GH Short Recap Thursday, January 26, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Cody overheard a conversation between Selina Wu and Gladys where she tells Mrs. Wu that she will give her Brando’s garage to help pay the $ 175,000 she owes her. Cody suspects Gladys is Sasha ‘s mother-in-law but he gets confirmation when he asks Mrs. Wu Gladys’ last name.

Trina tells Spencer that she doesn’t think he is emotionally ready to raise a child, but she will support his decision because they are friends.

Nikolas tells Ava he loves her and someday when she finds out how much he has sacrificed for their love they will get remarried and be happy. Ava tells Nicolas that she almost fell for his lies but that will never happen again. Ava gives Nikolas back the wedding ring he gave her.

Drew and Carly talk and he tells her he forgives her but they must be honest with each other from now on if they want their relationship to last. Drew and Carly go back to her house and have sex. Nina and Willow are devastated because Nina isn’t a bone marrow match but Michael assures Willow that they will find a match for her.

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