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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ wasn’t happy to see Gabi and Stefan making out on the couch. Gabi told him that she evaluated the employees. They didn’t want to work with him. He accused her of lying. She continued to list his faults. EJ didn’t think anyone would care what she thought about him. Stefan told him the board would care about it. EJ reminded him that Nicole was evaluating him too. He said she was going to report it to him. He walked out of the room. Nicole saw Eric and Sloan together. She rolled her eyes when she saw them kissing each other. After Sloan left, Nicole approached Eric. She thought they weren’t a couple. Eric told her they made up. She badmouthed Sloan and told him to make sure that Sloan doesn’t tell EJ that they slept together. Chanel talked to Paulina about Talia. Paulina was surprised that Talia was going out with her because she thought she was straight. Chanel thought she was too until she kissed her. Paulina wondered if she was ready to start dating after what happened with Allie. She missed Allie, but she was ready to move on with her life. She promised to take things slow with Talia. Paulina warned her that people aren’t who they seem to be. Colin told Talia that Chanel wouldn’t be able to resist her. She didn’t think she could go through with the plan. He tried to convince her to finish what they started. Jada was upset that Talia had a key made near the Square. Rafe followed her and reminded her that they didn’t have proof that Talia was responsible for the attacks against Paulina and Chanel. Jada was convinced that her sister was guilty. She could go to prison. Rafe reminded her that she didn’t have a motive so the culprit could be anyone. He took her hand and assured her they would figure it out.

Talia walked in the room so Rafe and Jada took their hands apart. Jada asked Talia if she attacked Paulina’s office. Rafe tried to stop her, but she kept talking to Talia about it. Talia was offended by what Jada said. She said that she had the key made that day. Jada wanted to know why she didn’t say anything about it before. Jada told her that she has been forgetting a lot of things lately. Jada followed her to test the key. Colin saw Sloan with a client. The client wasn’t sure if she should be represented by Sloan since she was in trouble. Colin looked at his phone and saw Talia’s text. Later, Talia met with Colin at the Bistro. She told him about her conversation with Jada. He believed that she could handle it. She was worried that Chanel would catch on that she’s not into women. Chanel walked in the Bistro. Sloan walked into EJ at the pub. She introduced herself to him, but he remembered meeting her before. She remembered how painful their meeting was, but it wasn’t as painful as catching Eric and Nicole in bed together. EJ was devastated by her admission. She apologized because she thought he knew about it. She said it was the drugged biscuits. She told him that it didn’t mean anything. Jada asked Rafe what he thought about Talia’s story. He thought it was strange, but they didn’t have a motive for her being the one who did it. He wanted to know why she would attack Paulina and Chanel.

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