victoria was meeting Ashland. She decided to stay and wait for her sister. Ashland tried to subtly dissuade Abby. He got a text that said “Michael Baldwin got away from us.” Abby asked if the text was from Victoria. Ashland said it was business, and he had to make a call. Abby went to the kitchen to handle some business of her own.

Ashland called someone and ordered him to find Michael. “[Michael] cannot leave Peru. Do you understand me?” Ashland said. Ashland called Victoria and left a message asking if she was still coming. When Abby returned, Ashland had his head in his hands. Abby asked if there was a problem at work. She knew how tense her dad was when there was a big deal on the table at work. Ashland said there was something major happening at work, but it’d be fine. Abby asked if Ashland’s health was okay. He said he was healthy as can be, and she called it a miracle. He asked how Dominique was. She said it was Dominic, and she showed off a picture, which Ashland admired. He asked about Chance. She said he was doing great, and he was thinking about going back to work. Ashland said work was good for the soul. Abby explained that Chance thought going to work would help with his trauma, so she supported him 100%. “Hey, it worked for you,” Abby added. Ashland didn’t know what Abby was talking about. She said going to work helped him recover, along with Victoria’s love. Abby thought she and Chance should look to him and Victoria as shining examples.

Abby noticed the time. She needed to head home, so she couldn’t stay and wait for Victoria. She was happy Ashland was feeling better, and she reminded him that they needed to go on that double date. Unbeknownst to Abby and Ashland, Victoria was standing outside watching them through the window. Abby walked away, and Ashland made a phone call. After Ashland finished his call, Victoria went inside. He told her she just missed Abby. She said she was glad, because she couldn’t deal with any more Newmans right now. He said Abby had been very friendly. He guessed it meant Abby hadn’t heard the smear campaign against him. Ashland noticed Victoria seemed tense, and he guessed Victor filled her head with more lies about him. She asked if there was more to know. He said no, he was just afraid that her family was getting to her again. She said she felt pulled in different directions. He lamented that her family had put her under all this stress. He asked what her family said about him. She said her family was on the warpath. He took her hand and asked about the status of their relationship. She told him that she knew their love was real, and she knew he wouldn’t deceive her in the way her family said. She said she was right by his side.

Ashland knew the love he and Victoria shared could withstand all attacks against them. She said they could face this together. He said he needed her love and trust to get through this. She promised he had it, but they had to be smart, because it wasn’t going to be easy to fight her family. Victoria said her father was going to use everything in his arsenal to get Ashland out of her life and out of Newman. Ashland was prepared. He hoped that she’d come home with him, so they could talk. She thought he was right earlier when he suggested they leave Genoa City so they could get away from her family. She wanted to go to Tuscany. Ashland was surprised because Victoria was against going to Tuscany a couple of days ago. She said things had changed. She thought he wanted to go. He used to, but now that things had escalated, he wasn’t sure it was a good idea. He said stepping out of the line of fire might look like an admission of guilt to Victor. She pointed out that Victor already thought he was guilty. He said it might look like an admission of defeat, which was even worse. She said that if Victor thought they were running scared, he might be more likely to show his hand. She told him to trust that this was the smart move. He loved the way she was always one step ahead of everyone, and he thought it’d be nice to be alone with her. She said he could spend time with Harrison too. He loved the idea of seeing his boy. He said he’d make the arrangements, but she assured him that she’d already handled everything. He said that was fantastic.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe tried to distract Lauren with work, but it was unsuccessful. At an earlier point in time, Kevin got news on Michael and he’d hopped on a plane to San Diego. Nobody knew what Kevin found out or why it took him to San Diego. Chloe hadn’t heard from him since last night. Lauren started crying because she assumed Kevin wasn’t calling because he had bad news that he wanted to deliver in person, instead of over the phone. Kevin arrived, and Lauren asked if he’d heard from Michael. Michael walked in after Kevin. Lauren and Michael had a happy reunion. Lauren had never been happier to see Michael. She told him not to ever leave her again, and he promised he wouldn’t. Lauren was eager to get Michael home so he could eat, shower and rest. Kevin teased that Michael definitely needed to shower. Chloe and Kevin hugged, and she said she missed him.

Michael needed to see Victor. Lauren refused to let Michael out of her sight until she got answers. She knew his going back to work for Victor was a mistake, but she didn’t think it would be this bad. She wanted to know what happened to him and who was responsible. Michael didn’t want to get into the details. Things got rough, but he was home now, and he was grateful for Kevin’s help. Lauren asked why Kevin didn’t call when he knew Michael was safe. Kevin didn’t expect to find Michael in San Diego. Lauren thought he could’ve called once he knew, instead of letting her worry all those extra hours. Chloe thought Lauren was taking out her frustration on the wrong people. Michael said Kevin only followed his instruction. This was an urgent situation, and Michael had to see Victor. Lauren didn’t understand why Michael felt obligated to Victor, when he was the one who got him into this situation. Michael said this wasn’t Victor’s fault, it was Ashland’s. Michael had to see Victor. He pinky swore to Lauren that he’d be home within an hour. He left. Lauren asked if Michael was still in danger. Kevin didn’t think so. Lauren wanted to know how Michael got to San Diego. Kevin said it was Michael’s story to tell. Kevin didn’t know the details on Peru, because Michael had been quiet. Chloe asked if Michael had been quiet like he was keeping a secret, or like he was traumatized. “Quiet like it never came up,” he replied. Lauren thanked Kevin and apologized for snapping at him earlier. She regretted letting Michael leave, and she went after him.

Chloe was angry with Kevin. He’d called her from work last night and said he had to go to San Diego, then she didn’t hear from him until he sauntered into the coffeehouse. Kevin was sorry, but he was following Michael’s instructions. Chloe knew that Kevin had information that he didn’t want to mention in front of Lauren. Kevin got a call from an unknown number claiming to be Michael. It said to get to San Diego immediately. Michael had said not to tell Chloe or Lauren. As a test, Kevin asked if he could tell Gloria. Michael had replied “sure, she won’t care.” Kevin knew it was really Michael, because only someone who knew their mother would respond that way. When Kevin got off the plane, there was another text, this one with an address of a park near the airport. Michael was there, frazzled and scared. Kevin had wanted to check into a hotel so Michael could rest, but Michael wanted to go home.

According to Kevin, Michael was on edge the whole flight, and he didn’t calm down until he saw Lauren. Chloe knew they’d been talking about wanting more excitement, like they had in their younger years, but she didn’t want anything like this. She was glad nothing happened to Kevin. He said he’d been scared, and he didn’t want to worry Chloe, but he had to help Michael. She understood. Kevin said he owed Michael, because Michael had come to his rescue so often. Kevin found it unnerving that Michael was driven to get home ASAP, to run and see Victor. Kevin said Michael wasn’t talkative on the plane, because he’d been afraid someone was listening, but he made it clear that Ashland had him detained in Peru. Chloe asked why. Kevin didn’t know, but he wasn’t going to forgive Locke any time soon.

Victor was was alone in Victoria’s office when Michael showed up. They hugged, and Victor thanked God. Michael said Victor should also thank a couple of helpful dock workers at the port of Lima. Lauren walked in and said she wanted to hear what Michael had to say to Victor. The Peruvian police had arrested Michael on trumped up cross-border espionage charges. Lauren asked if Michael wasn’t given a phone call. Michael said there was no due process, because the charges weren’t real. He was picked up by local, not federal agents. His phone and ID were taken. Victor asked how Michael got away. Michael used his charm to befriend a guard. That guard happened to have a legal issue, and Michael helped him sort it out. In return, the guard gave Michael back his passport and the name of a helpful person at the dock, then he let Michael leave the jail. Lauren asked why Michael didn’t call. For one, Michael didn’t have his phone, and he was sure Ashland was behind his arrest. He didn’t have proof though. Michael had also been concerned Ashland had tapped Lauren and Victor’s phones. Michael finagled his way onto a boat going to San Diego, then he called Kevin.

Lauren hoped the information Michael gathered was worth him being in jail and worrying her day and night. He did too. Victor said it was invaluable. Lauren was angry Michael didn’t call the minute he got to San Diego. He said if he had, she would’ve insisted on going with Kevin. He couldn’t have risked her being in danger. She asked if he really thought that was still an issue once he was back in the US. Michael said he’d learned how ruthless Ashland was. What mattered was he was home and safe with her, he said. Victor and Michael toasted to that. Michael told Lauren not to blame Victor, because Michael knew the risks when he took the job. Lauren told Victor she still blamed him. Michael asked how things were going with Locke. Victor stated that things had blown wide open, and Victoria was in the middle. Victor said they had to figure out a way to get Ashland out of the company and family.

Nick and Nikki went to Crimson Lights and talked about Victoria. Nikki was trying hard to have faith that Victoria had a good plan. Nick thought Victoria was deluded, because she was either going to put herself in a position to let Ashland worm his way back into her heart, or she would be playing with fire trying to outwit him. Nikki was worried about Victoria’s emotional well being. Victoria had doubted herself after JT, and Nikki was concerned that would happen this time. Nick didn’t understand how Victoria could make Ashland co-CEO after all the evidence they had against him. Nikki thought it showed how vulnerable Victoria must’ve been. Nick said Victoria confided in Billy about Ashland. Nick thought that was a sign that Victoria didn’t trust her family to have her back. He was also concerned that Victoria still wanted to be with Ashland and that all this stuff she said about a plan was just her way of getting her family off her back. Nikki said Victoria knew the fate of the company was in her hands, and she’d do whatever it took to save it. That was what had Nikki worried. Nick wasn’t convinced Victoria would leave Ashland. He noted that Victoria had been betrayed by so many men in her life, so maybe she was so vulnerable that she couldn’t admit yet another relationship had failed. Nick vowed to get rid of Ashland if Victoria decided to stay with him.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Sam isn’t happy that Alexis is letting Harmony stay at her house until she can find a permanent place to stay. Alexis wonders why Harmony seems to be so familiar with her house. Harmony tells her its because she came to the house several times when Christina was in Dawn of Day. Once Alexis leaves for work Harmony remembers sneaking into the house looking for Neil and finding him in Alex’s bedroom.

Spencer tells Victor that there is a possibility Esme is pregnant. Victor tells Spencer that if he is the father of the baby he will make sure that Esme is well taken care of and once the baby is born it will be adopted by a family.

Victor tells Spencer that Trina has been arrested for posting the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Spencer thinks about everything that happened with Esme and then heads to the police station to ask Trina why she posted the video. Ava, Laura, and Carly all believe Trina didn’t post the video but Carly asks Sonny to honor Josslyn’s wishes and let the police handle it. Sonny thinks that whomever framed Trina is targeting Josslyn and he won’t let the person get away with it. Ava tells Sonny to help her clear Trina’s name and make sure thar Esme pays for her crime. Sonny tells Ava that Carly also thinks Esme posted the video so he is already handling the situation.

Sonny calls Brick and asks him to coordinate with Spinelli to find absolute proof that Esme posted the video. Sonny then has one of his bodyguards pick up Esme and bring her to Charlie’s because he wants to talk to her.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria tells Victor, Nikki, and Nick that, she intends to tell Ashland that she loves him and believes in him because it’s the only way to save the company. Victoria asks her family to trust her because she intends to protect the family and the company. Victor and Nick want to know Victoria’s plan so they can help her but she insists she can handle it alone.

Michael returns home with Kevin’s help and he tells Victor and Lauren that Ashland had him put in prison in Peru. Michael was able to get away because he gave legal advice to one of the policemen whose house was going to be taken away and the man was able to use Michael’s advice to save his house.
The man then got Michael on a ship to San Diego where Kevin picked him up and brought him home.

Victoria tells Ashland that she has made all the arrangements for them to go to Tuscany where they can relax and try to figure out who is trying to ruin his reputation.

Victor asks Michael to help him come up with a plan to get Ashland out of the family and out of the company.

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GH Update Monday, March 28, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Alexis arrives home and T.J. and Molly are there.  She tells them she is really going to miss them now that they are moving out.  Molly says it is good that she has such an exciting new job to throw herself into, that will help with missing them.  Alexis tells Molly and T.J. that they don’t have to worry about her eating alone because Harmony will be moving in for a little bit until she can get her own place. Molly asks where Harmony has been staying and Alexis tells her that it’s none of her business. 

Harmony arrives at Charlie’s to speak to Phyllis.  Phyllis tells her it has to do with Nina.  Phyllis tells Harmony that she was tricked into giving Nina’s child away when Nina was her patient.  She tells her Nina has lost so much and that Harmony has a way with people.  Phyllis is sure that she can win over Michael and Willow and allow Nina to keep her visitation rights with Wiley.  Harmony is not at all pleased that Nina used Phyllis to manipulate her and she tells Phyllis to tell Nina that her request is still under consideration.

Scott runs into Nina at the Metro Court bar and although Nina is not happy to see him, he convinces her to sit with him while he waits for Leisl. She tells Scott that she is considering petitioning the courts for her visitation rights to Wiley. Scott offers his services to Nina.  But, Nina says she will be suing as a last ditch effort.  Scott wants to know why Nina is waiting to sue.  He hopes it is not because of her feelings for Sonny.  As Nina is talking to Scott it becomes clear that Leisl has set her up, telling her to meet her at the Metro Court bar so that she will meet Scott and they can have time to talk and foster some sort of reconciliation.  When Nina finds out she is irritated and Scott makes it worse by insinuating that Nina can not play hardball with Michael because she is in love with Sonny.  Scott tells her she can either have the kid (Wiley) or the gangster (Sonny).

Back at Charlie’s, Marshall demands to know what Curtis was doing speaking to Sonny.  Curtis tells him they were speaking about the run-in the two of them had at General Hospital.  Curtis tells Marshall that Sonny had told Curtis that Marshall is very hostile. Curtis explains to Marshall the many things that Sonny has done for members of the community including T.J. 

Esme asks Nikolas if she can stay with him at Wyndemere. Nikolas is very surprised and asks her again to make sure she sincerely wanted to stay at Wyndemere.  Esme says she knows it is a huge imposition but she will just need to stay until she gets on her feet.  Nikolas says that she has to understand that she and Spencer have broken up and allowing her to come and stay at his family home would put Nikolas in a very difficult position.  Nikolas says it will further strain his relationship with Spencer.  Esme says that she understands and that it is clear that Nikolas has turned his back on her too.  Esme says that Nikolas clearly believes all the horrible things that the people of Port Charles have been saying about her.  Nikolas explains that he is no stranger to unfair accusations.  Esme says that Trina has everyone fooled and that she is no saint.  Nikolas says that he does trust his wife’s instincts and she thinks very highly of Trina.  Nikolas tells Esme that he can not take sides in her disagreement with Spencer but that they will figure something out.  He leaves the table to take a phone call.  When he returns, he tells Esme he will arrange for her to live in the apartments above Kelly’s restaurant.  Esme thanks Nikolas and Nikolas says that he will check on her periodically to make sure she is doing O.K.

Portia and Taggert while having drinks at the Metro Court sneer at Esme and agree that Esme is behind the video of Josslyn and Cameron. Jordan is just pleased that Esme is no longer associating with the two of them.

Jordan brings Trina in for an “informal chat” regarding the video of Josslyn and Cameron.  She asks her if she has any idea how Esme could have planted the video.  She wants to understand the timing of the evening.  How long was Trina passed out in her room?  What time did Esme and Spencer leave? How does she think that Esme could have left the video camera or other recording device in Josslyn and Cameron’s room when she and Spencer left hours prior?  She questions Trina about the drinking and tells her while she does not condone under age drinking that she will not be asking her questions about that.  Trina says she is a lightweight when it comes to drinking.  She passed out after just one drink.  She is still unaware that Esme drugged her.  Jordan reminds Trina that she can call a parent or a legal advocate.  Trina says she doesn’t want to bother them and that she has nothing to hide.  Trina tells Jordan to go through her phone and that will prove her innocence but when Trina opens her purse Jordan finds two phones, Trina’s phone and the one that Esme planted in her purse while she was visiting with Spencer at Spring Ridge.  Jordan wants to know whose phone she is holding.  Trina says that she has no idea how that phone got into her bag and begs Jordan to believe her. Trina naively gives the phone to Jordan to examine.  After the police look at the phone, Jordan calls Curtis and lets him know what she has found out about Trina.  Curtis then immediately calls Portia and Taggert who rush to the P.C.P.D.  Taggert is furious that Trina would turn over anything without a warrant.  Portia tells Trina not to say another word until their lawyer arrives.  Portia says that she really isn’t sure what has happened but she tells Trina that whoever is behind it will pay. Jordan is made aware by Dante that the video of Josslyn and Cameron is on the phone that Trina voluntarily handed over. She later announces to everyone in the booking room that the phone in Trina’s bag is directly related to the dissemination of unlawfully taped, sexually explicit images.  Josslyn loses it, she says there is no way that Trina made that tape and that she is being framed. She lashes out at Dante and tells him that she specifically said in her statement that she believed that Esme was behind the tape. She asks Dante why Esme hasn’t been brought in for questioning.  Dante tells Josslyn that she has to either keep it together or leave.

Dante arrests Trina.  Trina cries while Dante reads her Miranda rights and escorts her to her cell.  Portia and Curtis embrace.

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Y&R Update Monday, March 28 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Newman Media, Nick was desperate to hear from Victoria, but Victor told him to be patient. Victor said that what Ashland had done to Victoria was traumatizing, and it’d take her time to get over it. Nikki thought it was important to give Victoria time to sort through her feelings. Nikki had hoped she’d hear from Victoria’s assistant by now though. Nick wasn’t sure Victoria would go to work. Nikki was convinced she would, since Victoria was like Victor, and work had gotten her though many heartbreaks in the past. Nick wasn’t sure Victoria could use work as a distraction, thanks to Ashland who was co-owner and co-CEO. Victor said that wouldn’t last long – they were going to cut that bastard out of their lives and family business. Nikki clarified that they would do it in a way that protected Victoria’s dignity and privacy, and Victor said of course. Victor was dismayed when his security team let him know Ashland and Victoria were together at Crimson Lights. Nick and Victor were ready to run over there, but Nikki said Victoria was in a public space, so she wasn’t in danger, and Victor’s security team had an eye on things. Nick was concerned Victoria would be vulnerable to Ashland’s manipulations. Nikki said that if they went in there like the cavalry, Victoria would resent it, and Ashland would exploit that resentment. Victor sent Nick to check on things. Nick said he wouldn’t hit Ashland, even though he wanted to.

At Crimson Lights, Ashland told Victoria he was relieved he found her. He was hoping she would come home last night so they could talk. She asked why, noting that he said he wasn’t going to try to save their marriage anymore. He regretted saying that, and he’d already sent her texts to that effect. She read them. He assumed she didn’t respond because she believed what her family was saying. She asked what he was supposed to believe, when he never gave her an explanation. He said he chose not to dignify Victoria’s family’s insulting accusations; however, he gave her something to believe in when he told her how much he loved and needed her. He was sure she could see that came straight from the hear. Billy watched Victoria and Ashland from a distance.

Victoria heard everything Ashland said yesterday, but she said the look in his eyes told a different story. She saw fear and desperation in his eyes, and she asked where that was coming from. He asked if they could go home to discuss this in private. She told him to answer the question. She said she’d never seen him run scared of her family before. He said he wasn’t running scared. He stated that her family was poisoning her against him, and there was nothing he could do to fight it until he found out who was setting him up. Victoria was skeptical of the story that Ashland was being framed. Ashland said he’d made a lot of enemies, but he couldn’t stand up to her family and friends until he had the facts to defend himself. He claimed he left because it wouldn’t be right to isolate her from the people who cared about her the most. She didn’t buy the claim that he did this for her sake. Their voices raised, and Billy could hear the dispute. Ashland said his instinct was to protect her, like always. He said he looked desperate because he’d been scared he was going to lose the woman who stood by him and fought for him, even when he thought he had nothing to fight for. He said he couldn’t ask her to go to war with her entire family. “So you’re saying that I’m the problem because of my lack of faith in you,” she replied. He said he didn’t blame her for being influenced by her family’s doubts. She countered that this had nothing to do with her being influenced, and he apologized for the poor choice of words. He knew better than anyone what a strong-willed independent person she was, but he said this so called evidence against him would be too much for anyone to ignore. He was determined to find out who set him up and to show her he was still the man who loved her with all her heart and soul. “If you lied to me about being sick, then you don’t really love me,” she quietly replied with tears in her eyes. He noted that she said “if.” He asked if there was still some part of her that loved him enough to know he’d never do that to her. From the patio, Billy noticed Victoria softening, and he willed her not to let Ashland get away with this.

Back inside, Victoria and Ashland got coffee. He thanked her for giving him this time. He was sure she’d rather be running the company. She knew she could trust her mom to handle the business. He asked if she stayed at the ranch last night. She shook her head and said she needed time to think.

Nick entered through the patio and was about to barge into Victoria and Ashland’s conversation when Billy stopped him and told him not to interrupt. Billy hoped Victoria was going to throw the hot coffee in Ashland’s face. Nick asked how much Billy knew, and he said Victoria told him everything. Billy was furious Ashland screwed Victoria over, but he wasn’t surprised. Billy figured Nick wasn’t surprised either, since they both had Ashland’s number from the beginning. Nick hoped that wasn’t what Billy said to Victoria. Billy said it was close. Nick assumed that didn’t go over well. Billy stated that Victoria admitted he and Nick were right, and she was mad at herself. Nick thought Victoria should be mad at Ashland. “She is, believe me she is, or she was,” Billy replied. Billy had assumed Victoria would smack Ashland, but then Ashland started giving her that pained sincere look he’d perfected. Billy had thought Victoria would see through it by now.

Back inside, Ashland told Victoria he’d been up all night thinking of the terrible mistake he made. He would understand if she couldn’t get past her doubts and he’d respect her wishes. He said if there was the slightest chance she could wait for him to clear his name, that would be a miracle. She thought everything was going to work out. He looked hopeful. She said she had to deal with her family. He wanted to go too, but she said no – she told him they’d meet later at Society. they hugged, and Nick and Billy were not happy about what they were witnessing.

Meanwhile, at Newman Media, Nikki told Victor she had to go in to work to cover for Victoria and Ashland. Victor told Nikki that she had to keep what happened last night quiet until Ashland was out of the company. Nikki said when Victoria was ready, they’d all sit down and hammer out a strategy. Victor thought Nikki was more worried about Victoria than she was letting on. Nikki said of course she was – Ashland lied to Victoria before, but nothing like this. Nikki said they saw how devastated Victoria was. Victor thought that once the shock wore off, she’d want to get rid of the loser as much as the rest of them did. Nikki said it would take awhile – this marriage was Victoria’s dream – he’d let her think he adored her and told her everything she’d longed to hear, and now that had been shattered, along with Victoria’s sense of judgment. Nikki thought this was worse than how things ended with Billy. Nick contacted Victor about the hug. Victor and Nikki were upset, and Victor decided to go to Crimson Lights and put an end to Ashland manipulating Victoria.

Back at Crimson Lights, Ashland asked Victoria if she was sure he didn’t want him to go with her, so they could face her family together. She said if he was asking her to trust him, he had to trust her too. He said she was always right. He knew she’d been handling her family a long time, and she knew best, but his instinct was to look out for her. She said if he was there, it would just make things more tense. He said he wasn’t going to stop until he had proof. She smiled and said she knew he was relentless. He was happy to see her smiling, because he’d wondered if he’d ever see that again. He kissed her and wished her luck, then he left. Victoria’s smile faded.

Billy and Nick rushed to Victoria. “What was that?,” Billy asked. She asked if they’d been spying on her, and she asked if Billy called Nick. He said no. He explained that he was still here when Ashland came in, and he stayed to make sure Victoria would be okay. Nick confronted Victoria about hugging and kissing Ashland, and she said she didn’t have to explain herself. He hoped she wasn’t going to forgive that lying creep. Victoria asked why Nick couldn’t just trust her for once. She thanked Billy for listening to her earlier, then she left.

Nick asked Billy what Victoria said before Ashland showed up. Billy told Nick to go talk to Victoria. Nick didn’t want to push Victoria more, because that could backfire. He asked if Victoria made excuses for Ashland earlier. Billy said Victoria told him that Ashland lied about everything, and she didn’t make excuses. Nick was glad to hear that. Billy said he and Victoria also talked about Ashland being potentially dangerous. Billy didn’t understand how Victoria had been affectionate with Ashland after she’d said that. Nick said Ashland had all this leverage on Victoria, because he was co-owner and co-CEO of Newman Locke, so maybe it wasn’t her best move to go off on him. Victor showed up looking for Victoria. Victor wanted to talk to Nick in private. Billy said Victoria told him everything. He felt that Victor should’ve teamed up with him to top Ashland in his tracks.

Victoria went to her office, and she saw her portrait, the wedding gift from Ashland. She called Nikki to her office. Nikki arrived, and Victoria asked how the staff meeting went. It was fine. Nikki just told everyone that Victoria and Ashland couldn’t make it. Nikki noticed Victoria looked tired. Victoria said she didn’t sleep well. She was sorry she didn’t respond to Nikki’s texts last night – she’d turned the phone off because she needed some time to herself. Victoria asked where Victor was. Nikki said he went looking for Victoria. Victoria knew he was having her followed. She was pretty sure she saw someone from his security team outside her hotel, and she noted that Nick showed up at Crimson Lights when she was there. Nikki said they just wanted to make sure Victoria was alright. Victoria thought they also wanted to know she wasn’t with Ashland. Nikki said they didn’t want Ashland harassing Victoria. Victoria mentioned Ashland’s dramatic announcement that he was walking away from the marriage. “Oh, none of us put much stock in that,” Nikki said. “Well, you were right,” Victoria replied. Nikki asked if Ashland admitted he lied about being sick. Victoria said no such luck.

Victoria asked Nikki to call Victor and Nick, so she could talk to all of them together.

Back at Crimson Lights, Victor wasn’t interested in Billy’s opinion. Billy said if Victor had been interested in Tuscany, Victoria wouldn’t be in this position. Nick didn’t think they should fight, since they all wanted the same thing – to get Victoria out of this disaster of a marriage. Victor asked what Victoria was doing in Locke’s arms. Nick didn’t know. He repeated what little Victoria said to him. Billy said he talked to Victoria earlier, and she’d been furious with Ashland. Nikki called Victor and gave him Victoria’s message. Victor and Nick started to leave, and Billy tried to go too. Victor said it was a family matter. Billy stated that his kids were part of the family, and he was going to protect their interests.

Victoria and Nikki discussed the staff meeting that Victoria missed. Nikki smiled because she knew work would be the thing that brought Victoria back. However, she said they shouldn’t pretend a major upheaval hadn’t taken place. Victoria said she wasn’t pretending, she was compartmentalizing – it was her strong suit. Nikki said no one was questioning Victoria’s strength, and she didn’t have to prove herself to anyone. Nikki said Victoria was deceived – they all were, and Ashland was the only one to blame. Nikki said the family would stand by Victoria. Victoria thought they might have different ideas about what that looked like.

Victor and Nick showed up, and Victor told Victoria they’d been worried. She admitted she gave them reason to after she ran off like that. She was sorry about that. She wanted to reassure them that she wasn’t falling apart. Victor was stunned Victoria was doing as well as she was – the last few days must’ve been horrendously difficult. Victoria ordered Victoria to stop. Nikki asked Victoria to hear Victor out. Victor thought Victoria was in shock over what Ashland did. Victoria told Victor not to patronize her. – she knew what she was doing. Nick stated that Victoria said the same thing to him after he saw her kiss Ashland. Nikki was shocked about the kiss. Victoria was only going to say this once – she was handling this as she saw fit, and they didn’t have to like it. Victor asked what Victoria was going to do. Victoria was going to meet Ashland and tell him that nothing had to change between them, and that she still loved him. Victoria’s family looked appalled.

Billy ran into Ashland at Society. billy asked how Ashland was. Ashland said everything was fantastic, and he asked how Billy was. Billy said the job at Chancellor was the best he’d ever had, and he bet that annoyed Ashland, since he tried to ruin Billy’s career. Ashland had just hoped Billy would learn a lesson and back off, and it worked. Billy said Ashland cheated and stole his way into his accomplishments in life, including his name. Billy said none of Ashland’s misdeeds stuck before, but that wouldn’t continue.

Ashland asked if Billy knew something Ashland didn’t. Billy thought Ashland’s downfall was inevitable, since you could only roll the dice so many times, before it came up snake eyes. “Said the man with the gambling problem,” Ashland replied. Billy said Ashland made a mistake marrying someone so savvy as Victoria. Ashland thought it was the smartest thing he’d ever done. Billy trusted that sooner or later, Victoria would see through Ashland.

Chance made Dominic laugh in the living room, and Abby came in and offered to make them a snack. Chance agreed and went back to playing with the baby, which made Abby smile. While Abby was in the kitchen, Chance made a block tower and knocked it down to amuse the baby. The sound of the crumbling tower triggered a flashback to the explosion in Spain. He remembered telling the therapist about being surrounded by the bodies of his team. He’d wondered why he survived and they didn’t. Abby came back and saw Chance struggling. She announced that it was snack time, and he jumped up and pretended everything was fine. He told Dom how great his mom was. She sensed that he wanted something, and she said all he had to do was ask.

Chance said he was still getting panic attacks, nightmares and disturbing thoughts. Abby said she saw him fighting through one a moment ago. He promised that these things were happening less often. She assumed he was sharing this with his therapist. He said he had, and the therapy was helping. The therapist recommended something, and he’d need Abby’s support to follow through. She offered her full support, but he had a feeling she wasn’t going to like this.

Chance’s therapist thought he should go back to work. Abby wasn’t expecting that. She asked if the therapist knew what happened when Chance was on the stakeout with Rey. Chance and the therapist talked it out and agreed that, at the time, Chance was expecting too much of himself, and now he could approach it differently. It was hard for Abby to fathom Dr. Huffman thinking Chance should put that kind of pressure on himself when he wasn’t ready. He said the doctor thought he was ready. She thought it was clear he hadn’t healed from the trauma of spain. The doctor thought that if Chance built up his confidence in certain situations, it would help him heal. He said he wouldn’t do it if she was uncomfortable with it.

Abby wanted Chance to go to work, eventually, but she didn’t understand why the doctor thought Chance should go now. Chance said he was in a better place now. Going on the stakeout with Rey was impulsive. He said there were certain pressures that had faded since the stakeout – at the time, Dominic was sick, and they didn’t know why, and they weren’t sure how sharing custody would go. He was certain Dr. Huffman knew what he was talking about. He said you ddin’t get stronger by waiting to get better, you had to do it a little at a time, like building a muscle. He knew he’d have setbacks, but he was more equipped to handle it now. He said failure was inevitable sometimes, and people made mistakes, but it didn’t have to define you. She saw that he put a lot of thought into this, and she didn’t want to be the one standing in his way. He said that wasn’t what she was doing. He knew she was concerned out of love, but he was confident this was the step he should take. “Then, so am I,” she replied. He thanked her for being the most supportive partner, and they kissed.

Things started heating up with Chance and Abby, but she pulled away because she had to go to Society and get some work done. before Abby left she heard Chance calling Rey.

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