Y&R Short Recap Friday, April 28, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Michael and Brook Lynn accuse Ned of calling in the anonymous tip to the SEC so they would arrest Drew and Carly. Ned tells Michael he would never do that when Willow is dying. Carly doesn’t tell the SEC Drew’s whereabouts and Sonny asks Brick to send the SEC on a wild goose chase for Drew so Brick makes it look like Drew boarded a plane to Hawaii.

Carly thanks Sonny for the help and he says that even though they are not together anymore they will always be family. Carly calls Michael and tells him what Sonny did to help Drew but Michael thinks Sonny helped Drew for Willow’s sake.

Anna calls Andre Maddox for help and, when he brings her the file on the weather machine that Victor and his brother Mills were trying to build in 1981, Holly and Anna figure out that Victor wants to reduce the world’s population by 80%. Anna, Holly and Jordan decide not to tell the WSB about Victor’s plan or his location until Curtis, Drew, Laura and Valentin free their loved ones. The group is on the island where Victor is holding the hostages when they hear footsteps and worry that Victor’s men have found them. The group goes ahead and Valentin’s satellite phone falls out of his pocket onto the ground. Holly calls Valentin to tell him they have figured out Victor’s plan. The guards arrive and hear the phone ringing.

Lauren and Michael argue because Lauren can’t understand how he can defend Diane when she killed Phyllis.

Billy helps Jack deal with his memories of Phyllis before he can move on with his life. Jack remembers Phyllis and it makes him more determined to do anything he has to do to hold on to Diane because he loves her.

Tucker moves into the Abbott mansion with Ashley and Jack isn’t happy about it.

Summer tells Daniel that their mom is alive and everything she told her and he doesn’t believe her. Summer tries very hard to make Daniel realize that Phyllis is alive, but when Daniel doesn’t believe her, she decides to keep her mother’s secret to give her time to figure out a way to get out of this mess.

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