Days Short Recap Thursday, November 16, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Stephanie got into an argument over Everett. He didn’t like how he got her help with the paper. She didn’t see the problem. Xander and Sarah argued about the custody battle. He thought she wanted him to drop his custody suit. Xander didn’t have any intention of dropping the case. Maggie overheard her conversation. Sarah asked her to babysit Victoria. Stephanie couldn’t believe Chad wanted her to drop a lucrative client. He didn’t think Everett was interested in work. Chad believed that Stephanie used Everett to get him to commit. Steve talked to John about investigating Konstantin. Sarah talked to Maggie about getting close to Konstantin. She thought she was getting too close too fast. Konstantin overheard their conversation. Maggie didn’t think she was seeing him too much. She told Sarah that he was Victor’s friend, and she was going to look out for him. Maggie wanted her to mind her business. Steve told John about his suspicions of Konstantin. John wondered if Steve thought he was after Maggie’s money. He felt like he was after it.

Chad went to see Xander. He wanted him to sell his half of the paper to him. Konstantin went to see Theresa. He said he was ready to tell Alex the truth about his paternity. Everett met with Stephanie and told him about her argument with Chad. Xander wondered why Chad wanted the paper. Chad explained why he wanted the paper. He wanted to keep it in the family. Chad told him the Hortons weren’t pleased with the way the paper was going. Xander felt like it was going great. He wanted Chad to keep Everett if he sold the paper. Chad didn’t see a point. Xander figured he didn’t like Everett. Sarah apologized for butting in her business. John agreed to investigate him. Theresa didn’t understand why Konstantin wanted to reveal the truth. Theresa reminded him that it was his idea too. He felt like she was taking too long to get married. He thought he could get Maggie’s half of the fortune. Xander turned down Chad’s offer because he wanted to gain custody of his daughter. Sarah backed down from Maggie. Theresa refused to let Konstantin take advantage of Maggie. Konstantin wasn’t taking advantage of her. She reminded him that Maggie loved Victor. He felt like he was getting closer to her. Konstantin didn’t like how Sarah tried to talk her out of getting close to him.

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