Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tate and Holly ran into each other. Abe saw Nicole in the town square. He recognized her and she thought he remembered her. He let her know that he didn’t remember her the way she thought. She explained how they knew each other. Theresa went to see Alex at Titan. They talked about her possibly being a gold digger. He remembered that she didn’t know that he was Victor’s son when they got together. She thought about looking at Victor’s letters. Holly offered to give Tate the drugs she had. Nicole continued to talk to Abe about how they were related. They talked about her pregnancy and Holly.

Alex thought Theresa was coming on to him to make Brady jealous. She set him straight that she was done with him. Abe confided in Nicole about his reservations about dating Paulina. Nicole gave her opinion about it. Stephaie and Chad ran into Theresa at a restaurant. Stephanie asked her to eat with them after she told them about Tate and Brady. Alex arrived so Theresa said he was her date. Theresa wanted to take Stephanie to the bathroom so they could talk. Alex told Chad about his paternity. Tate tried to kiss Holly, but she backed away. He apologized to her. He thought they would be together. She wanted to be his friend because she was in love with someone else. Abe went to see Paulina.

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